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Fight for My Way Recap: Episode 4

쌈 마이웨이 Live recap episode 4
[We’re trying something new over here with a live episode recap! Here’s how it works: I am going to post this article empty, then we are going to constantly update it as the episode airs live. Afterward, we will keep filling in all the empty spaces, correcting English, adding photos, adding links, etc until it looks like a normal recap (adding photos will probably take one week). The first go at it yesterday went relatively smoothly. Hopefully, this one goes smoothly as well!]

Refresh note: We will be updating the post every 5 minutes. Whenever you see (——) it means 5 minutes has passed. It might be longer than 5 minutes if we are in the middle of a scene because we usually try to wait for a stop in the action. Alright, let’s go!

*Seoul | 10pm*
New York | 9am
Chicago | 8am
Denver | 7am
Los Angeles | 6am
London | 2pm
Berlin | 3pm
Nairobi| 4pm
Mumbai | 6:30pm
Hong Kong | 9pm
(Let me know if any of the time zones are wrong or if I should add any)

DM = Dong-man
AR = Ae-ra
SH = Sul-hee
JM = Joo-man
C = Coach
EX = Dong-man’s ex-girlfriend
——– = 5 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = location or scene change

[Going through edits and adding links]

We are at the MMA fight and the lights are on and the crowd is excited. Dong-man is sad and doesn’t want to be there. They are waiting for the main event. Kim Tak-soo is coming in, he is DM’s arch rival. He has a great song playing that is a Korean rap song called 블락비 바스타즈 BLOCK B – BASTARZ. It’s great, I want to dance to it. (The chorus lyrics are something like: “My attitude is zero, I do whatever I want to”)

Dong-man can’t think anymore and the coach is checking on DM to see how he will react. DM says, “Coach, you are too cruel to me.” Coach says, “I think you are too cruel to yourself. Look at that, just look at that, look at how he lives now. You both did that thing together, but you are the only one living with your head bowed. Look, that is winning, it’s winning!

DM is stoic and looks frustrated like he doesn’t want to be there. The announcer says, Kim Tak-soo is a taekwondo based fighter and is the pride of the Korean lightweight division. That got DM’s attention, he wasn’t focused on anything, but when the announcer said that, Dong-man looked up.

They are fighting now and the bad guy almost got taken down. The bad guy starts doing some taekwondo kicks and it stuns the other fighter. It looks like the bad guy is actually a good fighter. He does DM’s signature move! He hops back to a wide stance and then turns his back leg to a pivot. He spins and knocks out the other guy. It was a 540 kick (maybe?).

It only took one minute to finish the fight. Everyone is going crazy in the crowd and the newscasters are going crazy as well. (All the MMA newscaster are real MMA newscasters in real life, the drama team shot at a Road FC event). One of the announcers says that Kim Tak-su’s signature spinning kick is unbeatable. You can’t escape it.”

Dong-man’s eyes are intense as he looks at the event. Coach is telling Dong-man that they guy shouldn’t use DM’s signature move. He is the only one who should not use Dong-man’s signature move. Dong-man looks like he is about to explode, but is holding it in. He is very angry though and gets up and leaves.

Dong-man is sitting in a back room putting his bandages on while a man in a dark suit is talking to him. The man is the other guy’s coach (Kim Tac-su’s coach). The bad coach is telling Dong-man that he doesn’t have to act, he can just stay on the floor if it becomes too hard. Everyone will be happy. Why is he making things so difficult? Dong-man is standing up to the bad guy and said no-one will be happy, no-one in his family wants him to lose.

He confidently tells the bad guy that he will win and pay his father’s debt and take care of his mom and sister. He will never lose.

It is brighter as Coach and Dong-man are walking in the hallway. Coach is giving DOng-man a pep talk. Coach is telling Dong-man that if he makes the national team they can ride business class in the airplane and Dong-man is like “Wow! Business class?” (He is so simple, I love it).

Dong-man’s Dad is there and tells Dong-man to win or he will kill him. Dong-man speaks more with an accent with his Dad. It looks like his Dad doesn’t go to the fights, so they are surprised that he came to this fight. Dong-man tells his Dad that he will definitely win He is going to Beijing!. It is a nice Father-son exchange.

His father goes outside and is smoking. It looks like, even though he is there, he still won’t watch the fight.

They are fighting now and DM is winning. He is scoring a lot and is really good. The gangster looks upset. DM is winning, he is excellent. But now someone is yelling in the audience for DM, it is his sister and she looks sick, she is about 8 and is in a wheelchair. The other guy kicks Dong-man while Dong-man is looking at his sister, knocking him to the floor.

His sister is telling him to stand up. Stand up! Dong-man gets up, but what the bad coach said is going through his head. It looks like he might be giving up because of his little sister. If she can have surgery then she can walk again. DM looks like he is thinking hard about giving up the fight. It looks like someone already paid off the money for the sister’s hospital bills.

Kim Tak-su uses this moment of contemplation to kick Dong-man. DM acted like he got hit in the face, but he really got hit in the shoulder. He took a dive like he got knocked out. C is yelling for him to stand up. His sister is yelling at him to stand up. She said if you don’t stand up then I will never talk to you again every! DM is awake, but he is not standing up. (Internal flashback) At their home, DM’s mom said she will pay the gangster back by tomorrow. The man said if Dong-man takes a dive at the tournament then Tak-su’s father will pay for all the medical bills and Appa’s debt and everything. The dad throws trash on the man, he is angry. he says, if it were your son, would you let your son do that? Dong-man is sitting in his room with his back against the door. He heard everything. He looks at a calendar with the date for today’s tournament. On the calendar, he wrote “Gong-man!!! I am going to Bejing!!

Back to the tournament. Dong-man is still on the mat, face down and he starts crying. he is thinking about his family. The other guy won and Dong-man is trying to get off the mat, but he is crying too much. He is crying so much he can’t even stand up. Oppa is sad because he knows what is going on.

All the judges are coming together. They know it was a dive. They said he didn’t stand up, not that he couldn’t stand up.

Cut to a HUGE press conference. Dozens of newscasters and reporters are there. DM is disqualified from competing in Taekwondo forever. The reporter said he is so young, but he loves money so much.

Kim Tak-su is telling Dong-man that Dong-man should go into the press conference himself because they paid him. Dong-man is just sitting on the couch and looking down. Tak-Su’s coach pulls Tak-su away, he doesn’t want Tak-su to say those things. Tak-su said this is all because of stupid DOng-man because Dong-man isn’t a good actor. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been caught.

This gets Coaches attention and coach confronts Tak-su. It looks like Dong-min’s coach is sunbae to Tak-su’s coach because Coach talks banmal to the other coach and asks him why his student is behaving intros way. Coach said Tak-su only got where he is from all the bribes and made a good person like Dong-man get in trouble. The hoobae coach tells Dong-man’s coach that Tac-su’s father is a politician and will have a campaign soon, so he doesn’t want Tak-su to have negative press.

Coach is like, so what? So you want our Dong-man to be the fall guy in front of the cameras? All the while Dong-man is looking like a statue on the couch. He is just looking ahead at nothing in particular.

Tak-su gets up and tells Dong-man if he doesn’t like it, then he should give the money back and to take care of his sister’s hospital bills on his own. He said he is not going to walk into the conference. He and his coach leave.

Dong-man finally breaths when the other people leave. he relaxes a tiny bit and addresses his coach. “Coach-nim, I’m sorry.” His coach said, “Shut up, you made your coach an idiot. You didn’t even discuss it with me at all, am I just a coach to you? Just a coach?”

Dong-man said he didn’t know about it so he should just go home. He said if Coach is publicly known with this scandal then he won’t be able to start a Taekwondo gym (coach is an Olympic silver medal Taekwondo athlete). Dong-man smiles and turns to go inside and coach slaps him pretty hard upside the head. Coach asks if it is funny, (because Dong-man smiled a little to loosen the stress). HE said they will go together and takes Dong-man by the arm and leads him into the press room. The press goes crazy.

DM says he didn’t know about it so DM will just take all the blame and C doesn’t need to get any of the blame. C hits DM and says he will go n there with him together. They go into the room with all the reporters together.

DM is wondering why he isn’t coach coming out? The bad guy is coming out and DM is avoiding eye contact. The Tak-su sees DM and Dm says, “Long time no see.” They are wondering why DM is there. The bad guy is talking to DM and saying, do you want to see me? Why? Do you want more money? The bad coach is saying to stop talking about it.

DM is just looking at him. The bad guy says DM’s poor man instinct won’t go away. He said DM would never come to the octagon.

DM said, “Hyung are you scared? Why are you talking so much?” DM is saying the bad guy is scared of him. They are drawing a scene. It is getting intense. The bad guy asked about DMs sister and asked if she can walk know, with a laugh.

DM is charging the guy and kicks him, he does his signature spin kick!!!! He knocks that guy down and Tak-su is stunned. DM said if you want to copy him then you need to copy him right! DM said if he sees that guy in the ring then he will kill him!!!


She is contemplating something as she looks at the announcer poster in a window. The poster is an audition for people who want to become announcers.

Everyone is looking at C’s car, they are all reporters. They said Kim Tak-su was knocked out in front of his soondae car. C driver off and looks at the black box. He see’s the 540 kick and looks like he might have a heart attacked!

It becomes viral!!!! Everyone is watching him. DM is the only one who doesn’t know what is going on. Everyone is crossing the street, but DM is still standing there. The search is #1 on Naver.

DM’s boss is calling him and the superior is like, where are you? Why didn’t you do the work? DM has so many thought coming out of his mind. He stops in the middle of the street. So many thoughts from the first 3 episodes are going through his mind about doing what he wants in life. He is still on the phone talking to his manager, but he looks confused. He wants to say something, but it is too hard. It looks like he really wants to say something but he is starting to get really emotional and cry. He yells at his Manager and says he will quit because he is being mistreated (finally!!!). He finishes crossing the street and yells at his manager that he is quitting. He is YELLING!!! The title says, “If I don’t get it and am just going forward (from a Korean card game)

Y’all, this scene, THIS SCENE. It is so poignant. When I did the live recap, at first I thought Dong-man was confused and didn’t know where he was. But now I realized that he was changing his direction (literally and figuratively). He was purposefully changing his direction and turning his life around. His body made the decision before his mind did. Before he could even get the words “I QUIT” out, his body was already leading him on a new path. Y’all, I just can’t, this scene was just so good.

Coach is yelling at him that he made some big news. DM is yelling at his coach that he really wants to do MMA because he is going cray. The coach is like, “You aren’t drunk right?” They hug, they are both soooooooo happy. The song is saying “My life is my way!”


The rich guy is there to take Aera out. He said he just showed up like that because he wants to see AR. He only has 3 hours, but he already spent 1 hour to see her. Let’s go

SH is cutting all the food and cooking. They are introducing all the newcomers. SH is ordering. She is taking care of all the ordering and cooking. The manager doesn’t even know SH’s name. The manager is talking about SH’s dad’s BBQ business or something like that. The new girl wants to pour a drink from the manager, but the manager won’t let her. DM decides to pour a drink for the rich girl. The manager said JM poured the drink but the rich girl blushed.

They are in the bathroom and the manager is telling JM that the rich girl likes him. She is rich so if he gets married then JM can leave the company.

SH is at the table and the manager is looking at SH and the rich girl. He said one looks like a color TV and the other looks like a B and W tv. JM threw the managers shoes.

Aera said it is okay, she doesn’t like to be dropped off like she is Cinderella. She asks if he wants to eat ramen (which is code for do you want to sleep with me) that is why the doctor is shocked. She said she likes making fun of him because it looks like he had a hard time in school. She said he is cute. He said he is not cute, he is not going to be cute. The navigation said, “you are not on the right track” and AR scowled at it.

Talking about the Cheobal’s pretty car. She offers Dong-man a ride but he turns it down.


They are talking about her place. He asks if Aera like gold because of a gold lion on top. Aera thinks that the person who made this shouldn’t have put that lion there. DM runs up and gives AR a big hug, he tells AR that he quit nd he is going to make his family and her happy and rich.

The nerdy guy gets out of the car and asks who he was. Why was he there? They are trying to figure out why each one of them is there. Nerdy guy is brave now. He has some confidence. He says not to hug AR like that. AR says they are just childhood friends. The doctor says there is no friendship between men and woman and he doesn’t like it. AR says there are just like brother and sister. DM says they are not like brother and sister and he is looking tenderly at Aera. He said he also doesn’t like AR dating that guy. DM said he hates it. It became important to him now. AR is left between the two men. Doctors superior called him. The doctor says, “I want to eat ramen!”

DM is like, “Are you crazy!!” Aera said she was just messing with him. The doctor said he can’t eat at the hospital so he should eat now. DM said he will call Aera’s dad and tell him that she is bringing a man home and eating ramen with him. AR said it is none of his business.

The doctor said he is impolite. She can invite him later, but they can eat ramen at a store now. He pulls AR away.

Dong-man says he wants to eat ramen too! He wants to eat ramen too!

All three of them are eating ramen and Aera is asking if they were good friends in high school. The doctor says he wasn’t close to athletes and DM says he wasn’t close to nerds. The doctor said he made a lot of effort to spend time with Aera so he might get fired, but it is okay because he really likes her. DM is being sarcastic in the background. The doctor said they should have a proper date with a full course meal. AR said it seems like the doctor likes big events. DM pulled AR’s chair closer to him, lol. DM tells AR to just eat and then go home.

They are eating outside and having a good time. They are talking. JM tells SH to wear nice clothes. She says she won’t wear nice clothes. They are arguing about money. JM wants to buy the nice dress in the window for her. They go inside and she tries it on. She is really happy, but she is making a lot of excuses as to why it isn’t right for her. The clerk says it is perfect for her. JM pays for it. SH is worried that it is too expensive. JM buys it.

JM is mad at SH for not letting him buy things and for not being confident in front of others. JM is saying her style is cheap cheap cheap. He knows it is because she was supporting him. He said he was thankful, but now it is suffocating to him. He is yelling it at her. SH throws her clothes and runs away. She takes a taxi. Her clothes are in a puddle on the ground.

SH is crying in the taxi. And she is looking at the money for the trip. She tells the taxi ajushi to just drop her off at the subway station. JM doesn’t catch the bus because he is sad he went off at SH. He is holding the bag. The girl drives by and tells JM to hop in with her. She is really nice. JM says okay.

They are outside and the doctor says buy, I will call you. DM is looking at the doctor. Aera stops as they are going upstairs and DM grabs her hand and pulls her up the steps. AR says, why are you like this? DM says he doesn’t want the doctor to know where she lives so they go up one more floor. They keep walking up but the guy isn’t leaving and keeps watching her. She keeps waving like she is Ms. Korea. They keep walking up the steps



JM and the rich girl are talking. The rich girl is happy. JM stops, he said he wants to eat something. Ddukbogi. She says she can eat with him. She says its okay, he will buy next time for everyone. She is sad. She gets out of the car and says she doesn’t like it. She said she only want DM to buy ddukbogi only for her, not all the interns.

JM is walking home and is going to try and get a toy from a toy machine for someone, maybe SH.


AR and DM are at the rooftop bar and the doctor finally drove away. They are arguing about MMA stuff and that he hasn’t practiced for ten years so he will be a sandbag. She is worried about it. AR researched it and she thinks it is too bloody. DM says, why do you think he will get hit, he will win! AR said even if you win, you will get hit. Don’t do it!

DM said, “Ahhhhhh, you are worried about me, that is why you want me to go back to my other job.” She said, “NO. He is like their family dog. She doesn’t want their family dog to get hit.”

She moves to leave and he suddenly pulls her into a hug again and it is awkward. They are both like, ummmmmm what just happened. DM is like, just talk more, where are you going? AR pushed him off and says DM is not like some manly man, she told him to not touch her. He said he doesn’t, know, it is just what he wants to do. He tells her to play with him, not that doctor guy.

AR says, why did you follow us eating ramen? DM said it is because he was hungry. AR says why do you care if we date? Look at me. He pushed her away. She grabs his face again and says look at me. Your behavior is childish and I can see everything as an adult, so don’t behave like this.

She leaves.

He is like, “Wow, this animal like girl.”

She is on the steps and looks back at Dong-man, “Why is he behaving like that?”

They both can’t sleep. DM – when did she become so pretty
AR – when did his hands get so big.

They can’t go to bed, they are tossing and turning and thinking about each other.

Dong-man is apologizing. SH is upset, she is making JM guess at what he did wrong.

JM – wow, your skin is so good. It likes so polished!

SH is happy and is looking at her skin

It is the next morning and EX is there. She is walking up the steps and thinks the woman who owns the building is a man. The owner is welding and raises her hood. The EX wants to know how much it costs to live there. The owner wants to know it EX wants to live there, she doesn’t look like she belongs there. Her clothes look like she is wrapped with thousands of dollars. The EX says, “Why do you care, you are nothing to this building.” The owner says she is the owner of a place like this. She stands and says she doesn’t accept pretty girls because it makes the building noisy “I know it well” (the owner used to be a famous model and actress in the 90s). The owner wants to have a peaceful building so she is not renting anything to the EX.

The owner starts walking away and sees SH come out of JM’s place. She tells them that man and woman shouldn’t sleep together. SH says sometimes they sleep separately. They start walking down the steps and see EX. The EX says hi and turns to knock on Dong-man’s door. Sul-Her immediately covers Dong-mans ringer and starts yelling for Aera to come out. Joo-man yells “AERA!

Aera comes out and looks badass. They have western music playing like it is a stand off. The polished girl vs the girl next door. Sul-hee whispers in Aera’s ear and then looks at the EX. Area says, “How dare you come here!” EX, “You told me Dong-man was married and went back to his hometown. Why did you lie to me?”

Aera, “I say what I want to say!” Sul-hee whispers in Aera’s ear again and looks at the EX. “Aera says, what did you say? and then tells Sul-hee to be quiet. Hoo-man tells Sul-hee that maybe they should leave and Sul-hee says, “Hold on, hold on.”

EX, tells Aera that Aera sticks with Dong-man for a long long time, in a sarcastic way.

Aera – “Do you think Go Dong-man is like some alcohol you drink at a bar? You keep dumping him and coming back, do you think he will keep accepting you?”

EX – “Yes, I think he will accept me again. You think so too right?”

Aera – “I can hit you.”

Dong-man comes out right at that moment and EX turns around and says, “Oppaaaaaa”…” in a soft voice like she is soon happy to see him again.

Dong-man looks shocked to see her. Sul-Her says, “Ah, so irritating, she is doing it again.” Hoo-Man looks concerned as he watches the scene unfold. Ding-Man isn’t looking at EX, but EX just confidently tells Dong-man again, “Oppaaaaa,” with Aegyo. Area mocks EX and says, “Oppa, Oppa, Oppa, just stop it!”


Dong-man just got out of the military and says outside air is really good. He and Aera are eating Ddokbogi. Dong-man’s nickname is actually Ddokgotchi (Ddukbogi stick). Area says ddokgotchi, this is the smell of civilian world (ddokbogi smell). They are smiling but EX is crying on the ground and says, “Oppaaa, Oppa, I broke up with the other guy.” Area calls her crazy.

A new scene, three friends are together and Aera asks if his date was pretty and he said she looked like Kim hoo-jin. But it turns out to be comedian Kim hoy-jin, not actress Kim hoy-jin. Hoo-Man is like, “Maybe she is cute…” EX runs up behind Dong-man and gives him a back hug. She says, “Oppaaa.” Dong-man looks startled to see her and like he will take her back. Aera says, “this son-of-a-B is doing it again?”

A new scene. The Fantastic Four is playing Gong Gong shill pang game at Dong-man’s house. It is a drinking game like 007. There is a ring at the door and it is EX, she says, “Oppaaa” and starts to kiss him heavily. The friends hide and then they say, “Why are we hiding?” “But we can’t just leave?” “Crazy B” Sul-hee never curses so Aera and Joo-man are shocked, Joo-man is like, “You just cursed.” Sul-Her is like “What, I did?” And Aera gives her a thumbs up.

In a voice over it says that The fantastic four thinks the EX is like some rat poison to Dong-man. They want to feed her real rat poison.

Dong-man still won’t look at her. Sul-Her is talking to herself and wonders why Dong-man can’t say anything. Joo-Man says it is because it is such a huge shock first thing in the morning.

EX says she is leaving for now and tells Dong-man to take her phone calls. She says “see you later” to the three friends. Aera grabs her shoulder.

Aera, “Go Don-man may be a push over, but I have his back!”
Sul-hee, “Me too.”
Joo-man, “[clears his throat, but it looks like he agrees]”

EX tells Aera not to go overboard and stay out of their business. AR says she will always be in their business and if EX wants to see Dong-man then she has to get past Aera (and Sul-hee and Joo-man)

Aera tells the EX that she has to walk over her dead body to date Dong-man again.

EX says, “Unnie, fighting! Do your best.” Then she looks at Dong-man with Aegyo and says, “I’m leaving…” Dong-Man was actually looking at her then. Dong-man sighs and looks up like he doesn’t know what to do.

Man-friend and woman-friend language

Aera – “Do you want to eat ramen?” (euphemism for sleeping together)
Dong-man – “Huh?”

They eat ramen and have a fun time watching a soccer game.


(The song is a ssam mai may style song and says, “From now on I am going to do things my way!)

They are debuting Dong-man in an amateur MMA match. They want to debut him tomorrow. Go-dong man looks shocked like they didn’t give them any notice. But the guy in the red suit was standing next to Kim Tak-su at the arena intros episode. So perhaps they want Dong-man to fail. The red guy says it is Dong-man’s last chance. Coach tells the red guy that it isn’t Dong-man’s last chance!

While practicing, Dong-man is like, high school kids go there and fight, so why can’t I? Coach is like, “When coach says no it means no!!!!!”

Outside their apartment, Aera says, “I know who is the instigator.” (Talking about Coach trying to get Dong-man to fight again.) “Coach did it!!”

Area’s department store, someone says they should train their employees properly. Dong-man is watching some rich person go off on Aera and say that she spends a lot of money there so she can do what she wants to the employees. Dong-man pulls Aera away and says that she is not going there anymore. How can you ask her to do those kinds of things with this tiny salary?


Wah! That was wild with the internet problems, but we think we cought everything!
We will start correcting it right away.

Going through and updating English and the story line.


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    • Buhdoop
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      The origin of “Do you want to eat ramen with me?” as an indicator for having sex (similar to “Do you want to come up for a drink?” in the US) came from the movie “One Fine Spring Day” I’ll put it in the recap when we go back and add detailed descriptions and links. It is a melodrama film. The woman in the film is just like EX in Fight for My Way.

    • Buhdoop
      May 30, 2017 / 10:24 am

      Oops, didn’t mean to post that under your comment Anon! Ment to post it at the bottom of the page. Thank you for reading along today!

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    Really loving it, I agree with anon. Oh poor moo bin his trying and it’s cute but we all know it’s not gonna work out. Glad to see that song man kicked th a taksu and told his manager off.

  5. bila
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    Lol DM is jealousy, but I’m wondering if DM and moo bin will have a confrontation/heart to heart since moo bin doesn’t seem to find of DM.also I love how joo man protect seolhee, she is so cute and lovely.

    • Buhdoop
      May 30, 2017 / 10:17 am

      I was so excited when I was writing that scene where DM kicked the bad guy! I was like OMG I have to get this right.

      I loved the Moo-bin scene, it was so funny. Moo-bin isn’t as weak as he was in high school

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    Wah that was such a wild ride! At one point our internet cut off and we were like NOOOOOOOOOOOO. But I managed to save what I wrote in a word file and then upload it later. From that point on I was saving everything on a word file and then copying it to WordPress. I think we will do that from now on just to be on the safe side!

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