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Fight for My Way Recap: Episode 3

Korean Drama Fight for my way live recap

[We’re trying something new over here with a live episode recap! Here’s how it works: I am going to post this article empty, then we are going to constantly update it as the episode airs live. Afterward, we will keep filling in all the empty spaces, correcting English, adding photos, adding links, etc until it looks like a normal recap. It is our first go at this so hopefully, it goes smoothly!]

The episode airs at 10 pm in Korea, which is 9 am EST and 6 am PST. (Right? Or am I off?)

0-5 minutes
Alright, the old episode is playing right now, we are just waiting for the new one to air. Okay, some Pepsi commercial is airing now. More commercials, we might have 10 minutes of commercials.

Maybe 5 more minutes of commercials.


[Update: The live recap was a lot of fun! I think we will try this format from now on. I am filling in the episode with all the images and links now. THIS MIGHT TAKE A FEW DAYS.] [UPDATE June 3: I filled in all the images, I just need to go through the descriptions again. A lot of the descriptions are from the live broadcast, so they aren’t as accurate as they could be. I WILL ALSO START ADDING IMAGES TO EPISODE 4.]


쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Namil Apartments, where the Fantastic Four lives. Area and Sul-hee are roommates. Dong-man lives right across from them on the same level and Joo-man lives one level up. The opening song is the famous 아니 벌써 Already Now, from an rock legend band in Korea called Sanullim (산울림). It is already bright outside | wake up and singing | Ready for the happy day.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
At the beginning of the episode we get a nice little taste of everyone’s personality as we see them wake up in the morning. Aera wakes up abruptly in a very simple room (no pictures on the walls, barely any covers), smells her hair, and then seesaws right back to sleep.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Dong-man is already awake and working out in his room, which let’s us know that he hasn’t let his body go; he still has an athletes state of mind. His room looks much more comfortable than Aera’s (he has soft looking sheets and a comforter and other things around that make it look homey), yet it still looks like a guys room.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Sul-hee woke up with a big yawn and a stretch, ready for the day. Her room is all pink and looks like a princess decorated it. She has little dolls in the window, stuffed animals on her bed, and pictures taped to the wall. She even has a small plant in the window that she mists. Her room is basically the opposite of Aera’s.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Joo-man wakes up abruptly, like Aera did, and blindly reaches for his phone to turn off his alarm. His room is nicely yet simply decorated with what looks like collectible model cars and other automobile paraphernalia. Out of everyone’s rooms, Joo-man’s looks the most comfortable. His bed is wooden and big with plush pillows and an equally plush duvet that makes you want to curl right into it. I have a feeling Sul-hee had something to do with all that.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
They are both sitting down to eat and watching TV. KBC is hiring announcers. Aera says the person on the TV should wear more clothes.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Sulhee thinks Aera is cranky because KBC is hiring. Sul-hee said Aera is born with wings and should fly, she wants Aera to try it one more time.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
It looks like Sul-hee is like Aera’s mom (or wife). Sul-hee might actually make everyone’s meals for them (Aera, Dong-man, and Joo-man).

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

Aera is bringing Dong-man his meal that Sul-hee made. She knows the code: 0070.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

Aera hears Dong-man singing and says, “What is he doing? He will be embarrassed.” Dong-man is singing a song called Coward by the band Buzz (겁쟁이 | 버즈). When the lead singer of Buzz hits a high note, the microphone somehow always drift to his forehead, which is why Dong-man put the microphone to his forehead.

Dong-man is shocked to see Aera there and tells her to stop just putting in his code and coming in whenever she wants. She shrugs it off and turns to grab something so they can eat together.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

Dong-man quickly notices that a large bowl is about to fall on Aera so he springs into action to stop it.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

Aera turns around and sees Dong-man’s bare chest, it is like she is in some romance novel. It looks like she is taken by Dong-man and his body.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

Dong-man also looks like he is taken by how Aera looks in the same romance novel style, but maybe he is just wondering why she is looking that way?

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

She asks what kind of lotion Dong-man uses. He basically tells her that she is dumb. She snaps out of it and they sit down to eat.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

Dong-man looks at how unkempt Aera looks and tells her they shouldn’t see each other in the morning. Aera says why? Dong-man said they should only see each other at night because she smells bad in the morning and has weird eyebrow stuff. She is like, “Why do you want to see me at night???”

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

The phone is ringing, but Dong-man is not picking it up.
Aera: “Who is that?”
Dong-man: “Its spam, why are you asking me?”
Aera: Is it that girl? I told her clearly if she is around you again I will kill her.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Speaking of the devil, we are now inside the ex’s car. She is driving. Dong-man’s ex-girlfriend called another sunbae and asked about Aera. The sunbae said Aera was on a department desk. The ex-girlfriend said she thought Aera would be a newscaster by now. She goes to Aera’s workplace to get Dong-man’s phone number.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Aera is at her information desk and she and another man (her supervisor) are looking at a well-wrapped gift. It looks very suspicious because it is so well wrapped. They are trying are to figure out if they should open it or not. They end up not opening it. The man takes the gift to lost-and-found.

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3

쌈 마이웨이 recap episode 3
Dong-man isn’t taking his ex-girlfriends calls (he has her name saved as Blocked Call). She texts him and says if he doesn’t take her calls then she will just go to his house.


The announcer came in to the lunch area were Aera is. The announcer calls Aera eunnie which means Aera is older than the announcer. The announcer bought a kimbap just to sit with her.

The ex-girlfriend makes it look like they are meeting by a coincidence, but Aera says it is not a coincidence. They are arguing about Dong-man’s cell phone number. Aera says she doesn’t talk to Dong-man and doesn’t know where he is. She said he got married and went back to Seosan so she lost contact with him.

Aera said, “Do you know what proper etiquette is?” (It seems like the ex-girlfriend dumped DOng-man very badly.) It looks like Aera was about to throw the drink on her, but she doesn’t and drinks it instead.

Aera tells the girl, “I remember I told you not to get close to Dong-man anymore or I will kill you.” (or something like that)


Dong-man’s boss gives all his work to Dong-man. Dong-man is like “You want me to do all the work by myself?”

They boss is like, “Yeah.” Dong-man sprayed the boss with something on purpose but made it look like an accident.


They are eating happily at the airing for the home shopping network. They told everyone to eat cherries happily while they are on camera.

Sulhee is jealous that the Cheobal woman is talking to Dong-man. Dong-man’s boss tells everyone to eat yogurt with the cherries and Dong-man is like, “Cherries don’t go with yogurt. They don’t go together.”

Sul-hee is happily eating the food, but she is distracted by Dong-man and the Cheobol girl; suddenly, Sul-hee starts choking.

She is seriously choking very badly. Dong-man runs to save her, he pushes everyone out of the way and gives her the Heimlich maneuver. Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you,” is playing.

This scene is pretty funny yet serious. Somehow they are able to pull off that delicate balance. The cherry pops out and Dong-man throws all the cherries off the table and very coolly starts doing chest compressions. Cherries go everywhere.

He hops on the table in slow motion and starts giving her mouth to mouth.


The three best friends are in a school play. Sul-hee is Snow White and Aera is a tree. Dong-man is the prince and has to kiss Sul-hee. Sul-hee is laying perfectly still in the bed and waiting for her kiss to wake up.

But Dong-man notices a snot bubble coming out of Sul-hee’s nose. It keeps blowing up bigger and smaller, bigger and smaller.

Dong-man cries that he doesn’t want to kiss her because he doesn’t want her germs. Aera yells, “Just kiss her kiss her! Just do it!” Sul-Hee starts crying because she really wanted to be kissed like Snow White.


Sulhee is laying on the table just like she was when they were younger. She said she wanted to be Snow White ever since she was little and it came true because she choked on a fruit and her Prince came and saved her.

Joo-man yells, seriously he is screaming, “I told you not to put cherries with yogurt!!! They don’t go together!!!” The cheobol girl is super impressed. She looks like she has fallen even more in love with Joo-man.


Area is chilling out on a break, and they hear their supervisor making an announcement. It is weird because there is another woman who makes all of the announcement. Why is there supervisor making them?

The two women also on break say that the announcer quit her job (for marriage/pregnancy) so Aera thinks she might be able to take the announcers job. Her goal is to butter up her superior. Area has a little bit of an in because her and her boss have the same satire, which means they are from the same regon.

So, when Aera talks to her boss she brings her saturi out. Aera says she can help with all the emergencies because she is in his “line.”


They are all helping clean up and Sul-hee is just as smitten with Joo-man as always. Even more so perhaps because he is her knight in shining armor that just saved her life.

Joo-man is helping clean up and says he learned how to do the Heimlich maneuver and was very good at it. He acts like it isn’t a big thing though.

The nice girl goes up to him and says he was really impressive, she wishes she was the one who ate the cherry. Sulhee is looking at them; she is clearly amazingly jealous of the new hire.


AERA is at a microphone and her direct supervisor is talking to her. She looks mesmerized by the microphone, like there isn’t anywhere else she wants to be in the world.

He tells it is easy, just talk into it. He also tells her that they are hiring and she should apply, she could be an announcer full time. The look on her face is like she just got the most amazing news in the world.


Dong-man is venting because his boss only went to short-term military, but is always talking to Dong-man about not living right, ‘Did he even go to the military?’ However, Dong-man went to long-term military (full-time military duty and was a sharpshooter), yet the manager tries to tell Dong-man how to live.

Dong-man gets a ring, it’s Aera. It looks like he doesn’t really want to deal with her at the moment. But when Aera tells him to come to the mall to hear her be the announcer, he goes immediately.


Dong-man meets Aera at the mall and Aera is super excited. She is dancing and hoping around while they are walking. She is seriously so giddy-happy.

At first Dong-man acts like it isn’t a super big deal, but then he is like, “We have to go to the place with the biggest speaker!”

Area does her thing and she is great at it. She is really in her element with a microphone in front of her and closes with her name Choi Aera.

Dong-man unabashedly records Aera while Aera is announcing shopping stuff and they both look pretty pleased. Dong-man says Aera is actually really good and sounds like Baek Ji-hyun (one of the most famous announcers in Korea).

Aera is happy and dancing once again in her seat. Her manager is upset though and said Aera should not have closed with her name because she is just a temp.


Dong-man and Aera are sitting outside talking and listening to the recording. Aera is tearing up because she is so happy. She says man should really do what they want to do in life.

Dong-man is a little somber (because he isn’t doing what he wants to do?), but he is happy for Aera. On a side note, Dong-man does a lot of thinking this episode, presumably about fighting again. He is a very internal person, so it doesn’t look like he will tell people what he is thinking unless it is just bursting from him.


The nerdy guy from high school is back (I think) and is looking for Aera. Aera is walking and someone is following her. It is the creepy scene from the end of the last preview.

Aera thinks it is one or all of the guys whom windows she broke. She thinks they might want some revenge.

Someone stops her on the shoulder! Area looks startled at first, but she is not the one. She takes off her bag (that DOng-man gave her) and swings it at the perpetrator and starts attacking him with it.

She is beating him to the ground and yelling at him, “Don’t attack me!” She is raging at him. Seriously, don’t mess with Aera.

It turns out that it is Moo-bin (the nerdy guy). Poor Moo-bin is on the ground and has a bloody nose. Aera feels pretty sorry about that and asks why he is following her. He said he bought her a present, but she reported it as lost and found. Aera is kind of annoyed and says she doesn’t want to see any of them anymore and asks if they are still betting on stuff with women.

He opens the present and it turns out to be a gift of a pair of nice shoes, maybe they are expensive. There is also a note that says Moo-bin will wait for her Infront of the department store and to wait for him. He bought it for her because she broke her shoe when she was breaking everyone’s mirrors.

Moo-bin basically declares his love/like for her and says he thought about meeting her for a long time. He prepared a lot for this day. He has new clothes, a new haircut, new everything and even put a full tank of gas in his car.

Aera asks, why he put a full tank of gas in. And he said it was just in case they go to Namsam Mountain (a popular dating spot). He asks her is she has a boyfriend and asks if he can see her 10 times. He will try his best to win her over if she gives him a chance. He said he works hard for everything. He tells her she is so pretty and he is afraid that someone else will snatch her away.

He then asks her to put on the shoes, just to see how it will look. He bought 230 mm and she said she is 235 mm, but actually her foot is 245. She feels like Cinderella’s sister having to squeeze her big feet those tiny shoes. She is thinking, should I put my big feet in these shoes? But in the end, she does.


Dong-man is not happy, he is looking at Korean MMA stuff on Naver. He road the bus to the gym and is staring at it from outside.

We hear a quick Flashback from when Aera said she liked being an announcer. Dong-man keeps turning to go and then turning around and then turning back to go inside. It looks like he is thinking about it a lot. Should he confront his coach, should he tell him all his thought?

Inside, the coach is writing on a poster, it looks like he wants to get some women members.

Dong-man bursts in and the coach is giddy happy to see him. Dong-man asks his coach, if he does mixed martial arts (MMA), can he make a lot of money? The coach says not to concentrate on the money and to just work toward his dream.

Dong-man tells his coach that what he wants to do requires money. He wants money for his family, everyone says money isn’t important, but money is very important. He tells his coach that he wants to save his family and his sister. That is why he wants to know if he can make a lot of money fighting.

But his coach isn’t falling into that trap of promising poor people riches and tells Dong-man, “If you want to make money, don’t come near here!” He storms out, leaving Dong-man there, alone, with all his emotions.


It is a taekwondo competition, possibly THE taekwondo competition. It looks like there is a gangsters son or something. His coach is cheering. It looks like Dong-man is winning, but something happens.

Dong-man just hangs his head as he thinks about the past and all it’s implications on his present. He is alone with all his thoughts again. It looks like he has no one to confide in about all his thoughts about the past.


Aera is talking on the phone to her Dad. Her Dad looks adorable and is wearing matching shirts with two other men. The two other men and Aera’s Dad play on the same regional soccer team. Aera’s Dad tells Aera that he will close his business to listen to her at the department store. The men are talking back and forth about Aera. The dad is proud. He said being a Dad of a department store announcer is better than if she gets married.

Afterward, Aera happily waits in line to ride the bus home. So far, today has been great for Aera while Dong-man is just surviving.


Dong-man is sitting on the bus and sees Aera. He quickly pretends that he is asleep. Aera taps Dong-man and proceeds to choke him when he doesn’t wake up.

It’s a pretty funny scene and other people in the bus are laughing as well. Dong-man is all like, why are you so crazy, are you a gangster? And he puts up his hands to protect himself just like he did in the epilogue on episode 2.

Aera just bulldozes Dong-man and makes him stand so she can sit. She playfully says an announcer should sit and happily smiles as she looks out the window.

It is a playful scene and they share some other playful moments.


Sul-Her is walking home, deep in thought. It appears like she is thinking about Dong-man and the new hire possibly? I know i would be if I were her.

All of a sudden Dong-man and Aera show up. I love it when they are all together (well almost all together, Joo-man where are you?).

They talk about what Sul-hee is carrying (ddukbogi from the great ddukbogi place) and Sul-hee asks what they are carrying (beer and soju). It is party time!

Sulhee and Aera start doing a dance and Dong-man just watches them act foolish. Sul-hee and Aera really could care less who is watching. Dongman pretty much says they look crazy, but they don’t care. I love how carefree they are!

They all start walking in their neighborhood somewhere and head up to the rooftop to have a party. It looks like a secret passage to the rooftop. They are going through a back door and climbing over everything and looking around to make sure no one sees them. All the while a song called Young People | 젊은이 by the indie band Goonamguayeoridingstella | 구남과여라이딩스텔라 is playing. It is the perfect song because it talks about drinking after having a hard day. It also fits into the ssam my way lifestyle this drama is based off of.

A few of the lyrics
A drunken night, the drink I had because of the heavy (hard) life, is heavier.
I promise myself not drink again.
A drunken night, the drink I had because of the heavy (hard) life, is heavier.
I smoked cigarette, laid down, and looked at the sky.


They finally make it to their secret rooftop which they call Nam-il bar. It is there own secret place that no-one knows about. It looks really cool as well, as it overlooks the city and a small mountain. Sul-Her quickly makes herself at home as she prepares everyones food.

The owner of the building doesn’t even know about the secret rooftop, lol. They start talking about how they think the new owner of the building is a little crazy, is she a ghost? They all get pretty spooked just thinking about the new owner. But the funny part is the new owner is spooked of them as well.

Some woman in all black shows up holding a cross. She looks like she might be hearing spirits. It looks like the owner thinks the kids might be ghosts because she always hears people speaking, lol. She said no-one should be here. Meanwhile Dong-man Aera and Sul-hee are happily drinking on the rooftop Namil bar.

The three of them are sitting on their pyung sang (평상) outdoor table and talking. Sulhee said she wants to drink a bomber, and everyone is shocked. Sul-hee apparently isn’t very good with alcohol.

They think something is wrong so they ask her if she fought with Joo-man. She’s like, no, its nothing and mentions She said their new intern wears super fancy clothes. Dong-man asks is she pretty? Sul-hee just keeps commenting and says the new intern treats work like a fashion show. Dong-man asks again, “Is she pretty?” the other two talk about something. Dong-man is finally like, “Tell me if she’s pretty!”

They keep talking and Dong-man aks them if girls like MMA. They say something about it, I need to go back and check this part. Dongman tells Aera to not sit with her legs all up like his grandmother.

Aera isn’t listening to Dong man, instead she is listening to herself talk from when she was the announcer at the mall. It must be getting late because they have so many bottles out (or maybe they are from other nights the three of them have drank there) and Sul-hee waves bye bye. Dong-man carefully puts the bottles over to the side as if they each have their own special place, and then goes back to sit with Aera.

Dong-man and Aera are left so they make themselves comfortable on the pyung sang. Dong-man is telling Aera to try the announcer gig. Aera said she will not try. Dong-man is trying to pump her up but she is like, no, I don’t want to be their background. They already know who they will pick. Dong-man said his dream is to be a rich man. Aera said he is not cool, but that dream touches her.

Aera rests her head on Dong-mans arm and he flexes his arm (in secret?). They continue talking about being young and dreams. Dong-man says his dreams always changed from when he was little. When he was super little he wanted to be a dukbogi stick, lol. Then he wanted to be a singer and then he wanted to go to Seoul and get the gold in taekwondo.

Aera said, “Dukkogi stick, what is your dream now?” But Dong-man He he doesn’t have one, it is better to not have one. Trying to achieve it is to aggravating. If you don’t have a dream then everything is fine, so it is okay to not have a dream.

Aera gets comfortable and goes to sleep on his arm. Dong-man tells her she better not fall asleep or he will leave her there alone. He tells her that if she sleeps outside in the cold then her mouth will freeze in place like she had a minor stroke. She either isn’t listening or doesn’t care because she keeps on sleeping.

Then, all of a sudden, he notices how pretty she looks. He inspects her face and sees that she has small nose holes and nice skin even though she is ugly. He rubs her skin and says that it is so soft. She wakes up and tells him to stop doing that, but he just asks, “Why, what was wrong with it?”

She said she forgave him for holding her before (the end of the last episode). But to not do those things. She warns him not to touch her. He just laughs it off and says that if someone hears them they will think that he is a pervert but all he did was touch her face.

Aera said he is stupid. She can touch and hug him because he is just like some little kid and doesn’t feel all these feelings. It’s like he doesn’t know about adult life. But he can’t touch her because it makes her feel weird, so don’t touch her.

She gets up and leaves and while walking home she thinks he doesn’t feel weird or anything like that when they touch. He is still sitting in their secret area and says that she shouldn’t touch him like that.

It cuts to Aera again and she says, “It is so hot, why is it so hot?” On the rooftop Dong-man also says, “Ah, it is so hot, why is it so hot?”

The next morning the owner Ajumma puts a message up on a sign post in Namil-villa, The sign says something like, “Don’t drink and don’t sleep together.” Cut to Sul-hee and Joo-man sleeping together. It looks like Sul-hee left last night and went to Joo-man’s house perhaps?


Sul-hee is at home in Joo-man’s place and shows him a very expensive laptop backpack she bought for him. It is an Italian backpack that cost $300, all the assistant managers have this bag.

He tells her not to behave like a mom. He tells Sul-hee that she has all the bad backpacks/bags while he has all the good ones. He wants to have an equal dating life, not a life like he is dating his Mom. They share a few cute kisses.


Finally, (finally) the Fantastic Four is all together. They are talking about how they are all best friends. They are staring at something and we discover it is Coach. They are all like, “He’s here again…”

It looks like Coach keeps coming after Dong-man went berserk on those three guys. When coach-nim sees that they see him, he quickly starts to put up his martial artist soondae truck cart, but the funny thing is that no one eats soondae in the morning.

Dong-man goes over and talks to coach-nim in a playful way. He makes fun of coach because coach said he would never go to Dong-man’s neighborhood again. Dong-man playfully talks with coach-nim and says what do you want? And says coach-nim fighting!

They do a funny scene [which is a spoof of a famous commercial with Jung Woo-sung (가, 가란말이야 Leave, just leave!) | After I see you, nothing is going right for me.
Leave! Just leave!]. Coach-nim asks him on a date to go see a Road FC championship match. They are going on a date to an MMA match!


Aera is strutting at work but she stops when she hears someone else broadcasting. What’s going on? She is chocked and goes to investigate.

A younger woman is there and she tells Aera that she is the new broadcaster. I think Aera’s colleague from earlier is with her and they both try to force Aera out of the broadcasting room. Another man comes in and tells them that they are all too loud, what is all this commotion?

Aera says that she was told everyone who applied had a chance and that these kinds of situations is how unions are formed. The main man says let’s not take it that far and to do the interview fairly. Area’s face brightens as she feels like she has a new chance.


They are talking about something that has to do with the manager. It looks like the manager’s girlfriend is breaking up with him, so the manager feels that that gives him license to give Dong-man all his work. They are out of the car now and the manager says for Dong-man to do a good job and to not get any complaints or there will be trouble. Goodness, this manager is really a jerk. Dong-man asks the manager if he feels bad about dumping all the work on Dong-man.

Instead of answering the manager swiftly kicks him in the shins. This does not look good, I can see Dong-man going off on the manager very soon.

They are about to get into it. They are politely arguing. The manager is pushing Dongman a lot. He tells Dong-man to clench his teeth again. But instead of slapping this fool, Dong-man just apologizes.

The manager says to just quit if he doesn’t like it. No one is keeping him from quitting. Dong-man look around at everyone looking at them. He’s just been humiliated in public and he can’t take the injustice, but he grits his teeth and bears it.


The new announcer is arguing with someone while on the phone in the bathroom. It looks like she has some strong line/influence. It looks like Her relative is the owner of the department store and told the owner over the phone to just pick her. She was cursing a lot.

The girl leaves the bathroom and then we see Aera coming out of one of the stalls. Aera overheard her entire conversation. It doesn’t look like she lets it affect her though because she aces her interview. They are being interviewed side-by-side and Aera is much better than the rich girl. She is leaps better.

But the questions start getting personal and veering off. They ask how old they are. The girl is 23. Aera didn’t say how old she was. Aera asked if there was an age cut off. It is apparent that no matter what Aera does, she will not be picked. They pick the other girl and told Aera to go back to her desk.

Aera doesn’t make a big fiery scene. Instead, she just sighs as if she knew it was a long shot and everything was against her anyway. But before leaving she says, Yeah, I’m old, I don’t have a line/influence, so I should go down to my information desk, but why don’t you just say you don’t need my interview since you already decided who to pick?” Aera walks out and her colleague looks guilty.

Aera is at her desk listening to the new girl give the announcement. It is a really sad moment. One of those moments were you just say, F-it, I quit. She pulls out her phone and texts her dad to not come to Seoul. She continues to stand at the desk and put ona happy bright face as she helps a customer, but you just know she is dying inside.


Aera find a moment to step away and walks outside. She is surprised to bump right into Dong-man and asks why he was there, did something happen? Hmm, this makes me think that he always comes to see her when he is feeling a bit down. Dong-man doesn’t tell her about his manager and just says he was passing by. I think he senses that Aera is having a bad day and doesn’t want to put his troubles on her.

He notices that she is in her usual uniform and asks her if she still has to wear that uniform even though she is an announcer now. Did she announce today? Aera makes up an excuse and says she didn’t like the job because she had to sit all day. It is the worst excuse ever. She said it is good because her dad is a busy man so he doesn’t have to come all the way there to see her anymore.

Dong-man knows Aera is spitting a bunch of lies and that she is breaking a part inside. He turns his back to cover her from the building and says he has a broad back so she can cry and no one will see her. He even moves around so he covers her better while they are sitting on the bench.

Aera doesn’t want to cry (she’s holding it back) so Dong-man tells her that when you want to cry, it is cool to cry. Pretending like you are strong and not crying is not cool. He tells her that her bosses are really bad people, why did they give it to her only to take it away again? He says she was really excited, how can they just fire her like that (Aera is balling now). Between sobs she tells Dong-man to just cover her really well because she doesn’t want anyone who knows her to see her and she doesn’t want to see them.

It looks like he wants to put his arm over her shoulder, but he puts it around the back of the bench instead. He puts his jacket up and Aera talks about how she really wants to do it, why can’t she do it? He finally ushers her head onto his shoulder and she wails and wails and wails into Dong-man’s chest as he taps her on the shoulder and covers her with his jacket.

Dong-man lets her sob into him as he is left contemplating again. I feel like this moment is the catalyst to get Dong-man to go see his coach again in the next scene.


Coach has a son and they are eating hot-dogs on a stick together. They are having a family conversation. Coach sees some mark on his son and He asks if someone hit him again. His son is like, “Ummm…” Coach tells him to go kick the bag 100 times in the corner.

Then Dong-man comes and sits down as if he is another one of coach-nim’s sons. He is pretending like he is a little boy who talks very matter-of-factly, it’s pretty funny. he tells coach-nim that some guy hit him earlier here, here, and here (his manager) so coach-nim gave him a bar like a little kid and said, why is everyone getting hit? He then told Dong-man should he go there and bit him (the manager) up? Dong-man say’s let’s go, and they head out on their date to watch the MMA fights.

Coach is so shocked, he stand right up. You know he’s crazy happy.


Aera is talking to her Dad and telling him that she quit her announcer job. Poor Aera, she makes up all these fake excuses as to why she “quit.” He asks her what she is eating and she says he doesn’t have to aks all the time what she is eating. Aera said to now worry about what she is eating and to ask her other things.

It looks like he cares about her but doesn’t know what to say to her. He wants to at least make sure she is eating well. (She is never eating well by the way, she is always eating ramen).


Coach and Dong-man arrive at the MMA event in coaches soondae truck. Dong-man says he wants to see coach like big brother and little brother, but coach-nim says Dong-man can’t call him hyung. Then they both run inside.

They go inside and Dong-man looks like he is ready to leave already. Coach wants DOng-man to get into the fights, but DOng-man isn’t feeling it. To make matters worse, DOng-man looks like he really wants to leave when coach says the next guy uses his kicks really well.

The newest guy must be the main attraction because he has the biggest light show of the evening. They name the fighter and it is someone Dong-man knows. It looks like it is the same guy who Dong-man fought a long time ago. Oh wow, it looks like the coach knew this guy would be there. Man, that’s a bad look coach. Dong-man has a flashback to the tournament where they both fought.

Coach says to look at how this guy lives, they did that bad thing together but Dong-min is the only one suffering. Dong-man just looks upset and says coach is so cruel to him.

Dong-man and Aera are sitting on the steps and chatting, he starts petting her head. This epilogue is pretty cute because it is all about translating the language of men and women who are friends and nothing more. One thing to note are the stars on the left and right. It looks like the production is counting down each episode by filling in each star with either pink or blue.

You are ugly means ——
Dong-man: “Uh, it smells, you ate galbi
It really means you are ugly ——

Moo-bin is waiting for Aera to go on their date

Outside the MMA fight
Dong-man and the Bad MMA guy confront each other outside the ring
Dong-man – “Are you still afraid of me?”
Dong-man – “Ya, if I see you in the ring I will kill you.”

Somewhere outside
Dong-man – “Why are you here?”
Moo-bin – “I want to see her.”
Moo-bin – “There is no such thing as friends between man and woman.”
Aera – “We are just like brother and sister.”
Dong-man – “We are not like brother and sister.”


The times might be off. It got away from us as the episode went on. I’ll go back and fix everything (English and stuff throughtout the next two days!) and I will add pictures and links. We hope you liked the live recap!!!

Just got through reading this over and making some corrections. Looking at reading it again and including pictures by t

omorrow maybe?


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