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Fight For My Way Live Recap: Episode 9

Ssam My Way Live recap

Welcome to the live recap for episode 9, we are happy to have you here. Please make yourself at home, look around, and say hello. Please overlook typos and errors, we will fix them when the episode finishes airing. We try to catch as much as possible, but sometimes it goes so fast so we miss some things. A Full recap will come later with all the Easter eggs, shooting locations, music, pop-culture, and other little nuances.

HOW IT WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene every 8-10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability. The recap starts at 10 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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***UPDATE: Watch Episode 9 here.***

SHORT HAND: DM = Dong-man | AR = Ae-ra | SH = Sul-hee | JM = Joo-man | C = Coach | HR = Hye-ran | TK = Tak-su | YJ or Intern = Ye-jin

——– = 8-10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change




We are at the fight. Ae-ra is there and she is looking at the fight. Someone in front of her is saying how cool Dong-man looks. Ae-ra is wondering why she is zooming and taking photos. The girl says, “What do you care?” Ae-ra saw Hye-ran coming in. The fight is starting. Ae-ra covers ears and her eyes. She is scared to watch it.

The fight is over and Dong-man is walking out, but then he stops, he sees Ae-ra and he kneels next to her and tells her all the things he told her at the end of the last episode. She tells him not to fight. He says he is in trouble because she is pretty even though she is crying. He smiles and extends his hand to her. She puts one finger out and he grabs it. He said she looks like a woman-woman. They are walking out together and now they are in the hallway and talking.

Dong-man – Hey, why are you holding my hand like this? Ae-ra are you shaking?
Ae-ra – Why are you asking me?
Dong-man – I also feel weird.
Ae-ra – Huh?
Dong-man – From far away I only saw you. I thought I should hit you and play with you but you looked so pretty. When you are looking at me like this, sometimes I want to kiss you.
Ae-ra – Kiss?
Dong-man – Sometimes I want to kiss you
Ae-ra – You should think these things, don’t tell them to me!

Coach is crying in the hallway as he looks off and holds Dong-man’s hand. He looks so happy.

They are getting out of the bus. The intern is there and she is confused. Why did Sul-hee call Joo-man jahgi? She is sitting down now and she is super sad. It looks like she passed out on the bench from being drunk maybe? Her stockings are all worn out? Sul-hee is poking her in the nose. Ah, it does look like she is drunk. Sul-hee is poking her nose to see if she had plastic surgery. She suddenly woke up and know she is talking like a drunk person about all the things Joo-man did for her. He looks like Park Bo-gum, but he shouldn’t do things like that. She really loves Joo-man, she really really loves Joo-man.

Joo-man came back and they are talking about what to do. They can’t just leave her there. The interns mom called and then came and picked her up. The interns mom is really happy that her daughter has good coworkers. The mom knows who Joo-man is and said she really wants to see him some day

Coach dropped the two of them off. He is trying really hard not to cry. Ae-ra is letting them have time alone, she went inside. Coach is so touched, he said: “You haven’t flown like this for ten years, I just wanted to see it one more time.”

Dong-man – just leave, leave, get in your car and leave
Coach-nim – Hey, let’s hug one time, a big hug like this (he extends his arms)
Dong-man – I’m tired. (They have a big bear hug)

The owner Ajumma came and saw them hugging.

Owner Ajumma – I don’t have prejudices, but you have to move your car then hug. (She walks off).
Coach-nim – Who is that person, I’ve seen her before somewhere…

Joo-man – Eat this (holding out some food)
Sul-hee – Our big star, eat this (holding out food)

Sul-hee and Joo-man and Ae-ra are all feeding Dong-man, they are all super happy. Dong-man is all like, “What is all this?”

He is working out hard. The coach and manager are looking at Dong-man on the internet working out.

Her sister is in her room and looking at the pictures of Dong-man. Mom tells her to come out.

Ae-ra – Why did they put this on my face?
Ae-ra has another interview planned. She said she will give Sul-hee rent money as soon as she can. Sul-hee said, don’t worry about it, I will pay and then when you get a job you can pay. They did an “I love you” hand motion to each other.

The Owner Ajumma is peeking in on Ae-ra secretly. Ae-ra is sitting on the stairs and calling her Dad.

Appa – Why did you call me?
Ae-ra – I am your daughter, I can call you.
Appa – I will send you money.
Ae-ra – Don’t send me money.
Appa – You just quit.
Ae-ra – Whatever happens, I will take care of everything
(they keep arguing back and forth)

The Owner Ajumma is listening to everything secretly. Ae-ra is pretty angry and told her dad not to send her money. The ajumma is thinking about something.


They are talking about a possible rookie show? It looks like the sunbae is contacting Dong-man because of Ae-ra.
Somehow Dong-man got a lot of money. Maybe it is his money for getting paid? Oh, yes it is! He got a lot of money for his fight and he is super happy. He calls his Mom.

Dong-man – Mom it is your first son! I sent you some money!
Mom – Do you need money?
Dong-man – No, I sent some money to you! I made money doing what I want to do and it is daebak! I am going to be great from now on! Trust your son!
Mom – (To her friends) My son is doing well, he sent me some money.
Friends – (They are making something, some kind of food) You hung up on him, how did he say all of that to you?

Dong-man is buying shoes and wants to know if the employee can ship it to an address. He is sending it to his sister, it looks like he bought his sister some sneakers and wants to mail them to her from the store.

Secret date in the staircase. They are kissing and having a good time but then the intern has walked up on them, but she doesn’t know it is Joo-man and Sul-hee. She is slowly going down the stairs and trying to see who is making out in the staircase. She is about to find out what is going on, but Joo-man and Sul-hee ran off. They separated and Joo-man busted out of the staircase. He is all out of breath and his coworkers are all like, why are you breathing hard? Did you run up the flights? Why are your lips all glossy? Did you————eat something?

Coach is making soondae and Dong-man is talking to him. They are talking about soondae and ajummas and making money. It looks like Coach wants Dong-man to have a side job as a performer to make money. He can perform and practice at the same time. Dong-man doesn’t want coach to sell soondae all the time but Coach says he has to sell soondae because the local neighborhood ajummas expect him to come. Que a halmoni running up to the cart, she wants his soondae. Coach is a noona killer. Dong-man and gave him a lot of money as a tip.

All four of them are together and they are putting up a hammock. Sul-hee has a big stuffed animal. Ae-ra said it is hard to throw that away, you have to cut it up to throw it away. Dong-man is giving everyone their gifts. Joo-man got some big gift on his phone. I think it has something to do with video games. Ae-ra doesn’t have a gift.

Sul-hee – Where is Ae-ra’s gift?
Dong-man – The hammock…
Ae-ra – The hammock is everyone’s. I want my own gift!!!! (She hits him).

They are all leaving and Joo-man wants to hang out with everyone, but Ae-ra and Joo-man want to sneak out so they are making up some excuses. It looks like Sul-hee senses something and is telling them to just go back. Sul-hee is looking out the window at them. Joo-man says something to Sul-hee and Sul-hee told Joo-man to quit gaming and he said, I’m leaving (going to bed or something). Lol.

They are outside and Ae-ra wants to know if he has her gift hidden somewhere. He has a gift hidden in his jacket. It is in a little box. It’s a gold ring!!! She takes it out, it looks like she likes it. She says it’s all yellow. He said it is real gold, 100% gold. Real gold can be money so you can sell it. They are standing apart from each other and it is pretty awkward.

Dong-man – you supported me a lot and helped me see my dreams. You helped me a lot so gold can be money (it is like he is repaying her). Gold is the best.
Ae-ra – I can’t just wear this or sell it right away. Why did you buy a ring!! You made me scared. 

Ae-ra is hesitating to put it on and Dong-man is looking at the city. This scene is a little awkward yet cute.


Sul-hee is doing Ae-ra’s hair and Joo-man is hanging out. Ae-ra is wondering where Dong-man is. Dong-man ran in with a lot of yut. Yut can be lucky or it can mean “F-you” so Ae-ra isn’t sure how to take it. Aera – this is a biiiig yut.

Everyone is ready for the day and they are walking outside. They are all in a line and walking like they are big shots. They stop.

Ae-ra – I am Chung-joo KBC (Chung-joo is the region)
Dong-man – I am ~
Ae-ra – You are ssam-bak-gil (low grade thug fighter)
Joo-man – I am Chunganae gat-kimchi broadcasting (Chunganae is the brand name)
Sul-hee – I am going to help Joo-man. I am his office wife. (huggie from Joo-man)
Dong-man – So today we make up our minds to kick everyone’s ass.
Ae-ra – Let’s make an accident (let’s get into trouble)
Dong-man – Why do you want to cause trouble, are you a gangster?
Ae-ra – We are not youngsters because we are suffering, we are youngsters because we get into trouble.
Sul-hee – Call (poker term)
Joo-man – Go
Dong-man – you shouldn’t influence Sul-hee like that.

They walk off like super heroes.

The Owner Ajumma was working outside and heard the entire thing (she is putting up cameras). She is watching the fantastic four walking off and she says, “Ah, you guys are doing a lot of nothing.

Note – some famous Korean wrote a book and said youngsters should suffer to get spec (qualifications). If you suffer, then you are a youngster. But no one likes that phrase. This show looks like they are making fun of that phrase so they are saying you are young if you get into trouble (cause an accident) by doing what you want to do, not following what society says.


Dong-man and the young fighter are practicing Jujitsu. Dong-man’s ear hurts and it looks like he might get cauliflower ear because his ear is rubbing on the floor. The young fighter has a kid and starts talking about how his kid thinks his ear looks like a monsters ear or something.
Coach told them that the other fighter isn’t coming to the gym this month (maybe never).

Ae-ra is walking in. It looks like this is her interview place. She looks at the poster on the poster it reads: Intelligent girl crush Park Soo-mi’s Talk To Me. You are a youngster because you are suffering right?

Hye-ran is talking to someone at her desk. She is looking at the future announcers. She sees Ae-ra’s application and pulls it out to look at it.

Sul-hee is working hard apologizing over the phone to customers. Joo-man is filming something and it looks like one of the people has an allergy to the food or something. They want to remove that person because it looks bad. Joo-man said that without her in the shot it won’t looks so good (it will look uneven). They tell Joo-man and Intern to go into the shot.
Sul-hee sees the movie screen and freaks out. She yells at the person on the phone that she is not selling him that part! She storms out and starts taking her clothes off. She walks into the set and looks around. Everyone is like, what is going one? They are telling her to get out. Everyone is looking at them. Sul-hee is looking at the intern and everyone it looking at Sul-hee. It is a mess.

Cut to Sul-hee’s parents store. They see Sul-hee on the TV. Sul-hee is eating all of the food. People really like it. Everyone is calling to buy all the food, it is a big success!!

Ae-ra is walking into the interview with two other woman and it looks like Hye-ran is there as well. Ae-ra is wondering why Hye-ran is always blocking
her. The interview is starts. Three women are sitting for the interview. They have to say who they think will be out first. They are all saying Ae-ra because she is old and has a big face on TV. The judge asks why should they pick Ae-ra? Give her 10 reasons.

Ae-ra – I am eager to do things.
Judge – Don’t say that, I hear that a lot.
Ae-ra – Okay.
Judge – what you want to do and what you can do are different. Why don’t you do what you did before
Ae-ra – Yes, I want to do my old job, but I really want to do this so I am applying.
Judge – People do what they can do, not what they cannot do.
Ae-ra – Only a few minutes past, how do you know what I can or cannot do?
Judge – I am giving you advice.
Ae-ra – You are attacking me. Don’t do this attacking style interview. Stop trying to hurt me, I have a right not to be hurt, I will decide my own ability, you will not decide my ability.

Ae-ra leaves and Hye-ran walks out with her. They confront each other in the hallway.

Hye-ran – Do you really think you will make it?
Ae-ra – Yes, when I see you I do.
Hye-ran – I’m your role model?
Ae-ra – I thought being #1 was only for special people, but you are not special.
Hye-ran – You can say that to me again after you get picked.
Ae-ra – You just wait, you won’t smile in front of me anymore.

Ae-ra took her ID off and left. She crumpled it up and threw it in the trashcan. Appa sent her money and Ae-ra is annoyed. She is calling someone and said she is going to Daechon now. Hye-ran heard her and is all like huh, Daechon?


Dong-man is talking to Ae-ra and she is saying that she is not going home tonight, she is going to Daechon. The song is “I am not going home tonight” Dong-man coughs and is sort of choking on his food. Coach yells at him for spitting his food at him.

Sul-hee is in trouble but Joo-man is helping her and saying that everyone is buying everything because she ate the food so well. But Sul-hee is still in trouble. Some important person just came in. The kimchi company president and Sul-hee’s Mom came in. She is important, the president is her sister and that is why they picked Joo-man to head this new food venture! The Mom and Aunt are talking to Joo-man and finding out what is going on. It looks like they really like him. All the company people are thinking something is wrong like they are figuring out that Joo-man and Sul-hee might be dating? Sul-hee said she is not officially married but she is married!!!! Ye-jin, Don’t kis Joo-man anymore and Manager, I am Sul-hee! Baek Sul-hee! Baek Sul-hee! But she was dreaming, she didn’t really say that. They think she is strange. Joo-man said she is my girlfriend!! This is not BS, I am dating her for 6 years, I like her a lot. So, Boss, don’t call her Sun-hee and Intern, we should draw a line. Wow! Sul-hee is super moved!!

Dong-man is doing a taekwondo performance at the beach in Daechon. Ae-ra walks up on them but perhaps she didn’t know Dong-man would be there? Or maybe she knew? (Oh yes she knew!) They are doing a lot of taekwondo moves and kicking all the wood and it is going all over the place. The woman that should say something is nervous and stuttering and is not talking well. She is scared or something. Maybe drunk! Coach is yelling at the owner that they messed up so his team has to do a lot more, but they are not just performers, they are martial artists.

Ae-ra – What are they doing? Is this a festival.
Dong-man – Wait, wait, wait, I know who can do it — (Ae-ra)

Ae-ra is clearing up what is going on. The MC is drunk, the singer is late. The mayor is angry. The martial artist have to break wood. They have a lot of high officials coming to the performance and Ae-ra is trying to fix the scene. She will take care of everything when she is on the stage. Dong-man said don’t do something crazy. She said she will do whatever she likes, so don’t stop her!

Ae-ra is talking to the mayor and fixing his hair. She fixed his hair to look good in front of the pictures. She is removing all the lines and telling everyone to come closer. She got the mic and is telling everyone what to do. She is talking on the mic now and introducing everyone to the festival. This area is known for it’s famous cooking and everyone is applauding the mayor. He took a bow. It looks like they like their mayor a lot. They are wondering where the singer is. Ae-ra is telling them that the singer is on TV all the time but Ae-ra will never be on TV, so it is their last time seeing her. Dong-man is super happy to see her. Ae-ra is OWNING IT. Ae-ra is starting to sing and is telling everyone to clap. She starts singing and everyone is happy and enjoying their time. It is a Kim Won-sun song.

People keep showing up, it is going late into the night. It is starting to get crowded and people are starting to have a really good time. The taekwondo people are performing on the sidelines. The producer of the show wants to know if Ae-ra has an agent. The Coach aks the producer, if he brings Ae-ra with them everywhere, will they make a lot of money?

Ae-ra is talking to her Appa and Appa wants to come see her. Ae-ra is telling Appa that she will pay all Appa’s bills and everything and take care of him and everything. Appa is really touched. He hangs up and Appa starts to talk to his friends about how great his daughter is. He is telling them her birth dream (but it looks like he has told this story a million times). A dragon went into the sky when Ae-ra was born! She is the greatest! The friends are all like, huh, this again? But they are happy because they get free drinks

Dong-man and Ae-ra and everyone are eating. They are happy. Ae-ra is looking at all the photos on SNS and is talking to Dong-man about it. Dong-man says she is addicted to SNS and Ae-ra said people are putting up photos and she wants to put up photos too. She feels really good. Everyone is saying their MC was really great and she is really happy now. Ae-ra is saying, Okay, let’s drink! Drink! Drink! Drinking wave! Ae-ra is saying that the guy on the end didn’t do the wave and starts to do her Aegyo to him. The young fighter said he is 3 years younger than her, not an oppa. The coach starts drinking straight from the bottle. Everyone thinks Ae-ra is crazy, but Dong-man says she looks cute. Coach said to take Ae-ra away because she is acting crazy, but Ae-ra wants to drink more.

He took her away and they are walking. Dong-man want to know how Ae-ra learned all her Aegyo and how she learned the one-shot song and how is she so cute, huh, what did I say? Ae-ra – you said I am cute.

They are going to a motel together!!!! They think perhaps there is only one room left? They look sooooo awkward. The ajumma opens the window and says they have a lot of rooms, she was just thinking about what floor they should have. She gave them two rooms.

Dong-man – Aren’t you scared?
Ae-ra – Why, should we sleep together?
Dong-man – You are sooo ~
Ae-ra – Just sleep sleep, dirty old man…devil man.

They go into their separate rooms. Ae-ra took a shower and came out with her towel around her and her hair is wet. She is thinking about something. She feels like someone is looking at her. Is there a camera around? She is looking for a camera. She sees a cockroach and starts screaming and cursing. She is trying to kill it. Die Die Die Die! It is still alive. She covers it and it is wondering what she should do. Dong-man came and Ae-ra thinks she will be rescued but he just hides under the bed and yells Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach! She says there is another one next to him and he starts screaming some more.

It cuts to Dong-man’s sunbae from school. It looks like the sunbae is looking at photos of Ae-ra and wants to see her. He is going to Daechon as well.

Back to Aera and Dong-man. Ae-ra and Dong-man are all better and Dong-man is on the bed. They are talking about Dong-man sleeping on the floor or next to her. They said they shared their bed before. It is the same as always. Dong-man says, now? She says yeah, it is the same. They are both on the bed and Ae-ra wants to watch TV. Dong-man says don’t turn on the TV, it will make it weird. Dong-man flips toward her and is looking on his phone. She said to turn around. He said his ear hurts so he has to face that way. She is concerned and is touching it. Dong-man looks like he is getting turned on and is telling her to stop touching his ears.

Ae-ra – They are super-hot, is it inflamed? (still touching them)
Dong-man – It isn’t hot because it is hurting, but because….(he looks at her)
Dong-man – did you recently do something? You look different. Did you put filler in, botox?
Ae-ra – I don’t have money to even pay the rent!
Dong-man – I’m not going to my room, I don’t like cockroaches.
Ae-ra – Want to drink some more?
Dong-man – Maybe they have delivery…
Ae-ra – You know this well, have you been to motels a lot?
Dong-man – This is the first time…(but it seems like it isn’t since he knows about the TV and roaches and take-out)

Hye-ran is knocking and ringing Ae-ra and Dong-man’s door. They are both gone. The ajumma comes up the stairs right at that moment and is angry that they are sleeping outside the apartment somewhere together.

It looks like 3 or 4 cars are going to Daechon! Santa Esmeralda’s version of Baby Do You Understand Me Know is playing. There is about to be a showdown in Daechon!

The Ajumma is in her car and driving like a mad woman. It looks like someone has Ae-ra’s younger photo! They are driving to the beach! There is a mans hand (maybe Appa’s or the friends?). Maybe Appa, Hye-ran, Owner Ajumma and PD friend are all going to the beach? Ae-ra’s phone is going off. Ae-ra is asleep and woke up. Dong-man is sleeping next to her. MAYBE THEY ARE BOTH NAKED???? She hits him over the head!!! He hops up and rubs his head then looks at her. She is all like, “What is this???” On the hotel, it says “We had an accident.”

They are sleeping and cuddling together and looking amazingly comfortable to be sleeping together.

No preview.

**Preview Update via Soompi**

PD – Didn’t you send a text message to Ae-ra
Someone – I thought you did it?
Hye-ran – Why haven’t you dated that patronizing Ae-ra? You are not sure right?
Dong-man – We’ve spent 20 years together
Hye-ran – If it hasn’t happened for 20 years then it is not happening.
Joo-man – I will take a walk.
Sul-hee – Where?
Ae-ra – We are not just friends, right?
Dong-man – Do you still see me as a little boy?

We had some internet outages so we may have missed some parts. Sorry about the long delay at the end, it was so good so we had to keep typing! There weren’t any breaks to update!

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