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Fight for My Way Live Recap: Episode 13

Ssam My Way live recap episode 13

He said I love you! He’s doing what he wants! Now it’s time to take out Tak-su! But that doesn’t even matter anymore! Oh, how I love this show.

Welcome to the live recap of episode 13 for Fight For My Way. Please make yourself at home, look around, and say hello. Definitely overlook typos and errors, we will fix them when the episode finishes airing. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we might miss some things. A Full recap will come later with all the Easter eggs, shooting locations, music, pop-culture, and other little nuances. (But probably not until the show finishes airing).

HOW IT WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene about every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 10 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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[3] Viu (East and South East Asian IPs)

SHORT HAND: D or DM = Dong-man | A or AR = Ae-ra | S or SH = Sul-hee | J or JM = Joo-man | C = Coach | H or HR = Hye-ran | T or TK = Tak-su | I or Intern = Ye-jin | O or Owner = The owner ajumma of Namil apartments, Kanako Hwang | N or NI – Namil, son of Kanako Hwang | TSC = Tak-su’s coach | M or TSM = Tak-su’s manager

——– = ~10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change


[Completed Airing….fixing typos]

Aera and Dong-man are walking home and Ae-ra is saying how much she loves DM and that she doesn’t want DM to fight DM. But DM is telling her to cheer him up. He doesn’t want to avoid TS anymore, he wants to fight him and get it over with. AR is telling DM that everyone thinks he will die and go to the hospital. Everyone on the internet thinks DM will lose and get seriously injured because TS is a champion. DM is wondering if AR believes in him or not. She has known him for a long time so she should know how good he is. He said he is alive now and he has been waiting for 10 years, so can’t she just support him. Dong-man takes AR to his house!

They are eating at the table.

DM – work is work and life is life, we have to eat
AR – no difference, why do you date me if you don’t listen to me? Why do you tell me you love me?
D – are you just talking to yourself?

(AR is not looking at him because she is pissed)

DM – (he holds her head and forces her to look at him) he kisses her

AR – go away, I was your boss before and you were my dog. I am all the way up here and you are at the bottom.

AR gets up to leave and DM stops her.

D – Hey, you ate the ddukbogi well, is your stomach okay now? It doesn’t hurt now, right?

He gives her a big deep kiss.

D – do you still think I am on the bottom?
R – I was your boss…..you held my case…..(AR is stunned)

JM is outside SH’s apartment and is giving her a pink stuffed animal. She takes it from him and tells him that she is looking for another place to move to. She thinks it is awkward that she has to see him and ignore him. She is also looking for a new job so she thinks they should just break up like this. Just finish it like END. No dragging things out. She went inside.

They are laying in bed together and AR is laying on his arm. She said his arms are tight and he was flexing his arms again. She said she will go back in a moment to see SH but DM asked AR to sing a song for him, the song she sang at the beach. How did she know it? AR said her appa sang it to her a lot maybe? Or maybe her mom sang it to her, she is not sure. They cuddle and AR said it’s okay, her appa loved her twice more. It was okay because he and SH were always around. DM said it is the first time she talked about her mom. AR said when you have a mom and it disappears, then it hurts, but she never had one so it’s okay. They go to sleep cuddling.


JM is at home and his mom is there cleaning and doing things Mom’s do. They start arguing and his Mom tells him that she always abused SH.

SH mom is at her place and is wondering if she and JM fought. SH’s mom says all men are the same, as long as they don’t have an affair then it is okay, otherwise, everything is the same. JM loves you and didn’t have an affair right?

They are walking down the steps and SH and SH’s mom comes out and greets them. It is a bit awkward as they walk together to go to work. Both moms and SH and DM are all walking together. The moms are talking and saying it looks like SH loves JM a lot…..Ah, yes, it looks like it…..IT looks like JM’s mom wants to have a meeting of the parents but SH’s mom says they don’t have to rush it. JM’m mom invited her and JM said don’t invite her, we broke up. I’m sorry, it is all because of me. The moms are stunned.

They are sitting on a bench and the mom thinks it is good that they broke up. JM said he didn’t want to give SH a hard time in a rental room. JM said he told her that he won’t get married if it isn’t SH. JM’s mom is still stunned and wonders if they are really broken up. SH said SH will be loved in any family and his mom knew that as well. Mom is all like, why did you break up then?

They are talking by a car about the breakup and Sulhee said she is okay, she won’t kill herself because they broke up. But her mom is concerned because SH always said uri JM uri JM uri JM instead of I I I, she always said uri JM. But now Umma is telling SH to start saying I now.

The owner of Namil came and it looks like the owner knows Sul-hee’s mom.

O – Ommoni, hello.
Umma – You were okay during that time?
O – Yes, it’s nice to see you for the first time

She is sneaking out of DM’s house in the morning and then DM confronts her.

DM – Why are you sneaking out! We just slept together!
R – You should have woke me up!
D – We only slept, wipe your saliva right here
R – I didn’t sleep, it’s not saliva

The owner comes up and sighs,

O – I told you, why are you together in the morning

The owner falls and looks kind of sick, so DM and AR are taking her back to her place. Her password is 8-9-something. They take her into the room and help her sit down. Her place is pretty empty so they are wondering why her place is so simple. O said she likes to live simply, the house resembles the owner. They want to know if she should eat something? It looks like something might be wrong with Owners eyes. AR sees a picture of the owner at a young age with a baby.

She is in her car and yelling at the phone to DM’s mom that she knows the owner, that woman is that person!

The mom is wondering why appa is dying his hair and yelling at him. She is wondering if he saw someone….Hwang Bo-kee, did he see her? Appa is all like, huh? Hwang Bok-hee? Did she call us? Is she looking for us?

AR – this kid looks familiar
DM – little kids look the same
DM – this is you when you were young right?

Flashback! DM and Owner are standing in the rain and Owner is giving DM something to eat and caressing his face as if she is his mom!

Back to the present and the owner is resting and doing some breast cancer stretches. AR looks a little suspicious and they both leave.

They see Namil and they told them to take better care of his Mom. They are kind of arguing about him taking care of him mom. They are basically like, say thank you!


DM wants to know if NI likes her and she says his gaze is on her and DM is upset…he looked at you??? And then they kind of run away.


The parents are all talking about Hwang Bok-hee and every looks pissed about it. Their fists are all clenched when Hwang Bok-hee is mentioned.

Namil – the real Namil is in Namil Villa?
Owner – (she just gets up and leaves)

JM is super out of it. He can’t work well and he can’t even pour himself a drink. He is messing everything up.

SH wants her nails done really pretty. And she also got a new cell phone. She said she is going to fill it with all new things. Then she looks over and sees the other new intern. The man intern, sitting in the nail salon also and he is kind of shyly looking at her.

They are wondering about DM’s gym and if they do ground practice. They don’t think he knows ground game.

They are practicing their ground game, then someone comes in with some western style music. It looks like it might be someone important.

They are treating the old fighter from Coach-nim’s gym like trash and tell him to go away. TSC tells TS that he is becoming a thug. They shouldn’t do thug things or they will all lose. He doesn’t want his disciple to become a thug.

TS -coach, you have to watch your mouth. We are teacher and son, but I also hired you.
TSC – then fire me. (he leaves)
M – fire him
TS – if you don’t like him then you leave. You are replaceable, but he isn’t.
M – why do you think he is the best
TS – Hwang coach was silver medalist, but my coach was the gold medalist

The coach is a Brazilian person maybe? He wants to train with DM to pay him back for what his brother did. This guy is a real fighter in real life actually. he is pretty famous. Anyway, he said he will train DM for 2 months and DM and Coach are …..um, maybe we might win?


The intern asks SH to keep his secret that he goes to a nail salon. His nail is all messed up so he goes there to get some treatment. SH said she won’t tell anyone. JM sees the two of them talking. The man intern then tells her that she is super pretty so he is honored that she knows his name. SH is wondering if she is pretty and the man intern says she is very pretty.

JM is sad in his elevator and thinking about all their happy times in the elevator. The door opens and the rich intern comes in. She tells him that she is really sorry. He was embarrassed because of her. JM – do you want to have a drink tonight?

They are practicing ground and DM is tapping but the fighter says “NO tapping, no tapping Dong-man!” he is speaking in English. The fighter gets off and DM complains that the fighter isn’t stopping when he taps. The fighter says he needs to master 3 techniques in 2 months. DOng-man is all like “t-hree, three,…okay” with a cute accent.

They are getting their drink and rich intern is telling him that it is hard for him but she can wait for him. But Joo-man is telling her that he can never date her because she reminds him too much of SH. He was always helping her because she looked so much like SH and reminded him so much of SH, so he can never date her.

Intern – so you never liked me, you only liked SH…
JM – It is my mistake. I am not going to date you.

He finished his drink.

AR and DM are dating in front of the soondae truck and coach-nim tells DM that they shouldn’t date in front of the soondae truck. the foreign fighter is there eating as well. DM says he wants to fight and then AR pulls her Aegyo and says she doesn’t want him to date. Now DM is doing Aegyo to AR!!! and DM is saying he gets hurt when AR tells him he can’t fight. The fighter and coach are looking at them crazy.

Aera leaves and checks her text message. She is in the final of the KBC audition. It looks like she got picked! But she is wondering why. Then she runs into the seonbae PD

AR – Why are you here
PD – I have your navigation in my phone, I didn’t give the thing to DM so I am here
AR – DM is not going to do that!
PD – this is for you, strawberries (it looks like he did this creepy thing all the time)
AR – I don’t like strawberries because of you
PD – I am not like that anymore
AR – Don’t come here anymore, I don’t believe people can change (she leaves)
PD – You are making me angry
PD – (On the phone) Show that show on TV! I am responsible for it.

All the fellas are looking at JM and talking to him. JM looks so sad and pathetic. He said it feels like his diaphragm disappeared. It is something you don’t notice, but if it disappears, then you die. Coach says he knows about diaphragms.

DM – He doesn’t know
C – I know
DM – He doesn’t know
DM – just drink

They all keep drinking.

AR is watching tv on DM’s bed and DM is eating. But then DM goes to his bed.

DM – Can’t you just support me?
AR – I can’t think of you getting hit, don’t fight him, you forgot about him
DM – I never forgot about him, I always thought about him, I thought about 2007 and I am in that stadium and I always lose to him. when I open my eyes I just pretend that I forget about everything and go to work. but I was just living n a fish tank.
AR – Why didn’t you tell me?
DM – It took me 10 years to stand here, let me do it
R – Why did I move to Seosan, I should have moved to Dangjin (another city)

They are shopping at a grocery store and DM text AR

DM – Just come back

Aera puts it up.

SH – You shouldn’t date DM, people change. I like you as you are

AR is back at his place and DM wants her to come to his bed so they can sleep together

DM – Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry
DM – How is SH
AR – She went to work
DM – Is she okay?
AR – I couldn’t tell her that we are dating
DM – I couldn’t tell JM either

They give each other a lot of cute kisses in bed.

AR – Stop kissing me now
DM – You have the interview, do you really want to do it?
AR – If you really fight TS then I won’t do anything
DM – I am not a person that you have to do anything for

They kiss each other a lot and it looks like they are really dating. It is cute

AR is running to go to her meeting and NI stops and tells her that he can give her a ride. AR is pretty much telling him off. She says she her boyfriend is a taekwondo black belt and she is a crazy girl so leave her alone. NI coughs and AR leaves.

AR is talking as her interview as a ring announcer. I think this is different from the text from earlier maybe?

He looks super pathetic at his house and then he gets a text from SH

SH – I want all my stuff.

JM is remembering all their happy moments from before and kind of seeing all the happy moments around his place.


Joo-man is remembering all the mean things he said to her. Like when he told her he doesn’t want their happiness to be little things. Now is breaking down and really sobbing at his place. He is so sad. He is saying that the little happiness that SH talked about and her little sacrifices were very big and they filled his entire house.

Now he is outside her place and banging on her door. She comes outside and he yells at her that she didn’t have a lot of things. Why didn’t she have a lot of things!

JM – You were so cheap and stingy, but I wanted to make you fabulous
SH – I never wanted that, did I ask for that?
JM – I worked my ass off to make you happy
SH – So I am just a burden to you? You waited 6 years to get married
JM – I didn’t want to marry you and start out life in a studio, I wanted to at least be in the middle. It really hurt my pride. I didn’t want to tell you because it hurt my pride. We could at least have jonja jip (long term rental) It is hard to be middle class. It is so difficult.

He walks back upstairs and SH stays there and a tear rolls down her cheek.

We are at her place and she is looking at a lot of pictures of SH, DM, and AR playing together. It looks like they are secret pictures that she took.

They are getting delivery and AR asks the Chinese delivery man why they don’t pick up her dish. The delivery guy says that is a new dish, she just ordered it. They should order thing together, but recently they didn’t

She opens the door and AR’s dad is there

O – Oppa…..
AR’s Dad – You said you wouldn’t come back even if you died.

They are sitting to eat and the bell rings.

they are eating and talking and wondering what they should do. AR is saving the food and DM wants to know why. It looks like AR wants to take the food to Hye-ran?

The bell rings again and she opens it and its DM’s dad. He goes in! The other appa hides, but then he comes out when he sees DM’s dad. But then the bell rings again!

AR – Ajumma??

Everyone freaks out inside and hides and turns the light off, but DM and AR see it. Then they turn the light back on, lol. Ah, it looks like Kanako Hwang orders one dish, not Hye-ran? So that is why they brought her something.

AH!!!! Namil came in too!!! Now everyone is there. Namil saw someones’ shoes and Dong-man said: “Shhhhhhhh, maybe someone is in the house.”

It looks like DM’s dad and AR’s dad are hiding in the closet but they don’t like each other. The song from when DM got beaten by AR’s dad is playing, lol. DM picks up a golf club and sees someone’s toes in the closet. He is about to open it! He is moving so slowly and trying to open the door!

Fade out!!

Ae-ra is sleeping so well and snoring and stuff. She is so comfortable and DM is awake and not comfortable at all. DM says AR has a good survivor instinct. Then AR rolls over and cuddles him and he wants her to go home and just sleep.

Little kids DM and AR, DM hold AR’s nose when they are little while AR sleeps and he is wondering why she isn’t going home. There are so many mosquitos biting her. Why won’t she leave? Then he hits her head and her kind of wakes up.

No preview
*Update* Thank you Mr.Penguin!

DM – Was your dream to become an announcer or a microphone? (like a person who holds the mic and walks around)
AR – What?
DM – Honestly, announcer is not for you, a crazy girl should fly
Intern – Joo-man said even if it is the world’s richest man’s daughter, he will only love you. When he told me he doesn’t like me, I thought he was just saying that, but~
Man Intern – Would you like to go there together next weekend? Maybe you are busy on the weekend? Of course you have a boyfriend.
AR – Should we tell her?
SH – Why are you guys sitting here and not going inside?
DM – Hey, Sul-ah, I will sleep with Aera tonight.

Link Update – The link is up at On Demand Korea.

Dialogue Update
Trying something new by posting some of the translations from the Soompi forums. They work so hard over there so I wanted to show off their work here! I just copied and pasted their posting so all the words are their’s)

Translations by @stroppyse, @alleram, and @xxPeepsxx over in the Soompi forums


AR is going into her apartment, mad at DM, but he takes her by the hand to take her into his apartment. They eat ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes together sitting across a table)
DM: Public is public. Personal is personal. (meaning just because they’re disagreeing about DM’s profession, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be doing things together) Dukbbokki has to be eaten together after all.
AR: What’s the difference from when we weren’t dating? When the way you stubbornly don’t listen me is the same.
DM: What?
AR: If you’re going to ignore a person’s words, then why date? Why do those kisses? Why say such bull richard simmons words like “I love you”?
DM: Yah. Are you just chattering to yourself? To yourself? (he walked around table to AR’s side and perches)
AR: Until you get DUMPED by me for doing such ridiculous things and are singing at a karaoke room about your despair, you won’t pay close attention.
DM: You’re going to dump me? Really dump me? (holds AR’s face in his hands) Huh? (kisses her)
AR: Get off. (DM kisses her again.) I told you to get off. How dare someone who used to carry my shoe bag act as he pleases? Even if we date, I have no intention of letting you do anything you want as you please. In our world, if I’m here (raising a hand to her head level), then you are always here (lowering her hand to her feet). Understand? (gets up to walk away, but DM pulls her back into his arms)
DM: Yah.
AR: What?
DM: You eat ddukbboki very well now. Your stomach doesn’t hurt any more? Your stomach doesn’t hurt? It must not hurt. (kisses her. After a bit, AR pushes him back.) Am I still (indicating the floor with his foot) here?
AR: You who used to carry my shoe bag. Sheesh. (looking a bit dazed)


not 100% accurate (comment by Bah+Doo – but it is still good an we are so happy for all Alleram’s hard work!)

DM: Work is work but life must still go on. Aren’t we going to eat tteokpokki together?
AR: What is the different that we are dating now? You still won’t listen to me
DM: What did you say?
AR: You ignored my words as if it was a dog poop. So why are we dating then? Why do you kiss me? You said you love me, but all of it just a richard simmons
DM: *snigger* Hey, are you talking to yourself? Are you?
AR: Maybe I should just dump him then having fun at karaoke to make him understand
DM: Are you going to dump me? *cupped her face* Are you really want to dump me? Hm? *kiss her cheek*
AR: Get lost
DM: *kiss her lips*
AR: I said get out of my sight. How dare you acting up when you used to carry my shoe bag? Even though we are dating, you don’t have the rights to touch my hair. We are in the different level, I’m up above and you are still under me. Understood? *tried to leave but DM stopped her and hugged her waist*
DM: Hey
AR: What?
DM: You were eating tteokpokki quite well. Is your stomach no longer aching? Is it okay now? *AR just blinked* It seems it is okay now. *kissed* *AR tap his shoulder to stop him* Am I still under your level?
AR: You used to carry my shoe bag *DM smirked*

AR: If you want to hit her, just do it. If you really want to do it, call me. I will go there in 1 hour wherever you are
SH: I wished that you were a man
*message from DM: Come back soon*
SH: Ae Ra, don’t date with DM
AR: What?
SH: Both man and woman will change. That’s why I don’t want you to have any relationship with DM. To me, both of you are now still good (maybe she means that DM and AR haven’t changed at all since they were kids)

AR: Open up
DM: *tapping his bed*
AR: Don’t act cocky
DM: *keep tapping his bed and open his arm wide*
AR: Ugh *in the end she stand up and move into his arms*
DM: Hurry, hurry, hurry *they snuggled together* What about Seol Hee?
AR: She went to work
DM: Is she okay?
AR: Do you think she would be okay? I feel sorry for her and I couldn’t bring up our relationship to her
DM: It’s the same for me with Joo Man *kissed*
AR: What are we going to do with Jang Kyeong Gu (the strange PD)
DM: I will meet and tell him that I won’t do the program
AR: Then how about Kim Tak Su? *DM replied with kiss* Why do you keep kissing me?
DM: Are you really going for the interview? Do you really want to do that job?
AR: Don’t change the topic. If you really fight with him, I won’t see you anymore. I won’t give in even if you asked me for a kiss. Understand?
DM: I usually don’t do things that you asked me to do *showering her with kisses*


SH tells AR not to date DM. Later, DM gets AR to join him to cuddle on the bed. Cute. Then AR and DM talk while cuddling. Oh, and more kisses.

(AR and SH at the market.)

AR: Just run out. Just run out and call me. Wherever you may be in Korea, I’ll get to you within one hour.
SH: You should have been a man. You should have.
DM text: Come quickly.
SH: However, Ae Ra, you two. Just don’t date.
AR: Huh?
SH: Men, women, they all change. So, I’m saying you shouldn’t do such petty things. Right now, to me, you two are really pretty. (she means that they are good together as they are)

(Later in DM’s apartment, DM lies on the bed while AR puts jam on a piece of bread then gives it to DM to eat.
AR: Ah
(DM takes a bite after which AR puts the slice down on the table. DM then pats bed, scoots back on the bed, holds his arms wide for AR to join him)
AR: Don’t act up.
(DM drums on the bed, then holds his arms wide again. AR gets up.)
DM: Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry… (AR finally lies down in his arms.) How is Seol Hee?
AR: She feels like dying.
DM: Is she okay?
AR: Do you think she would be okay? Oh, I feel so apologetic to Seol Hee that I can’t seem to tell her that we’re dating. (AR feels bad about happily dating DM when SH is going through a breakup.)
DM: I also couldn’t seem to bring myself to tell Joo Man. (kisses AR)
AR: However, what are you going to do about Jang Dong Gu?
DM: I’ll contact him and let him know that I’m not going to do the broadcast.
AR: Then Kim Tak Su? (DM just kisses AR) Did I say we should kiss?
DM: Oh, so today is your interview? (changing subject. LOL) Do you really want to do it?
AR: Don’t change the subject. If you’re really fighting him, I won’t watch. Kisses or bells or whatever, I won’t do anything.
DM: I am not someone for whom you have to do something. (kisses AR repeatedly)


Translating just a bit of Hwang BokHee’s scenes. Not in the Youtube clips.

Seol’s Mother: Ai, that woman I said, that woman who bought the rose!! [Bought the rose? High chance I’m misunderstanding something here.] That woman wormed her way into where the kids are staying and is living there.
DongMan’s Mother: What? The one who bought the roses, Hwang BokHee? Are you sure it’s that woman?
Seol’s Mother: Would I not know that face?! Eo? That I would be confused about that?! I’m certain!

DongMan’s Mother: That time, when you slept over at DongMan’s, was it really DongMan who called you?
DongMan’s Father: Ah, here, help me with the back.
DongMan’s Mother: Did DongMan call you?! Ai, why are you suddenly dyeing your hair?!
DongMan’s Father: Ah what are you doing?! Help me with the back!
DongMan’s Mother: Did you not see someone?
DongMan’s Father: Ah, see whom…?! Why are you doing this, staring with your eyes so big?
DongMan’s Mother: Hwang BokHee.
DongMan’s Father: Who?
DongMan’s Mother: JangMi-sa-jin-geon Hwang BokHee. You saw that woman again right?!
DongMan’s Father: Hwang BokHee? Why? Did she come to our house? Did she come find me?

AeRa: Could it be… when NamIl was younger, did he not live at Seosan?
DongMan: Why?
AeRa: Isn’t he familiar?
DongMan: By nature, [all kids] just look the same.
AeRa: Is it…
DongMan: But to me, this [person] looks very familiar though… Ajummeoni, this is you when you were younger right?

*Facepalm* This boy…


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Fight for my way episode 13

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