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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 9

Familiar Wife Live recap 9
I imagine Joo-hyuk will start to realize how horrible of a husband he is – or perhaps he will continue to spiral into a person that does not realize how good he has it no matter what life he is living.

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VO – It’s too late, but I just want to comfort you and Woo-jin’s heart.

JH puts something in front of her house and runs away, but then he ses Woo-jin. He helps her find her mother but it takes all night (recap of the previous episode). His wife is understanding but finds out that Joo-hyuk lied to her and listens to the CCTV recording of him and Woo-jin.

She bursts into his room and shows him the usb to the CCTV in the car. What is this! Tell me what this is! You lied to me about going to a funeral and met Seo Woo-jin instead! An ajumma called you and you went instead of eating with your wife? Do you have two families? What is this! I hated her…I am going to see her and tell her.

Wait, don’t do that! I will explain it to you, her mother ha dementia. I met her to find her.

What about your friend? Did you have to help her search all night? Are you her family member?

I couldnt’ ignore her.

What happened between you two?!?

It is nothing like what you think. I am sorry to lie, it is all my fault.

Hey, it is a mental disease to be this nice. Woo-jin is more strange. She makes a man with a family stay over night? She looks nice but seh is flattering a lot to men.

It is not like that.

Are you still on her side?

Where are you going!

I am not going to her, don’t worry!

She takes off and hops in her car. She is driving filled with rage, but then screeches the car to a halt on the side of the road. She breathes for a moment then calls the young boy.

Cut to Hye-won waiting at a bar for him. She has a big glass of wine. he comes in and is excited, he asks her if she waited for a long time. She tells him not to be too excited, she called him because she has no other friends to call.

He asks her if she fought with her husband? She says that he usually only cares about her and likes her and thinks about her, but something changed. She would rather not talk about it thought.
He says he is thankful to her husband so he can spend time with her today. Can she spend time with him tomorrow? He does not have work – no, class tomorrow.

She thinks about that hesitantly and takes another sip of her wine.

Later on, she gets home drunk and stumbles in. Her husband is sleeping on th couch, but instead of being happy about it, she is annoyed and grummbles…this guy… She gets to the room and steps on something, the sd memory card, and stumbles to the computer.

Uh, oh…she goes to the forum that they were talking about during the mini vacation and tries to get herself together to type. She has to concentrate a lot, but she manages to click one letter at a time.

Jong-hoo rides his bike to work and calls Woo-jin. He asks her where she is, she says she is outside. he is in front of her place and tells her not to joke, they are almost late. But then she honks her horn, she bought a car!

he hops in and thinks it is super cool. She says it was difficult to decide it but not difficult to buy it. She asks him if he is not angry anymore. He says he is still angry, he was just distracted with the car. She says that whatever happens, she will pick up his phone call from now on. Okay? Okay, okay? Okay?

Tht lightens his mood so he happily plays along and puts on his seat belt to leave. He asks if she can drive. She says of course! And takes off.

But it becomes apparent that she actually cannot drive. Jong-hoo tries not to show how scared he is, but he is failing miserably. He kind of asks her how long she has been driving, but the answer is not assuring because she says she has not driven in 10 years and puts on the wrong signals for turning and is basically just a big mess.

But she says she’s got it, she’s got it. Left turn! She puts on the left turn signal but does not turns left and drives like 10 Miles per hour as 18 wheelers pass her on the left and right side.

Woo-jin is so happy that the VP gave them all some money. She happily gallops off to save it and asks them about the dinner that they had. The team tries to say that they wanted to wait for her but…um…. Woo-jin is not upset at all and is just extra happy with the money.

However, there is trouble ahead because there is a message on their forum about how Woo-jin is a floozy basically that goes after married men. Don’t live your life like that!

Cut to Hye-won. She just woke up and remembers what she did so she hurries to the computer to erase what seh did! She is is such a panic to erase it but then sees that it has over 200 views. There are a lot of replies as well too, bad replies.

In the company, Sung-woo is trying to figure out who that crazy person is. Everyone is all crowded around the computer, only Woo-jin is at her desk trying to get work done.

Joo-hyuk thinks they should crash that site or take it down or something. Woo-jin tries to tell them that it is no big deal. She starts to talk about the replies and says that they are not true, I don’t have any surgery, I am all natural and this is all nonsense.

Man-ok wants to know if she is getting angry, don’t you have a grudge with someone? But Woo-jin says that she does not live her life like that.

Joo-hyuk calls his wife and asks her if she knows about the forum that they have at work. Someone talked bad about Woo-jin, did you know about it? She says that she is not a cheap woman that would do those things. I majored in classical music! You are the one that did those bad things!

But she is actually very remorseful and is upset that she drank so much and made that horrible mistake.
Everyone except WJ and JH talk about what is going on. Man-ok says that Woo-jin is pretty and would attract the attention of men, like me. Everyone tries not to roll their eyes. They keep talking about how you don’t really know men and women relationships. When you are around her, she is not that kind of person, she is not like a foxy woman.

But, why did she move from the main branch to a side branch? Usually that does not happen.

SW tells the intern to just shut up, don’t make them confused. The intern keeps talking and says that the truth is that you don’t really know about a person. SW tells everyone not to listen to him or it will become a habit.

On the roof, Woo-jin and Jong-hoo read all the messages. Woo-jin tries to look on the bright side and says that they at least acknowledged her beauty. Jong-hoo thinks this might get bigger, but Woo-jin says that no one will care about it.

However, we cut right to a montage of everyone in all the branches reading this message and commenting on it.

Later, WJ meets with the director to talk about it. He says that he trusts her, but the main branch might not trust her. Image is important. WJ apologizes. BH tells her that it is not about apologizing, it is about rumors (and things like that).

meanwhile, everyone in the bank looks at the message. A lot of pictures of woman are put up except Man-ok. Man-ok is all like, why didn’t they put my picture up! Why aren’t they talking about me!

Woo-jin comes out and sees that the pictures are up of everyone. This makes her super upset, her rage builds likea volcano and is about to explode. She quickly turns to her team leader and exclaims that she will be out for a bit!

They are so shocked with this quick change in emotion so MO tells her that it is okay…okay okay…everyone else gets back to work as MO sees that someone commented on her looks.

Woo-jin rushes to the police station in a rage.
Hye-won picks out clothes for that young guy to wear. He says that he left his card at home, so she pays it all in cash for him instead of having a payment plan. He thanks her for it.

Meanwhile, the bank people find out that Woo-jin went to the police station.

At the department store, Hye-won and the young guy relax in the lounge drinking smoothies or something like that. The young guy tries to squeeze more money out of Hye-won by trying to get her to buy a meal. She agrees. But then she gets a call from Joo-hyuk. he is going to the police station due to the cyber police investigating the message.

Hye-won is so rattled and nervous about what will happen. She explains a little to the young guy so he tells her that he knows how they can erase it.

Jong-hoo, Joo-hyuk, and Woo-jin are all at the police station. Woo-jin is sitting at the desk talking to the detective about her case while Joo-hyuk and Jong-hoo stand behind her.

Woo-jin thinks she can handle it all by herself but JH and YJH talk to the polcie officer about how they want him to take care of it as soon as possible. They buy food for all the police people so that they will work hard on this case.

At the same time, Hye-won and the kid run to a PC bang to try and get rid of this message. But they cannot access the server from there. he tells her to wait, he changes computers and is able to access it from another computer. She is antsy, they will figure it out!

At the station, the polcie man is working ont he case and asks someone to fax it to him as soon as it comes out.

In the PC bang, Hye-won puts in her password to remove the message. She is able to remove it and exhales happily as she high fives the kid.

Police station, the find out that the post was erased.

Hye-won finds out that the post was erased from Joo-hyuk. He also tells her that he is really sorry about what happened before. She tells him that it is okay, dont’ do it anymore. he leaves and she exhale again as she falls back in her bad.

At the sisters cafe, Joo-eun is happily enraged on Woo-jin’s behalf. She thinks that posting that is super duper bad, how can they destroy someones reputation so easily. And how can you eat so easily!

Woo-jin tells her that this is her first meal of the day which makes Joo-eun even angrier. I will kill that person! Her husband tells her to take it down a notch, but then Joo-eun just lays into her husband a little as well.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin gets a call from the station. they actually did find out who did it. It was Lee Hye-won, do you know that person? Woo-jin is startled that it is her, but she tells them that she does not know that person and she won’t sue them because the post is already erased. She hangs up and stays outside the cafe quietly taking in that news.
At home, the Intern sends Joo-hyuk info on some work. Instead of going to bed, Joo-hyuk goes to the office to work on it a bit. But instead of going to sleep when he is finished, he does some sleuthing of his own about the forum.

He calls the police department and asks them if they every found the identity of the person who wrote it. The man says yes, but as a principle he can only tell the person that wanted to sue. Jh understands, but he wants to ask a question. Is the address of the person in Han nam? The man says yes. He called Seo Woo-jin and she said that she will not sue. Joo-hyuk thanks him and hangs up.

At home, Woo-jin gets ready for bed and is momentarily startled to not see her mother, but her mother is right behind her. They both go off to bed happily. Later on, Woo-jin closed the door and takes a moment by herself in the kitchen as she drinks a cold one.

She sits at the table and thinks back on the police man outing Joo-hyuk’s wife as the perpetrator.

The next day, Joo-hyuk spots the magic man again. He accidentally or on purpose runs into him and sits next to him on the floor. The man is eating a moon pie so JH tells him to eat cup noodles at least. The man ignores him.

Joo-hyuk tells the magic man that his wife did that. She denied it. Hye-won is selfish, but she does not affect others. I feel like I am destroying her. Why are you here? Why are you staying here ajusshi? You should not be here right?

Then he feels something….are you….ajusshi….are you like me?

The magic man packs his thinks and leaves.

Then the camera scrolls to an image of a successful man that says “Your life can change…start over” and the man is the magic ajusshi looking like a happy sack of million bucks.

The people at the bank all talk about how that person erased what they wrote and now it feels like everything is done. Woo-jin still talks bout how she is sorry about everything and will work twice as hard. They all decide to start work.

In the back, Joo-hyuk finds Woo-jin and apologizes for what happened. He just wanted to say that. He starts to leave, but then Woo-jin tells him that she is also sorry and thankful. He asks, for what? She says that she is just saying it.

They both get back to work.

At his desk, Joo-hyuk pulls out headache/fever medicine (?). In the back Hye-jung puts a bandage on her heel. Woo-jin comes by also and sees the emergency medical kit open. The fever reducing medicine is there. WJ says that is the only one that works for her, so Hye-jung tells her that JH put it there.

At the end of the day, BH takes a call from his wife. In the background, the team does rock paper scissors to see who stays with the boss for dinner. the boss laughs when he sees them.

Meanwhile, Joo-hyuk is melancholy in his car as he decides not to go inside.

Inside his house, Hye-won gets ready for bed and takes a call from her mother. Her fathers autobiography is about to be released so she should come with her husband. Do you want to go to the spa together tomorrow?

Inside Woo-jin’s house, Woo-jin hangs out with her mother and makes sure that she takes her medicine. This makes her think back to the medicine that she saw in the office and Hye-jung mentioning that Joo-hyuk put it there. But she shakes it off and tells her mother that they should head to bed.

Joo-huk gets some bad news about their mother, she is hospitalized with a back ache and has to have surgery. Joo-eun is at the hospital. But this was not a sudden thing, it seems like Joo-eun knew about it but did not want to tell Joo-hyuk until the last moment. (or the mother did not want to tell Joo-hyuk but Joo-eun caved and told him).

Joo-hyuk asks his wife if she wants to go to the hospital with him.

Cut to them all at the hospital, Hye-won is there as well. She has her happy face on and tries to make small talk but she thinks that her mother in law is getting her legs worked on instead of her back.

After another moment, Hye-won says that she has to leave, but slides umma some money and asks her to buy medicine with it. then she asks her husband to drive her to her appointment.

in the car, Joo-hyuk asks his wife if his mother can stay at their house after her surgery. Hye-won is not really feeling that because she has her fathers autobiography to prepare for. They start to argue over it. JH does not want to go to the autobiography. Hye-won thinks that is horrible because he is the only son in law so it will make him look bad, his mother is not having serious surgery.

She wants him to stop the car, she does not want to ride with him anymore.

He pull the car over. She tells him, if you do not come to the event, we are done! She storms off.

But perhaps she did not expect Joo-hyuk to drive away because she looks completely stunned when he does.

Joo-hyuk might also think that was messed up so he pulls the car over somewhere up the street to think about it. It starts raining at that moment, so he grabs an umbrella and starts running to find his wife. But she is not on the sidewalk anymore.

He gets a call from his sister, she is sorry to ask, but she wants to know if he can come to the hospital tonight, her son has a fever and appa should go home as well.

At the same time, Hye-won manages to get out of the rain and calls her mother to pick her up.
Similarly, Woo-jin and her mother are at the hospital talking to her doctor. Her mother has insomnia which is bad for dementia, it can make it worse. he wants her hospitalized over night.

they go to her room where Woo-jin starts to get it nice and comfy for her mother. But her mother manages to slip away and disappear in like less than 5 seconds. Woo-jin runs around looking for her.

She finds her in Joo-hyuk’s parents room happily talking to them. Joo-hyuk is not there though. Woo-jin tries to get her mother to leave, but then Joo-hyuk comes in so Umma happily calls him her son in law and bursts with happiness to hug him.

Cut to Umma playing Go-Stop and winning. She is an amazingly great gambler so everyone is happy to have her around and play with her. JH’s appa wonders if that ajumma really has dementia? She looks so sharp. He also mentions that it is a small word to see his work colleague there.

Meanwhile, YJH is at home folding clothes. He gets a text about work and thinks that it is Woo-jin. he responds and then ask how her mother is, he likes seeing her. But then he realizes that he sent a text to the wrong person. It was another woman at their workplace. He quickly responds that he was joking with his friend. The woman he texts responds, okay.

Jong-hoo thinks he is saved and tries to get back to folding the laundry.

Hye-won gets a text from his husband, he will stay in the hospital over night. She is baffled, he left her on the street and is now sleeping outside the house? Why does he keep doing these things?

Cut to the hospital, Umma is sleeping so Woo-jin wonders if she is having a nice dream. It looks like it.

In Joo-hyuks room, his mother is also kind of sort of sleeping, he is sitting next to her as she mutters that she is not sleeping. But she is clearly on her way to dream land.

he leaves to walk around and runs into Woo-jin who is also walking around. They both talk about how they both cannot sleep. they think they can get something to drink, she won money with Go-Stop. He pulls out some money and say that he can but.

They go to the vending machine where Woo-jin makes small talk about the headache medicine. She heard that he put it there. He plays it off and says that the pharmacy recommended it.
They watch a variety show and laugh as they drink their drinks. But then Woo-jin accidentally touches Joo-hyuk’s hand on the couch. It is a moment that they both feel as their song starts playing.

They both stop laughing and are reluctantly caught in the moment. She looks at him and then he looks at her, but they both know that they should not be looking at each other so they look away.

Everyone keeps laughing at the variety show, but they are both stuck in this uncomfortably poignant moment.

He finally asks her if she would like to go back to her room so they both leave.

In her room, Woo-jin stays awake thinking about that brief touch. Joo-hyuk also thinks about it all night.

Fade Out

The song is I am sorry. Joo-hyuk is singing it and stars crying, everyone is all like, um…is he crying? Let’s change the song. They start to look for another song but Hwang tells tells Hyang-sook to cover herself, just cover, cover, because he does not want her legs to show.


I know that hospital scene should be touching, but it just leaves me feeling icky. And it is 100% because Joo-hyuk is married and already compromised Woo-jin’s reputation on a company scale. I think this show might be better if he was long time engaged to Hye-won and not married to her for years. Then I would understand the hesitation a lot more and not think that he is a selfish dingbat that will never be happy no matter what situation he is in.

HW – You ruined my feelings, you made me ruin my feelings, that is why you deserve it.
YJH – What are you doing with my cell phone?
HS&HJ – Are you two guy dating?
YJH – I also feel a little angry about it.
HW – I signed it so you just need to sign it.
VO – It does not matter who is bad, but you two are not a good match at all.
WJ’s Mom – It is you and son-in-law Cha and kids
WJ – Mom, you knew about it from the beginning? One thing for sure is that I like (him) so much.

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