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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 8

An outdoor party in Korean Drama Familiar Wife
Woo-jin is definitely a lot weaker (physically) than everyone thought she was with the AC as her achilles heel. Air condition may be Hye-won’s life saver, but it appears to be the bane of Woo-jin’s existence. At least they all had a little fun before the fretting started.

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We open on the fake kiss! Joo-hyuk thinks that Jong-hoo kissed Woo-jin, but he actually was just unbuckling her seat. So he goes ballistic and searches for all the coins in the world until he finds 2006. He sees a sign that says his life can change (start over) and he tries to do the exact same things that he did before.

He drives his car and sees the sign and starts driving and backing up and driving and backing up next to the board that says “Your Life Can Change, Start Over.” He does this several times and then he drives off the way he came.

Cut to him running through an airport or subway or something. He passes several people as he looks for someone. But he cannot find them. He pulls someones hat off, but it is not the homeless man. he checks another man who looks like they might be homeless, but it isn’t him.

Finally, he finds him! Ajusshi is in the bathroom trying to sleep in one of the stalls. Joo-hyuk wants to talk to him, but Ajusshi just wants to sleep. JH keeps talking to him about the black hole and wanting to go back to the past and all those things. He tells ajusshi that he is really sorry. He is the one that made her a monster, he thought it was all her fault. He starts to talk about her life and how he told her that he would love her forever. He loved her so much that he can even take his heart out, but how did he do that (how was he like that to her?).

Can I go back to that day? What can I do to go back? AJUSSHI!

Ahusshi thinks he is crazy and he is too noisy. But Jh says he is a crazy guy, so just tell me!

But Ajusshi says that you cannot take it back, you already did it. Back then, you wanted it so much. Does it hurt? Does your heart hurt? he holds his hand and tells him that going against fate is also fate, so just wish happiness for her.

Joo-hyuk is left confused and teary.

He goes to a bridge and looks over at the water. All his memories of her float above him so he watches them all as if they appear on huge phone screens.

VO – Going against fate is also fate so wish her happiness.

Joo-hyuk starts crying again and looks at the coin. He throws it into the river and stare at it for awhile in pain.

JH is up and cleaning his house. His wife comes down so she asks him why he is so happy. he tells her that it is a new day so he wants to live happily and refreshingly. HW is also happy and thinks that her refreshing husband that listens to her well has come back. She gives him a big hug as he keeps cleaning.

At Woo-jin’s house, Umma looks at her late husbands photo. His memorial is tomorrow. Woo-jin greets her mom and heads out to work, but she passes Jong-hoo right outside her house. He is worried about her and wants to take her to work since she was so sick the other day. He got a taxi for her so they move her bicycle back in.

At work, Joo-hyuk is in high spirits at work and starts boxing. He tells everyone that he wants to start working out again. Everyone is happy as they box and talk about being manly and how to punch and all those things.

Woo-jin and Jong-hoo get there together which makes the ladies think that they are dating. They go to work together and leave together. Jong-hoo tries to deny it, but everyone thinks they are dating and list some clues like how they don’t have eye contact now and other things. JH kind of sways the conversation and KH says he is also popular outside which kind of changes the subject so they all get back to work.

Later on in the back Woo-jin talks to Joo-hyuk and tells him that her acting was really bad right? They start to talk about her thyroid and having a fever and all those things, Joo-hyuk first says he knows, but then he corrects himself and says that it seems like that is the case. he also tells her to be happy with Jong-hoo, he is a good guy.

Woo-jin mentions that she is happy that she has a boyfriend and an oppa Joo-hyuk also says that he is happy. Good job.
Back in the bank main area, SW and MO look at some text messages.

MO: maybe some of the branch managers become VP?
Pink: No no, someone with a foreign degree.
Blue: Whaaaaaat? that is really shocking.

SW is about to type something but he is way too slow because MO asks if it is someone that they don’t know.

Pink: Before that person becomes VP, they will secretly look at all the bank (like Undercover Boss).

SW is about to type again but MO beats him to it.

MO: Undercover! What is the profile!

SW gets angry and tells her to let him type! She tells him that he should type faster if he wants to. Old people’s hands get stiff, should I buy you some walnuts?

The director comes out so SW fills him in and lets him know that the new VP will be undercover!

Meanwhile, Hye-won looks for the cute college student at the gym. She asks one of the personal trainers but the guy says that he did not come, he used to come all the time. he starts to call his name, but Hye-won tells him that is okay! Then she quietly goes back to working out.

Everyone at the bank is super kind to everyone that comes in because anyone of them can be the director. But the intern is not as kind as he can be and tells someone that they should pick a number first. SW comes up to him and tells him that he has to at least think of something happy and smile and make his voice lower.

The intern is so clueless and asks if he has to do that? SW threatens him with cleaning the storage room so the intern starts to act ultra polite to everyone.

Woo-jin excuses herself to the bathroom right at the minute that a man who looks like he can be the VP comes in. MO signals the director and they all get to work to impress him. the director picks up a little paper scrap on the floor and says we should keep it so clean. Someone else tries to give him candy. the director turns the AC closer to him. Everyone smiles at him.

In the bathroom, there is a woman trying to get some lotion out as Woo-jin puts on lip gloss. Woo-jin gives her her own lotion and tells her to use as much as she wants. the woman says that she is so kind.

Outside, everyone basically surrounds this man that looks like a VP. He tells them that they are very kind and they all grin and says that it is normal.

The lady from the back comes out and talks with Woo-jin about opening an account for her daughter. Woo-jin is very nice and polite to her and tells her that she can send her a text message if they have a good product. the woman smiles so warmly at Woo-jin.

Later on, the team all gathers at the end of the day to talk about the great day they all had with the VP. MO also mentions that Woo-jin is not coming to work tomorrow so she needs to give her work to one of the other people.

Joo-hyuk checks the calendar and then tells Jong-hoo that he can go to the memorial and Joo-hyuk will do all the work. Jong-hoo bromances Joo-hyuk and comments on how he opposed their relationship so much but now he is helping him out!
Jong-hoo and Woo-jin grocery shop happily as Joo-hyuk works late on all the things he has to do.

He gets up for a coffee but accidentally trips on something and his computer turns off. Basically the worst thing every.

He decides to go to his sisters place to hang out with her and his best friend. She thinks his wife is probably asleep already. They start to look on the internet about their photos and argue playfully about which photos to put on the internet. JH is hungry and decides to leave so he walks the street.

Woo-jin wakes up and immediately calls for her mother, are you in the restroom? Umma? She hops up to look for her, but her anxiety starts to build as she does not see her anywhere. Then she looks at the photo of appa.

The director calls everyone to attention, the VP called and said that he had a good impression from thier branch! Maybe he wants to give them some money? YAY!!!!

The intern starts to look up the name, it is Gang Eun-sung. the VP comes in and it is teh woman from earlier that was with Woo-jin. He is dressed completely different from before and looks very stylish instead of as an ajumma.

They are all pretty shocked but still happy. She gives them all an envelope of money and tells them not to spend it all in one spot. But she does not see that employee Woo-jin, where is she? Her kindness was all with her heart, I wanted to tell her to keep doing it.

They all are a little confused but also happy and kind of laugh awkwardly. They see the VP out and walk back in thinking about the man and how he wasn’t the VP and just that kind of stuff. But they shake it off and get back to work.

But, Jong-hoo does not want to work without Woo-jin so he and Joo-hyuk go to the rooftop. they start to talk about women but JH talks about his mother. YJH would rather talk about WJ and says that he can at least pick up the phone. But she is not picking up the phone so he wonders what she is doing. JH tells him that she should be busy with the memorial service.

Cut to Wj running around everywhere in their neighborhood as she looks for her mother.
The end of the day comes so everyone talks about how they should all eat with the money from the VP. Maybe they should go to a Japanese restaurant? They all want to eat something with this money. Yay! But YJH thinks that they should not eat because the main person that got them the money is not there. JH agrees with that. they all decide that well, actually, that is true. Maybe next time….

But something must have happened because we cut to them all eating happily, only YJH and JH are sulking about it. They all toast to Woo-jin, this is all because of you! Then they start to talk about the VP and how they called her ajumma and all those things. the intern tells Hyang-sook that she has some gochujang on her chin so she tries to remove it but she does not get it so he tries to remove it. But she thinks that he should not be picking on everything that she does.

the director mentions his college kid that is super duper pretty so look at her! he pulls out his phone to show them and…..she looks just like him, lol. She is more on the dowdy side than stylish so everyone tries to think of nice things to say. The director thinks she is the best thing every and gets very happy when she calls. She must know I am talking about her! He says to all his employees. He goes out to talk.

But that might sour SW’s mood, he drinks a bit in a sulky mood as MO looks at him.

Elsewhere in the building, Jong-hoo walks to JH about calling Woo-jin too much. Will it look bad to have too many missed calls? Will I be like that movie Misery? JH is all like, uh, yeah, you will.

Outside, SW is pretty drunk on the street. He is plopped on a step waxing poetic about his very bad wife. He divorced her but he did not divorce his kids. SW is talking to him about this and wants him to go back inside. SW talks about how Soong-joo is a very nice name, his father worked so hard to make that name, but now her name is Amy (she lives in Canada).

MO tries to stand him up again and is successful this time. They walk away like best friends or maybe like brother and sister as he tells her not to ever get married and then has to sit again with her grumbling about how drunk he is.
Meanwhile, Joo-hyuk relieves some memories about not going to Woo-jin’s father’s memorial service. he always missed it and had an excuse every time. One time it was newly married, another it was when she was pregnant, and another was later in her pregnancy when she tells him to just come once! Her mother wants to see him once! Are you a jerk! An A-hole! She throws several things at him.

Joo-hyuk shows up at her parents house today and says that he is sorry he was late. Please comfort Mother-in-law and Woo-jin’s heart. He bows to the gate and then runs away. But he sees Woo-jin walking slowly up the street and asks her what is wrong.

Cut to her sitting on the stepps and telling him that she looked everywhere for her mother all day and has not found her. He wants to know if she called the police yet.

they go to the policie department where her mother’s missing status is input in the computers. Joo-hyuk tells Woo-jin that she should eat something since she has not eaten all day, but then his wife calls.
He goes outside and tells his wife that someones mother died so they all went to the funeral far away somewhere. Hye-won asks him if he really has to go there? He says yes because his boss went so he has to go. She understands and says that she will call him.

He buys some food at the convenience store and takes it back to the police station. But Woo-jin is sleeping by this point, so he does not want to wake her up. he remembers about how even lost dogs are found with advertising on SNS. he calls his friend about it and then takes a photo of Woo-jin’s mothers photo on her phone.

He also sees that Woo-jin’s head is nodding, so he holds it gently to keep it from nodding too much. Woo-jin kind of wakes up but he falls asleep. But he wakes up with the sun shining on him. She tells him that he should go home but he says it is okay since he told his wife he would be out.

The phone bings so he checks it and sees that someone sent a photo at a bus terminal with a similar looking woman.

Woo-jin and Joo-hyuk take off to the bus terminal to look for her but they don’t see her at first. Woo-jin starts to get overwhelmed and thinks that too much time has passed, she has never lost her for this long. Joo-hyuk tells her that she will find her. Another SNS bing on his phone, it is also a photo of her mother. It looks like her mother is volunteering to serve food to the homeless.

Woo-jin and Joo-hyuk run to the food drive. WJ immediately hugs her and tells her that she thought she would not see her again. JH also hugs her warmly which surprises Woo-jin, but in a happy way.

They go back home and are able to laugh at it now. Her umma used to volunteer at food drives a lot so the people thought she was from another organization. She tells him that she will walk him off so they both walk away together.

This makes Woo-jin remember when they used to walk together in college and high school. he does not want her to hold his arm. She removes her arm from his but holds his t-shirt instead. they cut to another flashback of the two of them holding hands. She tells him that they should get married. he wonders if he should propose there? She immediately says, yes! And then laughs.

In the present, Woo-jin tells him that if he did not help her this time then she would have gone crazy. he says it wasn’t anything, but she says that it was a lot. Because of SNS we were able to find my mother and you gave us a ride and…it was just really comforting to know that someone was just next to me. I tried hard but for mom, appa’s empty place is so big. She only knew appa and was super loved.

Like the number zero?….When you multiply by zero, everything becomes zero. it has super powers over everything. But it does nothing with the plus sign because zero loves plus so much.

WJ – How did you know that? …. well…that is why my favorite number is zero.

JH – Someone told me that, now I know what it means. After someone disappears, after that person leaves me. Why didn’t I do better? Why didn’t I know how precious that person is? Regretting and missing….

WJ- Are you coming out with a love story all of a sudden? A love story that you had in the past?

JH – I am really sorry, I just wanted to say that to that person. But it is too late because I can’t see that person anymore.

WJ – What you said, I hope that reaches her.

JH – All the world can be reached, so I will wish in my heart for her to be happy.

WJ – Assistant manager, I am not good at wishing from the heart, if I like someone I say it. If I hate them then I say it. i want to say everything that I think. But this time, I shouldn’t do it. I lived my own way for 30 years, but this time I should be different, more like an adult. As you said. This time I will wish only with my heart this time.

they look at each other for a moment as Woo-jin extends her hand to shake it with Joo-hyuk. He shakes her hand. She tells him that she is really really thankful for today. See you on Monday, be careful driving.
Woo-jin finds alcohol at her house when she comes back.

Joo-hyuk gets home. His wife tells him that he is so late, you didn’t even call me (she is upset but not super upset). he tells her that his boss wanted him to stay there. She thinks his boss is mean, why make all his employees suffer? Did you go there with that necktie? It is a bit strange for a funeral?

he thinks for a moment and says he took it off for the funeral. She understands and is considerate and tells him that her appa would like to go golfing with him. He leaves to his room and she throws what she is working with on the table, upset. But she still happily starts to clean up his things.

However, his phone goes off because Umma is calling him. Hye-won answers and is greeted by Umma saying that this is her son-in-law’s phone. Hye-won is all like, say what? Who is this? She immediately looks through her husbands pockets and finds a card for a police man.

Then she hops in his car and finds where he drove yesterday. She also looks at the black box and listens to the voices. Woo-jin and Joo-hyuk talk about finding her mother. Hye-won is very upset and surprised. She goes back inside to ask her husband what is going on. Tell me what this is! She gives him the USB.

Fade Out

Okay y’all, Joo-hyuk is annoying the living daylights out of me. He was horrible to his wife in the other reality and now he is horrible to his new wife in this reality. He has learned nothing. I feel like he has a long way to fall or change or something for me to start liking him and hope for his happiness with Woo-jin. But we do have 8 more episodes so he has plenty of time.


Message – KCU Banks Seo Woo-jin has a shocking double life. She cannot live without men so she is seducing all the men. You should not live like that!
YJH – What is going on, why this without a reason?
JH – No ones real name is there so they can say anything.
HW – What do you want!
YJH – In the company, this problem is getting big.
JH – Calm down.
WJ – I am okay, I am okay.
Umma – Son-in-law
HW – I don’t want to drive with you because I am so mad!
HW – Anywhere, far far away!
JH – I saw it.
JH – Sorry, thank you.

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    Thank you..

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    Thank you so much!

  3. Chelsea
    August 24, 2018 / 5:12 am

    Actually.. I’m tired with the next week preview.. because it’s always look going to normal time again.. but then it’s not worked. What do you think, Guys?

    • V
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      It does look like that.

  4. sashaa
    August 24, 2018 / 1:26 pm

    I think I finally saw growth in Joo-Hyuk. Its no excuse that he lied to his wife, but his intent was not evil.
    He knew he made a mistake in using that coin and deciding to give up on his past life. But he accepted (with his head, rather than heart) that he has to live this life. But to do so, he needed closure and time to heal. He did his best in wishing Woo-Jin and his friend, he wanted her to find happiness. He cannot be happy in this timeline if Woo-Jin is not happy. He cannot move on like the past didn’t matter. The way he apologized to her indirectly was the closure he needed.
    I think he had no intention to cheat on his current wife – he wanted to try and be good and be happy with her. Not once he considered getting back with Woo-Jin in the current timeline. He chooses to live with the regret and find happiness in the current marriage.

    The problem with JH (past and present timeline) its that he was a conflict avoider. Whether at work or home. Whenever there is trouble, he tried to appease that situation rather than speak his mind or have a conversation.

    Yes, I wish he had told the truth that an employee’s mother is lost and he is helping her out. But he knows his wife will expect him to get back home right away. And there is absolutely no way he can be honest with his wife, given the situation. She doesn’t seem like an understanding person either. She is a pampered person where the world revolves around her. He was not willing to fight with his wife or have a debate, instead he chose to lie.

    I think his goodness/kindness is completely lost due to his actions/behaviour.

    It looks like Woo-Jin is going to get back her memory about past life – that is going to be painful for both.

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