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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 7

A couple staring at each other in on a quiet street in love in Korean Drama Familiar Wife
It looks like we will have a good amount of hijinks this episode. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am looking forward to the drinking scene.

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Woo-jin wants to check something and apologizes. Then seh grabs Joo-hyuk’s hand and pats her head with it. They stand like that for a moment as they look into each others eyes. But then Joo-hyuk’s wife says, Yoboyo. They both turn their heads to see her.

Hye-won is not a spring chicken and looks at them both in reserved alarm, but the two of them try and play it off as if he is just patting her head for a moment. Hye-won tells him that she told him that she would eat with him later.

Joo-hyuk tells her that this person is the new employee, Seo Woo-jin. Seo Woo-jin leaves. Hye-won remembers the name tag from her husbands car, she thought it was a man due to the name. He tries to continue playing it off and says that his wifes name is all girly and then starts to say her name cutely over and over again.

Outside, Woo-jin holds her chest as her heart beats hard against it. She goes to SS and JE’s place for a meal and to chat with JE. JE wants to know if Woo-jin has worries about something, she must have worries since she came there for soju. Woo-jin tells her that she confessed in one neighborhood but her heart dropped in another neighborhood. Something like that?

JE interprets it well which makes WJ says that she did interpret it well. She thinks she might be starved (for love), she hasn’t been confessed to in awhile so perhaps her heart was confused. JE wants to know who that person is. She says that she can’t say. They toast.

JE complains about little things. WJ tells her that she sees that seh really loves her husband. You are also loved a lot by him. Y’all are like a God given couple. (The husband eaves drops from the kitchen). JE tells her that she knows all that stuff and then reassures WJ about her situation. WJ thinks that she can always quit her job later. Love does not have a correct answer and people also don’t have a correct answer.

JH helps his wife do yoga at home as she asks questions about WJ. More than anything, she does not want him to give rides to female employees, people will spread rumors. he says it was just a one time thing, but she says that one time can become two times and that can become 3. Don’t do it. He agrees and continues helping her.

WJ wakes up late and complains to her mother about not waking her up. Umma is all like, looky here, I woke you up and made your breakfast, eat it. Umma looks very normal as she eats her meal. She also sees myulchi and thinks her son in law might like it. WJ comes up to her and tells her that she should wash her hair, does it smell bad? She smells her own hair several times and thinks that it is okay.

At work, JH waits and waits for WJ to show up. She finally does so he talks to her right away and asks if she was embarrassed when his wife showed up. She says she was not. He wants to ask her something else, but then a lot more employees show up so they get to work.

Work looks busy with paperwork. The manager sends some people to other locations. At first he wanted to send YJH, but then he is teamed up with WJ so he says he will work hard. YJH and JH look at each other slyly an says that they are busy working (in a playful way).

YJH and WJ go to a factory and help the employees with paperwork or something like that. They finish early and joke that they should skip out on the rest of work today. But then WJ gets a call, she has to stop by home and then go to the bank, it is about her mother so she asks YJH if he can finish up the applications. He happily agrees so she takes off.

But when she leaves, she notices an delivery guy getting yelled at by a superior.

WJ gets home and is told that her mother is missing.The nurse searched everywhere for her, but she is gone. The nurse thinks that the mother should be in 24 hour facility for her safety. They both head out to look for her.

The intern gets more work to do when Umma comes in. She says that she is there for her son in law and then yells for Joo-hyuk. Joo-hyuk looks up and literally hops when he sees her. Then he quickly walks over to her.

Umma really looks normal as she talks to JH. She says that she saw a fried anchovy this morning and thought of him. It is secret from Woo-jin so don’t tell her. I will just drop this all off. She hands him the side dishes as he tries his hardest to politely get her out of the building but he can’t really push her out so he tries to kind of guide her.

But all the employees come to greet hr because they think that seh is the super rich mother in law. The boss even comes out and talks about how pretty she is and how he wants to treat her to tea and all those things. JH has to try his hardest to guide Umma out of the building. he succeeds but the employees wonder if that woman is really a cheabol ajumma. they thought she would wear expensive clothing and haev a driver. But maybe that is prejudice, maybe really rich people do not show off their wealth? She has an aura of class.

Cut to Woo-jin driving Umma home.
JH tries to call Woo-jin but she isn’t picking up the phone and umma complains about Woo-jin making her stay home all the time. He thanks her for the anchovies which makes her laugh and tells him that she will fry it anytime. But then she brings up that it is difficult to live with Woo-jin. She knows. She does not show how she feels since she was young because she has strong self pride. But at least she is showing her feelings to you.

One day she said that you were her savior. After her father died she said that she had a very hard time but that she survived due to her tutor. So that is why I am thankful to you and call you her savior.

JH asks why Umma remembers him when everything else has changed. She says, of course I will remember you. You cannot change fate so easily, you can’t know everything also…STOOOOOOP.

He stops the car abruptly which is right in front of an icecream shop. They go inside becuase Umma really wanted ice cream which is why she yelled for him to stop. She loves vanilla icecream, which JH did not know about, so he wonders why he did not know so many things.

He cleans Umma’s mouth a little just at the moment WJ runs in.
Back at work, the intern stretches a if working hard. SW comes up to him and tells him that it looks like he is working hard, when will you spread all those flyers? The intern is so over putting any flyers up and goes to the other workers to help him. But no one wants to go outside.

The intern runs off. But everyone understands how hard it is to spread the flyers and complains about it. But then MP gets one of the flyers and sees that there is a big mistake it in! They accidentally put “nom” at the end of customer instead of “nim.” Nim is polite but “non” is the opposite of polite. It is like saying “dude” or “guys” or something like that. “This is for our customer dudes.”

SW is about to have a heart attack. He asks, did the inern do this! Go get it! Go get it! (Previously, SW asked the intern if he checked typing mistakes but the intern said that he was not a kid anymore.)

SW runs after the intern and finds him on the street not working, lol. But then he starts handing out flyers when he sees SW run up to him. SW yells, don’t do it, don’t do it! But the intern really wants to hand them out now. SW has to grab he flyers from him and run after the people that he handed it to which was like 2 or 3 people, lol. Then he shows him the typo.

Elsewhere, WJ and JH talk in the car about her umma. They kind of joke a bit about how old women love him. WJ says that it is so comfortable to talk to him and her mother is so obsessed with him. He also knows how to control her mother, she saw him in the convenience store and he looked so natural. Are you my mom’s son-in-law in another life?


The car comes to a halt as JH suddenly stops it suddenly due to WJ basically guessing the truth. He tries to play it off though.

Everyone is trying to fix “nom” to “nim” with stickers. WJ gets to work along with JH. But she tells them that she has to go back to the company because there is a document that she has not filled out yet.

At school, the fake student is spotted by HW. He ignores her and calls after another younger woman.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin gets back to that company and sees the delivery person still unloading, but YJH is helping him. That makes her happy, so after he is done, they walk home playfully.

She asks him why he is keeping his distance from her, she says that she sweat a lot so she smells bad. She tells him that she can’t smell because her nose is so stuffy. He is really happy about that since he was worried that he is really smelly. He also tells her that the way she smells is pretty. She playfully says that she knows.

YJH stops and wants to ask her out of the blue (if they can date), he thinks that he waited long enough.

Back at work, the employees are still putting on the stickers. MO has a hard time looking at letters, it tires out her eyes. SW says that they are old enough to wear bifocals. But MO tells him not to make her even angrier since she is helping out his department now. The intern mentions that this is really fun right? But they all just look at him like they will kill him.

Hyang-sook goes to reach for some more paperwork and shows her tattoo on her waist. The intern pulls it down for her but then tells her that she should cover up. The girls are all like, we wear bikini’s on the beach, whats the problem. But he is all like, we are not at the swimming pool. They then tells him that they are doing this because of him.

JH is still at the table as well, but he is miles away as he thinks about what WJ said in the car about being married to him in another life. He asks if WJ and YJH will go home directly after they finish. they think so and everyone complains about wishing they went to that company instead of this.
YJH and Woo-jin wait on a bench in the city. He asks her if he has to wait longer? She tells him 5 more minutes. They chuckle a bit and then keep sitting there. She asks him what part of her she likes? He says that he is not sure but he likes her smile and talking about nonsense and seh is a good daughter and all those things.

She is all like, okay, let’s date. Honestly, I am not 100 percent on board, that is what I was thinking. But you are a good person so it is worth a shot. He is happy and tells her that no one is 100 percent when they start, they just see if it works when they date. We can only date for one month if you are not sure, we are just trying each other out.

She thinks that is a good idea. But what about work? He says, of course, it will be a secret. They shake hands, but he shakes her hand with both hands. However, she pretends like he smells really bad so he thinks that she does not have a stuffy nose. She is all like, it is okay, I didn’t wash my hair today. They both laugh.

JH goes to his sisters place to eat udon, he likes it more than steak more often than not. YJH and WJ show up and are a bit shocked to see JH there. But they are still in a happy mood since they agreed to date. SS comes in and tells them CONGRATULATIONS! Woojin, accept my bow sister in law.

He bows all the way to the floor next to her. JE shakes her hand. But JH stays sulky. Everyone tells him that he should congratulate them so JH tries to suck it up and manages to congratulate them.

SS tells them that they are at a good age to marry, so don’t date long and jut get married. When’s the date?!?

JH pours himself a soda as if trying not to be in this discussion. the friends all talk about going on a trip, their marriage anniversary is coming up and they have pension somewhere, his mother can take care of the baby. They all start to get excited about it.

YJH thinks it might be too much for Woo-jin to go on an overnight trip. But Woojin says it is cool, her mother is going to her sisters place. So it is settled! Everyone is happy except JH who is pretend happy.

He drives home to classical music and a lot on his mind. He sees a sign for YunHee University and decides to stop by. he gets out and walks the campus, though it is night so there aren’t many people around.
He has a flashback about his life in college with Woo-jin. They walk down the steps of a building. She says that she did not study that much due to her father. But he tells her that she needs to go to bed early and don’t do things you haven’t done before.

She happily says it will be cool but if you feed me this than I will feel better. She gives him something to feed her so he does and she bites his hand. He asks her if this is really a time to play?

Cut to Woo-jin looking at her college application on the computer but Joo-hyuk is going to click the button. She is trying to get into Joo-hyuk’s university, but she fails. he drops his head. But she tells him that it is okay, they still have one more year together.

The scene changes to the library on another day. She says that she is not feeling well and is about to leave. But she is going to try again to get into his college. he tells her not to pretend that she is sick, she already failed once. SHe is all like, you don’t want me to have a scarlet letter on my head that I am trying again for college do you? She leave.

SS comes by and talks to JH about a birthday party that he wants to go to. (We think YunHee might be like Yonsei University so like Yale University). They get to the birthday party at a restaurant. JH is about to text Woojin to see if she is okay, but then she runs into her working at the restaurant.

He takes her to the alley and basically lays into her about having to study all the time in order to get into college. You have to study all the time. But she hits back and says that they don’t have any money, she has to work. It is not like she wants to have a part time job. And why are you angry at me anyway? i am nothing to you, not a girlfriend or anything.

He asks if he can only get angry at her if she is his girlfriend?

She wants to know what kind of relationship they even have. She starts crying and says, see we are nothing.

But then he suddenly kisses her. She is really stunned when he stops kissing her. But they look at each other in a loving moment and he puts her hoodie back on. He smiles and kisses her again and warmly holds her as they keep kissing.

In the present, Joo-hyuk thinks about this as he sits on the steps of the school.
Joo-hyuk and Hye-won drive to the island early in the morning. HW is super excited because hse has never been in a pension before. JH tells her that she might be dissapointed because different pensions are different. HW is still excited though and says that she was super happy that Joo-eun called her since she never called her before. She also asks when Jong-hoo and Woo-jin started dating? She came and started dating right away?

Joo-hyuk is not in the mood to talk about that though so he tries to not talk about it, but he does it in a way for HW to think that he is on Woo-jin’s side.

Meanwhile, the other car driving to the island has everyone else in it and they are having a much better time driving together. the boys became a trio becuase Jh brought YJH to their store all the time. They are super close and start to joke about how close they are.

They get to the house (which looks amazing) and go inside. Hye-won thinks it is so small, ilike a doll house. JE says sorry (sarcastically) and tells her that they only have this space. Hye-won tells them that she is only saying….then she asks JH if they cna go to a hotel, it smells in here.

JH tells her that it is only for one night. But more things start getting complicated when WJ and JH might sleep in the same room. HW wants couple int heir own rooms but JH thinks that should not happen. Men should be in one room and women in the other room. But he tries to say that he is doing it for them because they might be embarrassed. JE is super sarcastic about what her brother says.

JH finally tries to change the subject and says that he will go out and get some coffee and ice cream for everyone.

While walking back, he sees WJ talking to her mother on the phone. She tells her to have fun with emo, but then seh sees JH. They walk back and talk about how it was awkward back then. She changes the subject adn says that she didn’t wash for 5 days once, a mosquito didn’t even bite me.

He says that he understands how mosquitos feel, they both laugh about that. he asks if she really likes YJH. She says yes, she likes him so that is why she is dating him. He has a nice personality, he talks to her all the time and cares about her and does not make her feel lonely when they are together. But…why are you asking?

He says he was just wondering. But then he mentions that the icecream will melt and start running off.
Back at the house, HW complains about how the AC is so weak. WJ starts coughing due to the AC. JH says that they should not have a big change in outside and inside air, it could make a person sick. HW thinks that JH is thinking of her and thanks him.

SS makes a joke so WJ tells JE that her husband is so funny. HW turns the AC down even further and then goes to JE and WJ to wash veggies. But seh complains about them even buying this when they can buy the already washed ones.

Later that night, they all sit on the deck for a BBQ. SS tells everyone that they should play hard (he makes a joke with his name which means common sense so he says, let’s play with common sense and have fun!). YJH brings up a secret newsletter about what is going on at the bank like things about how to train your employee and how to treat your superiors and affairs and all that stuff. JH talks about it too. The bosses might not know about it or they might know about it. Jh says that he heard that HR has seen it (human resources).

Some people have actually been fired due to it. The wide thinks that is fun, working people have so many things going on.

Woo-jin coughs which makes eveyone wonder why she is coffing int he summer. YJH tells JH that he is sending all the smoke to his WJ. Then JH pushes more over so they all laugh. SS offers her a cocktail but WJ tells them that she will just drink SOJU!

HW kidn of looks at her envious. SS tells her that she is super cool and shouldn’t only be JE’s drinking friend, she should be his friend also. they joke about making a drinking club.

HW asks for one too which makes everyone do a double take. She says that she can drink too! She tries to drink the soju and is able to struggle it down. It was hard for everyone to watch. She pours herself another and toasts with Woojin to drink with her.

But it must have been too much because we cut to a passed out HW in the girls room. JE talks about how she might need a lot of attention, but WJ says she was actually kind of cute. JE tells her that they have a Buddha there (refering to WJ).

They both sit and talk. JE starts to talk about how you should not marry someone that you love too much otherwise you will get hurt. WJ mentions that everyone says that, but she at least wants to marry someone that she likes. She wants to have her heart shredded. But then she coughs again so they decide to go to bed.

Even later that night, Woo-jin is sleeping and having a dream, perhaps a bad dream. JH is awake and getting something to drink in the kitchen. But then WJ comes in looking horrible. He asks her if she would like something to drink but she is barely able to talk and collapses.

We cut to Woojin laying down with a cold towel on her head. YJH wonders if they should go to the emergency room. But JE says that she had a fever reducer. They all talk about how they should have noticed that she was not feeling good. Why isn’t her fever going away?

But JH has a flashback and remembers that WJ told him that only one fever reducer works for her (a certain name brand). WJ goes out early that morning and looks for that brand fever reducer in all the shops on the island and maybe even the mainland. he bangs on all the doors and says that he has an emergency patient and needs medicine.

A man comes out and asks why he is acting a fool so early in the morning. the man says that his wife has a fever and can only take a certain medicine. the man grumbles about young people and then tells JH that the pharmacy owner lives in a certain building. WJ runs off to find him and is able to buy that fever reducer.

He gets back just as the friends are putting Wj in the car since the medicine is not working. JH tries to tell them that this medicine will work, but his sister said that the medicine does not work. YJH drives her away, the others are left worried sick.
The nurse tells YJH that the fever went down so she can rest a bit more and then leave. WJ is awake as well so YJH sits next to her bed. WJ says…assistant manager Yoon? he tells her that her fever went down so she can just rest a bit more. She apologizes for ruining the mood. But he says that he is the one that should not have given her any drinks.

She tells a little joke to lighten the mood and notices that YJH is bleeding due to a little scratch on his arm. He says it is okay and tells WJ that she said she is weak, but actually she is really weak. She asks him if he does not like her anymore and he jokingly says that he will think about it.

Back at the house, Everyone is still worried about WJ. HW grumbles about the instant coffee when JE has to explain that the bag does not have coffee beans in it. They also wonder if Wj and YJH will come back to the house immediately. One of them says that you never know with men and women.

YJH does drive WJ back to the house and turns to look at her as he parks. She is asleep so he lightly moves some hair off of her face and touches her cheek. then he very delicately tries to unbuckle her. But in doing, it looks like he is kissing hr.

WJ comes out at that moment and sees it. He quickly turns his head away. But YJH is not kissing WJ at all, he is really only unbuckling her seat.

Later on, JH and HW get home. HW goes to get a massage and tells him that she will call him. She is curious about him though since he did not talk the entire way home. She mentions that Wj is just needy and gets out of the car.

JH hits his head several times on the steering wheel as he thinks about the kiss. Then he removes all the coins from the car and tries to find 2006 but does not. he looks around as he wonders what to do, then drives to a building (a bank?). he gets to his company and dumps all the coins over the counter as he frantically looks for 2006.

He finally finds one. Thunder strikes as he picks it up to look at it.

Fade Out


WJ – I am not good at praying with only my heart, but, I will try not to (be that way). I will only pray with my heart.
HS – Is he crying? W-w-what happened?
JH – Can I go back to that day?
WJ – This time will be different
Jh – Can I propose here?
WJ – Yes!

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