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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 6

A man shredding documents in a bank in Kdrama Familiar Wife
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YJH – Seo Woo-jin, I am interested in you…would you like to date me?

JH looks at the two of them talking. Woo-jin looks lost for a moment but then starts laughing. She says that she was so surprised for a moment she was a bit fluttery. He wonders if it is just a little fluttery and then stop? She says that she does not know him well enough yet. He could be a serial killer.

He laughs and says that she is funny, he can’t even kill any bugs so you can take your time, but I started it so I can’t wait too long. She agrees and then they start eating again. But then they notice JH.

What? What are you doing here? I thought you went home?

JH comes in and says that he left something there, are you two eating? Everyone starts laughing, but in the side we see that JH bought some food for WJ to eat as well. He is hiding it.

Cut to the three men drinking at Sang-sik’s place. JH opposes YJH dating WJ. He uses the excuse of the last time YJH dated someone that he worked with. he is telling him this because he worried about him. Meet someone else, there are so many beautiful women around. YJH thinks there is only one Seo Woo-jin.

JH opposes this but yJH tells him not to oppose it, you should help me. I need a lot of support. SS mvoes JH out of the way and tells YJH that he supports him! But do not get married. As soon as you get marrried, the dating becomes fighting.

They both agree but JH keeps opposing it.
Cut to WJ and JE meeting in a convenience store. They sit and talk about their day. WJ mentions someone that confessed to her at her workplace. She said it was funny and they connected well, he was popular also. He is an attractive guy. But she does not have that fate like feeling with him.

JE says that it is not like that in the real world. You should like guys 80% and then date. You never know, it might not be like love at first sight. I saw my husband since high school but then one day I started to like him. Sometimes it is like that.

WJ says that she will be open minded. She opens her arms really wide. JE tells her that she is opened too much, she can close a little bit.

WJ rides her bike in to work. A girl runs in front of her which startles her so she stops her bike and the girl falls. WJ tells her that she will help her and buy her a new something (something that fell).

At the bank, YJH sees that Wj is late. He is concerned about it because the director or team leader might pick on her. He texts her and tells her to hide her backpack in the atm and then grab a coffee cup to pretend like she was there.

She does exactly that and then sneaks in. But then MO asks her when she got there, how long have you been here? YJH is able to talk to WJ to cover it up a bit more which makes JH thinks that they actually might be a good couple.

Outside, the director is talking to someone about his evaluation. One of the employees said that he forced his employees to drink. That is why he is not an executive yet. The director does not think that he did that but the friend tells him that it is the case and to just not make his employees work after work by drinking.

The director goes inside and find something to pick on each employee about. For instance, he picks on the interns socks and then tells everyone to clean their desks and then points to the plants. GIVE THEM WATER. NURTURE THEM.

He walks off, all the employees think something is the matter. Did he fight with his wife? They talk about it a little bit but then get to normal jibber jabber. YJH tires to continue talking to WJ as they work, but JH breaks them up.

Finally the customers start to come in. YJH helps WJ out at the tellers. Then MO tells WJ to eat first because they will not be able to take a lunch break today (due to all the customers). SW tells YJH to eat lunch now too. JH is all like, I want to eat too! But he is told to sit back down. he does but then he tells SW that he is all alone, he has no one to eat with, can he leave? SW tells him to hurry and waves him out.

Outside, YJH and WJ are walking to a lunch. they play around and say that their father is a chaebol with an extra affair marriage. he tells her that she should write mackjangs. Suddenly JH catches up to them and breathlessly tells them that he – will eat – lunch – with them!
They go inside to eat together. YJH is very doting on Wj, he cuts her kimchi and just makes her lunch enjoyable. JH is basically a cock blocker on the sly. they leave and head back to work. But JH and YJH go inside a convenience store so that they can talk about how crazy JH is behaving.

They both put their hands in a cooler as they pretend to get something and talk. YJH finally tells him that he is not his son, he is a friend. You went too far, if you do it one more time, I will consider it that you have more than friend feelings. Youa re not my style. YJH grabs the ice cream and smiles.

back at the bank, it is now super empty. The employees grumble that all the people come at one time and then leave. The director comes out for lunch which makes SW chase after him to eat together. But the director tells him that they should all eat separate and they should clean the floor.

Everyone wonders what is up with the director. Did you write a bad evaluation? The intern comes out and says that he wrote what he does not like. They eat together too much, it feels like a continuation of their work.

Everyone looks at the intern like…!!!!!!….?????……&*%*&^^. Then SW proceeds to chase the intern around the bank.
The little college boy gives Hye-won some work out advice which perks her up. Afterward, he follows her around as she walks out of the gym. She tells him that he is going too far. But he tells her that they can be something right? I like you noona.

She is flustered and asks him what he is talking about, you are crazy. Okay, you like older people at your age…

I saw your ring.

If you saw it then you should know that you should not waste your time.

Is it that easy for you noona? Did you never have a real love? Okay…I will try to endure and not do it. But if I still can’t help it then I do not know what to do.

he walks off, but then he walks back and stands right in frton of her like a drama hero. But then he takes a step back and tells her that it is okay now, drive safely. he hops in his camera and takes off.

he drives to another spot and gives the key to another man who thinks he is crazy. You should not drive this like that! (Ah, so he is a valet guy!). The other man says that he is a fake student and is also pretending like he is a second generation cheabol?

the boy says it is high risk and high return. But the other guy tells him to just go to a club. The fake college student thinks that all the club people are fake like him. he likes the people in the college. he met a teacher that is in JK Group.

All the bank guys here the dirctor coming and set up their stage play where they all yell at the intern about what he wrote, but they all wait until the director is close to them so he can hear it all. They tells the intern all the lovely things about the director about how he feeds them all and does it for them becuase he is so nice because they work so hard. There is no one like him, he is the best and has a good heart, whenever I think of him I get emotional. I pray for him every Sunday!

The intern tell him that he was crazy that day.

I want to work for him fora long long time! If he quits his job here then it will be so sad……tears……sobs…..

The director is so touched.

Later on, the director buys everyone pizza happily. They are all overly enthused and also extra happy that their plan worked.

The director talks about what they have planned for tomorrow, there is leadership training. Cha should go and WJ should go as well YJH tells JH that this is the last time he can prove his friendship. Then YJH says that he should go instead of Cha, is it okay if I go? The director is all like, sure, anyone can go.

JH is so grumpy.

Later on, YJH and Wj leave together. She asks him if this is part of his plan. Is he doing this for JH or is she misunderstanding it? He tells her that it is embarrassing, but it is all a part of his plan. See you later.

They head off, but then we see that YJH also has a bicycle. he tells her that he has a bike now too. She tells him that it won’t be too easy. But he says that his hobby is going to the mountain, his thighs are so big so he has to wear one size up in his pants. Smile.

Cut to YJH dyyyyyying as he peddles to keep up with WJ. They stop of a convenience store where they should part ways, but WJ tells him that she can buy him something. They run in to SS there. SS realizes that this is the woman that YJH likes so he happily introduces himself to her. His friend hits on a lot of women, so thank you for settling him down.

YJH is all like, you are being too funny…. . But SS and WJ keep talking. SS has some chicken feet he wants to share, WJ says that she loves chicken feet, but she has training to go to tomorrow…..but eating in this kind of situation always makes the food taste better.
Meanwhile, JH is eating with his sister, JE at the store. The other three come in at that moment. Everyone goes through the motion of “Oh, I know you” “Do you know each other” in like a split second. Then JH sees WJ and hops up.

Cut to all of them sitting at a table to eat. SS tells them all that the world is so small. They are brother and sister and they are friends and you guys are friends and you want to introduce her to him but he is already hitting on her wow! people will think this is all fixed.

WJ tells them that she has goosebumps! JE says that she thought WJ was not a stranger, this is like fate! It is not like small fate either, it is big fate! Anyways, the two of you…cheers to a good relationship!

WJ tells JE that her chicken feet are really good, she will eat a lot. The ladies get up to go somewhere so the men all stay to chat. SS says that WJ looks like she is a perfectionist but she also looks fun, I can understnad why you are attracted to her. Jh tells YJH to go home and pack. SS is stunned, what? An overnight trip? Wow this is exaclly like what happend to me before, we went to an island on an overnight trip….

JH hits him and tells him that he forgot that she is his sister!

YJH asks to borrow someones car (JH’s?) and teases them a little bit about moving forward with WJ. He is so excited about it.

JH wiffs on the golf ball in front of all the chaebols. His mind is filled with YJH talking happily about WJ. The mother-in-law asks Jh about something but he did not hear it. HW tells him to think about it. They start to talk about how JH is the fathers only comrade.

The golf ball starts talking to Jh and says that he will move forward with WJ! JH hits it dead center.
YJH must have gotten JH’s car because he is driving WJ to the event. She envies his friendship with Jh since he can borrow the car. He tells her to look in the bag in the back if she did not eat breakfast. he starts to talk about waking up early to feed her but then he says that he woke up early and bought it (after she sees the department store brand name).

He says that usually people don’t notice that but he is actually very clean with women relationships.

They get to the conference. YJH runs into a former girlfriend (maybe). She tells him that he is the same after she looks at WJ. YJH tells WJ that they used to work in the same branch and she is not that kind.

But then another woman comes up as if she dated him also. She looks at him longingly yet distantly and asks him if he still does not pick up the phone. She tells WJ that he is good at making women go crazy. Then she leaves.

YJH is not able to talk his way out of that one and tells WJ that they should head out. WJ tells him that he is good at many things. YJH says that he dated the first year he worked. #1 liked him a lot….and #2….she is a jealous person, I could not talk to other women….

WJ laughs and says that he is explaining things too much. Of course he should have a dating history at his age. But then she says there is the second woman! He hops, but she was only teasing him.

Appa talks to everyone around lunch about how Hawaii is really good for golf. Maybe we can go there for summer vacation? JH is not listening and is only thinking about YJH and WJ. HW tries to snap her husband out of it. Appa asks if JH has any trouble at his branch? The financial people have a lot of competition so it is really hard. If you need any help then let me know.

JH nods, later on , he walks around the hotel and sees a hallucination of YJH kissing WJ in an elevator. But it is a different couple. He wonders what he is thinking.
Someone is talking at the mic in an auditorium. WJ is so bored that she is nodding off. the meeting ends so she goes outside to talk to her mother. YJH is about to walk up to her but stops when he hears her talking to her mother. She tells her that she will study hard and be back tomorrow, don’t do those things, if you do it again then your daughter will be sad. i will be back right away. then she tells the aunt or nurse to make sure that her mother eats.

She hangs up and looks off around. YJH looks at her from behind the plant and then approaches her. he asks how the trianing was, but she says that it was so boring, she is not good at studying. they both agree to eat so that they can wake up.

SS is peeling vegetables with Jh comes in. He asks him what’s up, did you go to golfing? JH just wants to eat something super duper spicy. SS asks if he did not eat after golf, but JH says that he eats streak all the time. He wants something spicy. SS tells him that he is under stress all the time, that is why he is looking for spicy things.

They talk about how YJH might be doing. It is a weird world. JH agrees, it is funny. Then SS asks about JH’s friends ex-girlfriend that he met again. How is that going? JH starts to talk about himself and how that ex-girlfriend might be dating someone. They start to argue about that. SS is surprised that JH is so angry about it and decides to call YJH. But he is not picking up the phone.

JH tells him that he is in training. SS is all like, you said that it is training but there are a lot of love lines formed during training.

JH starts to imagine YJH and WJ in a passionate embrace as they head into a hotel room. he pulls himself out of it and takes off. SS is all like, um, where are you going? It looks like Jh is taking a cab to the conference.

YJY and WJ walk around a park at the conference. he says that he is the youngest in the family. She tells him that he looks like it, he looks like he grew up in a loving family. She envies people who come from big families. She tells him that her mother is a little sick with Alzheimers and has a stay at home nurse.

YJH tells her that he does not know that much about Alzheimers, but he knows that it is a very natural disease. When you use a machine for a long time then it will make a squeaky noise. WJ thinks she likes to take it as that as well. He thinks she is a very bright person. He tells her that she is kind. She tells him he is kind, especially to women.

He says that she is too honest and walks away blushing. She accepts that she is too honest and playfully catches up with him.

Cut to the taxi dropping JH off at the conference. He tries to call one of them, but no one picks up the phone so he starts to walk around the park at the conference. he sees some people kissing and thinks that it is Wj so he interrupts them but then apologizes when he sees that it is not them.

However, he runs right into them soon after. They wonder why he is there.
WJ and YJH go inside where YJH tells WJ that this does not make sense. You have to use your car because your father-in-laws car is missing? So the owner of JH Group does not have a car and can’t find one?

He tries to kick JH at the lunacy of it all.

But JH tries to say that it is really what is happening!

YJH asks what about your wife’s car?!? he says that his wife’s car also has some problems. My father-in-law bought me the car so I can’t tell him that I let my friend borrow it. I have to be conscious of what they say and think and stuff.

YJH is a bit convinced and says that they were about to have some deep conversations, you ruined our mood!!!!!! Just leave….just leave….let me date! he plops on the floor and grabs JH’s legs. But he has to hop back up when WJ shows up.

All three end up going to a restaurant. YJH is a bit sarcastic and says that the son-in-law of JK Group came all the way here. They start to drink wine, but JH knows that WJ is not good at wine. She says she will drink a little bit but YJH tells her to drink more. JH looks at his friend and thinks, what is this jashik doing!

they keep talking about romantic comedies while JH keeps thinking. He thinks that WJ likes melo’s but she says that usually she likes comedies and humanistic dramas, but when she wants to cry or if she is bored then she watches melo’s and cries.

YJH – Why don’t you just cry?

WJ – i don’t want to show that I am weak. I have a high useless pride.

JH looks at her as if this is the revelation of his life.

WJ clicks glasses with YJH and JH goes to the bathroom to think. He flashbacks to WJ watching a melo at home. He plops on the couch and tells her that he is sorry, he told them that he has to go to a meeting. How was the memorial? Was it good?

She looks upset and tells him fine.

He tries to smile or just smiles and laughs because he is clueless. He sees his mothers kimchi and is super happy. Then he comments that he wants to watch soccer.

But she tells him no, she wants to watch it now. He wants to watch soccer, but she yells at him and says that seh wants to watch it now!

He leaves grumbling about why she is watching a melo, she never liked them before. So he goes to his closet and plays a video game. But then he peaks out and sees WJ crying over the movie. he closes the door.

In the present, he remembers that seh asked him if he can come home early today because it is her fathers memorial day. YOu can stay out any other day. He says okay, but he did not do that.

in the present he falls to the floor as he thinks about it. But then he goes back out to the restaurant and sees her sleeping on the table.

VO – So you wanted to cry then and be comforted? You were super lonely?

He thinks back to his hard day at work.

VO – I thought I was the one that had a hard time. I had a hard life and you took care of yourself. I knew you had a hard time too, but I ignored you.

He thinks back to her being happy in college and then overwhelmed at home with the baby.

VO – You did not become a monster, I made you a monster…..I am sorry Woo-jin.

he starts to pat her on the head, someones heart starts to beat hard and she wakes up.

JH – Something was on your hair…..I just wanted to remove it.
She sits up slowly. he tells her that she might have drunk too much wine, maybe she should rest? She agrees. he tells her that he has to leave, why isn’t that jashik coming back?

We cut to him walking around the corner, right past YJH who is still on the phone. YJH apologizes to WJ for being on the phone for so long and then comments that she looks flushed.

Meanwhile, JH is driving home and thinking to himself about how he is a bad guy. he stops at a light and sees the fortune teller guy walking across the street. In the other relity, he was on the subway yelling about how you can go back to the past!

JH parks and follows this ajusshi. He yells at him to slow down, but the ajusshi turns a corner and is gone. JH tries to find him. he runs all around this underground subway area to find him. But he does not find him.

At home, WJ is drying her hair while thinking about JH touching her hair. She tries to continue drying her hair, but her thoughts are filled with JH. She sighs and touches her chest as she mutters…what is this doing…maybe I am crazy.

WJ gets to work and parks her bike. JH gets there at the same time and calls her name. They approach each other awkwardly. He asks about the training, she responds with one word answers. Then she excuses herself to the convenience store.

In the bank, she is working at the copying machine. JH wants to help her, but she tells him that she can handle it. But YJH comes up to help her so she lets him help her. He is able to fix it.

YJH sits happily at his desk and tells WJ that he thinks she has opened her heart to him, she treats him differently after their training.

In the back, the intern is talking to one of his friends on the phone. HS asks him a favor, but she tells him nevermind. She tries to grabs it and reaches very high into the air. But that exposes her tattoo on her belly. KH is so stunned byt it and thinks that HS is super sexy (HS is the teller Hyang-sook).

Cut to Hye-won getting her car parked in valet. She thinks she sees or hears the young college student. She walks off and calls her husband about going home early and eating. JH thinks that is a good idea, he will see about it.

Then SW tells YJH to go to a factory and check the company to see if they can loan money to them. YJH wanted to stay there and work late so he sulking. But Jh tells him that he has a lot of documents. JYH basically tells him that he never asks him anything, then he pushes JH’s pencils over and runs away.

It looks like JH does not finish early and decides to stay and work late. He is actually working late. WJ is working as well so they are the only two in the building. WJ goes up to him to tell him something.

HW gets to the building at that time. The intern sees her and tells her that her husband is inside, would you like me to open the door?

Inside, WJ tells JH that she needs to check something. he stands up. She tells him that she is really sorry. then she reaches over and grabs his hand and puts it on her head. They stand like that for a moment as they both look longingly into each others eyes.

Hye-won – Yobo….

They both turn their heads to see Hye-won staring at them.

Fade Out

It is becoming clear that Joo-hyuk is actually the problem. He was no good to his wife in the first reality and he is no good to this wife in this reality. He has realized that he was miserable to his first wife. But will he also realize that he is being the same way with his current wife?


WJ – In summary I had a confession in Jonglok and went to Jangyang and my heart dropped.
YJH – Can you give me the answer now, Seo Woo-jin?
SS – Woojin, no, sister-in-law, take my vow.
Everyone – Let’s play!
WJ – I am drinking soju now!
HW – Give me soju also!
JE – Maybe she has a rivalry?
JH – Can I go back to that time?
Street man – Wish for her happiness.

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