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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 5

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We open at the end of the last episode. Woo-jin asks her assistant manager if it sounds strange if she asks him if he knows her…..he nods a little bit. The mother comes out and looks at them both and smiles. She says, Cha So-bong (Son-in-law) and smiles at him.

He looks at her and calls her mother-in-law. WJ tells her mother that he is not son-in-law, he is a colleague. But Umma tells her that she is too angry all the time, that is why he does not visit, come in, come in!

She pulls him inside the house. JH thinks it is a little old, but it is the same as before. he has a flashback to meeting umma for the first time in this house. Umma tells JH that she sees him a lot in her dreams and made a lot of kimchi for him. It will taste better if it ferments more, but I will bring it out!

She goes to get the kimchi. WJ apologizes to JH and says that her mother is a little sick and has alzheimers, she is on and off. But you should leave now before she comes back.

She draggs him outside but he is hesitant to go. He asks her when it started with her mother. WJ says it started a year ago. At first she forgot things but then it got wrose and worse. Sometimes she runs away from the house so she worries. But her motehr has a cute type of alzhemers so it is not that hard on her. WJ tries to smile.

Umma runs out and tells her son-in-law not to skip his meals and she wants to hug him so she hugs him and tells him that he is too skinny. She gieves him the food. WJ tries to tell her mother not to do all these things to her work colleague and tries to nod to JH to let him know that it is okay to leave.

JH walks away, but turns back to the house to think about this. It looks like she did not have this in the alternate universe. he thinks back to a falshback with his wife holding their baby. JH had to leave but WJ had something to discuss with him about her mother, she worried about her a little bit. She called her and said that she can’t find here way. But JH is not concerned and says that it can happen and just leaves.

In the present he thinks that it must have happened from that point and starts to tear up a little bit. But he pulls himself together and continues walking home with his lunch box.
He gets home to a little upset wife. She wonders why he did not pick up his phone. If you do this again then i will leave the house! But she says it in a little bit of a playful sour puss way. he tells her not to leave the house. She asks about the food so he tells her that a restaurant owner gave it to him, it tastes different from the department store.

She asks him if he has something to tell her. She says not to ever do it. if you do it one more time then we are breaking up. Then she gives him a sign to kiss her so he smiles and kisses her on the cheek.

Meanwhile, WJ is at home getting ready to go to bed with her mother. But her mother thinks that seh should go home to her husband. WJ tries to tell her that she is not her husband and how did you know that his name is Cha? They joke about that a little bit with a play on words for son-in-law and then talk about JH, did umma like him? Do you want me to find a man like him?

Umma smiles and then lays down as WJ sings her a song to send her to sleep. Umma falls asleep quickly but tells WJ to do well to her husband. Her father died so her husband is the only one she can rely on, he helped you study without charging money and changed all the lights and sent me money.

WJ tells her that she is writing a good novel, people will think it is true if they hear it. She turns out the light for sleep.

News: There is a bank robber in Seoul. he takes the cash and leaves. We are trying to find who the robber is.

Cut to the bank. It is under attack by robbers. There are two or three guys with guns that have all the women kneel on the ground and have all the men grab all the money. One of them asks who has the lock box key.

WJ raises her hand and says that she has to use the bathroom. She is not joking around with them, she really does have to, she cannot control her bladder. He tells her that they will not give her a break because she is a woman.

KH is able to push the bottom for the SWAT team. The SWAT team shows up and points all their guns at the criminals. But then the VP director comes in and claps, it looks like this was a drill.

The robbers are actually YJH and JH who high five after the drill is over. All the women get back to their seats and wonder why they have to do things so realistically. they even have a sign on their door that says they will have a drill that day. They only did this because it is an order from their main branch.

They talk about the drill a little bit and evaluate each person. Woo-jin’s role today is to report and watch but she intimated the robbery. If it was real then it might not turn out well. She said that she would buy some time for KH to press the bell, but maybe she went too far.

The next evaluation is for KH, SW basically tells him that he did a bad job as usual. WJ has a question, they are supposed to push the bell after the robbers leave, maybe not responding quickly is why robbers come to rob us.

The branch director says that he does not want to give the robbers money, but the most important thing is safety. Voice fishing also became robbery, so you should be careful and check out this voice fishing report and memorize how new crimes happen. Remind customers about voice fishing and how it happens.

They end the drill and sit for regular business. SW says that he never had anything like that happen while he worked there so everything should be fine. Then they start to talk about constipation and hyperactive intestines. But WJ goes up to JH to talk to him and pulls him to the back.
She gives him something int he back for hangovers and tells her hat she usually does not share her things will people but is thankful for the mom thing. So go ahead and eat it.

He eats it and asks about her mother. WJ says that she is taking medicine so she is okay. JH mentions that his friends friend is a doctor so tell him if you need to move hospitals. WJ is all like, it is not your friend but your friends friend? Just then, YJH comes in so WJ makes it look like she was reprimanded a little bit and leaves. YJH tells JH to be nicer to her.

Meanwhile, HW works out at a gym and sees the young student. they talk for a moment then he goes to work out, but her eyes are on him and she is very conscious of his whereabouts. he goes back to her and tells her that she needs to pick the proper weight, otherwise her muscles will have trouble.

She thanks him, but then he starts to show her how to lift the weights by putting his hands on her shoulders a tiny bit. then he tells her that her hands are pretty, maybe because she plays music? he also asks her if she would like to eat, because he told her that he woul buy her lunch.

They leave together. he opens his car door for her and says that it is his fathers car, he is stingy because he is self made. She says that his girl friend should sit there but he says that they broke up.

The director starts to talk about drinking and heads out. It is almost closing time. After the director leaves, SW tells them that they should also get ready to leave. They all start to pack up to leave. WJ drops something that YJH picks up. he gives it to her and says if she is thankful to him then he can buy her dinner (something like that). She smiles and leaves.

KH walks up to YJH and says if he wants someone to eat with then I can eat with you. But YJH tells him that he is not looking for someone to eat with, let’s drink. the poor intern does not want to drink though.

WJ rides her bike home and Jh follows her. he is concerned about her riding he bike all the time. Perhaps it is too tiring for her? Should a superior give her a ride? Will that be weird? Maybe I should just keep driving?

he decides to keep driving, but then WJ falls off her bike so he slams on the brakes and runs to her side. he ends up giving her a ride and tells her that she should put on a bandaid. But he does not want her to grab it due to her injury, so he reaches over and grabs it.

They start to talk about little money reserve that they have for robbers and how their life is more important than money. But JH thinks that is why those robbers do that. they keep talking about the robbers. They have a real gun in the bank just in case. WJ thinks they need a secret sign between them just in case. JH thinks she should just let it go, but she tells him that pocking nose can be a signal or pocking the ears.
HW gets dropped off at home, but he is a little sour because HW bought the meal, she did not want a student to buy the meal. He does not want her to treat him like a baby because they are only 10 years apart, but she tells him that 10 years is a lot. He says that he showed her how to work out properly, can I call you noon? I will see you when you work out, don’t ignore my text!

He drives off to a blushing HW.

Similarly, JH drops WJ off at home. She wants to buy something for her mother so she tells him to go home. he does not want to drive off first, but he drives off first. JE runs up to her and asks her if she got out of that car? They talk for a little bit. JE asks WJ if she wants her to introduce a guy to her? There is a handsome and weird guy that is a good person that she can introduce her too. (she said the word benjil benjil which is a person that only does his own work and does not help others).

At home, SS talks to JE and thinks her brother should marry someone like Woo-jin. But her husband thinks that marriage is reality, a good person will yell all the time after marriage. She asks if he is talking about her. he is all like…um…no…you are always the same. He tries to tell her she is sexy, let’s make a brother for our kid. She tells him she is always the same but he tells her not to joke around.

At home, WJ sits for dinner. His wife gives him dinner but she is not eating. he asks her if she ate so she says that she did with a professor. he asks her how the lesson went but she tells him that it was just a little lesson.

She gets a text at that moment from the boy and then starts to get a lot of texts from him and tries to hide her cell phone. She leaves the table to handle it which is when JH runs to the fridge to eat the kimchi that his mother in law made. So he is eating kimchi and steak.

JH drives his wife to work. they comments about how he will forever be her driver Cha. They smile but then she sees something that WJ left. It looks like her nametag. HW is a little put off that JH is giving other people rides around in his car. Then the boy texts her a good morning text several more times so she is a bit embarrassed by it.
At the bank, YJH does his typical type of flirting with the girls in the front. he is doing the same benjil benjil behavior that JE was talking about because he is kind of flirting but then says his work is done and leaves. The girls are still a little smitten with him though.

JH comes in and is about to compliment the two women, but they say that YJH already said everything. So JH goes to his seat happily. In the back, WJ is working out and talking to YJH. She says that she has to work out a lot so that she can eat what she wants to. But she also wants to drink soju. they laugh a bit about being an alien then YJH leaves.

WJ heads back to her desk and sees her pin on her desk. She thought she lost it again so she is happy that she does not have to order another one. Their director comes in and asks them what the expiration date is on salt. Everyone looks annoyed with this joke but WJ tells her that it is 1000 days. BH is all like, ding ding ding! Good job! How do you know that? WJ tells him that her mother loves those jokes.

The boss tells JH that he needs to go to a company to get a deal, so wrap it up well. he says that he will leave now to do it! He heads out, but he passes a guy on a motorcycle that looks suspicious. he looks at this guy for a little longer than normal, but then goes to his meeting.

Int he meeting, the guys talk about voice fishing and a guy with a motorcycle helmet and how he had a gun. JH thinks back to the guy that walked by him. He asks to see the man’s face. They show him the image which makes Jh think about all the things that WJ did during the security exercise. He finishes up his meeting and drives to the bank so fast.

He is speeding as he tries to get back to the bank. he even drives quickly through yellow lights like they’re green.

The motorcyclist is still at the bank waiting for his number to be called. His number gets called just as JH gets back. JH immediately looks from the motorccle guy to Wj and then jumps on the motorcyle guy.

Everyone wonders what is going on! JH thought that the motorcycle guy was reaching for a gun, but he was actually reaching for mouth spray since he was going to the counter. They talk in the back with the director about it and WJ ends up apologizing.
In the front, there is a woman asking for all cash. WJ asks her a lot of questions but the woman looks nervous. There is a man to her side that looks like her son, but WJ notices that he has a gun. She pretends like everything is okay. But then she sees JH and blinks her yes twice and then picks her nose.

JH realizes that they are being robbed.

WJ starts to talk to the two and asks why they don’t look like each other at all. She is just curious that is all. She starts to count the money over and over again and makes an excuse – she is just making sure all the money is there.

She counts it over and over again and then puts it all together and makes sure that all $22,000 are there. But the bag is too small so she needs to get a bigger bag. But the son just grabs it.

However, JH is right behind him and sprays him with the pepper spray. Pepper spray goes everywhere again, but this time it is a fun occurrence as WJ and JH laugh at their nose picking sign.

Afterward, JH talks to their director over the phone about it and WJ shows him the news article on the phone. She thinks it is cool. But he thinks it was dangerous, how can you do that like you are super brave? Before and now, you are super brave.

She asks him if he would like to eat dukkbogi so they go to a ddukbogi place. JH thinks this place did not change at all. WJ tells him that she is a long time customer of this place. Flashback to when they were in college eating ddukbogi at this place. It is his first time there so she tells him what is good and then leaves a memory ont he wall with her marker. She says that Seo Woo-jin and Cha Joo-hyuk visited here! But that message is not there in the present, the wall is clean.

The owner brings out her food so she takes a huge bite of it. JH has a flashback of her biting it when she was younger. In the present, she says it is so good. he eats it as well and tells her that it is so good. WJ asks him if he can use banmal with her, he did it with the other two girls. He wonders if he should….~. She tells him to do it, then they will feel more comfortable with each other.

he orders something else, a strawberry ice-cream (Pap-bing-su). They go outside, it is a day the tiger is getting married because it isa fine day but it is raining (Korean saying). They don’t think they can just run out so they decide to use a bucket from the store and take off running into the rain with it.
The moment is long as they happily run in the rain and laugh. JH is sent into a flashback of studying int he library. WJ shows up and surprises him by putting a cold drink on his neck. She came there to give him that but it is her friends birthday, fighting! Then she runs off. he goes outside later and sees that it is a sunny yet raining day (the Tiger’s wedding day). he takes off running with his shirt over him.

WJ runs up to him and goes under his shirt. They talk for a moment but then he sees that she has an umbrella, she says she did not think about that, she must be so super stupid. She pulls out that umbrella and opens it to a smitten JH.

In the present, he thinks that was the time that his heart started beating for her. SHe wonders if something is going on but he tells here that it is nothing. they make it to his car and decide to wait a little bit longer. But then she sneees which sends him to another flashback.

The flashback is of WJ sneezing while they are studying, she has an AC allergy and always sneezes under the AC. He tells her to stop making up things, but she says it is true.

In the present, she tells him that she has an AC allergy, maybe because she is wet and the AC is on.
WJ finally gets home and sees her mother in a taxi. the mother is not getting out. There is another woman there who is trying o get her out. But then umma comes out when she sees Cha So Bong (son in law). She will make him dinner. She tells him that they just ate but he says that he is hungry, very hungry.

they go home to eat. Cut to a wonderful dinner spread with goldenwa fish. Umma wants WJ to put the fish on her spoon so he does. She happily eats it. WJ asks when her mother started to like men, but she says he is not a man, he is her son-in-law. Son in law Cha, you should eat, this is namoo.

WJ thanks her – mother-in-law. JH whispers that he does not have to do that, but he likes doing in. They happily eat and talk until JH leaves. Jh tells WJ that he enjoyed it all. She is not sure why her mother is doing this to him but she is thankful to him. he tells her that it is nothing.

He mentions that things might be hard because of her mother, but WJ says it is not that way. It seems like I am taking care of my mother, but actually my mother is taking care of me. The psychologist said that the family members become the therapist. You can laugh at them and yell at them and be comfortable together. You need those people. Without my mother, I think i would already spend a lot of money in the hospital.

Cut to JH trying to drive away. WJ helps him back his car up and then leave. She smiles at him as he drives away.

VO – Woo-jin is still smiling. Maybe she does not remember that she hated this street -she does not like one way streets, why one way streets? there should be people and cars on both sides. She smiled like right now about not being one sided. But now, maybe I am the one that forgot our promise? Maybe you? Maybe us?

He thinks about their moments together studying in college, falling in love, getting married. But then it cuts to Woo-jin’s face sleeping.

VO – Woo-jin, let’s go….Woo-hin ah….

She wakes up and thinks that the voice is so familiar to her. She looks at her mom happily and then hops up.
The bank is so busy with customers. they think it might be because of the news with the voice fishing robber case. SW says that his primary school friend even called him to ask about it. Their bank is super famous because of that couple (i think they mean WJ and JH).

WJ goes to the back to walk around, YJH follows her and gives her something (or she already had something) to eat. he asks her a lot of food choices and then he asks her what kind of clothing she likes. Classic or casual? She says that she likes casual. he runs off.

Back in the bank, MO tells them that she has a college friend meeting. SW thinks they are all done so they can go home together. But the three woman in the front are not done so they stay a bit to work. They two girls in the front have an important meeting that they have to go to. WJ tells them that they can leave, but they can pay her back next week during lunch. The ladies say that they will really repay her next week.

So now it is only WJ and JH left inside the bank with YJH. But YJH leaves suddenly.

JH drives home and wonders when WJ will go home. he gets a call from his father about going home early from the bank early and how the son is sending money to them every month but the son thinks he sends him too much money.

They talk a bit more and get off the phone. Umma did not want to talk to her son and is a bit angry. Appa asks her why she is so angry, we knew he would marry into that kind of family and he sends us money.

Cut to JH thinking about his umma. He wants to eat his umma’s kimbop.

he ends up going back tot he bank. he practices what he will say to Wj in order to talk to her. But she is gone when he goes inside. he wonders where she is. He goes to the back and sees that YJH has bought a lot of kimbap for WJ. He opens it all up for her and asks her if it is delicious.

It is so she asks him if he bought it all for her? He smiles and says yes. She tells him that she knew he had good manners but she never expected this, she was so hungry. he says that this was not manners. This is interest.

WJ – What?

YJH – DOn’t you feel anything? I changed my clothes also.

WJ gets it.

YJH – I am interested in Seo Woo-jin, would you like to date me?

JH watches this all from outside the room. YJH looks at Wj intently as he waits for her answer. She thinks about it on the spot….

Fade Out

A light breezy episode. This show is definitely going more for the human moments, which I can dig. The preview for the next episode looked pretty light in the plot, so hopefully there are some wonderful interactions to keep it moving along.


Jh – I oppose you two dating. Never!
SS – I agree.
YJH – I agree.
JH – Objection!
YJH – You and me, agree!
SS – Agree!
JH – Our team leader said we should all eat together.
YJH – Why are you doing this? What is the reason?
JH – What did I do?
YJH – Smile, smile.
JH – With this chance, will you move forward with her?
YJH – Nonsense, i-jashikga!
JH – Mother in law, why do you remember everything? I changed everything.

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