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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 4

A man working in a bank behind a desk in the Kdrama romantic comedy Familiar Wife
It’s weird jumping into a show on the third episode. It’s like there is all this backstory that I don’t know about and am actually living this new life with the main character. Whenever he had a flashback, it became super important for me to watch to understand the show. I kind of like the feeling (but I’m not in love with it, I want to know stuff!). Today, I hope the “I hate you, but I like you so I will be mean to you” -ness of the trailer does not extend to this entire episode. But I am prepared that it will.

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We open right at the end of the last episode where WJ kind of thinks something…are you….maybe….

VO – Does she recognize me? Really?

WJ – Are you the one with the cell phone? Right? I saw your cell phone picture I picked it up, that is daebak! You don’t believe it right? Maybe we are really fate.

WJ is shocked but relieved and says yes it is fate. WJ asks him if that woman is his girlfriend or wife. He tells her that it is his wife. She smiles and goes to tell other people good morning.

She remembers Yoon Jong-hoo’s name. He says she has a good memory, or maybe he is actually very impressive? She is all like, mmm….yeah……Then goes to ther desk.

Everyone gets to work as all the people come in. JH looks at her working and thinks back to why she always tied her hair up, but now she has it down. She basically tied her hair up all the time because she did not have time to wash it.

WJ is great behind the counter as she helps the patrons coming in. JH thinks back to when WJ was upset that he bought a lot of things and upset about the upstairs people being so noisy, her temper was no joke.

YJH comes to talk to JH, he tells him they have a new face sot he customers are even happy, there is a new mood. But then a thug looking person somes into the bank. He grumbles that there are so many people. Everyone knows this guy and hope that he does not come to them.

Cut to HW awlking along campus thinking about what happened last time in the rain. She sees the young man and quickly turns around to avoid him, but he sees her and catches up to her. He wants to buy her a meal as a thank you. HW slyly takes off her wedding ring. But then a young girl runs up to them. HW tells him that it is okay, she will take it as already having the dinner from him.

She walks away slightly horrified.

Back at the bank, WJ helps out the difficult customer. he does not have the right password so WJ tells him that he needs to be careful on the third password. he puts it in, but it does not work. he needs to bring his ID and other identification. But the man says he does not have time for that.

he starts to yell at her, but she maintains her composure as he yells at her. But then she starts to get a bit more aggressive in her response to him, though she still maintains her composure. JH notices this slight change in her. WJ nicely showed her temper and had the police escort him out. JH looks so impressed.

Later on before closing, the bank employees all talk to each other about buying coffee since they might be working pretty late. The boss will pay for everyones coffee so they all take the orders. JH knows the type of coffee that WJ likes and spits it out, but then he realizes that he should not know that. (strawberry coffee)

A woman tells that to WJ. JH tries to correct what he said, he said that she has not had coffee all day and everyone likes strawberry coffee, right? the bankers think he is sensible, so he gets away with the slip of the tongue.

Cut to all the coffee in their hands. MO tells WJ about that difficult guy that comes in all the time. He is famous there, but they also have other impossible guests that come in for help. (Montage of all these people). There are people that yell and crazy people (wire tap in my body) and weird people that put nuclear bombs (poop). SW says he couldn’t even eat because of that poop explosion.

They talk about how they have a lot of difficulties. MO asks why she is not that focused and figity. Wj says that she is not excercising that much since this is her first time at a desk job all day long. the boss thinks they should all go walk.

Int he bathroom, MO tells two other tellers that WJ is a bit strange, right? Is she a bit flirty too? the other two think so, maybe she is a woman that pretends not to be a fox but does foxy things behind. They tell MO that she should try to control her.

WJ comes into the room (or is about to leave the room?) and tells them that the bathroom is far away. MO tells her to tie her hair up at work. WJ says that she has a cigarrette mark on the back of her neck so she does not like to tie her hair up. MO is all like, really? WJ asys not really, it was a joke, I will tie my hair up from now on. She pleasantly smiles and leaves. MO thinks that WJ is not fake at all, maybe she is the real deal.

While riding home, WJ accidentally hits JE on her bicycle. they both say that it is there own fault. JE is all like, yes, it is your fault, but I will take you to the pharmacy and buy a drink.

Cut to the pharmacy, WJ treats JE’s wound and tells her that she did a proper treatment so don’t talk about this later. JE tells her that she has a bar with her husband nearby, please use our store. WJ tells hre that she will which makes WJ super happy, she has a customer now.

They start to talk about the drink they are drinking. But then JE thinks she has seen WJ before, she is so familiar. They say all the city they lived in and schools they went to but none of them ring a bell. They were both born in 1988 and decide to be friends.

After that, WJ walks her bike home and ses her mother leaving the house. WJ is all like, mom, what are you doing? Umma smiles but then she takes off like a bolt. It is a slow motion chase, y’all. Umma is running in a grandma speedy way and WJ is running after her. Finally WJ says, appa! Over there! Umma is all like huh? So she stops running to look, WJ is able to catch her and puts her in a head playful lock as they walk back home.

JH goes to talk to his best friend SS about his wife and things. SS wonders if JH can’t get it up for his wife? JH says that is not it, what if your ex comes to work in your shop? SS is all like, why would that happen? JH grumbles about that. They both say that one of them should go somewhere else. That is too uncomfortable.

At home, WJ has another dream of her married life with JH, it is the one where she threw a chicken leg at him. She wakes up as if she remembers the dream once awake.

Everyone is working as they normally do. JH goes up to WJ to ask for her help with boxes in the other room. The other ladies say that they will help but JH only wants WJ to help him.

They go to the other room to take care of the boxes. JH uses this as his opportunity to spread rumors about all the people that work there. the Boss is a sociopath and MO lost sooooo much weight before you came like 38 kilograms. I heard another branch has an opening, you should leave. if you stay longer then it will be awkward.

WJ says that there are bad bosses everywhere, but thank you for your concern. I like hard things and I need to lose weight as well. Bye-bye. She grabs all the boxes and leaves.
JH tries again and confronts WJ about printing something in color. Color ink is super expensive. he tells her that the Korea economy will collapse if you print so much ink. The office workers are all like, what is going on. And BH sees all the color papers that he printed so he hides them, lol. JH finishes with his super long explanation about why not to use color ink and then sits at his desk nice and happy.

YJH takes him outside and tells him that he is crazy, why is he so nitpicky? She is a good person and she is attractive. JH is all like, huh, attractive? You never know, that person could be Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

WJ walks out to the two of them and tells YJH that someone wants his key, he gives it to her. She smiles and says, keep talking about me, then she leaves.

Inside, WJ talks to BH about the man that complained about everything. he is putting a lot of posts everywhere about what happened. MO says they know that it is not her fault, they have a lot of bad customers. JH comes up and tells WJ that if she is not confident then she should go to another branch (he says it nicely but WJ still glares at him). The other office workers look at him too, why is he doing that?

WJ said that she would apologize to this employee so he comes in and the bankers give him a lot of gifts. A ridiculous amount. The man is happy but tell them that he is not a beggar, however he wants all the gifts. WJ comes in and tells the customer that she is sorry that she made him so angry, it will not happen again.

The bad guy says that she does not look truthful. WJ tells him that she is really sorry, how can I make you happy again? Do you want me to kneel down? The bad guy laughs and tells her that she loves her company so much. if you kneel that means that you area good person and I am the bad customer. I don’t want to see that. you should bow to me 90 degrees.

WJ does not do that so the man starts talking again. But then WJ bows several times at 90 degrees. All the employees are so angry that she had to do that. They think it is there fault. We are all citizens of Seoul….She was so unlucky….she is the saddest person to bow to that guy….maybe she will go back to where she was….

JH smiles and one of the women sees her smiling.

YJH goes to the back break room and sees WJ crouched over a chair as if she is crying, but actually she was just happily eating a sandwich. She asks YJH if he has something for her to do?

YJH goes back and tells JH that Woo-jin is eating now…wow….her mind is so strong. She just said that she could not eat due to all the mess. She happily goes back to her desk and sits to work, everyone looks at her as if amazed.
After work, WJ catches up to JH and asks him to give her some knowhow about how to deal with customers who act badly. But he does not want to talk to her. She tells him that she heard what he said on the rooftop, she will try hard not to affect y’alls work. Yell at me if you think it is needed, I am okay, see you tomorrow.

She walks away but then tells him that his first expression was really good, it was familiar as if she knew him before. I am just telling you the truth, not bribing you.

JH drives home thinking about what she said….I liked your first impression and feel like I knew you before. he looks out his window and sees WJ riding her bicycle. he wonders if she lives in the same house and stars to follow her.

A lovely song starts playing as he drives slowly behind her.

Jh continues on and meets with his parents in a cafe. Appa drug Umma there because she never wants to close her business. They talk about to his house to meet the daughter in law and have dinner. But the umma thinks maybe not. Appa thinks it is a good idea because it is his wife’s wish to eat her daughter in laws food.

They end up going to the house. Umma looks uncomfortable but Appa looks right at home. HW comes in and looks immediately uncomfortable when she sees her in-laws. Umma tries to smile but looks apprehensive as well.

Umma says that they should clean their refrigerator. They have so much food inthe fridge that they buy from the department store. But HW just smiles and says that it doesn’t cost any money, my mom pays for everything. that makes the situation a little bit awkward.

HW ends up asking them if they like staying in a hotel? I will buy a King Suite room for you. She goes upstairs to get the very hotel room. But JH stops her and asks what she is doing? They are your inlaws. HW says she knows that but coming by without notice is not good manners.

JH tells her that he wanted to invite them. But HW tells him that she does not know what to do, it is too stressful and she does not want strangers to stay in her house. JH is all like, strangers? he hears a noise and runs out.

his parents left. He runs to catch up with them and tells them not to leave like this. But the parents just say that they should not have come, why should they come here and be treated like this? You just continue with your life.

JH tries to tell them to come back in, but appa tells him to go back in as he waves his hand.

JH angrily goes back inside his house and tells his wife that they left, are you happy? She is timid and says that they came uninvited but made me into the bad person. Should I give them some money later? 1000 dollars? JH tells her that it is not about money. They argue a bit about money and how his mother is talking from her standpoint, not my standpoint. JH says that he has to drop everything to visit her parents, but my parents can’t even stay one night in my place?

HW tells him that he promised her this before they got married, if you want to change your mind then give my Daddy back all that he gave you! She storms out and drive off grumbling…how can he…how can he!
JH plays a video game at home as he waits for his wife. he finally gets a text message from her, she got the hotel room. he thinks that is so much money to stay for one night. he turns off the game and watches UFC as he sulks.

JH and Jong-hoo eat at a cart on the street when they see Woo-jin ride her bike up. Jong-hoo gets her attention and they all go sit together to eat. WJ says that she is the class of 2009 because she did not go to college until two years after high school because her father died, she had to do a lot of part time jobs to make money. She is an only child and wanted to get married early to a nice man and have a lot of kids. She thinks it will be good for her mom also, her mothers health is not good.

JH talks in banmal and asks what happened to her. But then he takes on “yo” to the end to make it polite. WJ tells him that it is nothing…haha…but JH thinks something is up and Jong-hoo thinks something is strange as well.

JH goes to the safe in the bank and thinks about what WJ said about her mother. But then he gets a call from his wife. She tells him that he has to think of her and call her in one minute, okay! He calls her happily and asks if she is okay, when will you come home?

She tells him that he does things he has never done before, she will get a spa massage and see him at home.

In the bank, the thug guy comes again. All the employees get tense right away and comment that he looks drunk already. he goes straight to WJ’s desk and tells her, what are you looking at? You should say hello right away.

WJ greets him. the customer mentions that their boss is not there. I am so happy because I got a jackpot today so I drank. Bring me some water. WJ brings him water. SW spits in the water and gives it to WJ to give to him.

The man says that he made all this trouble so she is listening to him now. he wants to give her money but she says that she is okay. He tells her to just say thank you Oppa. WJ is about to blow her top but tries to keep her composure. She pushes the miney back with her middle finger and says that she is okay.

the situation esclates as Jong-hoo tries to pull the man away but the man pushes him and he falls to the ground. WJ comes around and flips the man in a Judo throw. Everyone is completely and totally shocked. Even Woo-jin.

Later on, the team celebrates. The boss says that they need to take care of customers, but not drunk ones. And he pushed you first, this is self defense! They ask her if she did martial arts? You are like Bruce Lee. She tells them that she worked in government inteligence bodyguard before coming there. One of them asks if she is the woman in the shades.

WJ is all like, yes that is me! How did you know! they are all like…woah! But then they start to think it must be a joke. Everyone was tricked and laugh. they say that Jong-hoo and Woo-jin are like a good tricking couple. The converstation turns to talking about how it is hard to date when you work together. SW and MO worked together for many years and don’t like each other.

Jong-hoo says sometimes it takes 10 years and other times it takes two days. JH is all like, huh? But Jong-hoo just says he is joking. Afterwards, Wj and YJH joke a lot about funny things. I joke a lot but I am expensive right….yeah, you are a third generation cheabols daughter…..aura aura…..we match so well…..You work out?…..I am not good at working out, but at home we have all females so I study internet self defense things at home. This is the first time I used it, I did not know it would work!…..I should study it too.

JH watches them both joking, with interest.

The party moves to a bar where everyone drinks and drinks and drinks. they area actually drinking from a punch bowl. MO finishes off the punch bowl and everyone cheers.

JH has a flashback to a very sad WJ when she was married to JH. She yelled at him to give her her life back, give me my life back you bad guy!

VO – I forgot that when we first met, Woo-jin smiled a lot.

He was her tutor in high school so he thinks about a tutoring session. They were in the library but she convinces him to buy her something to eat, so he buys her kimbap and they sit outside on the benches. WJ says kimbap is the best. JH asks if her mother is still having a hard time?

WJ tells him that her appa was everything for her umma. SHe likes the number 0 becaues it makes everything dissapear when you multiply, but nothing when you add. It is because zero likes plus. He is strong against other things, but weak against plus. I like that.

JH thinks she has an answer for everything. They playfully talk about loyalty and how she will be an adult soon. Don’t you like me? JH tells her that he is not her type. She tells him that he does not ahve a type, and I am not done eating yet! But JH just tells her to come inside. Woo-jin! WJ runs to him and tells him to call her Woo-jin again, hearing him say her name makes her happy. I want to be your girlfriend….(they keep playing with each other).

Back in the club, everyone leaves. But JH is still in his thoughts/dream. WJ wakes him up and tells him that everyone left, lets go. he looks at her and asks, who are you? She is all like, huh? But then he says it is nothing, nothing. I am okay, you can go home first. I will be fine after drinking water.

WJ says okay, drink water and come out, don’t sleep here.

They both kind of leave around the same time. WJ is slightly ahead of him which gives him the perfect vantage point to see a motorcyclist driving up. He quickly grabs her and pulls her back. Woo-jin ah!

She looks at him mesmerized, but she has to shake it off quickly. Jong-hoo runs back and asks if she is okay and then they all start to head out again. Woo-jin definitely looks heart fluttery, but she tries to sigh it off.

However, hearing her name said like that Woo-jin-ah! was so familiar to her. She thinks about it while walking home.
She gets home and talks to her mother about a strange thing that happened. Assistant manager Cha called her Woo-jin ah, it was so strange. Why did he do that. i felt so strange, no one has called me Woo-jin ah in a long time. Maybe it reminds me of appa? But it sounded so sad and it moved my heart also. i felt strange. That is strange right?

Umma nods but then asks WJ to buy vanilla ice cream. WJ reaches over and grabs her Umma belly. She tells her that this is all vanilla ice cream ajumma! What is all this? All vanilla ice-cream! They both laugh.

WJ is still driving home and thinks about his tutoring memories with JH. they had a lot of happy moments when they were together. he also thinks about them eating at a cart outside and laughing.

VO – Because of her, my pitiful world was shiny. To make her happy, I was encouraged and lived another day.

JH asks the driver to stop at a park. he gets out and looks around and up an alley.

He is pulled into another flashback from when he walked her home. he tells her to go inside but she tells him to go as well. But then she runs to him and gives him a huge hug. then she says she will walk him over there.

In the present, WJ walks to the house and looks at it longingly. he sighs as he thinks that the house has gotten old. Then he starts to walk away. But Wj walks up to him and asks what he is doing there? How do you know my place?

He tries to say something

JH – Um…you like here…my friend lives close by so I stopped by and got lost….it was a coincidence….hahaha….so coincidental….strange….it is late, go in…..which direction should I go….ah…..

WJ thinks about this and says…assistant manager…

WJ – Assistant manager….maybe this sounds strange….but maybe do you….know me?

Umma comes out and looks happy to see WJ. She smiles so brightly as she looks at him and welcomes him. (she might have said something but the screen froze so we missed it).

Fade Out


JH – She is weak, maybe I should give her a ride? You know, it is okay for a superior to give her a ride…maybe it is strange…no no no just go just go.
WJ – Bye-bye, thank you.
YJH – It is not just manners, I am intersted.
WJ- Okay! Come! Come!
JH – So many pretty women are in the world.
YJH – There is only one Seo Woo-jin.
JH – Whatever, I am completely opposing it!
SS – I agree!
WJ – I am in a hurry, can I go to the restroom?

Enjoying this show so far. I like how this show is all about normal people with no major company issues to deal with, it is nicely on the human people level and not mega conspiracy level or something. I also really enjoy the humor they sprinkle in everywhere. WJ’s interactions with her mother are so hilarious and delightful while still being touching. There is no heavy handedness to pull tears from you, but people still feel the weight of the situation. I feel like, if a situation is already sad, you don’t need to double down on the sadness, that’s when my eye rolls come.

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  1. E2m
    August 9, 2018 / 8:57 am

    “At home, WJ has another dream of her married life with WJ, it is the one where she threw a chicken leg at him. She wakes up as if she remembers the dream once awake” on #3

    What that is correct?
    Or maybe typo at name?

    • V
      August 9, 2018 / 11:14 am

      Oh yes, that is definitely a typo.

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