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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 3

An exhausted woman in a grocery store in Korean Drama Familiar Wife
We ran out of time to watch episodes 1+2 of Familiar Wife, so we are picking it up at episode 3. Let’s get these live recaps going!

Character Chart: Familiar Wife Shorthand

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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VO – Bye-bye so woojin and have a good life.
SJ – I like a guy that shows his heart.

He wakes up in the present and thinks that his life is really changed! We cut to WJ who is running outside. She looks happy.

Joo-hyuk looks at his “new” wife sleeping happily in bed next to him. She cuddles with him and tells him to sleep more before going to work. But then he gets up and sees that he lives in an amazing townhouse community. His home is beautiful. It is also June instead of August.

His Playstation is still there though his wife threw it away before. He is so happy to play it. he asks his new wife if he can play it now and she tells him of course he can play it. Why are you so strange today?

They happily sit and eat. JH thinks this is a gift from God…thank you God. Hye Won talks to him and calls him yobo, it takes Jo-hyuk a moment to take that in….he is her husband.

He runs out to go to work, but she tells him that he forgot his multi vitamin. She kisses him (which is the vitamin) he smiles so happily and thinks that this is exactly the life he wanted. He grabs his car, but it first amazed that he has a car, and hops in it like a little kid.

He goes to work quickly and is late. Another person is late and is getting yelled at. JH goes in line to get yelled at as well. he says there was a triple car accident. But his boss tells him that it is okay, you can just come to work slowly. The other guy is all like…um….there were no accidents on that highway.

The big boss shows up and tells Sung-woo to stop torturing the kids so early. They all start jibber jabbering and laughing in that workplace way and then settle down to work.

Jong-hoo tells Joo-hyuk that he has a bullet proof vest on, it’s nice not to have to suck up to the boss’. He then talks about his father in law who is very rich. he is a chaebol son in law.

JH excuses himself and looks up his new family, they are super duper rich. he hops up and down at his amazing new fortune. But then the women that used to ask him for coffee walk by. he never had the money before. Now, he stops them and asks them if they would like a coffee.

Cut to the coffee being made and then a montage of work place activity.
JH gets a cute text from his wife telling him to come home early yobo. JH smiles and sits, thoroughly satisfied. Jong-hoo talks about how they have 600 customers or something already this month. But actually Jong-hoo has to do all the work, Joo-hyuk is given a snack instead of additional work.

A female worker comes up and gives them something, but Jong-hoo approaches her and gets a bit too close as he pulls something off her uniform. This caues something to drop.

Joo-hyuk asks why Jong-hoo is so sleezy, Jong-hoo says he is always sleazy like this. What of it, I am not married. JH is all like, what! You aren’t married! What about Oh Sang-sik?

CUT TO JOO-HYUK LAUGHING AT HIS FRIEND OH SANG-SIK WHO is married and the father of a child. He has the baby on his back and is cooking for them. JH wants to know who the wife is? SS is all like, come out wife.

And then – Joo-hyuk’s sister comes out, lol. JH is all like, what is this? WHAT IS THIS. He pulls his friend by the collar and asks if that baby is his nephew!

Cut to a more calmed down situation where everyone asks what is wrong with JH. They talk back and forth about how JE can marry this guy SS. JE explains that she is always on a diet.

After JH’s marriage, they both didn’t eat anything so they ate together. She ate two lunches and saw him taking medicine to digest his food. That impressed me.

This kind of guy is reliable. So they got married due to friendship. JH asks why YJH didn’t get married. Jong-hoo says that he isn’t married now, but if he meets someone then he will. JH asks if there ever was anyone he wanted to marry.

he says yes, 12 years ago. I wanted to marry someone, but after a few months I wanted to contact her when she was about to study abroad. But a crazy guy stopped me and took my cab, he said something about fate or something and took off. I took the next taxi, but I missed it.

JH mentions that he could have had twins! But YJH says yeah, that cray guy changed my life. JH has “Crazy Guy” tag on his jacket. YJH says that this crazy trash guy really messed up my life. The tag changes to “trash guy.”

JH excuses himself and looks through his phone for his kids. But there are no kids in his phone anymore. He starts crying and tells them not to fogrive appa, don’t forgive appa. Punish me! I will get all the punishment from God! But then it thunders right away which pulls him out of his sobs.

Ah, I was almost killed!

Woo-jin runs by him right at that moment which makes him get up and chase after her, but she is already gone. He is not sure if that is her or not, but he thinks it is.

It definitely is her. She is running and stops at a park where a basketball rolls to her. She throws it back by scoring a basket to the amazed faces of the guys and then keeps running.
Joo-hyuk gets home to a wife that if newly from the shower. he is maazed to see her in her bathrobe. She tells him to takea shower if he wants. Cut to him in bed, she says that she might be getting old, her skin gets dry after the shower. But he tells her she is pretty (?). She hops in bed to keep talking to him. He is pretty shocked to have her so close to him.

She tells him that he kept his promise to her parents. They will visit with them and go to certain places. He says that she is the only daughter. She tells him that her yobo is the best. But he is nervous and doesnt’ make eye contact with her. She thinks he is super cute and gives him tickle torture.

JH is so amazingly happy as he drives to work. he signs his heart out as he drives. But then there is a loud BANG and his car stops. But it is not anything to do with his ar, it is thunder and lighting outside even though the sky is bright. he wonders why all this thunder is follwing him around.

he stops at a convenience store and buys something, but then he leaves his cell phone on the counter by accident. WJ comes up after him and pays in cash when her card does not work. That is enough time for her to notice a cell phone that was left there. She ends up taking the cell phone.

She gets on a subway and a pervert ajusshi gets behind her. She steps on his foot hard with her stiletto. Later, she tells him not to live his life like that, you jerk. Then she walks out confidently. She gets to work and happily talks to her boss. It seems like she is a very good employee.

But when she gets to her desk she sees the phone.

At his workplace, JH realizes that his phone is missing. He thinks he left it at the convienence store. His friend YJH tells him to call it. he calls it. WJ picks up the phone, but her voice is very tired as if she is exercising right now (or doing something else…). She says that she took the cell phone because she thought the conveninece store guy might sell it. They arrange a meeting.

Jh says that this woman was weird, she was out of breath while talking. YJH is all like, what? out of breath? They joke about that.

Cut back to WJ, she is actually walking up the stair and then does a few hops when she gets to the top. her friend comes out and asks her if she took the steps again? You work out so much. The friend sees the phone and starts to talk about this guy that is cute and this goddess. maybe they are brother and sister?

But the friend thinks that she never takes a photo with her oppa. It must be the girlfriend, maybe the game is not over yet though. They laugh about that and get back to work.

At the bank, one of the applications is not done. They had three applications to do but they only did two of them. They think that they lost one of them. But then they see that the documents are next to the shredder box, they must have shredded it. (This also happened before, but that time it was JH).

Everyone runs to the shredder adn tries to stop the woman from shredding everything. But it is all for not as we cut to them all laid out at a table with all the shredded pieces on the table and all the men looking at them and trying to put them back together.

JH says he is sorry, but he has to leave to get his cell phone. They tell him okay, but come back quickly. Then they get back to the shredded puzzle pieces.
Woo-jin gets tot he cafe early and sits at a table. Joo-hyuk is late and is running there. he gets to the cafe but a couple high school girls drop something, so he picks it up and gives it to them. At that exact moment, WJ runs out because she recieved an urgent call and had to leave.

They miss each other by just a head glance. But WJ left the phone with the waitress and the waitress gives the phone to JH. he wishes that he could have thanked her.

Back at the company, everyone is at attention as they try to handle this situation. it looks like it did not go well. Sung-woo tells Jong-woo and Joo-hyuk that he worked so hard for this company to get that deal. They went to the mountains and worked so hard for this deal. Man-ok comes out and says that they can start over with something.

But they wonder where they can make $5 million dollars this month. It is a super big problem.

Joo-hyuk takes Jong-hoo out for drinks. Jong-hoo thinks that he might need to quit the job, someone needs to be responsible. But Joo-hyuk remembers something from the alternate universe when this happened before. He says that he thinks they have a hidden card that they can play.

Cut to JH going to his father-in-law’s building where the board meeting is going to be. he talks on the phone with Yoon Jong-hoo the entire time. But the meeting is not over yet.

Once the meeting ends, all the men walk out looking important, Joo-hyuk hesitantly says his father in laws name. All the heads turn and father in law sees his son in law, he is so happy to see him.

Cut to the next day, the company people are so happy and cheer for Joo-hyuk. it looks like the father-in-law called the other company guy to give the bank another chance. Sung-woo thanks Joo-hyuk so much and tells him to give him his bag, Joo-hyuk looks so unconfortable but still smiles and laughs along as he gets used to this new life.

he goes tot he bathroom and talks to Jong-woo about saving his life while they both pee at the stall. Joo-hyuk asks him if he likes how things are now, but then he says, never mind. Jong-hoo does some nasty boy stuff where he puts pee on JH and then runs out as they both get ready for a meeting.

SW talks to his team about needing more people. The big boss thinks that is right, he talks to the main branch all the time about it. But it is difficult to move people around. he asks JH if he has any good idea. he said to move the intern to the money lending department. SW does not like that but MO likes that. KH is the intern but no one wants him in their department because he does no work.

KH is all like, I am here. They ask him what department he would like to go to after his internship ends. he says he wants to go to money lending.

MO asks the big boss if she can have a guy that can deal with foreign currency? The big boss says that they will. Then they cheer at the end of the meeting. “All done, let’s work.”

As they leave, SW and MO talk about who they need. This is not a dating service…..you do not need an experienced guy…..that is why you are divorced….don’t talk about private life…..you started it first!

JH heads home and sees that his wife shopped a lot during the day. She says that she was a bit sad today about one of her friends. So she shopped a lot. One of them was over $1k but it was on sale for just under(?). She says she will change into it! She hops off while asking Jh if he called appa.

he says of course and goes to the kitchen to fix the food. But a lot of food is spoiled and moldy. he tells her and she asks him to throw it away. he wonders why she buys it all if they are just going to throw it away. While walking out, he thinks about his old wife not throwing away food that went bad. She wanted to eat it all.

JH thinks that everyone has their shortcomings, his new wife grew up in a nice household so she is like that. His mom calls at that moment and talks to her. Umma feels like someone took her son from her because JH never goes home. He is always with the rich family.
Jh goes to see his friend and sister at their place. The friend is not there so he talks to his sister. he says he talked to mom but she does not seem good, is she mad at me? JE says that she isn’t mad, we acknowledge that eunnie has a good family, but sometimes she does not treat us that well. Do you really have to go abroad for New Years?

he asks his sister how her life is. JE says that SS is a good husband and father, he takes care of the baby all the time so I can rest. Oh Sang-sik is a guy like that. He makes me a nice person, I was selfish before.

JH remembers that he did not do any of those things for his wife.

JH runs off to work when his wife tells him that she has a class, don’t pretend like you don’t know. JH tells her that he forgets some things lately. But then he asks to go visit his mother this weekend. HW says that the house is too uncomfortable, they only have one bathroom…JH tries to understand and tells her that he will be back, see you.

At work, Jong-hoo talks to Joo-hyuk about the events from yesterday. If he had a family then he would not even think about quitting. JH starts to stretch which makes Jong-hoo tells him that he is so flexible, how can you do this? JH has a mini flashback about doing that before and tells his friend that he can learn too. they play around stretching for a moment and then go back down.

But eveyone is standing around someone, they all run up. The big boss says that this woman will be here starting tomorrow. Seo Woo-jin. Then he introduces her to Cha Joo-hyuk. JH is so shocked that he accidentally fires pepper spray everywhere. it is a pepper spray slow motion gangster style melo drama moment as everyone covers their eyes while string music plays as they all try to get away from the pepper spray that is everywhere around them.

Cut to the new wife, HW looking out the window in her very crystal clear office.

She leaves work and walks out in the rain. But a man runs to her umbrella and asks if he can use it with her, his clothes should not get wet because he has a presentation. She tells him to say an excuse. he apologizes and takes the umbrella from her. HW looks smitten and touches her wedding ring.

They get to his location so he tells her that he will buy her something nice in the school cafeteria, then he runs off.
back at the bank, everyone is still recovering from the pepper spray, the air is still foggy and everyone is still squinting, but it looks better than before. They all wonder where that pepper spray guy is.

The pepper spray guy is hiding in another room. Another woman comes in so he asks her if the pepper spray lady is still there? She says yes come out, she wants to greet everyone properly.

he comes out to everyone standing for their greeting. The boss tells them all they they will greet each other properly. Seo Woo-jin is from a global trading company, if anything happens then ask eunnie. (but I think the ladies say that Woo-jin would be there eunnie?). Eunnie tells them that she has a good personality, but sometimes she has a temper. they all look like kind people though so it was worth it to bribe her HR person.

Everyone is all like……what……But Woo-jin says that was a joke, they all laugh. The Big boss goes through the line and introduces everyone. MO tells her that she is not married so don’t ask her why she is not married. Each person has a unique introduction that shows their personality. The intern is introduced as the troublemaker. Cha Joo-hyuk is last and is introduced as their backbone.

JH finally looks up to look at WJ int he eyes. he looks so awkward.

MO tells WJ the attire for the place and then she leaves.

Outside, WJ talks to her team leader about all that is going on and how her time went with the job. But emo is running around outside looking for her mother. Her mother has dementia and is lost in the neighborhood somewhere. WJ runs around looking for her everywhere and is concerned that she will not find her way home. But then she hears her voice in a hair salon.

Her mother is safe and getting her hair done. They walk back to emo’s house together. WJ tells her not to take her bracelet off, be sure to always wear it. umma tells her to stop nitpicking her. WJ just holds her mothers arm and tells her sorry in a loving way and talks about how gorgeous she looks and how pretty her hair is. they keep walking down the street hugging.
Meanwhile, Jh is at home in the bath.

VO – What is fate? Is it some unavoidable force that you cannot avoid? No, that is all bull-S, this is a trap. God is F’ing me. How can we meet in this huge Seoul. is she really See Woo-jin? How can she change so much? What is her career? What was with that gaze? Does she remember me?

HW asks if her husband is doing okay in the bathroom. he asks her if he should quit the bank and work for her father s company. She tells him that he told her that he does not want to work there because the work would be different.

Outside, HW thinks about her run in with that young boy and smiles. She mutters that that young boy knows women.

At home with WJ, her and her mother drink together. milk for umma and soju for WJ. They comment on how soju is bitter like life and then WJ tells her that she works at a company near by now so she can visit a bit more. She will marry someone witha long long long life. Someone that is not available is the worst thing, so I will marry someone that understands my yelling and temper.

Umma pretends to fall asleep so WJ playfully tells her, okay okay okay, lets sleep. Umma goes to sleep while WJ massages her feet. She tells her that father might remember her in her dream.

WJ goes to sleep and dreams about her former life with WJ. She wakes up and thinks she had that dream again, what is that dream? It was so clear as if it is not a dream at all.

But she doesn’t dwel on it and just gets on her bike to ride to work. JH also gets to work. It looks like he wants to work hard as he smiles at the bright shining day.

he goes inside to the bank and gets to work preparing stuff.

WJ rides her bike and passes her ex sister in law, JE who is running.

She gets to work and gets a triple seven, a lucky number. JH is there so WJ introduces her self and tries to remember his name. he awkwardly talks to her. She is bright and tells him that she will close the window, maybe they had enough air circulation.

JH looks at her for a moment then sits at his desk to work. but he feels something and looks to his left. WJ is there with a gun looking think which is the pepper spray. She pretends to shoot it at WJ. he tells her to put it down, it might fire like yesterday.

But then she thinks of something, does she recognize him. His heart starts beating. She asks him….you….maybe….

Fade Out

Really enjoyed this episode. I love how everyone seems full on happy, though you know we will be getting down to the root of if they are really happy in this life. Hopefully when everything is turned back the way it is (if it is?), both worlds can be combined so that the good from each is kept.

In the next episode, I hope they don’t go too far into the “I must be mean to her so she does not know how much I actually like her” trope because that one is so annoying. I do not need a ticket back to first grade, thanks.


JH – One of us should move
JH – Why did you make a color copy of this..color copy!
WJ – Wherever you go, there is a boss that give you a hard time
WJ – SOrry
JH – Well, if you are not confident, then go somewhere else
WJ – You don’t like me, but my first impression of you was really good

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  1. Sashaa
    August 8, 2018 / 7:51 pm

    I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch this. It’s so close to Go back couple. I tried the first 20 min of first episode and I was like ‘I don’t need to watch couples
    Bickering’. I wanted to smack them both.
    Will follow your comments and see if anything calls me.

    • V
      August 9, 2018 / 7:32 am

      @Sashaa we definitely got Go Back Couple vibes from the trailers, too, which made us a little apprehensive in watching this. We loved Go Back Couple so hopefully we will love this one too.

      They hop back to the future in episode 3 so everything has changed from Go Back Couple. They are no longer arguing and don’t actually live together at all and only the man knows what happened, the woman is clueless.

      So far it is fun and light.

  2. zzzydny
    August 12, 2018 / 10:12 am

    Will you be going back to retrieve recaps for episodes 1 & 2? I was also unable to get past the first 20 minutes of episode 1 this drama because it was making me very angry. However, recaps will sometimes help me to persevere when I might otherwise pack it in, so that I don’t miss a drama that opens in an annoying way.

    I’m enjoying Time very much. I had originally avoided it when it began with a death sentence for the male lead and with lots of other mayhem besides. But I was at a loose end for something new to watch one day, so I gave it a try, and I’m glad I did. It’s worth my “time” (although I admit to watching episode 1 with the sound muted). I’m not so sure about bothering with Familiar Wife.

    • V
      August 12, 2018 / 8:59 pm

      Dramabeans has episode 1 and 2 of Familiar Wife up! We probably won’t get time to go back and do episodes 1 and 2 (unfortunately!). We are still one episode behind on Life so our goal right now is to just keep up, lol.

  3. zzzydny
    August 13, 2018 / 5:37 am

    Thanks. I check out Dramabeans for a lot of shows but I’ve been enjoying your very speedy recaps more, and I’m greedy. LOL

    I’ve been reading comments from various places about Familiar Wife, and it sounds like the first two episodes at least are (as one writer expressed it) “a chore to watch” and I haven’t got the patience for that right now, so I’m gonna pass on this drama.

    • V
      August 13, 2018 / 7:18 am

      So happy you enjoy our recap style, zzzydny! That makes me so happy 🙂

      We actually haven’t watched the first two episodes either and we heard that they were pretty hard to get through too, so we might never watch them and just rely on comments and flashbacks. 🙂

  4. Carmarie
    August 15, 2018 / 9:28 am

    I decided to give this drama a chance, and so far I am pleasantly surprised…I like it. I watched Go Back Couple, but I did not see much of a comparison; except the bickering, which often happens in a marriage with two small children and both working. For now, I am going to hang in there and wait for the next episode.

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