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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 16 Final

Here we are at the finale! I caught the tail end of it so I think it will be a delightful last episode with maybe one spin. Not sure on the spin though.

We had a lovely time recapping this show with everyone. I’m glad we stuck it out to the end. ^_^

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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Short recap of the last episode with the rollercoaster engagement and bank bill proposal. Woojin tells Joohyuk that he wants to marry her, really. He is half dizzy and ready to throw up, but he stands and happily tells her that he is marrying her, he is marrying Seo Woojin! They hug it out.

It is three years later and the family is asleep in bed. But the alarm is going off, it’s 8am. Their oldest is asleep inbetween them and the youngest is in the crib next to Woojin’s bed.

They both realize that they are late at the same time and hop out of bed. They both want to go first but then Woojin says that he put the clock ahead one hour just in case they did not wake up. Thank the Lord. They both run to sleep more.

Cut to Joohyuk trying to put the boys clothes on his as their daughter sits on the floor crying as babies do. But she is in a very cute dress. They both share in the responsibilities of the household and drop their kids off with their preschool van. They say goodbye to their little cutuepies and then run happily to work.

They laugh about how late they are as they look at the time out of breath. They both talk about sleeping in too much after waking up but then they happily go to work as if they are already at work.

But Jong-hyuk knows this game and calls them out for it. He tells them that this is the usual scenario, they pretend like they have a directory and talk about numbers, this is a nice couple of swindlers. Joohyuk is all like, just stop. Jong-hoo holds up his promotion badge and smiles. Joohyuk playfully hits Jong-hoo. So it looks like Sung-Woo and Jong-hoo are both promoted. Jon-hoo is team leader now.

Bong-hee comes in with good news, there are two more promotions coming up this term! Those two people are…………..Man-ok and Woojin!!! Everyone hops up and claps. Man-ok is the Vicep branch director of the Mapo branch and Seo Woojin will become the team leader. They will get their extra person soon whenever they are available. So you will hae to work double for now.

Everyone is a bit sad that Man-ok will be moving branches. Sunwo cheers and says congratualtions, he was a bit uncomfortable since he was promoted first. They all wonder what to do with Cha since his wife was promoted first. Hwan says he is always an assistant manager and is never promoted. Joo-hyuk takes it nicely and says he might always be an assistant manager.

But no one else laughs. Joohyuk is amazingly happy about it though. Joo hyuk and Woojin go to the back hall where he tells her a sincere congratulation again. He thinks it is best for one of them to get promoted than none at all.
She asks if he is really really okay. He says he is and he really congrtulated him. So she said that she will be really happy with no concerns and starts hopping up and down in jubilation. She gives Joohyuk a big hug and tells him that his heart is like the pacific ocean. Once he dumped her but it was nice to marry him again.

He jokes not to talk about the past. They start to playfully swing their arms around together.


The director takes everyone out to eat as a congratulatory dinner for the two promotions. BH says that the soju tastes sweet due to the promotions and everyone is happy. They start to talk about doing a good job in their new jobs. Woojin does not think she will be as good as MO, but MOsays she will be great. BH tells MO that she is vice branch director now, she will be okay since he gave her good training.

MO asks why he says it like that, like they won’t see each other again. BH says he was sick and tired of seeing her everyday, but now he is sad that seh is going. SW tells everyone that they should not cry, whoever is about to cry will have a 100 dollar fine! MO speaks up and tells everyone that she went to a lot of branches while she worked as a banker but she never worked at a branch with this much trouble. She almost wanted to have a shaman ceremony but because of that, I have a lot of attachment to this branch. All you guys, thank you for working for me.

The tellers all tell her saranghaeyo. MO says that usually the teller and landing departments don’t have a good relationship but she really felt like they were the same family, she is thankful They tell her that they are also thankful. MO says she had her friend Sung-woo there and the branch director. BH says not to talk about him, just pass, but MO says that he looked like his younger sister died or something when he looked at her. SW tells them to give him money if they all cry so they all pass money over becaue they are all crying.

Woojin was about to give money over but Woojins tops him, lol. Everyone is crying. SW prays alcohol in his eyes and then gives all the money to Jung-woo for the next party. Jung-woo tells him that he also has to give them all money (but he doesn’t, lol). He tells them all that they should all drink and get wasted! Congratulations!

Later on, MO walks out and sees SW (he calls her Intestinal trouble guy Jang Travolta like John Travolta). SW calls her her new name but she says to call her normally so he calls her normally and asks if she would like to eat dinner with him when she goes to the new branch. She smiles and says that might be nice, if he buys her eel. SW drunkenly walks to the bathroom and MO kind of looks surprisingly pleased.
Woojin is super drunk so Joohyuk piggybacks her all the way home. Jooeun is taking care of their kids and tells them that the babies are both sleeping. The little one had milk so she will sleep for awhile. DOn’t forget next time you will take care of our kids, we already made an appointment. She says goodbye and tells them that the kids are sleeping.

Joohyuk plops Woojin on the be. She curls up and goes to sleep right away. Joohyuk tries to put her in the right position, she asks for his arm pillow so he gives it to her. He smiles and says that Woojin falls asleep so quickly. He moves her hair off of her face and congrtulates her again.

She gets a text from his mother in law and then runs to meet her. It looks like a water faucet busted outside, so Joohyuk is taping it all up. Her room was all flooded outside. Joohyuk thinks it is because the house is old.

He fixes the hose and sprays the tree a bit to make sure it is working. But she has to get a much better fix later. Umma is very thankful and thinks she can find a plumber later. Joohyuk thinks he can fix it. Umma tells Joohyuk that she likes him a lot. Woojin knows that I like you more than her, she is jealous of that sometimes. They joke about Woojin being a jealous person. Umma thinks Woojin has a temper and is jealous so she must be hard to live with.

They both complain about laundry and how Woojin flips her socks and how it is so embarrassing. Joohyuk is happy to tell her this. Umma tells him to tell her everything, they have a good connection. They keep laughing until Joohyuk gets a phone call.

Cut to Jong-hoo and the fellas all meeting. San-sik has a restaurant now (the same one as before). They think that they should see each other often, no skipping days to meet. Just drink! Joohyuk tells them that he is fine that he is not promoted, at least his wife is promoted so no need to comfort him. He smiles.

SS tells him that he has good sense, he should have been promoted a long time ago. Joohyuk tells him not to keep pocking his wound. But Jong-hoo is in the dumps about something. Joohyuk wonders why he is in such a good mood but his team leader is sulking. Jonghoo tells them that he does not want to joke, maybe he and his wife are having a dull time. She just yells at me for nothing. I know she is busy with kids.

They ask if he yelled at her???? You are super duper brave. Jonghoo says he was folding the kids clothing but she folds them again. She did not tell me how to do it properly and she yells at me for not properly recycling. I do all the recycling. She just hates me. She does not even like it when I breathe.

SS – yeah, why do you breath in front of your wife.

JH – Listen to me, this is an important time. Just think about everything from her perspective. When was the last time you said your wifes name? You know stay at home moms are always called so and so’s mom. They should hate it. Their life is gone and they are just someones mom. They want to be pretty like before. It is not easy so they can be depressed.

They all ask him how he knows women that well. JH says that he knows but anyway, he should try to understand his wife and then she will try to understand you as well. Marriage is all relative to each other.

SS thinks Jh must be a professional (jokingly) but Jong-hoo thinks that what he says sounds good. Joohyuk says to compliment his wife about little things. She looks skinny today…your hair looks good down…your side dishes are the best…..Jong Hoo asks if he should do that much? Joohyuk says yes and I have some more….

The next morning Joohyuk talks to Sungwoo about training and an exam. But this exam will have a 30% impact on the next promotion. So you will get promoted next time, okay? Joohyuk smiles obligingly and says that he will do it next time.

BH comes in and tells them that they have some support from the main branch. The main branch gives them a tablet PC. Joohyuk thinks this is the best, his tablet always turns itself off so it will be useful. But BH tells him that this tablet is only for team leaders and above.

Everyone gets awkward as Joohyuk hands it back over. BH tells Joohyuk that he has a paper diary, it is better than a tablet. The tellers also get this paper diary as well. Hwan shows up and mentions that he has all the data for “Always assistant manager guy” he hands it over and walks cluelessly to his seat. Awkwardness continues among everyone.
Later on, Joohyuk works in the back break room. Woojin goes back and asks him what he is doing. Then she asks if he wants to use her tablet, she does not have to. But he says it is okay. Even though they are married, they should be strict with work and personal relationships. He will get promoted next time to get a tablet.

Woojin tells him that he is the sexiest when he is competitive. they joke about being sexy then Joohyuk gets a call. He talks to someone about how tonight isn’t good, he has training in the morning but he can stop by. Woojin asks if it is his college friend? Woojin says yes, he never goes so they call him a bad guy. he should stop by a little.

Woojin tells him that he has to review his data. Maybe my mom can take care of the kids so we can go together so they cannot hold you for too long. he tells her it is an all guy meeting so he will go. She says okay and then playfully asks if he really does not want to use the tablet? if you need it then tell me.

The college friends drink and talk about college and hope and all those things. Joohyuk says he is having a fun time now. They ask him if he has a lot of money, you should pay rich guy!

But then Hye-won shows up to sit with them all. She was in germany but she is back and just wanted to tell everyone hi. She also tells Joohyuk that it is nice to see him again, she heard that he got married. That is why you dumped me before.

The friends are all crazy about Joohyuk dumping Hye-won. Hye-won smiles and says she hit on him but he gave her no possibilities. But then she says she is joking.

They leave and are about to head to another place. Hye won is still with them. they all want to drink again but Woojin tells them that he has to go, he has something improtant to do. He tells Hye Won that he is very happy to see her and then tells the guys to use him as his side dish to talk bad about.

The guys says that Joohyuk’s wife has total control over him. But Hye won says that it isn’t like that, he must just really love his wife. She calls her mother to say that she will be back soon, but then accidentally bumps into someone. It is the bad kid!

But he is not a bad kid now, he is actually an older college student. They smile and start talking to each other comfortably.

Meanwhile, Joohyuk gets home and sees Woojin. She is still awake and asks if he had fun. He says he did and will check out the data. Woojin sees texts from Joohyuks phone. He has a lot of photos from that night in the text and Hye-won is in the picture. Woojin wonders what is going on.

She sits on the couch drinking beer. When Joohyuk comes in woojin says that she does not get old, she is prettier. That is why you did not want to go there with me. Joohyuk tries to tell her that it was an all guy meeting, he did not want to go there without her. Woojin says she will think about it but Joohyuk tells her not to think, don’t think, don’t think.

Woojin says he should be happy to see his ex-wife again. His current and past wife will go to sleep now. She goes to bed. Joohyuk angrily searches who sent the text photos and curses his friends. Then he gets to work at the kitchen table for the exam the next day.

But it is hard to concentrate so he goes back to the bedroom and slinks into bed next to Woojin who is sleeping like a vampire. He tries rolling over to her side, but she rolls over as well so he tries to curl up next to her.

Woojin feeds the baby on her chest when Joohyuk comes in. She is still upset and is patting the baby’s back as Joohyuk tells her that he has to go to training and take the exam so she needs to pick up the kids. He says goodbye, he is leaving, but Woojin does not want to look at him and just says okay, goodbye.
Joohyuk goes to training and Woojin goes to the bank. She tells all the customers that they have a lot of people waiting so there is a delay. if it is a simple job then perhaps you can use the atm.

An older woman gets up to use the ATM and holds her head as if she has a headache. Woojin looks at her for a moment but then helping a customer. However, the woman starts freaking out about her card. the machine swallowed her card! She needs to send money to her granddaughter!

Woojin tried to calm her and then tells Jong-hoo to check it out. The woman is so concerned and worried that she passes out. Everyone rushes to her side.

At the training facility, Joohyuk is about to take the exam. Everyone prepares for it. But then the school calls him about the kids. Woojin did not pick up the kids. The teacher says that she can usually wait with no problem, but today she has a memorial service that she has to go to. he tells her that he will check it out and let her know.

he calls but Woojin does not pick up the phone. He wonders why she is not picking up, does that mean she is on the way? he sends her a text and then calls again. But she still does not pick up. But then he calls Joo-hyuk’s phone.

The team is still at the bank, but they are talking so they don’t hear the phone. They all wonder about what they need to do, should they call the main branch? BH starts telling them that the same thing happened once before to him at the main branch, he had to do CPR for 5 minutes – 7 minutes – 9 minutes, I had to do it for so long.

Everyone cheers that he saved someones life. They all start to train on how to do CPR and force Hwan to be the CPR dummy.

At the hospital, the woman is okay, she had low blood sugar. The grandson shows up so Woojin can leave. Woojin checks her phone then and sees so many missed messages.

6:05 the daycare teacher called

6:06 Are you picking up the kids now

6:08 Woojin why can’t I talk to you, she is calling me again

6:09 Woojin what is happening, Jonghoo is not picking up

6:11 I am going to the daycare now so if you check the text call me.

Woojin thinks, Oh my God, Oh my God, and then takes off running. SHe calls Joohyuk and tells him that she is at the hospital due to a halmoni collapsing. Are you at training? Joohyuk fills her in he is leaving to get the kids because the teacher had to leave early.

Woojin is concerned about the exam, he has to take it. But it will take like 40-50 minutes. He tells her that they can do it this way. he will pick up the kids. She can take the taxi to a park. It will take him 15 mintues to get to the main branch. Get here by then and I will hand the kids over. If you are one minute late then I can’t take the exam. Do you think it is possibe?

Woojin tells the taxi driver that she knows a less congested way.

Joohyuk waits for Joohyuk while carrying both kids. these kids are so cute y’all. He bounces them both around and wonders if he will be an assistant manager forever, he needs to tak the exam. Time is ticking.

But then he sees a taxi…is it umma?…..is it umma….It is umma!!!!

They switch off the kids so Joohyuk can run to the taxi and get to the exam. She tells him he just has to take it, he does not have to get a hi mark. Fighting!

He gets back to the exam just in time to take it. he was only one minutes right before the doors closed.
Hwan and the tellers are all working late. The tellers think it is fun to work just between them. Hwan says he was upset that he had to work, but actually it is fun. Hyangsook wonders why the branch director and vice director went to the hospital even though the halmoni is okay?

Hye-jung tells her that they just went there to be recognized byt he patient. But Woojin actually did all the work. Lets do rock paper scissors to see who will buy kimbap ddukbogi soondae.

They do it once and Hye-jung loses. She is bummed, she never wins. Hwan and Hyang-sook high five each other secretly. Then HS puts on rock music. Hwan asks if she really likes him? I am a big fan. I went to his rock concert last year.

They both start to talk about this concert and what section they were in, Gah or Nah section? I was in that section too! Maybe we could have been next to each other! Hwan is surprised that Hyangsook likes hard music. She says people are usually surprised, she also like baseball. They say the same baseball team so they think that they match well.

hwan has a ticket for the rock concert and asks her if she wants to go with him. He can dump his friend, but she has to buy beer and chicken. She wonders if they should…okay.

Everything is settled and they are both kind of happy about it, but they are secretly happy as if a new love is blossoming.

Later at home, Woojin quietly closes the door to the kids room and runs to the front when she hears the door open. She holds out her arms to get a big hug from joohyuk. he asks if the kids are asleep. She says they finally just went to sleep after fighting it all evening.

Joohyuk says he might have screwed up the test a little. Woojin says that he took the exam so it is better to have a good result….but….maybe they should have a drink?

They both sit at the dinner table for a drink. Joohyuk starts to drink cider just like soju while Woojin drinks soju. he says he is a bit of a weakling with soju so he will just drink cider as if it is soju. Then they start to talk about the exam and how Woojin should have called him, she is a bad guy.

She says she is bad and raises her arms as if she is a student getting punished. He tells her, if you are really sorry then you should get punished another way. She tells him the kids will wake up. He happily says nooooooooo, don’t think about it, where should we goooooooo. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.
hwan and Hyang-sook are not talking to each other that day. Jong-hoo tells Joohyuk not to pay attention, they have broken up so many times. They will get together and break up again. Jong-hoo says that sometimes he imagines, what if I did not follow my wife to the airport when she went to study abroad. Would I be married or not? Would I enjoy my single life?

Woojin is interested in what he will say.

Joohyuk tells him not to even think about that. Then Jong-hoo and Joohyuk both pull out their phones and show images of their kids. They are so pretty….my kids look like Woojin….are you dissing my wife?…..I didn’t……look at my cute kids…..

Man-Ok comes back just at that moment and is greeted happily by everyone. She tells them that she stopped by the main branch and wanted to see them. She has news to break. Assistant manager is promoted! I just got the news! Cha will be a team leader at the Mapo branch (her branch).

Everyone is happy for him. Joohyuk is so happy that he might cry. Man-Ok calls him Cha Team Leader and shakes his hand. Joohyuk happily tears up. BH run in at that moment and says he has big news!!!! But then he sees Man-ok and says, OH, you came here to see us???? Of course you missed us!!!! Welcome!!! But I have big news!

Hwan is about to tell him that they alraedy know but Hyang-sook stops him.

BH tells them that Cha is promoted to assistant manager at MaPo branch!

Everyone cheers like they heard it for the first time. Cha hugs Woojin and they all cheer happily.

Later on, Jooeun and everyone surprise Joohyuk at the cafe with a surprise cake and dance and song. Joohyuk blows out the candle happily as everyone tells him congratulations. He tells Woojin that she said she had to leave early because of this? She is all like, yeah. Her mom is taking care of everyones kids. So they can all have a fun night tonight.

SS is so happy that this day has finally come and think that Cha team leader sounds good (but it is actually a tongue twister in Korean). SS says it does not matter how it sounds. Woojin goes to get his gift…………a play station 4!!!

All the men are all like DAEBAK! DAEBAK!

Joohyuk kisses his wife and the other husbands are all like, wow, she is a dream wife. She gave him a playstation. I envy you. JE pinches her husband to calm it down a bit. But the fellas all want to open the play station 4 to check it out. They all cheer about it.

Zoom out to the outside of the store where we see them celebrating from the window.

The name of their store is Indoor Street Cart with Sang Sik (common sense and Sang-sik’s name)
The family has breakfast with Woojin’s umma. Umma is spoiling the baby so Woojin tells her not to. Umma is all like, go somewhere with that. This baby is mellow, not like Woojin. Joohyuk says they are lucky for that (teasingly).

Umma tells them that she will take care of the kids today, so just go out and play an watch movies and eat something nice. They are happy that umma will take care of the kids, Umma is happy to do it so she can have private time with them. (maybe Woojin’s mom didn’t watch the kids the night before, it might have been another one of the grandparents)

Woojin says it shouldn’t be too difficult, it is the babys nap time soon. Umma says she does not have to do it if they don’t want her to. But of course they want her to.

So they end up going to see a melo movie. Woojin is not crying, Joohyuk is the one that is crying this time. She tells him that he does not have to cry again. She tries to keep him from crying, don’t watch, don’t watch, just be a little quiet….

Cut to Subway where they both eat a sandwhich happily. They both think that this feels like they are dating again. they should do more things like this in the future. Let’s be nice to my mom. They both agree and laugh.

they end up going to the college campus that Joohyuk went to. It was the first time they met. She tells him that it was the first time they came here when he wanted to come there with her once. He says that is right. She tells him that she did not know that it meant this back then. Why did I fall in love with a guy that dumped me. he asks if she is drunk, she asks him the same thing.

They laugh and she says that she was really wondering how scary she was for him to dump her. Was she really a horrible wife? He asks her why she is talking about the past, it si all gone. It is not important. this life and memory is important. The most important thing is our future. She says okay, then I will let it pass this time.

He tells her that a lot of imprtant things happened to them. She agrees, all those emotions that they never knew would come.

Fast forward to the oldest graduating kindergarten.

But it was an imagination, Woojin thinks she will cry when he graduates kindergarten and when he brings a girl home to marry (a lot earlier than expected). And the daughter will as well. Joohyuk coughs and thinks that is funny. They wonder if their son will think the girlfriend is more important than Umma, which one do you like more?

Woojin has this look like, you better not say your girlfriend. But then the son stands up and yells, I like So-young more! Then runs away. Woojin is stunned.

In the present, they both laugh. Joohyuk goes to the dark side and says one of them will be sick first and imagines Woojin on a hospital bed. But the nurse says that it is just an endoscopy, it will only take one hour. Joohyuk does not want to be apart from her for even one hour.

They laugh in the present and thinks that they will go through everything that everyone goes through and get old and all those things. The kids will make them mad so they will build their comraderie. Woojin tells him, if you make me mad again then i will find another coin. he asks if eh should find a 2006 or 2005? She hits him and says she is the one that will find it.

WJ – Honey, todays moon is really bright

JH – It is a really great night.


It was basically one big epilogue today. One big happy epilogue. I love how the final conflict was just whether or not Joohyuk would get promoted or not. But honestly, the best part about this final episode for me were those adorable babies. Give them all the screen time.

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  1. hahanzyy
    September 20, 2018 / 11:07 am

    dear Dramamilk, really appreciate all the hours you spent doing detailed recaps for us. Thank You Very Gamsa! 🙂

    • V
      September 20, 2018 / 11:11 am

      We were glad to have you over here Hahanzyy 🙂

    • jazzzz
      September 23, 2018 / 5:14 am

      i was wondering if its possible to know the bgm played in the coffee shop sene in ep 11 where the female lead wanted to stop dating

  2. JoAnn
    September 20, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Thanks so much. When I finally watch the episode tonight it will be my 200th drama. It should have been Still 17 but I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet. Heh. I just read your recap of the episodes.

    I find the kids sooo adorable too but I haven’t seen them since episode 1. I’m looking forward to watching them tonight. Also, glad to hear WJ and JH is really making their marriage work.

    • V
      September 20, 2018 / 3:35 pm

      Wow, is it literally your 200th drama? That is amazing! How long did it take you to get there? I don’t even know how many shows I have watched to this point. It could be 200, but it could be a lot less as well.

  3. Majo
    September 21, 2018 / 1:31 am

    Such a good drama, I love it! those kids, sooo cute ^^
    But… I can’t understand what happened with the scene on episode 15… that magical toll booth scene that you commented in episode 15… so random xD

    • V
      September 21, 2018 / 1:43 pm

      Me either, that was so random. My guess is that it was the cameo person going back in time to be a top chef.

  4. Debby
    September 21, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    I really loved it especially the cute kids this drama is one of my best so far

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