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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 15

Two main characters kissing in Familiar Wife Korean drama
Tiny bit of a late start today, so we are hoping right in!

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VO – I know I don’t deserve it, I know it shouldn’t be but Woojin, I can’t help myself.

He stops his car right in front of the bus.

VO – I don’t know anything, my conscience and guilty feeling. One thing is for sure, I like you Woojin, So so so much. I will make you happy. i will keep that promise.


Joo-eun and Sang-sik get married! Their wedding is outside in an open area. They are surrounded by flowers. Joo-eun reads her vows, she will be a tree like person for Sang-sik to rest on. Sang sik will always listen to his wife, Joo-eun, and until the moment we can’t love each other….(tears). Jong-hoo starts talking and says he is his friend, all the friens know that Sang-sik is filled with emotion so please applause.

Everyone appluads. Afterwards Joohyuk and Woojin congratulate the couple. SS is a bit embarrassed because he cried so much but everyone is cool about it. He is actually still crying whenever he tries to talk to his friends. Joo-hyuk tells him that today is the last day he can cry but SS just keeps tearing up. Jong-hoo happily tells them all that they should get the photos going.

Joohyuk thinks he and Woojin should say hello to his parens. Woojin thinks it is too soon, but Woojin drags her over. His parents are very happy and thankful to Woojin for rescuing their Joohyuk-i. Woojin says she is the one that is thankful that umma gave birth to him. The parents are really so very happy that someone is dating their son.

Later on, the friends all take a photo with the couple. they take a normal one and a jumping one, but they jumped too late so they took anouther one that came out well. Everyone looks at the photos (commercial).
Later on, Woojin and Joohyuk walk around the wedding venue park. They talk about the wedding and how they saw each other crying and no I wasn’t crying just a little tearing…and ah so embarrassing. Woojin says that today Sangsik and JooEun looked so happy. Marriage is kind of scary, strangers get together and love and adjust. I wonder how realistic it is to worry, but it seems like their love is enough to overcome everything.

Joohyuk says that Sang sik is a very nice guy and Joo-eun has a big heart. But they should work on it. Joohyuk says he will also try hard. Woojin asks how she can trust him since he already did this once. He says they said they will not talk about it anymore, why are you already talking about it. Do you want another 500 won? There is a big moon today.

They keep joking and then continue walking. They end up sitting on a bench and see that there are two moons. Woojin asks if he really does not want to go back to that day. He says he does not at all. He will not look back at the past, he will look forward with her. They can make their own future. So let’s date for now with no regrets. Otherwise I will be too regretful. The memory is very important and has big power.

They both look at each other and quietly lean in to kiss.

But then someone else goes to the toll booth and puts in 500 won to change the past. They drive through.

Woojin leaves to go to work and is met by Joo-hyuk outside. He surprises her with a toast breakfast. They playfully eat and walk. She wonders when they should break the news that they are dating to everyone. Maybe they should do it today? Okay, lets do it today!

Cut to a meeting at the bank. Everyone is sitting around the meeting table and talking about work related things. But then, right before adjourning, Joo-hyuk says he has something to tell them. But BH says he thought about something as well, it is his fault that they forced them together at the dinner. He had a good intention, but if you are uncomfortable then I was wrong, I am sorry, I am really sorry, I did not know that you are that strict on not getting married. So from today I will never talk about women in front of you.

Everyone starts to apologize to him and say that they had good intention. Jong-hoo tries to hold in a smile. Hwan says that they should apologize to Woojin also, otherwise how would she feel? So they all apologize to Woojin also. Then they wrap up the meeting.

Woojin and Joo-hyuk go to the rooftop to talk about the timing. Maybe that was bad timing. But they should tell them otherwise it would be uncomfortable. They start to talk about a mosquito on Woojin’s face so Joohyuk smooshes it. Then Jong-hoo happily walks up with a smile. He tells Woojin that her mother is there.

Woojin runs down to great her, Joo-hyuk does as well. Umma notices Joo-hyuk as her wonderful customer. Woojin is all like, that dumb customer? Umma says, nooooo, a wonderful customer.

They all go to the back (mini Subway commercial) where Umma brought them all subway so they all eat and laugh. Umma opened a bank account with them because it is the first time her daughter worked in the field. She is even telling everyone to open an account there.

They all say that Woojin is just like her, their personality and look and everything. They continue talking about her cosmetics, Umma brings out her samples for all the females to try out, they are all organic with no trouble. She does not even give it to her daughter, she only uses it. All the women try out the organic cosmetics. Umma tells them that they can even eat it, the best part is the price, it is only 80 dollars. If you buy two then it is a discount.

Woojin just stands there like that embarrassed kid whose parent is dancing at a party. No one is going to buy anything but Hwan wants to buy it. He wants to buy 5 sets! He will use some and give the other ones out as a present. Umma is so happy and surprised.
Later on, Woojin and Umma talk at home. umma thinks it is such a coincidence that her dumb customer works at her bank. Woojin tells her it might not be a coincidence. Umma thinks that guy is not trustworthy as a man, does he work hard at work? Woojin tries to tell her that he has charisma and works hard. But Umma likes the small guy, Hwan. he even has a unique name. you should date him. An older woman and a younger man is the trend. From his look, it seems like he is from a rich family.

Woojin tells umma that she is so materialistic now, so you know how rich his family is from looking at him?

Umma says that is know how, it does not come from one day. But actually the dumb customer is very handsome. Woojin wonders if she actually likes him, maybe he feels familiar as a son in law?

Umma is a bit more concerned with men getting tricked. She thinks Joohyuk is easily tricked.

But Woojing gets a call and heads to her room. Later, she texts Joo-hyuk and tells him that umma likes Hwan more than you. Umma tells Woojin to go to sleep so late. But Joo-hyuk says she is texting her friend. Umma asks her if she is dating someone? Woojin says she is just texting her friend, Cha Joo-eun. It is my private life for your fully grown daughter. Even though we are mother and daughter, lets respect each others private lives.

Umma tries to sneak peak the cell phone, let me see it! But Woojin hides it and covers herself under the blanket.

Att he bank, it is the end of the day. Joo-hyuk asks Hwan if he finished something. Hwan says it is late so he will do it tomorrow. Hyuk tells him to finish it and leave so Hwan reluctantly stays to finish.

Everyone else thinks that they can go somewhere to drink. But Woojin says she has something at home. She tries to signal to Jong-hoo to help them out. Woojin says he does not feel good. Jong-hoo says something about taking something to his wife so everyone thinks that today might not be a good day. have a good night!

So now Woojin and Joohyuk can go hang out and eat dinner by themselves. they go to a nice restaurant with plants all around inside, almost like they are in a forest. Woojin asks him why he gave Hwan a hard time. Joohyuk says he didn’t give him a hard time. So WOojin plays around with Joohyuk with the food.

However, all the women from the bank go into the restaurant. Woojin and Joo-hyuk try to hide from them and try and sneak out. So they hide behind one of the large plants and devise a plan to sneak out. Woojin goes first and makes it. But Joohyuk gets spotted!

He has to stop in mid sneak and go talk to the ladies. They ask him why he is there, didn’t he say he did not feel good? Joohyuk says he thought he did not feel good so he wanted to eat some steak, protein. They ask if he was alone. He says he was, it was really good, enjoy it! See you tomorrow.

They say that he is a poor guy, maybe he is running away because it was so embarrassing.
Woojin and Joo-hyuk walk outside and grummble about how they wanted to finish their steaks, maybe they can eat somewhere else?

they see a food truck tv show with a well known host “Edward Gang’s Asking for Street Food”. The host asks a lot of questions about how the food is made and all those things while he takes little tastes. But Edward Gang is very critical and says that what this food truck guy gave him is not food but cancer. He throws it away. (he said it was cancer because of the oil used or something).

Woojin and Joohyuk think that this host guy has a temper. Woojin thinks that she recognizes him. Then the host recognizes her and says that he remembers her. It has been ten years. He tells her that she is so pretty now. She jokes that she was pretty before. So are you a super famous chef now?

he says that whenever he sees their college friends he always asks about her. She says that she is at a bank. He asks if she went to a bank? That is not like you. Wow, you work in a bank now? He tells her that he will see her and then goes to wrap up the show.

Woojin turns to Joo-hyuk and says that it is a super big coincidence! Jooyuk does not look all that enthused.
They go eat somewhere. Joohyuk asks if she knows him. Woojin says yes, he was my first love. I met him in college. He has such a pale face and nice smile. Joohyuk tells him that he was not that handsome. Woojin says he was, he was super popular among kids. I new he went to England for food, but I never thought he would be this famous.

Everyone works routinely at work. Joohyuk looks at Woojin all day so Jong-hoo tells him that he is that happy he cannot take his eyes off of her. Joohyuk asks Jong-hoo about first loves, but someone else tells them to work.

But Joohyuk is fixated on being the real first love. He was the real first love! But he tells himself that he can’t be upset since he was the one that change history. So he gets out his cell phone and googles the chef. All the comments where good, but there is one comment that says the chef looks exaggerated, so Joohyuk likes that text and puts his phone up.

In the back, Bong-hee gets a call from someone. It seems important because BH stands up and looks excited. He says it is possible! Yes, yes, yes! He hangs up and runs out to find Woojin. Then he asks her if she knows Edward Gong, the chef. Woojin says he is her sunbae. Bonghee says that is daebak, he called me! He wants to open more restaurants around here so he wants to have a consultation with borrowing money. He wants to move his payroll over here and picked you for the deal.

The other woman says that Edward Gong is a super mainstream chef now. Woojin says, really? I don’t watch TV so I don’t know. Everyone ignores him and just talks about Woojin and Edward Gong. BH wants Woojin to go to the restaurant and take Cha with you (since Cha handles all the money lending for businesses).

They go to Edwards restaurant and wait. While waiting, they watch Edward cook behind the glass. Edward puts the last order out and goes to meet with them (but he made them wait on purpose). He tells them that he did not see them waiting and happily sits.

Edward asks who this person is, Woojin. Woojin introduces himself and they shake hands until Woojin winces. Then Edward talks about all the restaurants he has in Korea and internationally. Woojin and he start to talk about how amazing that is. Joohyuk tries to get them on track with business.

But Edward and Woojin talk about colelge days and being drunk and giving piggy back rides. Edwards sneaks in…do you want to get married or….~. But Woojint ells him not to talk about her dirty past. They keep laughing.

Later on, Woojin tells Joo-hyuk that Edward was a very shy person before. But now he is so outgoing. maybe it is because he is on TV? Joo-hyuk tries to talk about all his successful sunbaes but they are all down to earth.

Woojin changes the subject and asks what Joo-hyuk would want to do on the weekend. Go camping or hangout at her place? Woojin says no, lets go to my place.

Montage of him cleaning up his place as he prepares for Woojin. She rings the bell then hides so she can surprise him. She goes in and says that his place is so clean, did he clean. He tells her that he is always clean.

They eat kimbap and ramen (his mon actually has a kimbap store, so he should be good at making it). They start to eat, but then Edward calls. Woojin answers and asks whats up, she is at her friends house. She sits on the bed and starts to talk to him about scanning an ID to open a bank account for his employees.

Joohyuk waits and waits and waits. The ramen gets bloated as they wait so Woojin must have talked for a long time. But she finally hangs up and runs to eat the food. She apologizes and says that ramen is all bloated. Joohyuk wants to know how much she had to say to him.

Woojin tells him that she has to call him again because he has to get all his employees set up. I can make more ramen. But Woojin says he will eat it. However, he is grumpy and is ruining the mood. He talks about how Woojin is not Edwards personal fund manager, he has no manners.

Woojin asks him if he is angry, this is not like him. Joohyuk says he is angry, she talked to him for more than 30 minutes. They get into an argument about how helpful Woojin was to Edward. Woojin says it was only work but Joohyuk says it did not seem like work. They both decide to just stop. Lets not fight over this.

They try to eat but they are both grumpy. Then Joohyuk asks why Woojin smiled so much!

Woojin heard enough and storms out. Joohyuk thinks he should not have said that, he should have just shut his mouth. But then he gets a call from Sang sik, he is back from his honey moon!

Joohyuk goes to meet him with Jong-hoo. SS says that the honey moon was a throwing up honey moon, she ate and threw up and ate and threw up. But he also asks if Joo-hyuk fought with Woojin. You fought, it is time to fight. Tell us! Joohyuk talks about Edward Gong.
SS and Jong-hoo know who Edward Gong is and are amazed that he is Woojin’s sunbae. Joohyuk tells them that he calls WOojin on the weekend. He says it is business but it is personal, 100%. The friends both laugh and says that couples have animal instinct, so that is why you fought? You are a jealous guy now! If you say it is not jealous then I will wipe your mouth with this towel. Just tell her that you are sorry. You should apologize to her first, she is attractive so of course men will be attracted to her. (Incarnation of Jealousy inside joke)

Also, can you ask Edward Gong to feature my food truck on his TV show? Joohyuk starts to chase him around.

Woojin ignores Joo-hyuk at work and just works hard. Joohyuk tries to corner Woojin in a hallway, but is not able to due to the other ladies showing up to walk with her. In the front area, BH gets a call and then tells the team that he has to have a group dinner today. Sorry for it to be all of a sudden. Everyone starts to say all their excuses.

BH tells them that they do not have to come, but today they are meeting at Edward Gong’s restaurant. He invited them all to sign the paperwork and treat them to dinner! Everyone changes their mind about the dinner. The boss teases them all about it.

They all thank Woojin for this. Hwan says he suspects the motive for this. Everyone decides to go but Joohyuk says he is not coming! He stands up to make sure his point gets across.

Woojin says that they can just go without him, her sunbae is a really nice guy, lets eat. They all go to the restaurant for dinner and sign the contract. BH smiles and says he has a nice signature. They are already thankful that he has business with their bank but he also invited them to a meal.

The food is so pretty that I do not want to eat it. He says that this is his philosophy of food. It should be beautiful like his face (or something like that). the women all take a photo with him so SW says this is like a fan club meeting. The men all stay seated. Jong-hoo also looks like he is watching Woojin closely.

Meanwhile, Joohyuk went to the movies and sits in a couple seat by himself. He watches a high school love story movie and looks miserable. But then he gets a text from Jong-hoo. YJH tells him that the mood is really strange there, maybe Edward really likes Woojin.

Joohyuk stands up dramatically and then heads out.

At the restaurant, Woojin is texting and looks upset when Edward comes back out. He asks them if they enjoyed their food. They all say it was, it is difficult to get an appointment there. Edward tells them to just come without an appointment, he will squeeze them in. Everyone talks about how this is a real college connection.

Edward – It is not just a sunbae-hoobae thing….

Woojin is texting, where are you?

Jong-hoon texts, EMERGENCY

Edward mentions Woojin, she was not listening to what he said because she was texting. Then Joohyuk bursts in and grabs Woojin by the arm. He turns to Edward and tells him that they are dating! Then he turns to everyone and tells them all, we are dating!

Edward is a bit flabbergasted, but mutters, Bravo. I….felt it when I first saw you. He starts to clap for them but looks like he missed out on a good thing.
Afterward, Woojin and Joohyuk walk on the sidewalk. Woojin tells him that he was kind of manly back there and sexy. He brushes it off. She asks if he ate. He did not. They hold hands and swing their arms back and forth as Woojin tells Joohyuk that they should eat. Maybe they should eat at a ddukbogi place.

They go to the ddukbogi place and eat. Woojin says it is so delicious. She decides to leave their own mark on the wall. Seo Woojin and Cha Joo-hyuk came by 2018 September. But Woojin adds, “Again” to what she wrote and adds a red heart between their names.

They walk in together to the bank happily smiling. The bank guys happily talk about this. Jong-hoo says they should lawfully ban internal dating. Hwan tells them that he is not envious, not envious, not envious.

They all get to work. Woojin has a difficult customer so Joohyuk starts talking to him and says that he is her boyfriend. The situation builds so the security guy takes that dude out.

Woojin learns how to drive with Joohyuk. He is scared though. he tells her to drive slower, there is a speed bump. She goes flying over the speed bump and then screeches on the brakes at a red light. Joohyuk gets angry, he told her to slow down! She tells him not to get angry. They bicker back and forth about that. But Joohyuk apologizes and says he won’t get angry again. They start driving again, he says to go slow and she retorts, should I just crawl???

Joohyuk walks Woojin home happily. She gives him a pittle peck. He gives her a longer kiss. Then she gives him like 5 or ten little kisses.

Umma – Your lips will be worn out.

They both turn and see Umma standing there then hop away from each other several feet. JH tells umma that he is happy about the cream she gave him. She tells him it was a long time ago, you still use it. He mentions that he uses a little bit a day. Woojin laughs awkwardly. It is quiet for a beat so Joohyuk tries to leave. But Umma tells him that he is invited in for dinner.

Woojin pulls Joohyuk inside. Cut to dinner. Umma says that Joohyuk is her VIP customer so don’t mistake this dinner for anything else, just eat and enjoy. He takes a sip and is reminded of her cooking before. Everything she said is similar. Joohyuk tells her that it is daebak Mother-in-law…um….I mean Mother.

She smiles a little bit and then gives him some more food. Woojin tells her umma to slow down, they already ate. But Joohyuk says he likes Ummonins kimchi a lot. Umma asks how he knows it? She looks at her daughter as if she gave away her side dishes on the sly. WOojin says no, there is just a memory that is hard to explain, lets just eat!

They keep eating happily.

But later, Umma hits Woojin on the arm after Joohyuk leaves and asks her if seh is sneaking out her side dishes! Woojin says no, there is a truth that only they know about. Umma says that everyone knows who her mother is, at night you just kiss on the street. Woojin says of course they kiss at night, if they kiss during the day they it would be too much.

Woojin asks Umma if she likes him, she saw him put side dishes on his rice so it looks like you might like him. Umma says, of course, it is not like I do not like him. he looks like a nice guy. Nice guys are better than bad guys. What do his parents do? Woojin tells her that both his parents have a restaurant and his sister is married.

Umma says his eyes were shiny so he looked healthy. Woojin says he is super duper healthy, he will live super duper long until his mind goes. It seems like you will make me marry quickly. Umma hits her, of course you should get married! Woojin says he should propose to her first.

He didn’t even propose but you kiss on the street! She hits her a few more times upside the head. Woojin retorts that she has to kiss him to know if she wants to marry him. Umma smacks her head a few more times.
Woojin and Joohyuk put supplies/money in the back. Woojin asks if he saw the couple that was holding hands and with a couple t-shirt? It was cute. They went there to exchange money for their honeymoon.

Joohyuk asks if she would like to travel together? But then he says he can only do a day trip (which is not that sexy). Woojin tells him to go himself. Joohyuk asks why she is so angry? What is it? She tells him to just go and then goes back to work.

In the front, Woojin works busily and glares on occasion at Joohyuk. Joohyuk goes to her and asks her to clear up a bank book. She does not want to so he leaves it with her and asks her to do it. He walks off so she starts to do it.

he looks back at her and sees a proposal on the bank book.

Bank Book
That day you told me the thing we went through was just like a long long long dream.
The day we smiled togather was like a miracle, that day was like you (all the days and words are like a diary so the dates all have meaning).
The day I thought you were my miracle in the past life and now.
Woojin, if you let me then I want to live with you.
Maybe we will have hard days and fight again.
But my heart that loves you will never change.
I promise you.
We had a long long long detour and met again.
If I go back 100 times, my choice is still you. *heart*
I love you Seo Woo-jin, please marry me *heart*

She looks at him, he is shooting her a hand heart. She starts laughing and happily tries to focus, but she keeps looking at him and he keeps looking at her and giggling. they both giggle and just look back and forth in their secret moment.

Woojin goes to the back hallway and asks Joohyuk if this is a proposal? He asks if she liked it? He just wants to go to sleep with her and wake up with her. Does she want to date more?

No, I was so moved! Did you find this on the internet?

No! No internet, I used my own idea, all the sentences where from my own head.

Woojin agrees and thinks he is the only one that can write those sentences. But she had a dream proposal since she was little. Can you do it for me? Can you? Can you?

W-w-what is it?

Cut to them both going in a roller coaster. Joohyuk looks like he would rather die than be on this roller coaster. Woojin looks so thrilled to be there. They hold hands tightly as they go up.

WJ – I really love this tick tick tick sound, Oppa, when I tell you know, then you should do it, okay?

JH – Okay.

WJ – Be ready…not yet…not yet….not yet…

they start to go over the huge drop.

JH – Now?

WJ – No

they keep going in the rollercoaster.

Jh – Now?

WJ – Not yet……NOW!!!!



She tells him to say it a couple more times, whenever they go over a big drop. He says it every time and she says yes every time.

The ride stops. Woojin asks Joohyuk if he is okay and we cut to Joohyuk about to throw up as they sit on the side.
Joohyuk tells her that he told her he is not good at this kind of thing. Woojin is amazingly happy. She tells him that she is the only one that would have this kind of active proposal. He says it should not be anyone else, but then he is about to throw up again.

She apologizes and says she is supr duper happy, I will marry you. I will marry you Cha Joo-hyuk. Lets get married.

He asks her if she is for real?

they both hug happily.

Everyone is sleeping int he house. They have two little babies who are sleepin in the room with them. Of course the babies wake up first, lol. Joohyuk asks what time it is now. Woojin looks upand says it is 8am.

they both go back to sleep but then hop up, they have to get ready for work!

Me first!

No me first!

Fade Out

A happy lovey-dovey episode. They have no conflict left, so I guess this last episode tomorrow will be a wrap up of what happened to all the characters.

I don’t know what was up with that magical toll booth scene. Perhaps it was Edward going back to make himself a super famous chef? That seemed pretty random. Of course it could be set up for tomorrow.

YJH – Stop stop stop! I saw this scenario a lot. We have a very good couple swindler.
SW – You should do well on the test. It will apply more than 30% for the next promotion.
BH – Seo Woo Jin is promoted to team leader!
BH – I was thinking of buying this or not.
BH – Well it is only for above team leader level.
WJ – Be quiet
JH – Where are you, are you picking up the kids now?
WJ – (5 texts, 11 missed calls)
Wj – Oh my gosh!

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    That was a fun cameo.

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    I need that song that plays in the beginning and at the end please please please. It also plays in that bus ride scene of last episode

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