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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 14

Behind the scenes shot of the OTP on the beach in Korean Drama Familiar Wife
I enjoy this new future with everyones good part of their life showing. The sister is still with the friend, albeit pregnant and unmarried, but still, it’s good. They love each other and that marriage and baby are around the corner if they want. I’m interested to see how the rich wife turned out. It would be hilarious if she was with that young kid and he was something more than a petty thief. The only person who seems so out of place is Joo-hyuk, which is a mystery to me.

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Woojin shows up at the bank, she walks up outside and takes a moment to look at the entrance. Joohyuk is on the roof and feels like something is about to happen.

Everyone is about to be introduced to Woojin, Joo-hyuk is introduced as well and Joohyuk has the same reaction where he throws the pepper spray gun in the air, but this time Woojin grabs it and points it at him – boom. I will be back.

Cut to BH introducing Woojin to everyone properly. Woojin introduces herself and says that she has been looking forward to everyone so much. This is her bribery. She hands BH something, it looks like a drink that he likes. He thanks in with joy and then gets introduced to all the other team members.

While being introduce to each person, Woojin says all of the persons classical lines and gives them all the drinks that they like. They ask her how she knows this. Woojin says that a god came to her in her dream, but then she laughs.

She continues getting introduced to everyone until she lands on the shy guy, Cha Joohyuk. She shakes his hand, bigly. Everyone chuckles and thinks that she is the bees knees.

But Cha Joo-hyuk is steady trying to avoid her and runs to the bathroom as soon as he can. Woojin follows him and calls from the door that she knows he is there, can I come in? I heard you in there……eh!

She walks off.

Joohyuk stays in the bathroom for another moment and calls someone. He calls HR and asks them if he can move to another branch, but there are no spots acailable. He tells them to call him if there are any spots, plese.

After work, Joo-hyuk goes to the bus. Woojin is sitting there waitig for him so he hops when he sees her. She thought that she was not sure if he took the subway or the bus, so she guessed. i am good at guessing.

Joohyuk asks her why she is doing this, she can meet so many different men. She thinks, that is right, but my heart goes to you. My eyes have been opened in 2018. I could go my way and you could go your way. I can live my life ignoring. But I thought it over. You changed our life so I had a good life. Otherwise I would live unlucky and unhappy and yell at you all the time. But this time, I will save you.

Woojin tells her that she did not met him so she can build her happy lie, I am just an unlucky thing for you. But she does not want to listen. She thinks he is so difficult. Then she asks if they can eat something, she is so hungry. He relents but then he says that Jang team leader is coming, should we eat with him? He points so her head turns and he quickly runs away to hop in a taxi.

She sighs and thinks, this is not going to be so easy.
Woojin talks to a customer about sending money to america and then asks her to wait a second. She walks off and asks for a document, but she is able to find it quickly. Everyone is all like, is she a shaman? How does she knows where everything is? She is so fast at adopting.

Jong-hoo starts to talk to Joo-hyuk, he tells him to pay attention to this female employee! We have one! God wants men to marry and have kids and live well! Joo-hyuk hops up and asks the team leader if he can eat lunch first.

Woojin also asks her team leader if she can eat quickly. She runs off to eat with Joo-hyuk. He wants to eat alone but she wants to eat with him. She says she wants something hot and he says he will eat cold noodles. She says cold noodles are good on a hot day so he says he will eat hot soup. Lets eat together!

Cut to them eating together. They must be eating something hote because she eats the soup but it is way too hot for her, he has to give her something to cool it off. She smiles at that and then starts eating and talking about how her soondae soup does not have enough intestines. he gives her his soup which has a lot of intestines. She smiles at that, but she gets a text from her team leader, she has to run off.

Woojin takes a few more spoon fulls and then gives it to Joo-hyuk to eat as she runs off. Joohyuk thinks she will be hungry later, but then he tries not to tell himself that.

He leaves a bit later and runs into Hye-won! They haven’t seen each other since college.

They go to a afe to talk, she went abroad but seh wanted to see her old peeple. Maybe I was home sick. She wonders what he has been up to, he says he likes to be alone. She smiles and tells him that she liked him before. He tells her that she had a low bar.

She tells him that he changed a little bit, a bit more chic, he was a lot nicer before. Hea grees, he changed a but. She wonders if his work is difficult. He smiles and tells her to enjoy eating, he has to leave. He walks off, but then he turns around and tells her to be happy and to not stop playing the cello, keep playing.

He leaves in a mysterious way which makes her drink her drink as she thinks about him. But she wastes it on her lap so the waiter runs up and cleans it. This water is the kid! He goes back to his cafe area and studies hard for the SAT exam.

The bank is packed. The tellers handle customer after customer. One of the customers wants to see her husbands history. Hye-jung tells her that only that person can do it. She says that she is his wife, not a stranger, she thinks he is acting suspiciously now, can she have it? HJ apologizes and says she can’t. The woman starts to get irate. She thinks her husband is sending money to his mistress, she thinks that this teller might also be her husbands mistress.

HJ is all like, you went to far, please solve this at home, don’t release your anger here.

The woman is about to hit HJ to WJ grabs her arm and tells her not to. The woman wants her arm released, WJ will not do it unless she does not hit that woman. JH comes in at that moment. WJ releases the woman, she is about to hit WJ instead but hits JH.

Everyone stops and stares WJ is so flustered and immediately goes into girlfriend doting mode as she looks at his head. Everyone is pretty shocked that JH stepped in at all. Afterward, Jong-hoo tells him he was like The Bodyguard, how come he did that? He never does stuff like that ever.
Hwan and Jonghyuk start to talk about Woojin, she is a strong woman. Hwan likes that and wonders if she likes younger men.

Joo-hyuk gets on the bus, exhausted. Woojin yells for the bus driver to WAIT and then runs and hops on. Joo-hyuk tells her that she does not take this bus. She sits next to him and tells him that she is not going home, she has an appointment.

The bus driver starts driving.

Woojin asks him how his head is. He says it is fine, his head is hard. She wants to see it and touches his head so he winces. But he says not to mistake it, he would have done the same thing for everyone.

She tells him that they should listen to music and puts an earbud in his ear. He is all like, what the? But he lets it stay there as she puts the other one in her ear. She plays a nice song that makes him look at her as she rocks her head along. he remembers her in college as the song plays, but then he tries to look out the window. She looks at him as he looks out the window. His hand or cufflinks catch her attention a they drive along.

the bus stops so they both hop out. He takes off walking and does not wait for her. She follows him. He turns his head and she pretends like she is not following. He does this two times and then asks her if she is leaving? She says that she is, her friends place is this way. She takes off walking.

But he aint no fool and tells her that he knows she is following him to his place. She tells him, okay, I will stop following you, but can you listen to my wish?

they go to a department store to buy mens clothing. Woojin says that she wants to buy something for the team leader from her main branch because he is nice to her. She asks which color he likes and buys that one.

Joo-hyuk is all like, whatever. Somehow, Woojin is able to find out Joo-hyuk’s home address from the company directory.

Jong-hoo only has 30 minutes and can’t hear what they are going to say now. But JE says he is the human shield, he has to hear this now, just stay until my oppa comes! Jong-hoo is all like, what? What do you mean?

Joo-hyuk shows up and is all like, are you confessing that you are dating? I like it, just date. They are all super shocked. But everyone is happy. SS starts to mention that he was so nervous, he did not know how to break the news, her stomach will get big soon.

Joo-hyuk is all like, what? What are you talking? What about her stomach?

They start to petty fight, JE has to block her husband and Jong-hoo has to hold Joo-hyuk back, but of course they both break free so SS has to run for it!

Joo-hyuk gets home and sees the shirt outside his place. He picks it up and looks around, but then he sighs and take it inside. He looks at the shirt in his mirror and then sits on his bed.

VO – What is up with you? Is you heart moved? Get real, Cha Joo-hyuk, you are unlucky to her, get real.
Woojin and the team are working hard. Woojin starts stretching so Hwan wants to do the same stretch and asks her if he is doing it right. MO comes to sit and tells WJ that her welcome party is tonight. BH comes out and tells Joo-hyuk that he has a blind date planned for him.

Joo-hyuk tries not to go on it but SW is all like, you should do it! It is a great opportunity!

But he still says he would rather not and walks out.

Everyone is all like, what is the deal with him, this is a great opportunity for him. Maybe we should set up a secret blind date? BH thinks, maybe I should?

But Woojin tells him, I OPPOSE IT. She hops up so everyone looks at her. She thinks and says that it is his decision so you should not do it. SW looks at her and says that this is suspicious. Woojin looks around and then confesses, I LIKE CHA.

Everyone is all like, YAAAAAAAAAY. They all want to help her out with him.

the ladies go to the bathroom and asks WOojin if she fell in love with him at first sight since she has not been there long. What do you like about him? She says he is nice and cute and he gets shy, it’s cute right? And his gaze is so sexy. HS and HJ chirp happily and giggle. WJ continues and says that he is super manly when he talks to customers.

She leaves happily. MO thinks that Cha is not sexy….but the other think, maybe he has that side? But they end up thinking, no, no, definitely not.

The men talk outside about it as well. Jong-hoo is so surprised at his Joo-hyuk. Hwan is dissapointed in Woojin, she doesn’t even know him. BH likes the relationship. Cha is a nice indecisive guy so someone like Woojin is perfect for him.

The ladies come back out so BH calls WJ over. He tells her that they talked about it and want to push the two of them together. WJ says she was worried about it because Cha is a little reserved. But Hwan is all like, why cha? But they all shut him up. BH tells her that they have a low birthrate so this is good for the country. if it goes well then buy me a nice suit.

SW says that when BH tries to do this, it always works. Like that other couple. But MO says that they got divorced last month. But then they think, divorce happens, but I can imagine you two getting married!

Woojin laughs and thinks they are thinking too far ahead, but maybe she can try hard at it.

She goes to the back to drink water. Jong-hoo comes in and asks her if she is for real with Cha. She says that it is not a joke. He is so happy and tells her that he really liked her at first glance and he really wants her to be his sister in law. But then he gets a call from his wife and happily talks to her about what she wants to eat…is it something spicy…what, you have #3 (baby)! He happily walks off.
In the bank, BH tries to take a fake photo of Woojin and Joo-hyuk. He says that people will think they are a good couple. SW also plays along with this.

Later, SW tries to move a plant but can’t, he complains about his back and asks Cha to come over to move it. Then he tries to move it again, but he can’t so he asks Woojin to move it.

Woojin comes over with Joo-hyuk to move it as everyone thinks that they look good together and area lways doing thigns together, are you having “sooooooome”.

Later on, Joo-hyuk rests in the back for a drink when Woojin shows up. Everyone else leaves. Jong-hoo shows up and then leaves as well so Woojin and Joo-hyuk are by themselves.

Cut to the rooftop. Joo-hyuk is all like, tell me the truth! Why is everyone acting like that and trying to hook me and Woojin up? Jong-hoo tells him that he is super duper unlucky but he has luck with women. Woojin told everyone that she likes you. I also know that you like her, I know it. Tell me! Tell me! Tell Me!

But Joo-hyuk is not feeling it and thinks, why is Woojin-i doing this! Jong-hoo is all like, huh? You said Woojin-i? Woojin-i, Woojin-i! He taps him a few times.

The team goes out to eat together and the hook up continues. BH keeps talking about how Woojin and Joohyuk would be greaaaaaaat. Joohyuk tells BH to stop. BH is all like, I am just kidding. But then BH says it is hot in here, is it because of themmmmmmmmmm? If we have a couple that gets married then I will give you 1.5 times honey moon vacation.

The team is very happy about that, they all joke with Joo-hyuk and tell him that he is so shy. Let’s eat first. But they try to eat with BH saying that this place is lovely. JH has to get up and take a breath because he is so angry. He tries to play it off.

But BH tells Joo-hyuk to stand up and sit next to her, do it do it do it! He keeps trying to get him to do it. But Joo-hyuk explodes and says, IT IS NOT LIKE THAT! DON’T DO IT!

Complete mood killer.

Everyone is very quiet afterwards and barely looks at each other. it is super awkward.

Afterward, everyone leaves and says goodbye. Jong-hoo wants to talk to Joo-hyuk, but he says he does not want to talk and walks off. Woojin runs up to him when he is leaving and asks to talk to him. They go to a bench.

WJ – Does it really not work, being this serious? I thought if I tried hard then it would work out, because I know why you do this. But, I wonder if I am actually giving you a harder time. Am I being too selfish? I thought about it, it came into my mind. One last time…you really really don’t want it to work?

She looks at him and waits on an answer. He doesn’t say anything.

WJ – Okay, if it is that hard then I will give up. Maybe I was too one-sided. Sorry.

She stands up.

WJ – Let’s live our own life. Let’s do that.

She walks off.

He sinks his head into his hands as he sits on the bench.

The next morning at the bank, Woojin comes in with gifts for everyone but ignores Joo-hyuk. She talks nicely to everyone else but ignores talking to Joo-hyuk. She is not rude to him, she is just not sweet to him.

Afterward, everyone leaves to go home early. They all wonder if they should eat something, they are all free. But Woojin says she has a dinner appointment, sorry, sorry, you guys enjoy. They all agree to do it later.

While the girls walk away, they mutter that Woojin just completely gave up on Cha. Jong-hoo hits the back of Cha’s head, fool.

Woojin goes walking by the river and takes in the scene.

Later on that night, she runs into Joo-eun after going for a run. They stop to talk and Joo-eun reveals that she is pregnant. WOojin is so happy for her. Congratulations! I should congratulate you, right? What about the wedding? After the birth? JE says they will have a small wedding.

Then they talk about JE, you should ate with that face. WJ says she does not have anyone. She mutter to herself a bit. JE says that she also mutters to herself and the baby now. Her husband to be is also happy about it, he can’t believe that he will be a father soon. Would you like to meet him?

Jong-hoo is trying to man the food truck along with Joo-hyuk. But Jong-hoo is so confused about what to do and thinks his two friends are so hard to be friends with. SS is gone on a call or something.

JE walks up and asks why they are here, where is oppa?

Cut to a bit later with everyone sitting at a table along with SS. They think it is a small world, they work together and you two are friends (the same conversation they had earlier but it was Jong-hoo in that case). Everyone thinks it is strange and great. But Jong-hoo changes the subject to the wedding. JE thinks pre photos would cost too much. They can put that money on the truck.

Jong-hoo says he can take the photos. JE likes that, maybe this weekend? Woo-jin do you have time? If you help me then I would be super happy, I am not good at putting on makeup. Woojin is a bit hesitant but says that she can try.

Jong-hoo, Woojin, and Joo-hyuk walk off later. Jong-hoo does all the talking and talks all about JE and SS. They always fought but they are getting married, wow. They are stingy so their finances should turn around. But he says he has to get a camera so he runs off.

Joo-hyuk wants to go with him, but Jong-hoo leaves. Woojin and Joo-hyuk are left together. She asks him if he is really uncomfortable because of her? What should we do, we have to see each other at work. Whn time passes….maybe it willbe normal…like coworkers and friends as if nothing happened. For us…as if nothing happened between us…do you think it will happen? When I was in the main branch, I had a close friend Eunnie, she is in Hong Kong now and wants me to come. But I worried baout my mom previously. But now, I think I can go there. If you were me, what would you do?

JH – I don’t know, for me, no one would give me that kind of suggestion. Hong Kong bank….I think it would be a good opportunity for you.

WJ – Do you really think so?

Jh – You know, as an experience.

They look at each other seriously. Woojin nods and then turns and leaves.

Joo-hyuk gets home and sits on the floor by the door. The lights turn off.
Mom is on the phone for a business call. She tells the person that she will do it, of course. A gift? Of course I prepared it, 2 o’clock tomorrow, of course. But she gets off the phone and thinks that rich people are so stingy.

Woojin is watching a sad movie. Her mother says that she is watching this movie so she can cry, you always do this when you want to cry. Woojin says she likes melo’s but her mom tells her that she knows her. Why don’t you watch a drama? But Woojin says she wants to watch this one.

She keeps watching the movie (the movie is A Moment To Remember). Woojin keeps watching it and softly crying.

Cut to Woojin walking to work. Jong-hoo calls her and asks her where she is. He can pick her up, he is driving with Joo-hyuk. But she says that she is already at the bus stop.

They hang up. Joo-hyuk wonders what she said so Jong-hoo tells him. They end up driving by the bus stop that she is waiting at. Joo-hyuk sees Woojin waiting for the bus, but she does not see him. He remembers her saying, so it really won’t work out? As he watches her.

She gets on the bus.

Later on, Joo-hyuk and Jong-hoo are still driving. But there is a police car with its sirens on going by ahead. This triggers his memory of a huge accident in the other reality. Joo-hyuk tells Jong-hoo to pull over. He pulls jong-hoo out and tells him that there is no time! He hops in the car and makes a huge u-turn. Then he goes roaring down the street.

But then he pulls another huge u-turn and mutters to himself…please…please.

he approaches a truck. The truck driver is not paying attention, he has music blasting and is drinking. This truck is right next to the bus. The light is about to turn red. Woojin sees him in the car.

Joo-hyuk remembers that the bus with the accident is 170.

He slams his breaks and cuts in front of the truck. This catches the drivers attention so he slams on the breaks.

Woojin sees this; Joo-hyuk also looks at her. She hops out of the bus and Joo-hyuk hops out of it also, he hugs her fully. He tells her that he knows he does not deserve it, he knows it is wrong and he shouldnt’ but he can’t help it. One thing he is sure of is…I love you so much. I will make you happy. I will keep my promise.

She smiles and tears up. They hug again as she closes her eyes and rests on his chest. Then they look at each other and starts laughing. They happily hug again.

Fade Out

No preview today. I love this ending because I thought that scene with the traffic in the previous episode was so random. But now it makes sense.

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  1. Jo Ann
    September 13, 2018 / 5:26 pm

    Thanks for the recap. Finally he came around. He should have faith in their relationship now that he’s given a second chance with WJ. He’s wiser about marriage having had two failures and WJ knows that she also failed too in the first try at marriage.

    • V
      September 13, 2018 / 8:38 pm

      I’m with you, he is a wiser person and realized that he was the cause of two failed marriages. I think that’s what the writer was trying to show us. Joo-hyuk needed to look inward, which he seems to have done, so now all that’s left is starting anew (with Woo-jin).

  2. Harper
    September 14, 2018 / 9:08 am

    Hi, I really love the song that woo jin listened with Joo Hyuk on the bus. But I can’t find it. Could you tell me the title of the song, please? I’m so desperate.

    • V
      September 14, 2018 / 10:27 am

      I feel you pain, we don’t have enough time to find songs anymore, hopefully someone else can find it and post it here! We might have time to make a music list for Familiar Wife.

    • Najere Byrd
      February 1, 2023 / 11:26 pm

      In case anyone ever comes across this post years later. The song is “Hello” -by U Sung Eun
      Hope I can help someone in the future
      -Najere was here

  3. Addiction
    September 16, 2018 / 6:19 pm

    Thanks for the recap!!! It’s very informative and updated on the same day! Love it when I don’t understand certain parts of what they are saying!
    Hope you can translate this week preview too!!!

  4. Addiction
    September 16, 2018 / 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the recap!!! It’s very informative and updated on the same day! Love it when I don’t understand certain parts of what they are saying!
    Hope you can translate this week preview too!!!

    Thank you!!!

    • V
      September 17, 2018 / 1:08 pm

      Ack, missed the preview! Try and link it next time and we can try to get to it faster!

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