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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 12

Outside scene of the two main leads looking at each other in Korean Drama Familiar Wife
Some craziness is bound to occur this episode! I caught the end so I don’t want to give it away, but I am itching to find out what happened to get it to that point.

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They are both standing outside. Woojin wonders what is going on and is hysterical. Joohyuk tells her that they were married before. You and me, we were married. Woojin stops everything and is quiet. he tells her that he knows she will think he is crazy, he also can’t believe that this happened, even though he experineced it.

She thinks back to all the dreams she has had.

VO – We met, we were honest and we loved each other and got married, but you became so scary. I didn’t even know it was all my fault that made you lonely that way and I blamed you and one day it happened. The thing that I can’t believe. I went back to the past. 12 years ago, that day, the first time we met each other on the bus. I met you again but unlike before, I ignored you. When I openned my eyes, Hae-won was next to me. Really, my life changed.

WJ – You are lying.

JH – It is difficult to believe, Woojin, but it is all true.

Woo-jin tried to take all this in for a moment. It sobers her up right away.

WJ – Assistant manager, you watch too many fantasy movies. That does not make any sense….If my heart is too much pressure, then just tell me the truth, don’t talk about nonsense.

JH – It is true Woo-jin.

Woojin just turns around and walks off. Joohyuk is left in the lobby alone. Woojin walks outside thinking to herself that this is nonsense. Joo-hyuk sits outside in the hallway with his head on his knees.

Woojin gets home, her mother is there and asks where she went this late at night. Woojin looks over at her slowlyand then rushes to the coffee table.

WJ – Umma….umma did you know from the begining? That is why you called her son in law? Mom, what do you know? How much do you know? How much is the truth? Umma?

Umma takes her hand and tells her not to hate her son-in-law. He did a lot of good things for us. He and you, you two are both pitiful, inculding this relationship. I am sleepy, I am going to bed.

She goes to her room, Woojin is left at the coffee table. She looks at the drawing her mother was making which is of Woojin getting married to Joo-hyuk. She thinks back to all the moments that it looked like Joo-hyuk knew her, including the pain killer.
She also thinks about all her mothers comments about her and Joo-hyuk. She starts crying.


MO comes into the bank on the phone. She tells all the people that they should be alert because Woojin is sick today. her voice sounds so sick, it is usually bright.

Jong-hoo looks at Joo-hyuk but Joo-hyuk is off in his own thoughts.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin is outside taking in the scenery. She sees an old couple walking and feels the breeze as she sits alone.

At the bank, Joo-hyuk tells a woman customer that her documents are approved, but she tells him that the wrong date is onthe forms. Joohyuk looks at it and says that he will change it right away.

Joohyuks colleagues ask him what is wrong, you look loose today. (I think it was Hwan that asked).

Woo-jin is spending time walking around with her mother outside. They happily walk around with her mother eating a hot dog on a stick. But the mother says that Woojin should go, somoeone is waiting for her. Someone is waiting and is worrying about her a lot.

An ajumma runs up and talks to them happily. Woojin asks if she can take care of her mother for a bit. She is the grocery ajumma so umma tells her that she wants to eat icecream. Woo-jin runs off.

At the bank, the team kind of wonders how Woojin is doing as they go about their buisness. Joo-hyuk can’t take it and tells SW that he has to leave for a minute. he is so in a hurry that he leaves his car parked in the middle of the street and takes off running to find Woojin.

Woojin is also trying to get somewhere quickly. She looks for a taxi possible and Joo-hyuk runs right past her, they don’t see each other. But then someone honks, so they both turn and see each other and keep looking at each other as they walk to oppossite sides of the cross walk.
They both go to a cafe where Woojin tells him that she does not believe it, it does not seem possible. Everything that happened to her, all the strange things and the repeating dreams and her mothers strange bhavior and the feeling that you are familiar to me and the things that you know so much and the bus, finally. Only people who were there should know that. Now I understand everything. Why my heart responded to you like that and why it moved to you. But, why did you do that? Why did you make that kind of choice and dump me?

JH – I am, I was really afraid of you changing like that. I am responsible for you for your entire life, I did not even know if was my fault. If I cared about you a little more, if I listened to you a little more, then you would be like you are now, healthy and cool. We could have lived like that. I ruined everything. I was selfish and I made a stupid choice.

he gets on his knees at the table to apologize. And starts crying.

JH – It is too late, but I am really sorry Woo-jin, really really sorry. Really sorry.

Woo jin leaves, but she looks very affected. She stops at the door for a moment then goes back and stands in front of him. he is still on the floor.

WJ – Okay, it is not only your fault, there is no one sided relationship. I am not the Seo Woo-jin that you dumped. I am not that weak. When I have a wave, I will survive, so I will give you another chance. You should recover and take back everything. Your sorry feelings….just don’t say them. You need to repay me, next to me, for your entire life.

She walks off again.

Jong-hoo is about to go outside the building and sees Joo-hyuk sitting outside thinking. He asks him if he ate? It seems like you did not eat. Joo-hyuk tells him that he knows him well. Jong-hoo looks concerned and asks him if he cried, but he yells at him about it. Joo-hyuk tells him he isn’t crying.

Jong hoo tells him to just do what he wants! Don’t look at me like that! So Joo-hyuk starts crying. Jong-hoo lets him but tells him that he still wont support him, so don’t expect it.

At the cafe, Joo-eun cleans plates as SS tried to talk to her about all the money that JH owes them. he is cleaning all the tiny fish. he says that he is not his friend anymore, he is only brother-in-law. JE is all like, how can I charge my brother? He cares about you, he tells me not to let you drink too much. He might be a little insane now.

SS looks like he is super duper sad about it and is trying not to be emotional, but he is all teary. His wife asks, ARE YOU CRYING? He says he is not crying, it is the anchovies.
Meanwhile, Woojin is still at work. He thinks about how he has to repay Woojin for his entire life and how Jong-hoo told him to do what his heart says. He wonders if he can really do it, can he take everything back? Just once more, can I be greedy?

he thinks about all the magical moments he and Woojin experienced in this life. Then he runs off.

He takes off sprinting to Woo-jin’s house and is out of breathe when he gets there, but still rings the doorbell. She opens it and folds her arms. he tells her that he wanted to talk to her face to face. What are you doing this weekend?

She stares at him for a moment, then smiles.

Newspaper – A dying star is the birth of a black hole. A comet named wolf was destroyed.

The subway man grabs it and starts talking crazily, YOU CAN TRAVEL BACK TO THE PAST WITH THIS BLACK HOLE WORM HOLE, TIMING IS IMPORTANT.

He happily keeps talking about this as he walks through the subway.

Woojin gets ready for her date out with Joo-hyuk. She even puts on makeup.

Joohyuk is driving to her place, but there is a lot of weekend traffic. Then he sees an ambulance. There was an accident on the 10-10 so Joo-hyuk thinks there was traffic, he should take another way. He drives off in another direction.

he gets to her house and picks her up outside. He tells her that she is pretty, she says she is this pretty so why did he dump her before. He is all like, yeah, so, where is your mother? Is her care tacker here?

She says yes and asks what she called him before. He says she called him “tutor” in the begining and “Ya” later.

WJ – Ya, where are we going?

He tells her that they should go where they had a first date. So they go to the beach.

They happily walk along the beach. She asks him what they did on their first date. He says that they walked along the beach and looked at nice things. She thinks it is strange, it is a memory to him but she has no memory of it. That is okay though, they can build up a memory. What should they do? Did they do “catch me” stuff?

he says that she told him to do it. Would you like me to remind you of it? She is all like, no, no no, he asks her if she can catch him? He dares her to so she starts saying, you think I can’t catch you? She runs after him and they take a little dip in the water.

But then Joo-hyuk gets a phone call from the manager. He asks him what is up on the weekend?

Cut to Joohyuk running back to the bank. BH and SW are at the bank fretting. They have to go bankrupt, they ask Joo-hyuk to call his father in law. The father says that he raised a tiger, he can’t contact him. His line is off. The father says that he is really sorry, but they also owe them a lot of money, he has an urgent board meeting and is in a lot of trouble.

Everyone is called to the bank to talk about this. They did not even inspect this person and just lent him money. They wonder what is gong to happen. If this gets bigger and bigger then our branch might be closed. they all fret. Jong-hoo says that he researched it a little bit, that company just got all the loans and left. They used us.

The director comes in looking glum, he sighs and walks off to the back. Joohyuk follows quietly. The director looks like he is about to collapse, he asks Cha what he should do. I accept that I did not go through the proper process, but they asked me if I got any bribery money, I told them that if I got money I would just kill myself, but they don’t believe me. I think I will be fired. My sons engagement meeting is in a couple weeks. My daughter is still in college. My wife onlyknows how to spend money, not hao wo make it…

Joo-hyuk apologizes. But then BH gets a call from his wife. He tells her that it is nothing, just a little accident, of course they have money, they are a bank that deals with money. Of course there is always a little trouble, I have a good repulation, don’t worry. I will go home today, don’t worry and be sure to grocery shop, but don’t spend more than $100.

he gets off the phone and starts fretting once again.

Joo-hyuk goes to the rooftop to sulk. Woojin tells him that it is not his fault, that company guy is the bad one. She curses the company guy and tells him not to blame himself. You and the manager are just unlucky. She starts to tell him about when her father died and when her mtoher started acting strange, she went though the same emotions.

Inside the bank, Jong hoo may have found something. One of the documents look fake. There is a name on one of them, Jason Lee. (Jason Lee is his father in law).

Cut to the father telling someone that he sent the money, it will take a few days. For now, stay in Hong Kong, it will not be too easy this time. I will tell my secretary to find you a place to stay, until I call you, don’t call me. He hangs up, but then he sees Joo-hyuk standing in the doorway.

he tells Joo-hyuk that he did not plan this, he lost a lot of money and needed some more, but the deal did not go through. Can you ignore this this one time? Joohyuk says that he will not, his branch director is getting too much bow back. the father says that joo-hyuk will lose as much as him if they find out that this company was a paper company of his father-in-law.

joo-hyuk leaves with a sunken feeling. He calls Jong-hoo, but it might be an accident? He tries to go inside Jong-hoo’s place, but he can’t. Jong-hoo goes to the door and asks what is going on, Joo-hyuk tells him that he will tell him everything later. Jong-hoo is al like, ….. okay.

Later that night, Jong-hoo sleeps but Joohyuk sits up straight like he has a pole on his back.

Jong-hoo wakes with the alarm and looks over for Joo-hyuk. He sleepily gets up to look for him,but he is not around, so he wonders if he went to work out.

Joo-hyuk is ouside walking in his suit, he voices over that the branch director is not responsible, he is the one that connected the branch director and the company person.

Bong-hoo tells the team that the company was a paper company of JK, JK was behind this entire thing.

Joo-hyuk is at the bank executives office. They think that he is a bit crazy, he is the son in law of JK, no one will trust him. They are already going through an investigation and preparing a lawsuit. Do you know how much damage we have due to money and public opinion? How can you pay for this?

At the bank, all the paperwork is being taken by men in suits. The team watches them and then decide to go to the back.

They all sit in the break room and complain about all this. they can’t believe Cha worked so hard for 10 yeras but it all became liket his. How can they think that Cha was a part of this. But he is son-in-law of JK, how can’t he know about this?

SW says that they worked with him for so many years, he never bragged about being a JK son in law, he is not that kind of guy. He should also know that the suspicion will be great with him, but he also revealed all of this, we should trust him more.

Hwan tells them that he heard him and Jong-hoo talking, assistant manager and Cha are divorced. But if they reveal it then people will suspect him more because it is a fake divorce (?). They all think that all the bad things come at the same time, they shuold do something to help him. they don’t want to just sit around.

Sung-woo says that he has an idea, he isn’t sure if it will work though.

Cut to everyone spreading positive messages about Cha on their secret forum. he is a great guy, he even won awards, he would never do things like this, he should not be fired. Everyone is on the computer writing their own messages.
SW and YJH go to the main branch and bring a lot of data that they collected so the main branch can read it. It is all about Joo-hyuk.

Joo-hyuk leaves the main branch and stops as soon as he gets outside to just feel the breeze. He gets a call from a prosecutor right at that moment.

New – There is a $12 million illegal loan, he bought a paper company and pretended like it was a good company and got the loan and then bankrupted the company. There will be an investigation of Cha Joo-hyuk.

Next News – The meteor wolf is breaking and becoming a black hole.

Elsewhere, the sister and her husband talk to their parents/parents in law about everything that is happening. They try to tell them that Cha is a witness, that is all. They try to comfort them about what is going on. JE finally tells her appa, APPA HANG UP.

The team all waits for a decision. It looks like they have been waiting for a long time. But then everyone jumps when Bong-hee’s phone goes off. They all look at him as he answers. He talks to whoever that was briefly and hangs up.

BH – I have a 3 month salary cut…..but manager Cha is fired. I survived but he could not survive.

Everyone falls like their souls just melted into the floor. SW yells, how can they do this! he yells about it

Meanwhile, Joo-hyuk looks at his phone, he has gotten a text.

Text: You are fired.

He sits on the steps of the building.
The mother gts to the grocer, the homeless guy is leaving. But they recognize each other. Umma smiles brightly at him and looks like she has all her mind with her as she does. He looks at her sadly and then turns towalk away.

She turns back into a person with dementia just as the grocery lady comes up.

Cut to Joo-hyuk hanging out with the subway man. he brings him lunch and soju and tells him that he wanted to greet him one last time. He will not come there anymore. Now he knows what kind of person he is. He is an unlucky guy. His life is unlucky and he makes everyone around him unlucky. I told myself with myown mouth that I would get Gods punishment. But I am greedy again, so that is why God is angry.

The subway man shows him the black hole newspaper.

Subway man – Regret is not for everyone, you have another chance. Today is the day.

JH – No, I don’t like it. I don’t want to be a bad guy anymore – and I am really afraid.

Subway man – Crazy guy, you really wanted it before….you wont regret it?

JH – Did you regret it?

They both look at each other. Then they both chuckle.

Jong-hoo is on the phone with someone, he tells them, if Joo-hyuk calls then let him know. The sister is worried and asks if there is any word. He says that he called all his friends and there is no word.

SS is inthe back balling his eyes out. The sister is all like, didn’t you say you wouldnt’ see him anymore? But SS is all like, what if something bad happens? Would he kill himself? the sister yells at him DON’T TALK ABOUT UNLUCKY THINGS.

They wonder if Woo-jin will find him. But the sister thinks it would be difficult for her to find him in this huge city.

Cut to Woojin running around everywhere as shelooks for him. She goes to the school and calls Joo-hyuk over and over again. She leaves a mesage for him to call her.

Joo-hyuk is at the beach looking at the waves. He gets the message and listens to it.

Voice Message: Manager, where are you at? I worry about you so much, just call me or at least text.

He hangs up and looks at the moon, it looks like it is separating for a brief moment as if it is affected by the black hole.
Woo-jin goes home, but she is not content. She starts walking hurriedly somewhere, but her mother is awake and comes out. Woojin tells her she is sorry, but she has to go somewhere. Umma tells her that she know she has to go, but take this. I think you need it more than me.

She gives her a 2006 coin.

WJ – Umma?

Umma – Everyone wants a moment that they can change. This is no guarantee, but you dont always have a chance.

WJ – Are you….also…

Umma – Leave, there is no time.

WJ – Umma….

Umma hugs her and tells her to leave, go go. Woojin takes one last look at her mother and then leaves.

Umma – Honey, I did a good job right? If I was a little faster, then I could have saved you. Woojin is faster than me and smarter, she can change the future in the way that she wants to, right?

Woojin takes off in her car.

Joo-hyuk walks toward the sea.

But he hears YA!

Woo-jin runs up to him to pull him away from the water, she thought he would just go into the water and die. he tells her that he isn’t going to die. She yells, why did you give me this hard time! he says he did not do it, but it has all happened again (?). She tells him that he will have a lot of ways to make money and he has her, they can do it together.

he says no, she is an unlucky person next to him. When she smiled the most, he was not next to her. he is sorry, he is really really sorry. Let’s just stop here.

But she tells him that seh does not want to, she is not leaving herself. Lets do this together. She tries to pull him away, but he yells, JUST LEAVE.

he pulls his arms away. She looks at him and tells him, fine, if that is what you want then I will go change the past, because chances like this don’t come that often. She takes off running and does not look back.

She passionately drives with determination away from Joo-hyuk and toward her goal.

Joo-hyuk thinks about what she said “if that is so, then I will go back and change it, chances like this don’t come often.”

He realizes what she is about to do and looks at the moon. It completely separtes into two moons. He says Woo-jin’s name and then takes off.

Woo-jin gets to the sign and sees “You can change your life, start over.” She looks at it for a moment and then turns to go to the toll booth. She slowly drives up to it. She grabs the 500won coin that is from 2006 and puts it in. Then she waits.

The red light turns green and the gate opens.

She drives in just as Joo-hyuk drives up. He sees that the gae is already up so he revs his engine and he says, please…please…PLEASE…and then makes it under the gate.

he catches up with Woo-jin and looks out the window at her. She looks back, but then she notices that the navigaion is messing up, which means that they are time traveling. They keep driving forward side by side until they both yell and their cars dissapear.

Joo-hyuk wakes up to his sister screaming at him. OPPA YOU BETTER OPEN THIS DOOR! IF YOU DON’T OPEN IT THEN I WILL BREAK IT!

Woojin wakes up on her couch at home and with her old hairstyle. Her mother comes walking by and lazily tells her to get ready, she has to go to school. Woojin looks at her schocked and then exclaims, DAEUBAK!

Fade Out

No Preview at the end which adds to my anticipation of next weeks episodes. Or at least the opening episode since they are both back in time. My guess is that she will ride the bus, but instead of letting Joo-hyuk tell that pervert to back off, she will just deck him herself. I WOULD LOVE THAT.

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