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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 11

The two main leads looking at each other and crying in Familiar Wife Korean Drama
After looking at the pre-released images, it looks like things are about to take a roller coaster ride to Bottomsville. Does anyone think the mystery of the subway man will be revealed soon? Because that is what I am most curious about. Perhaps we will find out when everything gets to its absolute worst. We have a late start today, but we should be back on track with starting at 9:00am CST tomorrow.

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Woo-jin is on the ground in the park, she is drunk and she tells Joohyuk that she is not okay, she knows it is wrong and she shouldn’t – but she could not control it from the begining. It is like she is broken, she has her eyes on him, she wants to play with him and rely on him, he felt comfortable.

Flashbacks of all the times he helped her.

Whenever I have a hard time, when I turn my head, you are always there. Why is that? I don’t know anything else, but the one for sure thing is, I like you so much.

WOojin is teary on the ground. Joo-hyuk tells her that they shouldn’t , it would not work. He is about to stand up, but she pulls him to her and kisses him. he is stunned, but she is enjoying her kiss.

He tells her no and backs up, it won’t work. Then he runs back to the bar.

Woo-jin is left on the ground.

Joo-hyuk stops running right in front of the bar and turns back, but then turns back to the bar again, he is conflicted.

At the park, Woojin rolls the trycicle back to its spot.

Jong-hoo tells Woo-jin to eat breakfast, he made it all for him. he made him fried egg after ten years of living alone, it is really difficult to make friend eggs. Joo-hyuk says it is good, he should get married. Jong-hoo wonders if he should marry Woo-jin, she should be awake right? You think she is awake?

She is not awake and is just rolling over to cuddle with her mother who is actually awake. She asks what time it is, her mother tells her so she hops up and quickly runs out the door, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL MEEEEEEEE.

She gets to work and everything is awkward with Joo-hyuk. He avoids her. She resigns to sit at her desk with a sigh. Jong-hoo rolls a seat next to her and asks if she is okay, why did you drink so much? She asks if he has time after work? he happily says that he does. She softly tells him that she has to tell him some thing after work. He jokes that she might propose, it is not time for that yet.

He bumbles off and goes to talk to Joo-hyuk about what Woo-jin might say. They have been talking for about one month, what will she say? Will she dump me? I am so nervous, tell me what you think will happen? Joo-hyuk tells him that it is not what will happen. Jong-hoo wants him to tell him 3 times so Joo-hyuk does. Then he says he is still nervous, tell me 10 times! So Joo-hyuk tells him “it is not” ten times. Jong-hoo listens to it all like it is charging him up.

Back in the bank, Hwan is working at the desk with a woman. The girls think that this woman might like him because she consulted with him 3 times. And she ave him a mint chocolate. He says he does not like it but Hyang-sook says that she likes it. She looks at him with anticipation as he walks toward them, but he gives it to Hye-jung and not Hyang-sook.

Hyang-sook thinks this is weird, is he interested in me? I don’t like younger guys, this could be a an annoying problem.

Woo-jin and Jong-hoo go out together after work. She wants to go to a restaurant but he wants to go to an arcade to avoid the discussion. They go to an arcade where he plays happily but she is reluctant to play at all.

They finally go to a cafe. Jong-hoo closes his eyes for a moment and then says he is ready, you can tell me now. Woo-jin says that they have a few more days until they are one month, but she wants to tell him how she really feels. She does not think she can meet him anymore. He is better than she expected, in her brain she knows it, but her heart goes somewhere else. I don’t think it will work anymore.

She tells him that she should not have started from the begining at all, I am really bad right? he says….well….a little….but not really. I am the one that told you to date me for one month and decide later…..don’t do that…..you facial expression. you didn’t commit a crime. It isn’t the first time dating, sometimes we date and dump or get dumped. Let’s just go back to being comfortable coworkers. We shouldnt’ ignore each other, in Hollywood, people become friends after getting divorced. Is that okay with you?

She says it is okay. Jong-hoo smiles but we cut directly to him with his friends at Sang-sik’s place. Sang-sik is so upset, HOW CAN YOU BREAK UP? But Jong-hoo says he is the one that is dumped, I am sad….I don’t understand her. SS wants to know the reason. Jong-hoo says that she says she has someone else. SS wants to just kill that guy, was she dating someone else at the same time as you?

Joo-hyuk coughs up his drink. SS thinks this is crazy, Jong-hoo might be punished by God because he made a lot of women cry. Jong-hoo thinks he was insecure while dating because he did not feel that she returned as much as he gave her. If he gave 200% then maybe she would return 100%. But it was too much. Maybe it was too much for her?

He looks at Joo-hyuk, Joo-huk says that it wasn’t too much, he did all that he could. But Poor Jong-hoo is heart broken, the world is so sad to him. Poor worm…you never had a chance to fly….next time, be born as a human…(are you drunk)…and this squid….do you know how active they are in the sea? it is like they are flying….but they get caught by a net and dried for so many days and…cooked…..

Hey, hey, hey, you are drunk. Woojin is not the only woman. I will find you another woman. I don’t care about business, he is dumped. I will show you how to hunt!
The three friends go directly to a club, but they are so awkward. SS is doing fine, but Joohyuk and Jonghoo are in their suits and are so out of place. They want to leave. But SS is all like, YOU HAVE TO BE CONFIDENT, I WILL BE BACK.

He walks over to some girls to bring them over, but they are all like, go away. SS goes away and walks back to his friends. I’M SORRY, SHE SAID GO AWAY.

Elsewhere, Woojin runs on the river with Joo-eun. Joo-eun wonders why she is so fast tonight, you are killing me. They go have a drink at the Han river and talk about how Woojin is sorry that she started dating Jong-hoo. She is really sorry about that. She feels off track and feels like there is a difficult route. her heart is going in that direction.

JE – Is it becaues of my brother?

WJ – You saw it?

JE – I guessed

WJ – How did you know?

JE – Just intuition? The guy you told me before that makes your heart drop…is that my oppa also?

WJ – I am really bad right, I know they are best friends. When I see this kind of thing in dramas, I yelled at them so much. But I am a super B.

JE – yeah….if you were not my friend then I would call you B and A-hole. But I will be Switzerland, neutral. I will not support you, but I will not yell at you either.

WJ – Thank you so much.
Jong-hoo brings coffee for everyone and has an overall bright mood to everyone. He gives Woo-jin a strawberry shake and smiles brightly. Everyone says that he did not want to buy only his girlfriend something so he brought all of theirs too. He breaks the news that they broke up. Everyone is all like, WHAT!

Jong-hoo tells them not to worry about them, they will be good coworkers. MO says that they are all cool, people become enemies when they break up in the company, but young people are cool. you two are super cool. Jong-hoo says that they did not break up badly and they are single now so don’t mistake it.

But later on in the back, the team talk about how it seems like Woo-jin is dumped. YJH is pretty cruel to do that in front of her at work. MO thinks it is better for us, they can eat together, it is very stressful for us if they had a bad break up. SW says that is why he is not dating inside the company. MO tells him that he couldnt’ do it…but he wanted to do it, right?

SW is all like………….yes, OH it is time to go to work! Bye!

They both leave. Hyang-sook and Hye-jung talk about how they have good chemestry but it is not good to date a person at work because things get awkward when you break up. Hye-jung asks her if she should accept Hwan’s heart. Hyang-sook looks jealous of the question.

Int he bank area, Hwan looks at Jong-hoo for awhile as he tries to figure out what he wants to learn on his cell phone. He asks him if he ws dumped because that is a symptom that happens when you get dumped. You want to learn something new. YJH tells him that isn’t it! And runs off.

Ont he balcony, Woo-jin is thinking deeply about something. But when she turns around, Joo-hyuk is right there. He asks her to think it over again, he really likes her. But she says this is not a mistake, she knows how close they are, please don’t make me choose anything else. Dont be too uncomfortable. if you feel uncomfortable then don’t put any meaning on that kiss that day. As you said, it was just a mistake. If you feel good about that.

Jong-hoo over hears it all.
Elsewhere, Hye-won runs into that kid at a gas station. he is being yelled at by a difficult customer who has a scratch on her car. She really lays into him about what his parents taught him and she is important and all those things. He tries to stay composed, but she brought up parents so he asks her why she had to do that.

She pushes him away so Hye-won goes up and acts like she is too tired to pay her but she pays her. The woman drops her money on the floor. Hye-sung tells the kid to hit her car since she payed her. Just hit it like this. Hye Sung starts to hit the car and then tells him to hit it, so his hits it as well very happily.

Then Hye-sung tells the ajumma not to use her money like this, you need to have dignity and morality. She also tells the kid to live right, don’t get yelled at by a woman like this. She walks off like a sophisticated woman. The kid is left dumbstruck.

At home, Jong-hoo is mad but won’t tell Joo-hyuk why he is mad. Joo-hyk tries to talk to him about it but Jong-hoo is just ignoring him and not talking. They are walking into the building. Jong-hoo punches Joo-hyuk and asks him how he can do that to him? He took him as a closer friend than a school friend, even though they met at work. i thought I had at least one close friend, but how can you do that to me? People like each other, that is okay, but you should at least let me know about it. Did you have fun watching me with Woo-jin? Did feeling superior make you happy?

Joo-hyuk says that is not it.

So what is it?

Woo-jin and me – Woo-jin and me…..

What? Who are you? What are you? You are a bad guy to me.

Joo-hyuk packs quickly to leave as Jong-hoo cools off in the kitchen. Joo-hyuk apologizes to him and says that it really is not like what he thinks, really. He leaves. But he packed so haphazardly so his suitcase is not fully closed. Everything pops open in the hallway and goes everywhere.

Joo-hyuk sits to put it all back but then Jong-hoo comes out and angrily helps him put it all back too. He says for him not to mistake it, he is not like him and he won’t kick him out of the house for a woman. Feeling uncomfortable is your punishment. Jong-hoo takes his luggage back inside.

That night, Joo-hyuk sleeps on the floor right next to Jong-hoo’s bed. They are both awake and miserable.

the next morning, Jong-hoo does not make Joohyuk breakfast, but he makes his own.

At work, Jong-hoo is professional and happy with his workers, but ignores Joo-hyuk.

Hwan notices something is not right.

Joo-hyuk asks for some data from Jong-hoo but Jong-hoo is cold to him. Hwan asks if they fought, they are very different than usual and only say important things. Joo-hyuk says that it is okay.

At that moment, SW tells everyone that it is lunchtime. Joo-hyuk can eat with Woojin. But JH tells SW that he is not hungry. So SW tells Hwan to eat with Woojin.

Woojin and Hwan go eat together where he asks her all sorts of innapropriate questions about who dumped who. He thinks this system is wrong, young men and women are together in one area, of course they will like each other. So you and YJ, that is okay. But what happened to those two (YJH and JH)? Woojin wonders what he is talking about but Hwan says it is nothing.
back at work, everything is quiet as everyone works. MO starts talking to everyone about how it took a long time tofind a document so they need to be better at organization. Woojin tells her that she can do it right away! She can organize all the documents, alone!

She runs off to do it. MO thinks that is great, everyone should learn from her. But Jong-hoo just looks sad and Joo-hyuk looks awkward.

In the back, Woojin is busy organizing. She thinks it feels better to just stay there and work. She gets back to work when Hyang-sook and Hye-jung come in. They tell her that they will help her, but Woojin tells them that she can do it all, they have a lot of work so they can do their own work. They says that the team leader said that they should help her but Woojin begs them to tell her that she can do it all alone. The two women kind of get it and leave with telling Woojin, fighting!

They go back out. SW tells them that she told them to work in the back with WJ, why aren’t they there. they tell her that Woojin wants to work alone, really. But MO thinks that is a bad excuse, if you don’t want to do it, just say so. The two women sit, bummed at making a bad expression.

But then Hwan comes and gives Hye-jung a flyer, she thinks he is so obvious, he wants to work with her together later, that is why he did this now. Hyang-jung looks jealous. Hye-jung asks if Hwan would like to watch a movie later? he says okay, he has no plans.

Elsewhere, Hye-won leaves work and tries to ignore the kid who is camped outside her place of work. But he has an envelope and wants to give her money. he can pay her $500 each month. He just hates living like this. He lives like a thug so people treat him like a thug. He wants to repay her every month with interest. He puts the money in her hand and drives off on his delivery scooter.

Jong-hoo is bummed, but is called out to Sang-sik’s cafe to eat. He made the food for him for two hours in this heat. But the wife comes out and says that they bought it so SS changes his story to “I waited for two hours to get it!”

Joo-hyuk comes in and the awkwardness continues. JE does not know what to do. Joo-hyuk sits at the counter so Jong-hoo leaves. So that makes Joo-hyuk leave as well. SS is so confused, why did you tell him that we bought it? is that why he is mad? JE is stressed at the whole situation. SS wants to know what she knows, spill the beans.

She does not want to tell him but he begs her so she tells him not to get angry, promise me. He promises.

Cut to SS running and kicking Joo-hyuk in the gut. Joo-hyuk falls on the ground as SS verbally lays into him. He tells him that he has known him for a long time and he will not listen to any of his excuses. We are like brothers, but because of this woman that we just met…you should know! I am not going to see you except at family events! Don’t come to my store! I am not going to sell you anything!

he goes back to his store with Joo-hyuk still on the ground.
Hwan and Hye-jung leave the movie. They talk about how it was good and whether they liked it or not. Hwan wants to pay her for the tickets, but she says that is okay, that is why you meet an older woman. But HWan tells her that they should have correct calculations. She thinks this is the fun part about meeting an older woman. Hwan is confused. She tells him that seh recognizes it, sorry to ignore you…let’s do it, lets date.

Huh? Why?

Aren’t you interested in me?

I am not, there is someone else that I like.

……oh…..I really didn’t know.


They both walk off as if they forgot how to walk. But then Hye-jung asks him for a request. She told everyone….so….can you be nice to me?

JE and SS talk at the cafe about the predicament they are both in with their friends. SS does not want Joohyuk as a friend anymore. JE asks him if he thinks he is suffering more than those two? You went too far, how dare you raise your voice.

But SS tells her that she does not know men friendships, I just want to think, leave me alone!

Cut to him kicked out of the place.

SS – …(knock knock) …..i told you to leave me alone, not kick me out….i am sorry….joo-eun….joo-eun?

Meanwhile, JH asks a higher up bank person if he can move to a regional office. he is at his friends house when he asks and apologizes for asking so late. Jong-hoo overhears it and looks confused and concerned and upset all at the same time.
Joo-hyuk goes to his old house and sees his wife outside. They talk. He tells her that it was her class day so he waited to see her. I am sorry, Hye-won. I made you unfortunate also, I am really sorry. I wanted to tell you that. Bye.

He walks off.

She looks at him leave, angrily, but then she sighs.

Hwan gets to work so Hye-jung greats him happily. She winks at him to remind him to play along and says that he took her home. Hyang-sook asks how the date went, what happened? Are you going to date him? Hye-jung tries to play it off….I don’t know….we’ll see. Hyang-sook looks at Hwan, jealous.

At a group meeting, the director asks Joo-hyuk who he wants to talk with him to a meeting. He says he wants to take Woo-jin. YJH tries not to respond to that. SW brings up the summer vacation, but BH gets a call right at that moment and walks out. The team grumbles, maybe no summer vacation for them.

The meeting adjourns. Instead of going back to the front, MO stretches in the back by the window. SW goes out to talk to him and asks what is wrong. He says that today is his kids birthday, so he just wanted to talk to her and say happy birthday, but his phone number is blocked.

MO tells him to give her that B’s number. He does. She calls and pretends like she is a person with Korean Airlines. Aimee Kim won the event that they are running, seh has to talk to that person, can she talk to Aimee?

Aimee gets on the phone, SW starts to talk to his daughter and is so happy to talk to her. He asks ehr if she orgot appa’s voice? Did you get my present? Did you like it? Really?

MO walks off after a job well done.

Later, SW gives her her phone back and thanks her. She says it’s no big thing, don’t be attracted to me again, that isn’t good. She walks off and he mutter that this would be the first time.
Joo-hyuk and Woojin go through work training or something. After it is done, Joo-hyuk asks her if she would like to go eat something. They end up going to a local market for fresh street food.

They eat ddukbogi happily as Joo-hyuk has a million things he is thinking about.

At work, MO and SW talk. She says she is leaving so he invites her out. She says that she wants to eat sea water eel, not fresh water eel. They leave. Everyone else starts to leave one by one too. But then Hwan gets a text, HS wants to talk to him in the break room.

She is upset when he goes there and asks why he is so swayed. he said he liked her so why did he change it to HJ? how can your heart change so quickly? he says that he knows what she is talking about, but how can he make an excuse, she says that she hates him.

I did not say that I hate you!

Well you don’t like me?

I like you!


Well, I think I like you. I wasn’t sure in the beginning, but after I saw you talking to HJ, I became angr and jealous.

I ….. didn’t know that you were carrying so much. So, can I do something 3 seconds later? If you dont’ like it then you can be swayed again. 1 – 2 –

He kisses her and she does not push him away. It is a small peck, so she smiles when he steps back to look at her then she hugs him.

Elsewhere, Joo-hyuk and Woojin drive home. She talks about how she ate too much ddukbogi, why can’t she control herself. He tells her that she was like that before. She asks when she was? he says that it was back then. he sees a sign and asks her if she would like to digest it some more?

He drives off to a different location where they can walk around, it is the school he went to. She says that this place looks familiar to her, he should have a lot of memories there. he says that he does…a lot. he thinks about his memories with her there.

What kind of student where you? Did you study only?

No, I also did part time jobs, a lot, including tutoring. I wanted to come here at least once with you.


Just because

Assistant manager…

…can we just walk? there is a lot of nice air.

But then WJ gets a call and takes it. It is the HR team leader. She asks if there is a problem with their branch, a few days ago Joo-hyuk asks to go to the countryside. That is not common so I just wanted to ask you if something were going on there?

Woo-jin looks at Joo-hyuk and then says that she does not know, okay bye.

Woo-jin asks her if they can go but then she says…assistant manager…did you ask to move to the countryside because of me? Is that why you did this today?

Cut to Woojin at home sleeping next to her mother. But she can’t sleep and wakes up.
She starts to go back to sleep but then starts to remember her dreams. usually he does not appear in the dream, but this time he is appearing in the dream and she sees his face. She sees all of their happy moments as well as their sad moments.

She sits up quickly and grabs her chest, her heart is beating hard. She takes a look at her mother and then looks around as if she needs to do something.

At Jung-hoo’s place, Joo-hyuk is getting ready to sleep.

Text: If you are not asleep now, can I see you?

They meet in the lobby of the building.

WJ – I have a dream that I keep having. There is a man that I date and keep dating and have a baby and then get angry. I don’t know why I keep having this dream with him or who this man is. I have no way to know. But I just saw this person in my dream, it was you. What is this? Is it a coincidence? Or just a dream? Do you know anything? A lot of strange things happen. You know my house and you know my place and mom called you son-in-law and I dont’ understand, tell me, it is really strange.

JH – Woo-jin ah…

WJ – Don’t call my like that, when you call me like that…I can’t explain it…my heart is sad and hurt and I don’t know what it is and I don’t know what to do with my heart, what is this?

JH – We are…we were married, Woo-jin.

WJ – What?

JH – You and me…we were married….we were a couple – us.

Fade Out

So, from the preview, it looks like Woo-jin will believe Joo-hyuk and will try to go to the past herself? Or will try and change everything to the way it was? Not too sure.


WJ – I don’t know what is going on, how much is true?
Man – (A company went bankrupt), you are the son in law of JK, a family member.
News – The prosecutor team will investigate
JH – I am really afraid, my life and whoever is related to me are all unfortunate.
WJ’s mom – You should leave, take this.
WJ – I will go there and change it again. Opportunity does not come often.

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