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Familiar Wife Kdrama Live Recap Episode 10

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I have a feeling the spiral continues this episode. Hopefully the writer is making it as miserable as possible in order to take us all back to the past and have Joo-hyuk start anew with Woo-jin after college. he made too many mistakes to start right at that moment that he left her. But I guess he could turn it all back around at that point too.

Right now I am most intrigued by the magical man. Was his story similar to Joo-hyuk? Did he get everything he thought he wanted and then realized he had nothing that he actually needed? Perhaps his life also spiraled to nothingness until he was a derelict on the street. Okay, not I want both of them to be happy, the magic man and Joo-hyuk. Hopefully they can both go back to the past.

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Woo-jin stays up at the hospital, thinking about that brief touch she had with Joo-hyuk. It is enough to make her hit her face in confusion and plop on the couch. Joo-hyuk is thinking the same thing, it was just the slightest touch, but it was everything.

They both try to roll over on their couches and sleep, but they cant.

Woo-jin brings her mother by Joo-hyuk’s mom’s room to say goodbye. The mother tells her to come by her place so they can play go-stop together. Joo-hyuk also says goodbye to them both.

they both leave, the mother thinks that the mother has a good daughter.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin is in the middle of road rage as she drives down the street. Her umma really wants to take a taxi because Woo-jin is an insane driver. She says it feels good to drive fast, like a speedy woman. Umma is super scared and grips the side handle of the car as she asks someone to save her.

Back at the hospital. The sister talks to their father on the phone to give him advice on what to do with her sick son. Joo-hyuk is also there and it looks like they are in the lobby or something. Joo-hyuks wife calls and tells him to hurry so he will make it. He tells her that he needs to at least take his mother home from the hospital.

He drives his family home and ignores all the calls from his wife.

She is very upset about this. Later, she throws her bag on the couch at home as she steams. he gets home soon after her and asks her how the event was. She says that it was so embarrassing, everyone was looking for the son in law. he mentions his mtoher but she says that she would be okay, it was not a big surgery, give money to your sister to take care of your mother.

But he thinks she is going too far. Why does she take care of all the uncomfortable things with money?

That is what money is for!

Why are you so self centered, you don’t care about other people. If you like it then you do it nd if you don’t then you don’t. How are things so easy for you? You don’t care if someones job is on the line.

So someones job? You knew what happened? You are talking about Seo Woo-jin right? Yes, I posted it. I can do that. I was mad. She should suffere that much because she made me mad.

What? Lets stop.

you changed. You are not how you used to be.

What about me? I did everything for you? Even pretended to die(?).

You don’t want to live with me?

She starts to walk out and succeeds in leaving. He stands there calling her name, but she is gone.

Hye-won waits for that kid to pic her up in one of the sports cars. he drives off with her and asks hr where she would like to go. She would like to go anywhere. Somewhere far far away.

He asks how far away?

She wants to know how far he can go. Will you go to the end of the world if I want to? He says he will go to the end of the universe.

Hye won thinks about this for a moment. they continue driving.

Joo-hyuk calls his sistr to see how their mother slept. Joo-eun says that she did not sleep well due to the pain and their son woke hr up a lot. She asks if he fought with eunnie. He says that he did not, but he also says he has to go to work and to call him if anything happens.

he hangs up and looks around his empty place. then he thinks about calling his wife. But he doesn’t call her and rather looks at her photo on his phone instead.
At work, Hyang-sook and Hye-jung try to figure our if Jong-hoo has a woman or not due to that message he sent one of them. They both might like him so they are supe curious about it.

he gets to work and leaves his phone at his desk so they run over there and grab it. He does not have a password, so they call the first number and Woo-jin picks up. Thy look over at Woo-jin and everything starts to click.

Jong-hoo gets there just in time for them both to ask, Are you guys dating!

Cut to Joo-hoo and Woo-jin on the roof top talking about this. He apologizes for not having a password, he never knew that someone would look at his cell phone like that. He says he will punish himself by raising his hands over his head.

Woo-jin thinks he needed to be a lot more careful. Joo-hyuk wants to tell them that they are dating. But Woo-jin says that HS and HJ are super angry at YJH right now, maybe they like you. he thinks that is nonsense.

Joo-hyuk goes to the roof to check his phone but sees the two of them talking.

At home, his wife walks around looking at her wedding photos around the house. She flattens them all.

At work, the employees are still talking about how Woo-jin and Jong-hoo are dating. They talk about how they thought he likes Hyang-sook, he always flirtyed with her. But Hwan (the intern) is all like, I did not notice that.

MO comes in and drinks a tea. they ask her if she is sick. Sh waxes poetic about how her life feels empty and she is getting older. They try to lift her spirits. You are not old looking! You know! The women try to signal to Hwan to say something, but he is a space cadet and does not know what they are talking about. O says that it is okay, she cannot stop time. She walks out.

The employees thinks that MO is scarier like this, perhaps they should start to go on blind dates. Maybe they should call an accountant. Hwan talks about someone he knows that he can set them up with.

In the actual bank area, Sung-woo playfully talks to Joo-hyuk about kind of sort of knowing that Jong-hoo and Woo-jin are dating. It was that training right? I knew it, that is why you did not go, right? MO comes out at that moment and gives SW stink face. he asks her to shoot him (with words) but she is too pooped, she says shooting him with words does not matter, it means nothing.

A quick service delivery comes in for Joo-hyuk. he signs for it. It looks like it is a folder as well as his luggage? he opens the folder and sees divorce papers.

Stunned, he calls his wife. She calmly tells him that she already signed them you just have to sign them. I am not doing this because I am angry. you are not the one that I want, I want a person who looks at me as the first in their life. Call me after you sign it.

Joo-hyuk is flabbergasted and slapped in the face all at once. He can’t believe it. he goes to his friend and sisters place to tell them. they wonder how he can get a divorce, all because he did not go to that signing? Woo-jin and Jong-hoo show up as well and are informed of the divorce. they all sit to drink together.

Jong-hoo knew she was a special person, but this is pretty quick, like in a soap opera. Are you going to sign? Sister agrees with it, she wants him to get a divorce. She did not like them as a couple, she did not feel safe, they don’t match each other, they have a different background and everything. But some of the other friends aren’t so sure they should get a divorce.

Someone asks Woo-jin what she is thinking. Woo-jin looks at Joo-hyuk and smiles but she does not say anything. However, the sister feels something between woo-jin and her brother.
Hyang-sook and hwan go to the cafe to meet Hwang’s friend. But the friend is not there. Hwan is all like, he is normally here! I can’t believe he is not here today! Hyang-sook is bummed, she wanted to meet a man. But Hwan just puffs out his chest and asks her if she would like to go to a movie, he knows of a good one.

he pulls out his phone to search for times, but then Hye-jung shows up happily and plops in a seat. Hyang-sook tells her that Hwan is buying everything! he is also treating us to a meal! Hwan is all like, whaaaat?

At the same time, Sung-woo is eating with the poetic Man-ok as she talks about life…men….who am I….what is this? how come everyone dates…everyone marries….everyone has kids….why don’t I have any? Even you got married once. He is all like, well, you are still alive, you are not dead yet. But she thinks she is dead already, like expired food that is half the price but people still don’t take it.

Sung-woo tries to cheer her up, you are still attractive! He shoots compliments at her and tells her that he had a crush on her a long time ago, so cheer up. You make me depressed also. Men can’t approach you because you are so defensive. MO is all like, if you liked me then you should have told me! But it seems like he might have tried. They both decide to just eat eat!

Later on, they both leave happily, he says that he will pay for the meal and seh says that she will pay for the desert. But he grumbles how it is difficult to be friends and this costs so much.

Joo-hyuk is living with Jong-hoo for now. YJH tells him to make himself at home, don’t act like a woman coming to their boyfriends house for the first time. Just wash first! is that wierd to say that?

Joo-hyuk goes to the bathroom and sits on the floor to call his wife. But she does not pick up.

Later on, he sleeps int he smae bed as Jong-hoo. Jong-hoo cuddles up with Joo-hyuk and tells him that he will think of him as Woo-jin, he is so happy to think of him like that. But then he remembers that he did not send her a text message yet. He hops up and sends her a text message to have a nice dream and if she got home safe.

She says she came home safe. She is about to ask about JH, but erases it.

Her mother is drawing a family at the table. It is Woo-jin’s old family with the two kids. WOo-jin is all like, Mom, do you want me to get married that much?

the next day, Director Bong-hee explains to the team that they all have to participate in this company marathon. They will will all get vacation money if they win. But the team is not super excited about it. Hwan grumbles about how he does not want to run in the summer time. SW is thoroughly annoyed and tells him to just do it. They keep talking about how Hwan should get it together.

MO comes over and tells Hwan to not talk back to his team leader. Then she gives Sung-woo a wink. HS used to take care of cleaning the break room before, but SW tells Hwan that he should take over all the responsibilities now that he is a full time employee. So Hyang-sook and Hwan need to work together on this tonight.
Joo-hyuk’s father-in-law calls him to come out so he meets with him at a restaurant. This is business related. there is a young CEO with the father who needs a loan. The father trusts this young man and would like JH to give him a loan.

back at work, Director Bong-hee talks to the young man that is looking for a loan. It looks like they look at him favorably. Joo-hyuk thinks they should check on the man’s background, but Director Bong-hee does not think that they need to check the background. His father in law helps them a lot.

But Joo-hyuk thinks this might be a bad idea, he does not say this, he just thinks stoically in the back about it while sipping a coffee. Woo-jin goes to the back to talk to him about something. She starts to bring up his wife and how she feels responsible for the divorce. But he says that it has nothing to do with her so don’t feel responsible.

Then he gets a call, so he has to take it. It is his wife, she wants to speak with him right now.

They go to court, he wants Hye-won to think about it one more time. But she does not want to think about it anymore. She will call her parents to tell them about it so he needs to tell his parents.

At Woo-jin’s home, the mother draws the gate that made Joo-hyuk go back in time. The drawing turns into a real life image that turns dark.

Later on, Woo-jin and Jong-hoo go out to dinner, but Woo-jin sees Hye-won with that kid. At the same time, YJH gets a call about Joo-hyuk getting a divorce, for real for real. They decide to go to Jong-hoo’s house in order to spend more time with Joo-hyuk and cook at home in order to keep him company.

Jong-hoo does all the cooking which leaves Joo-hyuk and Woo-jin alone in the living room. They make small talk about each others mothers for a second, but then Sang-sik comes in looking emotional. He gives Joo-hyuk a big hug as he tries not to let big man tears fall all over Joo-huks back.

Meanwhile, Hwan and Hyang-sook try to organize everything in the storage room. But Hwan has a stink attitude about the entire thing. She wants to know if he is upset that he bought everything last night? He says that isn’t it. they go back and forth about that for a second. She tells him to give her the receipt, she will pay for it. But he says that it is okay. he finally confesses that he is behaving this way because he likes her.

She drops her bag and tells him, d-dont joke.

But he kneels to help her pick it up and says that he is not joking. She mentions that he watches too many dramas but he says that he does not watch drama’s, he reads webtoons.

he will kiss her in 3 seconds, if she does not like it then run away. 1-2-3 he starts to lean in to kiss her, but she hits him way at the last minute so he falls into the trash. he is all like, OKAY, I will not stop you from coming and going. See you tomorrow! She wants to tell him something, but he is not listening. However, what she wanted to tell him was that he had a sticker on his foot.

He goes outside and is so sunk about the situation, it worked on webtoons!
Back at Jong-hoo’s place, everyone sits to eat. SS is still hilariously sad about Joo-hyuk ot being a rich son in law anymore. he tells him to eat, eat, eat! Woo-jin watches SS hand feed Joo-hyuk and is sent into a flashback or a dream about Joo-hyuk saving her in a bus from a man that tried to touch her butt.

She wakes up and thinks that the voice in hr dream sounds so familiar. But then her mother comes in and playfully tells her to eat something as she dances a jig. Woo-jin happily starts dancing along.

Cut to the marathon. The team is there but Hwan is not there. They wonder why he is not there but then start to talk about other things. YJH and JH are not there as well, but they run up soon. Woo-jin asks if he is okay. YJH said that he threw up all night long.

Woo-jin is a bit concerned and does not think that Joo-hyuk should run, but he says he will be fine.

The Director runs up at that moment and looks so adorable in his running gear. He says, WHO WILL BE FIRST! US!

they all line up and start to run when the gun goes off. The director takes off sprinting, but then has a ham string injury. He collapses but tells everyone else to keep running! The health helpers come out to help out the director and are all like, you look okay…

Everyone else continues running at a more normal pace. Woo-jin is trying to keep running , but she is worried about Joo-hyuk. Joo-hyuk decides to take a little break on the side, but no one sees this because he is pretty far behind everyone.

Meanwhile, Hye-won talks to her mother on her car phone happily. Then she calls the kid. He tells her that he really missed her, can he see her? Maybe they have telepathy. They happily talk about how they miss each other and how he has class.

They get off the phone. Hye-won drops off her car to the garage that the kid works at. He talks to his supervisor about Hye-won and basically talks about how he is going to get money from her and then cut her off and tell her that he will go abroad. She runs up and hits him upside his head. You bad guy!

Then she drives off in a rage. But she screeches to a halt as she thinks about all the heart fluttering moments she had with him. She was so stupid, was that all planned! that stupid a-hole! She pulls out her phone and removes his number. Then she calls the department store and tells them that the kid works there and drives all the customers cars around as if they belong to him, you need to check this out!

Back at the marathon, the team is together running, but Sung-woo tells Jong-hoo that he has to run ahead so they can win! (okay this must be a quarter marathon or something). Sung-woo pulls Jong-hoo away even though he says he wants to run with Woo-jin. At that same moment, someone else runs by and mentions that someone passed out, there is an ambulance.

Woo-jin stops running and turns around to race to the ambulance.
She sees the ambulance and sees the mans arm on the stretcher. He is wearing a watch that looks like Joo-hyuk’s watch. She runs up to it, but it is not him. Joo-hyuk is actually in the same spot resting and stands as he asks her if she knows that person. What happened?

Woo-jin is a bit flustered when she sees him and can only say, Assistant manager.

Later on, the team all eat together. The security guy won 3rd place so the team happily says they should call him Husain Bolt. they think they almost got first, but the money ran away. The boss kind of complains about not having first so everyone kind of says something about it, but the director says that #3 is good, lets eat.

They all start to eat, but the director starts to complain about it again (like by mentioning the director that got first place) so everything tries to think of what they should say, but he is all like, why isn’t anyone eating?

They all finally start to eat. Jong-hoo dotes on Woo-jin and tells her to eat slowly. he will get her something to drink. Joo-hyuk goes outside to talk to his sister (or mother or father) about their mother. She is already back to work.

he gets off the phone and is about to go back inside, byt he sees Woo-jin with her head on her knees outside. He asks her if she is okay, are you drunk? She says she is not drunk, you can go in first.

But we cut to them both somewhere else nearby. She is drinking something that is probably to help her with being drunk. Joo-hyuk asks her if she is okay. They start to play on the see-saw, but Woo-jin is about to thow up so they stop. They go sit somewhere again and then think that they should probably walk back. Everyone might be looking for them.

Woo-jin starts to walk back, but she drunkenly walks back. Joo-hyuk thinks that she cant walk back, so he starts to push her in a little kid tricycle. But she falls over so he immediately asks her if she is okay.

WJ – No, I am not okay. I am not okay at all. I know this is wrong and I shouldn’t, I couldn’t control it from the beginning. Like a broken watch, I had to look at you and I wanted to be childish with you. You were not like a stranger, I felt so comfortable with you. I did not know what was going on. My conscious and guilty feeling. I don’t know anything about that. The only thing I know for sure if that I like you so much.

JH – No, you shouldn’t, we won’t happen.

But she pulls him to her and they kiss.

Fade Out

Okay guess time! I think everything goes sideways next week. At the end of episode 12, Joo-hyuk might go back to the past. That way, he will have 4 episodes to fix everything for everyone. For instance, his sister should get together with Sang-sik and Jong-hoo should meet that girl that he missed in the past. Or maybe Jong-hoo would be best with Hye-won? Not sure about that pairing though.

WJ – What do you know?
JH – I should be a very unlucky guy, I ruin everyones life around me including my own.
WJ – My heart is looking somewhere else
JH – Can I move to a regional office?
WJ Umma – Stop hating son-in-law Cha. I pity both of you.
Street man – You still have a chance, the chance to roll everything other again.

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  1. Anonymous
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    Maybe the old man is jh in the future

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    Your recaps have saved us from countless hours of anxiety. if there is anything we pyour fans can do to help you out, please post a note!

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    These 2 lead actors are doing an amazing job.
    Can’t wait for next week!!

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      They are really delivering. I like all the actors in this show actually.

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