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Extraordinary You: Episode 9 (17-18) Live Recap

Recap Extraordinary You Episodes 9 (17 & 18)
Extraordinary You Recap Episodes 9 (17 & 18), image Hancinema

The old Haru is back! Which means that Dano has something to hope for once again, which is something I can definitely get behind since I am watching this show to see Dano triumph over all these obstacles.

I hope we get to see a bright episode filled with lots of smiles and happy dances for Dano and team as they try to figure out how to move forward and write their own fate.

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Haru walks into the school library and looks off to the right. He sees something so he walks further into the stacks until he gets to the vortex where his drawings are.

He looks at the drawings that are blowing in the wind and then looks at the vortex on the wall.

He puts his hand into the vortex and then pulls it out quickly. His hand is cut now, where it used to be. But this time it is a fresh wound.

All of a sudden all of his memories come back with Dano. He remembers every single one of them.

He says her name, Eun Dano. And then he takes off running to find her.

She is in the middle of the street.

DN – I hope I remained as an extra who didn’t know anything in a love story

Haru – I will be #13 who doesn’t even have a name.

Dano turns around to see Haru standing behind her. He walks up to her and tells her that he will change her story this time. He holds her hand and apologizes for showing up too late.

She starts to cry so he tells her to look at him.

Haru – I am here. I am not going anywhere.

He hugs her and they stand in the street like this. Then we cut to a bench. She says that she still does not understand why he disappeared and why he lost his memory. he says that he also does not know. But he came back like this.

She tells him that he doesn’t even know how much time has passed. No one knows you and someone else is in your seat. You came back but you where like a stranger. I wasn’t going to try and change my fate anymore. I thought I wasn’t going to see you Haru. It is all my fault. if you didn’t try to rescue me when I fell into the swimming pool.

He holds her hand and says that if he went back to that moment, then he would do it again. he stands and says he will take her home. But she is teary eyed and says that she does not want to leave. What if he doesn’t remember her again. Can’t you just stay with me until we go to the next staged moment?

He kneels in front of her and tells her to look at him. She is sobbing but she looks at him. He tells her that he won’t let her hand go anymore. Never. She nods and they stay like that until the scene fades out.


Dohwa shows up with tons of snack food and happily asks if he is the real Haru right? Dano tells him that he asked that more than 10 times already. Haru says Lee Dohwa’s name which makes Dohwa says that this is you! This is how the real Haru feels! Where did you go to my friend? Eat all of this!

There are so many expensive looking snacks on the table. Dohwa tells him that he got a new role from being an extra. You can try hard to remember your lost memory. How difficult was it? I will open this for you!

Dano also says that she will open it for him! So they both start to feed him a lot of food and tell him that he is so skinny! He says that he is okay. They tell him that he is not okay! I almost lost my good friend!

Dohwa reads his character description and says that he still cannot get used to this new character description for Haru. You probably lost your memory because you got this new role. You had this desire to remember Eun Dano in your subconscious!

Dohwa pushes Haru  on accident as he stands which makes Haru almost kiss Dano. They share a moment where they look at each other and then Dano and Dohwa yell HARU IS BACK! HARU IS BACK!


Dano is super happy in class and asks Haru what he wants to do. Dano’s friends come up to her and start talking, but she is not listening and is only paying attention to Haru. her friends think that they can eat ddokboki so Haru says that they can eat ddokboki together. 

They tell him that he is like a different person. Dano says yes, he is the real Haru now! Let’s eat ddukbogi!

But then she wakes up in a staged event. She is in front of Jooda’s cafe place wearing something pretty and waiting for Baek Kyung. Jooda asks her why she is here? Dano says that she is here to meet Baek Kyung.

Baek Kyung’s boss tells her that she can go home today if she wants. Their sandwiches are all sold out.


Someone bought all the sandwiches and even paid for rent for the rest of the day. So you just need to clean.

So Dano goes inside with Jooda. Dano wonders what the writer is doing. She sits and Jooda cleans. Namjoo comes in. Jooda does not see him and says that they are closed.

He says that no, actually, you are open. I bought all the sandwiches here. Dano gasps and says that this is it! This cheesy teenage love story!

Cut to a birthday party with Dano, Baek Kyung, Dohwa, Jooda, and Namjoo. It looks like this is a come back party for Dohwa to join A3 again and a party to have Jooda as my women.

Dohwa says, your women?

Jooda tells them not to do this, remember, A3 is shiniest when you are all together. Dono grumbles that this is so cheesy.

Jooda tells them to eat a lot, if you enjoy it then it is zero calories. Then she runs off and gets a sandwich for Dohwa. She calls it a special limited addition sandwich only for Dohwa’s comeback.

Namjoo tries to grab it as well and says that she is my woman. Dohwa asks if they are officially dating? Namjoo asks him if he heard the broadcast?

They keep bickering over whether Jooda said yes or not. Jooda tells them that she will cut equal portions so don’t argue among friends okay.

Then the stage ends to Dohwa, Baek Kyung, and Dano take off their hats and look at each other. Dano tells Baek Kyung that he makes her embarrassed and gets up and grumbles that it is so cheesy! So walks off. Baek kYung follows. Dohwa starts to laugh.

Dohwa asks Namjoo when he prepared all of this? Namjoo is about to say something but Dohwa says he knows that he knows that Namjoo will make Jooda happy.

Outside, Dano tries to wipe the cheesiness off of her as she walks up the street. She drops her cell phone and then Baek Kyung picks it up. The background is Baek Kyung and her. She tells him that she always changes the background but it shows up again and again.

He tells her that the background picture is fine. She asks what he is talking about? You always say you hate it. He sys that she asked him to take the photo together. She says that it is because it was a stage. He tells her that she is not sure if the Eun Dano in his memory is true or not, but he hopes that the Eun Dano in his memory is true.

She says, what?

He takes a step closer to her and tells her that there should be a reason for coming back again. Then he heads her the cell phone and the picture comes back of the two of them. 



Baek Kyung looks for the sageuk comic book in the memory. In his memory he remembers the sageuk Dano saying that “I am okay, even if it is tomorrow!”

The name of the book might be Nung So Hwa. Or that could be Dano’s name in that story. It is a flower so Baek Kyung goes to the flower section of the library and pulls a flower book.

He looks in the section for Nung So Hwa and stares at it for a moment.

In the corner of the library, Haru looks at where the vortex used to be and then looks at his hand. his hand might be in pain right now.

He walks out and he and Baek Kyung meet in the stacks. Baek Kyung asks why he is here? You don’t remember things. Just don’t do things to make the writer angry and live your life like an extra.

Haru says that he does not want to. He has something to protect. Baek Kyung says that todo that he has to remember first. Haru says that he is trying to. Baek Kyung tells him to work hard *sarcastically*. Haru smiles and bumps his shoulder as he walks off.

Elsewhere in school, Dano runs to class and dreamily looks at Haru from the window to the classroom. But she thinks that she needs to wake up. Bt then she looks at him dreamily again.

Saemi comes up and asks what she is doing? Dano asks her what it means if I think of someone in my sub-conscience? Saemi say that it means that you like that person.

Dano asks, how do you know? Saemi says that you can confirm it by thinking about kissing that person. Dano says, kissing? So she pretends like she is kissing Haru and is so happily dreaming about that. But then Soo-chul shows up in front of her so Dano is momentarily shocked and says, I will kill you!

Saemii says that if you can imagine kissing them, then you like them. If you can’t even think about it then you re just friends. So are you thinking about kissing Baek Kyung? Dano deny’s it, NOOO! But Saemi thinks that strong no means strong yes! So they start to make fun of her.



Baek Kyung looks at the flower book once again when Dohwa comes in. Baek Kyung asks where he was. Dohwa says he had a staged moment. Namjoo is preparing a big confession for Dohwa like in a teen novel. 

Baek Kyung asks him if he saw their comic? Is it really similar in characters and drawings? Dohwa says yeah, I saw it. What they say is almost the exact same!

Baek Kyung thinks. Dohwa tells him that those teenage love stories are all the same. There is one main woman and one main man and the second lead and all those things. Baek Kyung sighs and sits back. Dohwa tells him that it is time for class. But Baek Kyung stays in the clubhouse. It looks like he is really thinking of something.


three extra boys say that they cannot even breathe because they made so many balloons. They want to hit Oh Namjoo, but they change their tune when Namjoo walks up behind them and thank him for giving them a job.

When Namjoo walks away, one of the extras asks if they should tell Shin Saemi? another one says that they should keep it secret until the last minute. then the three extra girls comes in and ask what they are doing? But the teacher comes in right then dressed like Beethoven and class starts.

The teacher talks about the music. Dano and Haru yawn in the back of the classroom. Dano has an idea that they should skip class because it isn’t fun. Haru thinks that it is a good idea.

So Dano raises her hand and says that she wants to go to the clinic because she is sick. The teacher says that Baek Kyung is not here. Haru tells him that he can take her and they hold hands and stand.

Everyone starts to swoon at the two of them as Dano and Haru run out.

They go to a rooftop courtyard and talk about how it is fun to skip class together. Dano sees his scar and says that she is happy that it is back, that means that the Haru she knows is really back.

She looks at the sky and says his name Haru-ya…Haru-ya…~. She says that she just likes saying his name. She didn’t realize that her day to day life is this important. But she says that she will never try to have him in the stage anymore.

Haru asks her if she would like to go further away? She asks where?

Cut to them walking up a street with interesting shops. They stop at one that looks like an antique place and go inside.

Inside is an antique store with lots of items. Dano recognizes that this place has a lot of their things. Like Haru’s drawing book and Soo-chul’s polaroid and Baek Kyung’s tennis balls. They also have the box that they saw before on the school trip. It was under the building but now it is here?

She thought this was a completely new place, but it is still part of the writer. Haru says that the writer does not know that they are there now. Dano smiles and turns on her aegyo as she says that it is a super special moment if you think about it that way.

Haru says that this is their special moment that the writer does not know about. it is really like skipping class. They both smile to each other.

Then we cut to them playing a street video game. Haru tells him that he is so bad at it, you died again. he says that he let her win.


So they play the game again and then we cut to them they start to eat all the old style candy in this shop and laugh at how blue their tongues get. Dano also takes photos of the candy so she can brag about in online. She tells him that they should take a photo as well and uses the air command on the Galaxy Note to take a cute picture on the couch.

Dano looks at their photo and hopes that this time does not change. She made Haru and her picture as her background so she hopes that it does not change back to Baek Kyung. She is really happy that Haru has a role in this comic, but why are you Baek Kyung’s sidekick?

Haru says that to protect her, it does not matter what her character is. She is all like, what are you talking bout? I will protect you. Tell me when Baek Kyung gives you a hard time and I will not tolerate it. He asks what she will do? She tells him that she will give him her fist!

He tells her that her fist looks scary. She says it is! You don’t believe it! I will give you a taste, give me your hand! She punches his hand and says it hurts right? he says yes, it does actually.

Cut to the two of them walking off happily. But then Dano stops him to check his scar. She is happy that he has it and says that he is really the real Haru. She loves checking it to make sure and tells him that he has to keep the promise not to disappear again. They pinky promise.

She asks how his scar came back again? He says that he saw a strange thing in the library. Flashback to that. Dano asks if it was the blackhole thing? I also saw that. it is okay, it is one of those strange things that we see in the shadow. Like chairs flying around or time going backward. I am just happy that your scar came back, I really love this scar, it means that you are the real Haru.

She holds his hand for a long time so she apologizes because it becomes a bit awkward and let’s go. 

they walk off together and as they walk their hands brush up against each other. Dano naturally grabs his hand to hold it. But then she drops it and says that she is sorry, it was an unconscious thing. But he quickly holds her hand and tells her, let’s go.

They happily trot off holding hands back to class.




Dano and Haru wash their hands in an outdoor faucet near the field. They both smile at each other as they do, but then Haru feels something and turns to his right.

Suddenly he is dressed in sageuk attire and he sees Dano dressed in sageuk attire too. They are by a river side and she is smiling at him. he is stunned as he remembers this. She splashes water at him in his memory. 

Dano does the same thing to him in this life and smiles. Then she asks what is wrong and says that she wills top playing. But she splashes more water on him and laughs. So he splashes a super lot of water on her, she is drenched. He apologizes and gives her his shirt.

She pretends to be mad but then laughs and says this is the first time she feels this way, she feels reborn because of him.

He remembers her say the exact same thing in the sageuk, “I feel like I am reborn because of you.” She looks like a princess and talks like she is a princess or noble. She says, Haru, and smiles.

In the present, he holds her hand and stares at her as she smiles at him.


Later on, Dano looks at all her photos on her phone and giggles. All the photos are of her and Haru. She sings that she will skip class again. But then her heart starts to beat irregularly so she wonders if she will have a next time.

Outside, Haru walks with some extras and asks them if they have ever had a moment where it is the first time but you feel like you have seen it before? The smart kid that replaces Haru says it is deja vu! Another kid says that it means nothing, it happens to me often, it is nothing.

But then Baek Kyung comes up to Haru and the group and throws his bag on the ground. He asks him to take his bag and says that his character is to listen to him well.

The other extras pick up his bag and say that they can do it, they are going there anyway! But Haru throws Baek Kyung’s bag on the ground in front of him and says that he can carry his own bag.

Haru – You take your own bag. Your a character who always harasses and hurts others. is there any reason for it? Change it.

Haru walks off like a boss. Baek Kyung is left to think about what is going on.

Haru walks to his locker, Baek Kyung walks up angrily and slams the locker closed.

BK – What is it with these challenging eyes? I felt that something went strange. You don’t have your consciousness but you bother me all the time. So you came back to that a-hole you used to be? or did you pretend that you did not have consciousness to screw me up?

Haru – Are you nervous? What, are you afraid of me coming back?

Haru walks off. Baek-kyung sighs and thinks, what the f?


Dano is in the cafeteria with her friends. Baek Kyung is there as well eating at the table. Dano does not pay attention to him. Sae-mi slams her chopsticks on the table and says that she hates Jooda so much. I was always the one next to Nam Joo. Is she a fisherman? She knows that Namjoo is interested in her but she pretends like she does not know it and has a fish farm of available men.

Soochul says that he thought they were dating. Saemi says that it is one sided with Namjoo, that makes me even more angry. Jooda even accept that. Namjoo publicly announced it and it ruined his reputation. Soo Chul says that they don’t need a definite answer.

Saemi says that she knows that she gives Jooda a hard time, but before I do anything Namjoo always shows up. Does he have a gps on Jooda or something? I have become a bad person.

Baek Kyung tells her that she cannot help it because she is a bad character. Saemi says, bad character? Me? Baek Kyung tells her yes. Saemi says that no bad characters let someone take what is hers! She gets up and stomps off.

Dano calls out to Saemi but she is too angry and is already off. So Dano tells Baek Kyung not to say those things. Baek Kyung says that he has to tell them who they are so they will recognize their character. Then he asks if Haru remembers everything now?

She says yes, she is happy because she worried about him a lot. Baek Kyung asks if she is the real Eun Dano now? You are happy that Haru is back? I don’t know because you swing back and forth between real Eun Dano and fake Eun Dano.

She says that it is real. Then Haru comes up and asks if anyone is sitting next to her? She smiles and says he can sit there. So Haru sits there. Baek Kyung asks why Haru is sitting there? Dano tells BK to stop doing this.

BK tells her that he said he has to tell them otherwise they don’t know what the limit is. Haru asks what the limit is? BK says, you sitting in front of me is the limit. Think about your characters role.

Haru says that he does not care about those things.

Baek Kyung looks sternly at him and says that he will see if he can say the same thing int he next stage. They both stare at each other and Baek Kyung leaves.

Dano sighs and says that he was okay for awhile, why is he a douchbag again? Haru tells her not to worry about him, let’s eat. They smile.



Dano sits with Saemi outside and asks her if she is okay? You know when Baek Kyung said that you area  bad character. I hope the stage ends quickly so that you will forget. he is always bad to me. 

Saemi says that she is on his side because she is his fiance. Dano says it is not like that, she really worries about her. Saemi says that she knows, even though Baek Kyung is like that, my love for Namjoo will not break easily.

She also tells Dano that her 10 year love to Baek Kyung will be realized as well. Compared to your pure love, my little love is miniscule.

Dano says it will not be him, I don’t like Baek Kyung. I like H-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Saemi asks, HARU! Haru is our classroom? The tennis player Haru! Baek Kyung’s sidekick!

Dano says yes, I want you to know because yo are my best friend! Don’t be too move by it. But Saemi says that it is too much of a mackjang, how can you love your fiance’s shuttle (sidekick)! My friend is having an affair! Ah! Dano is having an affair!

Saemi starts to breath fast and almost pass out. Then she runs inside and runs right to the balloon party room where the official Day one celebration is going to happen. Other girls run in and thinks that Nam Joo is so romantic.

Saemi is about to pass out. One of the girls says that this is good for Jooda, then she will be the daughter in law.

Saemi yell, YA! Daughter in law! No!

Another girl says that they need to stop this, they are 4 daughter in law candidates, they need to stop this. Saemi is all like, what? Another girl says that Jooda came last, but that picture does look nice.

Saemi yells, JOODA I WILL BREAK YOU YAAAAAAA! Then she runs to the flyer and starts to destroy it and runs all over the room busting all the balloons.

The three boy sidekicks come in at this time and can’t believe that all their hard work is being ruined right now. If Namjoo knows about this then we are dead.

Cut to Saemi and team telling Jooda that Namjoo is looking for her in the science class. Jooda thanks them and walks there.

In the celebration room, Namjoo walks around at all the destruction. The three sidekicks say that they can stay awake all night for two days and make it again! It is nothing! Namjoo asks, is it nothing? Make everything back to the way it was by tomorrow. Do you know what will happen if you can’t do it? Especially you.

The boys all yell in frustration.


Jooda goes to the science class but no one is there. the girls show up and tells her that she is really dumb, how can you be tricked so easily all the time? Namjoo is not looking for you. 

Jooda says that Saemi mentioned that Namjoo is looking for her. Saemi tells her that she always looks so lost and dumb. the other girls says that she knows that Namjoo likes her and yet she is between two friends who like her?

They continue and says that she pretends to be friends with two guys, you are so great. But the other girls look at her so this girl has to correct herself and says that she is so scary.

Then another girl pushes Jooda onto the floor and they hover over her. Saemi asks if the world is so pretty because Namjoo likes you? Do you think that after wearing this uniform you are part of this 3Go high school? that uniform that fits you is not our uniform. The shoes that you are wearing now fit you more. You should know yourself.

Namjoo looks like she might realize something as she looks at them. But she doesn’t say anything. They all leave and tells her to think about herself in a dark room. So they lock her in.

Jooda starts to cry, then the stage ends and Jooda takes off her shoe and throws it at the door. She starts to scream.

Dohwa hears it in the A3 room.


Dohwa asks Namjoo if he heard that? he turns the volume off for a second. Namoo says that he didn’t and starts to talk to Dohwa about Jooda. 

He says that he actually did not think about what Jooda thought. Like Dohwa said. In retrospect, I was too selfish. But that does not mean that I wanted to force her to date me. I planned to properly confess to Jooda.

Dohwa asks why he is confessing to him that he will confess to Jooda? Namjo says that he just wanted him to know. Dohwa mutters that he already knows it.

Namjoo telsl him that he wanted to do it today, but it is delayed until tomorrow. Dohwa asks why? Namjoo says that he is not sure who did it, but the room is all messed up. I told them to put everything back the way it was.

Dohwa is pretty shocked and stands. He asks where Jooda is. Can you contact her! What if she is in danger? Let’s find her! No, even if I do find her, you will find her.

Namjoo asks what he is talking about? Why would jooda be in danger? Tell me in a way I can understand.  Dohwa says that it is a teenage love story, of course. So who do you think messed up the room and did bad things to Jooda? They probably tried to trap her in a classroom or something like that.

Namjoo stand up and asks what he is talking about! Dohwa tells him to leave, the stage will start soon. Go as soon as possible!


The doors burst open in the science room shining light onto Jooda. She asks, Oh Nam Joo? But it is Dohwa that runs in. he asks if she is okay? Ah, this writer, why don’t you make the scene quick so Namjoo can find Jooda?

Dohwa tells Jooda that the scene were Namjoo finds her will start soon, so just wait with me until it starts. She tells him that they can go out together. I am scared.

He tells her that even if I take you out then the scene will start. he looks at her shoe and says that they gave you a hard time with your shoes again? he puts it back on her foot and tells her that he hopes she doesn’t remember this. I hope you only remember happy moments.

Cut to Namjoo opening the door on Jooda and the light shining on her. She says Oh Namjoo? He runs in and hugs her and tells her that no one will be able to harass you anymore because you are Namjoo’s woman.

Jooda looks at her feet and sees that both her shoes are on now.



Dano and Baek Kyung walk outside. She is happily looking at her cell phone background image. he picks up her phone and says that heir background is supposed to be them right? She takes it back from him and asks why he wants to start an argument. Yo don’t have to do this in the shadow. The stage is your character, but stop giving Saemi and Haru and other kids a hard time.

He tells her that she is saying the same thing as that other guy. She asks him what? But he does not mention any more and walks off.

But then he stops and the stage starts.

Dano – Where do you want to get married? (Dano, you are only 18, stop talking about marriage!)

BK – We should follow our parents.

Dano – I want to do it outside under a nice sunny day with all our friends before I die. 

BK – Dont say things like that, it makes me angry

Dano – Are you so angry at marrying me? I thought you said it was okay.

Her heart starts to beat erratically. He grabs her quickly and picks her up to hurry her to the hospital.


Dano wakes up at the hospital. Baek Kyung apologizes. the father tells him to explain all that happened. BK says that they were going home together, it is all his fault.

Dano’s father says that it is not your fault, Baek Kyung.

Outside, Dano’s father and BK’s father talk. BK’s father finds out that Dano has a terminal life. That is why she wants to marry BK. But he thought about it, it would be a bad thing for you and your son.

But BK’s father holds Dano’s father’s hand and says that BK knows about Dano’s illness. Dano tried to hide it, but she couldn’t. This marriage is not only for Dano, it is for Baek Kyung too. how much time is left? Baek Kyung wants to give Dano the best memory possible.

In the hospital lobby, Baek Kyung sees his step-mother and his brother. He asks them why there are there? She says that his father called them. She chuckles. She asks what is so funny about it? H tells them that they are so consistent. you are the woman that only wants money inside and outside of the stage.

Are you insecure that in case I marry Dano and father gives me all his shares? How dare you come here. My mother died in this hospital. You took my moms position so don’t ask for more, don’t do anything!

His father comes up and grips him by the collar. You jashik! How dare you talk about that here! What if chairman Eun sees you doing this? He pushes him away and kindly asks his wife if she is okay. He starts walking away with her and their son.

BK – The three of you look so happy. Like a real family. BUT WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT TO ME AND MY MOM?

Dad – I told you to watch your mouth

BK – You hippocrit, you see a dying person as money.

The father is about to punch Baek Kyung but the little brother jumps int he way and gets hit instead. He tries to hold his father back.

BK – Why isn’t anyone normal here?

he walks away. His brother runs after him. Baek Kyung yells at him to not follow him. His brother says that they should just live like this. Father is not like that all the time. If you just married Dano noona…

But Baek Kyung tells him that he does not know anything. You only move following you character.

Baek Kyung thinks back to what Haru said about him harassing and hurting people in the shadow as well. Do you think you have any reason for your character that does that? He also thinks about what Dano said about how he has his stage on character, but you should stop hurting others outside.

Baek Kyung thinks, what the f? His brother holds his arm and tells him to please not change anything, but Baek Kyung yanks his arm away.



Dano wakes up in the classroom. She thinks, hospital…medicine…sigh…it was better back in the day. She takes her medicine and coughs. Baek Kyung gives her medicine and asks if she is okay. She thanks him. he tells her that he heard that their marriage will be processed quickly. It will happen before the schedule date.

Do you really want to marry me? She says yes. He tells her not to do it. You will get hurt. She says that she is okay, you are Baek Kyung who I like so much.

But then the stage ends so Dano stands up and looks around for Haru. Baek Kyung steps in her way and says that it seems like she has waited for the stage to end. She says that she cannot do anything or go anywhere, you also hate the stage right?

Then Haru comes in so she runs over to him happily.


Jinmichae paces in his kitchen as he wonders how and why Haru is back. Does he remember the past also?

He has a flashback to the sageuk comic that Baek Kyung was reading.

Jinmichae wonders, what that Baek Kyung also? Then Baek Kyung comes in and asks where the book is! Jinmichae asks him what book? So Baek Kyung tells him Nung So Hwa! the book you took from me. I couldn’t find it.

Jinmichae smiles and says that he does not know what he is talking about. BK says that it is strange, it seems like that book has something. If I find that book, then you have to tell me. He walks off.

Jinmichae runs to his patio where he burned the book and looks at the remains. It is definitely charred a lot but not completely burned. It still resembles a book.

Jinmicha says that this is just like the previous one.

Cut to Jinmichae talking to Haru as he looks at the red flowers. Jinmichae tells him that he hoped his memory did not come back and wondered if he was too much of a bad guy?

Haru tells him that this flower was in his memory. He thought it was a dream, but it was not a dream. Is it something that will happen in the future, or is it something that already happened? Jinmichae says that is why he could not give him an answer about his beginning. Your beginning is not a secret in this place. 

Haru asked, so that is why I remembered Eun Dano? You said that he meaning of Nung So Hwa is waiting. I know that the reason I wanted to stay here was to remember Eun Dano. To wait until Dano finds me.


Jinmichae is in the library pulling another book. he thinks about what Haru said. is it something that really happened or already happened? Jinmichae says that it happened already and will happen in the future.

He flips through the comic and looks at the photo of Haru in the character chart.

Jinmichae – using the same character over and over again, the story and dialogue are all the same. Of course it is more difficult to not have all the consciousness. The books burned but I cannot prevent some things.

He looks at the empty spot where the book used to sit. It is a spot that also had the vortex.

Jinmichae thinks, I/we/he/she knows the end of the story then I/she/he/they may have to see the tragedy again. It is okay that I am in many of your works, but you are so cruel. Why don’t you remove my consciousness also?


Haru is at his locker and sees two rackets that say Haru and Baek Kyung. He sighs and takes them out. he looks at them for a moment and then hears two extras saying that Baek Kyung picked a day. 

The other kid says that he thought one or the other would pass out. It seems like it will end when someone passes out. When he is crazy, he is super crazy, no one can stop his temper. I think someone will really die.

Then Baek Kyung comes in and hits the locker next to Haru.

BK – HOW DARE YOU OPEN MY LOCKER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. You hang out with Dano and become friends with Dohwa. People will think that you are me. Why? If the writer made this world then why are you special?

Haru – I also wonder that. Why the writer connected me with you. 

BK – I will find out the answer


Haru and Baek Kyung square off on the tennis courts. They are both prepared to take each other out. Haru serves the ball and hits it just out of Baek Kyung’s reach. 

This means Baek Kyung loses. All the extras are alike, huh? Baek Kyung lost? But he destroyed me! They talk about how it doesn’t matter who wins, it is a good game for sportsmanship.

Baek Kyung walks over to Haru and tells him AGAIN. Haru says that the game ended. Baek Kyung tells him that he can’t win against me!

Haru asks why?

Baek Kyung says he can’t win against me!

Haru asks, why? Because of the character description?

Baek Kyung tells him that they should go again! AGAIN! AGAIN! H starts to destroy everything around him and the extras say that he is crazy. Baek Kyung tells Haru that because Dano plays with you, you forgot about who you are. But she is an extra who will love me until she dies. How many times do I have to tell you that?

Haru – I don’t care what you do or say to me. But don’t hurt Dano ever. I can’t tolerate Dano getting hurt by you anywhere anyhow. She cares about you and she is having a hard time because of you, all of that.

BK – So what can you do? You are an extra who cannot have any scenes without me.

Haru – if needed, I will change the story.

BK – Change? You are changing an already drawn story?

Haru – it is not already done. it is still being drawn. Because the pages are still empty where the writer did not fill it in yet.

BK – How are you for sure? How do you know that the writer already drew it or is drawing it? Just stop talking BS about the writers drawings or whatever. Just stay away from Dano and me.

Haru – Do you like Dano?

BK – What?

Haru – Stop thinking about the character. Do you like Eun Dano

BK – How dare you ask me that?

Haru – Because I like her. Eun Dano.

A spooky music starts to play and the vortex opens up again in the library. there is a power outage as well and the sageuk shows up.



Baek Kyung destroys everything at an old house’s courtyard int he same way he did on the tennis court. He holds his sword to Haru and tells him to tell him again.

Haru tells him to let him go.

BK – You don’t even know your beginning so how are you leaving me?

Haru – Yes, I don’t even know where I started. But, if I don’t have an answer for my beginning then I will find my own answer.

He turns to walk away.

BK – If you move one more step. You can’t leave me because you shouldn’t. that is your destiny. THE REASON YOU WERE BORN AND KEEP LIVING.

Haru – I am leaving.


Jinmichae watches this from a near distance.

Haru turns away. 

BK – You like Eun Moo-young’s daughter.

Haru turns back around.

BK – Eun Dano.

In the vortex, the hole closes and one Nung So Hwa flower comes out.

Fade Out


Wow, that took us over two hours to get through today! Like 2 and a half hours? That is so long. They really spoke a lot today so we tried to catch as much as we could. Plus, we are battle some sore throat colds over here. Hopefully you didn’t mind the wait! We can’t wait until tomorrow! (Okay, off to take a little nap and drink some lemon tea).


Dano – What do you think is the end of the story?

VO – Eun Dano says the same things in the book

JMC – the previous book does not matter, what do you want?

BK – taking back the things that were taken from me

BK – Everything goes back to how it should be

Dano – You are Baek Kyung’s friend, I am Baek Kyung’s fiancé.

Haru – I want to change your character description

BK – When the stage changes, can the characters change also?

Haru – I heard that Haru is changing the stage

JMC – It is difficult to change the stage

JMC – Eventually, what the writer intended will happen

Dano – Why does it hurt so much?

Haru or BK – if you only have a few life left, what would you like to do the most?

Haru – The one who changes your destiny is not me, it is Baek Kyung

BK – You can’t do anything for Dano in the stage. You can’t win over me. You are just an extra.

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