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Extraordinary You: Episode 8 (15&16) Live Recap

Recap for Extraordinary You Episode 8 (15&16)
Extraordinary You Recap Episode 8 (15&16), image MBC

Haru is back and making all the woke characters thoroughly confused with whether he does or does not remember is former self. All the other characters are just going with the flow and falling in line perfectly with Haru as Baek Kyung’s handsome sidekick. And then that vortex appeared revealing a little bit about he and Dano’s real past lives together.

I love where the story is going with Extraordinary You and am very intrigued with the backstory of each character and how their previous drama life is impacting this current drama life. And, I am also actually starting to feel a little sorry for Baek Kyung. His character is written as a self-absorbed jerk, but it looks like he is really trying his hardest not to be. I hope you succeed Baek Kyung!

We have moved Extraordinary You to our first recap spot of the day! We will recap When the Camellia Blooms around lunchtime!

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From the Black Hole we hear a person who looks like Dano say, “I am going to find my own answer with you.) She peaks like a princess.

Haru walks up to the drawing room with the black hole on the wall and looks at it. A flower falls on the floor so he picks it up. The black hole is gone. But he sees his drawing of the flower and his drawing of Dano and the classroom. He might not know that he drew them though.

Haru walks away down the hall, Dano walks up the hall and stops when she sees him. But then decides to keep walking by. But he calls her name, Eun Dano. 

She turns. He tells her that Baek Kyung just left. She asks him if what he remembers about her is that she is Eun Dano’s fiance who has a heart problem? He asks if he should know more about her?

She hangs her head and then says no, you don’t know to know anything anymore. She walks away and disappears around the corner.


The three male sidekicks all talk about how great baek Kyung and Haru are at playing tennis. Then Haru and Baek Kyung show up at the lockers so the three guys run off.

Haru tells baek Kyung he should tape his tennis racket up again, Baek Kyung says he can handle it.

In the A3 clubhouse, Dohwa asks Baek Kyung if he is pretending like he is liking Dano to use her! he holds up the cartoon book and tells him that he is trash. Baek Kyung throws the tennis ball and asks if he can separate the stage from the shadow?

They start to argue about the stage and the shadow and hwo Dohwa should feel bad about Oh Namjoo. Dohwa says he does feel bad about it. He also feel bad about Dano. Baek Kyung says he never thought about it before, ut someone wats to make him change the story.

Baek Kyung picks up the book and starts to flip through it. He goes to Jinmichae and waits for him to show up. Jinmichae comes in and tells him that it is not lunchtime yet. Baek Kyung tells him that he wonders why Dano comes to the cafeteria all the time.

Baek Kyung asks if he is even go to be surprised? I have my consciousness as well. Should I call you hyung? Jinmichae says that this is not what he wants to hear that from him. Baek Kyung tells him that it is difficult to live among the dumb people who don’t even remember anyone. So lets have a close relationship. It’s funny.

He drops the book and leaves. Jinmichae looks a bit concerned.



Saemi talks to Dano in her normal playful way as they sit in their seats. She asks if she is worried about something? there must be something. Is it about your friend? You said that your heart pounds when you see a guy?

Dano says that heart will stop soon. Saemi tells her that it won’t stop! No way! Your love is so deep! Soochul tells them that they can see who makes her heart pound. Saemi tells him that they don’t need to find out, she always looks inone direction, Baek Kyung!

They all turn around and see Haru standing there. Haru looks at them and then walks to his seat.


In chemistry class we see how popular haru is. All the girls want Haru to help them with their work. Baek Kyung looks at Dano and sees that she is only watching Haru as well. 

Haru goes over to Dano and helps her open a vase. She tells him that she can do it. he tells her that she makes him concerned. She says that even if he does not remember anything, dont do it. He asks what she is talking about? What doesn’t he remember?

She tells him not to make her think for even one second that it is like before. Please. Don’t do that to me.

Then Baek Kyung comes up and asks what he is doing? Why is he over there? haru says he is just there. Baek Kyung asks if he has that in his setting also? Haru tells him that he can take care of her then and walks out. But Baek Kyung looks like he is thinking a lot about this. Their music starts to play as well.

When class ends, haru walks off and all the girls walk after him. Saemi says that Haru is really handsome. She heard that he hangs out with Baek Kyung a lot, he is the only one that can match him in tennis. People think that he will be the next A3 member.

But then she notices Dano and asks why it looks like she is dumped?

Dano kind of shrugs it off and walks off. Haru sees her leaving and wants to follow but he is held back by all the girls.


A loft of girls start to talk about how they are not Baek Kyung’s fan anymore, from today they are into Haru. Dano stands up surprised and says, WHAT? HARU? The girls are shocked as well at Dano’s response. they tell her that she can take care of Baek Kyung and they will take care of Haru.

Dano starts to flip out on her own. Her friends are all like, what is wrong Dano? Dano asks Saemi what she should do so they go have a snack. Saemi tells her that they can feel better when they eat good things. 

Then she asks if this is about Baek Kyung? Usually the direction of love does not match. She also says that her and Namjoo don’t connect. But that kind of mismatch is the moment where they can find real love and happiness. So don’t worry, Baek Kyung will go to you. You spent 10 years liking him.

Haru is actually sitting on a bench in the near distance with two girls doting on him. Saemi says that they need to learn how to smile like those girls. Dano looks at him and thinks that he is the same but not the same and tells herself that she will not think about him at all.

Jinmichae also sees them both outside. But then he gets pulled onto the stage as nam-joo’s mother walks by and says that they have to find evidence. She accidentally bumps into him so they both apologize and she continues walking.

Jinmichae thinks that becoming a regular extra that is used by the writer as a habit is a sin.


The mother keeps walking around and runs into Jooda who greets her respectfully. The mother says that she should tell her secretary to send her a pair of shoes. Jooda says that she is okay. The mother tells her that receiving one more pair won’t make a difference.

The mother mentions that Namjoo needs a girlfriend and asks her if she knows of one that matches his class level? Then Saemi runs up so the mother tells her that she is perfect from top to bottom and we see that her hair to her toes looks good though Namjoo’s shoes look dirty. 

The mother asks Saemi if she has a boyfriend yet? She says that she is still recruiting one. the mother smiles and then starts to walk away, but she tells Jooda that she will send her some new shoes today. Saemi kind of laughs at that and then runs off to talk to Namjoo’s mother some more.



Saemi calls Namjoo and tells him that her mother came, when are you coming? But she is hung up on right away. Jooda is sitting at her desk and the other mean girls are around her asking her if she knows what a Japanese phrase says. She does not know what it means though. 

They tell her she is in charge of the flowers and then end up sticking the Japanese and Chinese and other languages message on her back and laughing when she goes to check on it. Jooda feels embarrassed at her shoes and with everyone laughing at her.

Then Namjoo takes the notes off her back and reads them. They say things like beggar and can I have money and all those things. Namjoo tells everyone that this is so childish and asks Saemi if she did it? He mentions that it is so disappointing and pulls Jooda out.

Jooda thanks Namjoo for helping but tells him not to help her anymore. It is difficult when he is around her. if you do all of this because you pity me then stop. He asks when he did that? She tells him that she does not want to get hurt alone.

He pulls her into the radio room or something like that and tells her that he does not know why she thinks this, but he does not pity her. he will show her how big his true heart is now.

Back in the classroom, Dohwa asks Dano if Haru is still acting like a new person now? What if you do what you did before when he was #13? Dano sulks and says that she does not want to. She asks him about Namjoo, and how he made a huge trouble here and left because of Joodas scene.

Dohwa asks, so she and Saemi again with the scholarship stuff? Ah, that writer. If they don’t have a good imagination then they shuold at least be nice. Okay, I will stop here, I dont’ want to be a burden to Jooda.

But then the announcement goes up and everyone hears Namjoo’s voice.

NJ – I Announce this publically

Saemi thinks that he is going to apologize to her publicly. She flips her hair and waits.

NJ – Ye Jooda is the only woman for me.

All the kids excitedly murmur and Saemi faints. Dohwa says that they finally lost to the writer. Dano says that it is because this story is already decided, so it happens anyway. She looks at all the pills on her desk that she has to take.

Dano goes to the bridge and thinks. Baek Kyung talks to her and says that she heard about namjoo and Jooda right? How can he say the exact same thing, that is no fun. But it is following the already decided story.

Baek Kyung asks if she thinks Haru can change? he doesn’t remember anything. So tell me, how do I change the already decided story? She says that he can’t change her fate. In the end, things happen the way the writer wants.

She lets her medicine drop over the side of the bridge.

Under the bridge, Haru walks with the other three sidekick guys, they look up at Baek Kyung and Dano and talk about how this school that sends so many kids ti Ivy Leagues has become a love place. But they look like a happy couple.

Haru looks up at them but then runs off to hang out with the other three guys.


Cut to the hallway where Jinmichae drops somethings on the ground, including a storybook. Haru picks it up and looks at it. But then Jinmichae snatches it back and looks at him alarmed. haru is all like, I just saw that you dropped this. jinmichae takes it back and walks away.


Haru goes to sit with Dano at the library. She asks why he is sitting with her, does he want her to move? he says no, she can stay there, he can leave. So he goes to sit a few seats over. But he catches glances at her as he tries to read and decides to rest his head and stare at her.

Haru – (she bothers me).

He falls asleep while looking at Dano and we are sent into his dream that is in a Sageuk world. he alks into a merchants store in this sageuk world and sees Dano grabbing something from a top shelf. 

She stumbles and falls so he gives her his back to fall on and then she tumbles so he catches her quickly. they share a brief moment of lookin at each other.

Haru wakes up and thinks to himself that he must be tired. So he walks around the stacks and sees Dano walking into that same stack. But she ignores him and goes to put something on a top shelf.

But then she falls on this back and he turns around and catches her just like he did in his dream. They share a stunned moment together and Dano quickly stands and walks away.


Later on, Dano walks the yard and Haru watches her. he thinks about her falling from the stacks in the library and also in his dream.


Suddenly Dano wakes up at the hospital. Her doctor says that he will add more pills. She tells them that she is fine, she already takes so much already. Her appa tells her to take them. Dano wonders how much time she has left.

She goes to talk to her appa later on in the hospital and apologizes for complaining. He smiles and says appa is more sorry because he could not do anything. She says that she will take all the medicine. he says that he will do anything for her, would you like me to take a star from the sky?

She says no not like that, I want to get married. But then she is all like, nooooo, that is not true at all! Definitely not! then she turns on her sweetness again and says, I want to live with you forever. He tells her okay, lets live together forever. She says that next life she wants to be born as his daughter again. he says okay, I will be your appa in the next life.


Dano’s appa knocks on her door and tells her that she should be ready. You should look pretty. Lets go. She sighs and opens the door. But it is Baek Kyung instead of her father. Dano is surprised and wonders if this is a staged scene.

He comes into her room and looks around and then tells her to come out so they can go to school together. She tells him okay but she has to take her medicine first since she promised it to her appa.

He looks at one of her photos of them as little kids where they were in the hospital together. He tells her that she is the same as she was during that time. That spell still works Bibidy-bobidy-boo.

They go to a kids park where she swings and he asks if it is still hard to take that medicine? You always have the doctors and nurses a hard time because you didn’t want to take it. She asks if he still remembers that? He sys that he is the one that told her that spell. When the fairy gave everything to Cinderella, you just wanted to have a healthy heart. You were scary back then.

She tells him that he remembers so many things. He tells her that she said that if he repeated that spell then she would get healthy. He sits on his swing and looks at her and tells her that he remembers everything.

He remembers her inside of the cartoon and outside of the cartoon. She tells him, that is good at least. You are the only one that remembers me outside the story. And…thank you. Without you it would be relaly really difficult. But now I decided to accept this world and Haru and myself for trying to change the story. I will forget about you being a jackass. Lets go, we will be late.

She hops up to leave and the camera zooms in on the flower key chain that she gave him which is now on his backpack. Then it shows the real life flower growing in the garden.



Dohwa runs up on Haru in the hallway and yells, HARU-U-U-U YOU ARE BACK! But he puts him in a little arm lock. Dohwa tells him that they were really good friends once. But forget it, forget it. And he hurries off.

Then haru sees Baek Kyung and Dano walking up the hallway. baek Kyungn holds hre arm and tells her that he will pick her up later. But Haru runs over and holds his hand and says No! But then he says that they have practice later on together.

It kind of seemed like he remembered something. But he quickly goes to sit in his seat in the classroom. Dano and Haru both look at him curiously.

In the classroom, Haru starts to look at Dano and then looks out the window and is taken into another dream.

In this dream, he is in the market in a Goryeo type period in Korea. He is in all black and looks like a guard. He sees Dano looking at something pretty in the market and smiling. He asks that merchant later what this flower is that she is looking at. The merchant says that it is a flower that symbolizes, I will wait for you regardless of what happens. He holds this item and we see that it is the same item that they found at the temple.

In the classroom, Baek Kyung asks Haru if he was nodding off and then tells him, lets go to practice. He turns to leave. Haru sees the flower keychain on his bag and grabs it. he wonders what it is. Baek Kyung says that Dano gave it to him.

Haru asks, what is the name of this flower. But then he says, forget it. Baek Kyung asks why he is interested in that flower? Haru says it looks like a flower he saw in his dream. But he says it is nothing, lets go.

Baek Kyung looks surprised and starts to think back to the drawings that he threw into the swimming pool.




Dohwa plays soccer alone on the school field as the other kids play together. Jooda watches him. namjoo sits next to her and asks if she is going to music class. She perkily says that she wants to have a wish with him and does rock-paper-scissors to get it granted. She wins so he has to listen to her wish.

He asks what her wish is. She says that she hopes he is himself. When you are yourself, you are the coolest. A3 is the coolest when A3 is the A3. It isn’t as cool if one is missing. I hope you become friends with Dohwa again.

He asks, what if he wont? She tells him that she thinks he will listen to her wish anyway. They both laugh. But in the distance we see that a man in a suit is taking their photo.


Dohwa and Baek Kyung hang out in the clubhouse as Baek Kyung plays a video game, but he loses. Namjoo walks in and talks to Dohwa. Dohwa says that he closed the rooftop but he doesn’t want him to hang out here either? Okay, I will leave.

He starts to walk out, but his feet sticks to the floor. The scene has started, lol. Dohwa turns around, so Namjoo tells him that A3 is shinier when they are all together, his woman told him that. DW is all like, ugh, I can’t get used to hearing that. But he says that Yeo Jooda and A3 are all equally improtant to him. So it is a fair competition okay?

Then DW talks to himself and says that all he can do is play the violin, how is this a fair competition? Baek Kyung comes up and they all put their hands intogether. They repeat that A3 is so shiny when they are all A3.

Then the scene ends and Baek Kyung pulls his arm away thinking, ugh, why do I have to do this? Dohwa tells Namjoo that he knows how he truly feels. Though he says that same thing over and over again like a broken record, at least he knows his true heart.

Namjoo asks if getting back together is that improtant to him? Dohwa tells him that he is one of his very best friends so it is important to him. He tells Baek Kyung it is the same as well. They all have so many memories together since they were little. He tells Namjoo to take good care of Jooda, she is a good girl. he wishes they are happy together.


Dano goes to meet Baek Kyung on a bench. She asks why he called her out. He gives her shoes, jewelry and old style candy and tells her that he remembered it from their talk so he thought she would like it. he gave her that candy when she had to take medicine all the time. 

She says that she hasn’t had that in a long time. He says that he has one more gift for her, it is coming. Then Haru walks up with flowers and gives them to Baek Kyung. BK thanks him and tells Dano that he asked him to buy flowers because it seems like he is his good friend.

He thanks Haru and then asks Haru if he has something else to say? Haru says no. BK tells him that it looks like he is looking at him with something to say. Then he stands up and asks Dano if this is how they felt when they looked at him. Two people with consciousness looking at the person without consciousness.

Dano says that he is not Haru and walks off.

Baek Kyung agrees and tells Haru that he is not Haru anymore, leave.


Dano suddenly wakes up at a racket store with Haru and realizes that this is a staged moment. She takes notes and looks at Haru picking out rackets.


Dano settles into her stage moment and tells Haru that Baek Kyung has a lot of rackets and has written all the things that Baek Kyung likes. Baek Kyung says that he only uses this one though. 

Dano thinks that the writer is so cruel to her and Haru.

Dano says that that racket looks good, she should give it to him. So Dano crosses out all her notes and says that it looks great!

They start to walk away together on a tree lines path. Dano says that it was a good decision for her to ask him to do it. Then the shadow ends. Haro asks Dano why she just stops liking Baek Kyung if she doesn’t want to like him. 

She looks at him and says that she doesn’t want to do that anymore. It is because of him, Haru. He asks, its because of me? She says yes, it is because of him, but he is not Haru.

He holds her arm and says that he is Haru. She asks him for how long he has been Haru? See?

She starts to walk away. He asks why she keeps saying he is not Haru? Why do you say that I don’t remember?

She does not answer him and keeps walking away.

At home she starts to think about all her moments with Haru back when he was gaining his consciousness, but sighs and thinks that because of her he does not remember anything.


Jooda and Namjoo talk to each other on the phone. he says that he wants to see his girlfriend. She is all like, no, you never proposed that to me. 

He is standing in a gym of balloons that the three sidekicks are blowing up and asks her what she thinks his confession to everyone was? She says that she will decide it when she hears his wish first. She says that she knows what he is going to wish. he looks around and says that he will tell her later, his wish needs preparations.

She says okay and hangs up. Then she looks at the photos that someone took of her and namjoo. It looks like Namjoo’s mother sent this to her. In a note it says that she should not forget that her scholarship includes her grandmothers hospital bill.

She goes to see her grandmother and thinks that this is difficult. So she pulls out her phone and scrolls through it. She sees Dohwa’s phone number and thinks about him telling her goodbye.



the next day at school, Dohwa plays a game with two girls by the window when Jooda comes up to him and says hi. he says hi to her as well, but is not doting on her as he used to.

Later on, we see him in the clubhouse being sad. Baek Kyung walks in and asks for the book, he wants to read it. But Dohwa does not have it so Baek Kyung goes to the library to find it.

He searches the stacks but does not see it. However, he feels something in one of the stacks and goes back to look at it. He pulls a different book, this book is a sageuk. he opens it and reads it and sees a girl that says, “tomorrow is fine with me”.

Jinmichae grabs the book from him so Baek Kyung asks him what this is? that girl looked just like Eun Dano!

Jinmichae asks him how much he read? It looks like you did not read everything. He walks off.


In the classroom, Dano looks at her phone image of her and Baek Kyung when the three boy sidekicks pull it awya. She yells at them to give it back to her. But they wont. So Haru comes up and tells them to stop. Are you villians?

The three stop and Haru gives her phone back to her. She tells him that she told him to stop doing this. Dont’ pretend like you are Haru when you are not Haru.

She runs off. He runs to stop her and tells her on the staircase to say that he is Haru! WHY ARE YOU SAYING THAT I AM NOT HARU? I AM HARU! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS IN FRONT OF ME AND BOTHERING ME!

He grabs her wrist. She tells him that he is not Haru, see. You remember what happened in the shadow, so you have your consciousness again. But you don’t remember me. I am nothing. I am just an extra that is waiting to die. it is better this way. Don’t remember me because I am not going to change anything from now on. She walks off and he hits the railing in anger.



Baek Kyung shows up to the family dinner with Dano’s family, though he is late. he says he will be summoned here anyway so he thought he would walk there by his own feet. His mother tells him that he should apologize for being late. How can you joke?

He tells her, joke? Dano, you know that I am not joking right. he says he is sorry, but they will not remember it anyway, right? His father asks him if he is crazy? Baek Kyung tsks and says, is that all you can say in the shadow?

Suddenly they are all clicking their glasses and are all having a nice conversation. Baek Kyung smiles and says that he prepared this for Dano. Dano takes the flowers and says that they are so pretty and then everyone gushes about the flowers and hwo Dano’s happiness is his happiness. They talk about the normal in-law things and all that.

Dano thanks Baek Kyung so much, but she did not prepare anything for him. He shows her the keychain and says that he kept it. She exclaims that her ten years of one sided love have finally arrived. But in her mind she thinks that she even has to marry the person that she does not love.

The camera cuts to the little brother who looks like he might have his consciousness as well. When the stage ends, it looks like he is still looking on at Dano with his own thoughts.


Haru is at his locker at school and looks at his nameplate. It says Haru on it. He runs his fingers across it.

Meanwhile, Jinmichae looks at the book he took from Baek Kyung. It is also the book that haru almost read. he burns it and thinks that he should have burned it a long time ago. He watches the entire thing burn.

Elsewhere, Haru is walking the campus and walks by all the flowers that he is drawn to all the tme. he stops and looksa t the flowers closely. he even touches on, but lets go of it quickly and hears that strange noise again in the distance.

At the dinner party, Baek Kyug looks at the keychain as he sits alone. he thinks about Dano in the book he saw where she said “I am okay if it is tomorrow” she said that exact same thing at the dinner.

Dano walks up to him so he asks her why she looks like that. She is so different from her stage. he asks her if she knows about the flower called Noon Seo Hwa (Chinese trumpet vine flower). 

She tells him that she didn’t pick it, the writer picked it. he asks, so what you said about being okay even if it is tomorrow? She says that she didn’t want to say that. She really hates this. he asks what she hates about it? You like me right?

She tells him that it is only the character that likes him, so he does not have to act in the shadow. She wonders what her next stage is, the hospital or the wedding? Whatever it is, there is no real Eun Dano.

He asks, so there is no real you in any of those stages? Then what about that little kid int he hospital or all the Eun Dano that I remember? Was that real of not real?

Dano says that she does not know that anymore. But the one thing that is real is that the future Eun Dano is nothing more than what the writer wants. She walks sadly away.

Dano keeps walking up the street outside and waits to cross. She crosses the street with everyone else and looks at them all.

VO – If all these people are really fake, then where are they all going? They all have their own story and it is all important to them. But we all have to move according to the writer.

Dano stops in the middle of the street. Cars honk and drive around her.

She looks around and is suddenly all alone in the street. the camera spins around her. Fireflies starts to fly all around. She misters a small smile but then it falls.

Dano – if I remained just as an extra who didn’t know anything…

We see Haru standing behind her.

Haru – I should be just #13 without a name

He walks up to her in the middle of the street. She looks at him in surprised, her heart starts to beat quickly.

Haru – This time I will change your story.

He holds her hand and we see that his scar is back on his hand.But this time it looks freshly cut.

Haru – Eun Dano….I am sorry, I came back too late.

She starts to cry.

Haru – Eun Dano, look at me. I am here.

He hugs her.

Haru – I am not going anywhere.

He holds her hand as he hugs her with his other arm.

Fade Out


It is the halfway point and we have our couple back together again! Just when Dano gave up all hope and accepted her so-called life, Haru comes back in to shake it all back up again. See y’all next week! We didn’t get a chance to do the preview yesterday, but if anyone finds it for today then let us know and we will translate it and post it!

Update: thank you for the link Katshirou! We just updated the preview. Next week looks like it will be so fun with Baek Kyung and Haru going up against each other again as well as Haru and Dano sharing some quality fun times together. Whoo hoo!



BK – Everyone, attention!

VO – Are you guys going to officially date?

Dano – I didn’t know that my day to day life was this precious

BK – You can’t win over me because of the storyboard

BK – How dare you look at me like that.

Haru  – Are you afraid of me coming back?

MC – Maybe he remembers his past also?

Haru – Our own story that the write will never know about

VO – if he writer created this world, why do you think you are the only special one?

Haru – it is exactly the same as the previous book

VO – Have you seen a cartoon that looks just like us?

VO – The line was exactly the same

BK – Where is the book!

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    Thank you, you are my saviour, the number of times I have checked YouTube for spoilers is somewhere around infinity. you are the best!!!

    • V
      October 24, 2019 / 10:14 am


  5. JoAnn Liburd
    October 24, 2019 / 8:59 am

    Many thanks for this live recap of the episode.

    • V
      October 24, 2019 / 10:15 am

      We’re happy to recap it! Thanks for stopping by JoAnn!

  6. Melia Karim
    October 24, 2019 / 9:32 am

    Hi, Indonesia here.
    So many thanks for your awesome recap!
    Your works really give me a sweet story before i take a sleep!

    • V
      October 24, 2019 / 10:15 am

      So happy to help Melia!

  7. JoAnn
    October 24, 2019 / 9:49 am

    Thanks again for your hard work. I’m glad Haru is back with his memories now. I can’t wait to see their scene in the goryeo period. 😀

  8. Jammmm
    October 24, 2019 / 9:59 am

    Is it crazy crying reading at the end of the recap? I didn’t want anything but have Haru back to Dano! I agree with you on Baek Kyoung, he seems like he really likes her or realizing he liked her all along? Just on a side note, he is NOT this mean in the webtoon…

    THANK YOU V!!!

    • V
      October 24, 2019 / 10:17 am

      Oh, they made him even meaner here??? That is an interesting choice. I wonder if the actor who plays Baek Kyung could carry his scenes so well so they decided to give him some more mean scene to delve into? Hmm…

  9. Jleigh
    October 24, 2019 / 11:26 am

    Thanks for the recap.
    I am super curious about the cut on his hand. My guess is that it originally was from the previous story they were in where they first fell in love with each other. And since he was placed as a nameless character in the new story, small details that existed in the previous story, did not disappear…since it was not important to the writer. But now that he is a extra, where did the cut come from? I do see it as a sign that he not only remembered the current story, but also the previous. Which I think gives him an edge. But with extras most injuries do not last till the next scene…so why will this one stick around?
    So many questions and it is only half way. I hope they keep up with the story till they end. The ending half is going to be the determining factor of how good this drama will be.

  10. Anonymous
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    Please… Title of this song?? Im curious …

  11. Anonymous
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    Ost last episode 16 ??

    • V
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      So far we’ve only seen one OST released, but we will keep our eyes open for more!

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