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Extraordinary You: Episode 7 (13&14) Live Recap

Extraordinary You Recap episode 7 (13&14)
Extraordinary You Recap episode 7 (13&14)

The swimming pool caused a lot of issues for our team as we were left with a big cliffhanger last week with the disappearance of Haru. But the preview gave us a little hope at his reappearance sometime this week. And the good news is that he should reappear as a side-character with a name and little description and everything! The only problem is that he might not remember Dano at all and he might be Baek Kyung’s lackey? Oh no’s.

We have moved Extraordinary You to our first recap spot of the day! We will recap When the Camellia Blooms around lunchtime!

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Dano runs through the rain at her school and runs to the entrance. 

In the hospital, Baek Kyung goes to Dano’s room and sees that it is empty. He gives a small chuckle.

Then he goes to class and sees a different person sitting where Haru normally sits. He is a bit confused. On the window sill, he sees a small diary or drawing book.

So Baek Kyung goes to the swimming pool and looks through the drawing notebook. He pulls each page out and throws them into the swimming pool. When he gets to a picture of Dano he stops and touches it for a moment, then throws the entire book into the water.

He thinks back to the events of the evening before where he got pushes into the pool and then the alarm went off. Dano fell into the pool and Haru jumped in to save her. Baek Kyung witnessed all of this.

That night, Dano ran to the library and looked for the comic book. But Baek Kyung has it. He walks to her and asks, are you looking for this? he brandishes the book in front of her and then throws it to the floor.

He asks if she was in a hurry? Is that why you came all the way here? Did you have fun? You have liked me for ten years. Do I have to tell you all this? Even if it is all made up and you are following your character, I am a little sad about it.

Flashback to Haru punching Baek Kyung and tells him that he won’t remember anyway. Then he remembers when she said that they were breaking up on the bridge.

VO – You bother me for 10 years but then say that we are breaking up? Even though it is a character and you are following the story, you still looked hurt. And all those nonsense characters and stories and all those things I thought were nonsense – were happening. As soon as I saw the book, I understood everything. 

Flashbacks of all the events that Baek Kyung was 

VO – it was fun, looking at his as an extra working so hard.

Dano – You knew everything? And did it on purpose?

BK – Who made me stupid first? He disappeared because you hung out with the no name extra so much.

Dano – Don’t talk bad about him.

BK – YOU ARE AN EXTRA, YOU THINK YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER BECAUSE YOU CAN DO THINGS? What if you disappear? Eun Dano, don’t mistaken it. You are also an extra. You can disappear at any time because of your heart problem.

Dano picks up the book and bumps her way past Baek Kyung. She walks through the school flipping through the book and crying as she sees that Haru has really disappeared. She says, Haru is really gone? 

Dano stops the first girls she sees and asks if they saw Haru? #13? They tell her that Hogum is #13 in their class. What are you talking about? Does your brain have a problem as well?

Dano runs to the class. Her friend Saemi asks her, did you come to class like that? She asks if she has seen Haru, but Saemi does not know who Haru is. 

DoHwa runs up to her and asks what is wrong, so she breaks down and says that Haru is gone!

They both go meet with Jinmichae who tells them that Haru disappeared. I told you that it could happen. Dano says that he never said that Haru could disappear. Jinmichae says that he warned her a lot, if you change one thing then everything can change. Consider it fortunate that he is the only one that disappeared.

She asks how he could say that? Jinmichae says that she decided to change the story so we don’t know what can happen in the future. If you only want to save yourself, do you want to destroy this entire world?

She asks, so it is because of me that Haru disappeared? Jinmichae says yes, you are the one that changed the story.

Haru leaves and starts crying for Haru in the hallway, all the students look at her. Jinmichae tells her to stop. She asks, what if I can’t find him? The only thing I can do is look for him like this.

She runs off and keeps searching for him around the school. She runs to the soccer field and starts crying in the center.

Baek Kyung hears her from the street and looks at her in disbelief. Then he starts to walk off. But he stops again and looks at her as if he wants to do something.



Baek Kyung is with his parents picking clothes and accessories out. Baek Kyung keeps thinking of Dano on the soccer field. The mother picks out a purse for that girl gives it to Baek Kyung. Then they say that they can go.

They go to another store to purchase clothing and mention that Baek Kyung’s brother should be here soon. But they run into two other people at this shop. It is a chairman and his wife. So the two parents talk business. Baek Kyung’s father mentions that Baek Kyung aways mentions that he should buy something for his fiance. So they always buy it here.

Baek Young looks at them with interest. Then, once they leave, he asks his parents if they are using him? Do you call this a present? His father tells him to watch his mouth. Baek Kyung tells his father that he pities Dano for the first time.

His father says that they are doing a good thing for a girl without that much life left. Baek Kyung says that he is doing a bad thing for a girl with a terminal life. His mother tells him not to say those things to his father. Baek Kyung tosses the gift on the floor and walks away. His father yells his name for him to come back.


Meanwhile, Dano is at home looking at her old images and thinking about what Jinmichae said. He told Dano that he told Haru that he could possibly disappear if he helped her. And that she is the one that changed the story. She cries.

The next day, she meets with Jinmichae and tells her that she thought about it all night. She will never do it, she will just follow what the writer wants. So tell me, how can I bring Haru back?

Jinmichae tells her that everything has to have an equal exchange. If you want to change the character setting, then Haru is the thing that you have to pay for to change the setting.


Cut to some extras on the boys soccer team practicing how to balance and kick properly to make girls go crazy. Though they are horrible. Then one wonders if they should challenge Dohwa from another class to a game. Namju comes out and asks these three extras what they just said? He told them that Lee Dohwa is not in A3 anymore.

The three say, oh, yes, that’s right. It is not like it was before. You won the swimming match, Dohwa is not even close to you.

Later on, Dohwa runs up to those three extras. But they are hesitant with him. He asks if there is a problem? They basically say that they can’t play with him and start to ignore him. Dohwa sighs that it is so childish.

He ends up sitting with Jooda and, against his will, tells Dohwa just to forget about what he said at the birthday party. He knows that on stage he is just her friend until the end. She smiles and gives him his soccer ball.


Dohwa goes to play his violin when Namjoo comes in and reminds him that he is out of the A3. Dohwa says that he wanted to play his violin at least once with his own will. he didn’t want to be told to play. he wanted to see what it felt like. It is comforting him.

Then he tells Namju, let me ask you one thing, if you could everything Yeo Jooda does as a god, what would you do? Namjoo says that he is not going to do that cowardly thing to the woman he loves. Dohwa mutters that he is cool outside of the book also. Then he says that he does not feel good because he feels that he is cheating.

Namjoo tells him that he is not even a match for him. Dohwa says that he should have realized that earlier, then his birthday would have been better and Jooda would be happier and Haru would be here and Dano would not suffer. Namjoo, I am sorry.

Dohwa walks out.

Outside on the steps, Dano sits alone with Haru’s pipe when Baek Kyung walks up to her. She thinks it is Haru and calls his name as she turns, but then frowns when she sees that it is Baek Kyung.

Baek Kyung asks if she is going to music class and then offers a strawberry milk for her. She is hesitant to take it so he opens it and sets it on her book and softly tells her to drink it. Then he walks off.

Later on, Dano walks through the hallways looking uninterested in anything. Her friends start to walk next to her and tells her about a new bakery that just opened. She tells them that they should go with Haru! But then she remembers that they don’t know Haru anymore.


In class today, the teacher tells them to follow their notes well and asks who will play it. He tells #13 to play it so Dano immediately stands and says Haru! Everyone looks at her. The other kid walks up. Dano starts to sob and asks how no one can remember? How can no one remember him? 

Baek Kyung grabs her arm and pulls her out. In the hallway he asks, ARE YOU CRAZY? She is still sobbing and tells him that he remembers right? You know who Haru is.

He softly says that he knows Haru, so just stop. She starts to cry even more.


On the yard, Baek Kyung asks Dohwa why he is laying there alone? Dohwa says that he is suffering a lot today. Baek Kyung asks if this is about Haru also? Dohwa says that is part of it, but then he realizes that BaekKyung knows about Haru and is so happy that Baek Kyung has consciousness. Dano will like it! But then he thinks that she might not.

(missed some dialogue and Jinmichaes part here)


Dano sleeps in Haru’s old seat so the new guy comes in and asks why she is sitting there. She looks up at him so he tells her, never mind, stay comfortable, and runs off.

Dano starts to dream and then hears Haru call her name. She opens her eyes wide and sees him smiling at her from the window. But Baek Kyung comes up and asks if she is talking about him again? She turns back and sees that Haru is not there.

Baek Kyung asks her to just scream like before. Are you like this only because an extra disappeared? Hey Dano, I’m talking to you. She turns around to him with very tearful eyes and runs away.

Int he library, all of Haru’s drawings of Dano start to blow in the wind from the open window and a black hole appears in the way.

After school, Baek Kyung waits for Dano and asks her to hop in his car. She tells him no, her driver will come. He yells, PLEASE! But then he softens his voice and asks her to hop in. She keeps walking away.

He gets in his car and leaves, but sees her walking up the street so he stops his car and tells her, why don’t you just hop in. She is fine walking but then her heart starts to act up, so she has to hop in.

She sits quietly and looks out the window. he looks at her and then gives her something. It looks like a present? She doesn’t open it so he opens it for her and tells her that she can put it on her head. But she doesn’t so he puts it on her head for her.

They get to her house so she starts to walk inside. He asks her if she is that mad? Yo don’t eat and just cry? She says yes, she is so mad and it is all my fault. 

Baek Kyung tells her that he can do what he did for her, he can help her change the story. But she says that only Haru can do it. Baek Kyung asks if she is talking about him again? You can have a happy lief without those things. You have a good house and a happy family and your friends.

Dano says, I will die. If the writer draws me dying here, then I die. You know, my character is a high school girl with a terminal life who can die anywhere. But I spend all my time for you main characters. I am Baek Kyung’s fiance and Nam Joo and Yeo Jooda’s friend. But before all of that, I am Eun Dano. You will never know how important it was for me to have my own time. Goodbye.

Baek Kyung looks at her walking away and thinks.

Cut to Yeo Jooda running out of her super poor shack like home but then she runs into Nam Joo’s mother right outside her doors. His mother starts to give her so many new things.

Jooda says that she does not need these things. But Namjoo’s mother tells her about all the things she needs due to all her misfortune. You are our student and our scholarship recipient. Nam Joo cares about the school image and things like that. So if you need anything just call this number. She offers her card.

Jooda says that she can just accept her heart. But her mother tells her to take the card and says that there are some things more important than pride. She leaves. Jooda looks at her shiny shoes from the party and calls herself stupid.



There is a knock on the a3 door so Namjoo asks who is knocking on their door without permission?

Jooda comes in with a gift bag and walks all the way up to Namjoo. She says that she has been looking for him and holds the bag up to return it. She tells him that she had fun playing Cinderella but it turned midnight so everything goes back to normal. I felt so pitiful. Goodbye Oh Namjoo. She leaves.


Complete scene and tonal change to the happy school sporting event. Soo-chul welcomes everyone there as the MC and all the festivities get started with balloons going up and Jinmichae making all the food and students dancing and singing.

Jinmichae thinks that it is much too hot to wear long sleeves, why didn’t the writer just give me short sleeves? Even if it is a cartoon world, why don’t the kids ever study? Can’t you have a study scene?

Dohwa comes up happily and tells him that he looks good in t-shirts right? Jinmichae tells Dohwa that he was depressed yesterday, but you are happy today? Are you better? Dohwa mentions that it seems like he worried about him a lot, he should do this much at least to cheer himself up.

Jinmichae starts to look at the cartoon book and then gasps and says, this doesn’t make any sense. Dohwa quickly looks at the book as well.



Outside, Dano is watching the events with a Nam Joo shirt on. On the back it says NAMM JOO IDOL. She yells to herself that it is so childish.

On the field, Yeo Jooda runs her race and wins. Namjoo watches the entire thing with rapt attention and is so happy that she won. Dano notices him so she goes to talk to him as he practices his apology to Jooda with a soccer ball. 

Dano asks what he is doing, he tries to say that he is practicing soccer. Dano tells him that he is practicing his apology, you don’t have to try that hard all the misunderstanding will be resolved, you are the main character.

He tells her not to tell Jooda. She says that she won’t and mentions that she envies them because they will have a happy ending. Then she walks off.

On the field, the games continue with the students as a song plays. We see a montage of events throughout the day as all the students have a fun time with each event until we finally cut to Dano sitting int he stands. 

Dan looks at everyone and thinks that they all have fun, the world evolves without Haru. The students start to talk about the 3-legged race and who will do it. When Baek Kyung comes, everyone wants to do it with him.

Dano sighs, but then she wakes up with a sign that says Baek Young *heart* Dano. She sighs and grumbles about the writer. The students ask her if she will be in the race? Of course you should, you are the one and only fiance.

Baek Kyung sits with her and asked when she made that. She smiles and says sweetly that she is just did it because she likes it. I have never been in a sporting event so I am happy because my time with you became more special.

But then the stage ends so she shrugs off her speech and stands to leave. he asks where she is going. She says that the stage ended. he stands and says that she did not care with him. You have to be next to me, like now.

She says that that is her character. But he says it is not, it is you. The real you look at me everywhere. Dn’t you think we changed due to that extra? She says that nothing changed. The Dano that only looked at him was not the real her.

But then they both wake up and are about to run in the 3-legged race. The coach asks if Dano can do it? She smiles and says that she can because she has her Baek Kyung. The coach smiles and says, ah, pot of gold.

Then he blows the whistle and the race starts. Baek Kyung and Dano walks slowly one leg at a time. Their height difference is amazing and almost comical. So Baek Kyung has to take very small steps to keep Dano comfortable.


Her shoe falls off while walking so Dano thinks that the writer is so cruel to her. She thinks that she does not want to do this and falls to the floor due to her heart beating. 

He asks did you start again? He unties their legs and walks off. She turns back and looks at her shoe and starts to cry. No one helps her.

But then two steps walk up to the shoe and pick it up. This person starts to walk to Dano. Dano slowly looks up at this person. It is Haru.

He drops the shoe and then turns to walk to the rest of the class. She is shocked.

Baek Kyung is also shocked when Haru tells him that he is there. The teacher wants them to practice dodge ball. Are you okay?

Baek Kyung can’t believe what he is seeing. Then Dano comes hobbling up tot hem and breathing hard. She runs to Haru and tells him that she thought their t-shirts were childish, but now she thinks they are so good because she can spot him from a distance. I will never let you go.

She holds his shirt. But he hits it off and tells her that she is bothering him. Then he grabs Baek young’s hand and pulls him away. Dohwa runs up to them and shows Dano the book and says that the guy next to Baek Kyung is Haru right? He shows her the character chart in the opening pages.

Haru – 18, plays tennis, follows Baek Kyung well. (like a Baek-kyung sidekick)

Baek Kyung looks back at them as Haru tries to keep pulling them way.

Dano can’t believe it, this is Haru? Why is he here?

Dohwa suddenly wakes up and sees Baek young walking down the steps with Haru. He starts to wonder what is going on, are Baek Kyung and him really just like the character chart? He walks to them and asks Baek Kyung if he is also ignoring him because he is not in A3 anymore? 

Baek Young tells him sorry about that. Dohwa asks him who this guy is. Baek Kyung tells him that they play tennis together. Haru tells him, Hi Lee Dohwa.

Dohwa is all like, Wah? He has lines now???


Dohwa says hello and then asks Haru if he has a hard time being friends with baek Kyung? He is a good guy even if he is a jerk at times. Baek Kyung tells him that he will..with Oh Namjoo.

But Dohwa says that it is he and Namjoo’s problem, so he will see them at the soccer match, it will be a fair competition okay?

he walks off, but then the stage ends so he runs back to Baek Kyung and Haru and asks where he has been. He worried about him. Haru is all like worried? Dohwa tells him not to joke about it, Dano will get hurt. But Haru says that it seems like Dohwa is joking, let’s go.

Dohwa tells Baek Kyung that it is strange right? he is Haru but is not Haru. Who is he? Haru?

Outside, Jooda grabs something to drink and Saemi smacks it and kicks it. Some other girls walk up then too so Saemi tells them to enjoy the food because her father made it for the event. Enjoy.

they all enjoy and then starts too loudly talk about what their parents donated to the event as they look at Jooda. Then they give Jooda all their things to hold since she has no chance to eat these things normally. They walk off.

Dohwa catches the tail end of this and then takes Jooda somewhere to drink a strawberry milk. She asks how he knows that she likes it? He says that he saw it in the book.

She kind of ignores that and then tells him that he is like a guardian angel for her. He says he is not because he can’t do anything for her. He has to apologize to too many people. She tells him that his t-shirt is cute. He asks if she is also sarcastic, she says no, he is cute.

He tells her that she is the same as Oh Namjoo, inside or outside of the cartoon, you are cute. Haru became like someone else and all of this is because of my greediness. So Jooda, I am sorry.



Haru finds Baek Kyung at the gym and asks him if he is practicing? Baek Kyung is all like, um, yes, I should. But he looks so taken aback that Haru is talking to him and is so friendly towards him.

Some other guys asks why they should practice? Then he and the girls run off to do something.

Baek Kyung then stands and confronts Haru, he tells him that he does not think he is lying. hey will see if he is pretending not to have a memory or if he really does not have a memory. Then he gives him the ball.

On the court, Dano tries to talk to Haru during dodge ball and asks if he really doesn’t remember her? You rescued me during dodge ball back then? Do you really not remember me?

But Haru is actually only protecting Baek Kyung now. He keeps any ball from hitting Baek Kyung. Then he is about to throw the ball at Dano, hard. She covers her face so he just tosses it lightly and it hits her legs. So they won.

She thinks back to when Haru protected her from everything. 

Later on, she sees Haru at his locker. A lot of girls ask him if he is paying soccer? he says he is just the reserve. They are amazed that he plays soccer and tennis. A guy tells the girls that Baek Kyung put him on the list. Haru will do anything that Haru asks, even pretend to die if Baek Kyung says it.

Haru looks at Dano and then gives her some treats. He says that Baek Kyung wanted him to give it to her. She sees his hand and notices that the scar is not there. She is shocked and says that he used to have a scar there. He says that he never had one and starts to walk away.

Baek Kyung sits with him elsewhere and asks if he gave that thing to Dano. he says yes. So Baek Kyung says that she keeps collapsing and makign him mad, so he has to at least give those things to her. 

Baek Kyung asks about when they played dodge ball. Haru says that he was not playing dodgeball. Baek Kyung says he was there, he hit Dano and they won. Haru tells him to stop talking nonsense. Lee Dohwa wants to compete with you man to man.

Baek Kyung stands up and asks if he only remembers stages and not shadows? is it because you don’t have your consciousness anymore? Haru is all like, what the F?


They go outsid and play soccer, haru is really good. Namju ends up scoring and everyone cheers. Baek Kyung scores as well. Haru gives him a high five and then runs off.

The scene changes to the shadow part to Dano throws her things to the ground and tells Saemi that she is not in the mood to cheer.


After the match, Baek Kyung goes up to Haru to talk to him and asks if he knows Eun Dano? Haru says that everyone in the school knows her, she is your fiance. Baek Kyung says that he was good friends with her. But Haru says that Baek Kyung is the one that should take care of her, she is your fiance.

Baek Kyung tells him that he came back really different. I like it. I like you. He throws him a tennis ball.

Elsewhere, we see Jinmichae thinking that the name and face are the same and he only lost his memory? He flips through the book as he wonders that he is in the character chart and is in scenes. Does he pretend like he really doesn’t know or does he really not know? 

Is this really his new character or is it someone else’s story?

Haru sits on a bench near some flowers and thinks. Then Jinmichae walks up to him as a flower falls and Haru picks it up. Jinmichae pinches him and thinks that he is the real Haru. Maybe this is closer to how you use to be? He keeps touching Haru’s hand and things and thinks that only time will tell.

On the yard, Dano walks around and looks at Haru and some of the other kids playing. he thinks that hot pink really stands out. Why can’t you not be noticed. She ignores him as she is walking and he also does not notice her.


At home, Dano thinks about Haru giving her her shoe back and brushing of her hand. She is super bummed. But then her father comes home and asks if she is going to go to the door to answer it? It is a surprise guest that you will like.

He opens it, it is Baek Kyung and his father. Baek Kyung is carrying flowers. The two fathers leave Dano and Baek Kyung alone for a moment, they both sigh.

Then the four of them go sit for tea and treats. Dano tells them that she does not feel good so she will go upstairs. BK’s father asks if she wants to go to the hospital. BK tells his father that he is acting so well. he then slams the gift on the table and says that he is the one that bought this for her, not him. 

Dano tells him to stop, but BK says that they won’t remember so it is fine. The father says it is all for Dano so it is okay. Baek Kyung asks Dano’s father if he sees that his father is using him for money? But I am not crazed like you two.

But then Dano blinks and we are in the scene with how it is supposed to be. Dano opens the gift that is a bag and thanks Baek Kyung for it. he smiles. His father says that the there is a reason the came this late.

Baek Kyung smiles and says that he wants to see Dano, he only thinks about Dano. BK’s father says that they should set the date. They can do everything for Dano.

Dano pulls Baek Kyung to the side and asks why he did that? You should at least feel sorry, your family is using my family for money. He says, what about it? I am just acting the way I am supposed to. Not like you who wants to change everything. Because of you I am bothered and angry. Let me ask you something, what do you want? Do you want to not be an extra or not be terminal or him?

He can’t change your life. I am the one that can change it. Not an extra, but your fiance in this love cartoon.

He takes a step closer to her.

BK – I will help you, for real.

Later on Baek Kyung leaves with his father. His father says that the chairman thinks that he really likes Dano. BK says that he did what he told me to. His father tells him good job. Like last time, if you say that you are getting married or not, then you are not my son anymore. So don’t oppose this and just get married. What is your answer?

Baek Kyung says okay. So his father gives him some money and gets into the car.

Then he moves out of the scene and into the shadow. He tells his father that he is always the same and lets the money drift to the ground. He tells him that he is not opposing him, he is real. My character can’t say anything because I am afraid of being abandoned by my father.

His father comes to him and asks him what he said? Baek Kyung tells him that he won’t remember. So his father punches him. Baek Kyung pushes him off and then walks away angrily.

Baek Kyung goes to the school and holds the book in his hands. He sees Haru at his locker and asks who he is. Haru turns and says, Baek Kyung?

Baek Kyung asks why he is there this late? Haru says to pick up his tennis racket, I have early practice. He asks Baek Kyung what that book is?

Baek Kyung tells him that it is an important book, have you seen it? Haru looks at it and asks if he has to read it? Baek Kyung sighs and says no.

Haru asks him why his face looks like that. Baek Kyung shrugs it off and then tells him that this is strange. You worry about me right now. You. I thought everything was decided, but we have these kinds of variables.

Elsewhere, Jinmichae thinks about what Haru once told him.

Haru – Not as an extra that can disappear anytime or whenever, I want to be the only person who can change someones life. if I don’t have an answer for my beginning, then I will make my own together with Eun Dano.

Dano comes into the room and tells Jinmichae that this is the only place that she can come. Haru came back.

Jinmichae tells her that he knows. She says that he does not remember her.

Jinmichae reminds her that she said she can do anything so long as he comes back. You are so greedy. Are you going to just follow him around and give him consciousness again? 

She says no. When I change stories with Haru, I was so happy. It did not matter if the story twisted or not. I had hope that I could survive. I thought that changing my setting of having a terminal life was the answer that I could create in this world. But after Haru left, I became afraid of everything. So I decided to stay as an extra in a cartoon. But I am so afraid. I am so scared. I don’t want to die. *tears* Haru was the only one that let me find my own answer. But, everything is all messed up.

Elsewhere, Haru sarts to walk home. But then he stops and turns back when he hears a strange sound. It is a really strange sound. He turns and starts to walk to it.

He gets to the library. In the back, we see where his drawings used to be and where the black hole is. it looks like the black hole might be sucking all his drawings away? Maybe not. 

Ah, inside the black hole we see Dano and Haru talking in a sageuk tone. She says that she will make her own answer with you. It seems like he is a bodyguard and she is a princess?

Haru gets to the black hole and looks at it, stunned.

Fade Out


The plot thickens! So it looks like Haru and Dano might have been in another cartoon love story before where either the story made them fall in love or they tried to change the cartoon so that they could fall in love?

I wonder what will happen tomorrow after Haru sees this and sees all the drawings in the room. Also, can he step through this void and back into that cartoon world? Could Dano and Haru and maybe some other characters start to hop cartoon worlds so they can live happily ever after?

I think Baek Kyung had a bit of a redemption arc this episode as he is trying to break out of his character and do nice things for Dano because he wants to. he finally realizes that his family is the horrible one for using Dano, not Dano using him. He is also standing up to his father more and calling him out for all the underhanded things his father does for money. And, he even likes this new Haru. But, in a nice move, he has Haru do nice things for Dano.

I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress in the next episode.


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      You’re welcome! We love this how. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  2. Yings
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    Thanks for choosing extraordinary you as the first recap spot of the day today!!! I’m a big fan of the drama (and you!) and live streaming was terrible today so its a big relief you are gonna live sub it! Thank you again!!!

    • V
      October 23, 2019 / 10:44 am

      Yay! So happy your hanging out with us over here! ☺️

  3. Hannah
    October 23, 2019 / 10:55 am

    OMG another amazing episode and hooray that i could catch up on it first with your live recap!! Thank you and amazing job here!

    • V
      October 23, 2019 / 3:40 pm


  4. Jammmm
    October 23, 2019 / 11:19 am

    V!!! Where do I even start! So much of back story on this drama, it’s unbelievable! Yes, they were in a different manhaw in the past. Flesh back on their old manhaw and
    It seemed director is combining season 1 of webtoon and season 2. They signed the copyright after season one and drama writers are creating their own back stories is what I’ve got so far. This is so good, I can’t stand it!! I’ve read first 24 webtoon eps and it is little more mellow than the drama and I actually think drama is better. I love all the actors and really liking where it’s going. So unpredictable!

    Thanks V! So glad you’ve moved this to first live recap!!!

    • V
      October 23, 2019 / 3:41 pm

      I love this show so much and am actually really intrigued with how the original manwha was and how combining the two seasons will be! Thanks for that informations!

  5. Lil-Wanderer
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    They are posting the previews later now.

    On the MBC channel on YT


    Don’t know why…🤷‍♀️

    • V
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      Thank you! We will try and get to it tonight, but if not then please let us know about tomorrows preview as well!

  6. October 23, 2019 / 9:27 pm

    Hi! Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing on Episode 13 at 24:53 when Baek Kyung and Eun Dan Oh are in Baek Kyung’s car and he hands her a bag because she has been crying all day. Thank you in advance!

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