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Extraordinary You: Episode 6 (11&12) Live Recap

Extraordinary You Recap episode 6 (11&12) Recap
Extraordinary You episode 6 (11&12) Recap, image MBC

Yesterday’s episode provided a really wonderful turn of events that made me wonder if Baek Kyung is only playing dumb in this situation. He must know something because he arranged that closing scene so perfectly that it made me think he is writing this drama. I am ready to find out how he did it, or if it was just one of those things that worked out well for him. But with that smile he gave Haru, I kind of think he planned it.

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Everyone at the birthday party is super amazed at the turn of events with Baek Kyung telling them all that he and Dano are a thing now. Some of the girls are upset of course and the guys start to wave their napkins around excitedly.

Baek Kyung turns to Dano and tells her that he will try to like her from now on. He accepts her heart. Everyone continues cheering.

But then something happens, the camera zooms in on another kid that is looking at them and then the fireworks rewind themselves and Haru’s hand hurts so he drops the plate. He runs inside.

Dano tries to follow, but Baek Kyung holds her arm to keep her with him. She tells him not to play with someones heart. He asks what she is doing? You liked me, you told me that you like me. So what are you doing now? She says that she does not like him, that is the writers will. I never liked you with my will.

He says to tell him one more time. So she says that she never liked him and pulls her wrist away to run inside.

The person looking at all of this continues to look on as if it is the worst thing that could possibly happen. Then we cut to Haru holding his pained hand as he continues to walk away.


It hurts him so much that he can barely walk. He remembers that Jinmichae told him that the pain will be worse if he messes up the scene. Stop Dano. Dano runs to him and tells him that this stage changed. When the scene changes we are all suppoed to be summoned, but why didn’t Namjoo and Jooda come? That is why the storyboard changed and Baek Kyung and I became the main. We changed it!

Haru continues to think about what Jinmichae said and is hesitant.

Meanwhile, Dohwa tells Jooda that he likes her. She says she likes him to, we are friends. He says that this is what the writer decided, but I decided to like you. She tells him that they should not be like this. He tells her to think about it and remember this moment, please.

Namjoo comes hurriedly down the steps with his phone to his ear. he stops when he sees the two of them talking and tells her that she is late. She says that she was about to go. But he tells her that she does not have to, the party is over.

She tries to follow Namjoo, but she falls. Dohwa walks up to her to see if she is okay.

Namjoo walks back to the house and goes inside without talking to anyone. His mother notices his look and walks after him, then slaps him. She asks why he is like this? What if your father came here? Do you think this is play time?

He asks how long he has to work so hard. Are you that worried about being kicked out? DOn’t use your sons birthday party as a red carpet event. He rips off his bowtie and tells her that he is sick and tired of it all.

Haru and Dano look at this from the end of the hallway and think that everything is changed, right?

Later on, Haru looks at his drawings of Dano in his book. He hears Jinmichaes voice in his head.

VO – Stop Eun Dano, that is why you exist.

Haru keeps looking at the sketches and then looks up in worry.

He goes to see Jinmichae. Jinmichae tells him that he should read his book. Were you super surprised to read it? It is an obvious love story, but now I cannot guess what will happen. Haru tells him that the pain worsens as the story changes.

Jinmichae says that is what he told him would happen. Why do you keep helping her? Haru says that he did not know his name, but Dano knew his name. I did not see this flower before, I only see this flower when I am with Dano. The stranger thing is, that I think I have seen the flower and Dano before. Why do I have to think like this. I thought that Dano could give me the answer.

Jinmichae says that seh will not be able to give you any answers. She is just an extra with only a few days left. If the extras do not help the story, then the writers will remove you. Dano has a name, age, and role so she is different from you. Not all extras are the same, you will be the only one to disappear.

Haru thinks about this as he sits in the classroom. Dano runs in and yells his name, but she is stoppe din place. Sae-mi runs up to her and tells her that Baek Kyung was so cool. Then three other girls walk up to her and ask if she is marrying Baek Kyung? How did you seduce him?

Saemi says that no one seduced anyone, her love is true just like my love for Namjoo. 

Haru looks on and remembers what Junmichae said to him about how not all extra’s are the same. You will be the only one that disappears.

After all the excitement, Dano is able to go to Haru in the hallway. Saemi asks who this handsome guy is in their school and then tells him that if he looks at her like that then her heart will drop. It is exactly what she always says when she meets him. Haru walks off.

Do-hwa walks up then and talks to them about how everyone talks about Dano and Baek Kyung.


Dano does not really care about this. They wonder if he is for real now? Sae-mi tells them that Soo-chul thinks it is real, but how come it happened all of a sudden? You must have had something.

They go to class where Do-hwa tries to say hi to Jooda, but it is awkward as Nam-joo is also there so Jooda doesn’t really say hi like she normally would. Dohwa tells Dano that he feels sorry to Jooda and he feels sorry for Dano because she got all the attention. He thought confessing would be the end. Dano mentions Haru and says that he was a bit strange this morning, maybe it was too shocking that the story changed.

Cut to Haru outside for gym, he is looking at his hand and then looks at Dano walking around the track covering her ears as girls hound her for information on Baek Kyung.

Baek Kyung comes walking down the steps with everyone behind him and sees Haru. He goes to sit with him and wonders if he has friends, you are always alone. Haru says he has friends. Baek Kyung isn’t always with the A3 right? baek Kyung tells him that he has his friends, but he also has a girl that really likes him. But the secret is that he is playing her.

Haru stands up and grabs Baek Kyung by the shirt. He asks if he is serious. Baek Kyung says if he is just a little nice to her then she will give her life to him. haru is so upset and asks Haru who are you, again? He says, even if I tell you, you won’t know. Baek Kyung asks, really? Then walks away.


Two girls continue to give Dano a hard time about Baek Kyung. They push her against the wall and tells her to have one-sided love behind the scenes. Dano asks if that is her role? The girls all say yes, aren’t you humiliated? You got his love by begging. Dano’s heart starts to beat irregularly.

Baek Kyung comes in right then and sees this. But Haru is the one that gets these girls off of Dano and asks if she is okay. Baek Kyung goes up to take Dano to the clinic. But Haru stops him and says that he will do it. He pulls Dano into the hallway to see if she is okay. She says she is, really, she just needs fresh air.

The two go to the bridge to talk. She asks what the deal is, you ignored me this morning but now we’re talking. He says he just had to thing. She is all happy and aflutter and says that she is making her own moments by following her heart. He happily looks at her and says that she is right, I will do what I want to do. Whatever the cost is, I will do it.

She tells him to trust her! So he smiles and pats her head then walks off. She happily hops to catch up.


Haru goes to talk to Jinmichae. He says he was worried about not existing anymore. Jinmichae tells him that he should just listen to him. It isn’t hard being an extra in a love comic, you have a lot to see. Good for you, you don’t have to follow her around.

But Haru says that he cannot keep his distance from her, he will be on her side. He wants to change his fate also. He does not want to be an extra that does not know when or how or where he will disappear. he wants to be the person that can change someone else’s life. If he doesn’t have an answer for his beginning/existance, then he will find his own answer with Eun Dano.

Haru leaves.

We scroll in on a previous cartoon that Jinmichae is reading and see that this page says the same thing that haru just said, “If I dont have an answer for my beginning then I will find my own answer.”



Dano greets her father at home, he tells her to tell him about Baek Kyung, brag to me about him. Dano smiles and runs off to her room. Then she frets as she looks at the video that someone posted showing Baek Kyung’s confession. The comments say that Dano is a stalker and followed him around all the time.

Dano is a bit annoyed because she changed her future but still has this 10 year storyling of following Baek Kyung around. She starts to write her own posts that say that Dano is too nice for him. But while doing it, she sees Haru in the video and her heart starts to beat quickly. Her heart monitor starts to beep a lot so she tells it to stop and sighs about how its broken.


The next day at school. namjoo’s mother drops him off. But he says goodbye without saying anything to her. She sees Jooda and calls someone to get a background check on a student.

Jooda runs up to Namjoo to talk. But he tells her that she can stop being his shuttle, it is too bothersome. he throws the keys back at her.

In the hallway, Dano tells her watch to be quiet and not just rung at any time. But then Haru pullsher bag back which twists her back to face his smiling face as he kneels to her height. Her watch starts to go off so he gets worried and asks if she is okay?

She mutters yes, yes and says that her watch is just broken. So he smiles and tells her, lets go. He starts to walk to their class but Dano is a bit frozen in place looking at him and wondering what she should do. Am I really broken? he stops for her to catch up so she runs to walk with them.

Baek Kyung also sees this. He goes to his club house and throws his ball against the wall. Dohwa is there as well looking like a statue. he tells baek Kyung that he wishes he did not have his conscience like this, that way he woul dnot suffer.

Namjoo comes in and tells Dohwa that he can have Jooda, he does not need her as his shuttle anymore. Dohwa tells him that Jooda is not an object. Namjoo sighs and asks him what the problem is. But Dohwa punches him and tells him that he can’t stand it when he talks about her like that. Namjoo asks why he is like this? Dohwa yells that he likes Jooda!

But then he wakes up and the scene is reversed to Namjoo saying all these things to Dohwa. He yells that he likes Jooda and that he gave him a break because he was his friend.



Dano and Saemi talk playfully as Saemi asks Dano is she is thinking about someone she likes, like Baek Kyung? Dano says no no no. She is actually thinking about her friend that always thinks about a guy. Whenever she is with him, her heart races Saemi asks if that friends name is Eun Dano? Dano wines, noooooo.

But then Baek Kyung starts to walk up the hallway so Saemi yells at him that his woman is here! Dano manages to turn away quickly and go to the clinic.

He follows her there and asks if she is sleeping? She curls up in one of the beds and pretends to be asleep as she pleads with him to leave in her mind.

He sits and asks why she keeps bothering his mind. She realizes that this is not a scene. he shakes his head and starts to leave while thinking that this is nonsense, him like this to Eun Dano? He continues walking away. 


Namjoo stands at the front of the classroom and announces that Lee Dohwa is not an A3 member anymore. He asks if anyone would like to be in it? Several people raise their hands. But he asks if the guy that the curtain, Haru, wants to be in it? Haru does not pay any attention.

Jooda comes in right then and asks to talk to Namjoo. They go outside where she tells him that her and Dohwa are just friends. Don’t kick him out of your group. Namjoo asks if she worries about Dohwa, is that it? Just stop, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

In the clubhouse, Dohwa looks at his lip and thinks that this hurts. Baek Kyung tells him to just apologize to Nam Joo. But Dohwa thinks that he won’t remember even if he does because the scene will change. But he is happy that he was able to say it. He pats Baek Kyung and walks out.


The main three woke characters meet in their music room to talk about their cartoon world. Dano asks fi his lips hurt a lot? Haru drops something on the piano which makes them both look at him. He says that one thing changes and a lot of things change. Dohwa thinks that is what makes it to hard. But the one thing that has not changed is that I love Jooda.

They both cheer and think that the writer cannot change thier hearts! But then Haru does a big clang on the piano again. Dano wonders why he keeps doing that.


Haru gets a perfect score on his English exam but a 0 on his English exam, so people are super impressed with him in the classroom and gather around his desk. Sae-mi says the same thing hat she always says when she sees Haru “what, we have this handsome guy in our school…” Dano finishes her thought.

The students start to notice Haru. Then we zoom in on Haru’s name tag and see a name coming in and out of the name tag.

Cut to music class. Todays class is all about old style music. They all have to play a traditional flute and have no clue how to do it. But Haru is amazing at it. Sae-mi asks, “What, we have this handsome guy in our school…” Dano interrupts her and says yes they have this guy in their class for a long time.


Haru is amazing at art. Sae-mi is about to say her normal thing, but then it changes, she says that she wants her school to be filled with people like Haru. Namjoo is her first pick, but for the good of all the girls we should have a handsome face like this around.

The teacher shows off his art work and says that it has its own soul and heart beat. Dano notices that Haru has a nametag now and hits him to point it out. They are both amazed so they go outside to look at it. Dano wonders if the writer had a plan to write it or if they did it.

She looks up at him and her face is so close to his so he turns his head away and coughs and says it is so hot. He is all sweaty. She notices his scar and asks about it. She asks what is going on with it? Does it stay the same? He says it changes a little after the stage changes.

But then a top of girls run up to Haru to give him snack presents. They ask for his cell phone number. He tells them that he doesn’t have one, when the stage changes, it goes away. Dano tells him not to explain everything and then shoo’s the girls away.



Dohwa plays the violin for Jooda. She asks what the name of the song is. He smiles and says it his the heart he feels whenever I see you. She looks off confused and asks what it is again? he says it is the Joy of Love. I like you Yeo Jooda.

She starts to say I like you also because we are friends, but Dohwa finishes what she is saying for her. She is startled. Dano and Haru walk down the steps right then and try to turn around to leave, but they make too much of a noise of it.

So Dohwa takes them to the side and asks if they saw it? It is the 7th time today being friends with her. So this time I added the romantic music that you see a lot in teenage love stories. Dano and Haru smile and starts to talk about bit more about it, but then Dano stands and sees a taste of the future.

Baek Kyung gives her a movie ticket, she is standing alone in the movie theater and someone calls her.

She sighs and wonders if this is Baek Kyung again? Dohwa asks if he is going to give her a hard time again? She says she was happy in it, it was better when he was giving her a hard time, now he pretends to like her. Dohwa says that it is good for her, even though it is the character, you liked him for 10 years. Why don’t you be nice to h-i-i-i-i- (looks at haru) -i-i-i-i-m maybe it is too late.


Dano goes to hang out with Jinmichae and sees him reading the book. She sighs and says that she reads it over and over again. Then she gives him her apology present of a super Italian dish set. It is very expensive. She tells him that if he does not want it then she will take it away. He tells her not to give it to him and take it away! thank you.

She tells him that the stage changed and people remember Haru’s name now. Jinmichae is amazed, he has a name? He really has a name? He flips through the book and does not see him as a main character in the front of the book. But Dano says that he is there and flips to more recent parts of the story.

She keeps talking quickly so that Jinmichae cannot say anything against this and tells him that he accepted her apology so bye! She hurries off.


Dano is walking outside with all the other students as she heads to class and then sees Maek Kyung standing there under a tree. She remembers that this is a scene and looks like she wants to turn away, but then the stage starts so she has to continue walking. She sighs and tells herself, its Baek Kyung time, and rolls her eyes.

So she walks all the way up to Baek Kyung. He asks her if she is free today? She says she is free. So he gives her an envelope and says it is a movie ticket. So he says he is asking her out for a date. She says that she is worred about it because she does not know how he really thinks. You said you don’t like sick women and then I told you that we should break up but then you said that at the party.

He asks if they should not go see it together? She says no, he tells her that she will never say that they will break up anymore. she is happy. But then she leaves the stage and tells him that he is greasy now too? Okay, I will go to this place because it is a stage, but if you are late then I will kill you!

She runs off to Haru. Baek Kyung walks away and chuckles about stage.


Baek Kyung’s father tells him that he heard that he did a great job at the party. Perhaps we should quickly process it so that we can become inlaws. he tells his son that he did a good job and we see his brother who looks like he was the kid looking on in shock at the party. baek Kyung tells his father that he has a date with Dano, let me have some cash.

So his father gives him a lot of money and walks off. The brother looks at Baek Kyung, concerned. Later on he asks Baek Kyung if he really meant what he said that the party? Baek Kyung says yes. Why? Are you afraid that I am getting compliments now? I will take over your spot? 

He says no, he likes Baek Kyung noona. Baek Kyung says his mother will hate that. The little brother tells him that he hopes he is truthful, Dano noona is really nice. baek Kyung yells in frustration. The little brother says that Dano noona could be their family. But Baek Kyung tells him that he is not his family, that is BS. 

Baek Kyung walks off leaving his brother all alone. The image turns into a comic book.



Dano and Saemi take a ton of photos in Dano’s bedroom as she gets ready for her date. Saemi tells her to eat popcorn and touch hands softly and have one straw for the drink an indirect kiss! Dano gasps.

She wakes up at the theater and looks at herself looking pretty crazy with her makeup and hairdo. Not super crazy, just a bit extra. She thinks that Dano will see her and run away, perhaps that is this scene.

Baek Kyung rides to the movie theater with his father who pushes that he should marry Dano. Baek Kyung thinks that he will not marry her. He wants to stop pretending liking her when the business deal is done. How much more can you use me? Am I really your son.

His father yells at him to get out and tells the driver to stop the car in the middle of the street. Baek Kyung gets off angrily and calls Dano to tell her that he is not going there. I don’t want to go so dont wait for me.

Dano gets off the phone and start crying. But then the stage stops so she takes a nice breath and wipes her tears as she walks away thinking athat he is always a douchebag. But then she sees some familiar foot steps and looks up to Haru standing there. he says, I found you.

They both smile at each other and then go watch the movie together. She asks how he came there? Haru says that Baek Kyung was a little strange. Dano asks how, he says it was just a something.

Since this is the shadow part, the screen looks like it is upside down. They still eat the popcorn happily. Dano starts to think about what her friend said about touching hands softly and then drinking the drink with an indirect kiss on the straw.

The movie ends so the two start to leave, but then Baek Kyung shows up and asks what they are doing? i am you fiancé! Haru tells him not to do that. She might be your fiancé, but I am her friend. He takes Dano’s hand and leads her away.

Later on, Dano thinks about eating popcorn with Haru and having an indirect kiss. But she also thinks this is weird, it should be the stage where I was dumped. Why did he come back?



Haru looks at his photo of him and Dano at the school trip and starts to see his image fading a little bit. He is in the gym so Baek Kyung picks up the photo and wonders what this is? Are you interested in Eun Dano? You know that she is my fiance.

The two square off.

But then he scene changes to swimming class. Dano says she is cold and sees Haru walking up but then the stage starts. baek Kyung walks up and puts a towel over her. She asks why he was not at the movie theater. He says he was busy. She says okay, I worried about you. he asks why he is there, she says it is because she wants to see him swim. He tells her to wrap the towel around her more. 

But then the scene ends so they are not on stage anymore. She hops up, drops the towel, and runs to Haru. She tells him that they should play in the tiny pool. Baek Kyung looks at them and then walks over.

Dano tells Haru that her clothes are like this because her character is weak, but why are you in a school uniform. Perhaps the writer is not that thorough. they both laugh.

But Baek Kyung arrives and kicks water all on them. Dano stands and asks what he is doing! Haru glares at him as well. Baek Kyung tries to pull Dano away, but Haru stops him and pushes Baek Kyung into the pool.

The music starts up as Haru pulls Dano away. BaekKyung hits the water in anger.

Cut to the other students in swim class, they want to have a match over ice cream so one class picks Nam Joo and the other class is about to pick someone and we see Dohwa volunteer. Jooda gives Dohwa a fighting sign. Dohwa tells Namjoo that he is not going to lose to him. Namjoo tells him that he has done it before.

Then the swim match starts. The two boys look at each other and then start the race.

The entire class cheers for them. Haru walks up in his high school uniform so Dano looks at him and smiles. But then we see that his name is gone again. Dano wonders, why is his name gone now? Why?

Then the school alarm goes off so all the kids start to get up and run out. But in the commotion, Dano gets pushed into the water. She passes out right away so Haru dives in and swims to get her. Dano almost looks like a mannequin as Haru grabs her and pulls her up.

But in doing so, her photo floats out of his pocket.


Dano wakes up in the hospital. She wonders what happened and where Haru is.

Baek Kyung is at her side breathing hard and almost in a catatonic state of worry. He is actually thinking about his mother who died in the hospital. But then he sees Dano. She pretends to be sleeping again. 

BY – Dano, everyone next to me leaves me. What do you think you and I will be?

He holds his hands tightly as he looks at her.

Outside, it rains as all the kids run to the school. 

In the hospital, Baek Kyung goes back to the room, but Dano is not there.

Cut to Dano running to the school along with everyone else. She goes to the classroom in her doctors clothing, but Haru is gone. Someone else is sitting there. She tells him that Haru sits here. This guy says that he sits here. She says this is for #13. He says that he is #13.

Dano runs to look at the class notebook and does not see Haru there. She goes to the swimming pool and sees Haru’s sketches floating in the water. Then seh sees the photo of her at the school trip. Haru is not in it anymore.

He runs to Jinmichae and asks where the book is? Haru is gone! Jimnichae says that things are not twisting, they are going back to where they are supposed to be. She asks where the cartoon book is! He doesn’t answer.

She runs off.

Jinmichae – If the story continues like this, then what comes next is…

Dano runs to the library and looks for the book amongst the shelves. But she does not see it. Someone else has the book in the background though. It looks like it might be Baek Kyung because the shirt is unbuttoned in the way that Baek Kyung buttons it.

This mystery person walks up to Dano and we see that it is Baek Kyung. He asks her if she is looking for this book? He tosses it at her.

She looks up at him in shock.

Fade Out


Every single episode of this show is fun. I really like how it seems as if Baek Kyung is also playing on the stage and in the shadows of the game. He did what he was supposed to do with his father to end the night with Dano on a sour note, which is what the scene required, but then runs to the theater to be with her during the shadow moment.

I really hope Haru makes a comeback! he was really starting to gain a personality this episode and started to look like the lead for a fem moments. It was wonderful! But, the writer reeled that in right away and poofed him from the book. But I wonder if he is really dusted or if he has been reverted to extra status once again?



Dano – Haru is gone because of me?

JMC – Think of it as fortunate because he is the only one that disappeared.

VO – An unimaginable thing is actually happening

Dano – Without Haru nothing happens to this world

Dano – How can you do this!

BK – I will do things that he did for you

Dano – That is something only Haru can do

BK – You have to be next to me, like right now

Dano – Because that is my character

BK – I can change your fate, he can’t change your fate

Dano – I will die

Dano – Haru is back

Haru Book Caption – 18, tennis player, follows Baek Kyung well (like a Baek Kyung sidekick)

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  1. Sharan
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    Haru is back? from the preview.. is that what she tells at the end Haruga dol-awassayo …?? he is from the other novel “Flower” ?

    • V
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      Yes! It looks like he comes back possibly at the end of the episode, but he comes back with his name and a description, so he is a side-character now! I updated the preview in the post!

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    Ah, we going through a new kind of amnesia with the preview. Someone who follows Baek Kyung around? SMH….. Just let my characters live in peace T_T

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