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Extraordinary You: Episode 5 (9&10) Recap

Recap Extraordinary You Episode 5 (9&10)
Extraordinary You Recap 5 (9&10), image MBC

Dano and the newly minted Haru are taking charge of their lives, though this might have disastrous implications in the lives of others as the comic world appears to be changing around them in unexpected and unwanted ways. But with her life on the line, Dano has no other choice but to move forward with taking her fate into her own hands.

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Haru walk to the entrance to the school and asks himself, Who am I?

He sits by his favorite spot next to the window of the library and touchs the suns rays on his hands. 

VO – I want to know where I started and where I am moving to.

He walks the aisles of the library and sees the Secret book floating on the shelf. He grabs it and starts reading it. His eyes settle on Dano. Then he sees the void space ont he bookshefl.

Later he is outside and looks like he is trying to touch the sun again. We see the scar on his hand. He turns and sees the void in the sky. He also sees Dano looking at it from the bridge and takes a long look at her.


Inside the classroom, Dano sits happilu with her eyes closed taking in the suns rays. He walks behind her and says her name. But she doesn’t recognize him and walks off to be with her friends. He thinks to himself that this is the first time recognizing his voice. He wonders how he knows her name when he doesn’t even know his own name.

VO – Why do I only look at you? I don’t even know who I am.

We go through a few moments of him and Dano together and then cut to his drawings in the library.

VO – Tell me, why is it you?

Cut to Baek Kyung yelling at Dano in the rain for passing out and crying because of her heart. But you don’t even die. Haru punches him hard, sending Baek Kyung to the ground. He pulls Dano away. Baek Kyung yells, who are you! Haru tells him, you won’t remember me even if I tell you, because the scene will change soon.

They keep walking away.

The rain stops. Dano says that she did not mistake this right? It is nonsense, but I hope it makes sense. Do you remember me? He nods. She asks for how long? He says he does not know for how long. But, I know that you are the begining – Eun Dano.

Cut back to Baek Kyung, Do-hwa walks up to him and says that it is weird that he is the only one wet right now. Did the writer make it rain? He says that Dano is to. He tells him that Dano is different, she is conscious. But I think you might not get consciousness, sometimes it is better not to have consciousness. Fighting! He leaves.

Baek Kyung looks at him walking away, seriously.

Meanwhile, Dano pulls Haru to the side to talk to him about losing his memory and hearing strange sounds and not knowing when you will open your eyes and how time and space become strange and poeple don’ remember your behavior. He says that is all true. He remembers it all, the time I spent with you.

Dano thinks that is Daebak, you really have your consciousness.


Dohwa goes to Jinmichae to bother him about the stage and other things. He tells him that it is still hard to believe that he is in a cartoon world, but when he sees people without consciousness, he can believe it, its kind of scary.

Even though he confesses to Jooda with all his heart, she does not remember it when the scene changes. Jinmicha says that the writer does not care that much about the second male lead. They did not plan the confession scene of the second male lead. He says that he still plays the violin, he is cool in the shadows. 

Jinmichae says that only characters with consciousness can remember what happened. It is cool to do things for main characters. They start to argue about main and submain characters. But then he flips the page and sees that Dano does not have that much time to live. It is cruel because she is only an extra.


Meanwhile, Dano is super happy that Haru remembers her. She thanks the writer and tells her toforget about everything she said about her. But then she can’t move. Baek Kyung walks up to her then and gives her something to have. Dano says that she does not want it. She will quit liking him. You don’t like sick women, I make you mad, so don’t worry, it won’t affect your family business. One-sided love was not difficult for the person that loves, it is hard for the person that canot take it. So from today, we are not engaged.

She immediately thinks, wow, daebak! Am I a character that can say this! She stops and turns back to Baek Kyung and asks if he is okay? Even though this is planned and staged, hurting is hurting right? Well, you are still an a-hole, but I can accept your apology.

She bumps into him as she walks away. He grabs her and tells her to cancel what she said. He grabs her pretty hard at the wrist. She asks what and then breaks her wrist free as she keeps waking away.


She goes to the classroom holding her wrist and looking at it curiously, then the beep goes off for her heart so she sighs as she has to take all the medicine. Do-hwa comes up and pleasantly sits next to her. But then he starts crying saying that she does not have that much time le-e-e-e-ft.

She sighs and tells him that he is just like his brother (her doctor) and starts to talk about the butterfly affect. Jinmichae says that all these things are twisted, so even though the stage has nothing to do with me, if I change it little by little, then I don’t think I will need medicine anymore.

Meanwhile, Baek Kyung walks the hallway looking pissed about breaking up. He attacks one of the students and starts to go berzerk. Haru stops him and tells him not to do this. Whatever you do, it will hurt. He also apologizes to Baek Kyung then walks away.


Dano happily giggles as she thinks about Haru and all the moments they had together. But she tells her self to stop, just stop, this is so embarrassing! Maybe he didn’t remember everything? Ah, messed up.


Meanwhile, Haru is at the school remembering all his moments with Dano. We go through practically all of them via flashbacks as a song plays.

VO – I want to know why it is you.

He looks off at the images he drew of her and we cut to morning at the school.

At school, Dano walks into the empty classroom and goes to Haru’s empty desk. She rubs her hands along the desk and then turns around quickly when Haru tells her hello.

They go sit in the library with Dano thinking that there are so many embarrassing moments with him, sigh, *fret*. He asks what all she remembers so she stands up quickly and says she does not remember anything at all!

But that was an awkward outburst so she tries to change the subject and says that she is cold so he is about to give her some of his clothing but seh says he doe snot have to do that all the time. So he starts to talk to her about herself and how long he has been looking at her. 

She asks if he read the cartoon? Terminal life is not that good. Haru stands up and apologizes. But then Dano’s friends run up. Saemi is immediately smitten with him and says hello. He says her name so she hits him and says that if he says her name like that then her heart will drop. Soo-chul goes to this other side and says that he is so tall.



Dano tries to get Haru to break through the line to get her a snack, but he has the hardest time, so she tells him to remember her and breaks through the entire line to get them both snacks. 

They go sit where she tells him that you cannot learn this skill in one day. It is hard for extras like us to buy anything at the cafeteria, I suffered so much. he smiles so she tells him that when he has nothing to say he smiles. She also cleans his mouth off for him.

But her head turns to Namjoo and Jooda who are in the middle of a scene. Dano thinks their story is so cliche, how long can they use this storyline with the cleaning fee? She tells Haru that they are the main characters and points toward them.

Jooda tells Namjoo to just be friends so Dano claps and says that she has all the some and says to still be friends. *clap clap* Congratulations!

Then Do-hwa comes up and asks if this is the back guy? He starts touching Haru’s back and thinks that this is the kind of back that you could fall for. He also sees Haru’s gaze and thinks that it is the gaze of a main character.

Dano sits between them and tries to explain who Do-hwa is to Haru, he is not the main character, he makes the love of the main characters greater.

They all leave to go to Jinmichae’s place to explain the stage to Haru and how inside vs outside of the story works with the shadow spots and the staged spots. Their job is to change the story that is already decided. You can go into the stage and change the story. It is the butterfly effect. 

Haru listens, but he has a small pain of something with his hand and drops one of the play pieces. Jinmichae comes up and tells them not to touch his things without permission and introduces himself. 

They start to fill Jinmichae in on how Dano’s storyboard has changed from her loving Baek Kyung for 10 years. He tells them that they need to stop. Why do you want to change it so much? She asks why shouldn’t she? Do-hwa tells him that he knows about Dano’s heart. She says that she wants to use her time for herself. Should I wait to die? I want to find my life. I do not want to be the Eun Dano that says what I am supposed to say when I am supposed to say it. If you are not going to help us then don’t stop us.

The three of them leave. Dano and Haru keep walking off talking about the stage vs the shadow. It is night though so she walks to her car and waves Haru goodbye. BaekKyung is on a bench nearby watching them. He sees Haru walking off.

Haru goes back inside the school and Baek Kyung follows him there. H asks who Haru is. Haru tells him that he does not remember him, you don’t remember when the scene changes. My name is Haru. Baek Kyung tells him to stop playing with him, tell me in a way that I can understand! Haru tells him to stop doing this and walks off.


Meanwhile, Jinmichae reads the comic story. But it looks like this might be a different cartoon? yes, it is a different comic that he is ready. He closes the book and looks off to one of the shelves.

After walking to the shelf, he looks at the void spot on the shelf.

Haru walk up the hallway around this same time. A paper plane falls to his feet. When he opens it, he sees Dano’s image that he drew. Then Jinmichae walks up and says that he realized that the cartoon books are disappearing so I knew someone else is borrowing then in addition to me. You finally opened your eyes.

Haru asks him who he is. But it does not mater if he tells him, he will find out on his own. Jinmichae holds his hand and says that he should not, the pain will be more if you do it. He squeezes Haru’s hand, causing pain and then tells him to stop Dano. Otherwise your pain will get worse.


Dano walks right by Baek Kyung so he asks her why she is just walking by? She tells him that she wants to be free in the shadows. He tells her to explain it to him in a way that he can understand. She tells him that if she does, he will get hurt.



All the kids go crazy when Nam-joo’s mother comes to the school. She is a famous actress. Dano coaches Haru in how he should react in this situation. You have to jump and yell. When Nam-joo’s mother gets out, she literally shines and has a spotlight on her. She walks inside without noticing the kids. Haru keeps cheering for her but then stops as if he recognizes her.

Inside the school, Nam-joo’s mother asked if Nam-joo really wanted to go to an inside Korea camp? The president says yes, he did. People thought it was good because people thought our school was too rich and said bad things about it, so Nam-joo behaved well. He is very smart, probably as good as his brother.

The father says yes, his son is smart like him. So lets remove all last years overseas images and put todays images on our website. They also start to talk about Nam-joo’s birthday party. She tells him to just call a few of his friends, you dno’t have to prepare anything big. The principal understands.


Dano asks Haru why he sketches all these things? He says that he sketches them to remember where he started and where he is headed. She looks at him with quiet interest and their hands touch casually.




The classroom is full of all the students, Joo-da is carrying something so Do-hwa runs up to help her. All the girls swoon. She says a cheesy line, are you missing your wings? Because you are like my guardian angel. Dano looks on and sighs. It will be hard for Do-hwa.

Haru tells Dano that he looks for Dano all the time. She tells him that she can have a conversation with him like this but if he tells another girl this then she will scream IT IS DAY ONE. Okay, I have so much to teach you.


Do-hwa and Jooda  drink something sweet on the rooftop pleasantly. She tells him that her sad feeling goes away when she sees the blue sky. Then Nam-joo shows up and asks if this is their secret date place? She tells him that it is not like that, Dohwa just helped me. But Namjoo tells Dohwa that he told him that he can’t stand people taking his things. From today, the rooftop is closed.

Joo-da runs after him. Dohwa clenches his fists and some of the furniture starts to float. He looks to the sky that has turned dark and thinks that Jooda likes a blue sky.

Nam-joo continues to walk away from Jooda. She asks him why he is bullying Dohwa? I am enough for your bullying. I was wrong, I thought I was your friend.

He asks why she is doing this to him! What more can I do? She asks what he is talking about? He asks, do you really not know or pretend that you do not know? He turns and walks away.

The scene changes to Dohwa and Haru looking out the window. Dohwa says that it is funny, everyone is so serious. The sky gets dark and things fly around but they do not notice anything because they are just saying their lines. Haru says that no one remembers what happens in the shadows, because they dont have consciousness. 

Dohwa says he feels like he is even dumber to continue to love in this case. Why is he the same as how the writer writes him. If Judo gains her consciousness, do you think Jooda can change? Did it change for you? 

Haru says that he wants to know himself. Dohwa tells him that he envies him, you want to do something and you want to know something. You have no character development, so you can do anything. It is a sad thing to have a role. My role is just watching.

Cut to the classroom where everyone is looking at their cellphone. Then Soo-chul yells that it finally came! The invitation to Nam-joo’s birthday party!

The entire school starts to talk abotu whether they got the invitation or not. It looks like all the mains got an invitation. Or maybe everyone in the school got it?

Dano has a sudden flash to the future about the birthday party where he tells his team to take care of today. His woman likes strawberries. He also announces to everyone that Jooda is his woman and the only woman for him.


Cut to Dohwa asking, if the main character publically announces that they are a couple, what should I do? Do I just help them and they will become a couple? He is talking to Dano and Haru. Dano tells him that it should go the way the writer wants. But they think that they should also at least try to change it. So Dano motions to Haru to do something, please!


Dano asks Haru why he is not coming? He says that he does not want to, just in case Dano is in danger. This stage has nothing to do with you. She says that she wants to change something, you know that I don’t have much time left. To change the stage, I need you, you are the only one that can do it.

Then Baek Kyung comes up and grabs Dano by the wrist to pull her away. She asks why everyone is like this. But Haru stands up and grabs Baek Kyung by his arm and tells him to stop. He pushes Dano behind his back and faces Baek Kyung straight away. He tells him that he will go to the birthday party. he will go there to help you Dano.

Baek Kyung kicks a desk and Haru continues to stare eye to eye with Baek Kyung until Baek Kyung walks away. Haru looks at his scared hand and then off toward Baek Kyung.

Outside, Dano asks Saemi if she remembers that Baek Kyung was angry at me in the classroom? She says no, he was angry again? Dano thinks that this happened in the shadow. Saemi tells her that he is handsome, you should understand it. Dano thinks that everything is twisting.

Then she sees Baek Kyung walk in with the sparky spotlight on him. All the girls go crazy as the music plays.

Then Haru comes in and stands on the opposite side of the fence. They are about to play tennis. Baek Kyung tells Haru to start, he hits the ball and is so bad. Then Baek Kyung hits it and is great. Haru is stuck in place. Haru looks at Dano smiling with all the other girls. 

But then Dano looks at Haru. Haru tries to move his feet and hands, he is able to move it and walk to the opposite side of the tennis court. He taps the ball and starts to get ready to serve. Then he sets up his shot and hits it really hard to the court. Bark Kyung does not have a chance to react. Haru asks, is that okay?


Baek Kyung asks for Haru’s racket and says that it is so old. You play tennis with me from now on and I will see what kind of person you are. Then he goes to his A3 clubhouse and throws his tennis ball against the wall over and over again until Dohwa asks him to stop and to be nice to Dano. She is really sick. Haru is even helping her to save her life. But you are too bad to her, especially as her fiance.

Baek Kyung throws his ball and walks away. Dohwa runs after him and says that he should stop, I am 2nd and you are #3. Even though it is the shadow, I mean, does it make you so angry to be nice to Dano?

Then Haru walks up so Dohwa tells Haru that he is so upset. Baek Kyung asks him if he knows him? Dohwa asks, do you not know him? He is in your class. Baek Kyung thinks.


Baek Kyung sits in class when a student asks him to sign something. Their PE teacher told them to add a reserve for the soccer team just in case. He asks why he should do it. But then he decides to add Haru to the list.

Later on, he goes to talk to Namjoo and asks if he invited Haru? Namjoo asks him who Haru is?

Later that night, Jinmichae grabs the comic book from the shelf and reads it. This is the original comic book story shows a geeky no name person as a tennis player. But that person changes to Haru. Jinmichae sees it change.

On the street, Dohwa is walking when he cannot move all of sudden. Then Namjoo comes driving up to Jooda’s store. So poor Dohwa has to watch Namjoo and Jooda talk. Namjoo gives Jooda a hand printed invitation to his party and drives off.

Dohwa thinks that he can’t just look at her like this. At least once, he wants to say what he wants to say from his heart.



Everyone drives up to this fabulous party as if it is a Sweet 16 on MTV. Or even if it is like an awards show gala. Fabulous cars drive up to drop fabulously dressed kids off and news cameras are there to take photos.

Dano and Dohwa are outside waiting for Haru. Haru comes walking up looking so off. Dano asks why Dohwa got him that outfit! Do hwa says this is the most normal of his brothers clothing. They tell Haru that he looks great when he walks up to them though and Haru gives them a very awkward and yet adorable hello.

They start to talk strategy with changing things little by little, but then Dano blinks and she is with Baek Kyung at the entrance to walk in together. He gets a call and goes somewhere, he tells her to go inside first. She turns back to Haru, he is left alone. She goes in. Haru runs to the entrance but his ID has to be checked. Baek Kyung comes walking back so the bodyguard asks if he knows him? Baek Kyung ignores him and walks inside.

Haru is about to walk in to yell at Baek Kyung, but he is kept out by the guards.


Dohwa thinks about the stupid violin but then sees Namjoo’s mother and tells her that she is a beautiful as ever. She tells him that she heard he is playing the violin. He says yes. Then he thinks that his role is to play the violin while crying and send off the girl he loves to be with someone else.

In the outdoor patio, Dano steps off of the stage and can do what she wants now so she starts to look around for Haru. Baek Kyung asks her where she is going, she tells him that this is his stage to play with girls so have fun. Lots of girls run up to him and she walks off.

Inide, Dohwa tells himself to just stop playing the violin already, just stop. NamJoo is there and tells him that he will confess to Jooda. Don’t look so surprised.

Meanwhile, Haru is still outside, but he looks at the help trailer and might have the idea to be a waiter.

Jooda comes to the entrance looking like the star and gets out of a car that Namjoo might have brought for her. His mother is there and tries to say hello, Jooda also tries to say hello, but Namjoo pulls her away.

Namjoo takes her to a back room where he tells her to open a present. they are sparkly shoes that he says are the only shoes like this in the world. She tells him that she should give him a birthday gift for his birthday. But he says that her coming there is his gift. The shoes look good, see you at the party.

In the Kitchen, Haru is able to sneak in as the help. He is there when Namjoo goes inside the kitchen and tells he staff to take care of this well, just like the storyboard said. However, Haru does not have a chance to get to the cake. It gets locked in a freezer.

So Haru goes outside with the cart. Baek Kyung looks at him instead of looking at the girls next to him. He gets up and leaves to go find Haru.


haru goes inside and sees Namjoo going into a room. Another waiter follows who is carrying a drink, so Haru runs to this waiter to stop him. Dano wakes up in the courtyard and sees that the cake is already outside. She frets that it is already there. 

Inside his room, Haru is about to give Namhoo his drink. baek Kyung and Dohwa show up that the room at the same time. They both look at haru there with surprise. Haru quickly throws the wine (or something non alcoholic?) on Namjoo and then tells Dohwa that now is his time! go to Jooda!

Dohwa hurries off.

Outside, Dohwa finds Jooda happily looking at the flowers of the event. Dohwa pullsher way so that they can talk. they run all the way to a sparkly building that is next to a waterfall fountain. It has lights and stars all over it. He tells her that she looks so pretty today. She says it is the good clothing. He says she always looks pretty no matter what she wears. And then he tells her that he likes her.

Back to the patio. The MC announces Namjoo, but he does not come out. Someone tells his mother that there is big trouble. Namjoo disappeared. Cut to Namjoo running aorund looking for Jooda, he finds her by the fountain with Dohwa.

In the patio area, Baek Kyung unplugs the speaker. Haru carries drinks. They both wak to the front of the room, though it looks like they are not moving by their own free will. 

Cut to how the scene was supposed to play out, Namjoo was suposed to move like this. The guy was supposed to trip with the cake and Namjoo was supposed to pull Jooda out of the way.

But actually Dano is there where Jooda should be, the cake guy still trips, and Baek Kyung pulls Dano out of the way instead of namjoo pulling Jooda out of the way.

Baek Kyung announces to everyone that he is publically announces that Dano is the only woman for him. He takes a sip of champagne from Haru and smiles at him.

Fade Out


Oh, what a turn of events! I love it! I love how it appears that Baek Kyung might have had his consciousness for awhile? Ot at least thought that something was up for awhile. But how was he able to manipulate the scene like that so perfectly! I must know!


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