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Extraordinary You: Episode 4 (7&8) Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 4 Recap
Extraordinary You Episode 4 Recap, image MBC

After the debacle of yesterday, Dano picks herself up from her wet bootstraps and tries to get on with her so-called life. Luckily, the thing that she thought might be true, might just be true after all as #13 comes to her rescue in unexpected ways, and a few secrets are revealed to us, the audience, as he does.




We open at the end of the last episode where #13 places the rocks in a stack and then stands and looks at Dano walking away. he says her name and we see her wish again which is to live.

Elsewhere, two girls want Baek Kyung to break their rock with him. So he reluctantly agrees. Then Dano comes walking up to him. She is wet and holding back rage.

Dano – (I don’t know when or how I am going to die. But I spent all of my life for him?)

One of the girls asks why Dano looks like that, is she pretending to be poor to get attention from Baek Kyung? Why don’t you ring your heart rate bell for attention?

Dano – (I want to make sure that I am not crying for him. I am mad because even if I have hope, nothing changes).

Baek Kyung walks off with both girls and tells Dano, if your heart hurts, why don’t you stay in the hospital.

He runs up and hits him in the back and then walks off. He asks her if she is crazy? She says he is the crazy one Baek Kyung!

The situation turns into the cartoon and then we zoom out seeing that #13 is reading that part of the cartoon as he sits outside alone.


Back inside the hotel, Sae-mi asks Dano if she is going to say, hey you? Baek Kyung will really like it. Dano tells her not to talk about Baek Kyung in front of her. Then she sees the future where she is in the woods. Baek Kyung tells her that this is why he hates her. Nam-joo and Joo-da are in the woods also. 

Dano yells and says that this is why she hates the writer, how can you make a sick person like this!


In their fancy room, all three boys lounge around. They ask each other how many stones they have broken. They all have broken a lot of them. Nam-joo is so tired of running away from the girls about that stone.

Do-hwa says that he thinks one on one night tracking would be fun. Then he notices the hand print on Baek Kyung’s back and says that he knows who did that, the girl that likes backs.

Cut to Dano and Sae-mi’s room. Dano is trying to memorize the map of the hotel area just in case she gets lost. There are several trails so Dano wants to memorize them all. Sae-mi tells her that she can just follow Baek Kyung, that will be the best.

In the woods, #13 is walking on the trail already. He gets to a do not go in sign but he keeps walking and sees something up ahead.


That night, everyone is out for the event. It looks like it is a Halloween style game where the teachers put scary ghosts on the trail and the people need to walk 2 in one on the trail as a man and woman couple. But the classes are mixed so there are less changes to walk with the person you want to.

Sae-mi is mad about this and asks her teacher why they did this? The teacher says it is because all the girls want to walk with Nam Joo.

In another area, we see that Joo-da and Do-hwa open their numbers at the same time, but they do not have the same number. She has the same number as Nam-joo, so she reluctantly goes off with him.

Dano thinks that she will just do whatever she has to do for her scene tonight and will leave. So she goes up to Baek Kyung and tells her that he will be 10, so let’s go.

He opens his and is 10 so she pulls him away from all the other girls that want to wake with him and says to herself that she wants to end this stag quickly.

Everyone takes off walking. Dano and Baek Kyung end walking alone. He asks her how she knows the path so well, she says that she had to memorize it because of someone. But then her heart starts acting up. She asks to walk a little slower. He tells her that is why he hates her. Then he walks off.

She starts to slightly cry and calls him and a-hole, but then the scene ends so she happily gets back up. However, she also has to find Nam-joo and Joo-da because her role is a background person. So she gets to a certain area and screams her lungs out. This makes Joo da cling closely to Nam joo.

Of course he likes this so he tells her to stick to him.


Elsewhere, Dano is a bit lost in the woods. She thinks that this scene hasn’t ended, ugh, why? She tries to find her cell phone but doesn’t see it.

Cut to Baek Kyung who is back in his place. He is happily relaxing but looks a bit worried about Dano who might still be in the woods. So he calls her but she does not answer. Do-hwa comes in and tells him to be nicer to Dano and gives him the keychain she gave him that he stepped on.

Baek Kyung takes off right then to look for Dano.

In the woods, Dano is super scared as she cowers below a tree. She apologizes to the writer and says that she is super scared. Then a person comes walking up on her slowly, she tells him, don’t kill me! But it is actually #13. 

She is so happy to see him so she runs up and hugs him. She starts to walk out with him, though she is still super scared. She apologizes to him and asks to turn the flashlight back on. he does, and it scares her momentarily. So he says, sorry. This is the first time he has said anything.

She asks how long he has been able to speak? Why haven’t you said anything before? he walks over to something and tells her that it is fake, but what if it is real? What if we are real and this is fake?

Later on, Dano and #13 sit by a tree in the dark. She asks him why he did not talk to her before. Then she tells him that she is cold so he should give her something to wear and take off something. So he start to take off his clothing. She tells him, no, don’t take off your clothing, it was a figure of speech! But she sees his abs and think, daebak.

He ends up only taking off his outside shirt and gives it to her. She tells him that she is sorry but it does not matter how handsome you are if you do not change my fate. But then she realizes that the storyboard did change because Baek Kyung is supposed to be looking for her.

#13 tells her that they should go, so she walks off with him and they go beyond the sign that says do not cross.

They keep walking along the path beyond that sign with #13 helping Dano hear and there. Then they get to the spot that #13 was looking at before. It is a secret pretty place with red flowers blossoming all around and fire flies flying up into the sky. There is a water fall as well.

She asks him how he knows this place. He asks if she knows this flower? She says no, but she knows that it is pretty. He asks if she knows this place. He says that she does not, why?

He looks at her softly so she looks back at him and wonders why his eyes are like that? He starts to lean in as if he will kiss her so she closes her eyes, but he pulls a petal from her hair that had fallen on it.

Dan then tries to stand but she slips, so #13 tries to help her up, but he slips. She laughs a bit and they lay there looking at the flowers and fireflies. 

Dano – Actually, I was sad because I had to follow a way that was planned. But it changed. You showed me that there is another way. i am sure. Because of you, I think my day can change. Can I call you Haru?

They both look at each other as we wait for what he will say.


But then we wake up outside a palace for a palace tour. The entire school is there having fun and taking photos. Sae-mi wants to be next to Nam Joo and is upset that they have to walk around.

Then Baek Kyung comes up to Dano and asks her where she was? I was looking for you. She tells him not to say his lines in the shadows, only when they are on stage. But he asks her about her heart and says he worried about her. But he ignores the last part.

Dano leaves and Do-hwa comes up and asks Baek Kyung what he did last night. He says that he was looking for Dano, but then he wonders what he did last night.

Dano walks around until she sees #13 and remembers asking him if she can call him Haru. She hopes he remembers her. So she sneaks up behind him and asks what he is doing. he is actually drawing the scenery so she tells him that he is good at drawing.

She introduces herself again and tells him that his name is Haru. He repeats his name. She does a little magical motion with her finger and tells him, remember me…remember me…I can change my future.

He grabs her finger so she gulps and then playfully starts to talk to him again. She tells him that she was a princess in a last life. But she tells him that it was a joke. 

They stark to walk their own path again and go to a quiet part of the palace to sit and chat. Dano says his name a few times and tells him that it is sad that she is the only one that knows his name. But it is good that he has a name now.

His hat flies off from the wind so they both run off to grab it. While doing it, they see something and accidentally bump their heads together as they try to look for it. This makes them both chuckle, then they grab what they saw which is under the palace. It is a small jewelry case and there is an old earring inside. It looks like it has a decoration on it from the flower they saw.

However, this gives Haru a scar on his hand. When Dano tries to touch it, she ends up waking up at the bus station.

She looks around and then sees Haru looking at her.

Vo – Maybe it is my imagination, but I think that Haru remembers me.

All the kids get back on the bus and start to head off. Namju and Joo-da look like a couple as they sit together. Dano sits by herself and looks at Haru in the reflection. Baek Kyung looks at Dano. Haru also looks at Dano, but in the reflection as well.

He writes “Dano” on the window.




Some boys joke to Dano that she is coming to school today? She says that her heart will be cured. They tell her that it has to be cured so she has a good time with Baek Kyung! Then they start to dance around her like ring around the rosy. 

She tells them that she does not have energy to mess with them because she is trying to change her fate. But hey just keep dancing. However, they stop when Baek Kyung comes up looking disgusted and then walks off.


Pandemonium starts as Soo-chul sells the photos he took from their trip. All the girls want to buy photos of the A3 boys from the trip. Sae-mi grabs a couple photos of Dano from the trip. She only wants the photo of her and Haru. Not the one with Baek Kyung.

Baek Kyung sees this and asks her if she wants the one with him? She is all like, nope, leave me alone. And she happily holds the photo of her and Haru.

Nam Joo comes up to Soo-chul and is pretty content that all his photos sold out. he says he wants to buy the photo of Joo-da, So Soo-chul tells him that it is free since he made a lot of money from him.

All the girls are jealous.

Later on, the girls ignore Joo-da in the hallway. Nam-joo approaches her but she is hesitant to be around him. He asks what changed from the trip?

Do-hwa sees this and goes outside to talk to Dano. He says that no matter what he does, he only sees Jooda’s back. Dano tells him to change it, follow her, right now! So he runs to her and tells her that he was running to see her.

Dano goes to mess with Jinmichae and says that her storyboard changed when she was walking with Haru. He thinks a moment and says that she gave him a name? But he is an extra, extras only exist for the main people. She says that she knows.

Jinmichae says that if characters have their own consciousness and don’t follow the storyboard then everything will twist. Leave. She tells him that everything might get better!


Dano runs off and goes to meet her father who is planting flowers. They plant a particular flower that they both think is pretty like her mother. 

Inside, Dano puts the photo of Haru on her photo wall. Then she thinks about happy memories of her with her father and mother as they plant flowers. Her mother said that each flower is appa flower and umma flower and Dano flower and Baek Kyung flower. They all laugh.

In the present, Dano says that this might be a cartoon world, but I will change my heart the way I want.

That night, Haru is up at the school drawing. He is drawing a picture of Dano holding the jewelry that they found and smiling. He pulls the book from his bag and reads a page from it that has the keychain. This page shows Baek Kyung stepping on the key chain ad everyone looking at her.

He looks from that page to the jewelry they found. He takes the page he drew off of his drawing easel and walks off.



Two male students are carrying a cooler. Haru grabs it and says that he will carry it. he easily picks it up and tells them that no one cares about extras at all. The other two are all like, huh? Extras? What is he talking about? Who is he?

Cut to basketball practice where Namjoo and Baek Kyung watch the girls play basketball. Baek Kyung asks Nam-joo if he likes her that much? He says no. Baek Kyung tells him to correct his facial expression then. 

The ball hits Joo-da in the head so he goes to the court and says that he will exercise some more. He makes up an excuse and teaches Joo-da how to shoot the ball, she makes the basket and celebrates. he smiles.

Meanwhile, Jinmichae thinks about Dano and smiles. But then several drawings start to fall into the room. These are all Haru’s drawings. he follows the drawings to the library and sees all the sketches that Haru has made. These sketches are all about Dano and all varying sizes and shapes.

At the basketball ring, Haru sees Baek Kyung and starts to walk up to him. He also protects him from getting hit by the ball. then he asks Baek Kyung where the keychain is that Dao gave him. He says that he threw it away.

Haru walks away so Baek Kyung hops up and asks him who he is? Haru turns around and says he is Haru. Then he keeps walking off. Baek Kyung tries to run after him, but loses him.

In the room, Dano thinks that extra’s shouldn’t have a name but thinks that Haru sounds like a really good name for him. She looks at her photo and then looks at Haru. But she jumps when he looks at her. She asks what he is looking at. He says, you.

So she hops up and pulls him out excitedly and asks if he remembers her? You pointed at me! You remember me, right? But it looks like he does not remember her. She sighs.

Later on, she looks at Haru while she is supposed to be reading. But she hops when he looks at her. She tries to pretend to do something else. However, he sits next to her and says he like the sunshine here. he holds his arm out to feel the sunshine, Dano does the same thing and shines her watch reflection into his face and laughs.

Baek Kyung sees this and grows jealous. But then he gets upset when the light shines in his face. He slams his book on the tale and then walks over to grab Dano’s arm to tell her that this bothers him. 

Then he picks Haru up and asks if he is having fun? He slams Haru agains the bookshelf and everyone looks at him like he is crazy. Haru starts to bleed from his head. Baek Kyung yells at Dano not to do anything that bothers him in front of him.

She has an episode and passes out.

Then she wakes up in the hospital relieved that she did not die. She thought that something might have gone wrong like Jin Michae said. But she thinks that this is not a horror cartoon, it is a love story so it should not get too dark.

Her doctor comes in to talk to her about her heart. it is not good news. she tries to be light and tells him that he is always the same. how can he worry about her on stage and in the shadows. She tells herself that she is lucky since he worries about her like this and then says that she knows that she does not have much time left. Don’t worry, I will change the story and make a new expiration date for my heart.


She walks home and sees that their flowers are gone. The swing is gone too, so she asks her father where they went? he asks her what she is taking about? Dano says that it all disappeared, but we did it with mom.

She goes to her room and looks at all her photos. She picks up the one with Haru and her in it and thinks about him bleeding from his head.

VO – Everything will get twisted if people gain their consciousness.

Dano starts to think that everything is twisted because of her greediness.



She goes to school and is about to say hi to Haru. he still has his wound on his head. She is conflicted as to whether to say hi or not, so she doesn’t. When he gets to the top of the stairs, he looks back at her.

Dano goes to peel onions with Jinmichae and pitifully thinks that she needs to suffer, I messed it all up. things that are supposed to be there are all twisted now. But this would not happen if I did not sit next to h-i-i-i-i-i-m. Why does this onion hurt so m-u-u-u-u-u-u-ch. I think I should not recognize him. That is good for Haru, I mean, #13. 

In the classroom, she leaves medicine for Haru on his desk. He pushes it to the side and starts to open his books. She is about to go help him but then a student comes up to her and asks where Baek Kyung is? She says she does not know. The student thinks he made all that trouble yesterday and did not come to school? Then he runs over to #13 and frets over his forehead.

Later on, Dano thinks that she is really sorry to #13 and lays her head on her desk.


Baek Kyung does not go to eat with Baek Kyung’s family that night. Her father says that she might be a little upset, it is difficult to have a hone-sided love. He tells Baek Kyung to take care of Dano.

The ajusshi leaves. So Baek Kyung pulls Baek Kyung to the side and yells at him for not taking care of Dano. It is a pretty intense scene. The entire family comes out to tell the appa to calm down. But the appa hits Baek Kyung anyway ad pulls out his gold clubs to destroy everything around Baek Kyung. The family is all scared.


Baek Kyung goes to school with a busted lip. His friend asks him why he skipped school. He asks where Dano is. He finds her on the outdoor steps. he takes her watch. She tells him that she does not want to talk to him, but she thinks that she cant avoid this stage. He steps on her watch and tells her not to do anything stupid, just continue your one-sided love.

Dano is a bit shocked, then it starts to rain. He tells her that she has everything she wants because her father does everything for her. you collapse all the time, but you don’t die anyway.

Then Haru comes up and punches him hard across the face, He falls to the ground. Haru grabs Dano by the hand and tells him, let’s go Dano. Baek Kyung asks, who are you!

He tells him, you won’t remember even if I tell you, because the scene will change soon.

Dano looks shocked.

Fade Out


Oh wow, messing with the storyline might have dangerous consequences for Dano and Haru because Baek Kyung went straight psycho for a moment. But he has all the building blocks of a man who would be a horrible abusive boyfriend, so I’m glad they are making him into that instead of making him change his tune and be suddenly nice to Dano.

I am ready for Haru and Dano to keep on the path to controlling their own lives and am so curious about all the drawings that Haru makes as well as the artifact that they found. There is so much goodness to sink into with this show.


Dano – You remember me?

Haru – At least I know that the beginning was you

VO – That is super great

VO – Hey, this is too much for extras

VO – We don’t know when her heart will stop

Dano – I need you to change the stage

VO – stop, Eun Dano, that is why you exist

Haru – I will go to your birthday party

Dano – What do we do?

Haru – Change the story

JMC – it is better to stop here

VO – Do you think the stage can change?

VO – Confess to Yeo Jooda

Dano – It is all screwed up

VO – Jooda, I need to tell you something

VO – What happened?

VO _ Eun Dano disappeared

VO – Publicly announcing it

Dano – From today, our engagement ends


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