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Extraordinary You: Episode 3 (5&6) Recap

Extraordinary You Recap Episode 3 (5&6)
Extraordinary You Recap Episode 3 (5&6)

Dano is struggling to change her current life as well as her future. She just needs to find the mystery boy and get him to listen to her! The only problem is, he might not remember as he appears to reset with each scene change. Or does he?




VO – this time, I will not lose him!

She runs up to the mystery boy and pops her umbrella open. Droplets of water shoot from it and the image of our mystery student is revealed.

Dano gasps as she looks at him and smiles. 

Dano – Hi.

But then she wakes up in the hospital. Aw man! She sighs, why now! Why! It took me so long to find him! She hops up frustrated and starts to walk around the hospital. Do-hwa sees her so he starts to chat and asks if she is in the hospital again. Dano is all like, yes, and says a few things about the script and all that. Do-hwa is all like, um, are you speaking Korean.

They go outside to chat and Dano has to withstand saying her lines versus leaving. So she goes outside to say somethings to Do-hwa about Baek Young. She is so annoyed that she was transported from that important moment to talk about Baek Young! I do not care if he is coming or not!

She smiles and says something as the wind picks up and a light shines on her. Then she tells him that she has nothing else to say, I think this scene is over. Okay, goodbye.

She walks away and Do-hwa starts to tell her that she is so weird recently. Baek Kyung does not like this kind of girl. And you are going to far. How come you touched your back to every man you meet?

Dan comes storming back to him, what did you say? Do-hwa starts to talk about a man’s back and all those things. She punches him and asks if he remembers that she touched his back? He starts to joke to her about that and says that she said she would find a man after touching his back.

She tells him to shut up and follow her before the scene changes. So she pulls him into the stairwell and pins him against the wall. he is so nervous and tells her that he likes someone, you know that. Then she head butts him. His nose starts to bleed.

She asks if he ever loses his memory? Do you blink your eyes and a day passes? Then two days passes? He asks how she knows that? She says it is because he has his consciousness. He touches his bloody nose and tells her that everyone has its consciousness. She tells him that everything will go back to it was before.

Then she leaves while fluttering her hands and saying, the story will start, the story will start.

He walks out looking for her and runs into his brother, the doctor. They chat about brotherly things like how big Do-hwa has gotten. But then he realizes that his nose is not bleeding and he had a bag in his hands that was not there before. He handed it to his brother. 

His brother keeps talking, but Do-hwa just looks at his hand and then his reflection.


Dano talks to herself as she goes to class and then realizes that this mysterious guy is in her class! He actually sits near the window but she never noticed him. He also does not have a name tag.

Dano goes to her seat and is approached by Baek Kyung who says something about her going to the hospital. She thanks him for worrying about her. he is all like, why do you think I worry about you? She thinks to herself that she knows you don’t worry about me, I just have to say this line! But she has to pretend to be happy and sweet in front of him. The scene ends so he leaves and angrily asks why she has to like a guy like that!

When she turns her attention back to the mystery student, he is not there. But she does some sleuthing and looks in the student registry. She finds him but he does not have a name in the registry. So she thinks it seems as if she might have to help him, not him help her.


Cut to a soccer game where the fellas are all playing a game and all the girls are cheering loudly for them. Cheering is almost a competition for some of them. 

Dano’s friend, Sae-mi cheers the loudest for Nam-joo. But Dano is more interested in #13, the student. She asks Sae-mi is she knows his name? She says she knows him, but she actually does not know his name. Dano thinks that she does not know him because he is an extra, even smaller than her role.

On the field, the mystery student looks around and lands eyes on Dano.

There is also a violin playing so we cut to Do-hwa who is playing the violin on a rooftop. he thinks that he needs to find Dano, why is he playing the violin so much! he starts to cry and thinks, what am I doing?!

Joo-da shows up and smiles as she tells him that he can talk to her if he wants. Then roses show up around her. he is all like, what is going on, this is so strange. You have flowers…! But that is not important, have you seen Eun Dano?

Cut to Dano talking to Jimnichae in his room. She tells him that she found that guy but he is so unimportant that the writer did not even draw his face out fully, see. She shows him the image in the comic book that has no eyes drawn on it and mentions that he is just an extra.

Jinmicha asks if she thinks she is the only one that can change her fate? I told you not to expect too much. You just mistook it that the storyboard changed. Just accept this world and where you are in it. She says that she will take it as a little break.

But then Do-hwa says, I found you! And he comes in panting.

DH – When did it become so difficult to find the cafeteria? I thought I was here then I was somewhere else. And my memory is gone.

Jinmicha says that he is pretty fast in this world. There are already two now. Dohwa says he thought something was strange. I should go to the hospital when I lose my memory but I was playing the violin! And I was crying while playing the violin! I am right in front of people but I have this wound in my heart!

They tell him that he is in a cartoon. He thinks it is nonsense. So they show him the things floating in the room. he is all like, wtf? But then he thinks, okay fine, but no main character cries like this all the time!

They both sigh and Dano thinks that everyone has the same mistake that they think that they are the main character.

VO – No one can imagine that their life exists for someone else.

Dano shows him the comic and tells him to read it. Reading it once is better than explaining it ten times. Dohwa starts to read it and laughs. But then he starts to cry when he reads all his parts and quickly turns to the front to find out that he is not the main character! Nam Joo-da and Yeo Joo-da are the main? Of course, their names!

Yes, this was really strange to me that Yeo Jooda is around all his life and he suddenly started liking her. 

Jinmicha brings out the tiny stage to show Dohwa. Dano tells him to look at the world via your view, then you are the main person. I am going to change my fate and not live like an extra forever.


She wakes up zapped to the hospital. The doctor asks her how her heart pain is. Dano looks around and then grips her heart tightly. The doctor asks the nurse to take her to her room. Then he tells her father that the last checkup was a bit…well, her heart is getting more damaged, you should prepare yourself.

Dan hears all this from the door.

At home, her appa looks at a family photo and tells his wife that Dano looks like her and is like her and how she followed him around a lot because she liked him. She even proposed to him with flowers. Dano is the same. She even follows Baek Kyung around. Please save my poor Dano, she does not have a lot of time left. The hospital can not do the normal things that they can do.

Dano walks to her room and thinks, yes, this is just the setting. I have a weak heart and am in pain. But it is okay. She stands up thinking about how she can change this world, she can do it. She needs to change the stage, and then everything can change.


Dano goes to school and rests on her desk as she scribbles. She thinks that she wants to change things, but she can’t even see him. Then her two friends run up and start to talk about their school trip and New Yorkers and all that. 

Dano looks out the window and sees Haru outside. She says, ah, #13! But then she gets pushed out the way as Nam-joo comes up to look at Joo-da who is working hard outside. he says all his normal things about why she is working hard now and how cute she is.

Dano is so annoyed at his cheesy lines and why he is right here next to her. Just go to the other window! She pushes him away so he settles in the other window to look at Joo-da.

Do-hwa comes up happily and says he is the second male lead so he has to follow the main lead all the time. Dano tells him that he is adjusting to this world nicely. Then he notices #13 and thinks that is the back guy! But he does not have a name. he is that handsome but is an extra.

But Nam-joo draws their attention by saying, ah, she is so cute, why is she so cute. Over and over again. They roll their eyes, Dano almost throws up.

Then she hides quickly. Dohwa asks why? She says that she just has hope that her life changes. he thinks that she is a no-name extra that is changing her life right? Dano gasps and is sent into a vision of the future.

In this vision, there is an issue with a phone where Joo-da, Nam-joo and Dano are involved. A lot of dry ice gets knocked over and she sees #13 in the room. 

In the present, she wonders why she is seeing #13 in the storyboard? She is supposed to be an extra with no name! So she thinks she will check it again to see if #13 is the key to change her life!

She runs out and grabs #13 by the arm, he turns looking shocked and also mannequin-like. Dano thinks that she won’t have a cheat sheet for this, but even so, she is good at playing games. So she pulls him off to the laboratory where the accident happened.

She tells him that she has a weak heart that can stop at any time and has a one-sided love for 10 years, that is my setting. But I think I can change my life with you. So listen. Yeo Joo-da and I will move these boxes to the science class. Because of Nam-joo, these boxes will small. That is the setting. But I am not a human Milkyway, I will not spend all this time trying to connect the main leads. So you just stay here and look for a good chance to hold these boxes so that they will not fall, okay? 

If this works, then I can change my future Okay? But he is quiet so she asks why he does not say anything at all? What are you thinking? Can you open your mouth and say Okay? Is it that difficult?

He looks outside and sees flowers magically growing and blossoming. But Dano does not see it.



Nam-joo comes into the class. Dano looks at him and sees #13, she is so happy that he came! Baek Kyung looks jealous.

But then Dano is plopped to the hallway to carry the items with Joo-da. So she carries them into the room and the altercation with the cell phone happens.

Nam-joo tells Dano to pick up his cell phone that fell. Joo-da tells him no, he should pick it up himself, why should all the students follow your order. he says that she does not have manners. She says that he is the one with no manners!

Everyone gasps and looks at this mini altercation. Nam-joo leans in and tells her that she is successful to draw his attention. Dano turns her head and looks at #13 to give him a nod. he walks up behind the boxes and pushes them. The dry ice falls to the front and everyone gets knocked over. But things still happen enough to make the story progress without Dano getting injured.

Dano wonders, did things change or not change?

Later on, #13 draws the flowers that he saw earlier.



Sae-mi and Dano walk up a market street as Sae-mi thinks that she needs to buy some sexy clothing. They end up going into a Claire’s type boutique store with lots of accessories all about. Sae-mi buys something and hopes Nam-joo likes it. Dano thinks this scene is so long.

Then Sae-mi pulls her to look at Joo-da who works at a part-time job at a cafe. Dano thinks that her role is to look at Jooda in this part-time job. Cut to the inside of the cafe where Joo-da is being given a hard time by a customer.

But then Do-hwa comes in to save the day. Later on, Do-hwa walks with Joo-da and tells her to stop stupidly suffering. Just yell at him or something. Joo-da thanks him and says he is the best, he is her guardian angel.

Do-hwa thinks that this is so cheesy. But he goes along with the scene and says that he likes her smile, she is the prettiest when she smiles. However, he does not know if this is something already decided for him to say or if it is something he wants to say.

But then Nam-joo comes up so Do-hwa makes his exit as he tells Nam-joo that he owes him one.


Appa asks Dano if she would like to quit school and go on a trip with her appa. She says that the thing she wants to do the most is go to school. Like other kids. She wants to go to summer camp and on picnics. He smiles and says that she can do it.

She says, you said yes but if the artist does not draw it then it does not matter. Appa is all like huh? So Dano says its nothing, nothing! You are the best appa.


The entire school is getting a paid trip somewhere inside Korea. Sae-mi says this is all because of Nam-joo. He ordered the president to do an inside Korea trip. They all talk about how cool Nam-joo is. 

Then Do-hwa comes up and tells her that she is doing a great job as an extra. You are super into it for changing your fate. She sighs and thinks that nothing works, she doesn’t know when her heart will stop. He says that she sees the future. She tells him that she sees it but she does not know if it will change or not.

Do-hwa says that he prepared a good scene and then left at the right time. I did that. And this is the result. Dano says that all the students in the school should support these two mains love story. It is good to be the main *sarcastically*.

She goes to see Jinmichae in the library. They chat about things and her confidence. She says that she was confident, but that was until she saw those things at the hospital. He also read about her hospital trip. Dano tells him not to look at her like that, she will change her fate.

She looks out the window and sees the mystery extra. She thinks that he might be able to change her fate. So she heads off to find him. Jinmichae looks out the window and thriller-like music starts to play.

Dano runs after #13 who has gone all the way to the clinic. She tripped along the way and injured her leg, but she shakes it off because it will all be cured in the next scene anyway.

So she finds #13 in the clinic and starts to help him grab something. But in so doing, she falls off a high desk and into his arms. They have a bit of a moment and then Dano fixes his hand. She tells him that it will all go away because they are extras.

He sees her bruised and cut knee and puts medicine on it. She thinks that it would be nice if he could change her fate with his handsome face. She also tells him to remember her, my name is Eun Dano. He looks at her, but he still looks like a mannequin.

Cut to Dano looking at the list of people who are going on the trip. She realizes that only students with names can go on this trip. Then she sees #13 and stops him, but his bandaid is removed so he thinks that his memory of her is also removed. She introduces herself again.

VO – #1 does not have enough character development. He does not even have a name.

She spends the day running into #13 and getting him to help her with things and always makes sure to reintroduce herself to him. We see a montage of these events with her carrying books or running on a track.

In class, the teacher tells the classroom, when I call this name she came to me and became a flower. You know, see what kind of process a name is. he called her name. Calling a name means that it involves a wish. Becoming a flower means that it becomes a real relationship.

Dano looks at #13 and thinks that nothing has changed, it seems like he does not remember me. but, I might be hallucinating, but it seems like something might be changing.



Later on, we see Baek Kyung in the car with his father. It seems like Dano’s father paused an investment decision with Baek Kyung’s father. So his father is so upset and tells him that he needs to spend more time with Dano! 

They drop Baek Kyung off at the airport or bus stop. His father rolls down his window and tells him that he is useless.

Dano wakes up at the airport and is so excited that she is on this trip! her friends bicker back and forth to each other about silly things like red shoes or photography. Sae-mi rolls their luggage over to him and tells him to take care of it, then she walks off with Dano excitedly because they get to travel together.

Cue excited travel time as the kids hop on the bus and happily chat and laugh. They get to a rest stop and have a lot of fun eating. Joo-da looks at them eating. Nam-joo looks at Joo-da looking at them eating.

At the same time, Dano time jumps again and has to hold Baek Kyung’s hand to stop him and give him something. Do-hwa looks on with a knowing smile. Baek Kyung opens the present and then steps on it in front of everyone. She starts to cry and then starts to laugh as she tells them all that she is so fine. Don’t worry about me! I am fine! Fighting! Her mascara is all running as she says this.

On the bus, Joo-da sits with Dano and asks if she is okay? Your eyes are red. Dano immediately thinks this writer is annoying, she is using her to show how nice the main woman is. Jooda tells her that her grandmother was sick often, so she is good at taking care of people. When your heart hurts, you need better blood circulation, so give her hand to me.

Then Nam-joo comes up and gives Joo-da some food awkwardly. It is the same food that she looked at earlier. Dano rolls her eyes. But then she grabs it and says that she wants to eat it, so I will receive it. We can share it, so don’t worry. Jooda thanks Dano. he smiles bashfully and leaves.

Dano sighs and thinks that if she did not have this kind of scene, then she would not be able to come on this trip at all. I only exist for the main lead.

Then, all of a sudden a dance party breaks out in the bus. Dano thinks that she likes this trip, but she hates this dancing. She is pulled up to dance by Sae-mi and everyone dances and has a great time on the bus.

In their next stop, Do-hwa and Dano talk about their scenes that they have been having. She asks if he has seen #13? Do-hwa says he did not come. So Dano starts to curse to high heavens at the writer. Do-hwa tries to stop her but she just says, let me curse, no one will remember anyway!

Cut to her sitting on a bench. Her friend comes up to her and tells her about a stone that is a couple stone. When the stone breaks, it shows how much you love the other person. it breaks to the size that you love them. Cut to a lot of couples doing this. 

So Sae-mi just bought one for herself and Dano. She tells her that she supports her love with Baek Kyung, you never know, your future might be realized. Dano smiles, but then she sees a flash of the future where Baek Kyung throws her rock into the water and she goes into the water to get it. She also sees #13 in the flash.

Elsewhere, Nam-joo walks through a crowd of girls that love him. he has the spotlight on him. he goes to buy the fate stone at the same time that Do-hwa does. Later on, he sees Dohwa and asks to share the fate stone with her.

Scene change to a rocky beach where #13 is looking out over the water. Dano sees him and runs up to him to tell him the future. She says that she will jump into the water soon, so you should stop me, okay? Let’s change our fate together! Okay?

In the A3’s room, lots of girls continue to scream for the three of them, and especially Baek Kyung who is outside. He goes inside to get away from the screaming girls here Nam-joo and Do-hwa is. Nam-joo asks Do-hwa if he likes Joo-da. 

Joo-da starts to follow the scene as he should. he knows that he has to follow the way things are already decided in the cartoon. This is his fate. So Nam-joo tells Do-hwa not to get involved with Joo-da.


Back on the rocky beach, the scene changes to show Baek Kyung walking to her. He asks why she is there, if you are sick, just stay home, it makes me angry. But this is your hobby to give me a hard time. he grabs the rock and breaks it. Dano smiles and says that she is so happy. This stone breaks the amount of love that the other person has. Your stone is bigger.

He throws it into the water and then tells her that he does not have a wish. Your wish is obvious so don’t waste your time. he starts to walk away. Dano looks around that then starts to walk into the water.

VO – Okay, am I jumping into the water now? #13, now, now, this is the time! But, wait, what is going on, you are following the storyboard? Why aren’t you moving? Oh no, I am going in?! My knees, please, save me! I don’t want to go the way that is already written. Rescue me #13!

She keeps walking into the water and everyone on the shore watches her. But then she grabs the tock and everything seems okay.

VO – It did not change. No, it did not work. Finally, I cannot change anything.

She looks at #13 who is looking at her.

Dano – I thought we could change it.

She closes her eyes and falls under the waves.

In another spot on the shore, Nam-joo breaks the rock with Joo-da and thinks that his is bigger, that is bothersome. She tries to grab it back. he tells her, if you follow me then I will consider it.

Elsewhere on the shore, we see Dano all wet and walking around. She made a prayer rock stack, but it all collapses. So she turns to the side and sees Joo-da making a prayer rock pyramid with Namjoo. She is so happy that it worked. She asks him what his wish is. he says it is a secret.

Dano sees all of this and then starts to write her wish on her rock. While writing it, she thinks about her father who is trying to save her life. She says her prayer and then puts her rock on the top stack. But her rocks keep falling. She tries over and over again.

Finally, she looks to the sky and lets out a long breath. She tries again, it falls again.

VO – In this world, nothing changes – ever.

Dano starts to cry as she looks at her rocks. Then #13 comes up behind her. He looks at her. She turns around and looks at him with teary eyes.

He walks up and kneels next to her, then starts to stack the rocks. She tells him not to do it, it will collapse anyway. 

Dano – My wish is not realized by this stone tower. I thought it was you. I thought you could change it. I was wrong.

She starts to cry and then gets up to leave. He continues stacking the rocks, so far, it does not collapse. He puts her wish on top. The first wish was: Please let Baek Kyung like me. But she scratched it out and wrote another wish: I want to continue living.

He puts this wish on top, and it stays. We also see that he has the cartoon book, SECRET with him. He turns and looks off to where Dano walked away and then says, Eun Dano.

Fade Out


So Lovely. I really felt her pain and despair at the end of this episode. It wrenched itself from the screen and right into my heart. The poor girl. I love how she was able to scratch out the first wish, which is the wish that the script made her write, and write the true wish in her heart which was to continue living. I am also so intrigued by #13. He remembered her! Or at least it seemed like he did at the end of this episode. He was also able to stack her rocks so, in the comic book world, does that mean that her wish will come true? I really want to know!

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