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Extraordinary You: Episode 2 (3&4) Recap

Recap Episode 2 (3&4) Extraordinary You
Extraordinary You Episode 2 (3&4) Recap

Dano had the shock of her life yesterday to find out that, not only is her life completely scripted, she is not even the main character. This episode, she tries to find a way to live in this scripted world while doing her own thing. The only thing is, it is a lot harder than she thought it would be.

We are in catch-up mode at the moment, so we hope to post an episode a day until we are all caught up for live-ish recaps starting next week!

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We open at the end of the last episode where Dano realizes that she is not the heroine of this story, she is a side character.

She thinks this is nonsense and runs to grab the book from Jinmiche. She opens it up and finds out that she is indeed a side character, but not even a second or third lead, she is more like an extra. She drops the book and gasps. Then we see all the things that have recently happened, but in comic book form.

The last image of the comic book changes to live-action as we see Yeo Joo-da walking with Oh Nam-joo and carrying a box of things. She puts these things on the floor as he stops and tells her about the moment she dropped everything on his clothing and touched his lips.

She apologizes. He says that they can’t do anything about that, but you must carry my bags as a fee. He also took her keychain from her, which is the teddy bear keychain.

In the kitchen area, Dano thinks that this is why all the names are so inconsiderate. She starts to list all the weird names. She tells Jimichae that her name should mean heart problems. he tells her that she is shocked more about being an extra than about being in a book?

Dano thinks that all her behavior is all about being into Baek Kyung and Oh Nam-joo. Jinmichae says that she has her own life. She can keep her dignity. Dano says that she is not the main character so she does not have to keep her dignity! She starts to super curse everything and words spittle out of her mouth.

Jinmichae snaps his fingers and tells her that it is time for her to go back to where she belongs.

Dano appears in art class. The class is all about and talking. Joo-da gets a spotlight on her as she hands supplies to Nam-joo who also gets a spotlight on her.

Dano wonders if they are the only ones with the spotlight? She tries to sit closer to Joo-da to take her spotlight, but it follows oo-da around. Not only that, the wind also follows Joo-da as well as Nam-joo’s gaze. Dano tells the writer that she is great, she wrote all the main things to attract the writer’s attention.

The art teacher comes in and tells Dano that she is the model today. So Dano comes out and accidentally knocks into a canvas which makes a brush fall. The two leads sparkle as they both try to pick it up. Dano sighs when she sees it.

Dano goes up to be the model and the art teacher tells them to draw the same and yet different Dano. The teacher tells Nam-joo that he is a natural and all the students rush to his drawing. They find out that he is actually drawing Joo-da, not Dano. or maybe he combined Dano with Joo-da.

But Dano is annoyed that she is being used for them to have some, so she tells everyone to focus, focus! I am over here! She tries to pose in various ways, but no one cares. Then she accidentally knocks over a statue that gets their attention. She thinks this is great, so she breaks another statue.

But she is snapped back to sitting in her seat as if nothing happened. She wonders what is going on, why are the statues still together. She goes into the hallway and sees chairs and other things flying around, so she wonders what is going on.


In his kitchen area, Jinmicha is happily reading the graphic novel. 

Dano goes up to him and says that she broke everything, how come it all came back to normal? He says that is strange, but he doesn’t actually seem like it is strange to him. She points at something else and says, is that strange?

He looks at it and then pulls out a box exhibit that explains their world. He says that in this place, nothing happens that the writer does not want to happen. So we just say and behave as the writer wants. Everything is staged.

She thinks that she was nice to Yeo Jooda and she could not do much against Baek Kyung, that is it? He agrees as if she is finally getting it. But there are spaces where the writer did not do anything. Like this space. The writer did not say anything in this space, so floating things can happen.

If you are outside of the stage, then it is the shadow space where characters can have their freedom, like now. But it is only for characters with a conscience. We are the only ones that can remember it.

But, you cannot always be free with your consciousness. Just like you broke the statue and it when back to normal, or you were standing and then sitting. Everything will go as it should be. Like fate.

Dano picks up a character from the box stage and says that she is not going to behave as the writer wants. You will see who holds my fate.

In the library, we see the mystery boy looking out the stained glass window.

Cut to a music class where everyone is singing. But Dano is doing her own thing and listening to her own music as if it is karaoke time in the music class. But she pops back to attention and starts singing.

In class, she reads cartoons instead of paying attention. she has stacks of them on her desk. Her teacher notices and tells her to read the rest of what they are doing. She does not. But then she snaps back to attention and starts to read what she was supposed to.

Later on, she goes outside and has a yogurt to drink. She thinks that the writer knows what she likes. But she is unable to drink it. Joo-da runs up so Dano has to give her the yogurt. She thinks, aw, man, I am thirsty but my role is giving this to the main character! She does not want to let go. 

But she has to so she gives it to Dano. Dano drinks it happily and thankfully. Flowers appear over her head as she smiles and walks away.

Suddenly, several guys drive up on motorcycles. One of them is Nam-joo. He calls her his shuttle (the person that carries things) and wants her to follow him. She tells him to wait and gives him some money to pay off what she did instead of carrying his bag. Then she walks off.

The A3 all see this and think that Yeo Joo-da has an unexpected charm, impressive. Dano gets reinvigorated to do her own thing.

She hurries off to get a strawberry milk at the school snack area. But then the A3 comes walking along which causes all the girls to clamor to them and pushes Dano into the fountain. To make matters worse, Nam-joo buys all the strawberry milk.


In their clubhouse area, the A3 ask Nam-joo why he is doing all the things he has never done before. Like, buy all the strawberry milk. You don’t even like sweet things. Nam-joo drinks some and says that he never said he does not like sweet things, is this sweet? Cough cough.

But then we see Baek Kyung get a text from his father about hooking a girl’s heart, they need it for future investment.


Meanwhile, Dano goes to the library to search for the black hole, but it is gone now. Jinmichae tells her that it should not happen here. He warns her not to look for dangerous things. You will not be able to handle it (this is a famous quote from Sky Castle).

Dano poofs to her classroom where she is working on math. But her entire reason to be there is so that Nam-joo can solve a problem for Joo-da on the board.

She also has to give a book to Joo-da that Nam-joo gave to her. they both look at each other from across the room. Dano is so annoyed.

She goes outside and thinks that her only role is to help the main characters and get annoyed by this Baek Kyung douchebag. She tries to avoid Baek Kyung, but nope, she ends up walking back in front of him because she has to do what the writer says.

She has to listen to Baek Kyung say some things about first love and her father and all that. she tells him not to get things twisted, she never told her father that she likes him. But in her mind, she wants to curse and punch him. But she has to cry and saying that she will tell her father about the investment.

She holds her chest as her heart beats. He tells her to go to the hospital alone, he is so tired of going to the hospital with her. Dano really wants to curse him out, but she has to be nice to him. So she says that her heart is already messed up, so don’t hurt me anymore.

He walks away. Dano looks up at the sky and says, F-you to this storyline. I am going to get my life back because my life is mine.

She goes to her classroom and thinks that everyone looks happy. If she didn’t have her consciousness, would she be happier as well? She sits with determination and says no, she is better off now. She will change things that give her a hard time! I will change it!

Cut to Dano organizing her locker. Her friends are amazed. But then her locker disorganizes itself again. Dano curses the writer and tells her, if you aren’t going to help me then stop messing things up.

But she gets a premonition about the future where she falls down the steps. She runs to the library to read about cartoons.

Previously Jinmichae told her that she does not see the future. It is a storyboard of what is going to happen. 

Cut to Do-hwa falling in love with Joo-da in the stacks as well. Dano sees this and thinks that the subplots are starting now. Poor guy, you will have heartache.

Dano ends up carrying a stack of books off to read, but one drops. The mysterious guy shows up and puts it back on her stack, then walks away.




Dano and her father have dinner with Baek Kyung and his father in one of their houses. The talk is all business-related. Dano and Baek Kyung stay quiet for the most part. 

But then the conversation turns to Nam-joo so Dano says that it is Baek Kyung’s best friend at school. Someone says that their mother’s pasta is really good. But it was a mistake as a father motions about it. Perhaps the mother is not around.

Baek Kyung tells her that if she wants to eat pasta, then she can come over at any time.

Baek Kyung and Dano go to Dano’s room where we see that Dano has a lot of things about Baek Kyung. he tells her that she has a lot of nonsense as he picks up a kid’s picture of them. She agrees that the writer put a lot of nonsense in her room because he was a douchebag since he was little. But she knows that this is the writers doing.

She tells him to not touch something that involves the staircase fall and then tells him to just stay far away from her for now and she pushes him out of her room.


Yeo Joo-da dances and cleans the classroom which makes Dano peak in and wonders what is going on? Then Do-hwa walks up and sees it. He mutters that she is so cute, she is different from other women. Dano is all like, really? If you did not fall in love at first sight, then what would you do?

You fell in love in the library, right? This is your fate, you will always be too late but you will be there when Yeo Jooda is in danger. They always have someone like you around. But an extra like me still tries my best to live. See ya.

He wonders what she is talking about but then looks at Joo-da again and smiles as he says, she is cute.

Dano goes to her friend and asks her if she has ever broken a bone? her friend says yes, it was super painful. So Dano puts on a lot of elbow and knee pads and a helmet as she looks at the stairs with determination. She tells everyone that they can go home, she will clean it all!

But she snaps awake on the stairs with her friend telling her about Joo-da and how she should not hit on Nam-joo because his father’s scholarship supports her! I am his original love! I hate her!

Dano thinks that she needs to move from this spot, but she can’t move. Her friend keeps talking about Nam-joo and an old play there were in when they kissed but he does not remember. Dano keeps trying to think of a way out.

But then Nam-joo shows up so all the girls go crazy over her. Yeo Joo-da is there as well which is the scene that Dano saw. She is about to fall down the stairs and break her leg to help Yeo Jooda.

The scene starts to play out, it is going as planned. But then the mysterious guy walks past which sends Dano’s heart rate to 100 then to 113 – 114…she starts to follow this new character. 

But then we see that the friend pushes Yeo Joo-da which causes her to hit Dano and twist her ankle, but she falls on the mysterious guy who holds her head with his arm to keep it from hitting the ground.

Everyone looks at the two of them and Dano passes out.


Dano wakes up in the school infirmary with her friend there. She thinks that her leg should be broken, but it isn’t. This is not a coincidence.

Dano asks her friend what happened. She tells her that Baek Kyung carried her there. Dano says that she fell on someone. Her friend does not know about that person but then Nam-joo angrily comes in to yell at the friend.

Joo-da comes in as well and says that she is fine. But he says that seh is hurt! The camera scrolls to a small bandaid on her knee. he tells her that she cannot get hurt in front of him blah blah (typical lead guy talk to the lead woman).

Dano leaves and runs into Do-hwa who has come too late once again. He says he just came by just in case Joo-da was hurt. Dano tells him that she was the one that was hurt, also, can I borrow your back for a moment? it might change my life.

She borrows his back and rests her against it, but realizes that this is not the back. She runs off thinking that she needs to find the owner of that back, if she does then her storyboard can change!

She goes to Jinmichae to tell him what happened, but he is skeptical. She says that it happened, that boy has something. She flips through the book and sees a lot of blank pages. he says that that is the section where the event has not happened yet.

But she thinks that she needs to find him. She only needs three things to find him. Her heart rate monitor, the sound of her heart, and her back.

She takes off to look for him and goes to a room where a lot of boys are changing their uniforms. Baek Kyung stops her and basically tells her to go away. But he also asks if her leg is okay? She ignores him. But she does run after him to check his back. it’s not him. She is actually happy about that.

In class, Dano is alone and writes everyone’s names and plans to change the storyboard and all that. But it is complicated. She sighs and then runs off.

Her goals are to:

  1. Change the storyboard
  2. Not be an extra anymore
  3. Change the setting
  4. Make my own life (Frontier my own life)

She runs to the hallway, peeps all the guy’s backs, and starts to twirl around al the backs like a ballerina as she hits all of them with her back.

She goes around the entire campus and touches all the boy’s backs with her back. Jinmichae sees this and thinks that she works pretty hard.

Dano keeps running around touching everyone’s backs and then sees Do-hwa. She asks if he is still looking for Joo-da? I know you are not looking for Nam-joo. So she tells him that Joo-da is on the playground.

He goes to sit with her on the bleachers. they make small talk and he says he worried about her. She tells him that he looks different. He is different. He is always kind to her. you are like my guardian angel. 

Bubbles appear around them as he smiles and she smiles brightly. Dano looks at them with a sigh as she says, good times. Then she cracks her fingers and starts to take off to run with the track team. But she cannot keep up so she lays on the track.

While laying there, she happily thinks about all the backs from the classroom, but she also thinks that she is a pervert if she thinks about that. So she takes a few deep breathes and then sits up with an idea. She can make him find her! 


She goes to the yard to play dodgeball with a PE class. One of the guys says that she should not be there due to her heart. She says it is okay. 

In the bleachers, Nam-joo is sitting with Joo-da now. She has her strawberry milk so he takes it and asks if it is that delicious? He drinks some. She tells him that it does not taste good if you just guzzle it like that. You need to use a straw, that makes it delicious.

She wipes his lips which makes him go momentarily loopy. All the girls grow in their rage. Dano continues to try and jump in front of everyone and get hit by the ball, but the ball is not thrown in front of her.

Finally, she catches it. Everyone is shocked. Dano thinks, wow, I did not know that I would be this good at dodge ball. She walks to the line and throws the ball across. A girl catches it. So Dano tells her, okay! Throws it at me, HARD!

She braces for impact, but someone comes out of nowhere and protects her from it. She looks up at him from the ground after they tumble to it. But then she wakes up in the classroom.

Dano thinks that she almost found it out! But now I am here only to say a stupid line? She tries to hurry out, but she is in the clinic laying in bed. She tries to get up, but she is stuck. 

Joo-da comes in just then, looking for Nam-joo. But then she is locked in the room by the bad girls. Dano thinks that she is stuck here for this? The girls start to talk bad about Joo-da and how she should not date the guy who gives her her scholarship.

Joo-da tries to get out but she is stuck. That unlocks Dano from the bed, so she stands up and tells Jooda that no one is coming, use your cell phone. But then they realize that they both don’t have their cell phones.

Dano runs to the door and cracks her knuckles to open it. The door opens easily. Dano is all like, huh? Oh, no, Nam-joo should open the door for you. So she holds the door closed again and then sees Nam-joo walking up the hallway to the door. He opens it for Joo-dae and sees her crying on the floor. he tells her that this is why he told her to stay next to him. 

Outside, the bad girls think that that should teach Joo-da a lesson. But then they see her with Nam-joo. Their plan backfired.

Dano comes outside and runs to Nam-joo to give her something for the garden. She thinks that she is like the writer’s shuttle. She sighs. But then she realizes that this scene has ended so she leaves.

However, she turns around and sees that the bad girls are going to pour water on Joo-da’s head. She debates with herself whether she should help or not and decides to help because she cannot ignore wrongdoings.

She takes off running and grabs an umbrella that she opens it on Joo-da. But it had a hole in it so Joo-da gets wet anyway. Dano ends up giving her her sweater, though she thinks that the main male lead should be the one to do this for her.

She tells her to give it back later and then runs off to the field. But everyone is gone. Baek Kyung is not though and comes up to see what Dano is doing. She tries to ignore him and throws his basketball off somewhere. But that also makes her remember that the mystery guy has a scar on his hand.

She runs to the library and then walks to a spot to read a book. The sunlight shines on her and wind runs through her hair. So she looks out the window and sees the mystery guy. She goes to the spot he is at and sees an umbrella there, so she tries to grab the umbrella, but it is too high.

Then the mystery guy comes up from behind her and grabs it for her. Her heart beats fast. It goes up to 120 and climbing, it hits 128. She thinks, finally, I found you!

She turns around and thinks, this time, I am not going to let you go.

So she turns to run after him and points the umbrella in his direction. It opens, shooting water from it. She moves the umbrella up which slowly reveals the face of the mystery man. It is Haru (or Ha-roo).

Fade Out


We finally meet Haru! Or at least see his face. I love how this entire episode was spent showing us exactly how hard it is to change your fate in the comic book world. Even if you do anything you want, the writer can just zap all that away and put you were she wants you. It kind of reminds me of when you might write something and the characters start to want to do their own thing. You either go with that, or force them to follow the outline that you spent hours or days (weeks? months?) creating.

It kind of seems like you can change your future if you meet another person who is “woke” in the comic book. Though, we aren’t sure if Haru is woke yet, I kind of feel like he is. Or he at least has the ability to be. In the next episode (that already aired yesterday) we find out a bit more about him. We hope to have that recap up sometime tonight!

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