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Extraordinary You: Episode 16 (31-32) Live Recap Final

Extraordinary You Recap episode 16 (31+32)
Extraordinary You Recap episode 16 (31+32), image MBC

And here we are at the finale! Somewhere along the way, this show took a left turn into sob land and strangeness, but I am still interested in how it will end. I loved the beginning of this series so much and really enjoy tiny bits of fun that they continue to throw in every so often. But…I have a feeling we might have a lot of storylines that will remain open or end in an unsatisfactory way (like with Jooda last episode!…ugh, what was the point). But, like I said, I am still interested in how it will end. Will it be a meh ending or will they somehow wrap it up into something amazing? Let’s find out!

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Our recap starts at 8am CST! (One hour later than normal due to Daylight Savings)

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Haru goes into the art room and sees that it has all dissapeared like we’re in The Neverending Story. Things are floating into an abyss and dissapearing. Haru quickly closes the door. Dano asks, what is it? What happened?

Haru takes her by the hand runs away. He runs all the way outside. She tells him that they shuold go away. But he tells her no, it is just a common shadow thing. I want to be with you.

So they sit t a bench and he pulls out his nametag to look at it. He keeps it in his hand. He tells her that he is here with her and she holds his hand and says, yes, we are here. He puts his tag back inside his jacket pocket and they talk about how they are still here and Dano says that they can spend their time together here. 

She mentions that they can do even more when they graduate. She pulls out her phone to write even more on her bucket list.


  1. Send letters to each other
  2. Buy couples items
  3. Kiss 100 times
  4. Give an unforgetable gift to each other

Then she covers her phone so he does not see more and asks if he saw everything? He nods and tells her 100 kisses. She tells him that she didn’t write that, nope, nope, nope. He smiles.


The new girl peeks into the kitchen to see if Jinmichae is there. He comes up behind her and says, I am here. Which startles her so she almost falls backward, but he catches her easily and walks inside.

He tells the writer does not want to draw anything anymore, only a few neccessary things in the background. All the unneccessary things are erased. So what should I make for tomorrow?

She tells him that he is really not like this school. He asys that he is a member of A4. She tells him that he is last in A4. Jinmichae asks where he belongs then? She says to an old feeling. But then she says that she has to go. He tells her not to go. But he ends up telling her to go, she will be late for class. She tells him that she will come back to see him. Then happily walks off.


Haru goes into the classroom and goes to the school year book. He flips thorugh and starts to see that the kids are disappearing one by one. The faces and the names are disappearing. He mutters that the writer is starting to remove this world.

Haru goes to his locker and looks at it. His name is gone there. He looks at his nametag again, his name is still gone.

So he goes back to the classroom and writes a letter. Dano asks him what he is doing? So he says that he is writing a lette.r She tells him that his letter is too short and mentions that he should put a loooooooot more after Anyang (Hello and Goodbye). A letter is something that you write to say something that you could not say before. So write!

He tells her that he has too much to write. She says it is because Eun Dano is pretty and lovely and cute and you love me so much? He says yes. She tells him that she gets it, just be sure to write a lot of detail next time.


Cut to them in the library. He is there. She comes out and then runs away and says that she will ignore that she saw it! So she runs around the stack and comes back. 

She asks him if this is something from he list? A couples item? He tells her it is kiss 100 times. She tells him, um, no, don’t include that. Give me the couples item, I am looking forward to it!

So he puts a homemade paper rainbow necklace around her neck like you make in elementary school. She sighs and says this is his sense from the previous world. He asks if she likes it? She says of course she likes it when you look at me like that.

She gives him a peck and then asks if he opened his eyes? Why are you laughing? Are you laughing!  She pretends to be upset and might actually be upset so she starts to leave. But he pulls her back and tells her do it again.

So he pulls her to him and they kiss again.

Cut to Dano in the hallway with her colorful paper rainbow necklace on. Dohwa sees it and is all like, what in the world is that? A necklace from 3rd grade? The real Eun Dano will definitely throw that way. Then he sees Haru wearing the same thing and wonders what in the world is going on? Is Haru trying to get her memory back?

He runs up and asks Dano if she still does not remember the butterfly? He flaps his arms like a butterfly. But then he realizes that this is the real Eun Dano and gives her a big hug.

The three playfuly talk about being A3 and how school is no fun without them so they do their own A3 cross with their arms in.


Later on that night, Haru looks at where the black hole was in his library area. But it is gone. Baek Kyung is there and says that he does not see it anymore. But he thinks it is better not to know about it.

Haru tells him thank you for helping Dano recover her memories. Baek Kyung tells him that they are not in that kind of relationship to say thank you to each other. Haru asks if they are the kind to ask favor to each other? Baek Kyung says of course not. My fiance likes you. She is the same since she was young. When she likes something, she does not look back at all.

You have not seen her when she was young. I know you were a douche other there and here. I thought Eun Dano had weird taste in men, but now she found where she should be. We found each others type, Eun Dano. Haru tells him, you and me.


In school, Baek Kyung sits in another room and tells the person who came in that he just does not want to come to class today. But this person is Dano so she sits with him and mentions that they met here in this stage but now we are here outside the stage. She grabs the little stage pieces and moves them around.

Then she tells him that there is the real Baek Kyung that came out to change the scene. It is my present to you. She gives him his little playing piece with his name on it. He tells her that this is like Eun Dano, you prepare little useless presents with so much effort.

She calls him an a-hole and smiles. He smiles and tells her that he does not know how to say thank you. But, thank you. See you in the next stage. He walks off.


Jooda goes to the window and happily looks out. Then Namjoo comes up to her and gives her a gift. It is a sparkly hair clip. She puts it on and asks how it looks. He tells her that it looks pretty.

She asks when he prepared all this. He says he does not know, she is the only one in his head so he does not remember anything else. Then the stage ends. Jooda asks him if he really does not remember when he bought it. He says no. She tells him that he is a high school student before being an heir. You don’t have much economic sense. Here, it is a bookkeeping notebook.

She tells him that she will approve his bookkeeping each time. I am going to make you bigger. He says okay, I will be bigger.

She walks off with him but then sees the three bullies and tells him tha she will meet him. She goes up to the bullies and says that she can guess what they want to do. I came back with Namjoo and you will not be able to like and says that he is looking for me. Also, you may poor water for me to slip on or you ruin my flower or you hide my gym uniform. She looks at each other them as they hide their things.

She tells them that she has extra uniforms, that flower is fake, and why don’t you poor oil over it so I can slip properly? It is so obvious, this is no fun. Shin Saemi, if I was you I would have another hobby other than bullying me. And find your fate somewhere closer. For your personality, you need to find someone who likes you, not someone who you like. Someone who is always next to you and is always thinking about you.

Saemi cries, you don’t know me! Then Soochul comes up and asks, are you okay? Why are you crying? She gives him a big hug.

Jooda then goes to talk to Dohwa, she is wearing the shoes that Dohwa gave her. She tells him that they are pretty and comfortable. it isn’t the shoes fault. Finally, I could not fly like this butterfy, but you said that the tiny little butterfly can change someones fate. To us, it did not work, but it should be important for someone else. So, can the three of us date together? Monday, Wednesday, Friday I can date you and the rest can be with Namjoo? Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday with Namjoo and Sunday I can have my own time?

Dohwa starts to chuckle and tells her that she is so bad. She tells him that is how high school love stories with the female lead go. She measures things between the main guy and the second lead. Didn’t you know? Then she says, ah, my man is waiting for me. Ah, that is Namjoo’s effect on me (the my man my woman thing). Goodbye Dohwa.

Dohwa tells her, this is a real goodbye Jooda.



Haru goes to see Jinmichae and startled him. they start to chat. Jinmichae says that this is not or himself, it is a ceremonial thing. then Baek Kyung comes in. Jinmichae tells them to sit while he talks to them nicely (though Baek Kyung did push him and told him to stop exaggerating when jinmichae fell to the floor).

So Jinmichae feeds them both dduk and other things. They chat about the end of the story and still having their memories. Baek Kyung tells him to just talk straight. Jinmichae sayas that they had a lot of grudges together in the previous book, so lets just call this a ceremony. There are no reasons. We can just live in this world, that’s it. We don’t have to be angry anymore. Lets resolve it all.

He extends his hand to Baek Kyung. Baek Kyung shakes it. Jinmichae tells them that the writer is bad. You all are just 18. Haru asks how old he is. Jinmichae says it is a secret. Baek Kyung leaves and Haru gets up to leave. Jinmichae calls Haru’s name.

Haru  turns and tells Jinmichae that it is strange that he says his name. Jinmichae asks if it was difficult? Then he tells him, farewell. Haru tells him goodbye.


Baek Kyung talks to his brother on the bridge. His brother says that when he is alone he always looks the same. Baek Kyung asks him how he looks. His brother says that he looks sad and lonely. BK says that he was alone from the beginning. More sad, less sad, it does not matter. Eun Dano told me to find the real Baek Kyung.

is brother says that he knows the real him. You will not remember it, but in the other book you had a lot of aegyo and were friendly and cute, hyung. BK tells him that he is saying whatever since he does not remember it. His brother says that he has always been lonely. You always looked like that.

BK pulls out the burned pages and looks at them. His brother tells him that he should not throw trash here. But then he thinks that it goes away anyway in the next scene. He says that he remembers everything about him, it is funny that the writers made us brothers in this cartoon.

BK tells him that is the funniest thing he has said. His brother says that he is just telling him that he is always here for him. BK smiles and says that he does not need it. His brother says that he is the same, not honest. they both happily stand there.

In a funny moment, the new girl gets something in her eyes so Dohwa blows it in and Jinmichae sees it and throws Jinmichae at him. Dohwa tells him that it tastes good. is it jinmichae day? Jinmichae tells him not to go close to Soohyun! You are baned! they are all like, huh?


Dohwa asks when they got so close to each other? Soohyun says that she sees him often, just to see him. Dohwa tells Soohyun that it looks like she is trying to hide things but you can’t hide sneezing and love…~. But they walk off.


Haru writes in his journal and looks out he window pleasantly. But then he hears that noise again. He walks to his spot in the library and sees the abyss engulfing his drawings. Everything is starting to disappear.

The brother walks up and telsl Haru that he is getting punished since you changed my brothers stage.

They go somewhere to talk. The brother says that his name disappeared because he meddled int he stage. Haru says, I know. The brother asks if he is scared? It would be super scary. Haru says that it is scary wondering how much time he has. But when he thinks about Dano, everything is fine. Because our time together will be forever. It won’t disappear.

The brother asks if he regrets anything? Haru says that he does not regret anything at all. The brother says that he thought that they did not have any choice, because the writer made the world. I thought my fate was moving as I was created. You choose your own fate, hyung. And things changed. I envy your bravery. 

Dano noon recovered her memory because of you. In the old story and this one, you tried to change an already decided fate. I will choose it. I will be next to my hyung until the end. I hope that you are together with someone important to you.


On her phone list, Dano happily writes 



“super success” 

“will be successful”

To the items marked 1-4 in her list. Then she pulls out a gift that is a watch and says, I will give you time, Haru. that make her giggle as she thinks about it.

Her friends come up and asks what she is doing? It is so obvious that you have a man watch. Dano notices how Saemi and Soochul are dressed alike and Saemi is holding his arm. She asks what they are doing? they both run off embarrassed and blushing.

So Dano goes to Haru’s locker and puts the gift inside. She thinks he will be super surprised. though she does notice that his nametag is not there, she does not think anything of it.




Haru is sitting at the old tree and writing in his diary when Dano comes up. He hides the diary. Dano tells him that he said all the previous things repeated, but everything i snot by the writer. The scenes that are created by the writer, the scenes we say and want to do are happening now with our own will. We shuold always remember that we need to stay outside the scenes to send our real heart again.

Haru hugs her. She tells himnot to look at her for awhile, he says okay, she asks if he really likes her, he says yes. She tells him, not me. He is all like, what and tries to look at her, but she pulls herself back so he can’t see her and tells him I love you. thank you for the present of first love to this none main character. He hugs her tighter and says, me too.

Dano and Haru walk back inside holding hands. Dano ties her shoe for a moment, but when she looks up, Haru is gone. She stands and calls his name and looks around but he is nowhere. Then she wakes up in class and immediately looks to Haru’s seat. He is there.

Then Namjoo comes in and announces that he liked having them as his classmates. He also mentions that the reason this class was important to him is because he could build important memories with Yeo Jooda. He looks at Jooda. then he starts to write something ont eh chalboard.

The entire class starts to read it as he writes it and wonders what he is writing.

Namjoo finishes and asks Jooda to read it.

JD – (reading below)

Look back, go to a mental hospital; 

Not you, 

I love a new guy; 

Our meeting is just watching movies only; 

I am serious only read the first word of the sentence

This is wordplay so if you read the first word in Korean then it spells “Only read the last word.” So then if you read the last world it says, “Only read the middle words” then if you read the middle words it says, “I really love you”

Some of the kids don’t get it. But Jooda gets it and stands up, she says, I really love you. He smiles. So Soochul and the rest start to understand it and everyone cheers.

Jooda walks to the front with namjoo. Namjoo tells her that his 18 year old self is all about him. He then announces that the only woman to him is…

Everyone yells YEO JOODA!

The stage ends and Haru disappears again. Dano looks over to his desk, he is gone.



Haru is sitting int he library. He looks at his wound, it is gone. Dano runs to find him and when she does she tells him that something is wrong. All the lights start turning off in the building. He tells her that she has to go and grabs her hand to run away.

When they get somewhere safe, she sees that his scar is disappearing. She starts freaking out. Haru tells her that he did not help her last time, he is happy that her fate cahnged this time. But he also says that he is sorry that he will nto be with her until the last moment.

The lights start shutting of in the hallway, growing closer to them.

Haru – Dano, don’t cry. Today is the happiest day of my life

he touches her on her cheek. She is about to be a sob fest.

Haru – My begining and my end is you.

He starts to cry as well.

Haru – Call my name. Dano, my name.

Dano – Haru….Haru ya….

Haru – Dano…

They hug it out and wait.

The lights keep turning off until it gets to them and sends them completely into black. We hear Dano calling Haru’s name. Then the lights turn back on and he is gone.

But his name tag is floating in the air in front of her. She reaches out and tries to touch it, but it turns into dust like Thano snapped it away. Dano starts to cry.


The camera scrolls around the school. The students are still there and it is graduation day. The students are up to their old tricks. The three sidekicks draw on namjoo’s poster statue and mention that he gave them a hard time.

But then Jooda comes up and tells them to erase it. they are all like, who are you? She says, I am Oh Namjoo’s woman who is the #1 in A3 high school. She walks away smiling. the two other bullies actually bow to her as she walks by now.

Then the bullies run up to the cardboard cutout of Namjoo and take photos with him. All the sidekicks starts to talk about this and joke and mention what they are doing. Take a photo with me! 

All around the high school, everyone is dressed in their graduation attire and taking photos and talking about nonsense things.

Then Baek Kyung comes in and asks if hey saw Dano? they tell him that she was here, she just left.

Cut to Dano in the nurses room. She is lookin at her bucket list of the things she wanted to do with Haru. Baek Kyung comes in and tells her that her father is here and why doesn’t she smile, it is a good day. She tells him that it is a good day.

Baek Kyung leaves and goes to the A3 room to meet Namjoo and Dohwa for their A3 meeting. Namhoo tells them that they are all here so they can start. 

Dohwa stands up and starts to say his speech about how they met and how NJ couldn’t read yet and BK was always upset and I was so cute. I knew we would be best friends since then. Thank you guys. 

They tell him that he is talking like he is going far away. Dohwa is all choked up and says that it is graduation. Namjoo tells him that it is nothing, we are still aA3, by boys. BK says A3 is shiny as A3. Dohwa is all like, wow, BK, we are not in the stage now.

Namjoo does not know what they are talking about. Dohwa tells Namoo that he is always in the spotlight. Namjoo thanks him and says that with the honor of the A3, we will be together all the time.

Dohwa stands them all up together and basically jump hugs them and says that he is so happy because of them.



All the kids are taking photos with their family members and friends. The new girls goes to talk to Jinmichae. She tells him that this is the last page anyway. Jinmichae is shocked that she knows this. He says, soohyun?

She tells him that she is just happy to see him again. It has been awhile since anyone called me that. Then she gives him the flowers and tells him congratulations for graduating from this world. You cry a lot since I hadn’t seen you. I miss you.

He hugs her.

All the kids come together for a group photo. Dohwa says that he should play the violin. Namjoo tells him no violin, let’s take a photo together. But Dohwa says that he is  not in their same class. But they invite him in anyway. Some of the kids think that Jooda is #1 in the high school, they can serve her well.

So Soochul takes the photo and runs in to be in the picture. But right as the photo is taken, Dano hears Haru say her name and turns to the sound. The photo is taken.

Then she goes to his locker and writes his name in the nametag. she also sees her gift still inside.

Baek Kyung comes up to her and says that he wanted to properly congratulate her for graduation. She says that same. he also tells her thank you. She mentions that he said that he can’t say thank you. He mentions that without this chance, he would not be able to say it. She says thank you as well. He tells her goodbye, she nods and walks away.

Then Baek Kyung opens his locker and throws his tennis ball a few times. he carries the tennis ball outside and then puts it down on top of his graduation diploma and looks back at the school.


Dano goes to the classroom and sees “Eun Dano, goodbye – Haru” written on her desk. She goes to Haru’s desk and happily sits and looks out the window. then she lays her head on his desk and closes her eyes.

She leaves her flowers and diploma and the watch on haru’s desk. The camera scrolls in and we see that she wrote Haru under her name on the diploma.

Cut otuside where Namjoo has a spotlight on him as well as Jooda, the class is crowded around him. he tells Jooda, do you know what the real secret is? Not that I am not the son of the company guy, it is that I love you.

She smiles and everyone cheers.

Dano walks to the tree and finds the diary that Haru left. She dusts it off and reads the cover “Dano’s Haru” or “Dano’s Day”. She smiles and wonders why it is so childish.

She opens it and starts to flip through and see all the images of the time they spent together drawn in the book. As she looks at each drawing, we see the scene that it was inspired from. Dano starts to tear up as she continues to flip through.

At the end, haru wrote a message “Hopefully this becomes an unforgetable gift to Dano.”

Dano cries and tells Haru, thank you for being my first love and my fate. She holds the book close to her. But then she feels something and starts to turn around. But it fades to black.


Dano’s hair is super long now as she runs to class. She peeks inside and starts to quietly go to her seat. Everyone else is already seated.

In the classroom are all the same students, but it looks like they have different personalities now.

Teacher – The world is already given, the relationship that you have with the world determines your existence. 

Dano sits and starts to take notes. She writes – existence is in the time. 

Class ends and all the students leave. the teacher calls Dano and gives her her notebook that she might have dropped. She thanks him and walks away.

Cut to Saemi and two of the other girls talking at a table by their lockers. They mention that a sunbae will buy them drinks. DO you want to join? It is that guy that is back to school after the military. he is super cool and is the top of the class. He studies well. Saemi mentions that he is intersted in me, he loves me.

Then Soochul comes up and asks Saemi if she would like something? OMG, it looks like Soochul is the army student that everyone likes.

Outside, Namhoo sits and looks at a book. The girls see him and wonder who he is, is he a fashion terrorist? Soochul sunbae, you should teach him how to dress. Soochul says yes, he could. 

Namjoo pulls out a strawberry milk and drinks it. One girl thinks he is cool, another one thinks he isn’t.


Dano studies int he library, a student comes by but we dont’ see him. Dano goes to the stacks, another student is in the other stacks but we don’t see his face.

The student goes to check out a book and leaves it on the desk. Dano goes to check out her book and sees the book that Haru left. She looks in his direction and wonders what this book is.

Outside, the students circle p to play games. yan-il is super nerdy now. Soochul is super cool. the nerdy guy Mo-bum is a super thug now. Ah, it actually looks like the three super nerds becasme thungs and the three sidekick guys became nerds.

Namjoo walks by them so they call him strawberry. Saemi says that she hates that style. Soochul asks ehr what style she likes? She says that it is her secret.

Cut to Dano, a butterfly flies around her as she looks at this new book. the butterfly lands ont he book and then flies off. Dano looks at it flying away and then starts to follow it.

She follows it along a wall with lots of art hanging until it lands on a hanging portrait on the wall which is a drawing of Dano and Haru by the very old tree. Another sign says 3 Draw Exhibition on October 10th and the location.


Two girls mention that the tree over there is so pretty and the other girl says it is the 400 year old anniversary for it. they mention that it is so old. But you can’t really call it old since it is a tree. they keep talking about the tree. Dano looks at them and then walks away, it looks like she does not know them.

She walks down a set of long steps and sees a student walking up the other way. She turns to look at him as if she might now him, but then continues walking down the steps. A black hole turns up in the sky as she walks down.

At the bottom of the steps, Dano find the tree and sits on a bench by it. She smiles and breathes in the atmosphere as seh closes her eyes. Then she opens her eyes and looks at the drawing that she took from the stone wall. She starts to walk away and looks at the portrait and remembers saying, wherever we are in stage or in shadow, lets meet each other on October 10th. I feel like we will be together for a long time, like the tree.

She turns around and then remembers Haru say, 19 year old us…20 year old us.

She runs back to the tree. Haru is there and walks to be in front of her. She smiles and says, I found you. Then she gives him the drawing.

He looks like he might not be conscious though? She starts to take the portrait back and turns to walk away. But she turns back to look at him and lays the portrait on tehbench. And then walks away.

Haru – Eun Dano.

She stops and he runs to her side and gives her a big hug. She starts to tear up and turns around to look at him. they hold hands.

Haru – I missed you.

She cries.

Dano – I missed you Haru.

They hug warmly and cry softly as a song plays.




Okay, that was a bit of a womp womp final episode. But I did like how everyone changed their roles in the college setting. I wish they would have stuck closer to the high school setting and focused on the two changing their future together through a lot of trials and errors like the first several episodes did. The sageuk was interesting at first, but then it started to get too long and drawn out.

This final episode was also one long slog of a goodbye to the high school world and Haru. It would have been nice if they at least tried to stop it from happening. When the team tried to stop something from happening, that is when this show best excelled.

I had fun recapping this drama with everyone who came in and left comments! It was fun to work out what was happening with everyone! See you on another recap!

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    November 21, 2019 / 9:35 am

    I’m crying at work!!!

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      Oh no! You have to run to the bathroom!

      • Lil-Wanderer
        November 21, 2019 / 8:04 pm

        Thank you so much for your quick recapping of this drama. This has been my favorite drama from the beginning, and with my limited korean I could barely understand what was going on most of the time. I was bound to wait until it was fully translated. But thanks to these recaps I could watch things in RAW and understand most of the action. Watching with subs became a rewatch thanks to this.

        Appreciate all your effort and thank you for helping this non-korean speaker watch a drama she loves / loved so much.

        안녕, 나중에 보자 ♡♡

        • Julie
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          So happy to help, Lil-Wanderer!

  2. Aroha
    November 21, 2019 / 9:50 am

    So many unanswered questions.

  3. Jammmm
    November 21, 2019 / 10:02 am

    My favorite part has to be when Haru disappears… although I did not wish that but somehow we knew he would… College setting is completely new manhaw I think. I think that is why everyone had different personalities? Remember, writer likes to USE same characters??? Same name and all… I have to watch the show but i thought it was way better ending than some of popular shows we’ve loved till the stupid ending?? Least they are together!!! Thanks V for letting me work in peace knowing the ending… I will miss watching HaRu! I need to amen something HaRu so I can say that all the time! Hahha

    • Anonymous
      November 21, 2019 / 10:04 am

      *name, not amen… I can’t get enough of HaRu!!!

    • V
      November 21, 2019 / 10:04 am

      Yes, I really liked that about the college setting and how it looks like Dano is an extra in this world as well as Haru, so they can do whatever they want!

      • Lil-Wanderer
        November 21, 2019 / 8:07 pm

        I loved that too. If they are extras they can go around the shadow and be free 99% of the time. It isn’t as risky as when they had set ups, because so much happened then without their wanting it to.

        I loved that now there’s a chance for them to be free of the bindings of the stage (at least most of the time) and live out the rest of the pages of that comic in freedom and anonymity.

        That is the happiest ending for these characters. To be free of the writer 🦋🦋🦋

    • Anonymous
      November 22, 2019 / 12:56 am

      Im glad i found another person who could work in peace only knowing the ending is a good one! All that mattered to me is that Dano and Haru are together. The world is a sad enough place, I thank the producers they didn’t decide to give us an unnecessarily sad ending!

  4. Anonymous
    November 21, 2019 / 10:22 am

    I like everything on this show. I don’t want this show become end. Will miss this show every Wednesday and Thursday.
    I cry for the last 2 episode. And happy for DanoHaru.
    Thanks for recap,V. You are the best!

  5. F
    November 21, 2019 / 11:37 am

    Thank you for your hard work, V. We are so lucky to have you!

  6. D
    November 21, 2019 / 1:12 pm

    I was waiting to know whi the writer was !!!

    • aroha
      November 22, 2019 / 7:38 am

      me too

  7. aroha
    November 22, 2019 / 7:39 am

    what was the black hole for?

    • V
      November 22, 2019 / 10:15 am

      That is something that I don’t think was really explained.

  8. aroha
    November 22, 2019 / 10:43 am

    Has anyone noticed that there’s no name in Dano’s locker now?

    • V
      November 22, 2019 / 11:10 am

      Yes! She is an extra now, which I hope means that when and Haru and do what they want to in this new world.

      • Aroha
        November 22, 2019 / 8:29 pm

        And it will be good if Kyung doesn’t appear in this manhwa.

  9. F
    August 20, 2022 / 9:08 am

    I really enjoyed this movie
    So happy at the end dano and haru met.

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