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Extraordinary You: Episode 15 (29-30) Live Recap

Extraordinary You Recap Episode 15 (29 & 30)
Extraordinary You Recap Episode 15 (29 & 30), image MBC

I looked up and suddenly we are in the finale week! But how will they address all of these issues they opened up in the last few episodes. I feels like there is so much to accomplish in two days. Plus, I don’t really like that Dano has lost her memory now or that entire dying in the shadow thing from the last episode or the entire last episode. But, I am here until the end so let’s see what happens!

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Dano walks up the hallway. Haru sees her and runs up to her. But she does snot remember him and just smiles to see her friends at the end of the hall.

Haru has a single tear fall as he watches her.

Then Baek Kyung wakes up in class and starts to talk to Dano who is talking about how this is the power of love. How can we explain this miracle? This ring means a lot to us. I think it fits so well. Maybe your moms size and my size are the same?

The stage ends so Baek Kyung stands and wonders what is going on? Your are calling me Kyung?

Haru runs up so she asks him if he is practicing tennis today?

Baek Kyung and Haru talk outside. Haru wants to know what happened. Baek Kyung says that he does not know what happened but this is good. It is best for Dano. At least she won’t have a hard time with the difference between the stage and the shadow.

Baek Kyung lays down and remembers putting his hand on Dano’s face mask air supply in the hospital. But he does not kill her. He puts it back on her. He also thinks about killing Dano in the last book and closes his eyes.

VO – It is better, everything has come back to normal as I wished.

In the hallway, Jinmichae is carrying a lot of things when the new girl comes up to him and helps him. She asks if she can be his friend. He says no thank you. She is not deterred and says that it sounds like you want me to.

Later on, Haru runs to Jinmichae in his kitchen and tells him that Dano’s memory is gone. Jinmichae says that this is exactly what he felt before when he lost his woman. When you die outside the book, you are still here, but your memory goes away. I couldn’t’ stop my love from dying in front of me. I could not stop my story from changing but I hope your story changes. I did  not expect that the stage you changed would become tragedy.

Haru asks, so people who die in the shado lose their consciousness. SO what happens to us when the story ends?

Jinmichae says that until the writer draws again, we just sleep for a long time. Haru asks what if the writer does not do anything? Does the story end for me and Dano? Jinmichae says that you will appear in the next world if the writer draws you there. It was the same for Soo-young, she drew her here so seh appeared. Or maybe the writer pittied me so she did that just for me. Some people appear some people disappear. So for long stories, it is easy to remove a character.

Haru asks, so we will never be completely free? Jinmichae tells him to be careful not to be noticed by the writer. Especially an extra like you who does not have a lot of rolls. I hope you do not disappear again. There are only a few scenes left. So this story is just wrapping up for the writer.


Haru thinks about trying to save Dano from being stabbed. His hand is sliced by the blade. But she still dies. He holdsher and calls her agasshi, agasshi…Dano!…Dano!…

In the morning, he walks to the gazebo on the water. he looks miserable. He thinks about Dano and the moments he spent with her. He told her that he would wait for her like this flower, he would protect her.

He holds this flower pendant in his hands and says that he will remember this forever.

In the present, Haru says that this time, whatever happens….


Haru waits outside and goes up to Baek Kyung. He says that he knew everything and that it was not me, it was you. You did that to Dano. Baek Kyung asks so what? Haru tells him that this story will be different because Dano’s character role changed.

BK says that her character role is with him. Haru says that puts her in trouble back then and now. I will find the real Dano so that Dano can be herself. The real Dano.

He walks away and finds her inside. He waves hello to her and she wves back to go along her way. He runs to open the door for her. Then he sits on the desk in front of her and tells her that she has ten years of one sided love. That is her character roll. If you change the already decided story then we are not extra’s anymore. Lets change our fate together.


Jinmichae is reading the book and thinks that it is good that this is a high school love story. At least no one dies. Dohwa comes up to him and playfully talks to him. Jinmichae says something smart to him but Dohwa says that at least he cured Dano’s heart disease. She was cured this easy but it took so long.

Dano walks up so he waves at her. She says hi to him, but it is not the way she normally does. He wonders what is up and looks at jinmichae. Then he goes to the bridge and talks it over with Haru. He asys that Dano is healthy and Baek Kyung is a better person so it is all good. But, there is no Eun Dano in the shadow anymore. This reminds me of when you lost your memory. Dano had a hard time as well.

Haru says that he might be getting punished. Dohwa says that is not it, it is all about the writer. He thinks about Dano and how she told him that she would do what her heart says. So he says that same thing to Dohwa.

Cut to him saying hello to Dano again and offering to help her carry her books.

In the class, the teacher says, When I called his name he became a flower to me. So what happens to become a flower? You must call the name. Saying the nae is wishing so you and me became a flower and built a proper relationship, do you understand?

All the while, Haru is looking at Dano and Dano starts to look at him as well.

Outside, Dano looks at the flowers. Haru comes up behind her and says hello. Then he says that his name Haru was given to him by Dano to change the day. She said, me? He says yes, please remember it. It is my name that you called first. Haru. Dano, if it is difficult, just be slow. I will go to you.


There is a sudden news article that pops up on Soo Chuls phone about how S Groups second son O is the son of a mistress. He starts to shake as he runs and shows everyone this. Saemi wonders, is this true? It can’t be true for my perfect Nam Joo. How can this be! I suffered so much by him! Everyone starts to complain about how they did not know. Yang-il stands up and asys that he is taking over the #1 position.

NamJoo comes in and asks, if you have to say something then just tell me to my face. Everything on the report is true. So what about it? Does that mean I am not Oh Namjoo? He goes outside.

Jooda follows him and asks if he is okay. He is sitting on the windowsill and tells her that he also thought that she would  only like the heir to the company. Then he asks her to close her eyes. Then he cries and wipes a tear. 

The three sidekicks come out and talk about how he is crying now. Jooda yells, Yay! You guys are superficial and shallow with no depth. A noble school? So you discriminate with money and power? Lets go Namjoo.

She pulls him away and takes him to the science room. They sit quietly at one of the tables. She gives him a strawberry milk. He tells her it is okay and says that it was really difficult for him. He is Oh NamJoo, #1 in A3 high school and I have to protect the woman I love. The reason for my existence is you.


Suddenly Namjoo wakes up in the school open area. She is looking at Namjoo talking to his mother. NamJoo’s mother wants him to study abroad. But he says that he is not going. She tells him that he shuold take it before anyone else comes.

But Namjoo starts to talk loudly and yells, I am not the real biological son of the chairman! Everyone crowds around him. He says that he feels good to say this. I don’t feel like a coward anymore. I will live like Oh Namjoo. His mother tells him that he can’t just make everything that he is enjoying now as nothing. It is all for you.

But Jooda comes up and says, if this is really for Namjoo, then acknowledging himself is what he really needs. For me, I don’t care if you are the heir of an enterprise or a regular man. For me, you are always my boyfriend Nam Joo. I will help you. She gives him a hug and says, I love you.

She wakes up in the stage, but still hugs him. She tells him that it should be difficult for him because the weight of the main character is difficult. Then she tells ajumma that her son is not a tool. tell her. So NamJoo starts declaring and says that from now on, Oh NamJoo will take off the crown from A3 and like like the real Oh Namjoo! Everyone cheers.

Elsewhere, Baek Kyung walks holding hands with Dano. He asks her if she wans to do anything? She says that she wants to do a lot and lists some things, but then says that she doesn’t remember it all. But she has a lot to do. He tells her thathe should have asked her this before.

He says that the heart that likes him, he will take it as real. But then Haru comes up and looks at them from a near distance. Baek Kyung tells her that she can run away if she remembers things now. She giggles and asks how she can run away? We are fate. I always liked you. that is fate.


Dano studies though she looks like she is thinking about something. The light shines on her watch so she starts to play with the reflection and accidentally shoots the reflectioin to Saemi’s eyes. Soochul tells her that Saemi’s eyes are sensitive. Saemi tells him to stop taking care of her. Go away.

Then Saemi tells Dano that her mother was right, the scariest thing is getting wet by drizzling. She looks over at Soochul and wonders what he is doing over there now? She stomps to him.

Haru comes up right then and sits at the table. He looks at Dano’s engagement ring. Dano sees him and starts to pack to leave. Then the light is reflected in Haru’s eyes from his watch. Dano starts to remember it. But not just in their present timeline, it seems like she is remembering their past time line as well.

Her friends come back up to her and see her tearing up. Dano says, Haru…~. Her friends ask her, huh? Haru?


Cut to Dano and Saemi talking by the old tree. Namjoo and Jooda are frolicking around with a light shining on them both and stars all around. Saemi says that she thinks she will let Namjoo go. She has never seen him so happy like this. She starts to ball and runs away.

The stage ends. Then the new girl comes up to Dano and mentions the tree and how it is really old. She introduces herself as Lee Dohwa’s friend. Dano says that she has never seen her before. She heard that she is close friends with Dohwa? Dano says that she has known him since she was little and also mentions that she was in the hospital a lot when she was young.

Soohyun tells her that this tree is pretty tall, so it can see a lot of things. But it is also scary to think that way. But you can also make the tree not see you by hidding among other kids. Dano says that it is not fun to hide among others and live the same life. Sooyoung asks if that is so? Dano tells her that she has to find her own meaning. 

Soohyun says that is good to say, but it will change depending on who you do it wth. With you it would be with your fiance Baek Kyung? Dano says of-course. Soohyun asks why it is  ofcourse? then she ask swho made us? This writer that made us, what does she think looking down on us? At first I was afraid. I could not run away no matter what I did. I just wanted to be happy with the person that I love. I tried to change but it did not change and then something changed without me changing it. It all depends on the writer and the storyboard. As we dont’ know when the leaves fall, there are no rules in the world. We can overcome it with our heart.


Dohwa watches Haru and Dano in class. Haru tells Dano to be safe when they are leaving. Dohwa thinks that this situation is so sad. So he grabs Dano and tells her that little butterfly can change your fate fate fate! But then she sees Baek Kyung and runs off to him. Dohwa thinks, nothing changes.

Later on, he sits at a bench and thinks that Dano does not remember their memories at all. Then Jooda comes up to him. She sits with him pleasantly and tells her that she does not like strawberries. She has to eat it because Oh Namjoo says that I like strawberries. That Oh Namjoo who is crazy about his woman and strawberries.

Dohwa says that Namjoo is truthfull. She says I know. Dohwa asks what will happen to them? She says, I like you. Dont be surprised, but I like Namjoo also. But the only thing he can do is buy me expensive things and just declare everywhere that he likes me. But I still feel that he is truthful when he looks at me.

Dohwa asks if he is dumped. She tells him that they are in a cartoon world so it makes me not brave to like you. I tried to hard to get to this moment. But if I don’t enjoy the happy ending then I will be sad about it. He asks, if you found yoru consciousness early enough, willthings change? She says no, you can be happy witout me, but Nam Joo cannot. Dohaw thinks he is still not a match for him in the shadow.

She tells him that she is dumping him so she won’t say something like, let’s be good friends. He says, well, I am dumped but at least I want to say this, let’s be good friend. She thanks him and says that he was really her guardian angel. Dohwa tells her that in the stage and in the shadow, I really likes you.


Cut to Baek Kyung and Dano on the coast somewhere. They talk about doing anything Dano wants to do. But then her heart starts to beat quickly. He asks if she wants to go home? She says no, she had experience with heart problems so now this is about being happy. Just notice my love for you.

They go off and have a happy time around the little shops in the area eating food and trying on bunny hats and walking railroad lines and frolicking on the beach. they happily play and smiling.

Later on, they sit on a bench. Baek Kyung tells her that this is good. She asks what? He says that we can do everything together. Thank you because eveything gets better.

The stage ends. Dano tells him that she is thankful to him. I am not that one sided love for 10 years Eun Dano, I am the Dano that can love someone and be loved by someone. Thank you so much Haru.

He asks, Haru? She asks, what, do you need to practice tennis now? She does not even notice that she said Haru. He tells her that she did not even notice but she is the same. She smiles.




Haru flips through the book, there are only a few pages that are not filled now. All the students look around for another student. They all ask if somone knows his phone nummber. The other kid comes in and says that he has his phone number memorized. But actually he does not remember. they all think that he must be int he cafeteria.

Haru flips throught the book and remembers what Jjinmichae says about how it is easy to remove one of them. Especially an extra who does not have any roll.

Haru walks up the steps at school. Dano has a heart attack and falls down the steps hard. Haru picks her up and runs her to the school infirmary. He waits with her there.

She wakes up suddenly and starts to leave, but he tells her to wait and grabs the medicine to dress her scratch on her knee. It is a quiet moment between them. He tells her that he is happy it is not a big wound. But it will go away anyway in the next scene. I don’t want you to get hurt. You said that you wanted me to change your fate.

She asks, I said that? He tells her to remember me. You gave me my name. Her heart starts to beat hard. She telsl him that she thinks her heart hurts like this because he is next to her. Can you please leave? He walks out without a question.

Dano stays sitting there and starts to remember things. She wonders what is going on.

Outside on the bridge, Haru flips through the book and remembers his times with Dano and with how she does not remember him now. The wind starts to blow the pages of the book. Haru turns around and sees the black hole come out again.

He remembers that Jinmichae told him that the only thing left is to wrap it all up. Haru sighs and closes his eyes on the bridge.

On the ground, Dano looks at Haru. It is not clear whether she can see the black hole as well.


Dano sits in Haru’s seat to look out the window. BK comes up and tells her that is not her seat. She says that Haru won’t mind since he is your best friend. Then she tells BK that she wonders what the real her will be, the real Eun Dano without a heart condition anymore.

BK asks if she escaped from it? She says yes, seh does not have a heart condition anymore. She thinks it is really great, but sometimes….~.

Cut to Dano walking along the lockers. She stops at Haru’s locker and says his name. Haru comes up from behind her and says hello andn his name and how his name was given to him by someone super improtant to him. Goodbye Dano.

She walks away looking confused. When she gets outside, she stops and wipes a tear away. Then she turns and goes back inside. But Haru is not there now.


Dano hides from Baek Kyung in the hallway so that she can scare him. he laughs. When she scares him he chuckles and asks what she wants to do today?

But Haru is nearby so Dano’s heart starts to hurt when she looks at him. She thinks it is strange. I thought I was all cured. It has never hurt like this before.

Later on, Haru sits alone at the tree. Dano asks Baek Kyung why he sits there like that. Baek Kyung tells her that he is waiting. But, you should not look for him or I will be alone again. She is confused again.

Baek Kyung and Dano walk along the street and see a measuring line on the wall that they did when they were young. We see a flashback of them comparing which one is taller and how they have to listen to each others wish depending on who is taller.

In the present, Dano says that she did not grow a lot, how did Baek Kyung grow so much? He smiles and tells her that they should see each other at school tomorrow night. It has been ten years. Don’t you remember? We promised each other to see who is taller? She says that it is so obvious that you are taller than me.

Baek Kyung thanks her for being next to him then and now. She closes her eyes for a kiss and he leans in to give her a kiss. But then the scene ends and Baek Kyung falls out of this kiss without kissing her. She asks what happened? He says that he hopes the stage is real in this moment. I want to have you next to me even though you are fake. I am a monster.



Haru sits at the window. Dano talks to her friends and asys that she feels like she is actually connecting Namjoo and Jooda together. Why did I push her before? I am not a bad person like that. Soochul says that because of that Namoo hugged Jooda. They start to talk about Jooda and Namjoo while Dano continues thinking.

She says that this is not the first time that sh connected them, it is as if someone is controlling me.

Haru looks at this and thinks that he will bring her memory back to her so that her life can be her own.


Dano walks up the hallway with her friends when her alarm starts to ring. Her friends wonder why it is doing that when her heart is cured now. Haru is right behind her so she looks at him. But her friends pull her away to have fun.

Haru tries to keep it together.


At home, Dano wonders why she feels like this?

Elsewhere, Baek Kyung wants to send her a text and starts typing a lot but erasing it. He finally sends her a message that says, I am on my way.

Dano gets it while she is at school by the tree. But then her heart starts to beat hard again. She wonders why it is doing this, she is not sick.

Then she wakes up at the tree again and walks around to Baek Kyung. She is wearing high heels and says that she told him she would be taller than him. But at least we should measure it.

She touches his back and asks what his wish is? But then all her memories come back to her. She hops forward and turns around to look at him. But it is not Baek Kyung, it is Haru.

Haru – Dano, I wanted to see you for the last time. I am okay to be erased. As long as you are happy. If you don’t remember this moment, I…~.

Dano – I am a high school student with a terminal life and you are #13 without a name. Because of you, my life changed and my everyday is special. You said that you were not going anywhere. You promised to me that you would never leave me alone again!

She starts to cry and he cries and they hug cry.

Haru – Dano, all my moments are you. To my last scene, I will remember you.



Jinmichae reads the book, there are only one or two pages left. The new girls comes in and says hello. He tells her this is good, I wanted to see you.

He gives her a huge lunchbox. She asks if he wanted her to eat everything? She tells him that she is too good to him. She even gives her a lot of jinmichae. He says that everyone likes Jinmichae. So she takes a bite. He says that there is not much time left, so let’s be together like this. I cannot just ignore you.


Dano looks at her ring as the other kids talk happily around her.

Elsewhere, Baek Kyung looks in the mirror in the A3 room. He thinks back to last night. He told Haru that his stage with Dano will start, so you go instead of me. Dont’ mistake it, I still hate you. I hate that writer, but you said that you are the only person that can change the stage, so do it. He gives him his jacket to wear.

Dano goes to the A3 room to talk to Baek Kyung. She gives him his ring back. He chuckles and takes it. Then he tells her to go. He tells her twice . But she stays. SO he stands up and tells her that back then and now, I feel like I am a monster to you.

She turns around and then turns back to him and says, at least to me, you are not that kind of person. At least you are not like that character in the high school romance. That obvious character role exists only for the main people. You are Baek Kyung who is cranky and has a lot of pain. I am a terminal life high school student who liked you. It is cliche. You and me are the only two who know our roles are characters. But before that, we are still Eun Dano and Baek Kyung. So, the Eun Dano in the book Secret thank you and Eun So Hwa’s Eun Dano forgives you. thank you so much. I hope you become a real Baek Kyung as I become a real Eun Dano.

She extends her hand to shake. He tearfully takes it.

In the hallway, jooda walks up one way and Dohwa walks the other as he talks to someone. He tells them to read the high school romances in the hallway. they both look at each other and smile and say hello as they pass. They both tell each  other to have fun in class. Then they happily walk off.



Dano tells Haru that they have to hurry, it is difficult to get a bran new bag. I told you that speed is the most important thing! They are both sitting on a bench. he apologizes and says that he will be fast next time, promise.

She asks for a drink. He reaches to get it for her but knocks it over and thensees that he does not have a name anymore. He quickly turns his jacket over so Dano does not see it. She calls him clumsy and tries to clean his hand and says that his jacket might be wet.

He stands up and quickly hugs her and says that he does not mind. Whatever it takes…~. She happily hugs him as well.


Cut to the art room. Dano and Haru are in there. She tells him that she likes the heart room the most because he showed her the stars. He thanks her for being together with him everywhere. She thanks him as well for helping her change her character.

She happily says that she had a one-sided love for 10 years and heart disease and was an extra. It was everything that the writer made without thinking about the main characters. That all changed. I am so happy that you changed it. I will have my own character rolls now. Haru, please be on my last page.

They leave the room and hold hands. But then a loud thundering sound rings out. She turns around startled and wonders what that sound is? He lets go of her hand and looks back inside the room. The room is a complete black hole with everything floating around. It seems as if the world is collapsing now.

Fade Out


I just don’t understand where this show is going. Things feel so confusing right now.

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