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Extraordinary You: Episode 14 (27-28) Live Recap

Recap Extraordinary You Episode 14 (27 & 28)
Extraordinary You Recap Episode 14 (27 & 28), image MBC

I’m really interested to see how Jooda factors into this story now that she is conscious. I love love love that she is sticking up for herself, though I am kind of waiting for her to turn into the school serial killer or something with how her eyes change to psycho. I kid! I kid!

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Haru tells Dohwa that he has to change the stage. Then we see Baek Kyung look at the vortex in Haru’s special room. 

Cut to the hospital where Haru is dressed interesting. Dohwa thinks his choice of clothing is—um—- it won’t cure Dano’s heart.

Then a nurse comes up and thinks that Haru is Dohwa’s brother because his brother is the only other person to dress like this. Dohwa wonders why the writer Haru so pretty, now he is being noticed by everyone. So Dohwa has to help Haru sneak away.

Haru changes into doctors attire and tries to mess up Dano’s file on the computer and unplug the computer and everything. He is just rying to mess things up. He also finds her chart which says that she can have sudden death. he rips it out.

Dano wakes up in the lobby, everything has restarted. So Haru has to do it all again. He messes up the computer and her chart once again.

Dano starts to walk to the surgical area and asks the doctor to explain it again.

Baek Kyung gets to the hospital and starts to look aorund. Things start to float. 

Haru looks at Dano’s chart again, it looks like it is all messed up? it is all gibberish now. Haru mixes the charts up and puts another person’s chart in Dano’s file.

Dano goes to the office to talk to the Doctor. He tells her that her surgery…(Dano – ah, Dano’s time has ended)……you don’t have to do it. 

Everyone says, what?

The doctor tells her that it looks like they don’t have to do the surgery, the new medicine is working well for you. SO keep taking it and I’ll see you.

They walk out. The father gets a call and says the good news is spreading. he steps to the side to take it. That is when Baek Kyung comes up and gives her a hug. He asks if everything is okay? She says yes, she does not have to do the surgery anymore. Though she can’t believe it herself. He tells her not never leave him. 

While walking back, Baek Kyung says that he will make sure that she can do all that she wants to do. if you want to go to school, just do it, if you want to stay home, just do it.

But then the stage ends. Baek Kyung asks if she is really okay? Don’t trust him. Dano says that it isn’t about Haru. She trusts him. Sorry Baek Kyung. She starts to walk away.

He tells her that he will kill her. He is holding the burnt pages and walks them over to her. he says, he will kill you. Then he gives Dano all the pages.

Dano goes home and reads them.

VO – In this world, nothing changes ever.

Dano – (What is decided by the writer and what is my own decision? What will happen to me in the end?)


In the library, Haru reads the comic and breathes several breaths of relief as he sees that Dano is okay. But he wonders why he feel so nervous. He rests on the library desk.

Later on, Jinmichae looks at the book. He thinks that Haru changed the stage again, like me. Flashback to Jinmichae telling his lover that they shuold leave right now. Together. They head out, he grab the book in the library and shows it to her. But they cannot read Hangul so they do not know what it says. They just know that they both are in it. So he says that they ned to go somewhere outside this book. He will change their fate.

But his lover gets killed in the woods on their way out. Cut to the Palace. His lover reappears at the palace as if nothing happened. Jinmichae finds her and asks how she is still alive? But she actually has no memory of him now.

Baek Kyung comes in and tells Jinmichae that he knows that Jinmichae likes her, but you should not leave the Kingdom.

Cut to Jinmichae walking into his room and seeing her dead on the ground. Another assassin (one of the high school students? maybe Yang-il?) has killed her. Baek kung is there also. he tells Jinmichae to feel the pain of losing someone you love. Your death is next.

Jinmichae goes to the library in the past. Haru is there. Jinmichae tells him that the sword of fate stabbed me and it is pointing at you and Eun Moo-young’s daughter. Jinmichae continues and says that he saw something that he should not have seen. The paintings in the book happen.

Haru says that the paintings in the book are happening, as if someone is watching us. Jinmichae says nonsense things are happening. But there is something that you do not know. if you die outside the book, your existence does not disappear, but you lose your memory. My story will end soon. But I hope that your story changes.

In the present, Haru looks at his scar on his hand and then looks at the wall. Baek Kyung comes up from behind him and says that he does not want to share anything with him. He asks him if he thought about why his scar happened? The writer gave you a hint so that you will remember. After hanging the stage, what happened to your end? Do you want me to tell you? You killed Eun Dano. Did you not know? if you knew about it, then you should not be next to Eun Dano.

Haru says that Bek Kyung killed her. But Baek Kyung tells him that he did not see how Dano died. In here, the writer does not have to kill Dano. Without your intervention, Eun Dano can get the surgery and be healthier. The cartoon world is where everything repeats, Eun Dano can survive only because of me. So stop before Eun Dano is even more in danger.

Outside, Dano walk up to the school. But she has to stop because her heart hurts a bit. She wonders why when the doctor said her heart is getting better. Then Dohwa runs up to her and says that Haru is so cool, he changed the stage just in case your surgery did not go well. he has the book with him, but he also notices that they don’t have that many empty pages left.

Dano goes to her locker and looks at the old book. She thinks that the writer should not cure her heart that easily. If the story goes like this, am I going to die?


Dano goes to meet Haru int he library and puts on a happy face as she talks to him playfully. She says that her heart became supre healthy all of a sudden. Someone changed my fate, thank you for helping me with that!

Haru asks, Dano, what if our story goes the way that the writer wrote? Dano says that she will keep changing it until the end, so you should help me. While changing my own stage, step by step, eventually my own fate will change as well. if I am successful then I will take care of you as well. #13 and Heart Disease, if we keep changing our story then we will have a happy ending! Yay! Then she pretends to have his voice and says, okay, lets change our fate together.


She goes to the classroom and gives Baek Kyung the pages back. She says that she feels like she is losing to the writer if she knows too much about the past. Dont tell Haru.

BK asks why she wants to stay hiding next to Haru? What if something happens to you? Dano says that she will not have to have the surgery and her life will be good.

But then she wakes up in the courtyard outside. Haru is on the bench with BK. He pats him on the back and tells him good job, then he leaves. Dano walks happily up.

Baek Kyung stands with a ring. It is his mothers old ring. Haru is watching from a near distance. Dano thinks this is so cruel. Haru is watching and me and BK know what each other thinks, but we have to follow the writer. Dano smiles and tells Baek Kyung that she is so happy. It was you from the begining. My beginning is you Baek Kyung.

The stage ends and she looks at Haru looking at them. They both look sad.

Cut to Baek Kyung sitting in the A3 room thinking about Dano saying that her begining is him. But he might have also heard her say this same thing to Haru.

Dano comes in and gives the ring back to him. She says that she knows it is so important to him so she cannot take it. She gives the flowers back as well. She turns to leave, but the Baek Kyung says that seh reminds him of his mother. The hospital smell and the false smile so that he won’t worry. It was painful for me to maintain a fake relationship and use you. Actually I wanted to hate you. But to me, you were always truthful. You liked me even though I was angry and was pushed to like you. You will leave anyway and I will be the one left alone.

In this F-ing world, the only place that I am myself is my stage with you. From the previous world and this one, that is the real me that the writer writes, with you. 

Dano apologizes and says that she is not going to move the way that she was written. You will be hurt in the shadow. he says that she does not have to make sure of it. She says, I am sorry. I am really sorry. She leaves.

He is left to ponder it all and looks at his mothers ring.


Baek Kyung starts to think about Dano in the hospital and asks her what the name of the flower is? he looks at the note, it says that the name of the Pink rose is – you are the only one that knows about my heart.


Saemi thinks to herself and says that she envies Dano and wonders who will give her a ring. Perhaps….Nam Joo?

Jooda chuckles.

Saemi gets angry and asks if she is laughing at her? She walks to her. Jooda tells her that she has decided to date Namjoo. I am telling you this now. You know that Namjoo likes public announcements. You are a poor girl, you only know how to bully people. Even though I know you can’t do things freely, the pain you gave to me has not disappeared. That is good. I am the main person and you are the bad one.

Suddenly they all wake up in their seats again. Namjoo comes in and says – I declare that Jooda and namjoo are an official couple. Everyone stands up happily. the three boy extras in the back clap and are basically happy that they do not have to blow up any balloons anymore.

Namjoo tells them all that anyone who does anything against Jooda will also challenge me, the #1 student in this high school. Jooda stands up happily and the stage ends. But she is still smiling.

Saemi is still upset and yells, Yeo Jooda! Jooda smiles and tells her, didn’t you hear, that is a challenge to Namjoo. Then she happily runs to Namjoo and pulls him out.

But she lets go of his hand and tells him that she is not thankful to him. they give me a hard time because they like you. I can’t stand it. He says that he will not let anyone harass her. She asks, you aren’t going to let it happen?

He says that he can do anything for her. She tells him that she is sick and tired of getting his help. She runs off. 

Namjoo goes to the music room and starts to play the violin. Dohwa comes in and tells her that she has to correct her posture, so he helps her do that. Sh starts to play and it sounds horrible. They both chuckle. He tells her that the violin is all about emotion. Based on your emotion, the same song can be different.

She asks him, wy don’t you play something? He asks which song? She tells him, the happiness of love. He asks if she knows the type of emotion she should play with it? he tells her, Jooda, I like you. I should play with those kinds of emotion.

Then he goes to window to play. She asks if he thinks they will stay together until this song ends? Maybe it won’t be possible.

Then she wakes up in the hallway. Namjoo gives her a gift as a congratulations for being an official couple. You said that Cinderella leaves at 12, but you came back to me. You are my Cinderella Yeo Jooda.

Jooda gets a call right then. It is about her grandmother so she has to leave. he asks what happened. She tells him, of course, it is your mother again and again and again. She gives me a hard time. My grandmother is sick, we have to get the fee for the surgery. 

He says that he will take care of it. She asks, so I still have to get your help. Are you going to use money as power again? Can money take care of everything? He says that it is because he loves her, that is why he can do everything for her. But she says that he does not even remember anything. She walks off angrily.



haru and Dano sit on a bench together. She plays with the note on her phone and he looks seriously at the grass. Dano asks him if he is thinking about it again? About her surgery and their future? She tells the writer not to write the story like that, the reader will yell at you. Then seh tells Haru that the writer is not meticulous. I dont’ have to take the surgery and I have less medicine to take. Trust me, you and me changed the world witout the writer knowing!

She shows him her bucket list on her phone. He asks if she really wants to do this? She nods. So we cut to them running away to have a fun time. Dao says that it looks like the writer is not meticulous, but she is so detailed on these kinds of things.

But then Saemi and Soochul show up happily as well. Haru says that he called them. They are both happy to be there because they did not want to be at school.

So they all have a picnic on a picnic table in the gardens, Haru ride a bike with Dano on the back and tells her to hold him around the waist. Later on, Haru rests on a bench. Dano comes running happily to him, but then her heart hurts so she has to crouch on the ground.

He runs to her and asks if she is okay? She is breathing deeply and gripping her chest, but she is able to stand and says that she is okay. he helps her walk away.




Namjoo and Jooda are waiting in the hospital. it looks like the chart that changed with Dano’s chart was Jooda’s halmoni! At least it thinks looks like that.

Jooda starts to cry and asks Namjoo what she should do about Halmoni. Namjoo says that she would be okay. Then the stage ends. Namjoo tells her that she can cry in front of him, he likes everything about her. 

Dohwa runs to the sandwich shop. But it is because he is in the stage. He says that he knows that Jooda is in the hospital, but he has to come sandwich shop to check. He has to show up at the hospital after Oh Namjoo. 

He shows up and sees Namjoo and Jooda in the hallway together. He thinks that he can’t do anything for her, it makes him so upset. Then the stage ends. He thinks of going to her, but decides to leave.


At school the new student talks to Jinmichae and says that she wants to be his friend because he is so familiar to her. She happily walks off. baek Kyung comes up as well and then walks by.

At a windowsill, Haru and Dohwa sit and chat. Dohwa asks Haru how he changed the character chart. But he knows that he does not know it. So he tells Haru that Namjoo’s grandmother had surgery. he thinks that the hospital is his families hospital and that doctor is his brother. Haru tells him that there were only two proper charts in the hospital (ah, so that is what happened! Dano and the grandmother had proper charts and everyone else had gibberish written).

When Haru goes back to class he thinks that Dano is not cured. The grandmother got the surgery instead of Dano. 

In the hallway, Baek Kyung talks to the new girl. he asks her if she knows Jinmichae. he tells her that it looks like she knows him, just in case you know things. But then Jinmichae runs up and yells BK’s name. He tells the new girl to leave and then tells BK not to do anything to her.

BK tells him that he did not do anything. they start to argue. Jinmichae says that seh died twice because of you! But Baek Kyung does not know about this. Jinmichae says that he removed her consciousness, she came back, and you killed her again.

Jinmichae says that when someone dies in the stage, they disappear. But if they die in the shadow, their consciousness disappears! They become a character that moves in the scene.


Cut to Dano and Haru playing happily together. But then her heart hurts. She wonders why it is hurting in the shadow?

Then she wakes up in the school infirmary. She asks Baek Kyung what happened. He says that she passed out in gym class. Just lay here until you get better.

Baek Kyung leaves and grabs Dano’s things. He sees her medicine and sees the spell on it Bibidi babidi boo. he runs off with it.

Haru talks to Dano when her heart starts to hurt. She asks him to get her medicine. He runs off to do it, but then BK comes back and gives the medicine to Dano quickly.

Later on, the scary little brother goes up to Baek Kyung at the lockers. BK tells him that Dano is sick. BK asks if he remembers everything from the previous book? The brother says that they are the same. BK thinks that he is better now.

BK tells him that he heard that when someone dies in the shadow, their consciousness disappears, then that person loses all their improtant memories. The little brother says that he thinks it is too sad to live following the characters role. if you lose consciousness, then you do not know what it is like to live without it.

BK thinks that is okay because the cartoon world is too cruel to know everything, sometimes.

He goes back and sees Haru walking with Dano, but then the scene changes to show him walking with Dano. He tells her that he will take her home.

On the drive home, Dano ells BK that she is so happy now. My heart is getting better and you are next to me like this. But she lets go of his hand and asks to get out when the stage ends. He wonders if she can’t just stay with him.


Haru waits for Dano to come up to him outside when he has a vision of the past. Her father was going to be blamed for a coup, so Haru told her that he would save her. Whatever it takes.

We stay in the flashback, Jinmichae is eating with Dano at a small table. But she thinks in her mind that teh King shuold not have a snack. It is something that Haru told her. But she can’t stop herself from giving him the food. She is finally able to move and drops to her knees to tell the King to spit out his food. But Jinmichae says that his death is already decided, just don’t follow in my footsteps.

Cut to Haru and her running through the woods. Baek Kyung is following them.

But then we cut to the city where Dano is surrounded. She is not with Haru. She falls on the ground. Dae-sung comes out and says that Dano was involved in the coup, execute her!

Haru comes flying in then and defends Dano. Baek Kyung comes outa nd asks what is happening? he comes all the way to the middle of the group where Haru is. He ask shim to prove it. Prove that you did not betray me and where not taking you masters woman! Prove to me that you are my person. Kill Eun Dano.

Haru turns to Dano and the sword goes into her? It looks like he had to move following the script. So he stabbed her. But he also tries to stop the sword from going into her, which is why he has the cut on his hand. Blood goes everywhere and he holds her.

In the present, he realizes that the person who killed Dano was him.

In the school, he starts to avoid Dano. She chases after him, but he keeps walking. She grips her heart and cannot follow him.



Jooda tells Dohwa that seh doesn’t garden anymore. Even though she tries to change, everything just follows what the writer does. I can’t do anything without Oh Namjoo and Lee Dohwa. It is pretty funny right? My guardian angel and the #1 in the school. Why didn’t I know it, that is so funny.

He tells her that she has flowers behind her (the animated flowers). They both laugh. Dohwa asks if she would like to change the story like Haru and Dano? What would you like to do?

Jooda wakes up in the hospital suddenly. Namjoo runs up to her and tells her that this is wonderful news. With the honor of the A3, I will protect your grandmother also. he gives her a strawberry milk. She smiles as he says that she said she feels good after drinking it. So everything will be fine.

The stage ends, she tells him that she does not like sweets. he asks what she likes? She says money. Are you surprised? You cannot buy my heart with money. I hope the real Yeo Jooda’s heart is a bit different from cartoon Yeo Jooda. But this is not so bad so I am a little mad.


Dano’s friends walk down the steps and tells her that she is healthier now. Btu she says that it is all because of the stage. She sees Haru and runs to him, but her heart starts to hurt so she falls to the ground. Baek Kyung holds her. Haru tries to run to her, but remembers that she is not someone that he can save. He turns and walks away.

Dano chases after him. Baek Kyung watches them go.

Dano catches up to Haru and asks why he is avoiding her? He says, what if the time that we changed made you worse? What should I do?

Cut to the hospital where Dano runs to Baek Kyung happily and asys that she is all better now. But you must have already knew. My doctor tells everyone.

He gives her flowers and says congratulations for your heart being cured. She happily takes them and says that she is happy and scared at the same time.

Then they leave the stage. She says sorry and starts to leave. He stops her and tells her that her sickness is all cured. You don’t need someone to change your fate. She says that Haru is not someone who can change my fate. Haru is my fate.

But then her heart starts to hurt and she passes out. 

Dohwa runs to Haru and tells him that Dano is in the hospital. But Haru says that she was all cured inside the cartoon. Dohwa says that his brother says that she is really sick right now. But it isn’t in the book.

Haru runs off quickly!

In the hospital, Dano is in bed sleeping. Baek Kyung is next to her. He remembers that if someone dies in the shadow then that person loses their consciousness. He starts to cry at her bedside. He really cries. It looks like he has an idea of something.

He starts to reach for her breathing mask, but he is pained to do it. He takes off her breathing mask with tears trickling down his face.

Then we see a flashback of that night Dano died. Actually, Baek Kyung pushed the sword into Dano. he realizes that he is the one that did that to her in the past.

He moves his hand again and starts to put her breathing mask back on her face. But we don’t know if he did it or not.

We see him walking up the hallway. Haru runs to him and asks about Dano! Baek Kyung tells him that he tried to change the story. But, he is the same as he was back then. he keeps walking on.

Haru runs to Dano’s bedside. She is alive and sleeping. he holds her hand.

Haru – Dano, I saw you in the book. Your heart is all cured. So, it is okay. If it moves to the next scene…

But then her heart stops. He looks at her in alarm an starts shaking her. Dano, wake up! Dano, wake up!

He holds her hand and asks for the next stage to come, please, just move to the next scene, please save Dano.

She flatlines.


Haru wakes up at school. Namjoo and Jooda are walking up the hallway happily. Haru is sitting on the windowsill. Then the scene ends.

Dano comes walking around the corner looking happy and bright. But seh walks right past Haru. 

He stops her so she turns around and looks at him. But then she keeps walking. he holds her hand, but she pulls it away and runs off to talk to her friend at the end of the hallway.

Fade Out


Okay, this show is going a little strangely. I blame it on the live shoot schedule. the entire second half felt so thrown together with a lot of exposition and sudden jumps that made it hard to follow. It took a moment to realize, oh, so she really is all cured after a blip? Or, but she actually isn’t cured? Oh, this is why they kept telling us all about dying in the shadow this entire episode….

So, it just felt like it was a lot of uncharacteristic telling in this episode (by Jinmichae and the little brother) in order to get to that last moment.

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  1. CiCi
    November 14, 2019 / 12:51 pm

    ok, as I expected, the writer can control the characters in both comic and shadow. The only thing different is he cannot control the emotion of the character in the shadow. It makes more sense because the ppl are living in the comic world… I just wonder why he brings Haru into the comic and shadow world and why he let Haru, the only person, can change the stage. If Haru changes the stage, it will lead to the consequences that can harmful to others. So why do you bring him in and make him suffer so much. Haru is already so much in pain since the past. I can bear to see him hurt anymore……T_T….Dear writer or the director! On the next last 2 episodes, please give us the answer, don’t you dare to hurt Haru or Dan Oh. :DDDD
    P/s: thanks you for writing the live recap. You guys are awesome!!! <3

  2. Z.vio
    November 14, 2019 / 2:37 pm

    I agree with you, this is going quite strangely. And I’m really mad about some certain things. There are some scenes that they show in previews which are not included in the actual episodes when it’s been broadcasted. For example in the preview of episodes 25 26 which they released last week, there is a scene where in ”trumpet creeper” Haru pressed his forehead to Dano’s after she was stabbed and all covered in blood. They didn’t show this scene in none of the episodes of this week. I WONDER what are they doing to the drama!!!

    • V
      November 14, 2019 / 4:51 pm

      Oh wow, they might be editing it out on Viki. Viki has done this before with other dramas that might have content that could be considered inappropriate, depending on the audience.

    • CiCi
      November 14, 2019 / 8:24 pm

      Wow…. i just watched and noticed it too. Good catch!!! Blame for the time that they have to cut so many things good in this drama. Why they put the rule that that every drama length has to be 16 episodes. This drama needs to expand more time because Juda and Namjoo characters are developing. Why the comic book name Secret? Is it Namjoo’s secret? I don’t know what Haru will handle becuase he carries his painful memories from the past to the present, and in the present he is also hurt? I also feel bad for BK, he has to kill Dan Oh in the shadow to save her in the stage. He has no choice. It would be ridiculous if he ends up with Dan Oh because he is self aware now. BK will feel awful because Dan Oh version on the stage is not the real Dan Oh in the shadow. Dan Oh on the stage won’t show the same gaze and smile like she did with Haru. I also feel bad for Dan Oh, an optimistic girl that I would like to become, who is brave and cheerful no matter what situation. I’m looking forward how Director and writer will draw Haru and Dan Oh path. Bk always claim that Dan Oh is the only one for him, but look at him, he has his brother. Compare to Haru, he has none. No family, no brother sister, no purpose of living beside Dan Oh. Oh man!!!! So sad:(

  3. Enkey
    November 14, 2019 / 4:36 pm

    I think it’s just to follow the comic’s rule in the webtoon. When you’re all aware that you’re in The World of Comic and you’re injured in a scene, you will be healed in the next scene but not with the pain. In order to free from all the pain you need to die in the shadow but loose all your consciousness as the consequences.
    Thank you for the recap, you guys are awesome

  4. Maria
    November 14, 2019 / 5:13 pm

    Thank you so much for meticulously live recapping.. I am always waiting excitedly for the recaps Thanks a lot!!!!

    • V
      November 16, 2019 / 7:53 am

      ☺️ ☺️ ☺️

  5. luna
    November 15, 2019 / 1:16 am

    ughhh baek kyung is sooo selfish. he killed dan oh (in the shadow) so she won’t be aware of herself and won’t remember anything, including her memories with haru. this will only benefit baek kyung, but imagine how hurt haru will be. but come to think of it, haru has been avoiding dan oh because of the memory of him killing dan oh (which is not true, baek kyung is the one who killed her). so if he does not find out the truth soon, he’ll get what he also needs, not getting any near to dan oh. but this is not fair. haru still doesn’t know the whole concept – that if you kill someone in the shadow, that someone will lose her/his memory and not be self-aware again. i thought baek kyung would just let dan oh go, but he is just so malicious, just like how he was in the previous book.

    • Majo
      November 15, 2019 / 2:38 am

      I think he kills her in the shadow so she’ll lose her memories but at least be alive… if she dies in the story, she disappears (that whats I understood…but this story is getting strange and a little boring for me, I’ll finish because I love the cast T_T)

  6. Julie
    November 15, 2019 / 7:53 am

    was there no preview this time?

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