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Extraordinary You: Episode 13 (25-26) Live Recap

Extraordinary You Recap Episode 12 (23-24), image MBC

Though I am enjoying the sageuk storyline, I really think this show excels when they keep it in the contemporary setting of the high school. It might be because the high school setting is more comedic whereas the sageuk setting is pretty serious. it is fun to see how things in the past are repeated in the present. But the weird thing is, it isn’t really the past right? It’s more like an alternate universe? I don’t know, I don’t think I should think too hard about it 😋.

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Dano and Haru talk on the school bridge. It is night. Dano tells him that it does not matter what happened in the past. It is all a done story. The previous story does not matter. We are changing our fate that was decided by the writer, right here. I new it when I saw you for the first time. You can change my fate.

But then she gets a vision of the future. She is having heart surgery. She passes out for a moment in Haru’s arms. Then she wakes up and wonders, so I die?

Haru asks Dano what is wrong. She tells him to just stay like that for a little bit. So they stay int heir hug. Haru’s hand also hurts him and he sees a vision of the past were he is holding a sword with his bare hands. It is cutting into his hand.

Later, Haru walks alone through the stacks of the library. He thinks about holding the swords blade and he looks at the pendant he gave Dano. Then he remembers her tell him, I don’t want to marry the prince. But he  might have remembered this in a flashback to the sagaek era.

Haru and Baek Kyung are playing Chinese chess. Baeuk Kyung tells him that at war, there is only one chance. You should not be so relaxed, ever. Haru says that he will make sure. Baek Kyung looks to the side and starts to wrap his blade, similar to the way he wraps his tennis racket. He tells Haru that the guard that protets the King should not have any wounds on his hand.

Then he hands over the blade and says that he will process the marriage with Moo-youngs daughter and he will be the King with Eun Dano’s blood.

Haru runs to tell Dano that night that she should run away! He will put you in danger! She is looking at her flowers blossoming and tells him that if she has to change her fate, then she will do it. If she has to wait for him, then she will. No matter how long it takes. And she will find her own answer, with you, Haru.

He says that if he does not have an answer for his begining, then he will find it. But he is talking to Baek Kyung now. He turns to walk awy. Baek Kyung tells him that he cannot leave him. You must not. That is your fate. That is the reason that you were born and the reason that you exist. Tell me one more time.

Haru turns around again. Baek Yung yells, do you love Moo-youngs daughter? Eun Dano?

Cut to Haru holding Eun Dano as she dies from a stab wound. Lots of guards surround them.

Haru wakes up in the library. He starts breathing hard and he grips his hand. He looks at the pendant and remembers his conversation with Jinmichae – is this something that already happened, or something that will happen? That is why I could not give you an answer for our beginning. Your beginning is not a secret here.

Haru runs to see Jinmichae and asks him if what happens here follows the story in Noon So Hwa (the old book). Jinmichae looks at him and sighs. Haru tells him to tell him that it is not! Everything that i see in that world…

Jinmichae finishes his sentence and says that it is repeating. He asks if he is that desperate because he saw Eun Dano’s death? Like in Noon So Hwa, you cannot prevent her death. Just let the time pass.

Haru yells, HOW CAN I DO THAT!

Jinmichae looks at him and says that he saw someone like him who wanted to go against the story and the role.



Flashback to an empty room. This might be Jinmichaes King room. He is n ot there because he is walking out with his woman in the forest. They are escaping. But an assassin shows up and kills her very quickly. Jinmichae holds her and cries.

In the present, Jinmichae says that when the story changes, you see things that you don’t want to see and find yourself giving in to the writer. If you change Eun Dano’s stage, not only her stage changes, it will affect someone else negatively as well. Eun Dano is someone you can’t protect from the begining.

Cut to Eun Dano’s house where she tries to happily convince herself that it is just surgery! I have gone through a lot of surgeries! But she frets about what she should do. However, she tells herself that it is okay! 

Then she wakes up at the doctors office and wodners if she is dying already! But then she realizes that she is okay. She is not in the surgery room, she is in the doctors office. The doctor comes in and tells her that maybe they can have the surgery in mid November. 

But he says that he will discuss it with her father first. You just have to eat well and stay healthy, okay? He puts his hand up to fist bump, but she does not.

Dano then walks out and thinks to herself that her heart might be beating a lot faster now. A person isi wheeled in quickly so Dano looks at them. She thinks that she survived 18 years with this heart. Good job Dano. But her other Dano voice tells her not to talk so whimpy like that! When will the stage end?

She keeps walking away and sees Baek Kyung. So her inner voice sighs and tsks, of course. She thinks that she is going to get surgery and still has to hear all these mean things from him. Ugh, this writer.

So she goes to the steps and tells Baek Kyung that she is sorry that she made him come to the hospital again, don’t be angry. When I said that I didn’t want to marry you, it wasn’t to make you angry. You do not want to hear something like this. Sorry. But this surgery is a little different. Do you know why I wanted to get married to you? It is because I wanted to live. 

When I was young, Ii only saw two things, the square cieling of the hospital, and you Baek Kyung. Maybe that is why. You were my own exit. I felt like if I married you, my heart would be cured. I did not think about your pain or emotions even though I knew you had a hard time with your family.

He is about to say something, but she continues and says that people think that you are hurting me, but actually I am the one that is sorry to give you pain. So…lets not get married….have a good life Baek Kyung.

She gets up and walks away. He stays sitting there. She finally wkes up at the bottom of the steps and takes a deep breath as she wonders why it is so sad. This week Eun Dano is not the real Eun Dano. She kind of starts to cry again.

Baek Kyung comes up behind her and holds her hand. He asks if her surgery is true? Dano says yes and tries to smile it off and tells him that he had a hard time coming to the hospital. But she also asks if he can withstand her a little more. I dont think you will have to come to the hospital soon. I really feel like I don’t have that much time left. In the stage, we are already in roles, so you cannot help it. But in the rest of the time, lets have a good relationship in the shadow. Because you are my friend who Eun Dano loved for a long time in the cartoon. Okay? She extends her hand.

Baek Kyung remembers his mother giving him her hand. He backs away.

Dano tells him that he is not even taking her hand? You are so bad. She wipes her tears and walks away.




Dano is happily in her room and looks around at everything. It is almost as if she is saying goodbye to it all. 

Dano – Even though my heart hurts, at least I have happy memories. I had a lot of things I wanted to do when Ii was cured.

She looks at her bucket list.

  1. Travel with appa
  2. Make food for appa
  3. Eat dukk sausage skewer with haru
  4. Go to the planetarium and see the Milky Way
  5. Take a group photo with classmates
  6. Go to a concert with Saemi and Soo Chul

Then she looks at her childhood hospital photo with Baek KYung and wonders what he likes. She spent so much time with him but only knows his character in his role. 

Her heart starts to hurt so she takes her medicine and thinks that now she finally has sunshine in her life.


Dano walks to school on a bright sunny day. She looks up at the sky and then turns to look at the school. She is sent back into a memory of Haru when she first met him and he first changed her stage.

She looks at the steps where Haru punched Baek Kyung and pulled her away. She looks at the tree where they took photos and had their first kiss. She remembered telling him to meet at the tree. She sighs and continues walking on.

She goes to see Jinmichae like her spunky normal self, but she says that it isn’t any fin right? Then she tells him that she has a request, can you hide this? Jinmichae asks what to hide? She tells him that she does not want Haru to see it. Also, can you keep it secret from Haru? Because I want to spend the rest of my life with him happily.

Jinmichae asks why Haru? She says that it is because she likes him. Ii am an 18 year old character in a high school love story so I should at least have a real first love that is not involved in the story.


Later on, Dano goes to the classroom and looks at Haru. He is looking out the window. She takes a deep breath and puts on her happy charm as she goes up to say hello.

The other students come in talking about new wives and all that. It is all the things that happened in the theater event the day before.



Haru tells Dano that when one thing changes, we cant expect what else will change. But I am relieved that we are moving the way you want. Dano thinks, the way I want?

But then class starts so they have to go to their seats. She waves happily and tells him to enjoy class. She walks by Baek Kyung, he asks if she has her medicine. She tells him of course she does and then she asks him to please keep it a secret from Haru. Baek Kyung asks, huh? He looks at Haru.

Then Haru wakes up sitting with Baek kyung.  Baek Kyung tells him that he started liking Eun Dano. Haru says, of course, she is your fiance. Baek Kyung tells him, whenever I saw him before, I was angry because my father just wanted to get money from this girl that would die at any moment. But actually, I liked her from the beginning. My useless rebelliousness make me do mad things to that sick girl. But why am I telling you this?

Haru puts his arm around Baek kyung’s shoulder and says, hey, we are friends, who else would you talk to?

But then the stage ends and they both take a deep breath and move away a bit.

Baek Kyung tells Haru that Haru still does not know things about Dano, but that he knows everything. Because he is always there in Eun Dano’s story. he walks off.

Cut to Dano resting with Haru by a windowsill in the hallway. she tries to get him to smile because he is worried that something will happen to her when he is not around. They practice their smiles with each other and laugh.


Meanwhile, Jinmichae sneaks up on a shelf to find a book. Dohwa comes up behind him and says, lets look at it together! Jinmichae tries to keep the book secret from Dohwa.

Dano comes up on them and sighs and says that she told Jinmichae to keep this secret but Dohwa has already found it. tsk tsk.

Dohwa figures things out and starts to painfully frown and almost cry. Dano just sighs and says that she does not know when the date is or anything, just no one tell Haru!

Meanwhile, Haru practicies his smile in a hand mirror when all the other kids come in and call him Snow White. He puts the mirror down and quickly leaves.

Outside, Dano looks at the sun peaking through her fingers and starts to back up. She backs up into Haru.



they both flip around and laugh. Dano says that they have a magnet on their backs. She asks what he was doing? He says, just thinking of you. Dano tells him, no, you’re line! You are like Oh Namjoo! he smiles and asks what she was doing?

She says, I was thinking about you! He tells her that she is like Yeo Jooda.

Dano tell shim that Namjoo and Jooda are mains int his word and we are extras but in Eun Dano’s world, you are my main guy! She givs him a big hug.

He wraps his arms around her as well so they talk to each other in this partial hug. She looks at him and tell shim that it was so hard to see him but now it is so easy to see him so now she is so happy. I like you a lot. He smiles and says, me too.

But then she wakes up holding hands with Baek kyung at the tree. She immediately thinks, why is he doing this? How is the story going?

BK asks her why her hand is so cold? She tells him that he does not have to worry about her. He says that he promised his dad he will protect her. She asks, why are you doing this? He says that he will accept it. She asks, what? He says, my heart. It was true that I was around you because President Baek asked me to. But not anymore. I want to stay next to you. I accept that I like you.

The stage ends, Dano takes several quick deep breathes and tells him to let her go so she can leave. But he keeps holding her hand and asks why she is so surprised, you held my hand first at the restaurant. She tells him that that was a stage thing!

he tells her that he is her fiance, even in the shadow. This never changes. He gives her a hug and says that he has accepted that he likes her. This is not the stage.

But Haru yells, Hey! And runs up to him. Baek kYung stands and tells him that he likes Eun Dano. You know that II am her faince. The writer wants to finish her one sided love, so we are going the way that it is already planned. what do you think the end will be? I am for sure that you will not end up next to Eun Dano. I told you that you are just an extra.

Haru holds Dano’s hand and pulls her next to him. He tells baek Kyung that it does not matter with the time I have with me and Eun Dano. Baek Kyung asks, is that so? What can you do for Eun Dano? Change? How? What? You don’t even know what will happen next.

Baek Kyung holds Dano’s arm and pulls her to him. He tells Haru that Dano needs someone that will know what will happen.




The new girl tries to put up a flyer. This is Jinmichaes lover in the former book. Jinmichae sees her but tries to ignore her. But she sees him and asks for his help. So he helps her happily. She then tells him that she heard he is the Jinmichae fairy, that is funny. I like Jinmichae a lot. 

He tells her that he should give her a lot more than normal. He smiles and she leaves. Jinmichae thinks that this is so cruel. But at least he is thankful to the writer that she does not have consciousness. 

Cut to the three bad girls. They try to trip Jooda. But she does not get tripped and tells them that Namjoo is looking for them. They get so excied and run into the chemistry room. But NamJoo is not there. 

Jooda comes in and asks why she was always so happy when they were not nice to her. Why was she like that? They ask her what she is talking about. Jooda says it isbecuase she is the main person.

She starts to push them all and asks how they like it? Are you scared? Do you remember Saemi? You told me that Cinderella was married to the prince bcause Cinderella is a noble woman. Saemi asks, what about it? Jooda says that is wrong. Even if CInderella is a beggar, she would marry the prnce, bcuase she is the main character.

Jooda leaves and locks them in. She tells them to think about themselves while int here and leaves. The girls bang on the doors and Jooda leaves.


Jooda goes to the music room and smiles when Dohwa comes in. She is listening to a string song and shares it with Dohwa. But she tells him that she likes what he plays better.

Dohwa smiles but then asks Jooda why she makes him think that she might like him? The thing he drew on her shoe is back. She asks, can you do that? Can you expect me to like you? Please do that, I want to change.

Cut to the campus pond where Dano and Dohwa are on a long winding bridge overlooking the water. He asks if Dano wants to read the book and then mentions that Namjoo is so cool. Dano asks why he talks about Namjoo being cool as a habit. 

Dohwa says that now he is not miserable as the second male lead. But when he sees Jooda, he feels strange. There is something that he cannot explain. Dano says that Baek Kyung is weirder also. She can’t say. he understands and starts to read the book again. Then he sighs as he reads that they are finally dating.

Dano grabs the book and wonders if he is going to declare that today is day one? Do hwa thinks that this does not make sense how this story is going. What is the writer doing? Dano is all like, yeah, how can a high school student get married! Stop this nonsense writer! They both start to yell, stop it, writer!



Cut to Jooda and Namjoo in a staged moment where he gives her gift from Paris. She asks what it is. It is a doll he says that it reminded him of her as soon as he saw it. She tells him that it is so pretty. He tells her that he has to tell her something. it took me a long time to tell you this. Lets date.

She asks, what? He if she would like to make today, day one? She asys okay and smiles. But then she wakes up.

Namjoo also takes a deep breath at the end of the stage. Jooda looks at the price and thinks that this is so expensive. Just like Oh Namjoo. But she thanks him for it.

In the hallway, Dohwa thinks that the book ii so makjang, but he has to keep reading it. He sighs and says that is the power of makjang. Baek Kyung walks up right then and tells Dohwa that he stays with that book.

Dohwa says that he should thank him, I made it so you didnt’ have to have that cheesy moment on stage. BK tells him tht it was his stage and his scene, how dare you change it. Dohwa says that he was just helpingn him. BK asks if he thinks he can just change anything when he hangs out with Haru? Don’t do it anymore, it makes me mad.

He walks off.

Elsewhere, Haru sits on the hallway windowsill and remembers what BK told him about how he does not even know what will happen in the future. Eun Dano needs someone who knows about it. Haru is pretty sad as he thinks about it but then Dohwa comes up and says that Baek Kyung is too cranky. he rests his head on Haru’s shoulder and tells him that he is always soft to him.

haru kind of leans away. Dohwa tells him that he knows why Dano likes him a lot now. You are handsome and soft and you can change the stage. But then he sees Baek Yungs little brother walking by and calls his name. He tells him that his brother was about to be clowned, but we changed it. It was so interesting, I am sad thta you don’t remember it. Our duo does a lot.

Cut to the little brother going up to Haru at the lockers. He smiles and looks kind of like a psychopath and tells Haru that he saw him with his brother. Then he says that he should leave him alone, it is better for you and for everyone. Then he smiles and asks him not to fight with his brother, please.

Baek Kyung comes up to him and asks him how long he will bother his life.




The kids int he class talk about giving a public proposal announcement in front of everyone. Women like that. Especially a public announcement in front of strangers, that is cool! But one of the girls says that is not cool. I hate those public proposals. They all start to argue as to if it is good or bad.

Dohwa tells them that they are all wrong. They should thank Dohwa and Dano and Haru for changing that stage. baek Kyung sits in his seat with his arm crossed and looking cross himself.

While Dohwa talks, Baek Kyung thinks about how Haru can change the stage. He tells Dohwa to shut up.  Then he leaves when another girl tells BK that he is so cool.

Haru isi elsewhere on a different set of steps. He is thinking about what BK told him about how he doe snot know everything about Dano. But that bK does because he is in Dano’s story.

Baek Kyung comes walking down the steps and tells Haru that he changed the stage so Eun Dano will have to undergo surgery. What you did with Dohwa and Dano, that one sided love extra male lead and an etra with a heart disease. Even if someone tells me that they can change my life, sure that is convincing.

But how did you change the stage as an extra? The storyboard that Dano sees, or the book? 

Cut to Baek Kyung waiting on Dano in front of her house. She asks why he is there. He says that she is the only one for him. His family is fake and his friends are fake. It is all fake. Everything that I like has disappeared. So I really don’t want you to disappear. That is why I did not want to like you.

Dano tells him, I am sorry, but do not do this. He says that if she is going to be like this, she should nto have liked him from the beginning. She tells him that he knows that this was not his will. He asks why she keeps talking about her character role? Don’t just make an excuse with that.

He says that the stage is fake and the shadow is real and you did not decide your character role. How can you decide what is fake or real? You are real for me.

She says that if she did not have her consciousness, the she would still like him. You know that I can’t do that anymore.

He tells her that she should not have made him like her. The feeling of me liking you is real. I don’t know how Haru can change your fate, but i also have that much power.

She asks what? He says that he will change her fate of dying at any  moment. He will change it. You will see. You will come to me eventually. Real or not. Tell me that my heart is fake.

They stare at each other for a long moment.




Haru remembers what Baek Kyung told him about how Dano has to go through surgery because they changed the stage. he also thinks about what jinmichae said. That he is so desperate because he saw Dano die. But you can’t change it.

Haru thinks that the story could go similarly. What if Dano is in danger! he runs off. But he has another flashback telling him that he cannot protect her from the beginning.

Haru calls his name so he runs to her and asks how her heart is. Dano tsks and murmers that someone told him. She tells him that she is super healthy and doesn’t even have a date yet. She is super normal. She shows her watch. he hugs her and tells her that is good. Her heart starts to beat a bit quicker.

he apologizes for that. She smiles and pulls him away to class.

In art class, the teacher starts to talk about shoes in the painting and who owns the shoes, the painter or someone else? Someone says that the painter owns it, if he did not draw it, the shoes would not exist anyway. But someone else says that the shoes are real and the painting is fake. Another says that we are looking at the painting so that is what is real.

The teacher says that the masterpiece makes them think about existence itself, not the shoes. So you are going to draw your own masterpiece that people can have different opinions on.

The kids start to work and one of them accidentally knocks over Dano’s painting things. Haru then starts to clear everything up and tells her that it could be dangerous. Someone spills water so he pulls her close to him and puts his jacket over her to protect her. 

Soochul accidentally did thta so he comes to apologize but Haru puts him in a wrist lock and asks Dano if she is okay. 

So they start to walk away. Haru walks so closely to her as they walk away. Dohwa sees them and asks if they already kissed?! Some other kids walk by a bit too close so Haru asks Dano if she is okay? You are not hurt right? They are all like what is going on with you? I am okay!



Cut to Dohwa talking to Jooda. She shows him her shoes and says that they don’t feel brand new. they are so comfortable, like my old shoes. Like you. So whenever I see them, I will wear them. The shoes have the drawing he made on them. 

He asks, are you…

She tells him to take his time and think about how he feels.

That is the same thing he said to hear when he confessed that he liked her.

She tells him to remember this moment. It is also the same thing. She tells him that he asked her to remember it . She asks him to expect it. I was wondering all of a sudden, why do kids give me a hard time without any good reason, and why do I just accept it? The moment I feel like a normal thing is strange…I remember what you told me. Just think about it slowly, take your time and think about how you feel. 

People don’t remember their conversations with me. I wasn’t scared when people did not remember their conversations with me or when I have a spotty memory. Becasue, Dohwa, you were filling that void spot.

Dohwa is lost for words. He says he isi happy, but…

She asks him if he can keep it secret from others. I want to live like this for now. So only you should know, can you do that?

he looks at the butterfly on her shoe but does not respond.

Cut to Dano waking up looking pretty sickly. She wonders whose stage this is and looks in a mirror to see her lips looking so obviously sick. She is sitting on a bench.

Baek Kyung runs up to her ans asks if she is okay? She says yes but starts coughing. She says that she has heart problems and is coughing? Ugh. He takes off his jacket and gives it to her and then tells her that they should go home. She wonders if this is the last leaf (like the book The Last Leaf by O. Henry). She thinks that this is an American author, if the leaf falls then she will die. But she also thinks that there are so many leafs in that tree, don’t you see that Dano! She also wonders why she cried so obviously.

Baek Kyung asks if her disease is better if she does what she wants to do? Dano says it is enough for him to like her. He says that it is not that he hated her, he just hated sick her. He hates his father that uses her as money and hisself since he is his son. I heard it from Dohwa, you will have surgery soon.

Dano says that she does not want to have surgery, she is so happy to go to school with Baek Kyung. How long will she be in the hospital after surgery? She hates waiting for him in the hospital bed. He asks, what if I stay next to you all the time?

Then the stage ends so Dano looks at her lips in the mirror and thinks that the writer does not have any middle ground. She stands and tells Baek Kyung, Im leaving.

he grabs his jacket that fell and puts it back on her shoulders as he catches up. He also asks her if she took the medicine? She is not sure it matters and mentions that the stage can change like before. How can this story go so opposite of how I am. 

He says that it is the same, it is growing more similar. Someone told me, why do I have emotions that the writer does not write about. But to me, I feel like the writer knows about me better than myself. I only know one thing. if you die also, I will have irreversible pain. If you say that I do whatever I want, I am okay, I am like that and we will be like that. So can you give me a break like you always do? Lets get the surgery, Dano.




haru is sitting in class waiting for Dano, she asks him if he waited for a long time? I always make you wait for me. He looks at her stunned and asks if she is okay? She asks why he is asking her that so often. I dnot’ want to be depressed all the time because I dont’ know when my heart will stop, so you don’t have to protect me all the time, okay? Our cartoon is a teanage love cartoon. i am happy spending time with you like this. Okay? See! this is not decided by the writer, I am choosing my own time. 

he tells her that her time might end if she gets the surgery, you could die. Before this world started, our story was there in that book. I saw you die. Dano tells him, even if that existed, we are here now. 

haru tells her that that story is repeated in this world. I can change it. No, not for me, I can change it. He starts to wimper and tell sher that he will do it whatever it takes. She turns around to keep from crying. he hugs her from behind and tells her that he is afraid of losing her. I am afraid, Dano.

Cut to them both sitting outside on the bench. They are in front of her house. She is  perky once again and tells him, what you told me about me dying…don’t pay too much attention to that old story. Did Jinmichae says that stuff? is he threatening you again? eh, how can you live in this cruel cartoon world like that? I dont’ even expect to live more than other people with my heart.

He tells her that he still feels unsure about the surgery. Dano says, I don’t even know if I will have it or not. I have had many surgeries since I was born and I am still here. Will the writer kill me now with this timing?

Haru asks if she wants to get the surgery? Tell me, what do you want? He holds her hand.

She tells him that she wants to be with him like this until the stage starts.

She stands up and waves goodbye and then goes inside her house.

he stands outside and looks at her walking inside her house She stops and looks at her garden and lets out a deep breath. She thinks, I really want to change it. I want to live more than anymore else. But I don’t know what to tell Haru. 

She puts her hands together and prays to the writer, please, please just make me live a little more. Please, please. Just let me live a little longer.

Haru watches this, tears softly fall.




Dohwa wonders why Namjoo is so cool. Haru comes up to him to say hello. Dohwa greets him as the second male lead that cannot change the stage alone. Then he asks him how he can change the stage? is it because you love Eun Dano?

He also tells him that Dano has a date for the surgery. But don’t be worried, my brother is he best. Haru tells Dohwa that they have to change the stage.

Dohwa runs off to the clubhouse to pack something when Baek Kyung comes in and asks what he is doing. Dohwa tells him it is nothing and heads off. BK tells him that he will find out, it will be in the book anyway.

Meanwhile, Dano wakes up in the car headed to surgery. She answers her phone and tells the person in the stage that she is almost there. it might be her father. But her consciousness is wondering where she is going. is it the hospital! She continues talking to her appa and tells her that she will see him at the hospital. She wonders if she is really about to have surgery?

Int he library, Baek Kyung looks for the book. But it i snot around. Then the lights turn off. he walks to haru’’s room, it looks like this is the first time he has noticed this room.

So he walks to this room, stunned, and looks at the vortex. The previous sageuk is playing. In the vortex haru tells Dano  that everything is in the book as if someone is watching. Baek Kyung’s eyes grow wide. 

He sees Haru tells Dano that she has to run away, he will put you in danger.

Then we enter the sageuk. Baek Kyung shows Haru a drawing of Dano and tells him to explain this to me. Haru tells him that he won’t remember it. Just stop the coup, save Dano. I know this is not what you wanted to do, so please remember this. Otherwise, we will point a sword to each other.

Cut to Dano dying on the courtyard.

A flower petal falls in the library room. Baek Kyung picks it up and looks at it. Then he thinks and looks back towards the library.

Fade Out


The sadness continues. Though at least it is mixed with a few happy moments. But now, I wonder what it means that Baek Kyung found Haru’s secret room? Does this mean that Baek Kyung will be able to change the story as well? Or would he have to put his hand inside the vortex to be able to do that?


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    • V
      November 13, 2019 / 3:09 pm

      Thank you for this!

  1. Casserole
    November 13, 2019 / 8:47 am

    Thanks so much for the recap! I’m keep refreshing the screen when I should be working haha

    • V
      November 13, 2019 / 3:10 pm

      Dramas are time well spent!

  2. Midnightwatcher
    November 13, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    Thank you so much for the hardwork. More than anything, I just wish Dan Oh can stay alive and healthy. It’s heartbreaking to see her getting sick. (My first daughter also died very young because of illness, so seeing this kind of script really tear my heart). I also hope that the writer will get more screen for her appa. There is nothing more heartbreaking for parents to hear that their children will face death. I know that this is romance drama, but I wish the writer can show the emotions from Dan Oh’s dad as well, not only Haru and BK. Because at the end, really…. the one who will be devastated the most is her father.

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