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Extraordinary You: Episode 12 (23-24) Live Recap

Extraordinary You Recap Episode 12 (23-24)
Extraordinary You Recap Episode 12 (23-24), image MBC

The mystery of the past is revealing itself out as we find even more information on how the events in the sageuk area mirror the events in the high school. The only difference is that it appears that Haru is becoming the main character in Dano’s life right now. Um, who thinks Baek Kyung is going to just roll over and let that happen? In addition, Jooda will finally get to know what school life is without Namjoo. I have a feeling she is going to be a different Jooda.

PS. I just loved that starry night scene that Haru made for Dano. Hopefully they can enjoy it a bit longer before Baek Kyung tries to ruin their day.

Our recap starts at 8am CST! (One hour later than normal due to Daylight Savings)

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Baek Kyung picks up one of the comics that he dropped on the floor and looks at it in disbelief. Then he looks at Haru and Dano trying to hold the stars in their hand.

Dano sees that Haru’s hand is a bit hurt and tells him that she willnever forget this moment. I will remember it for my entire life, Haru.

Baek Kyung looks at the burned page and sees that Dano should actually tell this line to him, not Haru.

Baek Kyung goes to talk to Jinmicha and asks him if he knows it all? I feel like crap because I should be the main person. So what is going on! Jinmichae says that some people can change the stage. But because of that, I lost everything important to me.

Baek Kyung asks him to tell him in a way that I can understand. Jinmichae grips him by the collar and yells, BECAUSE OF YOU…..~. But he tells him to leave, he has nothing to tell him.

So Baek Kyung leaves and looks through the burnt pages while sitting outside on a bench. One of the phrases that Dano says is – I won’t marry! 

So Baek Kyung thinks that she broke the marriage. He goes up to her in the hallway and tells her that they should break off the marriage. She asks what he is talking about? he tells her to break off the marriage. You will say this in front of your father. You will not marry me because you don’t like me anymore.

Dano is all like, is the writer that inconsistent? How can my character say that I don’t like you in front of my father? Baek Kyung tells her that he is the one that can change her fate. Not that extra.



Haru and Dano walk outside around campus. She asks him what he will do tomorrow when they do not have any stage? Go to the movie theater? He says he has tennis practice. 

She starts laughing and says, ah tennis. Look at this, the story and the lines are so cliche, but the writer is so detailed on characters. The writer is not that detailed on the sky though (no stars in the sky). Dano says that she does not like this writer, but she will never forget that haru gave her stars.

he says that he will never forget her being so happy after seeing these stars. She tells him that she wants to hear that old story that he told her.

So they go to the library and sit at one of the tables. He asks her if she remembers the pendant that they found? She nods. So he puts it on the comic book and she says that it is the same! he says yes, I thought it was a dream, but I think it was a memory. In that memory, I gave you this as a present. maybe that is why I remembered you and waited for you to find me.


Dano runs outside to greet haru at her home. They are in the courtyard. He gives her something and says that it is something that she likes. She happily takes it and opens it. They are mandarin oranges. But she thinks that the prince gave it to her and thanks him. Then she says that he can leave.

But the shadow ends so she wakes up and tells Haru to wait a moment. She runs to him and tells him that this is strange. My behavior is not as I intended. Lets eat together. This is way too much for only me.

CUt to Dano giving Baek Kyung a snack that she prepared for him. He tells her that she made this with so much effort and then politely tells her to go. I have a lot to do here so you should not stop by unannounced. She says okay and he leaves.

Later on, they drink tea together inside. She wants to give him a treat but he says he is okay. So she asks him how his politics are? What abot the flower that you mentioned? But then her father comes in and sits with them.

Dano tells the prince, if you do this only for me then I hate you. You do not need to come here. Her father says that Dano might have been sad because she has been waiting for you. I am sorry for my daughters rudeness. Dano says that is not because of that, I want to take the marriage back, father.

Baek Kyung goes to his room and tells Haru that she is even more bothersome than expected. I got her to agree to marry me again, but I need a sure way. She said she wanted to see the stars so baek Kyung tells Haru to find a great place so she won’t break up with him again.

Cut to Haru delivering a lot of jewels and money to Dano. She does not look like she enjoys is. She tells Haru not to leave. Perhaps I am sick, don’t worry though. Haru asks her, do you hear something strange? You have memory loss and you can’t move as you want to?

She asks how he knows? So he sits with her and tells her that sometimes you move freely but other times you hear a sound and have to move in a way you don’t want to. And, everything seems to be written in this book.

She says all that is true about her behavior.


They keep talking. She asks if it is like this for everyone? Haru says that there are some people that can remember and some that cannot remember. I remember your favorite song and what you want and where your eyes land. So tell me whenever you need my help. You are an important person to me. Because you are the princes lover.

They go to the same flower place from the opening episodes. They both sit on a rock. Dano shivers so Haru gives her his coat. He says it is cold so she can keep his coat, he is okay. they both smile to each other and then look at each other softly.

He leans in to kiss her and she squeezes her eyes closed. But he actually got a flower petal from her hair. it is the same thing that happened before. He smiles so she asks why he is smiling. He tells her that she looks pretty. So she blushes.

Then he gives her the clothing accessory pendant and says that he will wait for her anywhere like this flower pendant. I will protect you.


In the present, haru tells Dano that Jinmichae told him that his start is not here. Dano asks where it is then? he says that it was another story from a long time ago. But he has never read it. He only has pieces of his memory.

She says that she has no memory of anything else, Im mad. So, how are we in your memory! Let me guess, I am a princess and you are a prince! Was that it! He smiles and says it was similar. She tells him that she really wonders if they are happy in another world? that would be refreshing! 

He says they were happy. She tells him that she really believes that they will be happy in this world also.


Baek Kyung tells Haru that he did not see him on the courts. It is nice that no one else is around so we can talk. haru asks him what he wants to say. BK says that we are not in that kind of relationship where we only meet when we have to say something. We knew each other for a long time. A tennis player who knew each other for a long time. But you are pretending to be the main character well.

Haru tells Baek Kyung to leave Dano alone and mentions that they have had a relationship for a lot longer than he thinks. So don’t give Dano a hard time. Bark Kyung closes his locker and says that he wont. But, the fate that you are changing, do you think it is really changing or that it is following what the writer really wants? have you thought about that?

Haru runs after Baek Kyung and tells him that this is a cartoon world, we can only say and do things that the writer wants. BK tells him that he knows it well. So follow the writer. Our begining is when the writer drew the first page.

Haru says yes, we were created by the writer, but why do we have emotions that the writer did not draw. We like someone and want to protect them. That heart was not created by the writer, it was created by Eun Dano.

BK says that she is mine, it is fate from the beginning. Haru says that she is  not his. She is just Eun Dano. BK says that the writer made her my fiance. You talk about changing the stage and all that nonsense, but did anything change? It all followed the writer. So don’t say it like you are something to Dano or our world.

Haru tells him, even though the story follows the writers plan, I will work for Dano. BK asks him if he wants to disappear again? Haru says that he does not care. You said that we started because of the writer. To me, Eun Dano is my begining. So it is okay if my end is Dano. To you she is just an extra, but for me she is the main character.



Jooda meets with Dohwa in the music room. He apologizes for being late and asks why she wanted to meet at school. Did anything happen? She says that they don’t have to see each other when something happens. 

He smiles and says that he does not play the violin anymore. She asys that she did not call him to play the violin. He gives her something to open. So she opens it and sees new shoes. He tells her that he hopes they fit and puts them on her feet for her. They fit well.

Then he draws a butterfly on the shoes and says that it might disappear after the stage ends. Do you know the butterfly effect? A little change can make a big difference. He says that Dano and he wanted to change their fate. He wanted to like Jooda and Dano wanted to fix her heart. But it did not work so he has to support Jooda and Namjoo after all.

Jooda tells him that she does not want to have his support. What? Should I not say something like that? He looks stunned.

Cut to Namjoo in a condo somewhere looking over lots of files. He looks like a fancy designer now? But he doesn’t care about it and looks at Jooda instead. he mutters that she is the person that he really loves.

But he knows that his mother doesn’t like Jooda and threatened him to tell the chairman everything about him and his secret. She reminded him that he can’t make any mistakes.

Then he hyung comes in and tells him to let him know if he has any difficulties. He will go to the next conference. But Namjoo says that he will go there. His hyng says that he never showed any interest in running the country before. Just go to graduate school to study abroad and run the company? 

His brother finally asks ifi he is crazy about a girl? Your mom seems a little nervous, she went to see her by herself. Namjoo turns around and asks, what? She went to see jooda by herself? he thinks back to Jooda telling him that people are mistaking their relationship. He sighs and thinks that his why she said that.

He tells his brother that he has to be the chairmans son, Oh Namjoo to not make his woman cry.


The kids look at their phone where there is an article about namjoo and all that he is doing now for the company and all that. The girls think that he is super cool. So he works at the company now? he was so perfect, I could not relate to him. But now I think he lives on another planet.

Jooda is in the classroom and has her own flashback of namjoo’s scary mother slapping her and telling her that Namjoo will go study abroad.

The other kids mention that Namjoo’s father is sick which is why Namjoo has to do all these things for the company.


Jooda stands up quickly and drops her spray for the flower. The girls that always bother her foup to bother her again and says that Namjoo is not there to save her. They mention CInderella and says that she was actually noble born, do you know what I mean?

The stage ends and Jooda grabs the spray bottle back and sprays it at them. She asks, what? Are you going to trap me somewhere? She slams the water bottle back on the table and glares at them all until they back away. then she walks through them to the door. They all think she is crazy, but they also look scared of her.

Cut to Jooda gardening. Dohwa thinks that Jooda looks strange. Dano says yes, why is she so rough with the plants? Dohwa asks if Dano’s heart is okay? My brother told me. But he says brother in a way that only cute little kids say so Dano tells him that he pretending to be cute now. Donhwa says that he is a lot younger then them so they treat me like that. So Dohwa pinches his cheeks and sys that he is so cute.

She also says that her heart is fine I have the best time of my life now so dont worry about me!

But then she wakes up in the hospital where Dohwa’s brother tells her that she needs to have surgery. We have had several surgeries with me so let’s talk to your father and pick a date.

They walk out where Baek Kyung is waiting. he says that he came there voluntarily. So Dano’s father tells him to take Dano home, please. Dano looks from Baek Kyung to her father and says that she wants to break off the marriage. She remembers that Baek Kyung told her that she will say that in front of her father.

So she stage starts and she starts to tell her father that she wants to break off the marriage with Baek Kyung. She walks off.

The father says that Dano came to the hospital a lot so she might feel bad about it with you. I am sorry you came all the way here.

Dano wakes up outside and the street. Baek Kyung is ont he bench waiting for her. She asks him how he knew that she would say that. Did you see the storyboard? He says that he knows some things that will never change. she asks how he knows it! he says that she has to answer him first. What will you do if I know your fate? 

She says that she has something more important than fate. He asks if she is still talking about that guy? She says yes. he tells her okay, fine, we will see if your heart won’t change. Go home and sleep. He walks away.

She looks at him walking off.




Jooda cleans the hall int he school when the three troublesome girls come up. They bump her and give her a hard time. One of them says that she needs glasses. She throws her broom on the ground. The girl asks if she said something wrong? Jooda tells her that she should wear glasses. 

Saemi says, how dare you! Jooda says that she is not cleaning anymore. Saemi starts to say that she has a scholarship. Jooda tells her that she is not paying for her scholarship! One girl says that Namjoo’s foundation pays the scholarship. Jooda says that Namjoo did not ask her to clean. 

Saemi tells her, how dare you talk about my Namjoo! Jooda throws teh other thing on the floor and asks why they give her such a hard time and harrass her so much? if I am poorer than you then can I be pretty and smart? Or is it because Namjoo likes me?

Saemi tries to say something but Jooda tells them to stop being childish, I am already having a hard time!

She turns around to walk off and stops in front of Dohwa, her shoes did not change yet.

But then the scene suddenly changes and Jooda is in her old shoes again. He wonders what happened, she was wearing my shoes before.

But this is the stage where Namjoo comes back, so everyone starts to take photos of Namjoo as he walks back in looking cool and talking to reproters at the high school. Dohwa agrees that he does look cool.

The reproters say that the fashion show was super succesful in Paris. You said that you had a muse, who is that person? He says that it is Yeo Jooda. Everyone is all like what? One reporter asks who Yeo Jooda is. He asys she is my girl.

The crowd parts as he walks through the crowd to Jooda. He takes her hand and says that he is back. Everyone swoons. But then the stage ends and Jooda turns her head completely around to look at Dohwa. She is the only one looking at him.


Dano wakes up in art class. This class is pottery. Everyone looks at the teacher talking about how your warmth is transferred to the clay when you make the pottery. She demonstrates in front of the class and says that spinning the same way does not mean that all the pots will look the same.

Then she starts to talk to the clay and says that it told her that it does not want to get taller. She tells them that if you go too high then it will break. that will also hurt your heart so don’t do that. Now break into two for each set.

The stage ends so Dano and Haru go to their own desk. Namjoo sits with Jooda. The teacher tells him that he should go to the front of the room because he is so artistic. But he wants to do it with Jooda. the teacher tells him to come to the front, so he has to leave Jooda. She sits with anotehr class member.

Namjoo ends up making pottery with one of the three girls that gives Jooda a hard time. Various students are jealous. Baek Kyung does his pottery by himself and tells all suitors to go away. He looks at Haru and Dano together.

She is a little bummed that his stars disappeared. But he says that the time together still exists. Her heart alarms and she says that he says romantic things like that during the day.


A girl comes up to them and asks Haru if he would like to do this with her? he says no, he would like to do it with Dano. She stomps off and Dano and Haru look at each other and smile.

A fun playful song starts to play as we see Saemi and Soochul at their station. He is really good at it. He says he is doing it for her. Her heart starts to beat a bit harder as she looks at him. But she tries to snap herself out of it.

Mini view of everyone having fun.

Dano looks around and thinks that all the couples in here are having fun. Haru starts starts to help Dano make their pottery just like in the movie Ghost. She telsl her heart monitor not to ring. He asks her if she would like to carve their names in it when they are done?

This causes her heart to go off, everyone looks at her and asks if she is okay? Do you need to rest? The teacher tells her to rest and then pulls Baek Kyung to sit with Haru to make thier pots together.

They look so miserable sitting together at the bench and barely want to look at each other let alone help each other. Then Baek Kyung drops the keychain that Dano gave him. Haru looks at it. BK says that he understands why it bothered him so much. So think about this before something big happens.

Dano wakes up at the foot of the main staircase. Her father is walking down the steps to her. In her mind she wonders what is going on now. He tells someone on the phone that he is there for Dano’s surgery date. he then tells Dano that he is there to see if she is studying hard. She smiles and says that she is not a little kid.

Baek Kyung comes up to them and smiles as he takes Dano’s hand. The father asks if they are back together? Baek Kyung says that he will do his best so that she does not break up with him again. Dano thinks that the Eun Dano character is something that readers will hate reading.

Haru looks at the three of them. The stage ends and we are sent back into a memory with Haru.


The memory is in the sageuk where Baekyung and Dano are walking up the street together. Haru is following behind as the bodyguard.

Dano telsl Baek Kyung, thank you so much for today. I should have given this to you, sorry for my rudeness. She gives it to him (it is the thing that he dropped in the library on purpose). Baek Kyung says that this is something that my late mother had. I want to give it to you.

She tells him that she is happy that he is her lover. My beginning is you my prince.

She goes home and holds the pendant that Haru gave her. She says that she has a lover but her heart moves differently. Is marrying the prince really my fate?

She sees a shadow and then runs out of her room to find Haru walking by. He tries to run away, but she asks him how long he waited for her, what if someone saw you? that is so dangerous.

They look at each other for a moment and then go to a pavillion on the water. She tells him that it looks like the stars are falling. He says yes. She tells him, if she goes to the palace, she will not be able to freely see these things anymore so she has to enjoy it now.

Dano – I will tell you a secret, actually, I don’t want to marry the prince. You don’t ask me the reason, even though you are the princes person?

Haru – I won’t hear it

Dano – if you close your eyes and cover your ears then you know that we can’t help seeing and listening.

Haru – I did not hear it.

He starts to walk away but she lightly holds his arm. So he turns around. her eyes plead with him as she gives him a hug. But he does not put his arms around her. He is a bit stunned.


Haru wakes up in the classroom learning English. He looks at Dano. The teacher says, “When I arrived there, the tragic scene already ended.”

Haru leaves room and sees Baek Kyung in the hallway. He asks if he is going to take the class? BK smiles and says he is honored that he is worried about him. Then Haru sees Baek Kyung holding a piece of the cartoon. BK tells him that their relationship is so resilient because it repeats like this.

He walks away and looks at the charred cartoon pages.


Dano hangs with her friends outside when Baek Kyung comes up to her. She laughs and says that his lines are becoming more and more like Nam Joo’s. then she sees the charred pages and asks what it is as she grabs it.

That sends her into a vision of the future where she is proposed to by Baek Kyung on stage. She comes out of it and says that this is the storyboard? Why does this writer want us to get married so much? We are high school students!

She says a lot and tells Baek Kyung that poor Eun Dano wants someone that will never like her. So I want to change this before my heart stops.

He tells her not to try. Whatever you do it will not change. You have to stand next to me, that is the story back then and now.


Poster – 3Go High School will have ann end of the year video celebration in the auditorium. they will show short movies and have performances called “Telling my heart” and “The letters from the teachers room” and “A very very special gift.”

Dano sighs. Haru and Dohwa come up to him so she says that she thinks that Baek Kyung will propose to her. She saw the storyboard and says that the writer reallywants her and Bark Kyung to get married But I will not let it happen. The writer willnot control my love. The one I love is not Baek…Kyung….ha ha ha. She looks at Haru and then gets back on subject and says that she does not want to change the prince.

Haru asks her, do you ant to change it? Dohwa looks like he is up for that.

Dohwa tells them that in the stage Haru has to carry the ring? Dano says she is sure about that. Then the screen will show me and Baek Kyung’s video. He will propose to me in front of everyone.

DW says that it is Baek Kyung not Namjoo? We really have to change the stage for this. What is the line? Haru says it is “Everyone’s attention, for the honor of A3, I declare…”

Dano says that tey are the Declare 3 not the A3. You always declare things. DW thinks this is worse than his violin. They all put their hands in to the circle and yell fighting!

Outside, baek Kyung picks the charred cartoon from the ground when his brother starts to come up and help him. he looks at the cartoon a little bit. The brother asks him, hyung, did you see everything? Are you ~.

They sit on a bench and we see a lot of flashbacks with the brother. BK asks him what he did not want him to change. he pulls out the cartoon and asks if he was there or if he read it? Whatever the case, you have your consciousness. The story repeats and there is the same setting as the previous story and now you have consciousness. This does not make sense. How much of this world should I accept. 

He continues and asks if his little brother enjoys this life with their father not liking him. The little brother says that he never saw it like that. if the story continued as planned, then you would be happy. BK says that it is funny that he said that since he is a character that was created to make his life miserable. Don’t worry, I am not changing anything so just ignore things like you always have until now.



All the students show up for the event. Dohwa asks the new student to play something. She syas that BK already gave her the file. Dohwa tells her that Asknows the A3 the best. Then he switches the usb with her. But BK comes up and asks what is going on? DW says he is helping him out, I mean, in front of everyone, so embarrassing. BK asks what he is talking about? Didn’t Dano tell you?

Haru wakes up in one of the back rooms. He is talking to Baek Kyun in the stage moment and says that Dano wants to be with Baek Kyung, she likes you a lot. BK pats him on the shoulder and leaves.

The MC gets the crowd going as we see Dano waking up in the crowd and wondering if Dohw and Haru were able to do it.

The MC tells the crowd that they have a story and they heard that people might even get married at this event, so lets play the video.

The new girl plays the original video, not the one that DW gave them. Int his original video, we see photos of Dano and BK from when they were young up until today. Saemi tells Dano that she is about to get married!

In the back, Haru’s hand starts to move on its own. He has no control over it. He tries to stop it, but his body just moves.

On the stage, Baek Kyung has come out and tells everyonen that he has his late mothers ring, He wants to give it to Dano. Not from someone, but from the bottom of my heart.

Dano stands happily, but in her mind she wonders why the stage did not change?

Haru remembers that BK gave his late motehrs perfume to Dano in the sageuk. He said the exact same things. Haru’s hand starts to hurt and bleed.

Dano goes to the stage with the crowd chanting, accept! accept !accept!

Haru tries to control his body and finally is able to turn off the lights.

Dano wakes up in the audience, the same thing happens again. The MC talks aboit people gettingn amrried and everything. But this time Il-jinn and another guys photos show up, it is Ilchin and Yang il

Now Yangil comes out in a suit and declare his love with the honor of Y3. (Yang-il, Yangi, Yang-sam). he says that he wants to give this to her from the bottom of his heart.

Baek Kyung is in the audience looking on questioningly.

Jinmichae is also there looking on. But he looks almost terrified when he sees the new student walking by.

Dano looks at this all, but then her herat starts to beep and she wakes up in bed.


Dano wonders why hse is there? But she thinks that this is the inconsistent story that this terminal life extra should have. But what happened. Can’t this scene just end already. The scene ends so Dano hops up.

But she is surprised by Baek Kyung who is standing outside her curtain. They are in the school infirmary.

Dano tells her that they could prevent that weird proposal of his but could not stop her heart from hurting. Okay, goodbye, my stage has ended.

She turns to leave.

BK – Where are you going? To Haru? So you really wanted to change you and my story? I did not want to change it. Eun Dano, I thought your begining was me.

Dano – From the beginning it was Haru. My beginning is Haru.

BK – No. You know that we escape from each other, ever.

She walks off.

He turns around to think and looks at the charred pages again.

Then he thinks about the events that involved Haru in the story. 

BK – It was easy because he was an extra character. he could sneak into the stage without the writer noticing him. So not everything goes back to how it was after the stage starts. The situation created in the shadow affected the stage. So what I need eventually is for someone else to replace the stage.


Haru and Dano stand on the bridge. He tells her that in the past he remembers…~. She happily sings, when I am the princess and you were the prince? he says that he felt insecure.

She tells him that the past does not matter, it already ended. We are changing our settings that the writer decided. I am sure that when I saw you for the first time, that you woeuld change my fate.

But then she collapses suddenly into his arms.

Cut to emergency surgery.

But that was just a vision of the storyboard. She wonders, do I die? She starts to hug Haru. He asks what happened. She tells him to wait, just wait a little bit.

He looks at the scar on his hand. Then he remembers the previous story where he got that scar on his hand from gripping a sword.

Fade Out


It is really cool how Dano sees glimpses of the future and Haru sees glimpses of the past and how they will use that to change their present situation.


Dano – Just because I dont know when my heart will stop, that does not mean that I should be depressed all the time.

Haru – I am afraid of losing you

BK – Sorry, you worked hard to change the stage, but the result is like this

BK – You changed the stage so Dano is in surgery now

Haru – Surgery?

Haru – You know that the world we are in follows the previous story

JMC – it is repeating. Eun Dano is not someone you can protect from the beginning.

BK – I only know one thing. If you also die then I will have irreversible pain.

BK – Lets do the surgery

Haru – if you get the surgery, then you might die

Dano – I really feel like I don’t have much time left.

Haru – I have to change the stage.

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    Thank you for the live recap! I jumped a bit when Kyung said the possibility that even the shadow might be planned by the writer. That is just what I thought! Seeing how Danoh and Haru recycling the lines from the previous manhwa even in the Shadow.
    So this is my imagination on the ending ….
    A hand was seen drawing the manhwa. The camera slowly moved from the hand to the face of the writer. And it was ……. Haru! (remember how he is actually very good at drawing?). But this time he wrote a happy end for Danoh and Haru (himself). He wrote that in the shadow Danoh and Haru are able to change the stage with Haru. Danoh is able to live and survive the surgery. Haru looked at the ending from his manhwa the last time, closed the book and smiled. He looked up and saw Danoh sitting in the class, studying. “I will confess to her with this manhwa. All my feelings.”
    Hee hee.. it’s kind of cheesy….. Sorry my first attempt to imagine the fanfic.

    • V
      November 8, 2019 / 1:25 pm

      This theory is a-a-a-a-a-a-c-e-e-e-e-e-s! I love it. On a side note, I wonder if, inside the comic, our characters can change the story if they actual draw it themselves?

  5. Smurfett
    November 8, 2019 / 2:13 pm

    If BK understands that he needs to find a substitute, that means you need someone to die in DO’s place. There’s only two options, either BK dies or HR dies. Ack the angst!

    • V
      November 9, 2019 / 10:56 am

      I think that is it, too! That would be so sad though! I think it could also mean that a random person could be it as well. But I think you are right with someone sacrificing themselves.

  6. aroha
    November 20, 2019 / 9:43 am

    Can you please upload the background music during A3 entry in episode 1?
    Thank You

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