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Extraordinary You: Episode 11 (21-22) Live Recap

Recap Extraordinary You Recap Episode 11 (21-22)
Extraordinary You Recap Episode 11 (21-22), image MBC

Haru and Dano have reconnected at last. But with an incident like that, Dano most likely does not have that much time left on her side. They need to figure out how to change her life quickly. Though, they might be happy just spending time in the shadow for now.

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Dano looks around at the tree and thinks, I miss him, I miss Haru.

She starts to cry, but then Haru stands from the other side of the tree and calls her name. She sees him and runs over to him. They share a big embrace.

He tells her that he missed her. And then he says, I like you. She asks, huh? he tells her again, I like you.

So she leans in to kiss him, but her heart watch starts to beep so she stops. She apologizes. He pulls her in and kisses her softly. Her watch keeps beeping so he covers it with his hand and they keep kissing softly.

They then sit under the tree. He asks if it was hard coming all the way here. She smiles and says no, it was more difficult for you to wait for me. He says, I told you, I am not going anywhere anymore. Wherever you are, I will find you. I hope time stops like this. I hope the next stage doesn’t come.

They both look at the sky together. Jinmichae looks at them both sadly.

Meanwhile, Baek Kyung sits in the ospital and calcls Dano. But it is not connecting. So he texts her – where are you Dano – but he erases it. Then he remembers her running off to go to Haru.

He starts to see a little Baek Kyung and a little Dano in the hospital room together as he gives her the drug she has to eat. He asks her what the flowers are? She says that all the flowers have their own meaning. He gives her flower bouquet after flower bouquet. One one of them she writes – Pink rose meaning: you are the only one who knows my heart.

baek Kyung also had the same thing as a n adult. You are the only one who knows my heart. Which is why he brought those flowers for her on the 11th. He also brought those same flowers to her on the 14th.  The same ones on the 18th as well. He tells her, Eun Dano, wake up.

He remembers his mother being sick and flatlining when he held her hand, so he doesn’t want to hold Dano’s hand.

In the present, Dano is gone from the room. So Baek Kyung picks up the bouquet and is about to take it away. But he grips it tightly and then puts it back on her bed angrily. He walks off.


Dano happily walks to school thinking about Haru. Her two friends run up to her happily gushing that she is back at school. They tell her that their hospital visit worked. SO don’t get sick again.

They all walk up the steps together. Then Haru calls her name so she spins around and sees Haru smiling at her. She drops her bag as she thinks about the kiss. So she picks it up as she smiles at him and they holds hands as they walk in together.

Baek Kyung sees them and grows angry.

He goes into the infirmary and sits on one of the beds. He wonders why Eun Dano bothers him, this does not make any sense. Me and Eun Dano? Don’t I not care about her?

Dano and Haru keep walking holding hands, though it is a bit awkward. They let go all of a sudden. Dano says, my doctor says that holding hands is good for my heart and circulation and I get smarter and it is good for my health.

He says, no, it is just because I like you.

She happily chirps, how can you say that as if it is nothing! She hits him plaufully. But then Dohwa runs up and happily puts his arm around Haru to play. Haru tells him that he wants to have private time with Dano. Dano happily tells Dohwa that Dano and Haru are two and with you we are 1-2-3.

Dohwa gives Haru a book and says that he prepared it so that he knows how to hook the mind of a woman. Dano has a little scratch on her finger.

Haru asks Dano if he can study with her so they hurry off together. But Haru comes back and takes the book from Dohwa with a thank you.

Dano goes to the clinic and gets a little bandaid. She wonders if it was noticable with her and haru. She thinks about Haru again and says that she is crazy thinking about him all the time.

But then Baek Kyung tells her not to have that face in front of him. She sighs and asks if he wants to fight again. Dano says it was strange that he was nice to her recently, very strange. he says that she likes Haru because he can change the stage.

She says, at the beginning, yes.



He asks, so he is just an extra. She says yes, I am an extra and my character is still the same. But I don’t care anymore. Haru is not nobody to me. I told you, I am Oh Namjoo and Yeo Jooda’s friend and your fiancé and an extra in the secret. But I am Eun Dano before any of those things. When I am with Haru, I am Eun Dano. He makes me the main person. It does not matter what my role is. Haru and Ii are still happy outside of the stage.

She walks off.

Cut to three extras walking like they are the A3. The other students laugh and wonder why they are doing that. The lead guy tells one of the extra girls that she is the first woman doing that to him. But my mother says that I can’t do anything dumb. The girl says, I will take care of him!

But then the real Namjoo comes so everyone runs off to be his groupie.


nam Joo looks at his boarding pass as he sits at his desk. All the other kids happily talk around him in their respective areas. Namjoo looks at Jooda studying and then tells everyone to leave. Get out, I want to be with Yeo Jooda only. Leave.

So everyone leaves but they all look in the window. He tells Jooda that he wants to talk to her. She says no. 

In the hallway, one of the extras asks why they can’t just go out. Why are we all out here? One of them mentions that it is a rule that they have to listen to him. One of the girls says that Jooda always cries. She knows what she is now.

Inside, Jooda tells Namjoo that she is not a good match with him. Sorry. She walks out. Dohwa gets there to see that. He goes outside and gives Namjoo a scarf as she cries on a bench. 

She tells him to leave, she doesn’t want him to see her like this. He says crying is not like her. She asks what he means? What am I like? He says she smiles all the time, so he will find her smile.

He takes out his violin and is about to play. But then the stage part ends so he says that he told the writer to keep a distance from her! She starts laughing so he says that he could make her smile.

Elsewhere on campus, Baek Kyung thinks about what Dano told him about changing her terminal life character. He thinks she liked him because he could change her stage.

He sees Jinmichae and tells him that he is going crazy when he comes in between me an Dano. I go crazy when she has a look that I have never seen before. I am going to find out. Don’t pretend that you don’t know even though you know. he walks away.

Jinmchae goes to his room and sits in emotional pain as he thinks about the situation.

he is sent into a memory where he is in a large room looking at a man in bed. It might be the mans death bed? Jinmichae and Baek Kyung are there, but Baek Kyung turns away an looks at Jinmichae for a moment, then he leaves.

The next morning in this sageuk world, Baek Kyung tells a man that he was looking for him but he never came to see him. The man apologizes. Baek Kyung walks off with all his bodyguards.

Moo-young and Dae-sung are there. Moo-young asks the son if he is his son. The father gives him a signal so the son leaves. Dae-sung tells Moo-young not to make the prince wait too long. We should not have two suns in he sky. They start to argue about who supports which prince. Moo-young says that Dae-sung should not disgrace the palace, that is a coup. 

Dae-sung says that he just wants to know what he thinks. You are clean and loyal your entire life, that is why I want to follow you. Moo-young tells Dae-sung to keep his distance from the prince, I warn you. Dae-sung laughs and thanks him for worrying about him. He will dray blood eventually.

Baek Kyung goes back to a run and destroys a lot of things inside. This causes his hand to bleed. Haru is a guard and starts to wrap his wound. Dae-sung is with him so Dae-sung asks him if he is angry because the grand prince was born before you?

Baek Kyung tells him that what he just said is a coup. Dae-sung tells him that in the palace, all the people are the Kings people. If you don’t act first then you will get stabbed. he will send him to a higher place, but to do that you need a good line. Baek Kyung asks, line? Dae-sung says Eun Moo-young. All the subjects are on Eun Moon-youngs side. Find him and make him your person, find his weakness.



Cut to Baek kYung and Jinmichae having a drink together. But Baek Kyung pours his drink out. he tells Jinmichae that he can’t even drink it, so how can I drink it? Who will guess that Daebi put poison here because she is scared of you losing your love to her?

Jinmichae says that Baek Kyung is just like his mother. You also favor all the maids. Baek Kyung smiles at Jinmichae and calls him your highness as well. He tells him to be please well. he leaves.

Daebi comes into Jinmichaes room and slaps him as she asks if he is scared of his former brother? I am sorry that you mother did this, but dont’ you understand, you are the King already. You can only leave after death. You cannot make any mistakes in your life because you are the base of the country. And your mother is me! My life depends on it.

In the present, Jinmichae continues to think about this as she shivers and holds his hands. He tries to keep his emotions together, but he fails.


Dano asks Haru if he really thinks all this stuff exists? We are in this cartoon world, the writer should not be that smart. Haru asks if she thinks that the writer is dumb. She says of course, she made us extras after all.

They is looking at a lot of books with stars and astronomy in them. She says that she wants to look at them. She mentions that she is sick. Haru says that he told her that he will change her story. She says, the stars that we see that are sparkling are only a fraction of a second. They all have their own time, but they get together and make an infinite universe. I think my time has a meaning as well. I think that meaning is you. But it is still sad that I won’t be able to see the stars myself.

They go to the stacks where she starts to put up the books. He looks over at her and follows his hand to her face, temporarily blocking the sun. This pulls him into a memory where she says that it should be difficult to find stars. Thank you for giving me the prettiest sky in the world. You gave me my wish.

Dano calls Haru’s name in the library and asks him what he is thinking. He opens his eyes and asks – Dano, what if we see starts? They should travel from far away. Light travels 30,000 Km/s. Maybe we are moving forward to each other a lot further than we expected or can imagine.





Dano giggles under the covers as she remembers Haru says that he wants to be with Dano only. She kicks her feet happily and wonders when he learned lines like that. Then she flips the covers up and wonders how he can say that as if it is nothing. is this it? Loving someone? Ah, at least I understand this a little bi when Jooda is connected to Namjoo.

She wonders how much longer she has as a character with a terminal life and hopes that she spents the time she has left with Haru. Not on stage. She happily hugs her pillow and playfully asks, what are you going to do with me alone! 


A new strudent shows up to school and asks Haru where the teachers room is. he points hre in the right direction. But then he goes and stares out of the window in inside. Dano runs up to him and steadies her heart as she puts her back on his and asks how he is.

But her heart rate goes up so she has to try and breathe a few times to lower it. He watches her. She looksa t him as well and speaks a mile a minute as she says, Haru, when you call me Eun Dano, it makes my weak heart about to explode! But it makes me so mad that this is nothing for you.

He holds her hand and tells her that he is also very nervous as well. But then her two friends run up so they twist away from each other suspiciously. The friends catch this and tells them that they look suspicious. Are you dating? haru says yes, Dano does not say anything.

Sae-mi does not think so, Dano has Baek kyung, you do not know women at all. Come one! She pulls Soochul away. So Dano and Haru are left happily. He tells her she is so strong as a small person.


namoo starts to walk away as he walks down the steps. All the girls are there to wish him goodbye. he tells Jooda who is at the bottom of the steps that he is leaving. She looks on with doe eyes. Then he starts to walk away and the stage ends, cartoon leafs falls on her.

She brushes off the leaves and calls to him. Hey Oh Namjoo, dont’ worry about it. I wonder how I will be without you. It can be fun. Goodbye. She walks away. All the students are all like oooo, ahhhh.


In class, Dano happily looks at Haru as the teacher tells them to think about who they love. he is reading from a book. He says think about who the most beautilfu star is as you lay on my shoulder and sleep.

haru has his eyes closed and starts to dream about Dano in the sageuk playing in a field of flowers. She says that her wish in this open field is to look at the stars together with her lovely husband.

In the present, Dano wakes up Haru. he looks at her strongly so she asks why he is looking at her like that. She touches her face to keep from blushing. He tells her that she might have liked stars before, let’s go.

Cut to baek Kyung and Haru talking at the lockers. Baek Kyung tells him that he changed a lot. You used to be my best friend that listened to me well. It bothers me now that you have your consciousness.

Cut to the sageuk where Baek Kyung  talks to someone who is on his knees on the floor. He asks if he really will not be on his side! The man tells him that he needs to follow the rules of the palace. Haru is by Baek Kyung’s side.

Baek Kyung tells the man that he is going to kill him to correct what was wrong in the palace. The man says that he will be loyal until the end. Baek Hyung walks away and Haru kills the man with his sword.



Baeuk Kyung mutters that it is good for Hyung, he has a lot of people on his side. Haru has blood splattered on his face. Baek Kyung tells Haru that he is the only one on his side. So he will make Eun Moo-young his person (Dano’s father). he tells Haru to find out more about Eun Dano.

So Haru sneaks onto Moo-youngs property and sees Dano. She happily ran to give her father a hug. He tells her not to run, be sure to keep your dignity. Then he gives her a gift.

She happily goes to the market with her maid and runs to look at all the thigs that are for sale. Haru follows from a safe distance and watches her.

Her maid pulls her away to look at more things. But Dano starts to run in her own direction to look at other things. She goes inside a cloth shop and is on a chair looking at various cloths. That is when she falls off the chair and falls backwards. Haru gives her his back for her to fall on, then he lets her fall into his arms.

On another night, Dano walks around undercover. Haru follows her. But she is able to avoid him and then puts a knife or something to his back and asks him who he is! Whya re you following me! Tell me the truth! He tells her that he has to protect her. Then he breaks away and runs away.

he continues to watch her and starts orchestrating moments where Baek Kyung can appear as a knight in shining armor to her rescue. There is a moment were Haru pushes books off a shelf so that Baek Kyung can protect Dano quickly and then walk away like ti is noting. Dano is stricken. Haru keeps watching her.

Dano picks up a charm that fell from Baek Kyung and looks at it. She wonders if Baek Kyung is his name? Who is that person? Can I see him again? Can I stand and wait for him?

Haru thinks that he should have told Baek Kyung that Moo-young does not have any weakness. But then he hears a sound and pulls his sword out. He thinks it is that sound.

he wakes up inside the sageuk as if he woke up in the stage. He is in the library of the sageuk. Dano is there. Baek Kyung comes up to him and tells him that he knew she was coming there. She is so easy to read.  haru thinks that he needs to stop Baek Kyung and grabs him. Baek kYung asks what he is doing. Btu that small thing ruins Baek Kyungs plans so he gets angry at Haru.

Then Haru wakes up in another staged moment of the sageuk. He wonders what is happened. In this stage, they are outside looking at Dano, Baek Kyung tells Haru that she is so easy to read. He thinks that this is the same as before. So they start to walk past Dano. dano sees them and starts to run to them. 

Baek kYung bumps into her again and tells her that three coincidental meetings means that it is fate. She asks him what his name is. he tells her that he will tell her on the day that coincidence becomes fate. Haru thinks that whatever will happen will happen.

On another day, he stands in a field with Dano. he tells her that Baek Kyung is out of town. She says that she knows, he would not like flowers anyway. Why is he always so busy? Do you like flowers? Haru says that he does.

She tells him that she knew it. I am going to walk all the way to the end. WOuld you like to walk with me? he smiles and nods. She starts walking but then trips and falls. She breaks her accessory and is bummed about it. He reaches out to hold her hand, but he stops himself.

Suddenly he wakes up in the high school.

he immediately runs around the school looking for something. He passes an open door and stops to look inside. It is Dano. She says that she has two more pills. He is crying, but he does not know that he is crying at first. then he goes to sit with the flowers on the bench outside and looks at his accessory ornament.

After that, he goes and finds the cartoon book in the library. It looks like the book is still there? Or is somehow there again?

So he goes to meet with Jinmichae. he tells him that he said that his beginning is not with the book Secret. I have a memory of my previous life. Whenever I think about it, unknown feelings come and my heart hurts and I become insecure and sad. Over there, baek Kyung is still Dano’s ~.

Jinmichae finished ans says, fiance. Our writer has no creativity. She uses the same characters over and over again. She only changes the situations. That is why you have the memories. You have to stop who changes the stage. Even if that is Eun Dano. Don’t make the same mistake again.

Haru asks, again?

Jinmichae asks if he still wants to change the story for Eun Dano? Haru asks what the end of the story is? Jinmichae says that he and Eun Dano will never be together, because it is already decided by the writer.

Dohwa texts Baek Kyung to tell him that his brother said that Dano’s diagnosis is very bad. So be nice to Eun Dano so it will not stress her heart. Baek Kyung reads that and then calls Dano.

Dano answers though she is annoyed. he asks when she goes to the hospital again.She ask why. He tells her that she knows why he hates to go to the hospital. Dano says yeah yeah I know, tell the writer. Do you think I like it when you come? Hello?

He hung up so she wonders why he is calling her and asking if she is going to the hospital and doing all these things he has never done before.


Baek Kyung leaves home for school in the morning. His family looks super happy as his step mother gives his little brother something and then straightens her husbands tie. Baek Kyung is left standing alone as they walk off. But his father tells him to hop in.

Baek Kyung tells him that Eun Dano is super sick. The father says that is better for them, then it will soften her fathers heart. Baek Kyung asks, even though he does not have consciousness, can you be a person outside of the stage? Do you even remember what day is today?

The father says that he almost forgot, he needs to spare some time. The step-mother says that today is there wedding anniversary. Baek Kyung sighs and says that he did not expect her to remember and tells his step mother to not say mother in front of him. then he walks away.

His little brother runs up to him and says he is sorry about today. People don’t do that on purpose. Baek Kyung tells him that he does not know anything, you don’t know how alone it is outside the stage. Just go.

The little brother watches him walk away and mutters – I know.




The teachers starts to discuss poems to the class. Dano looks for Haru but he is not around. After class, she runs into Dohwa who has the new student walking with him. He introduces her and says that the teacher told him to walk her around.

Dano asks where she is from. Dohwa whispers that she does not have that planned yet. Dano nods knowingly and they mention that it is nice that she has as name. Btu then she says that they have to hurry, it is Jinmichae day so they will have a long line.

The girl says she likes to eat jinmichae, where is the cafeteria? Dano runs back and asks where Baek Kyung is. Dohwa says that he has not seen him. She ask about his A3 place? Dohwa says that he comes to school whenever he wants.

Baek Kyung is at a cemetery looking at his  mothers plaque site. Dano comes up and puts flowers there and tells Baek Kyung’s mother that she knows he is like this skipping class and giving mea  hard time. But at least he is not too bad since he visits you.

Baek kyung and Dano go to sit and talk. he asks how she knew it was his  mothers day. She says that she remembers at this time of the year you cried a lot when there was good foliage. You cried a lot back then and were somewhat cute. SO why did you grow up like this.

he tells her that she is the only one who knows who remembers inside and outside of the stage. She asks if he is only just remembering it. He says that she was the only one smiling in front of him, I remembered it too late ~. But he stops what he is saying and then tells her that he will take her home. He walks away.

They walk to her place. he tells her goodbye but asks if she is really going to die? She starts to talk about her character description and all that. he says that he is asking her because he believes it. She says that a successful surgery is hopeful, okay, goodbye.

She goes inside, he thinks that it is not too late for you and me.

Dano wakes up in bed and thinks that something hurts a lot. She has a fever so her father comes in and tells her that her fever went down a bit. You should stay at home, don’t go to school. But she says that she can go to school! However , her father tells her to stay at home. 

Dano thinks that this is just like being hospitalized again, Haru will worry about me.

At school, Haru thinks that Dano is sick again, I can’t do anything again. He thinks about Dano and all the time they spent talking about stars in the present and the past. In the past, she told Baek Kyung thank you for showing me a pretty sky and for remembering my wish.

Haru is in the near distance looking at the sky as well.

He wakes up laying on the floor in the art room and wonders why his heart hurts so much. Why do I feel so nervous? I miss you Eun Dano.




Dano makes it back to school and immediately tells Haru hello. He give sher a big hug and asks how her sickness is. Baek Kyung watches and rolls his eyes.

Dano tells Haru that she is super strong and flexes her arm. She asks if he waited for her. Haru says that he will wait for her, whatever it takes.

Baek Kyung realizes that this was his line in the sageuk! he runs off and finds all the burned pieces of comic to read it again.

Meanwhile, Haru takes Dano to the art room and telsl her to close her eyes and count to ten. So she does that and counts. Then when she opens her eyes, sheh sees tons of stars inside the room because Harupocked a lot of constelations in a black sheet that made the light shine through the window. it looks really great.

So they sit in a darkened art room as the stars shine on them. Haru tells her that this can sound funny. She tells him, I like funny stories! So he continues and says that they might have known each other a lot longer than they think. A long long time ago, more than we think. She asks, what are you takling about, that is not funny.

he tells her that he will do anything for her. She asks, huh? he says, the things that she likes and paving her own future. She says that she is not changing it anymore. He tells her that he thinks that they are not just living as the writer wants. So that is why I think you found me, a person who does not even have a name. From now on, wherever you are, I will find you again. Know I understand Why my begining was you.

She stands and tells him – Haru, thank you. For giving me the most beautiful sky in the world as a present, and for remembering my wish. 

She smiles brightly at him. Baek Kyung looks in on them in the room, he drops the pieces of cartoon onto the floor. (This was the exact line that she said to Baek Kyung before).

Fade Out



Still intrigued by the background, though I would like this drama to focus more on the present storyline. That is where all the fun is! The background is a tad bit too serious for me. Though I do like finding out what happened and how it is affecting the present time line.


DB – In a different world, could we be happy together?

Haru – In the scenes I remember, we were happy and soleda

BK – You and my relationship is so resilient because it repeats over and over again.

Dano – Do you also see the storyboard?

BK – I told you, I am the one that can change your fate

Dano – For me, it was Haru from the beginning

BK – Have yo thought that the fate that you are changing is really changing or if it is following the writers path?

Haru – Even if it follows the writers plan, until the end I will continue doing this for Dano.

BK – She is mine, it is fate from the beginning

Dano – I actually don’t want to marry Baek Kyung.

BK – We can’t avoid each other.

BK – This f’ing stage, I can change it also.

BK – We will see if your heart changes also!

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  1. Midnightwatcher
    November 6, 2019 / 11:17 am

    Thank you for live recapping. I wonder why Haru is saying the same lines again from the sageuk manhwa. Is it possibly that even their current situation is another plot writing by the writer, like manhwa inside a manhwa.
    My head hurts!

    • V
      November 6, 2019 / 3:29 pm

      My guess is that it means that Haru might be the new main character because he is saying the lines of the main character!

  2. CiCi
    November 6, 2019 / 6:01 pm

    I think Haru and Dan Oh are also controlled by the writer in the shadow. Haru and Dan Oh said the same lines like in the Flower comic, but the only thing Haru saying those lines instead of BK. Haru is awake from both stage and shadow world; and he knows that the writer is controlling Dan Oh in both stage and shadow. He smiles at Dan Oh but he is hurt from inside because he has been hurt in the past. He knew that he will get hurts more this time and because he cannot change anything for her right now (maybe he has not find an answer/solution to change it). No matter what, he still tell Dan Oh that he will find her. What a terrible writer! How can her control people’s felling when they are awake (on the stage) but not fully awake (in the shadow). I think that is why Haru is so heart broken when he looks at Dan Oh, a person he love, he’s been trying to be but it seems the writer doesn’t want too. His crying while smiling at Dan Oh… It is so painful :(.

    • V
      November 6, 2019 / 8:27 pm

      This theory is great ☆

    • Midnightwatcher
      November 7, 2019 / 2:14 am

      If this is the case, what a tragic life Dan Oh and all the characters have. They really have no control of what they can or can not do.

  3. Appu
    November 11, 2019 / 11:55 pm

    What is the name of the piano piece played in the beginning of episode 21. The song starts when Haru kisses Eun Dan Oh

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