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Extraordinary You: Episode 10 (19-20) Live Recap

Recap Extraordinary You Episode 10 (19-20)
Extraordinary You Recap Episode 10 (19 & 20), image MBC

Dano and team are back having fun and enjoying that Haru has returned to his right mind. But that ending scene was a doozy for our story and clued us into how deeply this glitch really goes with our characters. Is what Jinmichae said true? Will this all end horribly? Well, first off, how did it end back then Jinmichae? Don’t bite your tongue now. Dish!

Also, Happy Halloween everyone! 🦇

Our recap starts at 8am CST!

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Haru and Baek Kyung stand off on the tennis court. Haru asks him if he likes Dano. Stop talking about the character chart, do you like her?

Baek Kyung tells him, how dare you ask me that. Haru answers back, I like Eun Dano.

Cut to Baek Kyung going to the courtyard resting area and kicking over a stand in anger. It is the stand that had that burned book, so he sees several of the pages and takes them back to the clubhouse to read them.

This burned book is the sageuk. The cartoon dialogue in the cartoon was the same as the dialogue from his family dinner with Dano’s family.

He sits back and wonders, what the f?

In the library, Dohwa reads a book and looks like he is really into the story as h talks to himself for it. Baek Kyung comes in and says that this kind of scene is only for the main character. Dohwa tells him that it just makes him feel pitiful as the second male lead. He walks off.


The teacher speaks at the front of the classroom. Dano happily looks at Haru and Haru happily looks at Dano. Baek Kyung is not happy about that. He opens his notebook and looks at the shards of book that remain. He also thinks about what Dohwa said about some things only being for the main character.

So he goes to meet with Jinmichae and shows him the page shards. Jinmichae’s eyes grow large as he asks how he got it. Baek Kyung tells him that he has to tell him about the writers previous world now. I told you if I found it then you would have to tell me the truth.

He leans against the planter and says that this looks like the writers previous work. Jinmichae asks what about it? It is the previous story so it doesn’t have any power. Baek Kyung asks him why he is hiding it if it does not have power? Dano said the same things that were in the book.

Jinmichae asks what he wants? Baek Kyung says that he wants everything to go back to were it is supposed to be. He leaves. Jinmichae thinks that he thought he burned that book thoroughly, Baek Kyung is too dangerous of a character.


Dano sits in front of Haru and wants to look at his scores. He didn’t do well on his English test so she tells him that she is an English specialist. You have to know many words to master English. She starts to pretend like she is teaching him English and shows him the word, “Extraordinary” he says, it is Extra’s like us and “Ordinary” is normal.

So it is Extra + Ordinary = Super ordinary (lol lol lol!). They say that it is like them. Two extra’s plus ordinary makes it super special. Extra Ordinary You. She tells him that he is super right, I give you 1000 points out of 10. Don’t look at me, practice writing.

She tells him that she hopes their special hours last a long long time.


Later on she thinks about what Haru said about two extra’s getting together and making a special time makes it Extra Ordinary You. She smiles dreamily and then tells herself that she has to focus.

She reads a book and thinks about all her meetings with Haru.

VO – He stands out among people. When he came to me from far away, somehow part of my heart had feelings. All the meaningless behaviors became important. Then I realized that I loved that person. Loved?

Haru comes up and asks what she is reading? She closes it and quickly hops up and starts fumbling around with putting the book back and then runs off. He is all like, what are you doing?



Dano and friends eat outside. Saemi asks where Jjinmichae is, it doesn’t feel like I ate if he is not around. Soochul says that she has no appetite only after she eats. They bicker back and forth. Then Soochul asks where Haru is. it is empty without him.

Haru walks up on Dano and says, I found you. The other two say, hi Haru.

Haru smiles at Dano and sits right next to her. He asks why she left last time. She is super quiet, her heart rate goes off, so she takes off running away.

Her friends wonder what she is doing. Haru looks off at her and smiles.


Dano nod off in class. Haru looks at her. Cut to Dano sleeping on her desk in an empty classroom. the wind from the window blows in her bangs and Haru comes up from practice to look at her. 

He lays his head and arm in a mirror image on her desk and sleeps as well. She wakes up and sees him sleeping on the desk next to her so her eyes grow big and she hops up like a stick and is about to leave.

But he lightly grabs her arm and asks where she is going? She says, lunch! Lunch! He tells her that they already had lunch. She says that she will have a second lunch. Haru asks why she is so shy all day?

Then his tennis friends come in so he stands and lightly touches her face as he tells her, see you later. She blushes and smiles so happily.

Later on she walks around campus smiling and singing Haru’s name and bouncing around. Jinmichae sees her and thinks that Dano is so consistent. How can she look exactly the same as the last story. This writer does not have any creativity.

He tells her that she looks like she likes something too much. She tells him that he scared her, who, me, what? Jinmichae says, Haru. She asks if it is so noticeable? Are you going to say that extra’s can’t do it? Or that this world will be destroyed? Don’t say that.

he tells her that everyone has equal chances of liking someone. She asks how come he says that? Do you like someone? He says that he used to. She asks if she knows that person? He says that they are not in this world because the writer did not draw it. Should I say that it is good? it is actually a thankful thing for the writer, it is better not to see her.

She tells him that you have to see someone when you want to see them. We are not main characters so I have to work hard to acquire love. But even the writer can’t stop me from loving someone. The writer is nothing!

She wakes up standing next to Haru and Baek Kyung’s locker. They are at their lockers. Dano wonders if she is here because she talked bad about the writer? Sigh. She motions to Haru to go away and thinks that at least this stage has Haru so I will forgive the writer.

Baek Kyung tells her to tell him, you don’t have to send Haru away. So she smiles and then says that he has the racket that she gave him. Actually, me and Haru bought it together. Baek Kyung says that he has a lot of these so don’t buy it anymore. Let’s have a quiet life. Don’t collapse and make me go to the hospital also. because when you go to the hospital, it drives me crazy (but in a good way).

She apologizes for being sick. He tells her that he is not talking about that. Then he looks at all the other kids who are giving him negative looks and saying that he is doing it again. Baek Kyung chuckles and says that she is always like this. She makes him into an a-hole. he gives his racket to Haru and tells him that he can use it or throw it away. 

The stage ends.

Haru drops it and takes Dano’s hand. Dano tells Baek Kyung that she knows that it is not true, but it still hurts. Sh starts to walk away. Haru tells Baek Kyung that he told him not to harass Eun Dano.

Baek Kyung grips Haru by the collar. One of the extra’s walks up and tells them to stop fighting, we are all among friends. Baek Kyung looks around and asks Haru when he became the main character like this.

He walks away.


He goes to the clubhouse and opens their comic, then he looks at the shard comic image and compares them. In the previous story, Haru, Dano, and Baek Kyung where the mains. But Baek Kyung thinks about what Jinmichae said about how the previous story does not matter because it is already a completed story.

Baek Kyung wonders why he is mattering in this when he is only an extra here then?

Cut to Haru sleeping on a desk. he dreams about the sageuk. In the dream Dano tells a man that these stars are the biggest she has ever seen. Thank you for giving me the prettiest sky in the world as a present to me. Thank you for remembering my wish.

Haru looks at Dano talking to this man. He also sees a norigae accessory hanging from her belt.

Haru wakes up in the library and thinks that he had that dream again. He remembers Jinmichae saying that he could not give him the origin of his beginning because his beginning is not in the book Secret (the current novel they are in).

Haru goes to his drawing spot and looks at the images. He also holds the norigae accessory that they found at the temple and looks at his drawing of Dano.


Baek Kyung talks to Dano as she walks up the steps of the school . He tells her, what I say in the stage…~. 

She asks if he wants to apologize to her? You can apologize if you have the experience of apologizing and you can smile if you have the experience of smiling. Your character is pretty bad, like mine. In this situation, an extra without any character can be better. But what about me…I am an extra and am destined to die.

He asks her if being an extra is better? She says yes, look at Haru. he can change the stage because he has no character. BK asks her why she is talking about Haru. In the stage with me, you keep watching Haru and talking to him. Do you like Haru?  He waits for a moment and then says, it is okay, you don’t have to answer.

He walks off.

Dohwa comes up to Baek kyung in the hallway and tells him that hew anted to read that book right? BK tells him to go away. Dohwa asks if he is embarrassed? We are stuck in the same kind of story. Okay I will give it to Haru.

Baek Kyung asks, Haru? Dohwa says that Haru needs to read these kinds of books to learn things so he can make a girlfriend.


Baek Kyung asks why they care about the extra so much? Dohwa says that he envies him. When we walk with Oh Namjoo in a triangle, are you okay with that? It is so embarrassing. Everything is so embarrassing.

Cut to them walking with Namjoo in their triangle and the stars and lights shining on them on the steps. Namjoo tells Dohwa that it is early, they need to keep their A3 dignity. Dohwa tells him that answering greetings is my dignity. In his mind he thinks that it is so cheesy and he thinks that h will met Yo Jooda in this stage. She is at her locker at the bottom of the steps.

Dohwa thinks that she looks okay, she cried a lot in the science room. Baek Kyung asks if it is dignity to hit on Jooda and says that she is your shuttle? nam Joo tells him, hey hey. BK say that he knows that his way of hitting on her is childish, so when are you going to date her?

Jooda comes up to them and tells him, thank you for the science class. Dohaw asks if something happened between them? nam Joo tells him that it is none of his business. Dohwa thinks, yeah, he rescued her from the science room, just like a main character.

Jooda asks Namjoo when he is going to tell her his wish. he says today. Come to the auditorium after class. All the students are watching them. The three that tormented Jooda are as well. Namjoo wants to yell at them, but Jooda says that she is okay, from now on, whatever happens, you will come and rescue me.

It looks like Jooda might have her consciousness. Namjoo tells her, let’s go.

Cut to Dohwa waking up playing the violin. He thinks to himself that he should throw away this violin. But then Jooda comes in. she tells him that she wondered where this good music was coming from. He smiles and asks if she is dating Oh Namjoo? She tells him that it is not like that.

She asks what the name of the song is. He says that it is “My Heart that I Want you to Know.”

He starts to play another song titled “Sadness of Love”. She looks at him as if she has her consciousness. The stage ends. Dohwa stops playing and says that his lines are so cheesy and expected. Why do I have to do this. I am not a second male lead, I am a background music player. it i so embarrassing.

He gets up to leave. Jooda tells him quickly that she likes it when he plays, it comforts her. And she remembers it when she has a hard time.

He tells her not to smile, he is really serious. Namjoo comes in and asks her if she is going to the art room? Jooda heads out and tells Dohwa that she likes the song he played for her. Not the Sadness of love, but the Happiness of Love. She runs out to walk off with Nam Joo.

Dohwa watches her leave and then tells his violin that they should have a bit of pleasant distance from each other.



Dohwa looks at chess pieces carved like warriors and tells Baek Kyung that he decided to support Nam Joo and Jooda for Jooda’s happiness. Because it is difficult to show everything in the stage. it is also difficult to show my true heart. 

Baek Kyun asks if h confessed to Jooda? he says yes, but in the stage Oh Namjoo confessed to her. Baek Kyung asks what he is talking about? Dohwa says that it is based on what Dano saw. Namjoo should have confessed to Jooda. But because I confessed to Jooda, that scene changed to you confessing to Eun Dano.

Baek Kyung thinks back to that night and his confession in front of everyone.

In the present, Dohwa says that because of Haru, I could confess. But this is a result of what happened. Baek Kyung asks, so that means that the stage changed? How?

Dohwa says it is because it was Haru. Baek kyung asks how he did it? Dohwa says that he might have a way, he does not know how.

Baek kyung goes to see Jinmichae and asks if the characters can change if the stage changes? I heard that Haru changed the stage. So if I change it, will anything change?

Jinmichae tells him no. Not everyone can chance the stage. Baek Kyung asks why it is Haru? Jinmichae says, yeah, the main characters like you and me can’t do it, but an extra can? We can’t fake it to the writer because we have certain roles. What the writer wants will happen anyway. Because the writer drew the changed stage by themself. 

Baek Kyung wakes up at the school clinic. He is looking at Dano. Baek Kyung comes up and gives him what he asked him for. Baek Kyung takes it and thanks Haru. then he asks him what he would like to do the most if he did not have a lot of time left. He would like to do everything with Dano.

Haru says that if I was her, then I would want to be with you all day. he likes you a lot. Eun Dano. They both look at each other with their consciousness. Haru leaves and then the stage ends. He takes a deep breath and heads back inside the room but Baek Kyung stops him at the door and tells him that Dano is sleeping. You can’t do anything for her in the stage. You barely do what I ask you. You changed Dano’s fate, so many things changed. You cannot win over me, you are just an extra.




A student comes in with their exam results. he posts them at he front. All the kids look at it and talk about how Nam Joo didn’t take the exam and joke about how some kids are first at the bottom.

Baek Kyung and Haru stand up in the back and look at each other. In the front, the kids say that Baek Kyung is not first. Haru is. Wow, he is good at studying also? Super cool.

They all look at Haru in amazement. The class president tells Haru to update Dano on the class that she missed. Baek Kyung says that he will do it. But he class president says that the teacher told him to tell the first in class to do it.

Haru says he will do it. Baek Kyung asks, why you? Haru asks, why didn’t you win over an extra? Baek Kyung asks, what? Haru tells him, you didn’t know that this would happen?

Two girls run over to Haru and ask him to teach them how to study! Haru and Baek Kyung keep on glaring at each other.


Haru stands on the steps near the lockers thinking about how he cannot do anything in a stage for Eun Dano. You can’t win, you are an extra.

Dano is standing next to him and asks what he is thinking. She asks if he was waiting for a long time? I thought that it would be okay after the stage ends. But the pain is a little worse now. But no, it is not that bad now, I am really okay. 

Haru asks, it hurts? Dano, I want to change your character. Let’s change it. Let me change it. She asks, what if you disappear again, like before? He says that now he has his role. He is Baek Kyung’s friend. So I won’t disappear too easily.

She says that he is Baek Kyung’s friend, I am Baek Kyung’s fiance. The writer likes Baek Kyung so much. Your character is worse than Dohwa..~. But she bites her tongue.

Haru asks, what if Baek Kyung is the one that can change your fate. But then he says no and looks at the crowd of students. Her heart rate goes off. She thinks that she is okay, why is it beeping. Haru says that it means that the stage is starting now. He holds her watch and pulls her away as he says he will change her story.

Haru walks to Saemi and then tells her that she will collapse in this stage. Baek Kyung will rescue you. if this stage is your stage, then this is the connection. He takes off her watch. he then says that something can change. See, it is beeping regardless of your pain.

He puts the watch on Saemi. She asks what he is doing? Haru looks at Dano and says that everything can go back to how it was also. Saemi looks at the watch and asks why it is beeping. 

A guy asks if she likes him? If I hold you hand, will it beep more? Saemi says that it is broken.

Then Baek Kyung walks in. Dano falls to her knees. Baek Kyung is about to run up, but stops abruptly. Haru looks at him.

The group crowds around Dano and Saemi. Baek Kyung tells Haru in his mind to look at this situation carefully to see who the main character is.

He runs up to the crowd and sees Saemi on the ground. he asks, what happened? Where is Eun Dano? Saemi wakes up and thinks, wow, Nam Joo is so cool so my heart almost burst.

The stage ends. Soochul comes running up and tells her not to get sick without his permission. She hits him and tells him not to mock Namjoo.

In the back, Haru is holding Dano and running off with her. Baek Kyung sees this in disbelief.


He goes to his clubhouse and thinks about Dano and Haru. he remembers telling her that he can do what he did for you. I can help you change the story. But Dano tells him that only Haru can do it.

Baek Kyung is bouncing his tennis ball, but he ends up dropping it and looking off.


Namjoo is ready for his big reveal to Namjoo as he stand in the auditorium. His mother comes in looking disgusted and says that he is too crazy about this girl. they argue about it. Namjoo tells her that he is just an accessory to her, he is empty or just surface. She tells him to shut up and to come out.

But he say no. She asks, is it that hard to be the heir of the company? She drops an airplane ticket on the ground and tells him that he knows best how important this is. Even if you are just surface. Go tell the chairman everything. Jooda, Saemi, and your secret! Your life should not have any mistakes because you are Cha Ji-eun’s son, Oh Namjoo.

In the hallway, Jooda happily walks to the auditorium and sees how pretty it looks for her. There is a walkway of rose petals and balloons decorating the floor. A huge poster is on the stage of Namjoo and flowers in bouquets are around. But Namjoo is not there.

Dohwa is walking near Jooda’s sandwich shop and thinks that Namjoo should have confessed by now. She is not working. He asks her boss where she is. He asks if he is her friend? She is not picking up the phone to come to work. This never happens.

Dohwa grows concerned and runs back to the school. he runs all the way to the auditorium and sees Jooda happily standing there waiting.

He asks her if she is stupid? How long will you wait for Namjoo?! She smiles and says that he will be here soon. He tells her that he cannot watch her do this to herself. Even though you do not have your consciousness, think about yourself.

She asks him what she can do, in school people give her a hard time. Outside school, I have to work all day for my Grandmothers bill. I want to have my parents support like you guys and I want to hang out with friends after school, not work, and I want to take extra classes and be a 3Go student. But Namjoo is the first person that approached me, so even though it seems like I am stupid and waiting for someone who will never come, I have to wait for Namjoo here. Because I can’t do anything alone.

She starts to cry so Dohwa pulls her into a big hug.


Cut to Jooda walking to school. Namjoo’s mother stops her and asks where she is going? She says to school. The mother asks, on the weekend? She says that she is going to see Oh Namjoo. So the mother hits her upside her head and tells her that if she does not know things, she should at least know who she is. This is a critical moment for my Namjoo’s life. How dare you.

But the stage ends. So Jooda look at her and tells her, ajumma, stop, nothing will change. Then she walks off confidently. The mother asks, how dare you?

Jooda gets to the auditorium. Namjoo tells her that he is sorry about yesterday, she says that she did not come yesterday. She also tells him, can you stop saying things that kids will misunderstand? I am getting a scholarship from your families foundation, there should not be any unnecessary misunderstanding. You and me are nothing.

Namjoo tells her that she does not know how he came there. I gave up everything~. Jooda tells him to please clean up everything today. She leaves.


Dano is sitting with her doctor Ju-hwa to check her heart. He tells her that if she feels anything abnormal, tell me. Are there any symptoms besides the heart issues? She tells him, yes! I feel something pocking me here! And I can’t breathe! But I think I am okay. She smiles and blushes as she says, Haru. he says, all day? (because Haru means today).


But then she wakes up in the doctors office again and everyone looks serious. She wonders why the doctor and her father are so serious. The doctor asks her the same thing about her heart and says that she needs to tell him if anything has happened. She says that actually the pain is a bit worse. 

So he tells her that he thinks they will have to do a thorough checkup. She asks if she has to be hospitalized?

Dano tells her father to tell her honestly, am I really sick?


Cut to Dano looking at photos of her and Haru at home. But then her heart starts to hurt which makes her catch her breath. She wonders why it hurts so much and wonders if she really has to undergo surgery. She thinks about Haru telling her that she is not just an extra, she is extra ordinary you.

She thinks that she does not want to die. She looks at a photo and says, I miss you. The camera scrolls away and then opens on Haru looking out the window.

Dano runs up to him happily and tells him that she hate the writer, they always separate you and me. But I hate the Eun Dano character more. She is so stupid. She confesses and gets dumped, confesses and gets dumped. 

Haru says that he likes Eun Dano character. She is cute and pretty, and honest….

She smiles and eats up all the comments as she sits next to him and tells him to say more.

They decide to hang out together. So we see a montage of her pretending to be an English teacher and then they play the piano together, they go outside and take a lot of photos around campus with Dano posing but she gets upset because she wants him to make her legs look longer.

So she runs off and tells him that she wants to take a photo with them and the tree. So they start to take a selfie together. He asks her to stand on her toes, but she is so short so he says that he will crouch. They take the photos.

They go draw next. He draws a picture of her and she draws one of him. Though they both draw a lot of pictures because several are on the ground that he drew of her.

They take their latest drawings off the easel and lay on the drawing on the floor and look at each other happily.


That night, they happily stand on the outdoor terrace and look at the school. Dano says that everything looks so small from up here. Do you think that the writer feels the same looking t all of us? What they write makes us move when they don’t write, we stop.

He tells her that they move without any scenes. She nods and says that is right. So she asks him what his dream is? She says that she wants to be a person that can move the way she wants to move. She is 18 so she wonders if 19 year old Dano still exists?

He says that 20 year old Dano will stand next to him, because they are making their own way. She smiles and pulls her her phone as she starts talking about how everyone says that that tree is the oldest tree in the school. It is 300 years old this October 10th, so it should have a lot of story behind it. But maybe it is a made up story by the writer. Bt she still thinks it is special because it has been there the longest.

She tells him that wherever they are at, the stage or the shadow, let’s meet there on October 10th. Then, I feel like we will meet each other a long time later.

He says, 19 year old us…20 year old us…

They both think about that for a moment. Her watch beeps. She covers it with her hand and looks at Haru. he is pleasantly looking at the stars.


Cut to Dano at home drawing something happily on her cell phone as she lays in bed. She thinks about Haru telling her that 19 ad 20 year old Dano will be next to him because they are making their own story.

Dano hops up and exclaims that it was so much like a confession, right! Why else would he say those things it is wasn’t? Ah, how can I wait until tomorrow morning!

But she wakes up in the hospital. At first she wonders if she is dreaming as she looks around the hospital room. it is October 10th.

At the school, Haru waits at the tee. Some girls walk by and say that this is the 300 year old anniversary for the tree. Daebak. They hurry off. Haru keeps waiting. He waits until night and keeps waiting.

Dano is in the hospital. Her doctor says that she will be there for a few days for a thorough checkup. Her father asks if it is okay? I worry about the results. I hope that Dano is okay every time.

They say that she will be okay, she is a brave girl. Dano thinks, yes, i am brave. Then the stage ends so she hops out of bed. She tells them that she has an appointment.

But she wakes up and it is the 13th.

Then she wakes up and it is the 17th.

She wonders what she should do.


At school, Haru looks out the window as he waits. Dohwa tells him that Dano is pretty sick, her hospitalization is longer now. Haru starts to run to the hospital.

But he wakes up in the classroom. So he starts to run to the hospital again. he crosses a bridge and almost hets there.

But he wakes up in the library, so he starts to run again.

But then he wakes up in the classroom. He starts to run again. But then he hears Saaemi and Soochul say that they want to go to the hospital to see Dano. Let’s go.

Haru looks at them sadly as if he really wants to go as well.



Soochul and Saemi go to the hospital. Dano thanks them for visiting and wonders, what about Haru?


Haru is in the drawing room sitting amongst all the images he has drawn of Dano. He picks on up and remembers his fun day with Dano. He remembers her say that they can see each other on October 10th, whether they are in shadow or stage. I think we can see each other for a long time by the tree.

A tear rolls from from Haru’s eye as he thinks about Dano. He goes to the tree and cries a bit more.


Dano wakes up, it is the 31st. There is a knock on the door, it is Baek Kyung with flowers. Then the stage ends so she tries to run out. He asks her what she is doing? She says that she has to go to Haru!

She takes off. He looks at his flowers that she left on her bed.

Dano tries to run all the way to the tree. She has changed into a prettier outfit and huff and puffs and holds her chest as she runs to find Haru.

VO – If it doesn’t change, my fate is only following what the writer planned. At least with the time I have, I want to be with you Haru.

She gets to the school and looks around at all the locations that Haru should be. She goes to the classroom and the art room where she sees all her drawings and then to the library and finally outside to the yard.

VO – I miss you, Haru.

She looks at the tree and starts to sob as she says, Haru.

But he is sitting on the other side of the tree, so he quickly stands when he hears her.

Haru – Dano-ya.

Dan – Haru-ya!

She runs into his arms and they hug for a moment.

Haru – I missed you. I love you.

Dano – What?

Haru – I love you.

She leans in and lifts onto her tippy toes to kiss him. She kisses him lightly and they look at each other. She tells him, um, sorry.

But he leans in and kisses her as well. So they share a soft kiss together.

Her heart rate starts to go up on her watch as they keep kissing softly.

Fade Out


My favorite part of this episode was definitely the part where the “waking up” blips where used to the ultimate effect during the hospitalization scene with Dano. Previously, the blips were a mere annoyance. But now they were a detriment to our couples happiness and the biggest fo to our couple being together. I kind of wish they let Haru get almost to Dano’s room and then yank him away, but that is just me nitpicking an already great moment of tension and feels. So many feels!

Our couple has found each other once again at the end of the episode and me thinks that the sageuk will start to take a larger role in the story coming up. Will the next to episode be filled to the brim with sageuk?


Haru – *holds her hand* I hope time stops like this

Dano – I think of Haru all times of the day

BK – If you change the stage, then am I the one liking you?

Dano – It doesn’t matter. Haru and Ii are happy outside of the stage.

BK – I go crazy when that guy bothers my stage

BK – Whenever you have that facial expression that I have never seen before, I remember the memory that I forgot

Haru – In my memory, Baek Kyung is still strict.

VO – Fiance

VO – You are my only person

VO – Eun Dano and you will never be a couple

JMC – You have to stop the one that changes the stage.

JMC – Dont make the same mistake again

VO – Eun Dano, who is this person?

DW – A new student in my classroom.

BK – I will find out whatever you are hiding.

Haru – Why do I feel so nervous?

BK – Are you really going to die? It is still not too late for you and me.

Haru – I will do anything for you.

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  1. mrunali kadam
    October 31, 2019 / 8:15 am

    Please update fast

  2. Midnightwatcher
    October 31, 2019 / 10:08 am

    Thank you so much! The anticipated kissing scene is here. I love the pace of the drama. It’s not too soon or too late. Everything feels so organic. The feeling development between Dan Oh and Ha Ru feels natural. Not like the other current drama *side eye to Melting Me Softly*
    Can’t wait to see what will happen next week. I just hope that Dan Oh and Haru find the happiness theu deserve.

    • V
      October 31, 2019 / 10:59 am

      YES! The feelings feel wonderful between those two. No insta love here!

    • Mary
      October 31, 2019 / 5:14 pm

      Lol ‘side eye to Melting me Softly’. Couldn’t agree more. Up against Extra-ordinary You and Tales of Nokdu, MMS is such a disappointment.

  3. Sharan
    October 31, 2019 / 10:43 am

    Haruuuyaaa!!! Too cute.. ♥️ finally they let out the words– i love you .. need to watch the behind scenes of their kissing 😜😜

  4. Katie
    October 31, 2019 / 12:57 pm

    So cute. Thanks so much for the recap.

  5. jlc
    November 1, 2019 / 8:41 pm

    After watching these episodes, why am I hurting for Baek Kyung? 🙁 From a Haru and Dan Oh pairing shipper, I think I’m rooting for Baek Kyung and Dan Oh pairing now. Baek Kyung deserves to be loved too. :’(

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