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Eulachacha Waikiki Recap: Episode 9

Live recap for the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki, episode 9
Dong-gu’s not very well kept secret is finally out! Finally. I just want him and Yoon-ah to just spend some more time together so I can laugh at all the awkwardness. But the thing I am more interested in this episode is the blossoming love between Seo-jin and Jun-gi. I hope they show that a lot today.

I don’t even have an inkling of what will happen because I have been avoiding the preview for Waikiki just so I will be completely surprised during the episode. Yep, I’m one of those types of people.

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

We start right at where the last episode ended. Dong-gu comes into the living room and SA accuses him of loving YA and not her. She says Yerin told her everything. DG is confused, huh, she said she would keep it a secret.

Then YA comes in looking innocent and carrying a basket. SA is about to tell her that DG likes her but DG jumps all over SA and pulls her into another room. They talk about DG liking ya, DG asks her to keep it a secret for a while, he is a little confused about it so can she please keep it a secret? SA just tells him fine and leave. But before leaving DG asks SA to give the coat to YA because he bought it for her to begin with. DG thanks her and leaves. But SA thinks, what the F? This hurts my pride


DS never expected to go back to that construction job with his own will. He is carrying some heavy loads and struggling in general. Then he gets a phone call from the director, when will they give him the money? He says he will get it, just don’t tell Mal-gum. But he hangs up.

Cut to JG giving DS a massage and treatment on his back. He says they spend more money on ointment than anything. But then we see that Malgum came to the meenbak to say hi to DS. DS hops up right away and starts making something for Malgum, she likes a latte, so he wants to make her one. He makes it in the kitchen and then runs back upstairs.

Everyone talks about the power of love and SA tells DG that the power of love is great, right? Then she tells YA that SA should have the jacket since it fits her so well. Right Dong-gu? YA doesn’t want to take it since DG gave it to her as a gift, but SA says DG loves someone else. Everyone is all like, huh? Then the conversation changes to the baby crying when SA goes near it. DG is so happy, he thinks the baby knows when someone is evil or not.

Then we cut to DS and Malgum in his room. They are looking at old photos from back in the day. Malgum asks him, since when did you start liking me? But DS says he doesn’t like her like that. Malgum playfully asks him over and over, then SJ comes in. She says, ah, is this your first love? But DS just tries to run her off.

Finally, he and Malgum are all alone again. They start to talk about the icy hot that SJ brought him and the construction job. Malgum is worried, is he doing this for her? But he says he isn’t, everything has already been paid for. Cut to the job site, there is a drug study for $2000/week. He takes the note home to JG. This test is for a cold medicine, so you need a cold to be in the test. JG says he can get a cold! Cut to him in the shower taking an ice bath. I WILL GET A COLD.

Meanwhile, YA is walking back from the grocery store with Sol-yi. Sol-yi starts crying a lot so YA stops to soothe her. Then an appa with a son walks by and says that he can soothe the baby for her. He makes a shaker toy with a plastic bag and gives it to YA. He says kids like those sounds since their ears are so sensitive. YA thanks him for the help and runs off. We see appa staring at YA as she runs away. The son wonders why he is looking at YA and he says that it is because she was like him before. He didn’t know anything when his son was little. The son tells him that he might have fallen in love at first sight.

YA, DG, and SJ are sitting to eat, everyone else is busy. YA is eating so fast, she has to because SY wants to stay with YA all the time now. She can’t sleep at night at all anymore. Then JG comes in looking crazy. He is barely wearing any clothing and took a walk outside. Then DS comes in, so JG takes his candy and starts eating eat. But then he thinks he needs more than that, DS, let’s kiss.

He approaches DS for a kiss, but DS tells him to go away, go away! He never kissed before! Go away! JG keeps running after him. Let’s kiss, it won’t take long!

DG comes out of his room half asleep and sees YA sleeping on the table. She was studying but fell asleep. He puts his rests his head exactly like YA’s and falls asleep while looking at her.

The next morning, SJ has SY and wonders where her mother is. But then she walks in on YA and DG asleep at the table. She kicks her brother to wake up, but they both wake up and pop up like they don’t know what is going on. YA says she was studying and fell asleep. DG says he drank so much, he didn’t even know he slept there. SJ tells him to stop drinking so much, think of his liver.

The two women go into the kitchen, that is when a guest asks for some hot water, but Yoona puts the electric hot water pot onto the stove. DG tells her, what are you doing! YA quickly grabs the pot off, but she kind of burns herself a little bit. It isn’t a bad burn. DG tells her to take better care of herself and relax some more. She can go out on a days’ vacation to get some fresh air.

DS and JG are both at the drug trial. JG thinks it is the easiest job ever as they both lay back and have their blood drawn. Malgum calls DS, but he doesn’t pick up, he doesn’t want her to worry about him.

DG is busy watching SY and having a fun day with her. At the same time, he edits some pictures.

Everyone’s voice starts sounding like they have helium. JG wonders if he sounds sexy with this voice? Hey DS, do I sound sexy? The nurse tells them to just take their medicine, but DS and JG can’t help but pretend like they are sexy with their helium voice.

DG comes out from somewhere; the baby isn’t with him and he wonders how long he will have to edit. SJ comes out and wonders where SY is. DG is all like, what? Huh? They both realize that SY is lost, she isn’t there, so they both go crazy looking for her. Where is she!

SJ wants to know what he is going to do, what if something happened to her? DG has an idea! He runs and grabs SA, SY always cries when SA is around. He moves SA’s arms around as if she is a sensor and then they here SY crying. DG opens the door to one of the rooms and they find SY all the way on the bed. They wonder how she could get all the way up there by herself, but DG says that isn’t important. What is important is that they found her. But then they notice that she has a super fever, why is she like this all of a sudden.

The patients have to take blood again. DS and DG wake up and but then they notice that their voice is super crazy like a Chipmunk now. Everyone’s voice is like a chipmunk and they all hate it, but it is so funny. They all keep talking, ah, ah, ah, ah.

YA stops for some street food and runs into the handsome appa again. They are both without their kids this time. They both say that they are both single parents. His wife died 6 years ago. He says they don’t even know each other’s names. He is Song Hyun-jun and she is Han Yoon-ah. He tells her that it is nice to see her again. But then he notices that she has something on her collar. She says SY probably did it. The appa thinks back to his kid, he was always throwing up on him too. But then YA gets a call, SY is sick. She tells the handsome appa that she has to leave and runs off. His face falls as he watches her leave.

SY runs to the hospital, she has enteritis. They think she probably ate something strange. DG says she gave SY a little bit of hot dog, she didn’t want to give it to her, but SY wanted to eat it so much. It was organic. And a little bit of bread and clam…clam juk. SJ tells him he is crazy, SY is still breastfeeding, how can he feed her all those things? DG apologizes, he is really sorry. But YA says it is her fault, she should have told him in advance and she shouldn’t have gone out.

DS and JG leave the test and walk home. Their voice is still all super messed up. They try to get a taxi, but the taxi driver doesn’t talk and possibly wonders if they are joking, is this for real? They tell him that they are not trying to trick him, they went to a drug test, their voice is all messed up. The driver gets out and comes to yell at them, but they tell him that it is a side effect, they aren’t joking with him. But then the driver starts talking, he has the same voice as them! He tells them that he will kill them!!!! Go F yourself! I will kill you all, I will kill you!!! He starts chasing them and DS and JG quickly run away!

SA starts talking to JG about Yoon-ah. He says that he thought about YA, but is he sure he can bear the load of YA and a baby? Has he thought about that? If he isn’t confident that he can take care of it all, then don’t start. She was already hurt a lot.

Everyone gets back home and SJ asks DS and JG if everything went okay? How much money did they make? But they don’t’ want to say anything. They finally say that they have a side effect! They start to argue back and forth with each other, it is all your fault! It is all Your fault! AHHH! Ahhhhh!

But then DS gets a call from Malgum. He can’t pick up the phone like this. SJ picks it up and says DS stepped out. But SJ says Malgum wants to meet with him. JG thinks she will confess her love! DS gets all shy, then they start having a playful banter back and forth about it.

Cut to DS and Malgum. He is hesitant to talk. Malgum says she will work with the CEO again. He has a drama, so he will put her in the drama. But she has to go to China tomorrow. DS starts talking and she wonders about his voice, but he just says it is a cold. Malgum says she knew about the money and the part-time job, she just ignored it. DS doesn’t want her to work with the CEO for money. But she says she wants to do it, she can’t do anything because of her history, so she wants to start over where no one knows about her. He asks if she really has to go. She says it is a good opportunity for her, she doesn’t want to let it go. Can he cheer her up?

She tells him that she found some pictures while she was packing. They are photos of them as children. She has on a brave face and tells DS to have a good life and leaves. But then she starts crying when she leaves. DS starts crying and looks at the photos. Malgum also put hearts next to all the photos and this makes DS cry in his chipmunk voice even more.

SY is all better. JG is playing with her and telling her that she is all better even though that crazy guy fed her ham and clam and all that. DG thinks back to what SA said about bearing all of YA’s situation. He wonders if he can take care of YA, he couldn’t even take care of SY or his own future. He leaves.

JG thinks DG is pretending to be the victim and ignores him. Then he talks to SJ about taking too many naps. SJ says she was preparing for interviews so she had to take naps, but he just takes on strange part-time jobs. JG says he sacrificed himself for the pharmaceutical industry, she should just give up getting a job and be in a drug test to remove hair. She is a rare case of a woman having a beard. But SJ says she will kill him and starts choking him but JG just says “Help me Jedi! Help me Jedi!” (since her nickname is Chewbacca).

YA says that this is how they show affection. But SJ says to not be crazy, he is the worst man. If they are the only two on an island she won’t be with him. JG says if he is on an island he would date a turtle, not her, turtles don’t have beards! They keep arguing and SY laughs as she watches them.

A phone rings and they both take their cellphone out. It is the exact same cell phone. Then we hear someone singing a sad song, but it is a chipmunk voice. It is DS singing with the chipmunk voice, his side effect lasted longer than JG’s. They tell DG to stop him, but DG just pulls the phone away and starts singing it as well. “Please love me…don’t make me cry….” (this song is Timid by Buzz).

JG wonders why JG is singing like this also. There are no normal people in this house. Then we see DS and JG singing. DS takes on the soprano unknowingly and they harmonize to the song. Then they cry and hold each other.

The sign on the chair changes to the new title.


Meanwhile, JG starts to practice his lines for a movie. He is prosecutor Jang Ji Won SJ comes out, what is he doing? He is a prosecutor, with that face? JG tells her that she shouldn’t talk about him like that and goes back to practicing. But then SJ says, Oppa, this doesn’t work. JG tells her that she always calls him oppa when she needs something. He goes to the stove and all of a sudden, the fire turns on and a flame shoots out!

Cut to JG with only one eyebrow. He looks so crazy! He yells at SJ, why did she do that when he was looking at it! DG comes in looking all grumpy, he tells them to stop because he isn’t in a good mood. But then DG starts laughing before he could even get the words out. JG tells him to stop, it is all because of his sister!

DS comes out, his voice came back, but he isn’t in a good moo – …but then he sees JG and starts laughing right away. He stops quickly though when he sees how upset JG is. But then he starts laughing again. They are in a bad mood and their head is complicated, but it is so funny! They look at JG and just start busting out laughing.

Then we see the toy that DS brought. It is an airplane, a super complicated model airplane setup. They think it is so difficult to make, which makes them incredibly happy. They say they can’t give up in the middle, if they aren’t confident then they shouldn’t start. Cue the competitive music as they say, let’s start!

JG tries to fix his eyebrows with tape, but he just looks crazy. He needs an eyebrow wig or something. SJ comes in and says she will go to an interview. JG thinks she ruined his movie shoot…wait a minute. She pats her on the back and puts a flyer for wigs on her back. He tells her fighting! And she leaves with a smile. Btu he just cracks up. Then he tells SA that she is the next target.

SJ tells the interviewers that she thinks reporters can change the world, she wants to fix what is wrong with the world. She wants to make the world a better place. They tell her she did a good job and she thanks them and leaves. But then they call her. He tells her that she has something on her back. He grabs it and sees the hair loss poster. The interviewer is bald and hands it back to her. She probably won’t get this job. SJ thinks back and realizes that JG did it. She will get him!

JG looks crazy, he doesn’t look like an elite prosecutor at all. JG wants to know if they could put some special effects makeup on, but the director tells him that that is expensive. But then they think that he can be the thug. He would be a great thug! We cut to JG as the thug. He messes up his acting part though. The director tells him to look scary, he is the scariest looking person here! JG apologizes, it is because his role changed suddenly.

SJ confronts JG about her not getting the interview. Didn’t he know how important this was for her? But JG yells at her about his eyebrow, she should take responsibility for it! But then she gets a text…

YA asks what the text is about. She grabs it and reads it, SJ failed the interview. She storms off to her room. The women all look at him, why did he play that joke? JG says it isn’t his fault, look at his eyebrow! He storms off to his room. Then the two girls wonder what the other two guys are doing.

Cut to them trying to put the model plane together. DG thinks this is so difficult, but he shouldn’t’ stop. He looks at DS, isn’t this hard for him as well? DS also thinks this is so difficult, but why does DG look like he is so normal? They both look at each other as they think this. But they try to play it off. They wonder if they are all done and look in the box. There are hundreds of other parts. They both think that they are dying, but they don’t want to tell each other that. DG says maybe they should watch a variety show….DS says he can put this model together but maybe they can watch it and come back…..

They both think they are saved, they can watch this show and never come back! But then SA comes in and tells them that they don’t have the show today. They both settle back into their spots….ah, there is no show….of course, they skipped the show today so let’s get back to it. They both slowly start to build the model again.

JG and SA sit to talk at breakfast. They think DS and DG have more patience then they thought. But then YA comes out and says SJ has been crying all day and night. They both tell JG to go soothe her. JG goes in and asks her if she is eating or not. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him. JG tells her that Oppa is sorry. He didn’t think she would wear it all the way to the interview.

But SJ just pops up with her beard and says this was her last interview, she told herself that she would quit if she failed the interview. She is so sad that she failed so just leave her alone! She crumples and cries under the covers and JG accidentally picks up SJ’s phone and leaves.

DS and DG are still putting the model plane together. They look so crazy; their eyes are all dark and puffy, their skin is pasty, and their hair is all messed up. SJ tells them to just sleep. But they both think they can’t do it. They both want to sleep but they can’t do it. But then DG sees that his fingers are stuck together, he can’t do it anymore. DS’s fingers are stuck together too, he can’t work too. These fingers are so important. He wanted to complete the model plane, but they can’t do it anymore.

SA says her acetone should take it off. They are all like, it won’t work, this is super strong glue…but she takes it off so easily. She tells them to enjoy putting the model together.

JG tries to act like a thug, but he is pretty bad at it. JG thinks he can’t act because of his eyebrow. But then he gets a call and realizes that he has SJ’s phone. It looks like she actually passed the first interview, she didn’t fail. They sent her the wrong text message. He asks her what time the appointment is at and they tell him, 2 pm

JG calls SJ it says he tells her that he has her cell phone by accident. She is all like…you saved me in your phone as Huamdong Hairy? He tells her that this isn’t important. The newspaper company called her, she has a second interview. She should go to the 10th floor of the company by 2pm. She checks her watch, it is almost 2 right now. She is on a bus going to the sea. JG tells her to do it, hurry, don’t give up, this is her last interview! Just come back now and he will do whatever!

SJ thinks for a moment and then yells at the ajusshi bus driver to stop.

Then we cut to JG running off of the set.

They have a new teacher in the food class. It is Hyun-joo. Hyun-joo is shocked to see Yoon-ah. But he has to introduce himself to everyone, so he goes to the front and says that he is the new teacher. One of the girls in the class says that this is a big score because this man is one of the top patisseries in the country.

Meanwhile, JG runs to the interview and asks them if they can wait a little bit longer. But the secretary says it is difficult due to the interviewer’s schedules. But then JG looks like he has a stupid idea and takes off running. He runs to the interview and locks himself inside. Then he starts acting like his thug role. He tells them to shut up, if they don’t want to get hurt then they should just sit there. What are they going to do!

But a super big interviewer stands up, he is huge. He grabs the chair and bends it in half. Then he tells JG that they should talk, come here. But JG is so scared and starts to stumble away every way that he can. He goes between the guy’s legs and everything, to get away from him. But he is caught in the end.

But then we cut to SJ running into the building. She runs all the way to the secretary and tells them that she is the interviewee. The sec says that some strange guy is causing trouble. Then we see the huge guy throwing him out. JG winks at SJ before the security team drags him away, but while he is being dragged away he tells SJ fighting.

SJ is completely shocked. But she tries to straighten herself up and get ready to go inside for her interview.

Oh, these poor two boys, they look like zombies. They are so tired. DG wonders what he should do, then he sees a little part. He hides it and looks around. But then he says, Oh no! What should we do! We don’t have a laser! We can’t do it anymore! SA is all like, you can’t make it without a canon?

They both make all these excuses about how they can’t. A battleship without radar is like a meenbak without customers! SA tells him he might be sitting on it, stand up. DG stands up strangely and we see that the radar is between his booty crack. He has to flex his booty to keep it in place and hidden from everyone. He is able to leave though, and DS manages to stumble out after him.

SJ goes to a restaurant and sees DS there. They talk about the interview; did she make mistakes? But she asks how his job went. He says he quit, he didn’t like the thug role. SJ sees right throw him and thanks him for today, they toast and start to drink. Cut to them both being super drunk. SJ tells JG that he moved her a little bit today. DS just drunkenly laughs and says her interview was very important. So, she should get the job! She says drunkenly stutters that she will get the job! JG tells her not to cryyyyyyyyyy, how about transplanting your beard on my eyyyyyyeeee. But she says she will kill him. He laughs and says it was a joke.

They keep talking. SJ is in a confessing mood and tells DS that her heart was pumping when she saw him. Why did he do that, why did it happen, is she going crazy? He tells her to leave him alone, but she says that she wants to see his face. She grabs his face between both of her hands and tells him that he is not handsome or cool at all. But then she leans in and kisses him! JG’s eyes grow wide as SJ keeps kissing him.

Fade Out

NEWS: We heard that next week Waikiki might have a meenbak commentary special for two episodes and after that, it might be extended by 4 more episodes. This isn’t on the home page though.


Scene #1: The conversation on the power of love. SA, annoyed, isn’t telling Yoon-ah that Dong-gu likes her.

Scene #2: Jun-gi tries to get a cold so he can me in the drug trial.

Scene #3: Dong-gu falls asleep while looking at Yoon-ah.

Scene #4: Dong-gu lost Sol-yi so he tries to use Su-ah as a baby crying/finding machine.

Scene #5: The drug trial changes Doo-sic and Jun-gi’s voices into chipmunk voices.

Scene #6: Doo-sic has a heartfelt goodbye to his first love as she goes to work on a movie in China, but he still has his chipmunk voice.

Scene #7: Doo-sic and Dong-gu sing about their love, but DS still has his chipmunk voice so he takes the soprano part as they harmonize.

Scene #8: Jun-gi’s eyebrow gets burned off, it is the only thing that makes Dong-gu and Doo-sic happy.

Scene #9: Model ship building challenge, who will be the first one to leave? They both get their fingers stuck together and try to quit, but SA just fixes it with acetone.

Scene #10: Jun-gi haults the interview so Seo-jin can show up. He finally gets to pretend to be a thug.

Scene #11: Seo-jin pulls Jun-gi into a drunken kiss

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  1. TradeWinds44
    March 6, 2018 / 11:45 am

    This show just continues to crack me up so I’m happy it is been extended. This probably has something to do with Clean With Passion for Now being on sudden hiatus for a couple months. Jtbc must be scrambling to fill the time slot with something. At least they bought themselves 3 weeks with the special and the extensions, and the actors can get more screen time.

    • V
      March 6, 2018 / 5:28 pm

      I am happy about the extension too. I feel like this gives the writer even more license to through in even more randomness 🙂

      • V
        March 6, 2018 / 5:28 pm

        Throw, not through 🙂

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