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Eulachacha Waikiki Recap Episode 12

Recap for episode 12 of the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki on jtbc.
The chef is coming on strong to win Yoon-ah’s heart. Dong-gu has some fierce competition…but will a game of Gonggi choose the victor? In the way men think…yes. In blossoming love news, I love that Jun-gi told Seo-jin he would give dating her a shot! But I also love that he still sees her as a little girl. I guess their age gap is pretty big, maybe 8 years? So I can see him still seeing her as this prepubescent little thing, whereas he has always looked the same in her eyes.

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

How to Watch: On Demand Korea, Dramafever

SJ tells JG that she likes him, she thinks she likes him.

He is unbelieving/playful and wants to know if she is sick. Is there a hidden camera? But she says that she really likes him. She is serious. She wants to know, is she not a woman for him? He says she is a dongsang (little sister), not a woman. He has seen her since she was little and she borrows his razor. She says she understands what he means so just leave. He tells her that she looks scary, but she just says to leave and pushes him out.

DG wants to know what is going on, why are you knocking on my sister’s door? I told you to go away from my sister! DG drags JG away. Inside her room, SJ thinks JG is just a little actor who gets tiny roles. But she sinks to the floor and wipes away a few tears.


Meanwhile, YA and SA watch a Kim Hae-soo movie, they think she is super cool. DS comes back inside and SA says she was waiting for him. He told her that she should find what she can do, she says she is pretty and she can dance and sing so she will be an Idol. They are like what? You’re crazy. Isn’t there anything else? She says that she wants to go to college and do fashion design, but she is too old to go to college. DS thinks a lot of old people go to college, he can help her study. JG says he is a writer that is good at everything except writing.

SJ comes in and says she won’t eat. It is awkward between her and JG and everyone thinks something must have happened to SJ, she doesn’t look good in the last couple days.

DS walks SA through the bookstore and says he has to test her knowledge. He asks her a lot of questions about history and she thinks she knows the answer, it is Yoo Ah In. But that isn’t the answer and she isn’t too bright. He asks her another history question. But SA doesn’t know it and didn’t even know the title of the drama had anything to do with the prince.

Meanwhile, DG is home thinking about Yoon-ah. He looks at her photo from their wedding and smiles. But then his director comes in and asks if he found the locations. DG spent all night looking for them. He hands them over and the PD says he will give him one hour to go home and wash.

DS continues coaching SA and today’s lesson is English. He wants her to read pineapple but she cannot get past the “e” and the “a” so she says she isn’t the best at English. DG runs in at that time and asks where YA is, but the director calls him to come back so he has to run off again.

YA comes in and asks what DG was doing and they tell her that he had a question for her.

Across town, JG is dressed in a suit for his audition. He checks his fan Instagram, but he has no responses. Maybe the fan was SJ? He goes into the interview. JG does a Misty line from Kim Nam-joo about the news and then finishes. The director tells him, thank you and JG thanks him for the audition and is about to leave.

But then the director asks him about gongnamoogukbap. He thinks they can talk about the role over gongnamugookbap. He was looking for a fresh face. The TV show is called News Room and JG starts crying while reading the script at his desk in the meenbak. But then his friends come in with a cake and tell him congratulations! DG calls as well and tells him Fighting! But then throws the phone away. The only person missing is SJ. Everyone jumps all around in congratulations.

The next day JG thanks the director for the interview again, over the phone, and stands in front of an announcers place. He goes inside this huge mansion and looks around. But then a woman comes out, she looks so broken like she has been awake all day. The lady of the house tells her to take her vitamins and rest. The woman thanks her and tries to walk away.

The lady of the house tells JG to go inside, but if he is looking for her then tell him that she is gone, she begs him. JG goes inside and sees a stack of books on a desk. Then a man stands up from behind the desk and looks very normal and alert. He is happy to help him since the drama will deal with announcers. They sit in his sitting area and talk. The announcer is making an autobiography that he is making into 20 volumes.

They start the interview. JG asks why he wants to be an announcer. The announcer says it started in 1983, he starts talking about his house and how it was one room and two rooms and in the other room his sister was there, his first sister…

JG wonders why he is talking about all those things…it is so weird.

DS goes inside SA’s room and sees her studying. He smiles as he sits with her to try and see what she was studying. But she wasn’t studying, only drawing cartoons. She said she used to do it a lot.

At the interview, the man is still talking about his brother-in-law and his sister-in-law and getting married and then he goes into his second sister..she is this tall and weighs this much and she likes poems….

Finally, JG falls asleep, he apologizes and says he didn’t sleep last night. So the announcer says it is okay, sleep is a natural thing. He starts going on and on and on about sleep like he is an encyclopedia on knowledge and JG’s eyes just glaze over.

DG meets YA on accident outside, he says he has some business over there so it is nice to run into her. She wonders why his looks like this, his eyes are red. He says he just looks like this sometimes. She wants to know what he wants to talk about and he starts to ask her about international politics, they can talk about these things as Korean citizens.

But his stomach grumbles so she takes him to a café. She wonders what is wrong with him (because he looks so bad), but he says nothing is wrong and asks her if she likes studying and she says she does. But he falls asleep. She wakes him up and says he fell asleep, but he groggily says he wasn’t sleeping, he was thinking about how to eat soondae. The food comes and he falls asleep again. She wakes him up and he groggily says he didn’t sleep, he was just praying. He smiles. He says he prays when he eats soondae.

YS eats some and says its good and looks at DG, but he fell asleep eating his soondae. This poor soul is so overworked. Instead of waking him up this time, she just takes his fork away and lets him sleep.

Meanwhile, JG is still on question #1 on why he became an announcer. JG is long asleep, and the announcer is still talking about sleeping well and then his sister.

The maid comes in and she asks him what he wants to eat for lunch, just pick one. Please, I beg you. JG is about to pass out and the maid looks at him with baggy eyes. He asks JG what he wants to eat and he says meat. The announcer says meat? There are 4 different types of meat. But JG quickly says he wants to eat pork!

They are about to leave but then the announcer sits back on his couch and says you have to have the right body type to eat pork. We have to talk about the person who wrote the book… JG and the maid look at each other in pain and the maid runs out. JG is left with his eyes glazing over again.

DS asks SA if she is still eating, she has been eating for 2 hours. Maybe we should study now. But she says she should eat, she can’t study when she is hungry. JG comes in and DS asks where he has been, he said he had an interview with Park Sung-ho. DS is all like, huh, you went there yesterday? What kind of interview takes two days?

YA comes back in and says she met DG for lunch. They wonder how that happened, DG went to Sokcho for a location scout. Cut to DG trying to sleep on the bus. His director calls and DG says he was in the sauna and a lot of nonsense. They hang up and DG thinks he will be punished a lot, but he thinks it is okay since he got to see YA’s face.

Back at the meenbak, SA tells YA that DG went to Sokcho. He came back to see her though. He doesn’t have a future, but he is a good guy. She is just telling him that. She asks her if she likes the coat. YA says she likes it and SA tells her that DG actually bought it to give it to her. But don’t tell DG that I told you that. SA leaves and YA smiles as she thinks of something.

JG wonders why his fan isn’t leaving any comments anymore. He writes a message to his fan. But then he hears the ding dong and looks at SJ’s phone. He thinks she will get mad and look for it. But then he realizes that the message just went to her phone.

He goes to SJ’s room and gives her her phone. He asks if the follower is her, why did she do that? She asks why he thinks she did that? Then she says she is busy right now, can he leave her alone? He leaves and closes her door, but he is contemplative as he sits at the table.

DS asks SA, when will you stop watching this drama (Misty). She says she will turn it off. They will do math. DS says they will start with the basics. 12+8*2. She says it is 40. He wonders how that can be 40? She explains it to him. But she says you have to multiply first. She wonders how you have to multiply first? Who made that? How can he teach her? SA keeps talking about how DS can’t teach her because he doesn’t know anything.

DS breaks his pencil then goes off on SA, she should give up….Hey, Hey, Hey….%$#$#^…..$^%$^…..^$&^%&^%…..%*%*^* It is an anger explosion that blows SA’s hair back.

The sub PD tells JG that he will see him at the shoot and then JG starts to think of SJ and all the comments she left. He is the best…she believes in him….you will be a good actor soon…fighting!

The sub PD comes back in and yells at JG (because his hearing is bad). He says that he will date SJ, he confessed to her that he likes her and she says that she will date me! JG thinks back to all his recent moments with SJ. JG tells hyung that he won’t be able to see SJ because he will regret it if he doesn’t grab her now. He will regret it forever. He runs off and runs all the way to SJ’s workplace.

He tells her that they should talk. She says she has nothing to talk to him about. But he grabs her arm and says that he will do it, he will try to see her as a woman, so let’s start, Man and Woman. SJ is shocked, but then she smiles and hugs him. Oppa! JG says it is a secret from DG, he will kill him if he finds out. She keeps hugging him and says she will not let him go forever.

The Chef brought some customer to the meenbak and walks upstairs with them. It looks like he will be there also? SJ tells JG that they will have their first date. JG worries that someone might see but she says it is okay. But then DG comes in so JG pushes SJ in a rage and she falls to the floor in the kitchen. DG wants to know what DG has and he says he has Ojino! But then he hears something upstairs and they tell him that the chef brought some guests. DG takes off upstairs.

JG immediately goes to SJ to see if she is okay.

Upstairs, DG wonders why the Chef is there, there are a lot of guests houses around. He says he knows this place and YA is here too. DG gives him some welcome Ojino and they both chew it. The title flashes between the both of them


JG gets a text from SJ with Aegyo. Oppa I am coming home now. Oppa you should come out now, I want to see you…(lots of hearts)

JG thinks that he never expected that he would date her. He sees an old picture of the three of them, she used to be a little girl, he never thought he would date this little hairy girl. She even has a little beard back then, lol. But JG says they will start, let’s start!

Cut to dinner. The Chef says these guys are like his own brothers when they studied in NY city. YA says that is cool and gives DG a jar to open for her. But he can’t open it. The chef tries it and opens it right away without even trying. The chef wants to know if YA wants a drink, but DG says she is still breastfeeding. But YA says she stopped breastfeeding. DG tries to make up another excuse but then he says he wants to drink with them as well.

The announcer calls JG and tells him that h has a lot to tell him, he wonders why he doesn’t come by anymore. JG says okay. The announcer says it sounds distant and JG says he is on the cell phone. Then the announcer tells him about the history of the cell phone, but first, you have to know the history of the telephone, it started in Italy….

Cut to JG sleeping where he stands while still on the cell phone. SJ comes up to him which wakes him up and also gives him an excuse to get off the phone. His ear is super red as he puts it away and says they can go to the movie now. SJ wraps her arms around his and the go inside to the movie.

This is a couple movie and everyone is coupled up. It has so many kiss scenes. JG wonders why this movie has a lot of kiss scenes, he already feels awkward. Then he and SJ try to get the popcorn at the same time. But he pulls his hand back. However, SJ holds his hand and JG wonders why her hand is so small. He looks at her and jumps, she is a little girl. The little girl starts talking like SJ, why are you looking at me like that? Do I have a beard now? Is it because I am so pretty? Do you want to see me even though I am next to you? She cuddles with him and he looks miserable.

They get home and SJ tells him that she is so happy, have a nice dream. She runs upstairs and JG freaks out. But then everyone takes DG downstairs, he is stupid drunk. DG and Hong-ju bet on drinking and DG lost. DG starts acting like a crazy drunk person and saying all sorts of things. His friends pull him away while YA looks at him.

Then we see DG and DS cleaning up a lot of throw up while DG sleeps. But then he wakes up and wants to know why he is naked? DS tells him that he peed on himself and kissed them and all this stuff, why does he care so much about Hong-ju shi? Is he jealous? Has he not forgotten about her yet?

Then can I tell her that you peed in the bed?


He says he still likes her, okay? He still wants to see her. That is why he was like that. But he has a suspicious feeling about him, a suspicious smell. They go downstairs, and DG says to not tell YA about his pee and did he really call the chef hyung-nim? DS says he thought they were some long lost brothers.

SA comes in and tells him that he gave her a plane ride and we see a flashback of him picking her up with his legs. When YA said she had never been abroad, you gave her a plane ride, she doesn’t have to go overseas anymore.

YS comes in with the chef and his two friends. The chef is very friendly with him, but DG tells him that he doesn’t remember all the hyung-nim things! He stares at the chef and Melo music plays (BeeGees Holiday. But then DG tells YA that he is so sorry about the plane ride yesterday.

Later on, the chef hangs out with YA and his two friends upstairs. They play a game where you pick up little balls. But DG says they aren’t doing it right, he is the Gonggi king! He starts to play with them and picks them all up as if it is nothing. Then he challenges the chef to a match for fun. The chef agrees and the BeeGees Holiday music plays again. They do rock paper scissors to see who is first and DG wins.

But then we see that the chef wins. He got 100 points. DG thinks they should play another game for another 100. But then DG gets a call from the director, he has to leave now. DG tells them that he has to leave because of work, but the chef tells him that he forgot something. Cut to DG with a red forehead from the chef pinging it.

He looks at the computer and all the PD’s talk about the actor taking the role of a middle eastern spy. They talk about the type of guns he should bring. DG is going crazy on the computer; the director asks him if he has any other ideas. DG yells Gonggi!!!! But hunting rifle and Gonggi are the same. The director is all like, that is fresh, you are an idea bank. You did enough work for today, you can go home.

DG goes to a hanok house and goes into one of the rooms. A woman is playing there. DG introduces himself. He tells her that they were in the same movie club. She remembers him and asks him why he is there, what is the occasion. He says he wants to ask her a favor. Does she remember the school festival? The Gonggi festival. You were the champion. She remembers it, but why? He asks her, can she teach him Gonggi?

What you came here after 8 years only for me to teach you Gonggi?

Yes, I have to learn Gonggi, I have to do it well, I am begging you noona!

Noona starts to teach him Gonggi and asks if he brought Gonggi. She says you have to control the weight, 3.2 grams, it is different for each person, so you have to find your own weight and eye height. Above your head is illegal. Now, let’s start at the beginning. Okay?

1. Spreads the Gonggi
2. Using your middle finger, separate 2 and 2
3. Drop one a little slower so 4 are all in one spot.

The announcer started sending JG text message now! They are super long. SJ shows up and apologizes for being late. She asks what they should do tonight, how about a norebang? He is hesitant but agrees.

SJ picks a song that she wanted to sing when she got a boyfriend and runs to sing it. Meanwhile, JG thinks he can’t get used to this. SJ starts singing the song, but all JG sees is the little girl SJ singing to him. He quickly turns it off and JG asks her why a little girl can sing a sexy song? She should sing something like this!

He puts it on Pororo and starts to sing Pororo with her.

Then they walk home but it is little SJ walking with him. Little SJ says they are already there, it is so sad, when I marry you we won’t have to say bye, by the way, when we get married, where do you want to go for a honeymoon? He tells her that this little girl, you should be careful with your mouth. Not this, not this. SJ, I have to tell you something…SJ, I tried, but I only see you as a little girl, I tried so hard, but I am not able to see you as a woman, so let’s stop. I’m sorry SJ.

JG walks off but little SJ grabs his arm. She pulls him into a kiss and the adult SJ appears. JG kisses her and his eyes grow bright. She asks him if she isn’t a woman to him after that as well? He tells her that she looks like a woman. But she thinks it is too weak, he still doesn’t see her as a woman. She kisses him again and then DG runs up like a madman and runs all the way inside the meenbak.

Once inside he goes straight to the chef and tells him that he wants one more game of Gonggi.

They go upstairs and sit for the special game of Gonggi. Everyone looks serious and they even have a scorecard. Whoever wins 100 years wins 20 flicks. They agree and set rules.

1. Baekdosang – Not above the head
2. Sokoori – No grabbing with the palm up
3. Arirang – Arirang grab is okay

They do rock paper scissors and the chef wins even after DG cheated at rock paper scissors. They start, but it is above the headline. They continue playing and it is intense. The score is neck and neck as they go until 100. DG thinks he can’t lose this chance, what should he do, what should he do?

He thinks back to his lesson with his noona. She says there is one last lethal move he can use, a killer technique. Let’s say it goes to the other player and the game is done. So, you have 4, what should you do? There is no guarantee that you won’t make a mistake, so you must do Arirang! That will get you 5 times the regular points. Don’t forget about Arirang when you are in a corner.

DG thinks now is the moment to do Arirang. The knife is stabbing his heart, but don’t worry, for him, he has Arirang Gonggi. He throws the balls up and hears the music playing. It goes to slow motion as DG grabs all the balls. Everyone is shocked. He did Arirang! 5 times, 20 years! He wins!

The chef tells him that he lost, his back hurts so he will use the bathroom. But DG tells him that he forgot one thing. Then we see the chef in the bathroom with a red mark on his forehead. He hits the mirror, Dong-gu!

They leave and the chef thanks him for the last few days. He is going to shake his hand but does Arirang around it, lol. Then the Chef asks him why he let YA use his kitchen, not his other students. The chef says it is because they are single parents, so they have camaraderie. But he is also interested in her now. He is interested in YA, he likes her.

Fade Out.

We looooooove Eulachacha Waikiki but we will have to stop recapping it as of this episode. The time change granted us one more hour of daylight, but it actually removed an hour of morning recapping time for us. But, we feel okay dropping Waikiki because Dramabeans is going strong with their recapping. So if you want to catch the rest of Waikiki then check it out on their site!

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