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Eulachacha Waikiki Recap Episode 11

Recap for episode 11 of the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki on jtbc.
We are back with the new storyline after the extension! I can only guess that the patisserie chef will be given a larger role in this new storyline and that Seo-jin and Jun-gi’s relationship can blossom. This episode was so funny so whatever the storyline, I am with it.

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

How to Watch: On Demand Korea, Dramafever

DG gets home and immediately confronts YA. YA wonders what is going on. DG smiles and says he likes her, he likes her a lot. The patisserie chef hears this. YA wants to know what he is talking about. DG asks her if she wants to date him seriously? She says no. He wants to know if it is about her situation? He can take care of her and Sol-yi. But YA basically says a single mom doesn’t need someone to take care of her.

The chef comes up at that moment and tells her that she left her cell phone in the car. She thanks him and leaves. SA comes up and asks if he is okay. He says he was dumped and SA says it took 5 seconds.

Inside, JG asks SJ to clean his ear. He lays in her lap, but SJ’s heart just starts racing so she pushes him away. He yells that she could just say no and not push him.

DG runs in and asks YA why she won’t date him. JG and everyone are like, what?!? JG asks him what is going on? But DH just pushes JG away and he falls to the ground again. YA leaves and SA comes in and says that DG was dumped in 5 seconds. DG leaves.


SA and DG go out for drinks to talk about how great he is. But he can only think that he is tall. SA asks if he wants to truth or a lie and he says he wants a good lie, he goes to the bathroom. SA gets a call from her brother who thinks she is in the US. She answers nicely, and we see an image of her brother with a jacket on that says, stronger gym. She didn’t see him because he has been training for a fight. He asks if she likes US life and she says she likes it. He comes out from the store and sees her there. He immediately wants to know what is going on. She says she will explain it.

But then DG comes out. Do they live together! What is going on, why are you living with him? SA says they are living together because they will get married, they will get married anyways so they should live together. The brother is super happy about hearing about it and says they should go to her place. The brother leaves and DG wonders what she is doing! But SA just begs for him to go with it.

JG and DS talk about how JG got dumped in 5 seconds. They laugh about that and start to talk about DG as 5 seconds. That is his new name, lol. But DG calls and tells them that SA’s brother is coming. JG gets nervous and says he has to run, brother can’t see him there! He runs and hides somewhere.

Brother comes in and hugs DS and SJ. But then he starts talking about DG and SA dating. DS and SJ are all like what? But then they play it off. However, brother sees JG’s things, what is this, is this JG’s picture, why is it still here. Why do you have a dead person’s picture here?

DG starts crying. I can’t believe he is dead, he is dead….the brother says no one would know that he would die with a lightning strike. But he took his friend’s girlfriend, so he is lucky that he died like that. If I caught him then he would be half dead and live forever in jail!

Then YA comes in and says that JG has a letter, where is he? But DS says, JG is dead! You didn’t take your medicine tonight! I told you to take your medicine! DS takes her away and brother wonders who she is. DG says she was in shock after JG’s accident, so she still thinks he is alive.

In the back DS says that JG took brothers girlfriend, so he wanted to kill him and JG thought he should just pretend like he is dead. The brother is a UFC fighter, 19 fights and 19 KO’s. But YA wants to know how they can say that a living person is dead, where is JG?

Cut to JG hiding in the closet. He is so uncomfortable. But then he sneezes, and the brother wants to know what it was. But then SJ sneezes and excuses herself. He asks SJ if she still have a beard and she says yes…

Brother gets a call, he has to go back, their heater is broken, what can he do? But then he thinks he can just stay there. Can he stay there for two days? Then he can go overseas. JG is dying as he listens to this. He says he can sleep well on the couch. DS thinks he can take over his room, but the brother doesn’t’ want to affect people’s lives too much.

DG wants him to drink with them, but brother says he can’t because he is dropping weight for the fight. All he wants to do is watch some dramas. JG bows his head. At 3 am brother is still watching dramas on the couch (Misty, lol) and JG is still in the closet. He thinks he is going to die, he has to pee so much!

Meanwhile, DG is not sleeping. JG texts them all. DG I need to pee, rescue me…DS I need to pee, help me!

SJ is going cray in her room as well. She wonders why she is worrying about JG. But then she gets a text. Chewbacca, oppa needs to pee, rescue me! SJ goes outside and takes an empty bottle to the closet. The brother keeps asking her questions and she keeps making excuses. But then they hear the peeing sound. SJ says it is the TV! She starts increasing the sound. Then she gets another text message.

Text: SJ it is all overflowing!

SJ looks at her mug and takes it to the closet for JG.

DG sits at his desk writing something. DS wakes up and wonders what he is writing, but all he is writing is why don’t you like me, why don’t’ you like me? Pages and pages of it. DS thinks he is going crazy.

DS said his confession was bad, it was just on the street without anything, he wouldn’t’ accept it either. DG thought it was manly, but then they remember that JG is in the closet.

Cut to JG in the closet with his pee bottles around him. He doesn’t know if it is day or night and wonders if the brother is still there. Yep, he is still there. On the TV someone says, “You are my father’s daughter!” The brother is all like, huh? The wife is the daughter? Daebak. DG and DS go inside and tell him to eat breakfast, but he says he wants to watch this. (on the show the wife is his daughter and the daughter in law is his daughter? Lol) Brother loves this show so he isn’t eating.

SA says her brother uses half of her fight money to watch TV shows. Then they ask DG when he started liking YA, he says he thought about it a lot. But DS said he is late, so he will eat something at the convenience store. SA goes as well and tells them to take care of her brother. Everyone leaves so only DG is left with SA. DG wants to know what he has to do to make her mother like him, tell me.

SA still waits for that guy to show and DS still writes his story. Should he use finger jab? SA is all like, huh? DS explains that it is Bruce Lee’s technique of pocking eyes. Finger jab is super-fast! Do you want to see it? DS gets up and does the finger jab just like Brice Lee and tells SA that it is super-fast, see.

She says to do it to her and he says he will, don’t regret it, but she blocks it and he cries.

Brother is still watching that show. The man on the show says, It doesn’t make any sense, my wife and daughter in law aren’t my real daughters, they all betrayed me, I will leave this place. Appa turns into an alien and goes back to his own planet. A spaceship comes and picks him up.

The brother stands and claps. Daebak! How can they think of all these ideas! Oh, I have to watch it again.

Meanwhile, YA and the chef are talking, and he asks about the guy from yesterday. She says he is the owner of their meenbak. Chef starts to talk about yesterday and YA says she doesn’t want to talk about it, so he apologizes.

The man comes! He asks for the Thailand ramen and speaks in Thai. SA recognizes this voice and goes up to him. She chases him and tells him to give her money back. DS gets back and thinks this is daebak. He tries to stop him from running away. But the man picks up a chair and starts swinging it. But DS turns on his Brue Lee and start doing the finger move. He hits the man in the head but then screams that it hurts, it hurts. But he thinks it worked!

Back at the meenbak, brother is watching the alien sister-in-law is my daughter show again and saying how daebak it is. But he has to pee so he runs out. JG comes out at that moment, but he can’t walk. He tries to grab a jacket, but then the brother comes back. They are both shocked to see each other. Brother says he is JG’s twin brother Joon-goo. Brother is all like, huh, he has a twin brother?

He confirms it with DG and DG is all like, ah, yes…..how are you. But the brother is shocked, he never heard of him. JG says he brother is always like that, he doesn’t grant his existence. He starts crying, who am I, don’t’ I exist, I live by myself, I am still alive, I am Lee Joon-goo!

He starts crying and DG starts crying as well, hyung…hyung…Brother says he is sorry he didn’t know that. But JG says it hurts him so much, he can’t stay there. The brother asks him where JG is, where is his tomb? We burned him. Where are the ashes? We sprinkled them.

I have to go abroad for my game, I want to say hi to my friend, can’t you do that? So, JG takes him to the river and shows him where they sprinkled JG’s ashes. He just points to a lot of areas. Brother goes up to a spot and says, JG I’m here! He pulls out a bottle and sprinkles some soju over the river. JG is shocked, is he crying?

He says JG was a good friend, we were like brothers, when he took my girlfriend, I was angry but I forgave him right away, I didn’t know he died like this. If he was still alive…i am so sad that he is gone, I am sorry JG! Have a good life in Heaven. When I go there, we can be friends again!

JG also cries, Brother! I am your friend JG. I have no twin, I am an only son! I lied to you because I was afraid that you would kill me. I am JG!

He puts out his arms to hug him. But the brother looks pissed again. He charges him and starts pounding on him and puts him in an armbar.

SA won’t be able to get the money back and she is too old to be a model anymore. She isn’t good at anything and doesn’t have a college degree. She asks DS what she should do. But he writes strange novels, isn’t he embarrassed?

DS says he doesn’t think about that, he is happy with what he is doing, and the standard of happiness is different for everyone, so she can start over. Being 29 is nothing, people live to be 80. You don’t know what will happen for the rest of your life. So, in baseball, it is like the third inning. So, you shouldn’t quit.

SA asks how many innings there are in baseball.

YA gets home and wonders where everyone went. Did they all go somewhere? DG calls and asks where she is. He asks her to help him clean on the third floor, so she says she will go there right away. She goes upstairs and sees all these balloons everywhere with DG standing in the middle of the room. He tries to confess again. It was his mistake yesterday, so he will confess to her formally. But YA asks why he is doing it, she told him that she doesn’t like it.

He said he spent many hours by himself to make all of this. But she just leaves. He follows her and asks why she is doing this, is it not enough? But YA says that whatever he does, the answer is the same, she will not date him. He wonders if she doesn’t like him that much? She doesn’t have any time to date right now. He tells her that he will wait but she says don’t wait. He yells at her, is he someone that she won’t even consider?

But she doesn’t answer so he takes that as a yes. He says that he understands, he will stop liking her.

Brother asks what he is talking about and drops JG on the ground unconscious. Why is he saying that he likes her? What is going on? A little later SA gets home and asks what is going on? He packed her luggage and tells her to shut up and go to their parent’s house. But she says she doesn’t want to. She tells him that she wants to start over. But Oppa says she has no other skills but modeling, what will she restart now? Do you know how old h=you are?

SA starts repeating the exact same thing that DS told her. She says if the life is the UFC then she is only in the 2nd round out of 5. Would he give up because he is losing in the second round he might have a high kick or armbar or something? She still has three more rounds and she still has enough time, can’t he trust her? Brother understands and tells her not to throw in the towel. They hug and he tells her not to cry.

YS practices her cooking at the chef’s place and he comes in. He asks her if she is sad. He knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but he says that DG looks like a good guy, why did she refuse him? YA says she knows he is a good guy, she just doesn’t want to trust anyone anymore and get hurt again.

Meanwhile, DG is at home with all the balloons and flowers still decorating the place. He looks at the photos from their wedding and thinks about YA saying that she doesn’t want to date him, and he shouldn’t wait for her.

JG isn’t dead, but he is super achy. He says he will be friends with brother forever. YA prepares the food and DG comes in. She asks DS if he can take care of SY for a little bit, she has to practice. She leaves, and JG mentions that YS goes to that baker’s kitchen often, maybe she likes him. DG says he stopped caring so they say that is good. He will be a director again. They ask him when that happened. DG starts yelling at them. I TOLD YOU MANY MANY TIMES, LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY SOMETHING.


SJ comes back home after an overnighter. JG takes a selfie and sets up a social network. He tries to put a lot of cheesy pictures and sentences. But he has no followers. JG tells her that they should take a photo as one of his fans. He puts his arm around her and her heart starts beating fast. She hits him away and runs off. They all think she has always hated him.

JG says he is going to work, today he will have a fight against Aquaman. But how should he shoot him? But in SJ’s room she tries to calm her heart, why is she like this?

SJ and his acting friend meet, they wonder how much longer they will have to do things like this. The friend auditioned for a super famous drama. JG wonders if he can still audition for it. He meets with the director in an audio room, but the room is super noisy. He says HYUNG HYUNG HYUNG. Finally, the director sees him.

They go outside and JG starts talking to him, but the sub-director only yells at him. But he says he hurt his ears shooting a bombing scene, he just needs to get treatment for it. What is he saying? JG yells CAN I HAVE AN AUDITION FOR YOUR DRAMA?




SJ runs up to him, she is there on the job. JG pats her on the head, she looks like a real reporter now. But her heart beats fast so she runs off. He wonders if she hates him that much.




Then we cut to DG at a directors meeting. All the directors talk about who to cast in their drama. They need some middle eastern people that can speak Korean well. DG yells Hyun-joon! Because that is the chef’s name. But the director thinks, oh, yeah, we can cast Shin Hyun-joon, he looks middle eastern, good idea. But one of the hyungs is jealous that DG had a good idea.

Meanwhile, chef and YA eat together outside. She wanted to buy him something, so she bought him street ddukbogi. But then chef steps on a toy car and falls something serious, he hurts his back and can’t get back up.

At home, SJ is crazy tired and just wants to sleep. But JG calls, he wants her to come out, so he can buy her something nice. She says okay, but she wonders why he is asking this of her. But she starts to make herself super pretty and goes to meet with him.

JG is at an expensive looking lounge and asks SJ for a favor. She asks what favor. Then his sub PD comes in. He introduces the two of them. She says hello. And he says HELLO, IT IS NICE TO MEET YOU. SJ wonders what is going on with him but JG tells her that he hurt his ears, but he would like to date you on a blind date. SJ says she is leaving but JG says she can’t leave, he is a sub PD that will give him an audition, can’t she do it for him this one time? She says okay, but she is only eating dinner with him. JG smiles and says fighting! But SJ thinks he is just a bad guy. Then we see her on her date with the man yelling so loudly. I CAN’T HEAR YOU, LOUDER!



Everyone in the place is laughing and the chef says they heard everything and are already making it. Then SJ says she has to go to the bathroom, but she has to yell it at him. Everyone is busting up in the background.

DG wonders where Yoona is so the other two tease him about thinking about her. But then DS gets a call from Yoona. She will be later because she is at the chef’s house. He is hurt, and the son is sick so she will take care of him longer. SA starts to tease DG about YA being at the chef’s house. But he says he doesn’t care. Then he gets a call from the director and says the director wants him to bring these socks, it is so late, but he will be back.

Then we cut to DG wondering why this person isn’t picking up the phone, why isn’t anyone here? He runs around the chef’s place looking for him. But someone tells him that the class ended. DG asks this person for the phone number because he has a delivery. He has the box of socks and asks the man for the address. But the man says to just give him the box and he will give it to him. But DG says, maybe it is food, it smells bad already, he has to give it to him right now.

Cut to DG showing up at the chef’s house. YA answers the door and DG pretends like this is his director’s house. But then he thinks ah, this isn’t my director’s house. He meets with the chef and says he shouldn’t just leave now, he should stay for tea. YA tells him to deliver the box, so DG pulls out his phone and pretends like he is talking to his director.

YA gets a call from DS to come home so she says that she will be back right away. YA asks DG if he can stay there with the chef and his son. She takes off and the two men are left looking at each other.

Back at the meenbak, JG and DS think that it is a really big coincidence for DG to show up at the chef’s door. They also think it would be so awkward. But JG just shows DS his Instagram. It looks like he is commenting on his own Instagram.

Then they hear a very loud navigation that shakes the house. They wonder whose navigation would be this loud. Cue SJ yelling that she will see her date later. She goes inside and JG asks her how it went. He has a few more days to his audition so can’t she date him a little longer. She reluctantly says she will, until he gets his audition. He thanks her so much and grabs her hand, but when he leaves, she thinks he is such a bad guy.

DG thinks it is so awkward to be at the chef’s house. The chef calls him to the bathroom and asks him if he can help him up. DG goes inside. The chef sat and pooped, but he can’t stand up. Can he stand him up? He puts out his hand. DG says okay, he puts out his hand, but he doesn’t look at him. The chef is so happy. But he needs one more ask; can DG pull his pants up for him? DG tries to pull his pants up, but he is right in front of his family jewels, so he yells and the chef falls with his pants still at his ankles.

DG finally gets home so YA asks how everything went. Was it awkward? DG says it is fine, he is mentally tired right now, so he wants to take a nap. YA wonders if something went wrong and hears DG saying Not this! Not this! From his room.

The house rumbles as the navigation brings SJ home. SJ goes inside and JG asks how her dates went. SJ says this man asked her to date, what should she do. Can she ask JG a question, is she not a woman to her? He looks like a man to her. He says, of course, she is a girl, not a boy. But she says that she thinks she likes him. He says what? And she repeats herself, I think I like you.

Fade Out

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