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Eulachacha Waikiki Recap: Episode 10

Live recap for the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki, episode 10
It looks like Waikiki is getting an extension! There will be a two episode special next week, which will show commentary for the show. After that special edition, the show will be extended for 4 episodes. I agree with TradeWinds44 who said that this is probably an extension to give jtbc time to figure out what to do with Clean With Passion for Now, which is under a sudden filming hiatus.

Clean With Passion for Now is supposed to air right after Waikiki and I guess it will still air right after? Not too sure about that, but I am happy that the Waikiki team will get some more air time. We probably won’t cover the special episodes, but we will cover the regular episodes and the extension. Whoo hoo!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

How to Watch: On Demand Korea, Dramafever

We start with where the last episode ended. SY and JG are stupid drunk and SJ kisses JG. He is beyond shocked.

Then we cut to DG cleaning his camera at the meenbak. SA walks in on him and wonders why he I there. He says he can’t sleep. He has no answer as to if he can take care of YA’s situation. SA knows it isn’t easy, does he want to drink some soju with her? Her life isn’t going well either.

They leave, and we see JG and SJ stumbling into the meenbak. They are so drunk that they can’t even walk straight. SJ wants to drink some more, but JG tells her they have to walk this way. But SJ pushes JG and he tumbles right into DG’s camera. JG thinks they are in big trouble, they broke DG’s camera, but SJ makes matters worse by throwing up all over it as well.


DG and SA are both sick from drinking too much. DS asks why they drank so much and SA tells him to shut up. SA gets a call; did they catch the conman yet? But she hasn’t. DG says they will catch the conman soon. Then they ask DS about Malgum. DS is sad about it but thinks it is a good opportunity for her. He says he will start his web book again, so he doesn’t have time to think about Malgum.

DG leans in, your web novel, I thought you were done. But DS said a lot of people asked him to do a season two of his story. His fans want it, they want the president to be Bruce Lee, season 2. It is the story of the US president using energy power to defeat all the aliens. He wanted to take a break, but he can’t ignore his fans. He will go to work.

YA is in the kitchen feeding SY and tells them that she made some fish soup for their breakfast. SA and DG both sit to eat. YA wonders if SJ and JG are still sleeping, then they wonder why they are always together even though they are always fighting. Maybe they like each other? But DG basically says they will never date, he knows everything about them, so don’t ever talk about the two of them together.

Cue SJ and DG coming in together. They both look horrible. They wonder when they came back to the place, but they don’t remember anything. They try to remember everything and piece the night back together, but then SJ remembers the kiss first, she is shocked. But then DG remembers the camera and is shocked. DG wants to know what happened between them and they both say nothing happened.

DG sneaks out and goes to look at the camera, it is still there in shambles on the floor. He is in big trouble, he thinks that it wasn’t a dream, it was real. If DG knows this, then he will go crazy. Then we see SJ thinking that she is crazy, why did she kiss him! Why!! DG goes to find her and asks her if she remembers what happened last night. She says of course she remembers. DG tells her that it was a mistake and SJ says it is a secret between you and me, Oppa will never know. They can take it to the grave. DG doesn’t like it and leaves mumbling about it. SJ hits her mouth, ah, why did I kiss that guy! DG is so concerned, why did he break that camera!

Meanwhile, DS is at his part-time job. He thinks his president died fighting aliens, so what can he do…ah, he can revive him as a zombie in season 2 and then he can fight the aliens again! So, the title is: President is Bruce Lee Season 2 is Zombie. He thinks it is the perfect title. But there is a strange person in the grocery store looking for some Thailand ramen. DS tells him they are running out of it. The man says he really wanted to eat it. But then DS recognizes that guy as the Thailand guy! He thinks she is SA’s old boyfriend.

YA has to go to her hagwon, can DG take care of SY? She leaves her with him and DG decides to check the reservations. But then he sees his camera on the floor. WHAT HAPPENED! He immediately blames JG, you did it! JG says no. So, DG immediately blames SJ. She says no, so DG calls DS, he broke my camera! But DS says no. DG hangs up and starts crying…MY CAMERA…..WHO DID IT…..

Then we cut to SJ still wondering why she kissed JG, was he that cool at the interview? JG comes in at that moment and tells SJ that they should tell DG about it. Didn’t she see him just know? He will get super-duper angry later, we should just tell him now, let’s confess. SJ is all like, no, if we confess, do you think he will understand our relationship and approve us, no, he will just kill us right away. Just erase it from your memory, it is our secret, only you and I know.

DG reluctantly agrees and leaves and SJ yells, ah, why does he want to tell my brother that we kissed? Outside the door, JG wonders how SJ can’t feel remorse for breaking DG’s favorite camera….ah, I am afraid of these types of women.

SA calls the cops while at the grocery store, but they just tell her to wait. So, SA waits at the grocery store to try and catch the Thailand guy herself. She changes into a part-time uniform and DS tells her to take care of the counter for a while. He will run to the warehouse.

A customer comes in and asks her for something, but SA gets into an argument with him right away because the customer is rude. DS runs back and tells him that she will take care of it. He pays for it and throws the money at SA and then throws the trash on the floor. SA confronts him again, why is he doing that? SA is about to blow her top at this guy, but DS tells her to stop and apologizes to the customer, it is her first day.

The customer leaves and DS tells her that this guy is always like that, he is a regular rude customer. It is better to avoid him.

YA through to the school and runs into the handsome teacher. He is so happy to see her, but actually, she didn’t notice him at first. He notices that she is a little down, so he asks her what is wrong. She thinks she is so far behind all the other student, but she doesn’t have any time to practice. She can only practice t the school. The teacher tells her to come with him and takes her to a very nice bakery. He takes her to the kitchen area which is his personal kitchen he makes all his new recipes there and sometimes naps. He asks her if she wants to practice there? He can watch her make the pastry again if she wants.

DG is looking low because the camera can’t be fixed. JG notices and asks him about it. DG says, my poor Olivia, which is the camera’s name. He bought it after working at the construction site for one year, he cleaned her every day and has a big attachment to it. JG asks him if he is crying and he says he isn’t, it just feels like his real sister left. DG cries …. Olivia…. Olivia, as he cradles his camera.

DG finds SJ and says they should tell DG what happened. DG is crying now! SJ wants to know what that has to do with them? JG thinks she doesn’t have a conscious. How can she be like this? Isn’t she sorry? SJ wonders what they should be sorry about, this was just a mistake after drinking. But JG thinks SJ is a cold-blooded girl, he never knew this side of her. SJ tells Oppa to just take a nap, he is too upset now.

SJ laughs at DS writing his book because his story makes no sense. The US president became a zombie and threw energy from his hands like a superhero in a Kungfu movie. But DS says it makes sense because the president was reborn as Bruce Lee! SA just says it doesn’t and she can write that. DS tells her to just change and go home, but then he gets a call from the annoying and rude customer, he wants 5 cup ramen delivered with hot water. DS gets off the phone grumbling about this guy, but they end up taking the ramen to him.

The rude customer tells him he is late and throws the money on the floor. DS picks it up and tells SA that they should leave. But SA just says they will sit and eat something. She starts speaking banmal to the owner and says they should feed him something and do it when the customer tells him to, do they not like it? Customers can speak in banmal, right? Then she blows her nose and throws it on the floor. She says the price of the meat includes this cleaning fee, right? You are the one to tell me that. The owner calls her a heifer/B and SA says, what, you just called me that? This customer treats guests so rudely. Then he touches her and SA’s shoulder pops out, SA starts to make a big deal about the owner hitting customers. Her arm is broken, it hurts so much! Umma!

Then we cut to the owner about to apologize to SA. She tells him to tell her sorry with Jondemal, not banmal. He does and tells them that he was wrong. He apologizes to DS as well. SA tells the rude guy that DS isn’t his servant, if he treats him badly one more time then she doesn’t know what she will do, understand? Then she pops her shoulder back into place. She gets up as if nothing is wrong and leaves.

DS tells SA that she is super cool, all his stress went away. SA tells him that he shouldn’t endure otherwise people will treat you worse if they get away with it. Then she asks him to carry her bag because her shoulder hurts. Then she tells him to buy her some ddukbogi because she is hungry. He says okay, but then he tells her that this is also overpowering. SA says this is a friend asking a favor, so he should buy it, go go! But then she smiles at DS as he walks to get the ddukbogi.

The waiter tells YA that her food was really good. She can make it well if she only practices. Then he asks her why she wants to be a patisserie, she says that it is embarrassing but she isn’t good at anything. Baking is the first time she got a compliment, so she thought that maybe this was the only thing she could do well. She wants to work hard and make a big bakery like his and make it so her SY can do whatever she wants to do in life. The teacher tells YA that she can come to his kitchen and make whatever she wants when she has time, she can practice there. She thanks him and they share a happy moment.

JG has a nightmare that Olivia is talking to him on his belly. It is all because of him! JG says he didn’t do it on purpose. But Olivia says Shut Up! Do you think you can hide the truth forever! JG tries to blame it on SJ, but Olivia said JG is the one hiding the truth, she won’t forgive him! She starts flashing a lot and then starts bleeding.

JG wakes up and runs to SJ’s room. He starts to tell her that Olivia came after him. He can’t live like this, he has to tell DG the truth! SJ hops up, why is he doing this, why does he have to tell her brother this? JG says it is, so he can live! JG runs off and goes straight to DG, he has something to confess. He tells DG that SJ and I….but then SJ runs in, why are you doing this! JG tells him, how long will you lie to your brother, it will be bad, Olivia will haunt you! DG wants to know what they are talking about. Then JG tells SJ that she should tell DG. SJ thinks this is so crazy, why does she have to tell him anything? But she says she will tell him. Sh says, yesterday, DG and I…Kissed.

JG is all like, huh? What are you talking about? I am talking about breaking the camera. DG is all like, what…so you are saying that you two broke my camera and kissed each other? DG is about to go crazy. Both SJ and SJ tell him to calm down, but DG just tells them both to come here! He runs after them and they both hide in one of the rooms. DG is all like, why are you both in the same room!!!! He starts to break the door and jump into it. But he stops.

JG wants to know if he really kissed Chewbacca, what is all this? He thought all this was about the camera! Then JG says SJ made him drunk on purpose! SJ thinks he is crazy, but then DG says he will get them come here! They turn their heads and see DG coming in through the window!

Cut to SJ and JG kneeling in front of DG. SJ says she was too drunk and crazy, even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she wouldn’t be involved in a guy like that. JG says he doesn’t’ like girls with bad tempers and beards! DG tells them they have a 5-meter restraining order, they can’t think about each other or be together, now go back to your own rooms! They both run off and DG says he has a lot of worried about nonsense things.

Then we see DG cleaning. YA tells him that she can vacuum but DG tells her that he can do it, she can do what she needs to do. YA thinks he might be angry with her, he doesn’t talk to her anymore. But DG says that isn’t it> YA isn’t convinced, but she says she will make dinner. DG sits and looks depressed, which is when SA comes in wearing a mask to keep her eyes from poofing. She says her eyes are getting poofy since she has been in that convenience store.

SA sits and talks to DG about YA. DG thinks he should stop there, but he can’t stop, he likes YA more and more. SA wants to know what he likes about her and DG says he doesn’t know what he likes about her or why; he just likes her.


DG walks the street, he doesn’t know what he can do, he just has a part-time job for birthdays, how can he take care of her? He walks up on a movie poster and wonders if he can be a director. Will it just be a dream? But then his old director sees him and talks to him. They fill each other in on what they are doing. The director is forming his team, would DG like to be a sub PD? DG is all like….huh…me? But he says he needs to think about it even more.

SJ says they lost money again. YA thinks they will go out of business like this, what should they do. DG comes home with a big sigh and sits on the couch. He says he met a director he used to work with. The director asked him if he can work with him and he said he would think about it. But SJ tells him not to do it because he will have to work hard for 20 hours and barely get paid. They are struggling as it is, never do it! DG said he is just thinking about it.

Then SJ gets a call, it looks like something might have happened. SJ says she has to go to work tomorrow, it isn’t a dream? YA pinches her, ah, it isn’t a dream! SJ and YA celebrate. JG comes in as well and tells SJ congratulations, he is about to give her a hug, but DG enforces the 5-meter restraint. JG smiles at Chewbacca, good job!

SJ is hired for a 3-month probationary period. After that, she can have a permanent position. They show her to her seat and SJ introduces herself, but everyone doesn’t care. SJ thinks they all must be busy. One of the ladies looks smug and asks SJ who she is and tells her to work. But SJ doesn’t have anything to do so she asks this woman to give her something to do. The lady tells SJ that everyone wants to know who the singer behind the mask is, SJ should find it out. She says she can do everything well, so she should find out who that person is and get a picture of it.

SJ thinks she won’t be able to do it, how can she do it? But she is on the job and goes to the masked man’s performance. She flashes her badge, but the security guard won’t let her in, not even the Korean president can go in, so just leave. SJ thinks this man is blocking the right to know for the people, she won’t let this go if he does this! But the security guy just pulls her out and tells her to leave. Then we hear JG’s voice. She thinks this voice is familiar. She turns and sees JG an octopus costume.

He is over in the corner talking to a director or something about the kid drama. JG will be the bad guy against Aquaman. SJ comes up to him and asks him what this is, she starts laughing, is he a tiny octopus? He says he is a big octopus. He asks her why Chewbacca is there. She says she is there on assignment and yells at him to not call her that anymore! Then she asks him if he knows who the mask guy is. He says he doesn’t know. The PD says it is hard to find out, all the PDs don’t know either.

SJ is disheartened about it and JG is disheartened about his octopus costume. JG runs away in his octopus costume and SJ looks at him and wonders how she could possibly kiss someone like that.

DG gets a new job with his part-time camera studio. The owner wants DG to make a growing-up video for a child. DG is super happy about it, he will make a film about this kid! He sits in front of the camera and starts to have fun making the movie, it reminds him of making short films.

SJ tries over and over again to get into this performance, but the security guard keeps her out with each trial. SJ finally asks him for one opportunity, if she doesn’t figure it out then she will be in big trouble. But the security guard says he will call the cops if she comes again.

Poor DG is having the hardest time making the baby happy. He calls YA and she makes him happy right away. DG tells YA that he needs some clips of the baby for a video. YA wants to know what she should do. Cut to YA in a green outfit from head to toe. This way he can remove her from the story easily. He starts shooting and they finally get the image. YA looks at DG happily until he tells her that they should go one more time!

JG runs into the same actor that he always runs into while in the bathroom. They say hello to each other, it is so happy to see each other again. This guy is Crabman and JG is Octopusman. They both say they should have soju afterwards and laugh as they try to leave the bathroom in their huge costumes.

Then we cut to SJ sitting on the ground. Her sunbae comes in and asks her what she is doing, did she find out who this person is? Can she be a reporter like this? How is she so stupid, until she figures it out, don’t’ come back or quit. SJ tries not to cry. Octopus and Crab see all of this happen. Octopus asks crab, can he do him a favor?

Cut to crab man distracting the guard…I am crab man! Crab man grabs the guard and Octopus man breaks in, he gets black ink and sprays it on the guard. He is Octopus man! Crab man tells him to go, GO, take care of it!

JG runs into the area and tries to find the right room. He finally finds the red cheek calamari room and goes inside. JG asks red cheek calamari if he is the real calamari? He says he is and who are you? JG says he is the man fighting against calamari of the sea, Lee Jun-gi. Now he should say his name as well. But red calamari says he can’t tell him that. They fight, and we see that red calamari rip off one of JG’s legs. Red calamari throws the leg and leaves, but crab man is at the door. He pushes re calamari and they get him in a leg lock. Then he tells octopus man that this is the time! Take off his mask! JG takes off the mask, but he looks shocked.

Cut to JG going outside to find SJ. She is still crying in the room. He says he knows who the singer is, but he can just leave. SJ wants to know how he found out and JG says it is because of crab man’s sacrifice, but if she wants him to leave then he will leave. But then we see him send a text to SJ with the photo. It is a semi-famous guy, so they know his name. JG tells him to cheer up and to not be timid because of her sunbae. She will be okay, fighting!

He leaves to go back to work and SJ watches him as if she has fallen in love. JG turns around in his octopus clothing and salutes SJ, then he continues walking out. SJ is left staring at him dumbfounded.

DG and YA come home together, and DS gives her back SY. It looks like YA might like DG as well now. The next day we see DG working on the video, it looks like he was working on it all night. He is still fresh though and decides to run to the studio first thing in the morning.

Cut to SJ going to work. Her sunbae is smug about it, but SJ just gives her the photo of the singer. The sunbae is shocked, how did she get it? She says the octopus got it for her.

DS asks SA how long she will sit at the grocery store with him, he bleeds from his nose now since he is so tired with her there, she is worse than the restaurant guy. DG comes home at that time. His boss didn’t like the growing up video and was angry. Do they want to see it…he pops it in.

The film opens like The Matrix and then we see sperm going down a tube. DS wants to know why DG has sperm in a growing-up video? DS says it is the intro, he is showing the birth of life! All the sperms rush and meet the egg and the baby is born! DS thinks maybe it shouldn’t’ be there. But DS tells them they should see the next scene.

In the next scene…the stomach is growing and growing and growing with 6-7-8-9 months, then the baby just pops out of the belly and is fully clothed with shades on, lol. Everyone is all like…did that just happen…this is really strange. But DG thinks it is cool, right? Movie-like, right? You have to watch the next scene. It is like a scary scene where the baby jumps everywhere back and forth.

But DS just leaves, SA wonders if DG has to be a director, she is worried about what his real movie will look like. She leaves as well and only YA is left. YA tells him that she enjoyed his clip, it was movie-like and fun. Cheer up DG. DG says he wants to cheer up, but he has no energy, he feels like he will end his career by shooting the same birthday parties, perhaps he won’t get into the movie industry anymore.

YA tells him to just do it, she never saw him so happy. When he was working on that, he was happy all day long. That person really loves that kind of work. She realized that then, so she tells him to not be afraid and to do it again. Don’t be a timid person, that isn’t a happy life and he will regret it later. Failure is fine, you can always start over, right? But then she thinks she may have crossed the line, sorry…when I am done with the housework I will practice making bread. But after walking away she tells him fighting! And almost starts a rap, but leaves.

DG goes to the director and tells him that he is there about the PD job. He can do it! He smiles and leaves. SA sees him walking the street. They both talk happily to each other. DG tells her that he will start movies again and he knows why he likes YA, he just likes her without any reason, he just likes her. He doesn’t know about SY and YA’s situation, he just knows that he will regret it forever if he thinks too much about it. He will confess to her…now. He runs off.

But then we see YA in a BMW with the patisserie chef. He drops her off at the meenbak and gets out of the car to see her inside. But she tells him that he doesn’t have to see her in. They say goodbye. The chef drives off and DG comes up. But YA realizes she left her phone in the chef’s car. She turns around and sees DG. DG walks up to her and tells her straight…I like you. The chef comes running back and sees DG and YA together.

Fade Out

Scene 1: SA gets a taste of a rude customer as she is staking out DS’s convenience store to find the conman

Translated on Soompi by angelflower on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Note from angelflower: SA is at the convenience store where DS works, on the phone with the police. They just tell her to wait some more, although they caught her ex-bf on CCTV this time. She decides to stake out the place herself. DS thinks she’ll be too obvious, so she dresses up as a part-timer as well (not sure if she actually took the job). An extremely rude customer comes in while she’s manning the counter.
(From 1:03)
SA: Welcome.
Man: Bring me a cola. Oh and while you’re at it, a chocolate bar too.
SA: Huh? Why are you asking me for them?
Man: If the customer tells you to do something, then just do it. What’s with the complaining?
SA: Excuse me? Also, why are you speaking to me in banmal? (rude since they’re strangers although she’s younger)
Man: Why? Do you feel offended? Who are you as a part-timer to talk back to the customer? (I’m not sure but guessing the gist)
SA: Excuse me?! This ahjussi… really…
DS: Hey, hey, that’s enough. (to man) I’m sorry, I’ll get them for you now.
Man: That’s what you should have done. 
DS: Here you go, sajang-nim.
Man dumps money on the counter and his garbage on the floor for DS to pick up.
SA: Excuse me, why are you throwing that on the ground when the rubbish bin is over there?
Man: Don’t you know that your part-time wages include cleaning fees too?
SA: What did you say? Wow this ahjussi’s really…
DS: Why are you being like this? (to man) Sorry, it’s her first day here.
Man: I’m holding back because of you. (to SA) Do your work properly!
DS: Why are you being like this?!
SA: What did I do? He was the one who was wrong!
DS: He’s always been like that. He’s the boss of the BBQ restaurant opposite. It’s just better to avoid conflict with him.
SA: Argh this fool… 

Scene #2: SA gets her revenge on the rude customer

Translated on Soompi by angelflower on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SA: Excuse me.
Man: (in banmal) Oh why, want some meat? What would you like?
SA: (in banmal) Bring 2 servings of samgyupsal and a cider. Grill it before you serve. I find grilling bothersome.  
Man: Excuse me?
SA: (still in banmal) Why, you don’t like it? You should do what the customers orders you to, what’s with the complaining?
Man: Wow, but why is this little thing using banmal?
SA: (switched to jeondaemal) Why, are you offended? Wasn’t it ok for customers to just use banmal?
Man: What?
SA sneezes and throws the tissue on the ground.
Man: Hey, why are you throwing that here?
SA: The price of the meat covers the cleaning too, doesn’t it? You said that earlier, ahjussi.
Man: Wow, has this wench gone crazy? (he said gijibe, which can mean a lot of things but in this case, definitely offensive)
SA: (in jeondaemal) I’m sorry. Wench?! Did you just say wench to your valued customer (she described as someone like the sky)? Wow, this shop just treats their customers like dirt!
Man: What are you saying? (holds her shoulder)
SA: What are you doing? Are you trying to hit me? A weak female?
Man: What you do mean hit… I just lightly grabbed your shoulder….
SA exclaims dramatically.
Man: What’s wrong?
SA swings her arm as if it’s disconnected and whines about her pain, telling DS to call the cops. 
SA: What are you waiting for? Hurry up.
Man hesitates. SA tells DS to call the cops again.
Man: I’m sorry. (banmal)
SA: Mian-hae? HAE? (questioning his banmal again)
Man: (respectful jeondaemal with a bow) I’m sorry.
SA: You should say that to him too. Quickly.
Man to DS: (respectful jeondaemal with a bow) I’m sorry. I apologise for my actions from before. 
SA: Look here now, ahjussi. He may be lacking, but his mother celebrated his birth with seaweed soup and parties too. He’s not a slave for you to speak down to (banmal), look down at or order around. If I ever catch you doing such a thing again, I don’t know what I might do then. Do you understand?
Man: Yes. By… by the way, how’s your shoulder?
SA cracks her shoulder.
SA: I’m all good now. Send my compensation fees (to something I can’t understand). Let’s go, DS.

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1 Comment

  1. Caro
    May 26, 2022 / 1:21 pm

    ROFLMAO Lee Joon-ki’s nightmare is fucking hilarious!

    The whole misunderstanding between Joon-ki and Seo-jin is too, and I think we actually saw a hint of this already early this episode/late last episode where Seo-jin was so into the kiss but instead of kissing her back, Joon-ki had his eyes wide open—neither reciprocating the kiss nor rejecting it, he was just kinda sitting on the fence. Based on the sacrifices he is making for Seo-jin though, it definitely is not the case of him not reciprocating his feelings but more like he’s terrified about how he would face Dong-gu if and when this comes out.

    So yeah a five-meter oppa sanctioned restraining order is indeed in order 😀 HOWEVER… if I were Dong-gu, I would be way more mad about Olivia than I would be about Seo-jin! And Dong-gu did say explicitly that it’s Olivia first, Seo-jin second. So I was kinda disappointed that Dong-gu’s reaction did not reflect what he said earlier.

    A better way to write this episode would be to show:

    1. Some serious strain between Dong-gu and Joon-ki’s friendship, because it’s not just the camera that the latter broke but also trust.

    2. Some serious consequences of trying to work when your best equipment is, in Dong-gu’s words, “broken beyond repair.” This is a real challenge all photographers and videographers, including yours truly, experience at some point in our careers! That would have given us something huge to relate to: something along the lines of owning lower end spare cameras and lenses that can’t quite do the finer details of what Olivia does, or having to dig into some barely existent savings to rent equipment that are Olivia’s equivalent (and griping that this is money that could go into buying Olivia’s replacement, if there were much more of it). I think this kind of torture would have made a more convincing argument of “How the hell am I supposed to achieve my dream AND take care of Yoon-ah and Sol” than the “I’m stuck doing baby photo shoots” we’ve seen plenty of in previous episodes.

    3. Some serious AND actionable guilt on Joon-ki’s part. Showing him online shopping and griping about 12 million won doesn’t quite cut it. Somehow I’d prefer that in the last episode he and Du-sik did make the 20 million promised on the poster for the medical testing that turned their voices into Alvin the Chipmunk’s backup singers, but of course they spent that money paying off Mal-geum’s debt. And then true to his character, Joon-ki would do something even crazier to earn the money to buy Dong-gu a new camera. While the octopus job he did at the theater where Seo-jin spent her horrendous first day as a reporter was pretty crazy too, I’m starting to find knight-in-shining-armor Joon-ki redundant, as this had to happen pretty much immediately after the maniac stunt he pulled to stall Seo-jin’s interviewers last episode. I would prefer saving Joon-ki pulling Seo-jin’s heartstrings stupid for the coming episodes, and for the second half of this episode to be about him taking responsibility for Dong-gu’s camera. He’s done it to pay off Dong-gu’s wedding AND their outstanding rent, he can do it again for Dong-gu’s camera.

    Btw shout out to Su-ah, who I’ve always despised in earlier episodes, but for the first time in the series, I love her here! Su-ah is one badass woman who doesn’t take shit just because some assholes served her some. The way she put the BBQ owner in his place takes some serious skills and she nailed this one.

    That said, I went back to hating Su-ah for the way she treated Du-sik like shit after that whole shebang. I mean, sure, Du-sik is a serious pushover, but all this time I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a you-watch-and-learn-Du-sik moment till the end. This storyline could have ended with Su-ah roleplaying with Du-sik to teach him what to do and not do when people treats him like shit, and contribute to his character transformation that should be part and parcel of a series. But this storyline ending only negates the badassness we finally got to admire Su-ah for by going back to showing what a hypocritical bitch Su-ah really is.

    On the other hand, another highlight of this episode is Yoon-ah’s voice of reason at Dong-gu’s lowest point. Yoon-ah is such a kind and gentle soul, and by far she seems to be the character going through the most transformation. Which is great for her, but really a shame for our three main guys who are the center of this story, who are still lagging behind Yoon-ah in this department. Well, Dong-gu caught up with her a little today, but Joon-ki and Du-sik have been stuck at square one this far in the story that I’ve basically lost hope in them. Joon-ki consistently steals the show though, but Du-sik’s just a sad loser. I’m thinking Yoon-ah should be one of the top three billed characters instead of Du-sik, but he’s got higher billing than Yoon-ah just because he’s a guy.

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