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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 8

Live recap for the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki, episode 8
Okay, I don’t think Dong-gu can deny his feelings anymore after that heroic hug at the end episode 7. But you know he’ll try. I also want to know what Seo-jin was doing with all those clothes on in the preview. But more than that, I feel like the writer is hinting at a little more between her and Jin-gu. Will Seo-jin and Jun-gi become a couple? I WOULD LOVE THAT SO MUCH.

After this episode, we are going to switch Waikiki to a nightcap (will recap that day). We aren’t dropping Waikiki though, we will just recap it later on in the day. We are replacing it with Should We Kiss First because we love this drama to bits, so we are bumping it up in our recap schedule. Fun tidbit: Should We Kiss First has the highest ratings on Monday and Tuesday which is crazy amazing (Should We Kiss First has 11% and Radio Romance has 3.7%). Y’all, grown folks dramas are the new black.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 27th, 23:00 Seoul
Recap Time: KKEUT
How to Watch: On Demand Korea, DramaFever

We open on the fire. DG goes to the fire, but the firefighters hold him back, it is dangerous. YA calls his name, why is he there, did something happen? DG hugs her immediately, but then they break the hug. She asks him if he went there because he was worried about her? Why did he hug her? He says that he was worried about the neighbors, he hugs people when he worried! Then he goes up to everyone and hugs them, lol.

SA talks to JG about his heart pumping because he has heart problems. Then she wonders what happened to DG. But they both come back at that time. YA went to buy some chicken and they had a fire at that time. SJ wonders if DG ran out to see YA but he says that he ran out to check on all the people! But her runs upstairs and tells himself that he is crazy, crazy, crazy! Does he really like her?

YA comes in and tells him to eat some chicken, but DG puts the covers over his head and says that he won’t eat it. She tells him that she will leave his portion out. When she leaves, DG pops up again, he is crazy, crazy, crazy! Then he imagines him and YA on a poster.

YA tells everyone that DG is upstairs under the blankets and SJ says that he does that when he gets upset. Then they tell SA that she shouldn’t eat their food, she yells at them, she won’t eat it then! But she sneaks a piece of chicken out as she goes to her room.

SY and JG start to talk about the eating TV show. The people who are on that show make a 6 figure salary. JG goes to his room, 6 figure salary! Six figure salary! But he sees DS with a busted lip and sitting on his bed. They talk about his first love, DS got into a fight because of her. JG tells him that he loves that woman! DS wants to know how he should confess and JG says that he should do it straight. He stands up, look at him. Then he says you have to walk straight and meet her, stand right in front of her …. and hold her arm …. then push her to the wall and confess like this!

But JG pushes DS on the bed and just as JG says I love you, DG comes in and wonders if they are dating. They both hop up and DG tells them to just continue dating and get married. JG continues, lol.

DG goes out and runs into YA, she tells him that she will heat up a piece of chicken for him. While she is doing that, DG wonders why he likes her, she isn’t cute. But as YA makes the food he changes his tune and thinks that she is very cute. But he snaps out of it when YA starts to question him. Is he angry at her? Is it because of the stain on his camera bag? He wonders…did she do that? But he says that isn’t it anyway. She wonders…is it because his camera cap is broken, she stepped on it by accident. Just be happy again Dong-gu! YA gives DG some aegyo, but he pulls himself away and leaves.

In the hallway he almost collapses, how can her apology be so cute like that?

Meanwhile, JG is looking up Mokbang, the eating variety show. SJ comes in and asks if she can use his razor. But he tells her that he will do the variety show. SJ sits next to him and we see that JG is on video chat with someone. He has to eat all the chicken, so he starts to eat it. But the person says that he doesn’t eat deliciously. JG tells him that it is his first time, but he will eat it so deliciously this time. he takes a bit and talks about how ah-ma-zing-this chicken is, so de-li-cious!

Afterward, YA and Seo-jin meet and talk about DG, why is he so upset, how can she make him happy again? SJ tells her that DG is so weak at aegyo, she should do that. Meanwhile, DG is thinking that YA is so cute, he can’t look at her face. But then he looks to the side and there is YA doing aegyo to him. DG is so shocked that he spits all his water out on her. She is drenched! DG runs off and YA wonders what she did wrong? SJ says it is because she is not cute enough.

But in the hallway, DG is just thinking of how cute YA is. How is she so cute! SA sees him and DG quickly hides in his room.

The first love is a little worried about DS’s lip, but he says he is okay. Then she makes small talk about something else. DS thinks that he should confess now! He walks over to her and puts his arm around her, but she quickly flips him over her shoulder like she is Ronda Rousey. She apologizes and tells him that she is learning martial arts so don’t do that to her because her body just reacts automatically. Then she says that she has to leave because she has a fan meeting.

DS goes to Cherry’s fan meeting, but it looks like she doesn’t really want him there. But he goes inside and gets a VIP seat. So many men are there at her man meeting and they are all cheering for her. DS is crazy uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, JG is still eating the chicken over the tv show. he hopes that they give him a star, but no star. Then he moves the plate over and is about to eat another chicken. But the person wants to know why he isn’t eating the bones, if he eats the bones then this person will give him 100 stars! SJ tells JG to get real, humans can’t eat bones. But JG says he can eat anything to pay off his credit card bills. He goes back to the camera and starts eating the bones, then we cut to some high school students in a PC bang looking at DG. They can’t believe he is really eating it…they should study hard so they won’t be like him. The kid gives him 100 stars and JG calls him son sang nim (basically teacher), thank you, teacher! He bows to the high school students.

YA texts an aegyo video to DG that looks amazingly cute. She even used an app to make herself look like a cute cat. DG is completely frozen and runs away. He steels JG’s heart medicine and takes a bunch. In the hallway he freaks out, how can she be so cute! But SA sees him again, why is he behaving like this? Does he still like her?

Today’s present is the bikini that Cherry wore in her movie Bikini Investigator 3. Cherry pulls a number from the box, 38. The lucky guy who will have cherry’s bikini is 38! But no one is 38. DS looks at his number, he is 38! He is so nervous though, he doesn’t want to get up. But he goes to the stage and takes a picture with the bikini and Cherry. The caption says thank you for the bikini Cherry.

JG is going crazy eating all the bones. He prepared a crazy amount of bones, even super huge bones. DG looks at JG like he is a moron and leaves. How can his friend be so crazy? But when he leaves, he sees YA cleaning in the living room. They go outside, and YA asks DG if he is still angry at her. He says he isn’t, but she wants him to tell her, he is angry because of the camera, right? He says that he is, but it isn’t a big deal.

YA tells him that she might have left the burner on and runs back inside.

JG ate a chicken bone and got 10 and then 20 stars. He is so excited. Stars = money on this show, so the more stars JG earns, the better. He is about to eat a huge bone, but his stomach is giving him problems. He tries to continue, but his stomach hurts to bad.


DS has the bikini with him and wonders why he got it, he can’ throw it away, it drives him crazy. Cherry shows up and DS gives her a drink. She mentions that today was a little embarrassing right? At first, she wanted to be a normal actress, but it wasn’t going well. She tried it once, but it became like this now. She doesn’t know what she can do now, she cries a lot recently like a fool. Oh, didn’t you say you wanted to tell me something?

But DS tells her that it was nothing and she can just enjoy her food.

It looks like DG might have bought YA a jacket? But he doesn’t know how to give it to her. Then we cut to JG coming home from the hospital. It was the fish bones. SJ is incredulous, he was eating bones again? We cut to DG’s room. DG talks to YA and tells her that this is for her. He hands her a bag. But JG comes in with SJ at that time, he wants to lay down. But DG is busted giving YA a gift and tries to play it off.

But then JG sees his computer, he got a crazy number of stars. They made like 2000 dollars. Someone on the computer says that the bearded woman came back. They rewind it and we see that SJ came in and started shaving at DG’s desk. Everyone on the internet show saw her shaving! Then we see that DG is in the room and wonders how he should give YA her gift, what if she figures out that he likes her? DG runs over to the computer and covers it. But everyone thinks that DG might still like SA. DG says that that isn’t it.

SA tells him that she wants to talk to him and to follow her out, so they go somewhere to talk. Does he still like her? But DG says that he doesn’t like her anymore and runs off. DG left the jacket there though, so she tries it on. But the arms are way too small. SA thinks that DG doesn’t even know her size, but she quickly takes the jacket off when SJ comes in and tells SA to stop seeing her brother.

SA and DG meet at a cafe, DG tries to tell him that she isn’t into him, but she has a friend to introduce him too. In walks an amazingly pretty woman. SA leaves them alone, but DG is way too nervous to talk.


DG goes home, and everyone asks him how his date went. But he says he likes smart woman…. huh, she went to Seoul University. I like funny women……. huh, she is a comedian. They tell him that this is because he still loves SA! He should call this other woman and set up another date. They tell him to do it right now in front of them.

Cut to YA, SJ, and SA going into their room. SA says that she can’t wear the coat Oppa bought for her, it is too small. Do they want it? SJ tries it on but it is too small. Then YA tries it on and it is a perfect fit. SJ sees something on the floor and picks it up, it is something very expensive. Super expensive clothing that all the famous actresses wore! SA gives all the clothes to SJ, she can have them all. SJ is crazy happy, she will do all the cleaning! Thank you eunnie!

DS goes to the movie set. He sees an altercation between the director and Cherry. Cherry is upset because the director snuck in some scenes that they didn’t discuss. She goes off and tries not to cry, but DS picks her up and tells her to quit, she said she doesn’t like this anymore, right?

Then DS goes to a meeting with the Director and producer, he tells them that Cherry isn’t going to be on the show anymore. They wonder if he will pay for everything and DS says that he will! How much is it? Then we cut to DS barely able to walk in the hallway…it was $40,000.

SJ tried on all the clothes and looks like a street person. JG thinks she looks like a beggar. DS comes in and thinks she looks like a beggar as well. But that isn’t important, he has bigger concerns, he has to pay back all of Cherry’s money. They brainstorm, and JG tells DS that they have one way.


JG goes to a gambling place that is super big. It is a legal gambling place where you can go to make short money. There is no guarantee that you will make money, but JG says that he has a way. There is a crazy lucky guy, they should pick whatever he picks. They go up to that guy and try to see what he will pick, but they accidentally hit him. The guy gets up to leave and JG tells DS to put all his money on the number that they lucky guy picked!

DG tells SA that he doesn’t want to go on the date because he doesn’t have money and it costs a lot of money. But the date shows up, she thinks it costs a lot of money to date, so she will make him something to eat in the kitchen.

Cut back to the gambling spot. They put all the money on the number, but DS put it on the wrong number. It was supposed to be 16, but he put 61. They will lose! They lost all their money! The race starts and 61 wins! They got a super big win. DS goes to get the money, it is enough money to pay for Cherry’s things! But JG thinks they should gamble one more time and get a lot of money!

Back at the meenbak, everyone sits around the table to a wonderfully prepared meal. This woman is super amazing. The woman wants to feed him, but he doesn’t want her too. SA pulls DG to the side and tells him the open his mouth, so the date can feed him! Cut back to DG opening his mouth like a zombie so the date can feed him.

Meanwhile, SJ is walking around with all those clothes on. She thinks everyone is looking at her because she is so fashionable! She stops at a ddukbogi place, but the owner asks her if she has money and tells her to pay first. Sj accidentally drops her expensive bag, but some ajummas next to her think this bag must be for the onions, so they start to put a lot of onions in it. SJ tells them that this bag is not for onion, it is expensive and dumps all the onion out in anger. Then she gets a call about a blind date.

SJ goes to the blind date as if she is dressed like a million bucks, but her friend and the date’s faces drop when they see her. The friend asks if she smells onion and SJ tells her that she had a difficult time earlier.

Back at the meenbak, DG still has to play nice as the home date continues. The woman wants to give him a foot massage, but he says it is okay. So, SU pulls him out and tells him to take the foot massage, he isn’t doing it because of her, right? He should take it, it will be a great one! He says, fine! I will take the massage. Cut to him getting an amazing foot massage on the couch.

Cut back to SJ, her blind date paid for the meal and left, but didn’t tell her. She calls her friend and tells her what happened, and the friend tells her that she shouldn’t have worn those clothes! SJ tries to explain that these clothes are super expensive, but she just thinks that these people just don’t know fashion.

Then we go to the gambling spot, they lost all the money that they won. JG is sorry, he keeps apologizing to DS, but DS is upset. A man rolls up to them and gives him some money, $10. DS is so thankful to that man, but JG is rabid, they should go back to the gambling spot and use this money to hit it big! He will be able to marry her! They run off, but then we see them walking back right away. They lost all their money again.

But then JG sees 50c. They can try again with this money! They can make enough for the movie and the marriage and everything! They go off running back to the gambling place. But then JG sees a bottle! DS, we can get 13c from this bottle! You can win back your money and everything! DS, let’s go! But DS tells him to shut up and pulls him home.

Meanwhile, SJ walks around the street looking like a street person. Someone is giving out treats and SJ asks her if she can play. She wins and wins a can of candy. SJ is so happy to get it and carries around her can of candy then gets on the bus. But everyone avoids her on the bus. Then SJ gets off and sits at the bus stop, she falls asleep and people start to put money in her bucket.

DS and JG are walking around at that time and see SJ. They go up to her and wonder why she smells so bad, shy did she drink so much? But then they see all this money in the can, why does she have money in her can? But JG thinks they can do it one more time! They can go try and win the money back! But DS tells him to shut up. JG says fine, they won’t be able to pay for his first loves things then. DS feels reinvigorated, they can do it! JG grabs the can and they take off!

It is the end of the date. The Yerin says that she wants to date DG, does he want to date her? DG tells her that she is perfect and lists all the reasons. But he thinks that he can’t date her. Yerin thinks he is ditching her, but he says that it isn’t that. But Yerin thinks that DG likes YA, right? Yerin leaves and calls SA. She tells him that DG likes YA. SA is shocked, really? Then she thinks back to all the moments that explain how DG likes YA.

DG comes in and SA points at him. The person you like isn’t me! Yerin told me! DG is shocked, she said she would keep it a secret. YA comes in at that moment and wonders if Yerin went home already. DG turns around and mouths to SA not to tell her, don’t tell her, no no no. But SA is a little thick, so she is about to tell YA that DG likes her. DG quickly grabs SA’s mouth and covers it.

Fade Out

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  1. Bluey
    February 28, 2018 / 4:28 am

    YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES TO SEO-JIN AND JIN-GU!!!!! They are so funny individually that them together would be awesome! I was sensing from episode 7 that they might be but this episode and the preview confirmed it! DS and JG were hilarious this episode – LET’S DO IT! LET’S DO THIS! – I could not stop laughing! Like you said I’m happy the DS has a storyline now as well. DG is just hilarious in his one-sided love and I cannot wait till YA finds out – the ex knowing as well now is the icing on the cake. But honestly – we need more baby Sol! Her small reaction in this episode was awesome! Thank you for the recap!

    • V
      February 28, 2018 / 5:41 am

      I am so with you on baby Sol! We need more of her! She is so adorable, I just melt when I see all the cute photos.

      I am looking forward to Seon-jin and Jin-gu falling for each other. I am laughing already as I think about all the looks and awkward moment 🙂 🙂 🙂

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