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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 7

Live Recap for the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki on jtbc
I am way behind on my editing of last weeks Waikiki (and Radio Romance), but I plan on doing it all today sometime (hopefully). But in the meantime, let’s all enjoy all the laughs that you know today is going to bring. As for predictions, maybe Dong-gu will lean more towards his feelings for Yoon-ah?

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 26th, 23:00 Seoul
Recap Time: KKEUT
How to Watch: On Demand Korea

DG AND YA walk back from the police station and DG sees the ex. She cries, what should I do Dong-gu? and hugs him.

They all wonder what they should do now, they will be kicked out if they don’t repay the money, they didn’t expect this. They think that DG will be there soon, the fake marriage and the honeymoon, it probably won’t be okay. JG tells DS to give him Sul-yi, at least he won’t hit him then!

YA and DG come back, but they aren’t super upset at JG. They turn and we see that SA is there with her luggage.


DG tells SA to not think of anything and just sleep here tonight. If she wants to leave then she can leave in the morning, but she can sleep well tonight.

Cut to everyone. finding out what happened. The guy SA met is a conman who took all of her money. He did this to a lot of women. They wonder what they should do but SJ thinks, SA dumped her brother, how can she come there? She is angry at SA. then the conversation changes to eating Jeju mandarin, JG wants to eat one but DG just starts choking him, he needs to find the money!

DG goes to the kitchen and looks at YA, she thinks that her lips are chapped and starts putting on lip-chap. DG is mesmerized by YA and her lips, he is absolutely frozen, so frozen that he overflows his drink. Everyone wonders what is wrong with DG.

Then we see JG eating a piece of pie at the table. He wonders what was in the pie! What was in it! And he runs off. Everyone says that JG has a walnut allergy, but DG thinks he is just doing it because they were talking about money.

SA comes out at that time, she thanks them and then she leaves. We cut to her waiting for someone. She meets this person in a park and tries to sell her an expensive bag. The lady says that she likes them all, she will buy all of them. Also, is SA good at running? The lady says that she was a runner before, the start is important for running. You have to start well. The woman prepares to run as if she is about to start a race and SA pretends to be the person who shoots the gun (for the start of a race) and the woman takes off! But she doesn’t stop, she just keeps on running.

SA finally gets that she has been duped and falls to the ground screaming why is this happening to me!!!!

Meanwhile, DS is about to meet the porn person but sees someone from his primary school. He tells her that she is still pretty and he tells her to sit, they can have some coffee. Then he goes to meet the porn person. The porn person tells DS that they have their woman….the friend from primary school!

Now the friend and DS are a little awkward. The girl tells DS that she liked his scenario, he was a good writer when they were younger…and now he is a writer for this movie. DS tells her that she was mature when she was younger…and now she is in this erotic movie. Longing music starts to play as they say their goodbyes and walk away from each other.

DS goes home and looks up his yearbook. He looks at the girl’s photo, in the book it says that she was his first love. JG wants to know why he is looking this up and DS says that he met her today. JG is super happy about it, wow, you met her! But DS just starts crying….sob…sob…my first love…sob…sob. JG is left thinking that DS must really love his first love.

Outside, SA thinks that maybe she shouldn’t meet DG. But then DG walks up. SA tries to play it off but DG asks her if she is there because she has nowhere to go? She can sleep there then. SA tries to say that she has somewhere to go, but if he wants her to stay there then she will.

She goes inside and everyone looks at her with hater-aid. SA pretends like she can’t see them and sneaks off to her room. Then everyone tells DG that he shouldn’t have brought her there. But DG just tells JG that he shouldn’t eat anything until he starts to make money! JG says that he will make money and throw it in his face! And storms off.

DG calls his company and asks if they can pay him in advance…2 years in advance? Click. Hmm, maybe 2 years was too much of an advance. then he sees YA sleeping on the couch, she looks cold. DG wonders if she needs a blanket and then he wonders why he cares? But he puts a blanket on her anyway and just then YA farts. But SA comes in at that moment and tells DG that she is leaving, she has a conscious, she won’t be trouble to him anymore. SA leaves and YA passes gas again. DG thinks YA must have a hole in her intestines, why is she passing gas so much!

Meanwhile, DS and JG are both going crazy. JG is looking for money and DS’s first love is an erotic star. DG comes in then and JG tells him that he doesn’t know what he will do to make money! DG says he will call him aboji if he makes money…he will even crawl through his legs…Okay, do it then!

DS has to sit at an audition to find the male lead for his first loves erotic movie. The first guy comes out, he is the terminator erotic man! how does DS like him? DS says that he likes him but….he is not right in the mind. Cut to the next person…everything is good accept your eyelids….everything is good, but it doesn’t’ fit my character. the director tells him he is very picky and DS says that he is.

Then a new actor comes in…he is ready for the audition! it is JG!!! DS and JG look at each other! They talk outside, so DS is the writer of the erotic thing? DS asks JG why he is there? To make money and to Kill DG!

Inside, the director says that they liked Lee Jun-gi the most, the actress likes him as well, he is a natural born actor. DS is super crazy anxious, wait a minute, JG is the main character? So he will have an erotic scene with his first love? No no no!

DS goes home and sees JG working out. He will make muscles! he will get money and throw it in JG’s face! But what about his parents…BOTH MY PARENTS LOVE EROTIC MOVIES! But what about your wife….I WILL MARRY SOMEONE WHO LOVES EROTIC MOVIES. But what about your kids…..WE WILL WATCH IT TOGETHER.

He will make the best erotic scene ever! RAGE!

Poor SA is at a jimjilbang, but she can’t pay. She had her wallet, but it isn’t there anymore. The jimjilbang ajumma calls the police station. At that moment, DG calls SA, why hasn’t she picked up the phone for a while? But SJ just tells him, do you still have feelings to SA? DG tells her that it isn’t true! But SJ just wonders why he is so angry. YA gets up and goes to the kitchen and DG goes up to her…she doesn’t think he still likes SA, right? People help people so she is still helping her, but YA shouldn’t be mistaken. YA is all like, why would I be mistaken, do what you do, she is going to the grocery store.

She leaves and DG talks to himself, does she really not care? then he gets a call from the police station.

SA is at the station in her jimjilbang clothing. SA apologizes and says that the police were going to call her parents, so she had to call him. DG takes her with him and takes her to the meenbak. But SA doesn’t want to go inside. How can she get help from him after all that she did to him? But DG holds her hand and tells her that she is all frozen, she can just come with him. He takes her inside and we see that YA was watching them from around the corner. Perhaps she also has feelings for DG?

She goes inside and sits alone at the table. She contemplates something for a while, then she gets up and goes somewhere.

3 AM
JG is asleep and DS goes into his room like it’s a thriller or horror scene. He tells JG that he caused all of this, why did he show up there? DS breaks a walnut and feeds it to JG. JG laughs in his sleep and DS looks at him like he is in a horror movie.


JG wakes up and has red bumps all over his face! He also has a stomach ache. DS gets up and wonders what is going on? Is he okay? Oh no, we have a shoot in a few days, you shouldn’t do the movie, just forget about the photoshoot forever. JG wants to know if they can just delay the photoshoot? But DS says that they will find a new actor and he will take care of everything so JD doesn’t go to jail.

DG comes in at that moment, what happened? DS tells him that he doesn’t know. But then DG starts kneading JG about making money. He is just pretending because he can’t make money. JG starts to rage again! DG, I will kill you! JG turns to his desk and starts applying a super amount of makeup to his face.

Cut to DS and JG walking to the shoot. JG’s face is so white, it is caked in makeup. DS tells him that he shouldn’t do it. JG want to know why and DS yells, IT IS HIS FIRST LOVE! Everyone looks at them…is JG his first love? JG also thinks, am I your first love? But DS says that the main actress is his first love. JG tells him that he needs to get his revenge, but DS tells him that he knows of a way.

Cut to DS telling the director that JG went to the army. But the director already paid all the money to DS for writing everything.

Cut to JG coming in with a lot of money and throwing it at DG. You should call me aboji now. DG is all like…come on hyung. But JG just tells him to call him aboji and crawl between his legs. JG spreads his legs for DG and DG walks over to him. Thank you appa for making money for me, and then he crawls through JG’s legs.

JG is so happy, he tells DG that he is his father from now on!

Everyone sits around the table and DG and JG keep talking about father and son things. Then SA comes in with something on her face to lift her cheeks. Everyone stares at her. Then she says that she shouldn’t eat this dwen-jang-guk for breakfast. Should she have some eggs benedict or something? they all want SA to move out, but DG tells them that she has a contract with them. DG is the only one on SA’s side and everyone else thinks that SA is an A-hole.

DG turns to YA and tells her that he doesn’t like SA, he really doesn’t! But all the meenbak people just look at him, why is he telling YA this, does he like her too? DG yells and storms away from the table. He goes to his room and then JG shows up.

Son, I told you that if you lay down and read books then you will be a pig! DG wants to know when JG will stop doing that and JG says he won’t stop until he is not angry anymore. Then they start to talk to DS. DG wants to know who Cherry and Malgum are? DS says his friend who has an American name and a Korean name. JG wants to know if DS likes her or not and DS says that he doesn’t know if he likes her or if they are just good friends. JG says that his hands will be shaky and he can’t think straight.

DS doesn’t know if he likes her. JG says that there are ways to find out if he knows her or not. He starts to write something on a notepad like he is a middle school kid. It is a scientific method! You and Malgam’s love! Do you want to see what it is? JG starts looking at his middle school method of love and goes through it, but the mechanical pencil breaks, which means that they won’t be in love. DS runs off.

But then DG starts to do the middle school test. he likes YA 76%. But it shouldn’t be! He takes the test again and puts some random woman…91%! DS thinks that this shouldn’t work, aish!

Then we cut to SA washing her face with milk. SJ confronts her about it, is she washing her face with all of their milk? SA says that she just likes to drink milk a lot. SJ tells her to just drink it then, if she leaves one drop then she will kick her out. SA starts to drink it, but then she confesses. SJ rages at her and everyone comes in.

SA says that she will go wash her face and DG tells everyone that they should just leave. The other two think that DG must still love SA.

We cut to everyone eating cereal without milk. They are so annoyed that there is no milk there. The conversation changes to DS and his love. SJ says that you know everything about a person if you love them, you even know their footsteps. They tell her to stop talking about that booger guy!

Cut to SJ and JG walking and talking about the middle school NASA scientific love test. JG sees a woman and then electricity shoots through him, he falls to the ground. SJ wants to know what is wrong and JG says that he saw this woman and he had all these feelings, maybe it is first love. He will find out her name and do the test!

JG starts to follow this woman, wait, wait, wait! But the woman goes into an elevator before he can get to her, the door closes. SJ tells JG to stop, why is he doing this? But JG says that this might be the woman of his fate, he just needs to know her name!

DG and SA talk in the living room and someone comes home. SA thinks it might be one person, but then YA says that it is YA. YA comes in and SA wonders how DG knew it was YA? DG thinks back to SJ saying that you even know the person’s footsteps if you love them. But then DG is a bit startled by this, does he really love YA? Someone else comes in and DG puts on his super hearing ears, he thinks it is…..a delivery man. He turns and he sees a delivery man. DG is so happy to see him, he runs over to him and hugs the delivery man! Maybe it’s not love!

Meanwhile, DS is on a date with his first love. It is her birthday but the first love lost all of her friends and isn’t talking to her parents after she started these jobs. But they shouldn’t talk about sad things. DS excuses himself to the bathroom.

Back at the meenbak, SA is in the kitchen but drops something and cuts herself. DG asks YA for the emergency medical kit, but she doesn’t know where it is. DG tells her to take care of SA and he will go get it.

Then we cut to JG walking up all the steps to find this woman. She is a cardiologist, JG knew it, as soon as he saw her picture, his heart pumped. He gets her name and does the name game….99% love! Do you see that, do you see that! It is fate! You should accept it SJ!

But SJ just thinks JG is super crazy and tells him to do whatever he wants. She wonders why she was so interested in the results as JG goes to find the doctor. Cut to JG talking to the doctor for a consultation. His tells her his heart is pumping so much, he is fainting, his hands are tingly, and he can’t breathe too well. The woman checks his heart….hmm, his heart sounds very strange. They should do more tests.

Someone pulls JG away and he gets swept into a series of tests all of a sudden. JG is so confused, what is this? Why? But they just tell him not to move as he goes into the machine.

DS comes back with a birthday cake. But then a man comes up to their table and asks her if she is an actress? She says yes and the man tells his friends, see she is an actress! Bikini investigator! I saw you! You wear a lot of clothing now, but your body is very nice, it is an honor to see you. He wants to shake her hand but in a creepy way. Both DS and the first love are annoyed that he is there.

The girl goes off on him, why should she hold a perverts hands like him! But the man just points at her, look, she is angry! DS and she both leave all the while, the man keeps pointing at them.

DG fixes SA’s foot and they see that there is a big fire on the news. Didn’t YA go to the store?


SJ is concerned as she waits for Oppa. She sees JG coming out holding his heart, what is the result? JG says that his heart is not good, he has all those symptoms because his heart has problems. But they found it early so he just has to take some medicine. SJ is surprised at that, but then they start to talk about first loves and fate. JG says that he might have died if he and that woman didn’t see each other…but it was 99%, it doesn’t make any sense. SJ says that if you love someone, you care about that person all day.

Cut to DG looking at the news, he runs out.

VO – When you don’t see that person, you worry about them forever…

The childhood friend of DS is sobbing on the ground

VO – …when you see that person having a hard time, you feel worse…

DS goes back to the restaurant and takes off his glasses. He throws the cake in that guys face, why did he say these things to her!

DG gets to the fire and tells them that he knows someone inside, YA! YA! But YA is behind him. She yells his name and wonders why he is there, did something happen?

VO – …it’s just, with that person’s existence, you feel so thankful, that is love.

DG pulls YA into a big hug.

Fade Out


DG realizes that he likes YA.
SJ and JG hang out some more and she looks like a beggar for some reason.
The first love has a fan meeting that goes wrong.
DS hugs JG, they won!

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  1. Bluey
    February 26, 2018 / 10:44 am

    Waikiki is honestly so funny! I love it! It feels just like a sitcom (although its like an hour long!) and I laugh till my stomach hurts. JG is honestly my favourite along with SJ and I cannot wait till DG and YA properly fall in love. Also the ex makes me laugh I think she’s going to be hilarious!

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    • V
      February 26, 2018 / 10:49 am

      I am so with you on all of this! JG is my fave too, but I also like how DS has his own storyline forming now. I’m looking forward to the feelings pouring out with DG and YA, and you know the writers are going to think about the funniest way that this can happen 🙂

  2. J
    February 26, 2018 / 5:50 pm

    Thanks for the live recap!
    I really like this drama 🙂 it is so refreshing and the actors are just perfect on their roles. Actually, their acting are so natural! Its like i am only watching my neighbor 😂

    • V
      February 26, 2018 / 7:16 pm

      Their acting is so natural, I almost forget that they are acting. Yoon-ah is really great as the clueless mom. I loved the episode where she wanted to be a rapper!

  3. Ella
    April 29, 2018 / 10:56 pm

    Hello, can anyone help me to find out what’s the name/title of song on episode 7, Scene#8 minute: 1.31?
    I’ve heard the song before from an old drama but i can’t remember the name…

    • V
      April 30, 2018 / 7:16 am

      This was in My Name is Kim Sam-soon! The name is She Is by Clazziquai Project.

  4. Caro
    May 23, 2022 / 12:49 pm

    Btw can someone explain to me how Joon-ki got all that money to pay back the landlady? Since Joon-ki “conscripted” days before the shoot, he didn’t get paid right? Did Du-sik make that shit ton of money and have Joon-ki pass it off as his money? (Like, how much do ero scriptwriters get paid anyway? Enough to pay for a wedding AND rent for a whole building on a single job?) And why did Du-sik give his hard earned cash to Joon-ki? Is this supposed to be a bribe so that he basically doesn’t have to see his roommate and close buddy fuck the girl of his dreams?

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