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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 6

Live recap for the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki episode 6The last episode of Waikiki had me in stitches with how JD had to handle the writer/director situation. Poor JD, he had his first recurring acting job, but now he is jobless once again. Did anyone see the preview? Because that wedding scene is throwing me for a loop.

This recap of Waikiki will be an aftercap since we are recapping it after Radio Romance ends. We also plan on recapping Should We Kiss, First? which airs at the same time as Radio Romance. We are not sure how that one will fit into the schedule, but we think we will do it as an aftercap, after Waikiki airs (when everything is back to its normal schedule).

Also, everyone should be watching Misty because it is THE BEST.

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Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 20th, 23:00 Seoul
Recap Time: KKEUT
How to Watch: On Demand Korea

JD is acting, he says that he as 6 bullets in his body from the Japanese. He has all the scars on his body, his shirt is off and he tells the people around that they don’t know how he let them go!

But then we see that there are people around who don’t really care what JD is doing. They tell him to leave his profile shot. JD tells them, thank you and please think of me when casting! But then someone goes up to the PD and tells him, how will they find an actor…they look at JD. The director pinches his waste and tells him that they have a scene for him, a bed scene. This guy looks like the main actor, so it should work.

JD finds out that then bed scene will be with Soo-jung. The Soojung! Yes, he will do it! Jealousy is his driving power!

Cut to JD trying to lose a lot of weight. DS massages him all over his back and everywhere. SJ comes in and gets filled in that JD is a bed scene body double. She thinks this scene is crazy, but JD tells her that his actress is Shin Soo-jung, not any other person but Shin Soo-jung! They get back to their craziness.

Then DG tells YA that she should be careful going to her class. They talk about it for a while and look like some newly married couple. DG waves goodbye and SJ tells him that this is suspicious. What’s up with them? DS also thinks it is suspicious. DG tells them that there is nothing suspicious and leaves. But he wonders what they are talking about, he just wants to help poor people. Meanwhile, YA meets a boy in her class.

This man drops YA off in a super nice car. She thanks him for the ride and JG and DG watch this all happen. They wonder who this guy is and YA says that it is someone from her class. DG wants to know why she takes a ride from someone he doesn’t’ know and JG wants to know why he cares? DG storms off and YA looks at her.

DS meets with the director, but the director doesn’t look happy with the work. He wants something sexier. He gives DS a video to watch for homework. DS nervously smiles an says that he will watch it.

The director tells JG not to work out too much and to keep his weight. The main actor shows up and is introduced to JG. The actor takes off his jacket, he is super skinny now. The director is shocked, the actor says that he was sick recently and can’t get the weight back on. The director thinks they need to find someone skinnier! But JG tells him that he can lose 10 kilograms! He can do it!

The meenbak people tell him that he would probably jump into a fire to have a bed scene with this actress and JG says he will jump off of a cliff! Then the man from YA’s cooking school shows up. He brought everyone food and says that SY is very cute.

They joke that he must be into YA and the man says that actually, he is interested in YA. The man leaves to go to the bathroom and everyone starts to talk to YA about him. They are all nice but DG is questioning. He talks about this guy like he is a bad guy who might mess up her life again. But they don’t want DG to talk bad about him because he brought them donuts and everything.

Cut to the bathroom. The guy sees YA’s toothbrush and takes it out and smells it like he is fantasizing. Then he puts it in his mouth right when DG comes in. DG wants to know why he is brushing his teeth with YA’s toothbrush, but the man plays it off, is it YA’s toothbrush? DG tells him that the name is written right there! But the man just plays it off and leaves.

Outside the man tells everyone bye-bye and everyone thinks that he is the best thing ever. But DG sits on the couch and tells them that this guy was brushing his teeth with YA’s toothbrush. That is weird. No one uses someone else’s toothbrush. But JG says he sometimes uses DG’s toothbrush because it is so soft and his toothbrush is too hard. But SJ thinks that maybe DG likes YA, that is why he is acting like that. DG plays it off, no way, never, he is just worried about her. Does that mean that he likes her?

JG tells them that he is so hungry. How can he lose weight like this? DS tells him to ask SJ, she is on s diet 365 days a year. JG tells her to help him, he will buy her a new razor. SJ tells him fine, but he has to do everything that she says! Meanwhile, DS thinks that he has to watch this erotic movie that these people sent him. He goes to his room to watch it, but then JG comes in. DS closes his computer right away, he wasn’t watching porn! DG doesn’t care about this though and just starts talking about that suspicious guy.

DS leaves and goes to the bathroom. He opens his computer again…but then DG comes in! He wants to know, why does DS have his computer in the restroom? DS says that he is writing his script and DG looks like him like …. Sure sure. But then they talk about the suspicious guy. That guy didn’t put toothpaste, why would he brush his teeth without toothpaste! He starts thinking about that and DS tells him to fix the door! He leaves.

Meanwhile, SJ wraps JG’s body with cellophane and starts to run him all over the city. Rocky music starts to play as JG withstands so many different forms of torture so that he can lose weight quickly.

Everyone sits and eats. But DS isn’t there, he is busy meeting with the director. JG looks all kinds of wrong. He is wearing so much clothing and his eyes are straight in the air and wide open. YA wonders about him, She hits him and he wakes up, and yells, “white tunnel” lol. They wonder if he is okay and he says that he might have passed out a little bit. DG tells him to eat something or he might die. JG goes to drink something, but SJ tells him that he shouldn’t drink anything. She covers up the pitcher with her hand.

JG starts to cry but SJ tells him that he has two days, but if he doesn’t want to have a bed scene with Soo-jun then he can drink it. JG pushes the water away like a zombie, he can do it.

The man from class comes back and brings some pizza. DG wats to know why he is there again, but SJ just says they have two stomachs and they can eat it all. They all sit around to eat the pizza, but JG can’t eat any of it. He thinks SJ is so cold-blooded for eating in front of her. DG looks at the man sitting next to YA, he starts to sniff her! But no one sees this except for DG. He yells that this man tries to smell YA’s hair! He said that he was just smelling the pizza. JG tells DG that smelling hair is fine, he sometimes smells DG’s hair, his hair smells delicious.

YA apologizes to the friend but the friend says it is okay. Then he grabs a napkin and wipes her mouth. But then he puts the tissue in his pocket! DG sees this and wonders why he is taking the tissue! He tells everyone that he took that tissue! But JG is sneaking some food in the corner and everyone his it away from him.

The friend goes into the room and tries to lock the door, but it doesn’t work. Some R&B music plays as the friend starts to go through all of Yoona’s things.

Outside everyone tells DG to just be normal.

But inside the friend is putting on all of Yoona’s clothing. He puts on her jacket and her scarf. He smells it just as DG comes in. What is she doing there? Why is he wearing YA’s clothing? YA and everyone come in at that moment. Why is this guy wearing her clothing? The man tells her that…that…that…he wanted to know her size so he could buy her a coat. Her coat is so worn out.

DG tells him that she could just ask her! Why does he have to wear it? The friend says that he didn’t want to hurt her pride, that is why he tried it on. But DG thinks this is crazy, do they really believe this? Why is a man wearing women’s clothes? But JG tells everyone that he wears SJ’s clothes sometimes…

The friend tells them all that he is sorry that he made everyone uncomfortable. He puts the clothes back but he takes one last sniff.

DG – He is smelling the clothes! I saw it!

But everyone ignores him.

DS leaves his meeting with the director and the director gives him another erotic movie. DS wonders why he keeps giving him these things, he has nowhere to watch them. The newest one is about sweet whipping and DS thinks that this one is even sexier than the other one.

Back inside, the friend is leaving, but some underpants fall! DG pulls them up off the ground. WHAT IS THIS, WOMENS UNDERPANTS! Jgt tells him that they are his underpants. They give him comfort. But DG thinks that this doesn’t make sense, he has women’s underpants in his pocket! But JG tells him, why doesn’t it make sense, he also does that….

SJ sees the underpants and tells him that these are her underpants! The friend starts to freak, these are her underpants and not YA’s? He starts to leave, it is not YA’s underpants… They all chase him out and he bumps into DS which makes him drop his erotic movie. But it looks like the friend dropped it. They all think that this is evidence that this friend is a pervert! The friend says that it is not his movie, okay, he stole the underpants but the movie is not his. DG wants to know whose video it is then?

The friend taps DS, tell them that it is yours. But DS doesn’t say anything and everyone is all like, this isn’t DS’s he never does stuff like that! But the man tells DS to tell the truth and DS rages at him, it isn’t his! They kick the friend out.

JD comes to the movie set looking like a zombie. He lost all the weight and everyone is concerned and happy at the same time. But then he sees the actress and almost passes out. He tells himself to get stronger, he is almost there! He slowly walks to the actress, but the actress turns around, it is not the actress, it is her body double. JG wants to know what is going on, where is Soo-jung? The director tells him, did you really think you would have a bed scene with Soo-jung?

A montage of all the hard moments JG had flashes in front of him like a film strip. He starts crying. But then Soo-jung calls, she will do the bed scene, to be honest with the viewers. JG is so happy. But then the actor hears this and says that he will do the bed scene too! JG almost collapses and makes a big scene. You will do the bed scene…..!

They walk outside the meenbak and talk about the pervert. DG can’t believe that he tried to make him believe that DS had that movie. But then JG runs through them looking like a crazy person. At the same time, another man comes to meet with YA and talks to DG.

While inside JG stuffs his face angrily. Then YA comes to them and says that she has a lot of rumors coming from her school. SH is addicted to plastic surgery and can cut wires with her teeth and is a man….she lists all these things. DG just turns and walks away with the baby. He tells the baby that he did it all, it was all for her mother. He doesn’t want Sol-yi’s mom to meet with a pervert.

DS, SJ, and JG all sit around the couch. They don’t have any new meenbak reservations. The owner of the building called them to have some proof that they can pay. But DS thinks its okay. However the owner of the building shows up, she wants her money. They don’t have it so the owner tells the men in suits to label everything with the red stickers.


DG comes back with the baby and is shocked to see the owner. The owner says hello, she is shocked to see the baby. They say that the kid is his baby! The baby is a money sucker, but DG made a mistake and because of the baby they had to spend all of the money. The owner looks concerned, she wants to know where the mother is. DG tells her that the mother ran away because life is so hard. The owner thinks, what kind of mother is like this. JG tells her that they want to leave, but what about the baby! This poor baby!

One of the men say that this is none of their business, but the owner tells them that she will give them one more month. She leaves and everyone sits with a big sigh. But they all think they shouldn’t have lied like that. They think the owner won’t go to the city and check the marriage license or anything like that.

DS and JG walk around outside and think about this problem they have. They run into Su-ah. SA says that her boyfriend is doing well, it looks like they are getting closer. She leaves and DS and JG see the owners car. It looks like it is driving to their meenbak!

YS is back from the dentist. She had all her wisdom teeth out. She tells them that she will change the cotton in her mouth and turns to leave. But then she bumps into the owner who came into the meenbak. The owner recognizes YA as the mom, is she going to feed her, how did she come back? YA says that she was in the hospital. The owner is shocked, why was she in the hospital? YA is about to tell her but then DS and JG come in screaming. They make up a lie that YA passed out so they brought her home. The owner wants to know how she is sick. YA starts to say why and they blood drips from her mouth. Then more blood comes out from her mouth! DS quickly takes her away.

The owner wants to know how she can be that sick. JG says that they brought her back because the hospital couldn’t do anything for her. The owner is so concerned, how could this happen to that young person. She tells DG that he needs to do better for her, did they get married? She is a poor mother who never wore a wedding dress. The owner gives DG a hug and tells him to cheer up. He thanks her and she says that she is leaving. They thank her for the diapers as she leaves.

JG is super happy that this worked, but DS kicks him in the butt. JG thinks that they just need to get through this one thing. Cut to the women telling DG and YA that she wants to give them a marriage ceremony. They say they are okay, but the owner tells them that woman need to wear a wedding dress. YA says that it is okay but then the owner says that she never wore a wedding dress, she was too busy making money with her husband. So she knows how YA feels. They should get married. They can either get married or wrap their business up.

DG and YA look at each other. He tells her that they can get married. The owner tells them that they can do it this week. DG is all like, This week???? The owner tells him from behind a paper that they should do it soon because they don’t know when she might die.

DG thinks this is marriage fraud, they need to tell the truth! But JG tells him that they can’t, she will sue them for telling all these lies! DG wants to know what else they can do. JG tells him that he should get married. DG chops him in the neck, is he crazy! But JG tells him that they can’t be kicked out in the street, what about YA. But DG just starts chopping him in the neck again.

The owner wants to buy a ring for the two. She helps them look through a ring shop. Dg runs into a friend and the friend is shocked. Is dg getting married? Why didn’t he contact them? When is he getting married? This Sunday. The friend tells him that hey will contact everyone from their college, all the professors and everything. DG says thank you. But later he thinks that this is crazy, why did he meet his friend there. But then he runs into a military friend. The friend is also like, huh? Your getting married?

The owner is right there and says that DG has a story. Cut to ya, DG and the friends sitting. The friend says that this is a good story. The owner says that she just wants them to be happy. The military friend says that he will contact all of their army friends! Dg looks like he wants to melt into the ground, but he thanks his friend. They have a great army camaraderie.

DG and YA take the bus home. He looks miserable, but she looks really happy as she looks at the wedding magazine. She never thought this kind of thing would happen to her. DG just hopes that this is all a dream. He thinks that they should tell the owner the truth, but YA is already sleeping and her head is bobbing all over the place. DG picks up the wedding book and sees the dress that YA picked. He looks at YA and protects her head from hitting the window. He thinks that YA is so needy and sighs.

JG jokes that the new groom is back! But DG looks at him with fire. Does JG know what happened because of him! Then they see the computer, the owner has a story about how she is doing a good thing for a couple that can’t pay the rent. She is giving them a marriage. He thinks back to his friend at the wedding location. His friend said that he became a reporter and he wrote that piece.

Then JG gets a call from a singer. He is a really famous singer. The singer read the article and wants to sing for the wedding. Then they get another call, a famous hanbok maker will make their hanbok. Then a super famous chef calls. This wedding is super huge, if something happens then they won’t be able to live in Korea.

Cut to the wedding, it is so super crazy huge. There is a sign that they won’t receive money for it and DG is pacing like a nervous groom. The army guys come and DG tells him that he read his article. Then a lot of other people come. The meenbak guys show up too and they try to make DG happy. They say that their bride is pretty and DG is all like, SHOULD I BE HAPPY WITH A PRETTY BRIDE? Then he starts to try to fight JG but they keep DG from fighting him.

JG is the MC of the wedding and tells JG to walk in. JG looks less than thrilled. Then he tells YA to walk in. The door open and we see YA. She is amazingly gorgeous and DG is smitten. YA looks nervous though. But DG is stunned, he is not moving and just staring at YA. Even when she gets to the front, he is just staring at her. But then he snaps out of it and turns toward the front with her.

Then the super famous singer starts singing and YA and DG are stunned that he is singing in front of them. At the end, he tells them that he is super expensive, but he is doing this for free. To pay him, they can show him their hot kiss. The chants start.


They wonder how they can kiss, but then YA swoops in and plants a huge kiss on DG. DS covers Sol-Yi’s eyes as DG and YA continue to kiss. Everyone wipes their tears or looks away.

DG and YA are going on a honeymoon and the owner tells them to just enjoy it and buy everything that they want. She gives them an envelope and waves at them lovingly as they leave to catch their flight.

While waiting, DG is still stunned, he isn’t looking at anything and is only thinking about the kiss. YA tries to snap him out of it. What is he thinking? DG tells her that he wasn’t thinking of anything. YA wonders how long they should stay there and DG says that they can leave as soon as the president leaves. But then DG meets another friend, a lawyer. What is he doing? His honeymoon? They actually have the exact same ticket and they are both going to Jeju. The lawyer friend tells them that they can go together.

Cut to the plane taking off.

The owner comes to the meenbak, but she steps on some poop and hops over to the side. That is when JG and ds come up. They talk about how ya and dg aren’t a couple and laugh about it. The owner confronts them, what is this!

Cut to ya and dg at the police station. They have to pay back the wedding, if they don’t pay back everything within a month they a scary thing will happen. The worst thing that they can expect times 100. She wants to put them all in jail, but she won’t because of the baby. DG wants to know how he can pay back that money? But he puts his stamp on the paper and everyone else’s stamp is also on the paper as well.

YA and DG walk back and think that they have the worst luck and that this is all because of JG, he wants to kill him. But at that exact moment, a motorcyclist drives by and DG pulls YA out of the way. It is a romantic moment for DG as he only focuses on YA’s lips. But he can’t hear her anything that she says. The lights turn to hearts all around them as he is mesmerized by YA. Finally, he is able to snap out of it.

DG tells YA that she needs to be careful and look around when she walks. She is so needy and needs a lot of care. He leaves in a huff and drags his suitcase with him. YA follows.

But then they run into Su-ah crying on a bench. She hugs DG, what should she do? SA continues to sob into DG and DG is left stunned. YA looks at the two of them as the music starts to play.

Fade out.

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1 Comment

  1. Caro
    May 22, 2022 / 5:49 am

    Wow there is so much happening in this one episode! While it is as hilarious as previous episodes, it’s actually pretty dark and frankly one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever seen in TV history.

    So, Yoon-ah has a new potential bae but he’s a pervert and the Waikiki gang has to save her. Joon-ki is basically practicing VSED–otherwise known as the euthanasia method of Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking–in order to lose weight for a role, and he looks like a delirious corpse at the end of it. Du-sik having trouble finding a proper place to watch porn as research for work looks pretty mild compared to both of that.

    But what takes the cake this episode is Dong-gu and Yoon-ah’s wedding–like, what the actual fuck!?!? Joon-ki is the worst for inventing the story that led there! I mean, desperate times (getting kicked out of your place of residence and business for failure to pay rent and possibly having to hit the streets with a baby) call for desperate measures (claiming Kang Sajang is the baby’s father and raising her alone because the mother ran off, and then they found her with a terminal illness). But what Joon-ki did and the rest of them became an accomplice to, especially Dong-gu and Yoon-ah as the groom and bride, that was just so wrong.

    I will always remember watching the wedding part of this story and every second of the way just wanting to scream just how fucked up this all is. Again, one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever seen on TV, and I had no idea such a quirky and goofy comedy as Waikiki would actually go there! That said, it’s an epic twist to an otherwise mundane show, and totally raises the stakes for the second half of the season.

    Kim Sajang-nim will remain one of TV’s most memorable one-episode antagonist for me. Wow, this woman doesn’t take bullshit from tenants who are struggling to meet their obligations, and has fierce attorneys ready to enforce everything she’s entitled to. But she’s also kind and over-the-top generous and a good human being at heart. This is a person I would deeply respect if she existed, and it just gives us audience such a layered relationship with this antagonist. She does not deserve to be conned by the Waikiki gang, and tense as it was, I actually felt great relief to finally see her threaten Dong-gu and Yoon-ah at the police station.

    It’s been a bitter episode, like a cup of espresso that rudely awakens a proverbially sleeping Waikiki gang and us audience’s expectations of them. And while I’ve been in stitches for this stupid gang’s misadventures, by this point of the show I more than ever want to see them step up their game and finally succeed. I want Waikiki to finally do well that not only do the gang never miss a payment again, they actually can save up funds for their lifelong passion project and can afford to hire additional staff to take care of the guesthouse while our three filmmakers get busier pursuing work they actually love. I want Joon-ki, Du-sik and Dong-gu each to get their big breaks as actor, writer, and director, but mostly I want to see the three of them collaborate in a movie together. I want Yoon-ah to do well with her pastry course scholarship, and that it would open doors for her to realize her dream of becoming a pastry chef/bakery owner. I want Seo-jin to get a respectable job in journalism and a bonafide boyfriend who loves her for who she is. And I want Dong-gu and Yoon-ah to figure out their feelings for each other and finally become a couple—not married at first sight like the fraud they all pulled on Kim Sajang-nim but genuinely, organically, falling in love while dealing with each other’s flaws and their interpersonal conflicts. I want them to be able to pay their debt to Kim Sajang-nim, maybe suffer some of the consequences of the marriage fraud, but ultimately finding redemption and overcoming this serious setback as much stronger (and ethical!) people.

    I feel that I haven’t made as much of an emotional connection to Soo-ah at this point of the series given that she’s had so little screen time and even been missing for the last two episodes, but I am intrigued to find her crying with a big suitcase at the bus stop in this episode’s final moments. We have no idea what happened so far, but based on her last conversation with Joon-ki and Du-sik we can guess that she probably broke up with the Thai restaurateur leaving for America, but her house is already sold so she has nowhere to go. So naturally she comes to Waikiki. We’ll see if my prediction proves true, but anyway what’s interesting is the timing, given the hell Dong-gu and his new love interest had just been through, and the stakes that have just been raised 100-fold for the rest of the show. And maybe Soo-ah has something the rest of the Waikiki gang needs to get them out of this rut and finally be on their way to achieving their goals. We’ve thought of Soo-ah as a cold-hearted antagonist so far, so it would be interesting to see her switch sides to join the rest of our protagonists and make their common mission actually work.

    I can’t wait to watch the next episodes!

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