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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 5

Live recap for the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki episode 5
Waikiki almost lost me the last 2 episodes with the super gross snot/booger humor. THAT WAS SO GROSS! Luckily it had so many other funny moments and even a few heartfelt moments that pulled me back in. Waikiki, please keep the body fluid jokes to a minimum, okay? I want to keep watching you, just let me watch you!

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Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 19th, 23:00 Seoul
Recap Time: EDITING…will edit and update sometime today or tomorrow
How to Watch: On Demand Korea

All the meenbak people are looking at someone in the bed. Ah, they are looking at Seo-joon who is under the covers. they say that it was sexual harrassment, she slapped the interviewer with meat! But then SJ hops up and screams. Her face is all covered in hair and they tell her to shave! She might scare the customers.

But SJ just starts sobbing, she reallyw anted a job, but she should just quit, no one will hire someone like me. DG tells her that they never give up in their family…but SJ yells, “I’M GIVING UP!”
and covers herself in the covers again.


DG and YA leave and walk down the street. A bakery catches YA’s attention, she wonders how much it would cost to open something like this. YA smiles and jokes about it, but then YA gets angry at him and they argue for a few moments. then JG rolls up tot hem and rolls down the window. they want to know what he is doing with this car and JG says that he bought it since he has a drama now.

They all get intot he car, it is super tiny and old. JG takes off, but it stops. JG tells them it is okay. DG tries to put on his seat belt but it is broken. JG tells him it is okay, he can just wrap it around himself. DG yells that it isn’t okay! He tires it again and the handle breaks. JG says its okay, its okay. But JG doens’t think anything is okay! Everything starts to break and DG is locked in. then the car starts and JG drives off with DG looking scared in the passenger seat.

The car’s name is Rebecca and DG tells him that he won’t be in Rebecca every again. Meanwhile DS is clicking his site over and over again. they tell him to stop and DS says that everyone does it. Then the conversatio changes to the a webnovel book. Everyone knows the story, the book is about a painful youngster life. they think that the book isn’t comforting at all for young people.

Then they see SJ who looks absolutely destroyed. DG asks YA to talk SJ out for a good time, she needs some comfort. YA tells him that she will try.
Meanwhile DS is at his part-time job and he is in trouble for not working. the new parttimer comes in and she is beautiful. She is the bosses daughter. the boss tells DS to treat her well and DS says, “Okay father-in-law” but then he snaps out of it when the father wants to know what he said. the daughter tells DS to forgive her father and aks him what he does for a living. DS says that he is a writer and she asks to see it when he is done. They promise with their thumbs and DS says, “Yes, yobo!”

Back at the meenbak, the baby is watching a Shark family TV show that she loves. the men want to turn it to UFC, but the baby cries when they do, so they leave it on this family. But they hear a noise, dung dun dung dun. We see that it is teh beeting of DS’s heart. DS comes in and says that he is in love. But JG tells him that he has zero chance of being sucessful if the girl is successful and pretty. But DS think that she is interested in him as well.

He gets a phone call and goes out. Someone likes his web novel? No, the man thinks that it was trash, but he saw the bed scene and he thinks that he is a genius in erotic storylines. He wants him to write an erotic storyline for him, the forbidden love between a brother-in-law and sister-in-law. You know all those famous writer and all the erotic movies they made? I am not just making an erotic movie with you, lets make a world renowned erotic movie and go to Cannes!

YA and SJ go out, but it is super cold and windy. thy are both miserable. SJ doesn’t like it, she is frozen and wants to go back inside. But YA wants to keep her outside, she wants to tell her that failure is not falling down, but when you can’t stand up again. You see that guy over there, he is trying to fly that kite, but he failed so many times, but he finally succeeded to fly the kite. You can do that too SJ, you can fly like that kite! But SJ doens’t want to look at the kite, she is cold. She finally looks at the kite right when it hits her in the face!

Cut to SJ locked in her room. He yells for everyone to go away! DG and YA are at the door and DG tells YA, she was supposed to comfort SJ, how is that so hard. DG will try to do it himself. Cut to DG waking SJ up. He is fully dressed in a huge overcoat. SJ is sleepy, where does DG want to go?

They go to the top of a huge mountain and DG wants to tell her something. Failure is not falling down, it is not standing up again. Look at the sun, it goes up in the east and down in the west, it doesn’t stop, it just continues. You will also have a day where you are bright like the sun!

Then he hits her on the head lovingly and tells her that they should race down the mountain! he takes off, but then he falls and injures his leg. He can’t stand up, it hurts! We cut to SJ carrying DG on her back and yelling at him about standing back up when you fall! You told me that!

SJ locks herself back into her room. JG tells DG and YA that they can’t do anything. They are amaeturs, he will do it. Cut to SJ sleeping again and someone taps her on teh leg. She wakes up and JG tells her to stand up, she has to go somewhere with Oppa. But SJ yells, “Why are y’all doing this to me!” she says that she is not leaving, she is not leavine! But JG pulls her out.
DS is looking at his cell phone, he is texting the producer. Then he gets a text from the boss’s daughter and talks to her about it. He is super excited to talk to her and they get off the phone. The producer texts him again and they talk about the erotic movie. he sends him some sexy photos. DS cuts back to the girl and accidentally sends the photos to the girl! he freaks out and runs to find her before she can see the pictures. He runs outsid and sees her walking with her father. he asks her if she has seen the photos but she says that she hasn’t, she left her cell phone in the store. DS knows the password…

they drive somewhere empty and JG tells her that he has something to tell her, failure is not falling down, it is not standing back up again. Sj tells her that everyone is telling her this. JG tells her to look at the reeds, they are not breaking even with wind, so she can be like the reed. then he starts his car and they start to drive out.

they are driving down the street, but a big sheet of paper covers the window! JG tells SY to remove it, the windshield wiper dosnt’ work! SJ wakes up and removes the paper, but then the window starts to roll up and it traps her hand. her hand is trapped like a steeple in the car and she can’t remove it. they have to drive like hat.

Cut to a couple arguing. The man tells her to just hit him, just hit him. But she won’t hit him. Then we see SJ’s hand coming up to the man from the street and she super slaps him on accident. JG and SJ both wonder what just happened and the man’s head rolls back like he just recieved the slap of his life.
Meanwhile, DS is breaking into his bosses home in order to find the phone. But the boss and daughter come back because the father left something. She sees her phone and both father and daughter check the message. It is porn! But she says that DS isn’t like this, she will send him a text. She sends him a text and it goes off in the closet! they open the door and see DS there with a bra all over him. he tries to tell them that it isn’t as it looks.

SJ and DS are at the police station because of the super slap that they gave this man. The police tells them, have they seen this mans face! DG comes in and wants to know why there are there, but then DS comes into the station too for breaking and entering. they ae all at the police station.

they all get out of the station and SJ tells them all that she doens’t need to be comforted. But JG tells her that he is so sorry, he will do anything that she tells him. he will do a strip show if she wants him to. SHe tells him to do it, do a strip show. JG quickly rolls back waht he said, she wants him to do a strip show, right there? SJ walks away.

But JG was sincere, he will do this strip show! he calls to SJ and she turns. JG starts to undress and pulls DG and DS into the strip show too. DS thinks that he just got out of jail though! But JG keeps doing the strip show and tells her that it isn’t her fault, she shouldn’t give up her dream, she will be hired! Don’t give up! They take off their shirt and show their bottoms to SJ.

SJ laughs and tells them to stop. they are so happy that she laughed, but then the police see them and they all start to run away.
DS has a restraining order against the bosses daughter. He has to stay away 100 meters. He tries to yell at her that he is a writer for sexy senes, it was an accident and he is really sorry! He yells this from far away as the bosses daughter walks away.

Back at the meenbak, they are all cleaning except JG. he is relaxing since he is a working actor. they decide to leave him alone. But their attention changes to YA, she is sick with the flu. They take her to the hospital and the doctor tells them that she has a new flu bug that is super contagious. JG runs out covering his mouth.


JG has a gas mask on and they wonder what they can do with YA. They don’t want to spread this around to their customers. They come up with an idea to have a tent on their roof. But what about the restroom? DG gets the portapotty out. But everyone thinks that this is a human rights violation or something. Where did he get this portapotty anyway?

But YA says that she is okay and they should take good care of Sol-yi. They tell her not to worry and leave to meeti with someone outside their building. They all go outside to meet with their group customers. the customers show up and it is a party as they show them inside. Everyone is super happy to have there customers, but then JG notices that DG has a runny nose and fever. Maybe he has this virus? JG covers his mouth and runs away.

Cut to DG with a sleeping bag on the roof. he has to be in the tent as well and JG practically pushes him inside the tent with YA.
JG is in his car pracicing driving and acting. But he has a scratchy throat, does he also have the flu? Then he gets rearended! His eye is hurt and his neck is hurt. He hops out and confronts the person, it is a young woman. He yells at her. JG is so concerned about Rebecca, but he is able to make it to the drama shoot.

He says hello to the director, but his neck and eye looks pretty hurt. JG tells him that he is okay, he can still shoot and the director tells him that that is why he likes him. Then he is introduced to the writer, it is the same woman that rearended him! he jumps and hides from her.


Day turns to night in the tent and DG and YA are still inside. YA apologizes for getting him sick. DG says that it is okay. Then he tells her that she makes people uncomfortable and this affects people badly. He tells her that it is a bad habit, he doens’t like these things and it is hard to understand him. YA looks at him like she wonders why he said that.

JG and the writer meet at a restaraunt. The writer is apologetic, but JG tells her that he is okay. He was worried whether he hurt her a lot. She says that she is okay. he tells her that he wans’t normal this morning because…his best friend died, DG, his friend who is like a real brother. He starts to cry over it.

Cut to JG cutting the writers steak and giving it to her. She thinks that he doens’t have to treat him like this, but JG insists, he even asks the waiter for a blanket for her. Time passes and they leave. Jg asks her to forget about what he did this morning. They are about to say good bye, but she asks him if he has a girlfriend.

At the meenbak, everyone wonders if JG can date this writer? JG tells them that he will just do it while they are shooting. But then DS remembers what time it is and goes to give DG and YA their food on the rooftop. He doesn’t give it to them though, he just sets it byt the door and quickly leaves. DG goes to get the food but falls and injure his back! Cut to DG on his back unable to eat food. What he said earlier comes to mind with him saying that he doens’t like to ask for help and all those things.

YA says that she can heeeeeelp hiiiiim. But DG says its fine and tries to eat. But he can’t eat. he tells YA that she can help him if she wants to, then he tells her that she shouldn’t misunderstand this, he doens’t usually ask for favors to others……water water water! DG starts to joke on the food a little and YA gives him some rice. He drinks it but then says that he doesn’t ask for favors to others……..but then he asks for another favor. YA gives it to him.

More time passes and they go to sleep. But DG has to go to the bathroom. he doens’t want to ask for a favor and he tries to sneak out. But he can’t stand, he tries to, but he can’t get up and it wakes up YA. He tells her that he has to pee…..he has to peeeeeeeeeee sob sob.

YA helps him up and around to the portapotty. But he tells her that he doens’t ask for favors to people. YA leaves, but DG thinks that she will hear everything. he presses the music on the portapoty and the baby shark song starts to play. YA hears the song as DG pees in peace.
JG is getting sick as well. And he has to go on another date with this writer. Then he gets a call from the director. The director wants to go out for drinks with JG. SOmething bad happened, his secret girlfriend is dating someone. He tells JG that it was a secret, but his girlfriend is the writer. JG looks like his world is about to fall apart. The director tells him that he will get his revenge on this man if he find him!

Cut to JG looking destroyed at the meenbak. He doens’t know how to handle this situation. The others also think he is in a bit of trouble. But then the writer calls him and JG makes it sound like she is the best thing ever and he leaves for a date. The meenback people wonder how DG and YA are doing.

They are doing amazingly fine as YA cleans DGs face like he is a baby. He tells her that he normally doesn’t ask for help. But YA tells him that it is fine, it is like she has some adult child now.

Meanwhile JG goes on his date, but someone is watching them.


The writer and JG go inside her home. JG is still reluctant, he will stay a little bit and then he will leave. the writer smiles and says that she will get some coffee. Ding dong. JG looks at the door, it is the director!

JG freaks out. The director yells that he wants to come inside. The writer tells JG that she used to date someone, she will open the door. But JG tells her not to, don’t do it! But the director says that she saw him with a man! JG tells her, don’t open the door! Don’t do it! But she opens the door and JG runs to the bathroom. He locks himself in!

The writer and the director start to yell at each other outside. The director wants to see his face! Where is he! he breaks the bathroom door open. But JG is able to hide and then run out with a towel on his face. He runs all the way to the front, but the diretor catches him. the director pulls the towel from JG’s face, but it is hard. he succeeds though! Kakoong.

The director wants to know what happened and Jg tells him the full truth, but then the writer sees it and JG tries to tell her that it isn’t true. He is super fired.

JG thinks that he is super fired. But his friends tell him that they are professionals, they shouldn’t take out their revenge on him over this. JG thinks that he is okay, he is okay.

In the tent YA also wants to know if DG is okay. he says that he is okay as he lays on his back unable to move. then she starts to read about patisserie things. She says that she won’t give up. DG’s cellphone goes off and YA shows it to him. He responds to it, it is a loan shark so Dg just yells at him and hangs up. But then YA sees this person on the phone, who is it, she is pretty. DG says that it is mother who passed away. he says that his mother was strict, but she had a soft mind and took care of him overnight. he misses her, and YA kind of reminds him of her.

DG starts to cough and YA tells him to go to bed. he does.

time passes and we see morning. YA took care of DG all night long with a cold towel. DG wakes up and find the towel on his head, he thinks that YA must have done it. But then YA stirs and DG pretends to be asleep again. YA thinks that she must have dozed, she chekcs YA’s fever and thinks that he is doing okay.

But her stomach stirs. She wonders if DG is asleep, is he asleeeeeeeep? She farts a great big fart and tries to blow it away. DG laughs a little as he pretends to sleep.

they go back inside and YA immediately goes to SY, she missed her.

Then JG’s drama comes on and they all go to watch it. JG is still on the tv show, the person asks him if he wants to eat a candy. JG takes the candy and he dies right away. the writer killed him! The tv show tells the main guy to find a new driver and JG tries to keep from crying about his job on the couch.

DG comes in and asks what kind of candy kills someone and JG yells that it was a menthol! he runs out and DG tells him to be mad at the menthol, not him.

then DG tells YA that she should go to patisserie school. She doesnt’ have to pay for it because they have support for single moms and he filled out all the paperwork for her. YA hugs DG and his face flushes. Everyone noties this and they think that DG must have some attachment to YA after spending so much time with her. But DG says it isn’t it and he runs off.

The other two turn the station since their friend is dead in it.

Meanwhile, DG goes to the bathroom and wonders what is going on with himself.

Fade Out

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  1. JuneBug
    February 19, 2018 / 11:24 am

    Thank you for the recap and introducing me to this show. It is hilarious.

  2. Kate
    February 19, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    Lee Yi Kyung (JG) is such a great actor! The episode made me lol as usual, but I just about DIED at the start of the strip show scene as JG was about to start dancing and he sorta makes this awkward yet aggressive laughing sound “HA!” to pump himself up and that just killed me…omg…so funny! This drama is such a nice break after a tough day!

    Thanks for your work on this drama!!!!!!!!

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