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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 4

Live recap for Kdrama Waikiki
We are live recapping this one as soon as Radio Romance episode 6 ends. So this will actually be an aftercap since it will air while episode 6 of Radio Romance airs but we won’t recap it until an hour later. We will get started on it as soon as possible though.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 13th, 23:00 Seoul
Recap Time: KKEUT…will update later on today or tomorrow
How to Watch: On Demand Korea


JD is a model for the Home shopping network, live. The product today are Freshskinny jeans made in Italy and JD and another female model are sporting the jeans. JD really pushes his booty out to show how flexible the jeans are. The spokesperson tries to show how flexible the pants are and pinches JD’s butt. JD hops when she pinches it, but then he gets right back into modeling. The jeans are super stretchy and the models start to squat to show how stretchy the jeans are. But then JD’s pants rip and his red underpants show. He is super embarrassed, but the show must go on.

SJ prays and prays and prays that she will get an interview. She applied to 25 companies. YA comes up and they start to watch tv together. There is an actor on TV who is really great and SJ says that it is JD’s appa, but she should never bring it up to JG, he doesn’t like to talk about it.

DS runs in and tells JG that he is a big star now, everyone wants to know the identity of the home shopping guy and DS shows him images of JG’s pants ripping all over the internet. Then JD gets a phone call, someone wants to cast him because he was so impressive at the Home Shopping network.

JD is meeting with a director, but he is confused, is this person casting without an audition? The role is of a mother taking her revenge against the abductors of her daughter. the main actress Kim Hee-ja. JD freaks out, the #1 actress Kim Hee-ja? The director tells him to practice a lot. JD runs off.

YA makes even more bread and asks if it is good. But DS just wonders when they will eat rice? JD runs in at that time and says that he will be in a movie with Kim Hee-ja! She will kill him! They should celebrate with rice! DS really wants to eat rice, but YA just tells him that he dropped his cupcake.

JD runs to the set, he is ready to work! he asks where Kim Hee-ja is? Then we see Kim Hee-ja show up. SHe walks up there like she is severely depressed and in a state of utter sadness. Sad music starts to play as well. JD bows to her, but she just walks by, not noticing. He asks the person why she is doing that? the person says that it is because she is so into the role. She doesn’t eat or sleep. they think that she is the number one actress in Korea.

Cut to their scene together. The director says that Umma is so into the scene where she kills the co-conspirator. JD is a little scared as he looks at the actress. Then they start shooting and the actress goes crazy on him. Tell me, where is my daughter! Where is my daughter Soo-jin!!!!!! She chokes JD out and he passes out. The director has to run in and give CPR to JD. JD comes to and says that he saw a white tunnel…the actress apologizes, she was so into her role.

She leaves and the director says that she told her to go easy. What if he goes to the hospital like that other guy. JD wants to know what happened to the other guy and the director says that the other guy went to the hospital for weeks.

They start shooting again, JD answer the door. The actress is there and goes off on him with a baseball bat and everything. JD starts to bleed and tells noona to stop, stop! But she doesn’t stop and JD screams! But we cut away to the cute baby at the meenbak.

Everyone is commenting on the cute baby and DG wonders how he can possibly make babies smile for a living. It is so hard. But YA is perfect at it and makes some cute noises and makes her baby smile. YA teaches DG all her tricks to make her baby laugh. DG tries them out too and they all make cute sounds for the baby.

But then JD comes in looking all busted with a bloody nose. He looks miserable. They all wonder why he looks like that. He says that he got injured during his shoot. Kim Hee-ja sunbae was too into her role. They wonder how she can do that, but he says that it was acting and for a role so it was okay. But then he stops talking and they wonder if he is okay? Is he breathing? But then he wakes up and says, “White tunnel!” but then he goes out again…”But he wakes up, “White tunnel!”

This is a scene where the actress kills him, so JG can’t move. JG lies down on the floor and the actress puts her hands on his neck. ACTION. “Where is my daughter, where is my Soojin! Where is my daughter! Tell me!” but she is so into it and her boogers start to come out, she has a huge snot booger and it is about to fall into JD’s mouth, but he can’t move. He watches the booger falling…falling…falling…and it falls into his mouth! CUT!

JD smiles and tries to play it off and excuses himself to the bathroom.

Outside, the actress says that JD is great, where did the director find him?

But in the back JD is trying to clean his mouth out, but he heard that the actress said he was great and he does a little dance in the bathroom about it. His acting is finally being recognized!

DG is all prepared to keep the baby from crying. But he doesn’t do a good job. In fact, he is awful at it. He decides to bring YA to his shoot and we see that she makes the baby super happy. She does all the cute things that mamma’s do with babies. It is super easy. She wonders if he called her only for this? She was busy at home. But the parents tell her that she is good with kids. YA tells DG that kids can distinguish good and back people instinctively and DG wonders if that means that he is a bad person? She goes off and runs into the gifts for the baby. She thinks that if Sul-hee wears this, she will be very cute. Hmm…

The PD says that they can have food and drinks together! JD approaches the main actress and wants to know if they should go together sunbae-nim? But the actress says that she is not his sunbae-nim. JD wonders if he did something wrong and the actress leaves. She won’t eat. The PD runs after her and she says that she doesn’t like people who rely on their background only. But JG yells what do you mean? He is dead serious.

YA is busy taking a lot of photos of Sol-yi. She puts Sol-yi in all the cute clothes and takes a lot of photos of her. But DG wants to know what she is doing, why is she playing with someone else’s kid? But then he realizes that it is YS’s kid. What is she doing? One of the grandparents come in at that moment and picks up Sol-yi, but she thinks that this is her grandson. She wants to hold the baby and not let “him” go. She will do the interview holding the baby! They say that they have to change the diaper, but the grandmother says that she can change it! She wants to see her sons thingy! Let me change him and see his thingy one more time!

But DG says that she shouldn’t, she should respect the babies privacy. But the grandmother is all like, no. But DG stops her again and the Mother wants to know what is going on. DG says that he has some trauma because his grandmother always wanted to see his thingy. But everything DG says to convince the grandmother does not work and the grandmother changes the baby! Epic music plays and they see that this baby is a girl. The grandmother freaks out, where is his thingy! She passes out.

JG meets with his father and asks him why he is doing this to him. The father says that he saw his son on the home shopping network and it was so shameful. So he just asked a favor. He wants his son to be successful. But JG tells him that it is hard because his father is so successful, he wants to be successful on his own merits. His father tells him to be successful on his own merits, just don’t do pink underwear commercials anymore. He smiles and tells his son to come inside, but his son says that he has to go to work and leaves. The father smiles and thinks that he raised a good person.

JG goes to the party and apologizes to the actress. Taking the part with his connections wasn’t his intention. He leaves and the actress smiles.

DG tells YA that she can’t do those things at someone else’s 100 days celebration. But YA says that she was really sorry to SY, her birth wasn’t celebrated and she has a bad mother. She just wanted one 100 day picture. She is really sorry. They all feel for her.

JG is one of the actors and has to explain why this smiling apparatus makes his smile better. But it really makes him drool or something because his shirt is all wet. JG leaves and wonders if it will be online. then someone calls him and asks for a meeting.

He goes to the meeting in the huge building. But he doesn’t know where to go exactly. He tells someone that he is Lee Jun-gi and someone called for him. This person says that he knows him, he has a morning show and someone recommended him. But JG is suspect, who recommended him! But the actress comes out and says that she recommended him. He doesn’t have a good face, but he is good at acting. JG thanks her, he finally got a regular acting job!

Everyone surprises YA and SY with a 100-day celebration. They made everything by hand. It isn’t much, but it was all DG’s idea and they want her to enjoy it. He says that he did it so she won’t do something like that again. YA says that it is so pretty, but where is the cake, it would be perfect with a cake. Then JG shows up with the cake. The cake is here!

They tell her that of course, they have a cake. And JG tells them that he has been cast as a regular in a morning drama. Good news all around! They start to take photos together and it is a very nice scene. But YA says that they don’t have a 100-day ring, it would be perfect with the ring. But they tell her that they can buy that later.

JG sits at the meenbak in front of everyone and practices driving. They all watch him. he practices going back right and left right and backward. How does it look? They say that it all looks the same. But then JD goes into this long description of all these motions and how everyone has a deep meaning! How can DG be a director and not know actors? DG apologizes and JG thinks this is his first drama and he worries a lot.

YA comes in, she found an oven on the street. She will practice baking with it. They don’t have to worry though, it won’t interfere with their daily lives. But then she breaks a mirror. They all look at her and she says that she is sorry!


Everyone looks at the cell phone. SJ is waiting for something important. Her heart is racing. JG checks it and wonders what they should do. But it is an interview notice, she passed the résumé part! But she still has the interview part so she shouldn’t cry now.

Then JG smells something. It is coming from the kitchen. They go in there and there is smoke everywhere. YA says that she can’t stop it. maybe the timer is broken. YA yells, why did they throw away this broken one? But they tell her that they threw it away because it was broken! They all leave and YA looks at her super burnt cupcakes.

They all practice interview questions with each other. SJ asks JG when his first kiss was…..primary school, the kiss was so hot when we rode the slide together. YA comes in and says that she cleaned everything. They tell her to stay with them and play together. Sj wants to ask the questions, Me, me, me, me, me! She asks YA, what happened with SY’s appa? They tell her not to ask that, but SJ says everyone is curious about it but no one asks. YA says that it is not a big question, hmm, where should I start…


YA starts to talk about the ex. She says that actually, the truth is…

…so that is what happened.

SJ says that her parents died when she was 2 and they put her in an orphanage…DS – and then you went to the orphanage but they abused you and you came out and found SY’s appa but then the parents didn’t recognize you and kicked you out…

But YA says that SY’s father actually doesn’t know about SY. Then SY starts to cry and YA leaves to go get her. They say that they shouldn’t be mean to YA anymore and they start to drink.

Cut to SJ coming out in her interview outfit, how does she look? They say that she doesn’t look so good, that is difficult. But they don’t have to worry about her, she will do her makeup soon! But when she turns around she runs into one of their guests and gets his drink/food on her. He apologizes, but SJ is upset. It is almost time for the interview. She runs to her room.

DS and JG brainstorm a way to help YA. maybe they can find SY’s appa? But they don’t know how they can find him. But JG pulls out YA’s cell phone. maybe they can find a clue. But YA doesn’t have anyone’s phone number but there’s and a lot of takeout food places. But there is one number that they don’t know. They call it and it is Kim Joon-sung. They ask him if he knows YA and he says that they used to date.

JG and DS freak out. They say that she has a delivery for him, but they can’t see that address, can he give them his address for the delivery? he gives them his address and JG writes it down. DS thinks maybe this is too far, but JG runs with it! They should do it!

Cut to YA working. DG thinks it might be hard with the baby, but YA is okay with it. She leaves and DG looks at her leaving even though he pretends to not care. Some time passes and we see YA outside trying to sell her food. She can’t sell anything. DG comes up and starts to talk to her about it. he says that business is hard, she isn’t doing it right, the signs aren’t good. he says this in a smug way and it makes YA cry.

DG wonders how she can cry, she is an adult. But YA says that he made her cry, she was already having a hard time and he says all these things. He tries to get her to stop crying, everyone is looking at them, stop crying, okay, I will help you sell everything! She looks up at him, really?

DS and JG go to the house. It is a house that is under construction. The ex is there though and he asks why DS and JG are there. They are about to tell him about the baby, but then the ex’s fiance comes up and they say that they are building the home before they get married. She grabs him by the arm then she wonders what is going on? The ex-says that these guys have some business for him. What is it? They say that they are there for a job. One of the construction workers is all like, Ah, you are the guys here for this job? Okay, let’s get started!

He drags then both inside and DS and JG get to work on some hard manual labor of lifting bricks up a flight of stairs.

SJ is getting ready to leave, but the foreigner comes back out and she asks what he wants! He is a little shocked and tells him that she is busy, the towels and things are over there, understand! He says that he understands and she leaves. But she leaves her blouse in her room.

DG wants to know why YA works so hard. She says that she wants to work hard for SY. DG wants to know if she told SY’s dad or asks for help or anything and YA says that she doesn’t want to. Then some policemen come up and ask if they have a license to sell food.

The interviewer tells the interviewees to get comfortable and they can take off their jacket. SJ is about to take off her jacket, but she sees that she has a halter top on underneath. She realizes that she left her blouse at home. Oh no! She tells them that she is okay with keeping her jacket on and the interviewer is fine with it. But then a waitress spills a lot of food on SJ. She wants to clean it, but SJ tells her not too! Nooo!

DS and JG got a lot of money from this construction job. They even wonder about coming back. But they talk about telling the ex about YA’sbaby, maybe they shouldn’t tell him. But the ex overheard them. What is this they say about YA’s baby? What is going on? JG and DS drop all their money.

SJ thinks she just has to endure a little bit. She cleans herself up in the bathroom and then goes back to the interview. But then she hears through the door that this man is coming onto the other interviewee and the girl is uncomfortable. SJ comes in and tells the man to stop talking to this interviewer like that. She said she doesn’t like it! The man wants to know what she is going to do about it? Huh, what are you going to do? SJ picks up some meat and slaps the man upside the head with it. Then she pulls the girl to leave.

But the girl doesn’t want to leave. She needs this job! She goes up to the man and apologizes and starts to clean him off.

DS and JG are at home on the couch. they wonder what they should do. then they start to blame each other for what happened. YA and DG come in at that moment. They say that the government workers took all of their stuff and they also have to pay a fine. YA thinks that it is all her fault. She will just go out SY to sleep.

She leaves, but then the ex shows up somehow. He is there to see YA. YA comes out, how did Oppa find her? Oppa pulls her out and DG wants to know what is happening. DS and JG fill him in. They found the ex to tell him about SY. They think that they should follow them but they also think that they shouldn’t follow them, it is their business, but they follow them in the end.

YA and the ex start talking. The ex gives her money and tells her that he will get married soon. He doesn’t know who the father is, but she should just take this money and be thankful. DG leaves their hiding place and punches this guy. He isn’t qualified to be SY’s appa! But YS says that this isn’t SY’s appa, this is just some Oppa that she knew before.

All the guys come out and want to know why she has his number. She says that she has his number so she can block him, he calls her all the time!

Poor SJ is sitting outside drunk on a bench. She hit the interviewers face with pork galbi. He was a really bad guy, but it is her fault. It was her mistake. She thought she did the right thing, but she doesn’t know anymore. She doesn’t know what is right. She looks to the side and says that she is sorry that she talks about herself all the time, but there is only a statue next to her. She tells this ajusshi that he needs to put on his pants! If he goes to an interview then he needs his pants! She only went to her interview with her sports bra.a.a.a….she starts to cry again in her drunken stupor.

DG is nursing his eye from the punch the ex gave him. YA comes out and tells him that she was so lonely before she came there. But she doesn’t feel lonely anymore. She never had a family, but she feels like this is what a family must feel like. She wants to massage the egg on DG, but he wants her to stop. But she wants to do it…..the egg crashes and breaks on DG’s face. He has egg all over him. They start to yell and headbutt and DG wonders how her head is so hard.

Fade Out


#1: Grandma wants to see the babies goodies and things don’t go well

#2: JD went viral

#3: The main actress is a little too into her role and JD fears for his life

#4: I can’t believe I’m posting this, but it is a critical scene

#5: JD confronts his father about the special favor

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  1. Kate
    February 17, 2018 / 9:27 pm

    This episode was all sorts of amazing…

    I wonder how many takes it took to film that snot scene – i’m sure lots of laughter was involved..lol it made it all the more amazing b/c the actress who played the deranged mom usually plays roles in other dramas with so much class and her characters always seem so polished/chic… to see her go all out was hilarious.

    I love so much about this drama, but the high caliber cameos add that extra cherry on top…for being such a light drama, can’t believe veterans like Lee Deok Hwa and Kim Seo Hyung agreed to cameo… the PD or director’s connections must run strong! and I’m not complaining!

    • V
      February 18, 2018 / 5:41 am

      I LOVE THE CAMEOS. They make this drama so much fun to watch and they are probably why I really like JD’s (the actors) scenes the best. 🙂

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