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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 3

Live recap for Kdrama Waikiki
I’m ready for some more laughs and from the preview it looks like they will deliver. I really shouldn’t have watched the preview though, I don’t want to be spoiled on any of the laughs to come!

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Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 12th, 23:00 Seoul
Recap Time: KKEUT…will edit today sometime
How to Watch: On Demand Korea

The owners of the meenbak are having a little party with their new foreign guests. JG toasts to everyone and tells them that they all should play happily while there. Toast! But DG blows his nose noisily and cries, and someone wanders what is wrong with him. They say they he was dumped recently.

Then they go to toast again. TOAST. But then SJ comes down the hall crying miserably. They say that she was also dumped. The customers feel very uncomfortable and leave. That is when JG and DS tell the two siblings that they shouldn’t be sad in front of everyone, it makes their customers uncomfortable.

Then the crush comes in all wet like he ran through the rain. He tells her that it doesn’t matter how she looks, she can grow seaweed under her armpits, he doesn’t care, let’s date! They hug.


Montage of Seo-joon dating her crush. They have a good time dating. Then we see SJ bringing a coffee to her sunbae crush and she sees that he is bleeding. He tells her that it is okay, he bleeds often. SJ cleans the blood and they have a nice moment. Then he walks her home and gives her a present from his pants. A huge present. She takes it and walks back happily.

Seo-jin comes home and everyone thinks that she looks happy. She opens it and it is a shaving kit! OMG. JG tells her that she is the first girl go got a razor from her boyfriend. then DG thinks that he never gave Su-ah anything good.

Meanwhile, SJ starts to make kimbap for her boyfriend and DG cries that he never made anything for his girlllllllfrieeeeeeend. And DS cries because he never had a girlfriend ever.

Cut to SJ about to surprise sunbae, but she sees that he is digging his finger way up into his nose. he sees her and says hi and she sits. But then we see that the boyfriend has this gross habit of picking his boogers, rolling it up and flicking it away. SJ is amazingly grossed out. He asks her what this is….kimbap? he starts to eat it with his hands and she is super grossed out. That is his booger hand. He wants to feed her as well, but she says it is okay, she yells, what is that over there! And she quickly sputs out the kimbap. But sunbae keeps feeding her and SJ is in pain eating it.

The three men are at home and SJ gets home looking sad. They wonder what is wrong and she tells them that sunbae picks his nose so much. they think men can pick their nose and they say that SJ is so selfish, he understood her beard! SJ tries to let them know, can’t she bring up that he picks his nose too much? The brother says that he should understand, he understood her beard.

Then the conversation changes to DG and all his life. DG yells that his woman is everything to him. HIS WOUND WILL NEVER HEAL. They wonder why he is so angry with hyung and we cut to DG sitting outside. Yoon-ah comes outside slowly as if to talk to DG. She wonders what he is doing outside alone and she sits with him. She tells him that she has experienced a sudden separation, they are difficult. It feels like you will die. But DG thinks that it isn’t the same for him, he will never forget her because he never did anything for her. The most hurting thing is that they didn’t separate in a pretty way. he wants to make their separation pretty if he had another chance.

Yoon-ah goes to Su-ah and asks if she can meet with DG one more time. He is having a hard time. But Su-ah doesn’t care about that. However, Yoon-ah doesn’t give up and keep asking SA to meet DG one more time, just one more time!

Cut to sunbae picking his nose like crazy. he is really going to town and SJ is staring at him. He says that he will be done soon. But SJ just stares at him and writes nose, nose, nose, nose over and over on her paper. She asks him if he can stop? he apologizes and then throws his booger. Then she tells him to stop throwing his booger! She tells him that he is bleeding because he picks his nose a lot. Sunbae isn’t happy though and doesn’t really smile when SJ says that they should go have some beer.

DS wants to introduce DG to some other women that he knows. But DG doesn’t want to meet anyone. he will never forget SA! But then a beautiful wholesome looking woman approaches them and DG is smitten right away. She says that DS Oppa talked about DG a lot. DS lets the friend know that DG broke up with his girlfriend so he isn’t ready for a blind date. The woman says that she didn’t know and she and DS go out for drinks instead. DG looks at her longingly but then tells himself to get real and walks off.

They are off eating and sunbae is still picking his nose. Sj tells him that she will give him a special treatment. Cut to Buggle chips covering all of sunbae’s fingers. Sunbae thinks this might be too much? But SJ just toasts to a good idea.

DS walks up on DS with his friend Mina. he looks pitiful like he wants to join them. Mina says that he should join them, but DS says, no Mina, he should go think about his girlfriend and he smiles at DG in an understanding way.

DG decides to sit in the same outdoor eating place, but off by himself and he tries to be in on the other twos conversations on the sly. he toats when they toast and he laughs when they laugh. When they get up to leave he also gets up to leave. But they tell him to keep eating.

Cut to sunbae eating the Buggle chips and picking his nose triumphantly. SJ hits him and wants to know if he really has to pick his nose? They start to get into an argument about her beard and him picking a nose. What is more strange? A woman with a beard or a man picking his nose? he asks someone sitting next to him. he says that he can see her beard growing throughout the day and it hurts when he kisses her, he has to put ointment on his lips. SJ calls him bandangi (narrowminded). He stands and says that he is bandangi, bandangi and she yells that he is boogers boogers! They stand up as they yell at each other and hit their ears as if they are not listening.

YA is still begging SA to meet with DG one more time. But she doesn’t want to. Then YA’s temper comes out. She tells SA that she should do it. YA wonders what she will do if she doesn’t do it? YA takes off with SA’s purse and runs away. SA has to run after her.

Mina and DS took all the food and they start to talk small talk. But then they see DG, he is still following them around. DG starts to talk about picking his teeth with his business card or something like that and Mina gives him her business card. he takes it and says thank you so much and turns to leave. Mina and DS think that DG is so weird but DG just walks off and thinks that he was so natural.

They are still running, but SA catches YA, she is so fast. She gets her purse and says that she will meet with DG! YA thanks her with a bright smile, but then they see DG walking and talking to someone. he says that this was DG from the blind date from earlier and he is smiling into the phone. SA and YA see this and she wonders if he really had a blind date?

They go sit on a bench and SA thanks DG for loving her for 4 years. But DG doesn’t want to hear it because he won’t be able to pull her along anymore. It really sounds like it is the end. But SA says that she was so lucky to meet this Thai restaurant guy and she is really sorry DG. She is really sorry. He cries in shock and SA gives him a hug. She thanks DG for liking her sincerely, and then she says that she will leave.

DG is left on the bench and he really starts to cry.

JG is busy working in an Ajusshi-like movie. He says that he lives only for today and he will show them how bad it is. But then all the lights turn on and we see that it was an audition. JG says that he is Lee Jun-gi and to remember him. he leaves his actor photo and bows as he leaves with a bright smile. The photo says, “Are you still dreaming.”

JG goes home in his Ajushi like clothing and gets into an immediate argument with SJ about breaking up with the sunbae. DG lets everyone know that he broke up with SA for real this time. He wanders what matters anymore about making money. He tells JG to prepare to be a nice actor because DG will be a super actor. DS should write an amazing script too!

But the sister goes to her room to shave and thinks that what DG said won’t last for long. YA asks SJ what her dream was. SJ’s dream was to be a reporter. SJ tells YA about JK Rowling’s dream. She overcame all the difficulties and wrote Harry Potter. YA’s dream is to be a rapper. SJ says…..she will help her, can she rap?

YA stands up and starts rapping but she isn’t that great at it. SJ just stares at her, she doesn’t understand. The baby loves it though. SJ tells YA that she has her own character, so that is good……YA thanks SJ, it is because of her that she will seek her dream! Thank you!

JG is a private in all the attire and camouflage. He does an amazing death scene and then he hops up. He is on a stage and the director asks him if they know what his movie is about? The director says that it is about marines, like maritime marines. Not the military, it is about swimming. JG says that he got all his auditions mixed up, but he can swim! He takes off his clothing because they want to see his body. JG takes off his clothing but he has a super hairy chest. The director tells him that he is cut! No swimmer has that much hair!

But JG says that he will shave all the hair on his entire body! he goes to a waxer at a spa. he wonders what all these things are around. then a young woman comes in and says that she is his waxer. She tells him not to be embarrassed. he wonders what this teddy bear is and she says that he will need it. Please take off your gown. Then she locks the door.


They start the waxing procedure and JG is in super pain. he yells and he knows why that toy is there.

DS is home clicking his website to get more clicks on it. SJ wonders why he is doing that and DS says that all the writers do this to increase their clicks, can he borrow her computer as well? But she won’t let him.

Then YA comes out, she made a rap. She wants them to hear it. She tells DS to give her the beat and she starts wrapping. But DS is frozen as he looks at her. he can’t do anything. In the end, he tries to click his page even more. YA wants to know, does he wants to hear another one? But he says that he has to go take a shower and he runs out. But SJ grabs him, don’t’ leave her there! But DS manages to leave. SJ is left hearing the other rap.

DS goes upstairs to take a shower, but JG is there. But he has no hair on his entire body. he wonders what happened! Where is all your hair! It turns out that JG got a Brazilian wax so everything is gone. They ask him what would he do this for? JG says he is swimmer #8, but there is a swimmer #28! But he looks uncomfortable when he says it. He got the role though!

Then they start to change the subject and they bring up Su-ah. This makes DG uncomfortable so he goes upstairs. YA goes to sit with him again. Is he thinking about SA again? She tells him that she knows how hard it is, nothing with soothe it….that is why she prepared one thing. She breaks out in her rap and DG wonders what she is doing. She keeps rapping and DG stands up….what is she doing. Stop. But she keeps rapping. He tells her to stop. STOP. BUT she keeps rapping and running after him.

Cut to DG sitting with DS and Sj at the table. They wonder what is happening and we cut to YA rapping as she watches the dishes. Sj says that her dream is to be a rapper. They think that this is too much and SJ should stop her. But they say that they can’t stop her because she is so into it.

*Streaming problems*

JG has dinner with his girlfriend. they are both talking and laughing. The girlfriend says that her younger sister is coming to meet with him. JG sees her and he is super uncomfortable. It is the waxer! She says that the boyfriend came to their spa. he says that he needed to do it for his role. The sister thinks that is fine, so long as the sister didn’t do it. But everyone’s face falls, she did do the waxing. The girlfriend is upset, she hasn’t even touched his hand, but her sister has seen everything. JG says that it was just work. But the girlfriend says that she doesn’t feel good about it and she leaves. JG has a mini-meltdown. Why is the waxer his girlfriend’s sister!

He has taken on some odd jobs to make money. he is a photographer for a 100 day birthday, but the baby is laughing. The friend tells him that the most important part of this job is making the baby happy. The friend breaks out all his wacky crazy things and starts to make the kid laugh. His friend tells him that if he can’t do it then he has to leave. But DG tells him that he can do it.

YA tells SJ that she will go to a variety show, Show Me The Money. She isn’t professional level yet, but she is close. SJ tells her that she didn’t want to tell her, but YA is pretty bad, she is so bad. ANyone can do that much. SJ starts rapping and her rapping is a lot better than YA. But this makes YA really sad. SJ says that she didn’t want to hurt her, that is why she didn’t tell her, YA says it is okay and she leaves. SJ feels pretty bad and sits down to eat the rest of her ramen.

But then JG comes in and asks to eat some of it. Just give him a little bit. But JG just wants one bit, just one bite! They fight over it and it spills on his lap. He is okay at first, but then he is in so much pain! ARGHHHHHH!


Cut to JG going to the emergency room with SJ running after him. He screams that he is done as a man, he is done as a man! SJ, I will kill you! he goes to the hospital room and the mom is the doctor. he says that she is Ji-su’s Umma. Umma is about to see his thingy. She wonders what happened and they say that he spilled ramen right here. But he says that he is okay, he is really okay, Ommonim. But Ommonim says that he isn’t okay. She tells him that she is a doctor before an umma and they pull off his clothes. Everyone holds him down and they rip off the clothes to have a look.

Umma takes a look and wonders what is this? Classical music plays and JG looks off to the side.

Cut to Umma saying that it is rare to have that much burning with ramen. She pats him on the shoulder. the girlfriend shows up and the Umma and SJ leave. The girlfriend wants to know why he is doing this to her! Waxing from her sister and a hospital visit from her mother! They have seen everything. She is not comfortable dating him now! She leaves and JG tries to follow, but his thingy hurts and he can’t walk so he falls to the ground. But he tries to crawl toward her Ji soo-ahhhh.

Cut to DG at his job. he is trying to make the kid cry, but nothing he is doing is working. But then the mic accidentally hits DG and the kid laughs. he hits his head again and the kid keeps laughing. Time passes and we see that Dg is still hitting his head with the mic. He hits it so much that it bleeds.

DG goes home and gets his head treated by his sister. DS is clicking his page over and over again, and JG comes home looking and walking like he is in pain. Everyone is sad. Sj tries to cheer them up. She says that some actors where part-timers for 10 or 20 years, JG can do it, so cheer up. They say that they will cheer up. But then YA comes in and basically throws their food on the table. But she says that she is not angry, she is not angry at all! But then everyone starts to eat her bread and they all think that it tastes really good. It is better than a bakery. Perhaps she is better at being a patisserie than a rapper. YA says that her second dream was to be a baker. They all think that this is something that she can do so well.

JG shows up at the swimming pool shoot, he is super clean. The director is happy that he cut everything, even his underarm. Good job. But then the director sees that the guy next to him shaved his hair as well. it is the mutant from the bus episode. That is real acting.

Then the main guy comes in, he didn’t wax at all and is super hairy. But he can’t be super hairy, everyone here is waxed. Cut to the mutant and JG become part of the cheer team in the stands because the main actor has too much hair. JG looks at the bald actor and they cry-cheer in the stands.

Fade Out


#1: JD going to get waxed

#2: JD meeting the girlfriend and finding out that the person who waxed him is his grilfriend’s sister

#3: JD going to the emergency room and meeting his girlfriends Mom, she sees all his goodies

#4: JD laying stunned in bed, then his girlfriend shows up and finds out that her sister and Mother saw all that he has to offer under his clothing. It is too much for he to handle so she wants to break up.

#5: JD goes to the movie set and finds out that the main actor didn’t shave so he and another actor shouldn’t be in the scene. They cry about it together

#6: YA demonstrates her rapping skills and everyone is afraid to comment

#7: YA tries to comfort DG with her rapping skills, but it scares him instead

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  1. Kate
    February 12, 2018 / 7:01 pm

    TY for introducing me to this drama (and recapping it, of course)! I was looking for something to balance out Misty (b/c we all know the intensity there is no joke) and when I saw Waikiki on your list, it gave me confidence that it’d be good and I wasn’t disappointed!! So lighthearted and fun with just the right dose of tender moments… And I had no idea Lee Yi Kyung was such a good actor! Tough to pull off being funny w/out being annoying or inducing eye rolls…he’s so likeable!

    Now I’m seriously tempted to watch Cross (obvi. b/c y’all said it was good, lol)!

    • V
      February 12, 2018 / 7:15 pm

      Waikiki is a very good surprise for me too! I had only heard about one of the characters from Go Back Spouses. Other than that I went into this completely blind. Everyone is acting amazing and they are really carrying all the fun scenes so well.

      Cross is another beast. I have no clue what will happen. It is kind of scary too. 🙂

  2. Huda
    February 13, 2018 / 12:05 am

    Was the episode 5 of radio romance not aired yesterday? I waited for your recap . 🙂

    • V
      February 13, 2018 / 6:18 am

      Not aired! It will air today at 22:00 Seoul time and episode 6 will air right after it.

  3. Huda
    February 13, 2018 / 6:48 am

    Thanks for the update 🙂 looking forward for your recap 🙂

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