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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 2

Live recap for Kdrama Waikiki episode 2
Waikiki is amazing. This show had us cracking up so much yesterday, it was ridiculous. The famous star who didn’t talk and only pointed was too much for us to handle, we couldn’t keep it together. That wasn’t the only funny thing though, there were so many other hilarious moments. I love this show so much.

We will aftercap Cross right after Waikiki ends so stick around for that if you are watching Cross.

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Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 6th, 23:00 Seoul
Recap Time: KKEUT
How to Watch: On Demand Korea


We open with the sister taking a shower and singing in the shower very excitedly. She is really going at it, singing, but then she falls! She hits her hip and her head on the floor. She is okay though and comes out walking slowly and smiling at everyone. She says hello to the baby and sits on the couch.

Everyone is awake and JG has a lot of white makeup on his face. he says that he is an actor. But then they start to get into an argument. The friends say that he isn’t a good actor, just an extra and JG says that DS isn’t a writer and they keep talking about how none of them are great. DG even burned a set! Sweet potato and potato aren’t the same!

The sister tells Yoon-ah that the men in this house are not normal and they tell the sister that she is the strangest one, Chewbacca! Then he sneezes, “Aaaaaah…Chewbacca!” and the sister starts to beat him up.

The mom thinks everyone is strange here and starts to breastfeed her baby. Everyone gets uncomfortable and quickly turns around. They all agree that she is the strangest person in the house.


DG makes a bet that he can put on his pants without using his hands. If he can do it doesn’t have to clean. DG starts to put his pants on without using his hands and he looks like a fool, but he actually does it! He won, he won! The girls walk in on them and the sister yells that she told them to clean! But DG just says that he won! and he runs off.

Cut to DS and Seo-jin talking about how it is hard to get a job. SJ says that DS is her good example that everyone should get a job after graduating college or their life will be miserable. She smiles and leaves and DS is left grumbling.

Then SJ talks to her brother DG and they start to talk about his ex. DG starts to talk about breakups, is he really not trustworthy with no future! But SJ avoids the questions and runs off.

Around the breakfast table, JG tells them both that he will do a movie with a famous actor today. he will be a big star from now on, but then YA breaks a dish. DG tells her to be careful and to be a good worker or he will kick her out anytime. She tells him that she will do a good job, but then the baby starts to cry. DG tells her that she can go see the baby and he will clean. But she has to take off the gloves first. But she can’t take off the gloves because they are so soapy. She tries to but then slaps DG in the face with the glove. She apologizes and then runs off.

DG and DS start to talk and DS wants to ask DG why is he always cranky now and DG yells at him and leaves.

JG is dressed to the nines as Wolverine. He has intricate makeup all on his face and looks like a werewolf. He is ready to get going! But the main actor is not there on set. He is sick or something so they have to stop the shoot for the day. The producer tells JG that he has to go home as Wolverine and come back as Wolverine. The makeup is super expensive so he can’t take off any of the makeup or he will be fired!

JG reluctantly leaves and goes to take the bus. He says hello to the bus driver, and gets on the bus as Wolverine. But he can’t hold anything on the bus either because the makeup is on his hands as well. So he has to position himself on the bus so he won’t fall and he looks like Wolverine about to attack someone. He spins and turns and moves up and down the aisle and widens his stance to keep from falling. Then someone bumps him and he apologizes. But then he gets back in that stance again.

JG goes home and sits on the couch. He can’t touch anything. DS ha to hold his cellphone when he gets a call. he gets a call from someone, it looks like they caught a pickpocket and this person has his wallet. JG has to go to the police station to pick it up.

Meanwhile, DG is home with Yoon-ah and YA is bouncing the baby around. But DG is in a funky mood and yells at DS and YA. DS tells YA that he can take care of the baby and pulls the baby from YA, but then the baby throws up on his face. he thinks that the baby loves him a lot…..and he takes the baby out.

JG goes to the police station and one of the cops thinks that he is some monster and pulls his gun on him. JG puts his hands up, he is an actor! The police officer is all like, ah, okay, you are here for the wallet. The police officer says that they need to confirm his identity to give him his wallet. They look at his photo, they can’t confirm it with that. They look at his hands that are also covered in makeup and they can’t confirm it with that either, how can they do it? They can’t confirm it. he can’t get his wallet back.

Everyone is home and YA made the mushroom soup. But she was supposed to throw the mushrooms away because mushrooms were growing inside the mushrooms. JG tries to eat it, but he has the hardest time trying to eat it. He asks for a request…cut to him eating the soup with a straw and everyone looking at him like he is crazy. But JG doesn’t care, he is just happy to eat. However, the mushrooms were from a rotten batch of mushrooms.

Cut to everyone dying and standing in front of the toilet. They all have super diarrhea and have to use the bathroom. They wonder what happened. DG wonders what they ate for lunch…mushroom soup? DG goes back to the kitchen and sees the rotten mushrooms. he asks YA is she cooked it with this mushrooms and she says yes? he told her that he said to throw it away, but she said that she didn’t hear that and she is sorry. he tells her to pack up and leave, but his stomach is grumbling and he has to take off running. He walks down the alley as he tries to hold his bottom. he is walking and trying to keep all the poop inside.

he goes everywhere to try and find a bathroom. But all the stalls are closed. Then he bumps into his ex. But he is about to explode, his poop is about to come out. But he wants to talk to his ex. He wants to tell her something. He tells her that he wants to tell her…….he is really sorry……about……everything………

But his stomach is going crazy, he has to clap his hands together and hold himself and hold his legs together.

………I want to say……..I am really……..

But then he farts a wet drippy fart and Soo-ah notices it. She thinks he is still joking around with her and is upset. But DG tells her that he is sincere and he is …….he is…….sorry……

But his poop is about to come out so he has to let her go and find a bathroom. Finally, he finds a portapotty and goes inside and relieves himself. But these are portapotties that are for sale! The salesman comes up with some people who might want to purchase it, but then he sees that the door is locked. DG says that he is there pooping. But the salesman says that this is his workplace! You can’t poop here! This is a brand new one!

Cut to DG apologizing to the salesman. Then YA comes up and sees DG with this man. She says that she bought some medicine for him, did he really poop in there? The salesman says that HE POOPED A LOT!

Cut to the meenbak, DG had to buy the port-a-potty and everyone wants to know why he bought it. But then YA breaks something else, an award trophy that belongs to DG. She wonders what will happen, but DG says that it is okay. They have some kind of psychic communication between each other.

Cut to the bus and Wolverine. He has to take the bus again and he puts the coin in, but it falls on the floor and he has a hard time picking it up. But then he sees a mutant on the bus. he immediately feels for this blue mutant and the music playing is “Without saying anything, I understand” and the mutant and Wolverine do “Fighting!” to each other. The bus leaves.

SJ is in the bathroom shaving and YA comes in and sees her. SJ drops her razor and “This is her secret” is written on the floor.

Cut to SJ saying that she started shaving because she thought it looked fun when she was young and her appa and brother would shave and all that. But she never thought that it meant this would happen…..she hugs YA. This is why they call her Chewbacca. JG and DS are on the couch talking about how SJ isn’t good at dating and DG tells YA that she needs to go and prepare something. DG doesn’t think that YA does anything right, but DS and JG want DG to be nicer to YA. he says that she always forgets.

Cut to YA forgetting one thing after another and having to go back to ask them everything. Finally, she comes back and says that she doesn’t know how to get to the grocery store. DG takes her to the local grocery store and tells her that she should know how to get there by now. But then she stops and looks at some baby toys. SHe never bought something like this for Sol-yi before. DG tells her to just buy one for her and YA is super happy.

But then DG sees SA there with another man. The man gives DG his card. He has his own Thai restaurant and invites them there. DG looks really distraught, but then DG pulls YA to his side and says that this is his girlfriend now, she is a doctor! YA has the toy with her and DG says that she is a doctor so she got a doctor toy! But his girlfriend is super busy so they might not have time to go to the restaurant. he leaves with YA and cradles her as they walk away. YA doesn’t know what is going on, but she is just happy to buy a lot of things for So-yi.

But DG is sad and miserable after seeing Su-ah with her new man. The friends tell him that he will have a phone call from Su-ah soon. JG says that SQ will tell him that his girlfriend was pretty and all those things via text message. He goes into his entire future and his life. His ex dumped him but then he runs into her with a pretty new girl on his arm who is a doctor. JG thinks that this is great, DG should go to the restaurant with YA and show SA how good of a man he is.


DG wants to go to the restaurant with YA so that he can win SA back. JG thinks that this is great because YA saw DG with this young pretty doctor so she might think that she must have missed something amazing about DG.

SJ is at the university and meets with her friend. The friend knows that SJ is there to see their sunbae. SHe tells her that he will be there soon and leaves in a hurry, SJ says bye and them quickly starts to apply more makeup.

DG is dressed to the nines in a black suit and getting a pep talk from JG. Then YA comes out dressed to the nines as well. Everything slows down as the fellas watch her walk out. They are all smitten. They think that she looks like a totally different person. DS and JG say that they will take care of SY and for her to have a good time. Umma fighting! Then SY poops again.

An older looking sunbae comes in and thinks that no one is there. But then she sees SJ sleeping. he yells SJ! And she hops up. he says that his work was so late so he thought no one would even wait for him. SHe says that she didn’t wait for him! But he just tells her that he can show her their archives and takes her back there.

The archives look very nice. It was spooky before, but now it is very clean and airy. The sunbae failed to get into his newspaper company twice before and gives SJ a pep talk about getting a good job. he pats her head and they have a moment. Then they start to leave, but the door falls off. they are trapped inside without their cell phones.

This restaurant is huge. YA and DG go over their game plan outside and go through her fake background. Then they go inside, fighting! They sit with SA and her new man and DG says that he thought this was going to be a big restaurant, but it is so small (pan out to show how huge it is).

They order and the new man starts to speak Thai while ordering. YA says that she has to breastfeed soon, but breastfeed sounds like surgery so DG says that she has surgery. Surgery! She is a neurosurgeon! But also does intestines and everything! She is a super surgeon! YA says that DG is amazing, maybe he looks like a loser to someone, but she saw his vision. He will be an amazing director one day, she trusts her vision. But YA said that he is still not giving her his mind, so she is sad. Her wound is not healed yet but it is okay, she doesn’t expect anything from him.

They hug it out and SA and her new man look at them as they cuddle.

It is a touching moment with Sj and her crush sitting in the stacks. She is having the best time sitting there with him. But then we see that her mustache has grown! She has a 9 o’clock shadow already! SHe looks in the mirror, oh no! She tells him that this is just dust. But she thinks that he can’t come near her and see it clearly. She yells and bangs on the door is anyone out there, people are trapped here!!!!!

it is the end of their dinner and the two couples stand at the entrance to say their goodbyes. YA and DG leave and he tells her to hold him closer, then they say that they did a good job and smile as they leave.

Meanwhile, JG and DS are watching a makjang at home. “You are my fathers’ daughter!” they keep watching this show intensely. “I am the daughter of someone you dumped before!” “So you are my daughter and my wife!!!”…….Commercial break. DS and JG say bravo, bravo and give the show a standing ovation.

YA and DG come home at that moment and fill DS and JG in on what happened. YS says thank you for taking care of SY, they say it was fine, she threw up 5 times and pooped and all those things. Their clothes are covered in throw up.

YS grabs SY and says that Mommy missed you. Then SA comes in and says, “What does this mean…Mom?”


They wonder what is going on, why is SA there? SA tells them that YA left her bag so she brought it. But they say that YA is too young to have a baby. SA wants to know what is up with this baby, is this the baby that the customer left? DG says that they decided to raise the baby. JG’s girlfriend left the baby here. SA wants to know, is this true Oppa? and looks at JG. JG is shocked and doesn’t know what to say.

The new man is there as well and asks for a tour of the meenbak. YS says that she will give the baby to Appa, here is appa, appa and she gives SY to JG. JG takes the baby reluctantly, but actually looks like an appa with all the baby spit up all over himself.

Sunbae is sleeping and SJ tells herself that she can never sleep, ever. Her beard has gotten even bigger, poor thing. But then she falls asleep. Sunbae wakes up and goes to SJ’s side and tries to put the cover over her. But SJ wakes up right away and covers her face. Then she reacts and hits sunbae away and he falls on the floor. SJ goes to his side to see if he is okay…..he is okay. He wakes up, but then he notices something….is that a beard? SJ hits him over the head hard again and says, “I’m sorry sunbaaaaaaaaaae…”

SA, DG, AND THE NEW MAN are upstairs talking. But SA goes downstairs and then sees YA breastfeeding the baby. She wants to know, why is YA breastfeeding JG’s daughter? JG comes in and tries to fix it, she is a virgin but she gets breast milk! but SA isn’t falling for it. JG has a flashback of the makjang show. He makes it seem like YA is the true mom and they are hiding it from DG, he doesn’t know. Can’t SA just go back to DG?

SA tells him to tell her the truth! What is the truth! She grabs his face and pinches it and JG says that he will tell her the truth!

Upstairs the two men who are vying for SA are talking. But then SA goes upstairs and hits DG upside the head. Cut to her leaving and DG following her out. He says that he didn’t want to break up with her. But SA says that she doesn’t want him to come in front of her again. She goes to her new man who has his own driver.

DG goes back to the meenbak and drinks himself stupid. Everyone wants to get him to stop drinking, but he wants to drink! he wants to die drinking! He shouldn’t have listened to them!

Cut to the sister crying miserably at home as well. She has her full beard and is crying on rails upstairs overlooking their conversation. Brother and sister are both crying miserably and everyone thinks they are both crazy.

Fade Out


JG has to get waxed.
SJ might actually get to date her crush.
DG punches a man who is talking to YA.

#1: JD has to wear the Wolverine costume on a bus, he cannot ruin it!

#2: JD finds a kindred spirit on the bus.

#3: DG has to poop and runs into his girlfriend

#4: DG finally finds a place to poop, but it isn’t what he thinks it is. (The port-a-potty was for sale, not for use)

#5: Seo-jin’s beard shows up while she is trapped with her crush

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