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Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 1

We are rushing over here after our Radio Romance live recap, so bear with us! There might be some overlap with the first ten minutes, but hopefully not too much. I am so glad that Waikiki is finally here!

We will aftercap Cross right after Waikiki ends so stick around for that if you are watching Cross (you should be by the way, it is really good).

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Kang Dong-gu – DG | Lee Jun-gi – JG | Bong Doo-sic – DS | Sol-yi – SY | Kang Seo-jin – SJ | Han Yoon-ah – YA | Min Su-ah – SA

Airing Time: Feb. 5th, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How to Watch: On Demand Korea


We open with scenes of Hawaii, water, sun, surfing, and beaches. But then we span out on a shot of Waikiki written in the sand that turns into a picture that is in a bachelor pad looking house. It is morning and the place is a mess. DS is sleeping on the couch and squeezes some mustard that hops into DG’s mouth.

This wakes DG up so he tries to go get some water. He finds a bottle and starts drinking it, but it has fish inside. He spits the fish back out into the bottle and doesn’t even comment on it. He gets a phone call instead. They need to pay by today. DG apologizes and says that they can pay later, but no, it is overdue so they are cutting their water right now.

Cut to JG coming out of the shower with bubbles all over him. Is it funny? Is it really funny? I told you I don’t like these types of jokes…hahaha. But they tell him that their water was cut off because they didn’t pay the water bill. They argue about paying the water bill on time, how come the CEO doesn’t have any money! But DG says it is because of you, hyung!

But Jun-gi says they are only supposed to pay $400, they are three guys so they should be able to make $400, it shouldn’t get worse than this. But they have no customers and no water and a lot of interest for the business. Let’s think positive. But DG has some anger explosion.

DG says that he is the crazy guy that trusted them. The other two hug each other and JG asks DS if he is crying, think positive, think positive, and he does a naked dance in front of him.

DG goes into one of the rooms and starts to straighten it out. But then he hears a noise. He goes over to the bunk bed and pulls the curtain on it. It’s a baby! He hops back.

He yells and Jun-gi and Doo-sic come in. He tells them to open the curtain. Open it! They open it and they think that it might be a baby doll? One of them squeezes the cheeks and it moves. They say that it is moving! The movie, New World, music starts to play as the camera zooms out.

The fellas try to think about what just happened. How did this baby get here? they think that they were too drunk last night. they are saying all of this while the baby is still in the closet, but then the baby starts to cry and they freak out. Do something! They don’t know what to do though. DG puts his hands in the babies clothes and immediately has something covering his hand. At first, he doesn’t know what it is, but then it dawns on him. He starts screaming, it’s poop! and they all freak out again.

Cut to them trying to change to the diaper. They thought it was a boy baby, but they see that it is a girl baby. DG is uncomfortable changing a girl babies diaper and Jun-gi just yells at him, he is a gentleman! Just change it! They quickly change the diaper and then settle into their couch.

But then she poops again. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Cut to Dong-gu sitting on the couch and holding the crying baby in a carrier. They wonder if they should just go to the police, but the other guys think they should just wait a little bit longer. DG stands up and the baby stops crying. Dong-gu is so happy that she stopped crying and sits down again, but then she starts crying again, so they tell him to stand back up. But Dong-gu doesn’t think he can just stand like this all the time.

Lee Jun-gi says that he has an acting gig, so he can’t watch the baby and Doo-sic says that he has a job also so he can’t do it! They both run out. Dong-gu is going crazy. He needs help.

Dong-gu meets his girlfriend Su-ah at her modeling workplace. They are dating, but Su-ah says that they should break up. DG wants to know what the reason is, but she says that they should just break up. But he wants to know the reason! So she lists so many reasons, his hairs style, he doesn’t have a job, no prospects, she gets all the way to 99 reasons until he finally says to stop.

DG wants to know how she could be with him for so long. He is super upset and takes off his promise ring. He says that he doesn’t need this ring! and throws it away.

Jung-gu is at this super big movie set. It is a gangster movie and JG goes to introduce himself to the head actor. The head actor is just like a gangster from the godfather and points at Jun-gi. But that is all that he does. He doesn’t say hello or anything. Then he leaves. Jun-gi wants to know if he did something wrong, but his friend says that this means that you have good eyes. But he doesn’t like people who don’t understand him so watch out. JG is happy that this might mean that he has charisma!

Cut to the acting scene. They are about to have a fight scene. They are all ready to have it, they are about to fight…..but then the actor stops and starts to pint again. JG looks around, is he pointing at him again? Everyone turns and looks at JG. Godfather music starts to play. The actor points three times. The actor leaves and everyone tells JG that he was supposed to take three steps back, he pointed three times! JG is thoroughly confused.

Cut to JG and DS outside right after this film shoot. DG wants to know how it went and how this famous actor was. JG says that it doesn’t make sense. This actor doesn’t talk, he just points. JG asks DS what *this* pointing means and DS says it means that he should take one step back. But then JG says well what does *this* point mean and DS says it means he has good eyes, everyone should know that.

All three fellas go back to their meenbak. DG still has the baby on his chest and they start to talk about his breakup. He said that he threw the ring away and all the friends are all like, nooooo, you should find it so we can sell it! Then they think about what they should do with the kid. They want to wait a little bit longer. DG says that they should take care of her and the friends pretend like they will, but then they run away again. They take the hammer and lock themselves inside their room. DG wants to break it down with the hammer, but he can’t since they took it.

Cut to DG sleeping in front of the door with the baby. He gets a call that their water and electricity will be cut soon. Then DG looks at DG’s finger and she looks so cute. DG tells the baby that he has pride as a man, but then we see DG back at his girlfriend’s studio. He starts to look around for the ring. he looks everywhere, under books, magazines, under couches…then his ex shows up and asks him what he is doing?

DG says that he came to ask a question…..um…..when will the missile problem be solved? She wants to know if he really came here to ask her that and DG says that they are Korean citizens so they should be able to talk about politics. Then DG sees the ring! But then his ex starts to ask more political questions. What about the North Korean nuclear crisis!

DG is baffled for a moment, but then he says that he doesn’t care anymore and leaves with the ring. He goes to a gold shop and dumps the ring on the table. All the dirt is on the table and the owner has to dig through it to find the ring. But his ex shows up and wants to know if that is the reason that he came? He left his cell phone so she brought it to him and gives him her ring as well so he can cash it in.

Cut to the Film set. The actor is Doing his finger thing again and everyone is laughing, but JG doesn’t get it, he doesn’t know why everyone is laughing. JG goes right up to the actor and says that he is so sorry that he didn’t know what he was talking about and to forgive him. Everyone looks awkward, but then the actor pats him on the shoulder and points to the ceiling. Everyone starts to laugh again.

One of the guys tells him that the actor told him to do a good job from now! JG is so happy at this and starts to point everywhere.

They shoot the filming scene again and JG does a good job. The actor points at JG again and then JG bows and says thank you! But he isn’t sure if he should do this. But the actor is happy and points at the PD seriously. The PD tells everyone that they will all go out to eat! JG goes out to drink with them and the actor continues pointing. They have to figure out when to toast with each point. JG kid of figures it out and has a good time.

Then he goes to the bathroom all happy, but the actor is there in the stall. He starts to point at JG. JG has food on his face, so the actor is pointing at him to remove the food, but JG doesn’t know what is going on. He starts to sweat a lot, he doesn’ know what to do. Then he finally leans way in, goes on his tippy toes……and kisses the actor on the cheek. The actor looks at him like he doesn’t know what just happened.

Cut to JG banging his head on the table at the meenbak. He thinks he is fired because he kissed the actor. But the actor was looking at him in this way that made him think that he wanted to be kissed! JG is super distraught. But DG tells him that he also got found out today when he tried to sell his ring.

They wonder what they should do with this baby, perhaps they should go to the police station with her. They decide to go to the grocery store. They walk down the aisle and DG is about to grab something, some baby formula, but another ajumma grabs it. DG wants to take it, but a worker says that the young people should give up to the younger woman. But this sets the men off. They say that they have given up everything! They gave up everything!!!! But they can’t give up this milk!!!!! They take the milk and look angrily at the women. The baby is super happy.

Cut to The three boys walking home Goblin style in the cold street. They are triumphant and think back to getting their milk from those women.

But then the mood is broken. They talk to the baby a little and some girls come up to him and say that the baby is super cute. They are foreigners and JG notices their luggage. He tells them that they have many many rooms! Do they need one? They can stay at their guest house! Cut to the guest house becoming a foreigner guest paradise. The three men wonder what has happened? How do they have these many customers? They think the baby is really lucky now since they have some money to pay all their bills.

They go downstairs to where the baby is. JG is playing with the baby and doing baby talk and having a fun time with her. But DG doesn’t like JG playing with the baby with baby talk and tells him to stop! But then the baby starts to cry so the boys go crazy and try to get some milk for her. They leave the baby alone.

They go out to where the baby milk that they just bought is and start to talk about the mom. They decide to think about it later. But when they go outside the baby is gone! They see someone running away throw the window and yell!


Someone is running full steam ahead with the baby. All three men chase her. The chase is intense, they run down alleys and jump over boxes and through doors, but they still can’t catch her. They tell her to stop, stop! But they can’t catch her they decide to take a different route to cut her off. But then she jumps and lands perfectly. The men are confused and get up, but then they finally catch her. JG tells her that she is dead and pulls her around.

The thugs hood falls off and we see that a pretty woman is there. JG is smitten.

Caption: The Birth of a Family

The mom is crying so much about her child. She missed her. The three fellas want to know what is going on. Where is the dad? Why did she leave the baby there? But the woman doesn’t answer and just says that she is sorry and she will leave. They tell her that she doesn’t have to leave tonight, she can just stay here for the night.

DG is cranky though and JG tells her not to be concerned by him because he was dumped by his girlfriend. DG yells, “Why tell her that!”

Cut to DG on the rooftop looking at his rings. We also see the single mom rocking her child.

DG’s sister comes home, she is super tired and bumps her head on something. She takes off all her clothes and gets into bed. But then she feels an arm. She turns and sees someone in her bed! AHHHHHHHH!

She says, who are you who are you! A burglar! She hops up and DG runs in with the other men. They want to know what is happened and they are ready to fight with whatever they grabbed nearby. But then they see the situation and they see that SJ doesn’t have her shirt on. They tell her that she is a woman now….

Cut to everyone sitting on the couch. DG wants his sister to sleep with the single mom just for tonight. But the sister doesn’t see how she can do that. They didn’t know she was coming home tonight and they are sorry about it, but they can’t do anything about it.

Montage of the girls sleeping together and tossing and turning and cuddling and the baby moving her hands very cutely next to them.

The women wake up from some gas that got passed and they both wonder what just happened. They laugh about it and then we cut to the B&B which is popping. We cut to the main characters eating and the sister says that it was awkward sleeping with her, but of course, the girl is standing right behind them. They tell her to sit and eat, but she says that she isn’t hungry, cue a thundering tummy growling from her.

The mom sits down to eat and makes herself comfortable. Then the baby starts to cry and the mom whips out her breast to feed her and everyone runs away. The sister says that she told them that this woman makes people uncomfortable.

But the baby isn’t sucking anymore, maybe because of the formula? She thinks that she might have to pump the milk out, but those pumping machines are expensive. All the men say that they can buy one they can buy one! And they all leave. The sister wants to go as well, but they force her to stay there (literally) and the sister reluctantly turns and looks at the mom like she is in a horror movie.

The boys get busy looking through the mall for all the motherly things. The same woman helps them all individually and tells them all the awkward uncomfortable things that men never want to know about, like nipple pads. She says it in a very polite and wonderful way, but the men are so uncomfortable.

The sister is uncomfortable sitting with the mom, but she tries to make conversation and uses the baby to help break the ice. She says that the boy is handsome and will become a general…..but the mom says that she is a girl. The sister says, but a boyish girl is popular with Appas’ love……..but the mom says they broke up. Ah, but the grandparents should love the baby……..my parents are dead. The sister gives up and moves back to her side of the couch.

Back at the store, the saleswoman is still explaining everything to the men and they are lost in a loop of explanation. Cut to them walking out of the store in a daze.

DG sees his girlfriend walk by and hides on the sly, but it isn’t very sly. JG tells him to just go up to her and beg her to get back together, or he could keep his pride and live with regret.

DG goes to find Su-ah, he watches her as she sits and puts on her makeup outside. He thinks that pride is nothing, he will just go up to her and kneel in front of her. He thinks that he will say, “Jaygi….”

But then another man comes up and tells her that he is sorry that he is late and she smiles and goes up to him. DG immediately falls on the floor so Su-ah won’t see him. But the man sees him and asks him if he is okay. But DG just lies on the ground and covers his face and shakes his head. The there is no way he will show his face!

They bring the breast pumping machine home to the woman and she immediately starts to use it. The sister and JG run out and the sister says that she makes people so uncomfortable. But the woman doesn’t have any milk coming out, maybe she has some blockage? She mentions that she might need a milk massager to help get all the blockage out. JG calls someone and finds out that one session is over a hundred dollars. They can’t afford that. But the mom is in so much pain because she is blocked. JG looks at the sister, maybe she can massage it?

The sister is all like “Nope.” But JG really wants her to and the mom is in the background moaning about how much it huuuuuurts!

Cut back to JG on the ground! he is still on the ground covering his face with everyone crowded around him. He wants them all to leave, just leave! But they call an ambulance for him. The ambulance shows up and all the ambulance workers get out and try to pull him up. 1-2-33333333….1-2-3333333333. But they can’t pull him up. DG is so embarrassed, he quickly puts his shirt over his face and takes off running! But he can’t see where he is going so he is just running in a circle and comes back to the ambulance where everyone was standing. He starts to run again, but then he trips on a bench. he gets back up, but then he trips on something else and his face cover comes off! He covers his face back up and starts to run again.


Sister opens the door to the bedroom all determined like with some plastic gloves on, makjang music starts to play. The mom is laying on the bed and the sister says that she will start now. They cut to the super cute baby.

DS gets home and thinks that he is the only one working. He sees the pumping machine and wonders what it is.

JG goes to the door to the sisters’ room and hears some screaming, then we see Seo-jin come out, her hair is all wet from the milk. She says that it was successful, but then they start to argue like siblings. But we hear DS making all these massage like moaning noises, he is using the milk machine as a cup massager for his back. He is super comfortable relaxing on the couch as the pump massages his back. JG yells at him that this is a milk machine!!!! Do you know how expensive this is!!!!!!!

Cut to the three men and the sister on the couch. They have all had a difficult day and then they hear the baby crying. The mom says that her milk line is blocked again, can Seo-jin help again? But DG wants to kick her out and wants to tell her, but everyone else wants her to stay, they all jump on each other and start to fight.

The mom looks at them going crazy and fighting like mad people in the hallway.

The mom is making their lives into a living hell.
The actor is playing a Wolverine-like character and gets into all kinds of trouble.
The sister has to shave her face every day and her nickname is Chewbacca.

Oh my gosh this show is so hilarious. We were laughing so hard at some points that I may have forgotten to recap. This show had us rolling!

Character Chart for the Kdrama Eulachacha Waikiki

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  1. February 6, 2018 / 6:54 am

    Another great recap, this show is hilarious.

    • V
      February 6, 2018 / 9:42 am

      I don’t understand how they can make this show so funny! Every moment has hilarity sewn into it somehow. 🙂

  2. Chris
    February 24, 2018 / 8:29 pm

    This show is HILARIOUS! I love the actors and their very effective acting. I’ll be going to SoKor this year and I would love to have a picture taken outside of the building/house (Waikiki Guesthouse & Hostel) they used in the drama. Please help me know the address or where to find the filming site. Most probably it’s in Seoul, right? I want to have photos with the places/houses shown in my favorite K Dramas. Pretty please help me. 🙂

    • V
      February 24, 2018 / 9:05 pm

      I feel you on that! I am not sure where the guest house is filmed, but this site is the best for finding filming locations:


      Just search the drama you are looking for!

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