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Encounter: Episode 9 Live Recap

Happy 2019!!!! It feels so good to log back into Drama Milk! We have been taking the last week off due to the New Years but are ready to come back full swing. Encounter is the best show to kick start the New Years off with. So let’s get started!

I will start updating the music post, we have a few great comments over there with music heard in episodes so I will update the background list as well as the OST because i think OST 4 and maybe 5 were released.

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Rewind to the end of the last episode where Jin-hyeok revealed himself to Soo-hyun outside on the terrace. The inside area had a fun Salsa party for 2019 which brought tears to Soo-hyun’s eyes as she realized he recreated their time in Cuba together. Then Jin-hyeok pulled her into a nice kiss and warm hug.

Inside, Woo-seok did not find Soo-hyun and heads out, but he is not able to enter the elevator.

ILLUSTRATION: The boy reads a book, but the pages of the book start to fly away.

Cut to Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun eating at Subway. Small talk about not eating all evening due to Nam bringing him to Seoul. They end up sitting at the window seat again but they mention that it might be okay since there are no people around now. They start eating their subway and JH tells her that Nam let him sit in her seat but she says that Nam usually never ever lets anyone sit there.

JH – I am not here to pick you up, I am here to pick up my CEO’s boyfriend. (mocking what Nam said)

Then he asks if she is happy that he is there? She mentions that he opened the most exciting New year of her life. He laughs and tells her that she can apply for a poetry award with that line. She mentions that he should probably go home to sleep, he says he will sleep in the bus on the way back.

JH – Would you like to have a late night date?

SH – Yes

JH – If I take the first bus then I can make it back in time

SH – Ah, you work on New years day? I am sorry since I am the CEO. It should be tiring.

JH – If you don’t like it then I can leave now…..but if you are okay then we can watch a movie.

Flashback to Jin-hyeok telling her, if you don’t like it then we can stop. But she told him that they could do anything he wanted to do.

In the present she asks what movie he would like to watch? he pulls out his cell phone and checks the Hong-jae neighborhood mox office, she laughs.


Back at the hotel, the raffle ticket is pulled for one night and two days in a hotel. Dae-chan’s tickeet is pulled so he happily stumbles onto the stage and does his snail dance to celebrate. The MC asks him how he will use his ticket? By yourself? Dae-chan says he will use it himself, he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.

The MC tells him to take his mask off and ask publically. Hye-in and Jim-myung shake their heads Nononononono. But DC says he will take it off! He takes it off with much fanfair and bravado. Mijin sees that it is that snail guy that she cannot stand. 

DC asks about the girl that danced with him, can you take off your mask too? But Mijin snuck out. DC gets his ticket and then catches up with Mijin and finds out that this is the secretary that he can’t stand.

he says that he thought they had good chemestry but you are ignoring me withut my mask. They playfully banter back and forth. Jin-myung tells them that they should have another drink. If the pretty secretary drinks with us then we will have a nice mood. But Mijin says that she is busy, she can’t stay with them too long.


Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun end up going to an artistic movie that is pretty empty. He asks her if she thinks this is his taste in movies showing, maybe it isn’t good? But she says that it is good. They hold hands and she rests her head on his shoulder as they watch the movie together. He also rests his head on hers.

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meanwhile, Mijin drinks a lot at the bar with Jim-myung and Dae-chan. SHe is already drunk because she did not eat all day in order to look good in her dress. Then she mutters that she was looking so forawrd to this day but it is Lee-Daechan again. DC is all like, me too lady.

They start to talk about Jin-hyeok because Mijin starts muttering about how he was exhiled to Seokcho. JM thinks he was transferred there, not sent. But Mijin mutters that Jin-hyeok not only touched the whiskers of a lion, he pulled them. Then she passes out on the table.

Jim Myung leaves to call Jin-hyeok, he is still at the movie theater and does not answer his phone on purpose. But then the lights come on. Everyone has already left and the movie person comes out to show them how to get out, lol. 

meanwhile, Woo-seok waits somewhere in his car.

Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok are in her car and talk abotu how today will be busy with a lot of checkouts. But Jin-hyok says it will be worth it because of the evening he had. She smiles and says that he should leave, he will miss his bus. he reluctantly says good bye several times and wishes her safe driving back home.

But as he is walking away, he turns around again and runs back to the car, knocks on the window, and then plants a quick kiss on her lips. they both smile and he backs away as he tells her that he is really leaving this time! I am really leavine! He waves both his arms at her like he is a windmill and cant remove his Chester Cheetah smile.


Mijin pops up in the snail cafe, she was sleeping in the chairs there. She hops rigth up, Dae-cahn is there and tells her that she can’t even drink well, why did she drink so much? She asks why he did not take her to a hotel. He entions that he was about to use it but it was all full. She thinks he shouldn’t have abandonded her there. He says that he rescued her (literally Korean saying: I rescued you from the water but now you want my bag?). He tells her that they should go to the sauna and eat Gukbap.

Cut to them eating gukbap. He tells her that she should drink this (he gives her something) and says that it will make her stomach feel better. She thanks him. Then DC asks why JH was sent to Seokcho like he was exhiled there? and what about pulling whiskers? Mijin clears her throat and says that she was just drunk. DC mentions that he did not feel good about it.

Mijin checks her phone and sees that Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok were spotted and is making the news again. She hurries off.

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Mijin calls Nam and tells him that a reporter took a picture of Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun, it is making the news everywhere. But Nam says that is normal for young people to date, you are the strange one. Just relax. But Mijin can’t relax and starts saying all the stressful things so Nam tells her happy New Year and hangs up. He mentions that you can’t stop sneezing and you can’t stop kids and you can’t stop love~ *burps* and you can’t stop burping.

Elsewhere, Wha-jin wakes her son up with three photos of woman that she throws on his bed and asks if he would like to date one of them or all of them. He does not know what she is talking about. Hwa-jin says that Soo-hyun is not allowed to be an owner of that room anymore because she was ungracefully in a Naver portal on new years with a man. Because of that our Taekyung Group is in search again, so meet all of them. She walks out.

Woo-seok looks at the photos and closes his eyes as if he has a headache.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun is at home, she sees the news article as she drinks her morning tea. Her mother calls her but she does not answer. 

Her mother stews at home and thinks that she needs to remove this guy. The senator comes in so Miok asks him if he is not going to do anything about it? He tells her to leave Soo-hyun alone.


Jin-hyeok tries to work at the counter, but everyone thinks that he is the one that was with the CEO so he causes a bit of a ruckus. The manager comes out and tells them all to work. Jin-hyeok excuses himself and goes outside to call Soo-hyun.

JH – Did you sleep okay?

SH – After waking up, the world is noisy now. How are you Jin-hyeok?

JH – Yeah, I expected it, how about you?

SH – Your fae is exposed.

JH – But my face is pretty nice, better than real right?

SH – No, your real face is better

JH – CEO, this is all natural and we expected it so don’t worry, I am okay. It is all quiet over here. Are you listening?

SH – I am hungry, I need to eat.

JH – Eat something nice.

They hang up. Jin-hyeok looks like he had more to say and looks at the ocean for a moment before heading back in.

In Seoul, the mother got news from a neighbor about the picture of Soo-hyun with Jin-hyeok. She shows it to Jin-myung and asks if it is Jin-hyeok? JM says it might be a look alike. But Umma thinks that all that it says matches, he went to Seokcho. But when did he go to the movies?

JM starts to talk about how they met in Cuba but she shouldnt’ date someone like my brother. Maybe they are just friends, don’t worry, it is nothing. But Umma is worried and goes to Jin-hyeoks room to look at the shoes. She thinks back to JH telling her about the shoes from Cuba and how he has known the CEO since Cuba.

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Elsewhere, Soo-hyun gets a call from her father to eat breakfast together since it is new Years. they go to a little expensive place. He tells her that she should pay because she makes more money than him now. She smiles.

Appa – Sorry your name is on the search again.

SH – It is not the first time

Appa – This time it is different, what did Taekyung say?

SH – They will attack me soon

Appa – Are you okay?

SH – The best defense is offense, I was preparing all the time and the time has come now. I have one worry. If I start like this, it will affect you.

Appa – I was always an obstacle in your life.

SH – Appa…

Appa – Think about yourself, it will be a big fight. But do you think that guy will be okay? It is difficult to see the person you care about get hurt. For us, we are always in the media, but he is a regular guy. Breaking your regular life is also a difficult thing. You know that right. Taekyung will not leave him alone…..lets eat.

They start to eat and appa looks at Soo-hyun with concern.

Later on, Soo-hyun gets home at 20:00. She stops to look at it for a moment and then solemly walks back to her room and sits on her bed. She looks at nothing. Her phone rings, it is Jin-hyeok but she does not see it.

Jin-hyeok is walking around Seokcho shopping area. he hangs up but then gets a call. He smiles at the phone but then sees it is his brother. The brother mentions that he saw him in SNS but Umma and appa don’t know yet. So don’t worry and take your vitamins. JH asks how they are now? JM mentions that it has only been a few days since he has been gone, are you coming back on your break? JH mentions he is and they talk a bit more then wish each other Happy New years and hang up. JM thinks his brother is a super nice guy, he should worry about himself.

Jin-hyeok walk off but sees a fruit store and stops to look at it for a second. then he walks off.

Int he hotel, a mom is asking if they can find her daughters doll. The daughter is crying over her doll and the Mom say that they can’t go anywhere because she has to have it. Jin-hyeok sees them and asks the daughter if she lost her friend and then asks the mom if it was with the sheets? the mom says that she thinks it was in the sheets orthe hamper. 

Jin-hyeok tells the daughter to wait a little bit, ajusshi will find your doll, and the icecream is really good here. Can you wait without crying? The other woman says that there area  lot of sheets in the washroom. JH tells them that he will try, there is no guarantee but he will do his best.

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He goes to the laundry room and is confronted by several mounds of sheets. There is a lot there. The team in the laundry room ask him if he is really going to go through them all? He smiles in acknowledgment and says that he will try not to affect their work. Then he gets to searching.

He searches through all the baskets, there are several huge ones.

Upstairs we see the mother and daughter waiting. 2 hours has passed.

In the laundry room, Jin-hyeok keeps looking. Everyone thinks this is futile. But then Jin-hyeok whips a blanket and a little white teddy bear falls out. He is so relieved and runs up to the mother and daughter to give it to them. thee daughter is sleeping so he wakes her up with the teddy bear. She is beyond joyed to see her teddy bear.

Jin-hyeok tells them that he is happy to find it. Then he goes back to work. His photo is taken by a woman, it looks like the manager of Seokcho is behind this photo taking. She thanks him for allowing her to take it and then gives him her card. She is from a tourist company? She might be, its not clear yet.

Cut to Soo-hyun and Woo-seok meeting at a table in a fancy looking establishment. He says that he wanted to meet her to tell her something but she says that she has nothing to talk about. he slides a ring over to her and tells her to come back. Time passes but the ring is still there. It’s romantic isn’e it? Lets live far away from mother, you don’t have to come to any of the events. i will do everything.

SH – You were just watching me when Omonim was giving me detention. I don’t even remember your mother giving me a hard time. But what I can’t forget is you standing there with weak eyes. After that time passed, you always gave me bags and jewelry and all the presents, that made me more pitiful. 

WS – Cha Soo-hyun….

SH – Back then, I was a vegetable. that is what I told myself. When you said you had a lover, I had no reason to survive.

WS – Why don’t we live somewhere else? What about Cuba? You have a hotel there.

SH – That person is meaningful to me, he is special to me. the person you are dating is meaningful to you right? So why are you doing this to me? I hope we see each other smiling.

WS – Your tree is shook (When it is windy, [you] sway). It is okay for you to be shaken, but don’t fly away with the wind.

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Miok goes to the hotel and asks for a private moment with Jin-hyeok.

MO  Do you know who I am? 

JH – Yes.

MO – I came here to tell you not to be close to SOo-hyun. That is not a relationship that a normal young man should step into. Are you not answering?

JH – I cannot give you the answer you want.

MO – SOo-hyun, no Cha, will marry Woo-seok again. The family has all agreed, you should not do this.

JH – Does the CEo also want this?

MO – there is a life that people decide and it also happens

JH – I am sorry to tell you that there is no life like that. it is her life, if she has to follow the way people decide for her then it is an unfortunate life.

MO – I don’t care about your own ideas, my daughter is dating you. You are becoming brave because my daughter is dating you. But this is far away, don’t make me come here again. A big war will happen because of you. This is above your common sense and ideas. Do you know that you are the one putting her in that position?

Cut to Jin-hyeok thinking about this. He holds a cup and stares blankly ahead as he sits in the break room alone.

Eslewhere, Hye-in is introduced to SOo-hyun by Sun-joo. She is introduced as the person who called her and gave her a hard time. Soo-hyun says it is no problem. HI mentions that she is Jin-hyeoks middle school friend. They start to leave but then Soo-hyun asks to meet her.

Cut to them meeting. Soo-hyun asks if she is uncomfortable meeting her and then says tha she wanted to ask about Jin-hyok becuase he does not talk abotu himself. 

HI – I know I am being rude, but can you just stop? JH told me that he had to go to Seokcho so you could save the hotel. That is the only thing he can do to protect you. If Jin-hyeok continues doing this….I am sorry CEO.

SH – No, you don’t have to be sorry to me, thank you.

Later on Soo-hyun gets a knock on her office door, it is Mijin. Mijin comes in and says that seh has something to show her as a friend, not a secretary, you should think about it.

She hands her phone over. there are postings on the internet from people who know Jin-hyeok. 

News article: 

The new boyfriend to the CEO is my friend, not a 3rd generation Cheobal, we went to school together. Because he is handsome, people told him to date a lot, he was good seducing women in college by always taking books around. He never drank and always went to the library even though he did not study. He red novels and poetry. Because he is handsome, a lot of women where interested in him, he never joined in on drinking parties and was always so secretive. he is the real winner now. Looks are the most important thing. he will have a new life hooking/seducing women. Being handsome does not mean that you are a cheabol, his parents have a fruit shop in the market, your face is the most important thing, I should not have erased his phone number.

Mijin also mentions that there is one more thing. I think you mother went to Seoccho and met Jin-hyeok. Soo-hyun is alarmed at this. Later on she thinks about all of this at home. She thinks about what her father told her about Taekyng group not leaving him alone and about how he had to go to Seokcho to save her and everything related.

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Soo-hyun sits at home and looks at her phone, it is almost 9 o’clock. It looks like all the overwhelming emotions of the day are hitting her as she tries to breath and relax.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok sees all the messages from her friends.

VO – Wow, this is you Jin-hyeok? Can I have a free hotel stay? Donghwa hotel will be yours soon….

VO – Because of you, a big fight will happen, do you know that you are the one putting SOo-hyun in a corner?

Jin-hyeok is stressed as he looks at all of this while outside at work. But then he gets a call from her and tries his hardest to put on a smile as he talks to her.

SH – Are you busy?

JH – I am busy learing and the business, are you eating well and maintaining your beauty?

SH – Yes, I am doing well…..Jin-hyeok?

JH – Yes?

SH – Your identity is all public, but in a very skewed way.

JH – My friends are all joking, don’t worry about it.

SH – Your special features became wrapped in nothing. the hard life you lived became selfish. I feel…

JH – It was only a few from 50 million people, it i snothing.

SH – It is not, I know it. ALl those sharp words make a wound so deep that does not heal.

JH – CEO, I am okay, I worry about you more, don’t surf the internet, just listen to music and eat, okay?

She is about to say something but she definitely sounds like it is hard to get out.

SH – Why don’t we have time off to think?

JH – ….Are you having a hard time because I am so normal? My CEO, did I put you more in trouble?

SH – No, it i snot like that, I am just afraid….just in case you gt hurt….I am afraid.

JH – Don’t be afraid

SH – The closer I get to you, the more your normal life is shaken, I am hesitant…..I am afraid all the eyes that look at me will also look at you.

They both take a few deep breathes.

JH – Would you like to do this? No news is the best news? We are all okay so no news? We can spend time like that. Who can stand it better? Lets bet on it.

SH – Winning is sad, losing hurts, that kind of bet? Okay, lets do it.

JH – …okay.

the screen is spit to Holga split screens as they both try to hold their tears in. Then they hang up. Soo-hyun looks at her sandals and Christmas ornament and starts to cry.

Jin-hyeok takes a few deep breaths as he tries to calm his heart a bit and think.


One of JH’s coworkers asks if he is bored here. Jh tells him that he was a bit bored the first day, but he is used to it now. They keep talking about mundane things.

In Seoul, Soo-hyun drives by the bus stop that JH always sat at.

In Seokcho, Jin-hyeok eats at the daro cafe that they ate at. 

VO – I am really okay, I worry about you more.

Time continues to pass. Soo-hyun takes photos all about Seoul with the old camera that Jin-yeok gave her.

Jin-hyeok goes to the beach alone and sits on the bench they sat at.

Soo-hyun goes to the bridge gallery and takes a photo of her favorite artwork there.

VO – No the Cha Soo-hyun that was sold to Taekyung group or the Cha Soo-hyun that is crazy about her hotel and not the Cha Soo-hyun that gives a bad reputation to the person she likes without a good reason.

Jin-hyeok sees a toy claw machine in Seokcho. He stares at it for a long moment.

VO – I can endure things well, but I am already here.

Soo-hyun goes to the park in Hong-jae and sits on the swing set.

Jin-hyeok walks on the beach alone where they played.

Soo-hyun writes a New Years letter to her DongHwa hotel family and thinks about what to say about 2019. But then she looks at her Havana clock time.

VO – I hope you have magic like happiness all around

Jin-hyeok reads the card that Soo-hyun wrote to everyone, but it looks like she wrote it specially for him.

Letter – My Dong-hwa hotel family, I wish that you have magic like happiness in 2019.

In the Advertisement team, Eun-jin tells them that they have body wash this year. She tells Han-gil that he should be a cleaner person this year. He tells her that he takes 2 showers a day. She mentions that he does not look like it.

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Cut to Jin-hyeok talking to Hye-in outside on the phone.

HI – Why dont’ you come back? It’s been a month.

JH – I want to go back, but it is so busy over here.

HI – Are you all settled down because the hotel has a nice view?

JH – The ocean is really nice.

HI -Take a half day off and come back, you parents are worried about you.

JH – Okay, talk to you soon, bye.

He hangs up and runs back to the hotel. Inside, he looks through his closet and sees the tie that Soo-hyun got him. He pulls it out, filled with memories, and starts to tie it. then he sits at the bus station and thinks.

VO – I am so afraid that you will be hurt.

VO – The bet…winning is sad and losing hurts….lets do it?

Jin-hyeok gets up and leaves the bus stop.

Soo-hyun sits at home working. But then she sees that it is snowing and walks to the window to take photos with her camera. But it look slike it is jammed? She remembers Jin-hyeok telling her that the film will run out. You have to take it somewheter to get it deveopled. You can go to my teachers room (tea ajumma), she has a dark room. 

Soo-hyun thought it might be strange going there alone, but she ends up going there.

Soo-hyun happily stops by and greets the tea ajumma. She brings her something as well as an excuse to come there often. Tea ajumma thanks her and tells her that she shuold have film right? Jin-hyeok told me you might come and to look after you. Would you like to see my dark room?

they go into the dark room. Soo-hyun says that this is ammusing. The tea ajumma says that Jin-hyeok says the same thing when he works in the dark room. You shuold try it. She sits Soo-hyun in the chair, her first shot is Jin-hyeok. Tea ajumma jokes that she got his photo right away. Now just wait. She explains how you put it int he first chemical and then the second and third. Jin-hyeok slowly starts to show up and gets clearer with each liquid.

Tea ajumma – I still miss my husband, I always wonder if I will miss him even when I die. it is a winning life to be able to see the person you want to see. So just see them.

SOo-hyun drives away with the photo in the car, it looks like she might be going to work or home, but then seh makes a huge U-turn and heads to Seokcho. She takes a deep breath as if she doesn’t think this is a good idea but is doing it anyway.

meanwhile, Jin-hyeok leaves the Seokcho gukbap restaurant

VO – Whenever I get close to you, I am hesitant bcause your life gets shook.

VO – Well, when you are timid, you lose. When you worry, it only ruins your complexion. It has happened anyway, so from tomorrow we should be closer to each other.

Both Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun thinks about what the other said to them.

VO – It was fun when we were together. Being nothing again hurts.

VO – If we have something we have to endure, lets endure it with all our good memories from Cuba to here. Each step, Cha SOo-hyun, Cha Soo-hyun, I am walking like this.

SOo-hyun keeps driving to Seokcho, she gets closer and closer.

Jin-hyeok is walking along the sea.

VO – Why are you only worrying about me? I am worried that I am giving you more trouble. Youa re always running toward me, Seokcho, my house.

VO – Lets get over it with all the good memories

VO – Okay, I will give it a try

Jin-hyeok is reading a book on the beach (title: If the wave is the oceans work)

passage – Thinking about you was my work….

He looks up and thinks about it.

VO – How are we going to meet? Where and how and as what?

Soo-hyun spots Jin-hyeok on the rocky sea wall and pulls around to it. She does not know it is him, but has a feeling so she gets out to check. She smiles as she looks at him and confirms that it is him.

His back is to her as he reads to she walks up slowly. Then she calls.

he smiles so brightly, puts his book down and then hops up. 

SH – I lost our bet, No news is good news

JH – We didn’t settle down with what the prize is.

SH – What are you doing now?

JH – Well, I am out eating with my coworkers, there are a lot of nice restaurants around

SH – Is that so, then where are your other employees?

JH – Other employees?

He starts to think and then looks around for a moment, then he turns around (and is back lit by a pastel pink sunset, goodness) he smiles when he sees her. She also smiles and starts to walk to him.

He runs to her.

They show her shoes and his sneakers as they meet and he immediately gives her a super huge hug. They both smile as they happily hug in the middle and tear up as they stroke each others hair and hug some more.

Passage – The wave is the work of the ocean…thinking about you is my work.

(This is also written on the screen)

Fade Out

ILLUSTRATION – The boy is reading a book, the girl flies up on a huge bird and stops next to him, they put their arms out to hold each others hands but they don’t touch just yet.

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Loved today’s episode. It was a bit longing, but that is kind of what I am in the mood for at this very moment in this wintry New year. However, this should not keep up, I would like some more heart fluttery parts in the next episode and have Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun overcome these outside issues that keep trying to pull them apart.

But what I really love about this episode is how it really shows the progress of a relationship like this and how little tiny things outside interference things can build up into big things that can cause a couple to call it quits for the sake of the other person. However, with all that said, good things should show up tomorrow, right? Hopefully!


SH – I went to Hongjae playground

JH – It will be gone soon

SH – Why?

JH – Because the world changes

JH – There are a lot of responses storming in, so I want to hide

Text – The wave is the oceans work, thinking about you is my work. So I will do my own work, fighting (cheer up).

SH – He is taking a vacation?

Nam – He didn’t call you yet?

SH – Where are you at?

JH – I hope our true heart connects

SH – I hope so also

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  1. Aymy
    January 2, 2019 / 10:31 am

    Gah!! Thanks for this. The drama isn’t up yet on the site so I can’t watch it yet. I’m spoiling thingsfor myself! 😊

    • V
      January 2, 2019 / 12:22 pm

      LOL! that’s what we are here for 🙂

  2. Rose
    January 2, 2019 / 11:45 am

    Oh my god my heart again! This episode took me on a rollet coaster ride! All emotions that you can feel are in this episode…..why this drama is so damn good? 😍😍😍

    Happy 2019 everyone! Thanks agian V! 😊

    • V
      January 2, 2019 / 12:23 pm

      Hapy New Year! And yes, this episode was so good. I could feel how hard it was to seperate for them. I especially felt it for Jin-hyeok who tried to find a way around it on the phone.

      • Aymy
        January 3, 2019 / 7:12 am

        Really really love their acting. You can feel the anguish and pain they’re feeling, and the yearning for each other. Whoever said PBG can’t act must just be sourgraping over something because those eyes and facial expressions really draw you in! You could see it even in Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds.

        I guess what really drew Soo Hyun to Jin Hyuk was the way he stood up for her. She drove home this fact during her conversation with WooSeok, whom she said would just watch whenever the mother-in-law punished her then shower her later with gifts. Whereas Jin Hyuk stood up for her, and whenever they sense trouble, he’s always putting her at ease with his encouraging words.

        ..and JinHyuk and Soo Hyun were once again wearing similar coats!

        Also, thank you so much that even though you give a live recap, there are some things that you really just don’t give away.. like can we say that WooSeok saw the two together at the party? And when you said that he was waiting somewhere in his car, when that somewhere was actually where he could see SooHyun.

        Lastly, I’ve learned not to jump to conclusions when watching previews because they can be VERY misleading! Like in the preview for Ep.9, they made it appear that Jin Hyuk had disappeared without notice, even JinMyung was calling him without answer. Now we know what happened!

        Oh.. this drama is realy a rollercoaster! Kudos to these actors and the people behind it! We’re past the halfway mark.. I wonder what else they have up their sleeves. I’m a bit nervous for the upcoming episodes, actually!

        • RevSparklyAndroid
          January 3, 2019 / 8:30 am

          I also wondered if Wooseok spotted them since he was clearly waiting for her to return from wherever she’d disappeared to during the party.

          Considering its sedate pacing, I agree with you that the drama is a rollercoaster. I’ve mentioned this before–the title ‘Encounter/Boyfriend’ still means I’m not holding my breath about the ending, but the love story so far has pulled out all the stops you’d want in a romance drama.

          • Rose
            January 3, 2019 / 8:36 am

            I also though about thats last time, if the ex husband saw them coz they never showed in from the last week (or two weeks ago) episode. I guess he did and you can see tue anguish from his face and that kinda worries me a little bit. I hope he just accept the fact that he cant get SH back.

        • V
          January 3, 2019 / 8:58 am

          SPOT ON!! Love this comment.

          And yes, you definitely can enjoy watching raw after reading our recap because we miss a lot!

  3. Julia
    January 2, 2019 / 10:29 pm

    Thank you so much for this!!

  4. RevSparklyAndroid
    January 3, 2019 / 8:24 am

    Happy New Year, Dramamilkers! As usual, thanks to V for a brilliant recap.

    I continue to enjoy this show each week. It has such a lovely, understated way of dealing with the tropes we’re all used to…like the way the conversation between SH’s mother’s and JH went. The threats were there, but he didn’t quail into submission. I initially thought while skimming raw (before reading V’s recap) that he was planning to leave. But the way SH and he reconnected at the was such a pleasure to watch. After all the times JH had ‘run’ to her, it was her turn, and he was there–no near misses. Loved it.

    Woo-Seok and SH’s meeting was also remarkable as she finally nailed the coffin shut on his reconciliation hopes. In essence, it took too long for him to man up to his mother. When she said she’d been a vegetable’, I watched his heart break into tiny pieces. I did wonder though whether his last words to her were a veiled threat.

    I’m struggling to invest in the love-line between the hyung and the secretary. I hope they gain some traction soon. That said, I’m looking forward to today’s episode. Looks like we’re back in Cuba??

    • Rose
      January 3, 2019 / 8:33 am

      I agree with you with everything here. Especially the part where its her turn to run towards him (well drove actually, but who cares, thats a lot of kilometers 😄)…..the look on his face when he saw her….that alone tells you how much he loves her…oh my heart! 😍

    • V
      January 3, 2019 / 8:59 am

      That might be one of the reasons she fell for Jin-hyeok because he actually did put it all on the line for her whereas Woo-seok never did.

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