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Encounter: Episode 8 Live Recap

Korean Drama Encounter/Boyfriend live recap episode 8 starring Park Bo Gom and Song Hye Kyo

Jin-hyeok is off in Seokcho working hard for the money. But I have a feeling this won’t work in keeping our couple apart. Aaaaand I heard there will be a kiss in this episoooooode? It was teased in the preview, so let’s see if they deliver or if they tease it for next week.

I still need to find a good photo for the Music List post, but I plan on posting it today right after our recap of The Last Empress!

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We open with Soo-hyun looking miserably out her window just as she did in the first episode. She might have the lipstick on that Jin-hyeok gave her. She sighs and then turns her head as someone comes in. She is expecting him, it is ED Choi.

SH – Sit.

He sits and she starts talking. She says that she never had to experience things like this before but because of him she has to. He feigns misunderstanding.

SH – When I was away you just took someone away and hit the back of my head (backstabbed me).

ED – I did not know the hotel CEO used these kinds of expressions *chuckles* It is embarrassing.

SH – I am just matching your class to make you understand it easier.

ED – *clears throat*

SH – This is the first time I have had to deal with this sudden relocation that does not make sense. What did you do?

ED – HR decided ~.

SH – Do you think I called you before looking into it?

ED – CEO, lets be honest with each other ~.

SH- That is what I want.

ED – Do you think I did it myself? Don’t you think Taekyung is behind the scenes.

SH – Now I know that you are always side tracked. We talk about Donghwa but you talk about Taekyung, that is why you are lost alone.

ED – Donghwa is not by itself.

SH – So, should I take it that DongHwa’s owner is Taekyung?

ED – I cannot deny that.

SH – The reason I cancelled my schedule and called you was for this. If you cross the line one more time, You will need to be responsible for your actions.

ED – Are you threatening me? Do you think Taekyung Group will let it happen?

SH – In Seokcho, I expressed myself in the mudtrap that you made, I showed my will against TaeKyung. Pick one. You will be lost as TaeKyung’s Marrionete, or you will learn how to be respected as DongHwa hotels executive Director. You can leave now.

She walks back to her desk. he looks like he made a huge mistake.


Hye-in calls Jin-hyeoks name as he walks to the office. Sh runs up to him.

HI – I need to turn myself in, I called the CEO, I think she should know because you will be kicked out without anyone stopping it. If she knows about it after her business trip, she will be sadder.

JH – Thank you for carring about me.

HI – You aren’t angry

JH – I would do the same if I was you. We are friends.

He continues walking up the hall. HI looks a bit sad at the mention of friends.

Jin-hyeok gets to Mijin’s desk. She asks him what is up Mr. Jin-hyeok. He says that he wants to see the CEO. She asks if he is the one that called her. He wants to know if that is important. Mijin does not answer and just calls Soo-hyun to go inside.

Cut to Jin-hyeok sitting across from Soo-hyun. The painting is a lonely girl sitting alone in the dessert. 

SH – i am sorry you have to go through this lonely thing. It is all my fault.

JH – It is not your fault, I am okay.

SH – I will put it all back to normal

JH – Will you cancel it?

SH – Yes, becaue it is unfair.

JH – Putting things back, that is like you are giving me a favor.

SH – Well, this matter is…

JH – It is not like you. When I first heard how you started this hotel and made it like it is now, I thought you were a very cool person. making this kind of decision is not like Cha Soo-hyun CEO. Let me go and see how I come back to my position. Watch me.

SH – Kim Jin-hyeok~.

JH – I have one big worry, that I want to come back to see you because I miss you. 

SH – This is not something we should joke about.

JH – After finishing up my work for the morning, I will leave tomorrow.

SH – *thinks*

They sit quietly.

ILLUSTRATION: The boy and the girl fly toward each other as if they will kiss, but then they pass each other.

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Cut to Soo-hyun’s mother. She asks her if she wants something to drink. But soo-hyun says that this will not take too long. Umma sits.

MO – What’s up.

SH -I wanted to let you know just in case you will be super surprised later.

MO – Did you cause another incident?

SH – It is an incident to you.

MO – What are you talking about?

SH – After I was born, mom was mom and dad was dad.

MO – Don’t play with words

SH – I am not saying that I don’t like it. I lived my life well according to your plan. Doing what I want in my life is a luxury to me. I am already in my mid 30s.

MO – Because of your mother, you are at least Taekyung’s daughter in law.

SH – that was my decision so I don’t blame you. But I don’t live my life like that.

MO – So what?

SH – I think Taekyung will sue me.

MO – Sue? We are just starting, why does she have to sue you?

SH – We are not starting over.

MO – In=laws are always difficult, your grandmother was difficult to me.

SH – I smiled when I got a divorce. I was smiling because I could live. I am not going back. You should stop meeting with Chairman Kim, you will only get hurt.

MO – Will you fight against her?

SH – I am going to meet with my lawyer for the lawsuit.

MO – Are you crazy?

SH – I am not discussing this with you, it is my decision. *stands up*

MO – Sit down. Is this because of that guy? that is why you are this crazy?

SH – *still standing* for the first time in my life, I want to be the owner of my life. Not because of someone and not for somone. 

MO – Don’t you think of your father? The presidential election is not that far away.

SH – Do you think that is politics if it does not happen only because of me? that is not politics. Appa did everything, not you, not me, Appa did everything. *leaves*

Soo-hyun rides in her car looking out the window. She tells Nam that he can leave.

Nam – You don’t want me to drive, where are you going?

SH – On a date.

Nam – !!!!!! I can get out right here!

SH – *smiles*

In the office, HI asks Jin-hyeok what happened. He tells her that he is going to Seokcho. Hye-in thought she would have kept him here but he says that he asked her to send him off. HI think JH needs to think of his life, if a new employee goes to Seokcho then that means~. But he just says that he thinks this is the best decision. He can protect her the best way this way. Let’s get back to work. He gets up and leaves.

But then he gets a text and pulls out his phone.

SH: Lets have a goodbye party.

JIn-hyeok smiles as he reads it.


Jin-hyeok’s appa and umma are talking. She made him something warm to drink and tells him to drink it all, don’t share it. But she is a bit bummed. Appa asks what is the deal. Umma says that she feels bad about this. She feels worse about Jin-hyeok going tot he country side than when he went to the army. I think my jin-hyeok might have done something wrong at work. Maybe his superiors don’t like him.

Appa tells her not to talk nonsense. No one would not like him. She says that she knows that which is why she is so worried. Appa tells her to head on home and he will go home early as well. Umma sniffs a bit and tells him that she will go to the market. Appa calls after her and says that the tea tastes good. umma is all like, yeah, it’s because I made it.

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Jin-hyeok talks to all his people at work. Sun-joo thinks that they should have a goodbye party. Han-gil thinks that is great as well. But Jin-hyeok says that he will have another appointment actually. they all think it must be with the CEO. Han-gil is all like, okay, I will visit you in Seokcho. They keep talking about little things and then Eun-jin starts bickering with Han-gil about how he would annoy someone. Han-gil tells her to stop talking to him.

Later on, Hye-in makes a coffee when Sun-joo comes in. HI asks her if she has to write an apology letter? Sun-joo says that she will just take that incident as a cute thing that happened.

Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok gets home and packs a few things. His mother is there so she asks him where he is going and that she wanted to have a party with him. He says he is going back to work and will be a bit later. So she tells him that she will have it later, maybe the weekend. he gives her a big hug and she tells him to cheer up my son.

Cut to Jin-yeok driving Soo-hyun somewhere along the coast. She asks him where they are going? He tells her they will go somewhere with nice wind. They end up walking along the coast holding hands.

SH – I did not know that we had this nice of a place nearby.

JH – I came here sometimes to take a photo of the wind.

SH – You can take pictures of the wind?

JH – I take photos of the reeds so you can see the wind.

SH – You should be a poet.

JH – It is my secret, no one knows about it, but I once applied for a poetry event.

SH – Really?

JH – Yeah, but I failed. I thought, ah, poetry is not for everyone.

SH – What abotu photography?

JH – that is my secret.

SH – You failed again?

JH – Yes, I failed. I made it as a hobby.

SH – I know two of your secrets

JH – So that means we have a special relationship because you know two of my big secrets.

SH – Have you been over there? 

JH – Yes, It has a nice view.

In front of them is a twisted staircase tower that is about 3 stories high. They walk all the way to the top.

SH – I feel cool up here.

JH – Ah, it is cold outside, yo might catch a cold. *takes off his jacket*

SH – It is okay, you are the one that is cold.

JH – It is okay, *puts his kacket on her* it’s warm right?

SH – Yes, it is warm.

he smiles at her and she smiles back and then they watch the view together as he holds her shoulders. Later on, they keep walking. The English song starts playing.

SH – If you catch a cold, it is not my fault.

JH – I am not that weak.

SH – Now I have more memories.

JH – What memories?

SH – Good memories. you know those things, while working, I think about them and brushing my teeth I think about it, those memories that make me smile when I am by myself. After I met you in Cuba, I have more of those memories.

JH – Me too. you are in Hong-jae neighborhood playground. You in front of the toy crane machine. And you are there in my Cuba memory. Lets survive this time through good memories.

SH – Yes, lets do it, I will try.

He stops and looks at her.

JH – I have another secret. I learned love from books. yes, that kind of thing is love. When I am in love, I will become like that.

He looks at her for a moment and then holds her other hand.

Jh – Now it is clear. Because of you, I know what those things are. It is clear to me. 

he holds her hands softly and she smiles.

SH – Your third secret is wonderful.

The camera scrolls out to a birds eye view of them.

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Later on, the two of them are sitting at a cafe and looking out the window. They are framed by the window. He tells her that this is his present to her. He sets his camera on the table.

SH – Really? This is important for you.

JH – That is why I want to give it to you more. Since I graduated from the lvoe I learned in books. take good photos and think of me. I will teach you. You press this button, but if you don’t have good exposure then your photo will be shaky. You can change your your exposure here and look at the object and shoot. Try it. I will go to the restroom.

he walks off and she picks up the camera. But then he knocks on the window from outside.

JH – Because your object is a piece of art, whatever you do you will have a good result (he is talking about himself). Try it.

he stands back and poses for her like he is taking a high school photo. he laughs and changes photos and wonders if it is strange. it is actually taking a long time for her to take a photo. he asks her if she can press the button?

But actually we see that she is tearing up a little bit. he does not see that.

SH – Don’t move, yo will shake it.

He nods and stands back and poses. She tears up and takes the photo. it looks like he might also be tearing up a little but it is not clear. They are both smiling.


JM thinks DC is werid for washing his clothing now when he has a date today. You shuold buy clothes, you don’t have anything good to wear anyway. DC tells him that he has good visuals regardless. Then he chuckles that it will be no fun if she tells me that she falls in lvoe with me as soon as we meet. JM wonders where this confidence came from. Then he mutters that they should cut his beard.

DC thinks the place they are meeting at is too expensive. If we don’t like each other then this is a waste of money. I will have to sell several plates of snail to pay it all back. JM thinks he is so cheap, this is an investment, okay?

Cut to DC at the restaurant. He is sitting and looking at the menu. Mijin comes in and walks to the table but stops. They see each other. She is all like, what in the world. She turns around and calls her date. DC licks up the phone.

MJ – Why did you pick up the phone?

DC – Because you just called me.

he stands as she comes to sit.

MJ – is your name Lee Dae-chan?

DC – Is your name Jang Mi-jin?

Mj – Ah, this app has a credibility problem.

DC – I thought I would have a good date. Ugh.

MJ – Why didn’t I remember Chan’s snail cafe?

DC – Why are you picking on my store? Ever since I left the army I put all my life since I was 23 in that cafe.

MJ – You started your business early. Did you run the business while you were in college?

DC – I did not go to college.

MJ – You didn’t go to college?

DC – I am in the snail business, why do I need to go to college?

MJ – Why didn’t you go to college?

DC – It is strange, Jang Mijin, have you ever heard anyone asking you why you went to college? No one asks that, so why do you ask people why you didn’t go to college. Everyone has different ways of living and directions, why do you only think of one way.

MJ – *Takes a huge drink of wine* You are a franchise CEO? Why did you lie!

DC – I am not lying. The first location now is #1. I am going to have 2, 3, 4 later on.

MJ – You can’t call yourself a CEO until after you open them!

She stares at him and then gives him the menu.

MJ – You just eat.

She walks off, but her stomach growls so she comes back. He gives her her menu back.

MJ – *whispers* you should not say this to Kim Jin-hyeok.

She leaves again. DC is all like, what is this.

Mijin goes to Subway and complains about how she couldn’t even eat dinner. She is mad about that. But then she starts to think about him and what she said about the CEO thing. She wonders if she went too far.

DC went home drinking with Hye-in and JM at his snail place. He is wearing the laser hair helmet and says that he is under so much stress so he is preventing his hair from falling out. JM sits at the table and thinks that she did not look crazy on her profile. he tells them that her profile is all fake. Everything is fake. I will complain to the app. HI tells him that there are a lot of good people around, you just don’t see them because you are in the store. Do you want to come to our companies end of the year party?

JM -What is that?

HI – It is a masquerade party.

JM -That would be perfect for you! When you cover up your face you hav a good physique!

HI – Hey, what about his face, he is attractive.

JM – Ah, my hye-in, after working outside a little bit you can say things you don’t mean very well.

HI – Noooooo, we are inviting family memebers and friends. 

JM – Of course we should go.

They all talk about how it will be fun, they also have a raffle ticket. The prizes are huge. They even have a hotel stay. DC thinks he is great at winning free things. JM tells him he likes free things so much. DC and JM start to bicker back and forth about hand me down clothing that Jin-hyeok gives to DC and how he looks so much like an ajusshi. Your clothes don’t fit. Whatever I wear I have a good fit and angle! I don’t compare myself to Jin-hyeok, that is a loosing game.

DC puts his laser hat back on and tells Jm that he bought one that is too small. Hye-in laughs.

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Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok sneezes as he drives Soo-hyun home. She thinks he caught a cold but he tells her that he is really okay. However he looks like he is shivering a bit.

Cut to Jin-hyeok in her place. He has the beginings of a cold forming but it trying to make is seem fine. She brings him a drink and a little vitamin. 

JH – *smiles* I will be better very soon with this.

SH – WOuld you like to have a warm tea? You should drink a lot.

She goes to make him a tea, he gets up and watches her make it in the kitchen. She smiles at him as she turns around to walk it out.

SH – This is not like Teacher Lee’s tea, but it is okay. it is a good one.

he keeps looking at her, he looks a bit solemn. He walks up to her as she is pouring it and gives her a light but firm hug around her waste.

JH – I have never ending greediness. I want to drink tea with this person and after drinking tea I want to have dinner with her, I want to tell her about myself and I want to give her my heart. I want to hold her pretty hand.

She soflty touches his hand. 

JH – I want to hug this person.

he keeps standing there closely with her. it is a nice scene. Then she turns around to fae him and holds him around his arm. She smiles lays her head on his chest so he can hug her. They both hug each other warmly. The camera frames them with the fantasy castle illustration behind them.


At Jin-hyeok’s home, Jin-hyeok sits and eats with his family. They ask him when he is leaving. he says after breakfast. Jim-myung has no idea what they are talking about. They all have to explain it to them. JH tells him that he is going to Seokcho today. JM wonders why it is only him. JH explains that the hotel business is like that.

JM – What about Hye-in-i?

Umma – Noona! (call her noona)

JM – Okay, noona.

JH – I volunteered for it. I learned a lot because it is a new location.

JM – You will learn a lot at the first location also.

JH – We learn from the branches and go back to the main location also. You know. If I have to work outside the country then you will cry.

JM – If you go outside the country then take me with you.

JH – It depends on how you behave. You should stay and take care of appa.

JM – You told me before that Jin-hyeok drives too carefully soit will take him 3 days to get there.

Appa – What….um…did you pack vitamins for him. *to umma*

Umma – You shuold eat well.

JM – Hyung, you can’t come to the masquerade party. I am going there because NOONA invited me.

JH – I won’t be able to go, so enjoy. 

JM – If I see some nice girls then I will get all their numbers and give them to you.

Umma – Let him eat……does Jin-hyeok really drive for 3 nights and 4 days? I want to mix you two up with your driving speeds.

They keep talking about driving. JM wants a sports car so umma asks for him to drive them around. JM says of course. But only two people can ride together at the same time.



Mi-ok starts to tell her husband to call Soo-hyun and talk to her. All of this is because of that strange guy. Appa tells her that she cannot just say he is a strange guy, he is someones son. Miok explains that she is preparing for a lawsuit. She is blocking. But Appa says that they are the ones blocking their daughters future.

Umma thinks that she is the one that is messing up her families future, but appa thinks that they should not have let her marry intot hat family to begin with. Umma asks if it is all her fault now? Appa says it is all his fault. 

CJH – The money you said you got from the bank with our house as collateral. I did not check, but it was actually from Taekyung. Because of that, when they asked for our daughter, I could not refuse their request. Because of that, we still have this trouble. It is all my fault.

Miok – Why are you talking about all that, it is in the past.

CJH – So just leave her alone! She wants to live her life!

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WS gets the invitation for the masquerade party. he looks at it from his desk bu then there is a knock at the door. his secretary comes in and tell shim that he thinks he needs to tell him that Jin-hyeok was sent to Seokcho.

WS – Seokcho? CEO Cha let that happen?

Secretary – It looks like it.

WS – Okay.

Cut to WS meeting with Soo-hyun in her office. She asks why he is there all of a sudden.

WS – I work out here.

SH – You have a lot of good hotels around your office.

WS – The equipment here is good. The air id good. What air purifiyer do you use?

SH – Why are you here? I’m busy.

WS – You sent him to Seokcho?

SH – It is hotel business.

WS – You cold have stopped it.

SH – WHy are you so interested in it?

WS – Becuase it is about a woman I like.

SH – Do I misunderstand something.

WS – Maybe my pronounciation was bad, it is because of someone I~.

SH – hey, Woo-seok, don’t joke around.

WS – I am not joking.

SH – What are you doing?

WS – See you later. *gets up*

But he turns back.

WS – I miss you a lot recently. Goodbye.

He walks out, Soo-hyun looks so confused.


Jin-hyeok arrives in Seokcho at the bus tuerminal. He takes a deep breath and starts rolling his luggage up the street.

Soo-hyun is at home. She looks out the window at her amazing view. It is 10pm. She calls Jin-hyeok.

Jin-hyeok is still rolling his bag sadly. But then he gets super happy when he sees her call.

JH – Yes, It’s me!

SH – Are you there?

JH – Yes! i got here.

SH – It is a bit unfamiliar to you right?

JH – It is not unfamiliar, but I have your face everywhere, I miss you.

SH – It sounds like you prepared what you were about to say. Are you trustful?

JH – With each step I saw “Cha Soo-hyun, Cha Soo-hyun” I think I will go to my dorm walking like this.

SH – See, the things you say.

JH – if you don’t like it then I will stop.

SH – You are good at give and take now.

JH – Because dating is give and take.

SH – Who said that?

JH – *laughing* My father.

The English song starts to play but a woman is singing it this time.

SH – Have a good night and a good first day at work tomorrow.

JH – Are you already hanging up, CEO? WHile I was taling on the phone, I got lost. If I become a missing boy, I will tell them your number.

SH – Okay, then I can go to Seokcho with that as my excuse.

JH – Good, you can come!

SH – I am really going there.

JH – Come here now.

SH – I am not lying.

JH – Okay, come here.

SH – Then, see you soon.

JH – See you soon.

SH – Yes.

hey hang up and smile. Both of them are happy for a moment. Jin-hyeok keeps rolling his luggage up the street.

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Nam meets with Sun-joo’s daughter at a cafe. She tells him that appa moved out and she worries about her mom, she is like an abandoned dog. Nam tells her that she can’t call her mother like that. But the daughter says it is a metaphor, she learned it in school. Nam tell sher that he is an ex reporter, he knows what a metaphor is. Then they start to playfully talk about Who she is like, Joan of Arc? Lets just say I am just like my mom.


Elsewhere, Hwa-jin meets with the fake girlfriend and tells her that she heard she is dating her son. Please take me comfortably. But the girl says that they broke up. HJ asks why they broke up. The fake girlfriend says that she can’t tell her. 

Later on, Hwa-jin calls Woo-seok in to talk with her.

HJ – How much did you give her?

WS – What are you talking about?

HJ – Making her your lover so that you would get a divorce. How much did that cost you? Why do you still have that woman in your heart whom you said your love ended for? After time passes, at least you missed the relationship, that is why you are waiting for Cha Soo-hyun. Do I need to get rid of the other woman? Did you really want Cha Soo-hyun to leave this family that much that you lied to me? That is why you made-up that other lover? That was your excuse? Finally, she made you like this.

WS – She does not know about this. I wanted it.

HJ – Take a rest.

WS gets up and leaves.


Jin-hyeok shows up for his firs day at work and is introduced to everyone. he is going to work the front desk.

At the main branch, Soo-hyun talks to the chef about the menu. She wants to change the vendor for the dduk. 

Jin-hyeok steps away to make a phone call. he asks someone to check the party DJ and band one more time. Also, the masks that the guests ordered. Sorry I could not finish it up. Then he goes back to the counter when another worker tells him that he has to get the manual before he goes home.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun looks at Human Resources file on the internet about Kim Jin-hyeok being sent to Seokcho. 

in Seokcho, Jin-hyeok walks around outside and pulls out his phone. 

Soo-hyun thinks in her office.

Jin-hyeok walks to the beach where they played together.

Soo-hyun sits in her office and thinks.

Jin-hyeok mutters that he misses her so much as he watches the waves on the beach. Then he starts to walk slowly along the beach.

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Everyone is preparing for the party. Nam looks around and thinks that the guy that put this all together is not even here. He shakes his head. But then it looks like he gets an idea. The title of the show is “Masquerade Party in DongHwa hotel” but it also means “Masquerade Party in a Fairytale Story” Nam walks away with this idea in his head.

In her office, Sun-joo gives Soo-hyun a choice of masks, she will stop by the party and it was Jin-hyeoks big project so you should enjoy it also. Soo-hyun asks how the preparation is going. SJ thinks it will be super wonderful. Soo-hyun picks a mask, she picks one becaue she thinks it will cover her face the most.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok is working when Nam shows up and yells, what are you doing! Our party is all messed up! You are the one that prepared it! The manager comes out and asks what is going on. Nam tells him that the director wants him to come right now! Come out! Jin-hyeok is all like, right now?

Nam – Will you come tomorrow? After the party is all messed up? Our CEO is so angry right now.

Manager – Well, Jin-hyeok the CEO is angry, I do not want that to affect our hotel so leave now.

Jin-hyeok leaves. Nam looks so angry but starts smiling and then remembers to be angry.

they get to the car. 

JH – I can drive you.

Nam – *angry* I am not here to pick up Kim Jin-hyeok – I am here for my CEO’s boyfrind. *smiles* Hop in.

Jin-hyeok gets into the passenger side and smiles as they leave.


DC and Jim-myung show up. Dae-chan looks so handsome and has a really nice suit. Jim-myung also looks nice and hopes there are a lot of pretty women there. DC is concerned about the store, maybe he should not have closed it? JM is all like, you think to much, lets go. They run up the stairs and run into Hye-in. They all talk about how good they all look, they cleaned up well. They playfully banter about the masks as well. (I should not cover up my pretty face). Then they happily go in.

Meanwhile, Woo-seok gets his mask from Eun-jin. She sweetly tells him to pick anything. he picks a gold one. She whispers, wow, even if you try to cover it up, the royal family aura is still there.

Cut to Mijin and Soo-hyun who are riding the elvator. Mijin is super excited.

MJ – This is so cool, who came up with this plan!

SH – Kim Jin-hyeok shi.

MJ – *complaining* You make the atmosphere cold

SH – What?

MJ – The atmosphere, you are making me sad. *puts on mask* I am so mad, do I need to cover up my beauty.

They both put on their masks and leave the elevator. They walk by Eun-jin and we see that So-hyun and Eun-jin are wearing almost identical outfits and have very similar body types and hair styles. Only their masks are different.

They all enter the party. 

MJ – We should seperate becuase if I am next to you then peole will think you are the CEO. Shoom. *she leaves*

Outside, Jin-hyeok gets to the party but Nam stops him.

Nam – Jin-hyeok wait, don’t you know the concept of the party *playfully*. 

He pops open the trunk and has a suit and mask ready for him.

JH – Thank you. *smiles and runs off*

Nam pull sout his mas, which is a Roman generals mask, but it is way too small. he is all like, come on.

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Mijin stands next to Dae-chan but they don’t know they are each other. The MC thanks everyone for coming and tells them that they all have their own masks. Hopefully you will meet your fated person under one of the masks. We wills tart the party!

DC clincks MIjin’s glass and then both smile as they party gets started. The music is kicked up and everyone starts to dance. JM hangs out with Hye-in and Eun-jin starts to dance by herself seductively. DC and MJ have a fun time together.

Outside, Sun-joo sits next to Nam who is wearing a supe small pumpkin jack o lantern mask. 

SJ – SOme faces cannot be covered up.

They start to banter back and forth about recognizing each other and masks. But then SJ says she is solo now so she will look for a prince charming on a white horse. 

Nam – Ah, you are so childish as a grown up. *touches his mask* Great, everyone will recognize me from far away. Aish. 

Inside, Woo-seok looks for Soo-hyun while Soo-hyun just walks around. Guys try to hit on her but she just keeps walking through the crowd.

it is one minute until new year.

Woo-seok thinks he sees SOo-hyun. He smiles and walks up to her. He grabs her arm and pulls her away.

But then we see that Woo-seok actually grabbed Eun-jin’s hand.

Outside, Jin-heyok takes off his mask, he is the tin man (without a heart). She takes off her mask and they both look at each other. 

Inside the countdown ended and the band kicks in. The lights turn on behind them. The name is Havana Party!

MC – To celebrate DongHwa Havana Hotel in 2019, please enjoy the Salsa and Jazz performance. We invite you to enjoy the fever of Cuba.

Outside, Jin-hyeok smiles as Soo-hyun is so happily surprised. They haven’t talked to each other yet. SOo-hyun looks inside at the Salsa dancers and remembers Cuba. She starts to tear up a bit. The music starts to fade away. He grabs her hand and pulls her closer to him.

A mic speaker buzzes as the jazz fades away and the OST starts.

He pulls her in and kisses her. Then he turns to his head the other way and kisses her again. They keep kissing. Then they stop and look at each other as she cries. He wipes a tear away from her and kisses her again. 

Then he hugs her warmly. They both smile as they enjoy their hug alone on the balcony.

The camera cuts to the last day they spent together in the open field by the sea and still images of the two of them together.

Then we go back to them at the masquerade party. han-gil and Eun-jin awkwardly drink water together.

DC and Mijin continue to have a good time together.

Hye-in and Jim-myeung stand, his hand is on her shoulder so she looks at him like, um, what are you doing? he moves his hand.

Sun-ju and Nam toast as he tells her Happy New Year, thank you. She smiles.

Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok keep hugging outside.

Fade Out.

ILLUSTRATION: The boy and girl are flying together and they kiss. His hand is on her shoulder and they are also holding their other hands together.


Woo-seok walks into a room and pulls out his phone. 

WS – Secretary Kim, can you find out what kind of clothes Cha Soo-hyun CEO wears today?

Cut to him finding her at the party but it is the rong person. IT is Eun-jin. He tells her sorry and keeps walking.

Then we cut to Jin-hyeok calling someone about the masks for the hotel party.

JH – Yes, I already sent you what our guests requested. But can I ask you one more thing separately. For women, I want it to cover up her entire face. I think she will prefer if no one recognizes her……yes, I can give you a sketch. thank you so much. Bye.

he looks at his sketch. He is the Tinman and hers is the full face mask. There is a sticky note at the bottom.


  1. It must cover up the entire face.
  2. Comfort, so it should have a handle
  3. Not a color that stands out

Then he finds her at the party and pulls her outside. His plan worked.

(Note: at the very beginning of the episode it showed the two masks that they wore as the opening image! This show is so detailed.)

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OMG, I loved today’s episode! I loved their kiss! I was so worried about liking their kiss, it just did not seem right, but I loved it! This show is so wonderful. I love cupid Nam. I can’t wait for next week.


SH – After waking up, it is noisy now. 

Internet article – Someone saw them dating.

JH – It came with me from Cuba. I kept it to use it as a prop.

HJ – It will be a good chance to finish everything at once.

JM – Pick up the phone Jin-hyeok

SH – Where are you.

The top Image is by tvN and edited using PicMonkey


SH – Your personal information is all revealed to the public

JH – All of this is a natural progression right? And we expected it as well.

SH – It is not, I know it.

Brother – Jin-hyuk, pick up the phone.

SH – The more I approach you, the more hesitant I am because your normal life is disrupted

JH – If you have to live the way someone else decided for you, that is an unfortunate thing. There is no life like that.

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  1. Rose
    December 20, 2018 / 10:27 am

    Im speechless…..this episode is making me melt…..if i develop a heart condition, i’ll blame this drama 😍😂😜

    • V
      December 20, 2018 / 1:09 pm

      LOL. Send your bill to tvN.

      • Rose
        December 20, 2018 / 2:07 pm


  2. Rose
    December 20, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Nam – Jin-hyeok wait, don’t you know the concept of the party *playfully*.

    He pops open the trunk and has a suit and mask ready for him.

    JH – Thank you. *smiles and runs off*


    My god! Super Nam is like the fairy godmother of Cinderella, he provided the outfit for him for the party…..Super Nam, you’re the man!! 😍😍😂😂

    • V
      December 20, 2018 / 1:10 pm

      HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!

    • Miranda
      December 21, 2018 / 11:27 pm

      He’s not just the fairy godfather – he turned into a pumpkin at the end of the night, which I thought was pretty clever.

      • Rose
        December 22, 2018 / 5:16 am

        Hahahaha! You’re right! Didnt noticed that 😂😂😂😂

      • V
        December 22, 2018 / 5:36 am

        OMG!!!! He was the pumpkin coach that got her & him to the ball! Good spot!

  3. Rose
    December 20, 2018 / 10:50 am

    Thanks for the recap V! By just reading your recap its already melting my heart, what more if watch it later with sub….oh my god! I love this episode too! 😍😍😍

    Btw, there wont be any episodes next week, they come back the following week. Im goin to miss them this holiday 😞

    • V
      December 20, 2018 / 1:10 pm

      No episodes next week. I think we will try and have something that we can post though. Maybe an article if they release one or maybe a background translation if they ever release that.

      • Shayri
        December 20, 2018 / 3:18 pm

        You can translate a behind the scene video if we get one please!

        • Rose
          December 20, 2018 / 3:33 pm

          Oh yah! Thats a good idea! I was always wondering what they were talking about sometimes if it doesnt have any sub in youtube. 😊

        • V
          December 20, 2018 / 3:36 pm

          Yes! If you see one send us the link!

          • Camille
            December 26, 2018 / 2:37 pm

            did they air the said special? sorry i only get to watch on viu about 6 hours post broadcast and it didnt have any today 🙁 the anxiety is killing me

            • V
              December 26, 2018 / 4:17 pm

              I don’t think they aired a special, but if they did, someone let us know!

  4. Songsong17
    December 20, 2018 / 10:53 am

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! You are quite amazing. 🙂 I’m so hooked on this show. LOL
    The Kiss scene was so good, it was perfect. Love them. I wonder why he goes missing in next episode… oh, man.. can’t wait! lol
    PS: I LOVE NAM!! <3 hehehe 😉

    • Rose
      December 20, 2018 / 12:24 pm

      Me too! I love Super Nam! Im always looking forward on what he will do for our lovebirds every episodes. 😄

    • V
      December 20, 2018 / 1:11 pm

      I love this show, tooooooo! How will we survive one week without it? I guess Christmas is a good excuse, but still. Can’t we have both? ☺️

      • Camille
        December 20, 2018 / 2:24 pm

        Thanks heavens for Mr Nam!!! I love him so much now and his pumpkin mask 😂

  5. JoJo
    December 20, 2018 / 2:14 pm

    I thought the kiss would be weird but it warmed my heart. Love it!

  6. Camille
    December 20, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! No episode next week? Ill die. Please send help.

    The camera scene got me again 😭😭😭 i was bawling while JH was smiling.

    Decided. Ex WS did plan the divorce. EMILFH confirmed it. She likely knows her son well. And WS *i think* is kinda planning to win SH back but in his own terms and as a man, not a conglomerate pawn. aigoo. I did notice his charm now though. He is also quite handsome!

    And the kiss… Im speechless. In one hand it is quite awkward knowing she is married and he is husband’s good friend but it still works for me. Just had to remind myself of their characters… That moment, I forgot the age gap. and conclusion: Bo Gum is taller than Joong Ki. haha

    Im happy that this episode does not have much negativity as the others.. For once, they have sweet moments… however I’m kinda scared now of the upcoming episodes since something evil looks to be brewing thanks to EMILFH.

    Thanks again V for the recap!!!

    • V
      December 20, 2018 / 3:33 pm

      Luuuuuuv what you said about the ex. He does want to win her back on his terms, as a man, and not as a pawn. If this was his story then I would be rooting for him. ☺️

    • Miranda
      December 21, 2018 / 11:33 pm

      Honestly, it helps that their relationship has been developed so that the first kiss wasn’t based on lust. I think a passionate/lusty first kiss would have been tough for the audience to handle, this was much quieter and based on deep emotions. And PBG’s hair and makeup were styled in a way that made it very possible to see what he’ll look like at 40, nothing about his expression was youthful either, so he came across as a very mature and dependable person in that scene. Obliterated the age gap.

      The pacing in this show really is very good.

      • Rose
        December 22, 2018 / 5:33 am

        I noticed that too. His over all look in that scene is more mature and th kiss is very romantic and passionate, i guess thats why a lot of fans that seems to feel kinda icky about the age gap thing romance between these two, they dont feel icky when these two kissed.

        Love this drama! 😍

      • V
        December 22, 2018 / 5:40 am

        Yes, I agree with everything. They also had a bit of distance and time apart so their feelings grew towards that moment.

        • Camille
          December 26, 2018 / 2:41 pm

          Thank you so much! Thanks for being another someone who appreciates the drama and OTP for what it is and not because of the age gap and the lead being married + friend of the husband. I’m already sick of those who compares PBG to SJK.

          • V
            December 26, 2018 / 4:19 pm

            Love this show as is! I kind of wish I didn’t even know about their personal lives, but the drama is so good that it isn’t even affecting my joy in watching it!

  7. Rose
    December 20, 2018 / 2:33 pm

    Even though the ex husband has a good intention on why he wants divorce (and i salute him for that coz now we know he has a good heart unlike his mother), im still worried about him snapping or being persuaded by his mother, i hope im wrong.

    • V
      December 20, 2018 / 3:35 pm

      I hope he stays wholesome 🤞.

  8. JoJo
    December 20, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    I don’t understand Korean too well but I can’t wait till the next day to watch the episode with subs. So I always make it a point to read your recap first before watching it in raw. Thank you so much for these recaps! #grateful

    • V
      December 20, 2018 / 3:35 pm

      So happy you are here, Jojo 🙂

  9. RevSparklyAndroid
    December 20, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    I. Love. This. Show.

    • Rose
      December 20, 2018 / 11:08 pm

      So. Am. I. 😂😂😂

  10. Shayri
    December 20, 2018 / 3:26 pm

    Thank you for the recap V. Your posts always let me know of details & nuances that are otherwise not translated or subtitled.
    Nam shinjangnim (is that correct? I’m going off of how it sounds) is so cute! Daebak. He’s the best fairy godmother cum Cupid I have seen in a drama so far. I love 💕 how he got Jin Hyuk as Soo Hyun’s bf.
    I also think that I see 🚢 ships. Mr Nam & the Manager lady, JH’s brother & the girl friend, & the flirty office colleague with the single guy. Ofc there are the secretary best friend & the Hyung.

    • Rose
      December 20, 2018 / 3:35 pm

      Oh love……love is in the air….la la la la la……. 😍😍😍😍

    • Revsparklyandroid
      December 20, 2018 / 4:19 pm

      Yes to the various ships! I just love how well developed the characters are, and the actors are all BRINGING it to the table. Even the dreaded eeevil mothers are given just enough screen time to make them worthwhile and bearable. Manager Nam has to be one of the best matchmakers in dramaland, IMO.

      Something I noticed about the quality of this production. Jin Hyeok’s younger brother left Fluttering Alert to join this cast and I have to say he’s like a different actor here. So much more charismatic, even though he’s basically playing the same role.

      Now about that two-week break, where do we send our dissenting emails?!

  11. Rose
    December 20, 2018 / 11:05 pm

    I just finished watching the english sub….i didnt realized i’ve been smiling almost the whole time im watching this episode. I agree with REVSPARKLYANDROID, the characters screening time thats its not being too much or too little. Coz there are some dramas that some characters feels like the screening time is forced just to say that they are part of the story that sometimes its starting to annoy the viewers. Even the two evil mothers, they are there just enough that will not annoy the viewers so much because of too much exposure and yet you know that they will annoy you because of the character they play. Why is this drama sooooo goood??.

    I also like how this episode showed the difference between the ex husband and JH when it comes to SH. The ex husband needed the help of the secretary in order to know who SH is going to be in a masquared by asking what isnshe wearing on that day. Unlike JH, he prepared a mask basing on what he knows about SH personality. It just show how observant and sensitive JH is, especially when it comes to SH. It also showed that in the short amount of time that JH and SH known each other, they have a connection, while the ex-husband dont even though they know each other longer. It just show that its not the quantity that counts, its the quality.

    Btw, everytime Super Nam say “thank you” i cant help but laugh 😅. Its so adorable and funny at the same time 😂

    • Camille
      December 21, 2018 / 4:11 am

      Totally agree with you there, Rose. For me, an important aspect of love is exerting the effort to understand the other. Clearly, SH and JH has this connection because they like/want to understand each other. Whereas ex WS whom she had been married to for two years but because of political/business reasons instead of personal feelings, they’re close to clueless.

      The other characters’ story give more color to the drama, yes, but I find myself wanting more of SH and JH. If there’s one character I’d like to learn more about though, it would be Hye In. Is she really IN love with JH? </3

      • Rose
        December 21, 2018 / 4:45 am

        I think HI is the female version on WS, they both love or in love with our leads but at the same time they want whats the best for the one they love. Most probably they’re juggling their feeling on what the right thing to do, they could both snap and do something selfish in order to keep the one they love to themselves. I think WS is the more likely to make a wrong decision if he decided to do so coz he’s more dominant than HI plus he has the power and money to do so.

        Dang! 2 weeks…we have to wait that long? 😣

      • V
        December 21, 2018 / 10:15 am

        I think she is!

      • RevSparklyAndroid
        December 22, 2018 / 7:43 am

        Maybe Hye In’s feelings towards JH ramped up after he swooped in with those flowers during her graduation, Camille. She does seem to love him but I don’t know that she expects him to reciprocate.

        I may have missed it, but does anyone know how SH and her ex met? I keep wondering if there were mutual feelings between them before they married. For someone who was merely forced into a chaebol-contract marriage, his cheating seems to have so badly affected her that she now can’t seem to stand him. I’m really curious about whether they were both political pawns and nothing else. He appears to have loved her all along and feels he might be able to win her affections back. What’s that all based on?

        • V
          December 22, 2018 / 8:46 am

          It looks like it was an arranged marriage and they did not meet previously. I think in one of the episodes it showed a flashback where their families set up a blind date for them to meet and get to know each other.

          • Rose
            December 22, 2018 / 9:50 am

            As far as i can remember, in the first episode i think, the way the ex husband act around SH looks like he’s some sort of a jerk (it was the intercation in the EMILFHs birthday) so i was thinking the reason shes cold to him was his attitude that he portrays and i think the fact that he’s from that group (Takye-something, cant remember the whole name, sorry 😅). Another thing was when SH was talking to her mom i think just this last episode if im not mistaken, she said that when she was offered the divorce, she smiled. Its either she was really happy about being divorced to get away from that family (well, kinda get away from that family) or she just said that to his mom to piss her off but in reality she was hurt because of the cheating thing.

            • RevSparklyAndroid
              December 22, 2018 / 10:53 am

              I thought that was the case. So, based on all this, why is he suddenly so into her, and why he does he think he can win her over? Mysterious indeed.

              I actually kind of like the guy and his stealthy way of fixing things/handling his mother without SH’s knowledge. Except, JH GETS her as Rose and Camille said above. The struggle is real, people.

              • Rose
                December 22, 2018 / 3:44 pm

                I think the reason why he was suddenly on to her was because of JH. When the picture of JH and SH eating ramen came out thats when it all started as far as i know, maybe at the back of his head there is now a competion for SHs heart and now he has to do something about his own agenda of winning SH. Just my observation 😊.

              • Camille
                December 26, 2018 / 2:50 pm

                I agree, I think it was because of the surfacing of JH in SH’s life. See before, she was alone. Single and in some way maybe, ex WS thinks SH is still a trophy in his collection. Yes he is no longer married to her so he keeps the new girlfriend act but he feels anytime he can have SH back. He was slacking in showing his appreciation for who she is just because he thinks she would always be available to him. However now with JH in the picture, there’s competition.

                Also, some men do have that kind of “my toy” complex. While they get bored of their old toys and totally ignore them once they’ve had it, another man’s interest in the said toy would spark attention. Maybe that’s why he is now kind of nice to her in his own way (the takedown of the hotel bulletin post, the assistance with the celebs, saving JH from EMILFH’s humiliation spree) and again win her back in his terms and not as a political/business pawn.

  12. mizzy17
    December 21, 2018 / 10:00 am

    Hi, anyone knows what is the name of the english song?

  13. Rose
    December 26, 2018 / 8:25 pm

    V, thanks for translating the 2nd preview. Just saw it now. 😊

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