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Encounter: Episode 7 Live Recap

Encounter Episode 7 Live recap

Sooo, this is amazing. He stepped out for her and she stepped out for him and we are only at episode 7. So what happens now?! I am worried for the two of them, but also interested in their fate!

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Jin-hyeok walks alone outside, he is smiling and thinking about being in “some” with Soo-hyun.

Flashback to Soo-hyun at the press conference getting grilled by that one reporter. She says that they are in “some”. Jin-hyeok turned around and smiled at her, she smiled at him.

Outside, Jin-hyeok smiles as he thinks, “some”. But then han-gil runs to find him and tells him to hurry and go back inside.

inside, Soo-hyun’s mother tells Soo-hyun that she is crazy. You need to call Hwa-jin and tell her that you are crazy. Only a crazy person would do that. I told you to live as a useful daughter. 

SH – I am going to live my own life from now on.

She walks away.

Illustration: A silhouette of a boys head and neck in front of a sun. A star like tear falls.

Sun-joo walks out of the building and sees Myung-sik by the car. They talk about how there is big trouble. Mying-sik thinks that his CEO is decisive now. But Sun-joo says it will cause a lot of trouble. However Myung-sik thinks this is the best think ver, don’t you like it? SJ smiles and says it is saida (super cool). 

Mijin comes up so they ask where the CEO is. Mijin sighs and says that it will take time because her mother called her. SJ starts to talk about how the mom is the headache. Nam thinks her life is a headache. SJ walks off. Mijin asks what they should do. Nam is like, I won’t be able to sleep….because it is so soleda *smiles*.

Mijin just walks away shaking her head in that way that she does. Nam laughs and sings “saida”.

Meanwhile, JIn-hyeok and his team all pack up to leave. Hye-in looks a bit concerned, but everyoen looks normal for the most part. Jin-hyeok thinks about Soo-hyun telling the world that she is having “some” with someone.

SH is sitting in one of the hotel rooms, Soo-hyun smiles as she thinks about the “some” moment as well. She thinks about calling Jin-hyeok. She is a bit hesitant, but decides to call him. He answers quickls.

Jh – Hello CEO.

SH – Where are you?

JH – I am wrapping things up

SH – Can I see you? I can come down

JH – Everyone is here.

SH – I want to complement them as well. You all worked hard.

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Cut to Soo-hyun going to thank everyone for everything. They are back in their offices at the company. The entire team is surprised to see her but they try not to show it. Jin-hyeok is super happy. SJ tells them that they don’t have to wrap up things, they can just go. Some other ones thing they should wrap up. But han-gil says that they can all wrap it up. But then SJ tells Jin-hyeok to stay and turn off the lights.

Everyone kind of leaves slowly and leaves the two of them alone.

SH – It will be nice to work with others, my room is very quiet.

JH – I don’t know what to say.

SH – What are you thinking?

JH – My girlfriend is cool, that’s it. There were a lot of reporters, in the future…

SH – DOn’t think of the future, only worry about me. I am used to all this attention but you are not. I am actually worried that I put you in too much trouble.

JH – I actually worry about the hard time that you will have.

SH – For me, I lived my life and did not know who I was. Cha Jong-hyun’s daughter, Taekyung group ex-daughter in law, DongHwa hotel CEO, *banmal* from today it is day one. Not Cha Soo-hyun sold to Taekyung Group and not Cha Soo-hyun 100% on the hotel, not he Cha Soo-hyun that gives trouble to the person I like, I feel good for the first time in my life. I feel like I threw a big punch today. So don’t worry. *smiles* I am hungry, I didn’t eat anything today. Did you eat anything.

He reaches in his pocket.

SH – Is this ohjino again? *looks alarmed*

JH – Hey….*shakes head and pulls out a chocolate* this is provided by assistant manager Park and last time the Ohjino was provided by Park.

SH – Wow…..I am so thankful to him.

JH – I don’t think he is my fan, he is your fan, CEO. 

She eats it all.

JH – I thought you would give me half.

SH – Do you want me to take it out *keeps eating eat*

JH – No, I’m joking…


Cut to WS looking a bit miserable as he thinks back to Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok looking happy as she pit on his tie at the hotel and then the “some” moment.

Elsewhere, Hwa-jin asks executive director Choi how things went. They talk about how they had a hard time blocking all the reporters. But then Hwa-jin asks about the reporter with that stupid question.

ED – Huh? Oh, yes.

HJ – It only took me one day to findo ut who planned it.

ED – What are you talking about?

HJ – Okay, lets assume that you did not do it. But you have to wrap this up, okay.

ED – *shocked, embarrassed*

HJ – Kim Jin-hyeok, send him to the countryside and fire him later.

ED – If you do it all of a sudden, it will make CEO Cha angry.

HJ – When you plan this kind of thing, you shuold have an answer. Without any plan, you tried to pull your sword toward me?

ED – *shocked* Chairman…how dare I…

HJ – That is true…how dare you. Wrap it up nicely.

She gets up and leaves. He takes a breath.

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Jin-hyeok works diligently, everyone looks at him. he feels something strange so he looks up. Han-gil winks at him and Eun-jin looks happily at him. Jin-hyeok hops up.

They both ask where he is going, lets go together! He says he is going to get a drink of water so EJ slides water over to him. he thanks her. She tells him that she is a bit sad, they don’t have to say thank you so formally. I am the most trustworthy sunbae…don’t forget about me.

SJ looks at this all with a bit of a smile and tells Jin-hyeok that he will be terrorized by these two all day so I will give you soemthing to type in the meeting room. Can you give me the name of the VIPs that could not make it to the opening ceremony? We need to give them a pamphlet.

Eun-jin stands up and so does Han-gil so they can help him. Then they look at each other in a stare off. SJ tells Hye-in to help Jin-hyeok.

In another area, Jin-hyeok and Hye-in work on the little gifts to show their gratitude for the VIPs. She tells Jin-hyeok that the CEo was cool and he should have had soleda (heart pitter patter) but seh is a bit worried. A strange person called her and wanted to see her about him. 

HI – You know that article that talked bad about our CEO? that person wanted me to write it so he could promote me. I did not write it. But it is strange right? That man already knew that you were the guy in the picture.

JH – *Thinking* Who…why?

HI – Of course it is by TaeKyung Group, that is why I am worried. They are scary people, you should be ready.

JH – But why did he want you to write it. You are my friend.

HI – Maybe he thought I had a lot of complaints for the company.


Soo-hyun reads about Cuba in her office when Mijin comes in to tell her that her appointment is cancelled. Soo-hyun tells her to make another appointment. Then she texts Jin-hyeok to see if he wants to eat dinner together. She smiles and waits.

JH picks up his text. 

SH: Dinner together?

Han-gil looks over at him and smiles brightly.

Later on, Jin-hyeok waits for the bus or pretends to wait for the bus when  car drives up. A man gets out and says that he is Jung Woo-seoks secretary. Can I have some time?

JH – Maybe another time, I have another engagement.

WS – *gets out of car* It won’t take too long, we are not having some together. I just want to confirm something.

JH – Tell me.

WS – That thing that happened in Seok-cho, was it real?

JH – Someone bravely revealed their heart, so it did not just happen.

WS – You are saying that it happened.

JH – is tha good enough to confirm it? I also want to confirm one thing. What is the reason you want to confirm this?

WS – The reason? *smirks and thinks* like an oppa….okay?

He hops in the car and he and his driver drive off. In the car, Woo-seok mutters in the back.

WS – The heart of a brother is similar to love right?

Secretary – Um…well….I guess so.

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At home, Mijin sits on the couch and looks at her phone at home with colorful electric lazer eye things for her face. She mutters that she should not have to take care of her skin, she doens’t have anyone to love…

But then she gets a text.

LDC – Why don’t we meet each other?

JM is actually the one sending the text and telling DC what to say.

DC – Can I just cancel the membership?

JM – Just wait, just wait.

He waits. Mijin sends her text.

MJ: I have some time.

The boys holler and hop up and down about whether he should shake or not. (Cute scene).

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun go out to eat at a posh place. Soo-hyun asks him if work is okay? He says he feels the hair on the back of his neck stand up as if someone watches him all the time. Then they talk about how the reporters stopped the news, they wondered what the headlines would him.

JH – Lets stop some now.

SH – What?…..*looks uncertain* ….now….*takes a drink of water*

JH – …I am sure now. When doubt fades away and I am more assured, then we should stop some. *smiles*

SH – You stop “some” but I want to have more “some”

JH – No, you shouldn’t

SH – You started this joke

JH – I will be serious now *smiles* What do we do? Do you want to do something?

SH – Mangwan neighborhood delicious restaurant tour. Our secretary jang Bragged about it but neveer took me.

JH – Okay, call, lets do it together. By the way, can you skate? it is winter so lets go to the skating rink.

SH -I am not good at sports so I am not good.

JH – You can learn. there is a skating rink and theme park. Do you want to go to the theme park?

SH – I am scared of those rides.

JH – Well, we can skip that. I do have one thing I want to do, we can go to a bookstore and read books all day. We can buy books for each other and share them and look at books all day.

SH – ….oh…..okay….*unsure*

JH – If you don’t like it then we can do it.

SH – No…no…we can’t do skating and theme park anyway. *starts eating again*

JH – What do you think about the feeling of oppa?

SH – Well…I don’t know…caring, maybe?

JH – Why is it caring? isn’t it just supporting for everything to go well for the sister.

SH – Are you angry at me?

JH – *smiles* no….are you mad, you look mad.

SH – No.

JH – *tries to cut her food*

SH – I can do it.

JH – *cuts it for her and gives her one* Now do one for me.

She cuts the food and leans over to give it to him but snatches it back. 

SH – I got you. *smiles*

But then she gets a text from Mijin who says that she will have an urgent board meeting tomorrow so she thinks she should come to it. She says okay. JH looks like he knows something is up, but he smiles when she looks at him. And she also smiles.


HJ tells a man that she thinks it is time to wrap things up, so I trust you. The man smiles and tells her that he re-read the divorce contract. What kind of thing do yuo want to wrap up? I want to know the details.

HJ – Chapter 3 line 4 about DongHwa Hotel and Cha Soo-hyun. She had an unfortunate event so we need to get everything back from her.

Man – The choice of words is subjective, so it could be a long fight.

HJ – I am okay with a long fight – but we should win.

Man – yes. I understand what you are saying. Ar you okay if Cha Jong-hyun senator gets hurt with this? The election is a few months later. Do you have an alternative?

HJ – Well Senator is not like he was before so he is giving me a head ache, like the race horse that does not listen to the jokey. it is dangerous.

Man – Do you want me to wrap that up also?

Hj – No, leave him alone for now. I will try to pull the reigns on him a little more.

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HAN-GIL makes coffee with Hye-in and talks about the meeting, do you think it will be long? She says yeah, also they don’t know what their director will do. HG thinks he should makea  double shot for himself.

They start the meeting. SJ immediately says that she will change her mind.

Everyone looks up. EJ mutters that they will have an all nighter.

SJ – Getting wrapper tickets is too common, everyone does it right? 

LJH – But we only have a few days, there is not much time left.

SJ- Yeah, you know me well.

HG – Well, even so. We can’t do it…it is kind of too much to do a traditional caroling with Korean Opera. 

SJ – Does everyone thinks so?

Jin-hyeok thinks about something. Then they talk about how deep the coffee smell is. SJ thinks they need to have new ideas. Han-gil calls Jin-hyeoks name. JH snaps out of his thoughts.

HG – You need to focus, 

JH – what about a masquerade?

SJ – Masquerade?

JH – Yes, like halloween. I think it would be a good idea as an end of the year event. it might interest younger people who don’t care about hotels.

SJ – Masquerade…can you make a more detailed plan.

HJ – Yes, I can do it.

Everyone mutters about all the extra work but it is a bit playful.


Soo-hyun sits at the head of her table, all the other board members are staring at her along the long table.

M – What you showed at the Seokcho hotel opening even was not appropriate as CEO.

SH – First of all, I am sorry to expose my personal life in an open space.

M2 – We had a lot of DongHwa employees and celebrities. The rumor will spread quickly, we need to prepare for it.

ED – i agree. We need to have a fundamental solution for this so that there will not be any more rumors. We have your reevaluation soon. We need to take care of things.

SH – Thank you for worrying about me. There won’t be any other event to worry the company about me personal life. From now on, please open this baord meeting with a neccessary topic from now on.

She gets up and leaves. They all bow.

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Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok gets coffee int he break room when the bad guy, Lee Jin-ho comes in. He says that he heard there was a board meeting that was about the “some” guy. You are not guilty, the CEO digs her own grave. I think everyone opposes it, I don’t know if she is okay.

He leaves. Jin-hyeok thinks about it.

In her office, SH tries to work but thinks about the board meeting. She remembers ED telling everyone that they need a solution that this kind of thing will not happen anymore. Your reevaluation time is coming. We need to take care of these things. 

SH sighs and tries to work again. The camera scrolls away to the window and then scrols back on Jin-hyeok working hard on the masquerade. he is the last one in the office. ED comes in and asks him if he is working hard? JH tells him yes, he is working on the end of the year event. 

ED – There is no guarantee that you will be here. We will send you to Seokcho soon.

JH – What is the reason?

ED – You ask me the reason? You and CEO Cha made this mess.

JH – it has nothing to do with work.

ED – that is the problem, you think it is seperate, how can it be seperate? CEO Cha will be in more trouble if she is in more rumors. Do you think her CEo position is secure? Because of you, her position as CEO is threatened, you naive guy. Who do you think ordered to relocate you? Me? Do you think I can do that? How many shares do you think CEO Cha has for the hotel? If TaeKyung Coughs a little bit, her position will go away. I blocked it by sending you to SeokCho, so just behave okay. Don’t talk to her about it and says it is unfair. It will give her more trouble. Hey, Kim Jin-hyeok, did you come to the company illegally?

JH – No

ED – Well people make rumors about it. You need to prove yourself. CEO Cha will go to Shanghai soon so everything will be taken care of when she is away. So if you stare here or leave the company, you choose. Preparing for the end of the year event….*chuckles*

he walks out.

Jin-hyeok falls into his seat thinking hard and long. His fist is almost clenched. Then he heads out and sees Soo-hyun in the elevator. they both brighten up and smile at the sight.

They end up leving together. driver Nam is all like, huh, they are coming out together? he walks to greet them but then says, “Oh…my stomach!….I have to go to the restroom!” he runs off happily.

They are so confused.

Nam goes to the bathroom and says tht he is not sure if he can drive today! Ugh! My stomach! I will get some medicine and wait! Ugh! he hangs up and thinks, yeah, I was good.

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The two drive away.

SH – Did you work late today?

Jh – I was looking for the end of the year event.

SH – End of the year event already. Oh yes, the rookie should be busy.

JH – I was working hard.

JH smiles but thinks about what ED said about Seokcho and shares.

JH – CEO, I think people live with good memories not bad memories.

SH – What do you mean?

Jh – My mother was sick once and spent months in the hospital. It was hard on our family. But in retrospect, no one was depressed. Not even my mom. Because we had a lot of happy memories, that is how we could survive. Do you think we can do this also?

SH – Are you having a hard time in the company?

JH – No, you know our team, I am having fun.

SH – Than why are you saying those things?

JH – Just in case we have to endure something. We can survive with all the good memories until now.

SH – You are strange now. 

Jh – …..yeah…..

Cut to Jin-hyeok looking at all his photos at home. He thinks back to his mother taling about how Jin-hyeok is a great son and the youngest caused a bunch of problems. then he thinks about Soo-hyun telling him that she does not give the person she likes a hard time without a good reason.

Jin-hyeok pulls out his phone and searches the distance from Seoul to Seokcho. he thinks, it is close. It’s close. Then he smiles as he looks up.

Meanwhile, driver Nam walks home happily. Sun-joo’s daughter calls and asks where ajusshi is, are you with my mom? He says no and then goes to meet Ji-ho (the daughter).

They sit on the swings. Nam asks why she looks so sad today. Nam swing on the swing. Ji-ho tells him that her dad has a girlfriend. She saw it, she saw everything. Nam stops swinging. He tell sher to ignore it and she says that she is not breave enough to show that she knows it.


Senator Cha works at his desk. His wife calls but he tells her that he cannot talk right now if it is a long discussion, he has a meeting. She wants him to empty his dinner schedule then. He says he has a party meeting. But she explains that this is more important that a party meeting with no anwers. The senator is upset and asks her to just stop already. Mi-ok repleis that she does not want to be Soo-hyun’s mother anymore. Are you going to let Hwa-jin just chew her up and be destroyed?

Senator Cha hands up.

At work, Jin-hyeok and the team work hard. han-gil comes in and gives Jin-hyeok a drink.

HG – Just enjoy this drink and work slowly. Why are you working hard like a person with no tomorrow?

Jin-hyeok drinks the tea (product placement, lol). HG tells him that he does not have to work hard since he is the guy that caught their CEO’s heart. LJH stands up and asks if he is envious of him? HG says, of course! LJH walks away and says that they need to wait to the end to see what will happen. Hye-in looks at him suspiciously. they bicker back and forth and then Eun-jin and Han-gil also bicker as well.

Elsewhere, Hwa-jin meets with someone. This man tells her that senator Cha would be super surprised if he knew that he was at this meeting right now. HJ tells him that they can start processing this party merger event. Suddenly, Senator Cha opens the door, but he turns to leave. HJ tells him to stay and eat. But Cha tells her that he would rather fast.

HJ – you are losing the peoples votes because of yoyr daughter, you should recover it with a merger.

Cha – No one knows if I will gain more or less votes with my daughter, no one can expect that now.

he leaves.

Man – Maybe we just made things worse?

HJ – The fish is good today, please enjoy your dinner.

Outside, Cha is ambushed by reporters. 

R – What did you talk about with them? the merger?

Cha – We confirmed that we will not have a merger.

he walks off to flashlight clicks and yells for answering another question.

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Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok runs around his neighborhood as he thinks about his talk with ED. He also has a flashback with HJ at the Seokcho hotel. All of this is on his mind as he runs. But he also thinks about Soo-hyun explaining that the hotel is everything to her.

VO – For me, I did not live my life, I was uncertain about my identity.

He remembers them holding hands and her fixing his neck tie and telling him that they are day one and playfully telling her that they should stop “some” because he is sure now.

he stops running along the Han River and thinks about Soo-hyun some more. He goes thorugh all his meetings with her when it ws just the two of them.

JH – I miss her so much.

He pulls out his phone.

JH – There is only one picture of the person I love in my cell phone?

he thinks about it and then searches for the location of something.

JH – *smiles* it is not that far away.

he takes off running and runs all the way to Soo-hyun’s place. he stops outside breathing deeply and looking around. But then SOo-hyun walks up behind him looking like….um…Jin-hyeok shi?

he turns around and tells her that her place is closer than he expected, it is a good distance to excercise.

SH – Maybe I should try it?

JH – No, no, it might be too far for you.

SH – WOuld you like to drink some water since you are here?

JH – No no, I am not thirsty at all.

Cut to him drinking an entire bottle of water like he never drank anything before.

SH – Were you really not thirsty? Wait a second.

She goes to the kitchen. Jin-hyeok takes a breath and starts to look around. he is very happy to see her little collection of his things but the window, then he starts to look around a bit more.

SH comes back.

SH – Actually, I have no food.

JH – Is it embarrassing that I am here?

SH – It is the first time someone came to my place. Secretary Jang comes sometimes but seh just comes and leaves on her own.

JH – I can just leave too.

They end up sitting around the coffee table.

JH – This is the best house I’ve ever been in.

SH – it is just big, ther is no warmth.

JH – Are you ever bored being alone inthis huge house?

SH – Time just passes when i work. So, tell me, it is cold so why did you run all the way over here?

Jin-hyeok thinks for a moment.

Jh -Well, my plan was to run to han river, but when I got there, I thought about you so I looked at my cell phone, But I don’t have any photos so I thought if I run to your place I would forget about it because it was so hard. It was so difficult, but it made me miss you more. Maybe God pitied me so you showed up at the perfect time.

SH – *smiles* you always run to me, Seokcho…my place….

JH – *a little serious* Am I like a stalker?

SH – You are like my boyfriend

JH – *happy* Wow, boyfriend….

They are botha  little awkward.

JH – It feels like spring already. SO, lets take a picture together.

SH – Here?!

JH – Yes, I ran all the way here to take your picture.

SH – I need to look in the mirror.

JH – No, you are pretty without looking.

He takes a lot of selfies of the two of them. She comments that he takes a lot of photos. He says that he should have a lot of her. He takes some more.

At home, Jin-hyeok looks at his photos happily and then sits and stares at his collection of her things.

VO – You are always running toward me. First Seokcho and now my home.

he looks around his room.

JH – This is not harmonizing.

he refers to the ornament by his stuffed animal. 

JH – No, this is a collaboration.

At her place, Soo-hyunlooks at her ornament and smiles

The camera hpps back and forth between the two of them. 

Then Jin-hyeok hops up, he feels a bit of inspiration for the masquerade party and starts working on it.

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Woo-seok looks miserable. he is thinking about something.

Cut to a flashback at his home. Soo-hyun is sitting with Hwa-jin eating breakfast. Her hair is longer.

HJ tells SH to change her clothes before going to the event that she prepared.

HJ – If your husband is having an affair then people want to see what you look like now. In this kind of time you need to look happy and bright. Happy enough not to look too easy.

SH – Yes.

WS comes in looking super tired.

HJ – A lot of people are watching you. if this kind of thing happens again…why don’t you go to work right away?

WS – *sighs* Soo-hyun, lets get divorced….I beg you.

he gets up and walks out. The camera follows his face for a moment, he looks sad.

He meets with his fake girlfriend and gives her a present.

FG – it is not my birthday, why?

WS – We can stop these uncomfortable meetings. Thank you for what you have done. Lets make it that we have different personalities as the reason we break up.

FG – *She slides the gift back over* If I see it then it will remind me of today. We are breaking up right?


Elsewhere, Nam meets with the senator. They will have one bottle each since they are both uncomfortable drinking during the day. Nam thinks Cha is pretty stressed since he is drinking during the daytime. They joke a bit. Then SJ comes in.

SJ – Why are you calling someone to meet on the weekend.

Cha – Good to see you again.

SJ – You are only good on TV, you look old.

Nam – The way she talks never changes.

They playfully talk about getting then SJ asks why they are meeting. Does everyone know that she is getting a divorce? Cha asks what she is talking about.

SJ – The two of you need to get on your duty again. What did my brother say? Please take care of my SJ, you two don’t take care of me.

Cha – One bottle each is not enough today.

They all toast.

SJ – Are you really going to merge? My brother will take a drink from heaven.

Nam – Lets talk about soemthing else besides politics.

SJ – Frankly, if my brother did not start it with killing himself then you would not have gone on a hunger strike agains oppressing the news media.

Nam – Why are you talking about it now?

Cha – Yeah…that is true. Becuae of that I became the most famous anchor and then a senator. it is all true.

SJ – You are more cowardly oppa, at least he fought. You just hid and quit your job.

Nam – you should drink something non alcoholic. *takes away her bottle*

Cha – We are all drinking, you should give her some.

SJ – Ajusshi, you hold grudges.

Cha takes a drink and looks at SJ for a moment.

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Jin-hyeok helps his appa at his store. Appa tells him that he should not be there becuase it is cold. But Jin-hyeok tells him that is why he is there, to help Appa wrap things up quickly.

They both sit and talk about Jin-hyeoks work. He says it is fun but appa says that he does not look like he is having fun. JH laughs. 

JH – Appa, my favorite writer said as long as you like someone, you have to try hard. 

Appa – Trying hard is like that, it is not done yet so you should try hard. So, my son likes someone? Did it end like that?

They both chuckle.

Appa – You always tried hard becuse we could not support you well. I was always sorry.

JH – What are you talking about, I thought I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth (they said gold spoon because spoons have different levels in Korea).

Appa – youa re educated, you don’t even know what it means to have a gold spoon? You didn’t have oe.

JH – Abogi, a lot of my friends needed to get a loan to pay for tuition and they are still paying for it now. You paid my tuition and let me sleep, that is a gold spoon.

Appa – *chuckles* Your mother and I had a good son.

JH – Appa, I am going to be relocated to Seockcho.

Appa – Why so far away?

JH – Our team is like that, we have to know everything so we move a lot.

Appa – your mom will be surprised.

JH – that is why I am telling you right now. You should support me.

Appa – Lets go, I can help you.

Cut to a shocked mama at home.

Umma – Are you joking? You just got a job, how re you relocated?

JH – Our seokcho hotel is doing well but did not have enough people. So they are sending new employees.

Umma – Did you get in trouble?

Appa – Huh?

Umma – I felt strange with that woman’s high heels. I thought it was mine so I tried them on. Are you just telling me that you are relocated but…..are starting a shoe business?

JH – *taken aback* …… Umma, you have a good imagination. I am not running a business.

Appa – He is good at selling fruit, not a business though.

Umma – What about the high heels?

JH – I got it from my luggage in Cuba. I just put it there to use it as an object to take photos.

Umma – Really? I had a lot of thoughts.

JH – I will just go there temporarily, so don’t imagine anything else.

Umma – it is still too far away. You went to Gangwando for the army.

Jh – Yeah thats true….

JH and Appa wink.

Umma – What is up with your eye?

Appa – Huh, I am hungry….

Umma – Hungry?


Sun-joo looks at the relocation notice and rolls her eyes. Everyone else sees it too and thinks that this is bad timing since the CEo is not here.

SJ – Jin-hyeok, how long did you know that you would go to Seokcho?

JH – This morning.

SJ – You don’t look like you firt found out this morning. is that why you worked so hard?

JH – I wanted to wrap it up well, it was my first project here.

SJ – You should have talked to me.

JH – it is still the same company. I will come back after learing a lot.

All the team members look a bit concerned. Hye-in runso ut to talk to Sun-joo and asks to use her cell phone. It is important.

SJ is hesitant but gives her her cell phone. SJ calls the CEO but says that she will write a sorry/regretting letter.

Soo-hyun answers.

SH – Hello Director

HI – Sorry, this is Hye-in from the advertising department. Sorry for my rudeness.

SH – Whats up?

HI – I have to tell you one thing.

The camera focuses on SH’s face.

SH – yes….yes….yes….okay I see, goodbye.

She hangs up and starts to think about the night that Jin-hyeok acted strangely. She wondered why he was working so hard and why he worried about her and why he told her that they needed to live with a good memory so they can endure. They can survive with their good memories from Cuba to there. And she also thinks about him wanting a selfie of them.

VO – I worry that I gave you a harder time.

She looks out her window as she thinks about this.

SH – Nam Shil Jang, lets go back to the company.

The CEO comes back in, we see her boots as she walks in. han-gil and Eun-jin see her and are stunned. They go back clapping at Jin-hyeok.

HG – Wow, this is super cool! You don’t have to worry Jin-hyeok, the CEO will take care of it.

Jin-hyeok stands up.

In her office, Mijintells Soo-hyun that she should not hae come back. She has a schedule in Shanghai. But SH just tells her to call director Choi.

Jin-hyeok walks toward the office.

SH – Call Executive Director Choi.

Cut to Holga split screen images of the two of them seperate and together.

Jin -hyeok keeps walking to the office.

Fade out to a spilt screen of the two of them at this moment.

Fade Out.

Illustration: It is still of the boy. the tear comes back to his eye and then stars start to spread around his head and all around. He still looks sad.


Jh – Hello, Dong-hwa hotel advertisment team, Jin-hyeok speaking……no, I am not adding something new….it is because I don’t think I can finisht he event, I have something….I am sorry also. My second proposal is approved, I sent you the powerpoint file….if you have any questions or problems then let me know…..I will check with you continuously…..thank you for helping me prepare for the event.

he hangs up and looks at his list of people to call on the *Outsource company list*. Then he looks at his fighting welcome letter. He slips it under his computer to hide it. Then he taps it one more time in its hiding spot.


This show is so great y’all. I don’t know how, but it feels good to watch it. I am also really curious about what Nam, Cha, and Sun-joo know and how that is related to the camera man.


SH – I am going to see my lawyer just in case there is a lawsuit.

SH – You can give me the car and go home.

Nam – Where are you going? I can drive you there.

SH – I am going on a date


JH – I want to hug you.

SH – See, the things you say…

JH – It is warm right?

Sh – Yes, it is warm.

JH – Just let me go there and watch me come back later to the place I should be.

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  1. Rose
    December 19, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Omg, i saw somthing in the preview…..my heart…. 😍😍😍

    Anyways, i guess we are here in the part of this drama that the bad guys are trying to poison JH conviction about his relationship with SH. Cant wait for the translation coz the ending part that i saw, JH looks like he’s going to a war or something, his eyes looks mad walking in the hallway.

    Thanks V for the recap! 😊

    • V
      December 19, 2018 / 12:59 pm

      He definitely looked like he turned into Superman and was about to shoot laser eyes or something. He has a strong gaze.

  2. Anonymous
    December 19, 2018 / 10:52 am

    Please translate the preview

    • Rose
      December 19, 2018 / 11:11 am

      Its translated now….and my heart is jumping! 😅

      • V
        December 19, 2018 / 12:57 pm

        Yep, if they have a preview after the show then we always try and get to it! Can’t wait till tomorrow.

  3. Rose
    December 19, 2018 / 11:13 am

    I said it before…and i’ll say it again……..SUPER NAM IS THE BEST WINGMAN, DRIVER, CONFIDANTE EVER!!!! that tummy ache scene was sooooo funny!! 😂😂😂😂

    • V
      December 19, 2018 / 12:57 pm

      I love his so much!!!!!! he was so adorable in this episode. It was the best thing.

  4. Liselle Calog
    December 19, 2018 / 12:46 pm

    Hi, may I know if you also have re-caps for Clean with Passion for now? thank you in advance! 🙂

    • V
      December 19, 2018 / 12:55 pm

      We missed two episodes this week due to our other jobs, but we plan on catching up sometime though out the week. We haven’t dropped it!

  5. Camille
    December 19, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    I squealed when I saw spoiler ep8 preview in IG while I was in the office elevator making my way down to go home.. embarrassing but i dont care. im happy i saw the full episode now. The preview.. omo! they look both teary eyed. something nice must’ve happened but then it seems something grim is up. the way he held her close.. 7 episodes and then this… i was for something warmer going in but yes i am obsessed by the tension!!! first there was just hand holding then this.. cant wait for tomorrow, all this cliffhanger will be worth it

    im decided ex husband may really have good intentions. the earring parting gift with anonymous woman confirms she’s just for show… and that in a way he is to protect SH because of the ‘like an oppa’ comment to JH. and that the divorce request in the FB was for her sake. see his face when he walked out of the dining. im lost for words but that’s not the face of a cheater. i feel he did that on purpose to free SH.

    im seeing quite a parallel in Song Hye Kyo’s characters here and in DotS. Its like she’s so caved in her feelings you really have to peel her out of her shell. dunno if its just me but i feel like her characters do take her time to open up to the guy. and once she does, it’ll be a bold move (wine scene/press con)… she is a good actress but somehow her acting makes her two characters very similar.. anyway i like her all the same.

    Mr Nam never fails to make me laugh. Love him!!!

    Thanks again V for the recap.. The eng subs in Viu often shortens stuff but yours are definitely better. Some of the scenes I watched makes much much more sense now.. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻

    • V
      December 19, 2018 / 3:34 pm

      That is definitely not the face of a cheater. He looked like he was putting on a show and looked so pitiful when he left. I love how everyone has a goal in this show and that it is a subtle yet present goal in all of their interactions with anyone.

      • Rose
        December 19, 2018 / 5:10 pm

        I really do hope that he ends up helping SH and JH against the two mommies from hell. Cant wait for the episode tomorrow! 😊

  6. James
    December 20, 2018 / 5:49 am

    I really want to know what happened to Mrs Kim’s brother and how it ties into the story? I really think that he could be the friend that died and gave jinhyuk’s appa the camera. The writer’s clearly view him as a main character to the story, his mentioned every week.

    Thanks for the recaps.

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