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Encounter: Episode 6 Live Recap

Korean Drama Romance Encounter Live Recap 6

So it looks like our couple has agreed to date (which is basically what “some” means). I don’t think that means dating exclusively, but in their case it will probably be exclusive. So, does that mean this entire episode will be dating scenes mixed in with “my girlfriends ex-mother-in-law” drama? because I think that might be a first.

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In the very begining, Jin-hyeok wries “some” in his calendar.

Rewind to Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun are at the promenade with the paintings and other artwork. he tells her that they should leave their doubt behind and start a “some” relationship here. She thinks about it and says yes, okay. Let’s make it as we met each other as two people in “some”. 

He smiles and thinks of what else to say. 

JH – What should we do since we are in “some”

SH – I don’t know

JH – Romantically….I can give you a bicycle ride

SH – Bicycle?

he puts his gloves on her hands and tells her that her hands are like kid hands. It’s cute. But she tells him to stop saying it’s cute or she will think that it is true. He tells her that he is truthful.

he rolls around his bike and tells her it isn’t like her daebak car ride, but it is still fun. She  mutters that he has a big grudge. He tells her to hold on tight and then takes off. While peddling he tells her that she is heavier than she looks. He says it is like “Weak bicycle rolling” but he is mocking a popular TV show called “6 dragons flying.”

They both smile and keep riding back.

Cut to Jin-hyeok at home looking at a Christmas ornament.

Flashback to Jin-hyeok driving to a little shop where he and Soo-hyun eat a little cake. She asks why cake? He tells her that it is their first anniversary for some. She thinks it is strange that it is already Christmas. He tells her that they should eat it and celebrate. (Chirstmas Day is a couple dating day in Korea for some reason).

Jin-hyeok asks her why she isn’t putting on her lipstick.

SH – it is bright and nice for spring

JH – The poet Lilikae said: in this cold city, those couples holding hands and walking ogether will be able to see spring. We were riding a bicycle together and drinking coffee so it is already spring.

Their music kicks in as they happily eat.

Cut to Soo-hyun at home adding to her collection of things that remind her of Jin-hyeok. he is also adding to his collection at home (they both add a Christmas ornament). Then Jin-hyeok puts “some” on December 11th. He also adds Soo-hyun’s phone number to his phone. He adds “Soo-hyun shi” but then he thinks he went too far and changes it to “CEO.” But she actually puts Jin-hyeok shi in her phone.

Their images change to the holga split screen as they think about each other.

Illustration: The boy and girl are on a tiny boat he is steering them through the waves as she stand at the bow. Butterfly wings are on the boat and huge waves pop up in front of them.

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Meanwhile, Woo-seok meets with the bad guy (executive director). The director says that it is an honor to meet with him. WS tells him not to mention it as they continue drinking. he says that the director is his mothers favorite, she trusts him so WS has to be nice to him. The director tells him that they will be in trouble if someone hears it (playfully).

WS – i called you becaues I want to confirm something

ED – What is that?

WS – I heard that there was a happening in the company

ED – Well, there was a small thing. You heard a little bit? 

WS – Yes.

ED – Because CEO Cha is not decisive so she could not cut this young boy off.

WS – Cha looks cold in appearance but she has a soft heart right?

ED – I worry if we don’t do anything how much he will show off having CEO Cha’s influence.

WS – Well, why did you have to make CEO Cha explain what happened in front of everyone in the lobby? That is my question, that is why I invited you.

ED – Because she is avoiding me. (he said Cha Depo which cuts off her title, he should say Cha Deponim)

WS – You lost your manners on what to call her.

ED – Well it was a sudden question so I forgot about it.

WS – *sits back* In the company, usually the oldest son takes over the hotel business. Because the hotel is the base of the group and is important for the business of the group. Who do you think will be the next CEO if DongHwa hotel CEO is fired.

ED – you should be. *nervous*

WS – Well, I don’t care. CEO Cha made this DOngHwa hotel what it is now. Taking over the position does not follow our business rules and is also not manly.

ED – I don’t know what you are trying to say.

WS – The CEO of DongHwa hotel is not me and it is not you *leans forward*

ED – I think you have a misunderstanding, I am just the executive Director.

WS – I am happy to hear that.

Scene change to Soo-hyun putting on makeup at her boudoir. She grabs the lipstick and smiles, then she applies it. After that she gets driven to work and sees Jin-hyeok adding his zipper necktie in the windoe, she smiles and Nam also smiles as he sees him.

Inside, we cut directly to a meeting with the advertising team. They area ll groupd around a table talking about something. The bad guy that leaked the information, Lee Jin-ho,  said that Jin-hyeok should take over the entertainer side of things. Han-gil says that this is a big event, it might be too much for him. But Jin-ho says that it isn’t, he can learn how to work while working. Jin-hyeok says he will try hard if given the chance. Sun-joo tells Eun-jin to support him. She says okay. Hye-in looks at Jin-ho (the bad guy) and then looks at Jin-hyeok, concerned.

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Later on, Jin-hyeok goes to the break room to throw some things into recycling. Then he gets a call and answers super happily. it is his teacher so he ells her that he can talk a little bit. It looks like there was very good news.

Cut to SOo-hyeun recieving a text. 

JH: Do you have time tonight? The teacher has a nice new tea.

Soo-hyun smiles brightly.

JH: She asked us to drink together, I wonder if you can make it tonight?

SH: I have plans tonight, so it might be difficult.

JH: I’m a little sad, when you have time in the future, lets go there together.

Soo-hyun sighs happily and then gets back to work.


Jim-myung happily checks his cell phone as DC cuts onions. JM is mostly concerned with his brother dating SOo-hyun, he hopes it goes well. DC thinks JH might get hurt, but JM is only concerned with love. DC is crying due to the onions as they both talk about how pretty the CEO is. DC wonders why SH has a friend like that (Mijin) but actually JM thinks that Mijin is kind of cute. he flips through the dating site and sees that Mijin is also on there. COme look at this!

DC complains about JM as the worst part timer as he looks at this new profile person. The profile person is Mijin, but her face is half covered.


Age: 35,

Location: Seoul

JOb: Secreatary

I think class is important, so don’t everyone talk to me

DC thinks this person is soooo…..snooty. But JM thinks she is not snooty, she is confident. She has shiny confidence. But DC says that he hates that woman. JM asks why he is so cranky and then sends MJ a text. (But I don’t think the know that this is Soo-hyun’s secretary Mijin).

MJ gets the text and thinks this is the franchise CEO new member! 

The scene starts to hop back and forth between Mijin at work and DC in his cafe.

JM: As soon as I saw your profile, I had this feeling

MJ: Thank you

JM: Ar you a secretary?

MJ: I am the head secretary

DC – She is strange….

JM – What are you talking about all of a sudden? (To DC)

(Maxim product placement, the other secretary makes it for Mijin)

MJ – Mmm, thank you! It is so smooth!

DC – She is strange, so strange….


Sunjoo tells SOo-hyun that it will be difficult to get confirmation from entertainers. Soo-hyun says that she expected it. Sun-joo wonders if they should look for other entertainers that are not under the influene of TaeKyung Group? Soo-hyun tells her not to worry about it, lets just make the event even better. Please look out for the regular people more.

SJ – We did not send an invitation to Chairman Kim (her mother in law). What should I do?

SH – Send it to her, work is work.

SJ – Okay.

But then Miok bursts in. Sun-joo tells SH that she will follow her order and then heads out with Mijin. Miok waits for them to leave and then tells Soo-hyun about all the details about the hotel. You have all the plans even before you make them.

MO – Your father, when he became a senator from a trustworthy anchor, I had that in my head. At least I will be a wife of a Prime Minister. If possible, the Firs Lady. I could put my life on it. All those people tainting my plans, I won’t stand any of them. Even though that is my own daughter. You were kicked out from TaeKyung so I won’t stand you in front of the media. But please quietly breath and don’t make any issue with that young boy. Just stand there quietly. Do you understand?

SH – You are my parent, you are my mother, I am your daughter, that is us.

MO – The relationship is not important, the value is more important to me. Live as a useful daughter.

She leaves as abruptly as she came. Soo-hyun looks deflated and sits back at her desk.

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Later on, Soo-hyun leaves and gets into her car. Jin-hyeok is there as well and bows to her as she drives off. SOo-hyun smiles as well, but is a tiny bit different. It looks like Jin-hyeok feels that difference. But he is still bright and still smiles to Mijin. She also smiles at him.

Elsewhere, ED tells someone that their plan is ruined because Jin-hyeok stepped out like that. He is talking to Jin-ho and gives him a note. he tells him to invite this reporter to a public space. You have to make Cha Soo-hyun confess to everyone that she played with a new employee. Invite all of the share holders as well.

LJH – Well, what chairman Kim wants is for Cha Jong-hyun to go to the Blue House. If the daughter of the future president is humiliated in the media like that…

ED – Ah, you stupid guy, that does not mean anything to you and me for Cha Jong-hyun to be whatever. The important thing for us is for the CEO position to be vacant. If Chairman Kim grows the TaeKyung Group with Cha Jong-hyun’s help, that is their leuague, it has nothing to do with us.

LJH – I understand what you say.

ED – CEO Cha should step down, then I will survive and you will become the director and executives….keep this a secret from Chairman Kim.

LJH – Okay, I will make sure.

Cut to Soo-hyun in the car. She thinks about what her mother told her about living as a useful daughter. Value is more important than their relationship. Soo-hyun sighs.

In the bus, Jin-hyeok wants to text Soohyun to tell her that he does not know what happened but to cheer up. 

JH: See…I told you would be prettier than a model. It is spring.

She smiles reading it. Then Jin-hyeok gets a call from Eun-jin sunbae.

JH – I told them over the phone and they all refused so I want to visit them and tell them. I will stop by 5 places and let you know.

Soo-hyun stops by and talks to a woman and another person. The woman is happy that SOo-hyun came in person. They start to talk about the blue print of a building. It looks like these are the plans for the hotel in Cuba. 

SH – I lik this plan, but what if we make the entire wall glass?

Architect – it is a hot country so that might heat up the hotel a lot.

SH – What if he add curtains to the glass wall?

A – We can find a way…and the garden. It is a nice location, why don’t we put a pool there? It is the center of the hotel, we can remove it and put a pool.

SH – DOn’t touch anything about the garden. the garden is the most important thing about this hotel because you can feel the essence of time.

A – Okay, I will fix it that way.

Soo-hyun rides back with Nam and tells him that she will stop by a tailor shop

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Cut to the tailor shop. The owner says that she waited for a long time and apologizes. Then soo Hyun starts to look at neckties as she is asked if she would like a tea. Then the salesperson tells her that they have a good response with these neckties. Would you like me to suggest one for the senator? Thse ones are all for younger customers.

Soo-hyun thinks about Jin-hyeok and his zip-tie necklace. She asks for one of those.

But then Woo-seok comes out from the back, he does not notice Soo-hyun. He tells his salesperson that he does not want to look too nice to a woman. The sales person says he will look good in whatever. He notices Soo-hyun and then approaches her.

But she gets her necktie and is ready to leave. WS asks if she heard that? Soo-hyun says no but the store woman looks like she heard everything. Soo-hyun leaves and WS watches her go. But then the saleswoman tells him that actually she heard everything. WS asks what Soo-hyun bought. The salesperson says that she picked up senator Cha’s clothing and also bought a tie.

WS – It is not for a man in his late 30s right?

Salesperson – I think it is for the senator, but she picked a little younger looking tie pattern.

Woo-seok takes that in for a moment.

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meanwhile, Jin-hyeok goes to the tea shop that his family friend ajumma runs. She asks what kind of relationship he has with that woman and asks why he did not come with her. Jin-hyeok says that he wanted her to come and that they are in a “some” relationship.

Ajumma thinks, wow, but isn’t she your company CEO? It isn’t some then is it?

JH – I am telling you the truth

T – I am happy that you have “some” but…DongHwa hotel CEO…are you confident? Her life is suffocating, what if you are also suffocated?

JH – I will try to walk with her

T – You will be mistaken because she has a lot.

JH – I don’t care if I am misunderstood, but when that person smiles it makes me so happy. *smiles*

T – you are not having “some”….*smiles* you really like her. Here…

She gives him mandarin and smiles like a mama.

Elsewhere, Soo-hyun is in her car with driver Nam. he wonders if she is taking that to her father now? She says that it would be too noisy now. But then Nam turns into uncle Nam and tells SH that it is difficult to be born with her face, she never smiles with her pretty face. Hey, what is Kim Jin-hyeok doing? Lets call him and drink soju.

SH – Huh?

Nam – Is Kim jin-hyeok difficult for you? I am not telling you to do anything, just eat and drink tea…ah…my heart.

SH – You haven’t thrown your temper in awhile

Nam – i don’t know…..

Sun-joo calls the car but Nam hangs up. Soo-hyun tells him to answer but Nam says that she will just ask him to drink. SH thinks that SJ has a hard time with the new hotel opening so cheer her up. Nam says the CEO has a hard time too, meetings and work…aren’t you tired? Soo-hyun….time flies. When i look back I tear up because I regret so much. You can’t stop time even with a lot of money.

Soo-hyun gets home and walks to her lobby. But she thinks about something and decides to leave. She ends up driving to the tea church cafe. But she stays in her car and thinks uncertainly about what she is doing there. She even puts her head on her steering wheel.

But then jin-hyeok comes out ad sees her there. he goes to her door window and knocks happily, she hops up, startled, but then smiles awkwardly. She gets out.

SH – My schedule finished early

JH – I hoped your schedule would finish early

SH – Your wish is so small

JH – it is my which of today, tomorrow I will have tomorrows wish

SH – I think I came too late

JH – Let’s go in, we have to wait a little because she is in the dark room. I will make you a tea

SH – no, let’s take a walk.

They start to walk along a sidewalk next to a quiet street. he puts his scarf around her. She says is smells good. He tells her that their fabric softener must smell nice. 

JH – Your busy with the hotel opening right?

SH – What about you, it is your first time.

JH – Yes, I am looking forward to it

SH – Isn’t it difficult to invite celebrities?

JH – Not at all, it will all go okay, I didn’t do too much work. But after working, i was thinking about you a lot. How you made this hotel the top hotel in this short period of time.

SH – i am happy that you think about me a lot. I just put everything into it. I needed people and a manual for all the worlds first class hotels. that is why i scouted Sun-joo who already knew all of this and the chefs and Myung-sik and all the executives. We toured all the first class hotels. I got this hotel from divorce money, but it was everything to me. I spent all of my other money in the divorce. We had a hotel tour and I renewed the hotel from investments. i put everything I learned from the tour and am so thankful to everyone that helped me. Without them, i would not be here at all.

JH – When i hear this, you are decisive, but why are you hesitant to me, you acknowledge that right?

SH – I don’t know.

They keep walking, but he walks a bit ahead of her. She catches up and then grabs his arm. He is pretty happy but she pretends like it is no big deal. However she smiles when he is not looking. 

An OST song kicks in as Jin-hyeok takes her arm and puts her hand in his so they walk together holding hands, quietly.

They walk back to the church. Soo-hyun opens her back door and gives him the tie gift. 

SH – It came with my fathers gift. They didn’t have the necktie with a zipper….I don’t know if you would like the color.

JH – thank you so much CEO, it is the first time that someone gave me a necktie. 

SH – it is my first time giving someone a necktie, besides my father.

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Jin-hyeok takes his necktie home and opens it at his desk. he smiles as he holds it and then searches how to tie a necktie online. He wastes no time practicing as he hops right up in front of his mirror to practice. But this is a difficult talks so he practices over and over again.

Cut to driver Nam eating indoors with Sun-joo. There are a few other people around. He jokes with her about the spicy things that she is eating. She says that her old brother is better (aka Nam). nam is all like, who is old? He drinks his soju. 

SJ – I am going to get divorced

Nam – Do you have evidence?

SJ – I saw a picture

Nam – Did you confirm it, it could be a woman he knows.

SJ – My face flushed just looking at the pictures.

Nam – Stop eating, it will hurt your stomach

SJ – I just started eating

Nam – Stand up, where is that guy?

SJ – Are you going to hit him?

Nam – If your brother was around then he is already dead.

SJ – My brother is too soft, he wouldn’t kill anyone. He died himself.

nam – Jung-pyo was not a weak guy, he was a strong guy, I am the weak guy. he is not weak because he gave a big F-you to the world and died…not living cowardly like me.

SJ _ Wy are you so serious about a joke

Nam – Hey, don’t think of your brother like that, he is a bigger person than me or senator Cha

SJ – Today’s issue is my will (she wants to talk about what she wants to talk about)

Nam – I am going to beat him up.

SJ – DOn’t get angry, I feel like we are losing. It doens’ desreve to get angry about.

Nam – What about your daughter?

SJ – I worry about her, I should help her understand.


Woo-seok swings his club as the Executive Director comes in. he tries to sweet talk WS about coming there often and how the employees are doing well but the public advertising team is having a hard time because TaeKyung celebrities are not accepting the invitations. Everyone has their own reasons, that is sad right? 

Woo-seok swings his club again.

Elsewhere, jin-hyeok is back at the celebrity entertainment agency. People mutter about how he is back again? 

Jin-hyeok keeps waiting, he waits for 2 hours until someone comes out and tells him that the actor is busy and cannot come. JH understands and asks them to call when he is not busy.

he goes back to Sun-joo and tells her that he will go there again. SJ says that it will not work. They all know what is going on, but JH says that he will try again. however, Woo-seok comes in right then and everyone stands up. However, Jin-hyok does not know who this person is.

it is clear that Woo-seok has presence though.

WS – I will bother your work a little bit. *smiles*

SJ – What’s up?

Woo-seok looks at Jin-hyeok but he smiles at everyone as well.

SJ – WOuld you like a tea?

WS – No, I dont want to take up too much of your time. I heard a rumor thta you are having a hard time because of celebrities. I cannot guarantee it but I can help.

SJ – No, that is our  job

LJH – *Snatches the list from JH and gives it to WS*

SJ – Hey manager Lee….

WS – I know some people here, it wil be taken care of from today.

Woo-seok looks at Jin-hyeok and notices the tie. he leaves and LJH follows him out as he shows him the exit. Hye-in looks concerned for Jin-hyeok. Jin-hyeok is still confused. He asks who that person is.

EJ – You don’t know? You guys ate ramen together….that is the ex-husband

She sits and mouths something to HG, he mouths something back. LJH comes back inside and looks happy as he says that it will be a done deal when someone like WS makes a call to finish everything. Our little fish tried hard but….

SJ – I told you not to give him the list

LJH – We don’t have enough time…whatever works

SJ – From now on, do not do anything without my permission.

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Meanwhile, Soo-hyun visits her father and gives him his gift. he asks her how she is doing recently. Did you hear from your mother? Your mother gets angry but she never tells me anything but Nam told me a little bit.

SH – Are you worrying about me?

Dad – Yes, you are my daughter, are you okay?

SH – Yes

Dad – Dont misunderstand, just listen. What happened to the lobby and the tabloid, we should see if this is really important for your life. But if it is something that affects you or passes you, it hurts my heart.

SH – I am used to people talking about me.

Dad – it is all my fault

SH – I didn’t mean it appa, you had a hard time because of the merger.

Dad – Your mom said?

SH – I saw it on the news.

Dad – It will be taken care of soon.

SH – Can you come to the hotel?

Dad – If a politician goes to that event then it will be ruined. I wills top by when you are not busy.


the scene changes to Hye-in and Jin-hyeok talking in a quiet place. She asks him how he feels meeting CEO Jung? It is not something to take lightly, i worry about you becuase you are the only one who doesn’t know about it.

HI – CEO Jung and his mother, Chairman Kim are scary people. When I hear the stories from snbaes about them, I am shocked.

JH – Really? What does that have to do with me?

HI – Of course it does, didnt’ you feel that he was checking you out?

JH – Did he?

HI – I hope you don’t step out for the CEO anymore

JH – Do you worry about me
HI – Jin-hyeok please…

JH – Don’t worry about me, they are super people but I am me.

HI – Are you doiing this because the CEO is behind you.

JH – I don’t like your questions

HI – I don’t care if you are angry, I don’t want to see you get hurt. If you bother them then the CEO will also have a hard time. I heard people saying that they want this hotel. Maybe if they have Cha then she will be fired and they will take over the hotel. Do you think she can protect you like that?

JH – …thank you for worrying about me, lets go.

He leaves but she stays sitting there and calls his name. However he walks off.

Hop to Soo-hyun at home thinking of what her father told her. He is worried about people talking about her, it makes him sad. She sighs as she thinks about this.

VO – If it is something that is not important, then I am sad that people talk about you.

At home, Jin-hyeok works at his desk. he writes a few notes as he looks at some paperwork, but he thinks back to meeting Woo-seok.

VO – Everything will be taken care of by today.

VO – I recieved the hotel after divorcing, to me it was my everything. I put in everything that we learned from the tour. I am thankful to everything

VO – They will take the hotel from Cha and kick her out.

Jin-hyeok thinks of all of this as he works, but he tries to get back to work.

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Time jump to the opening of the hotel in Seokcho, the one on the beach. the advertisement team is getting everything ready and having fun taking photos in front of the photo area.

Elsewhre, Miok grabs the newspaper from her husband and tells him to get up, they need to meet Chairman Kim (the mother-in-law). It was hard to set up the meeting.

The father ignores her and opens his paper again. But Miok tells him he needs to stand up right now or she will show another side of herself.

At the opening, the ex-mother-in-law shows up. A lot of the employees stand outside to great her and her son, but Soo-hyun is not there. Hwa-jin thinks she is rude for not coming but the son says that SOo-hyun would be the most busy person here today.

They go inside.

Soo-hyun is in an office looking out the window at the view. She smiles and then leaves. But she runs right into Jin-hyeok in the hallway. She asks him about his tie, do you not like it because it was a free gift? He says he tried to put it on but he couldn’t, he needs more practice.

She tells him to take off his other necktie. he does so she ties this necktie for him. He smiles, she tells him to stop smiling.

JH – I want to stop, but I can’t.

She keeps tying his necktie and then smiles. he tells her thank you and they smile at each other. But in the distance we see that Woo-seok saw the ending of their moment together.


Cut to the opening ceremony where everyone cuts the ribbon outside the hotel amidst cameras and press. Then we see han-gil walking everyone around to all the rooms. One side has ocean view and the other side has mountain view. All the fabric is environmentally friendly….

Jin-hyeok is talking photos. Woo-seok sees him doing that and follows him around. 

WS – We said hi in Seoul. 

JH – Yes, hello *bows*

WS – Your necktie is special, it is elegant and casual and you know…it’s good.

Jh – Ah…it is a gift. I am not that good at choosing.

WS – The one who gave it to you has nice taste. *smiles*

Woo-seok leaves.

But then we see that the senator father finally is meeting with Hwa-jin while at the hotel. He is alone.

HJ – I hope I hear that the party merger goes through this month.

CJH – If you want this deal to fall apart then you will read it right away.

HJ – You make matters difficult. that is not good.

CJH – This is not just competitng power, we just ahve a different view ( the two parties have differen values)

HJ – Maybe your value fits our group well, because our time together is the promise, but now you say values and whatever and look another way….what should I do? Taekyung group has a lot of evidence about you. Did you run your campaign alone? You should think about SOo-hyun. You heard all of those bad rumors about her. She is alone, when we leave her alone she will have all those bad rumors. Soo-hyun and you shuld find the place you shuld be in.

CJH – Thank you for calling my daughters name kindly, but you should think about what to call her. She is CEO of the hotel and first of all she is establishing her own life diligently.

HJ – I never thought she ws not our family. Did you think it was strange to call her name kindly among family members?

CJH – We are not family members….it has been awhile.

HJ – Soon, she will come back to her place eating breakfast together comfortably.

CJH – Well, excuse me, today is for congratulating CEO Cha.

he leaves, HJ sits back in her seat.

But we see her walking around the hotel. She asks to see something in more detail to the Executive Director. He calls Jin-yeok to come to them.

Jin-hyeok walks up to the two of them. ED tells him to say hello to the Taekyung Group chairman. JH bows to her.

HJ – You are young, was our Soo-hyun lonely?

Jh – Excuse me, because of the event…*he turns to leave*

HJ -Wait, I did not tell you to leave yet, is the training that bad? Are you misbehaving because you have my Soo-hyun behind you?

JH – *Stern face* I thought I learned everything, but maybe I did not remember how to deal with a VIP, I am sorry to make you feel uncomfortable.

Soo-hyun hears this, she is about to step in but Mijin stops her.

HJ – With your skill, you can seduce my Soo-hyun. How to serve the VIP should be in the manual of the company. The manual to seduce a lonely rich woman…where is it?

JH – *clenches his jaw*

Soo-hyun really wants to step in, but Mijin pulls her away.

JH – I don’t need that manual, I can take you to your seat.

Hj – Choi, the dog chasing the chicken looking at the roof is that old fashioned saying, you know what I mean? Do you know what happened to those dogs?

ED – I don’t know.

HJ – Those dogs don’t know where they are and their bowl is taken away. (they starve to death)

But then Woo-seok shows up and peeps the situation. 

WS – Chairman Jong is looking for you, lets go.

he steps in front of her and Jin-hyeok.

HJ – Did you spend some time with CEO cha? I wonder if my daughter in law ate.

WS – Maybe you can come back after meeting with Chairman Jung, we have to wait a littl ebit for the banquet, I will take you.

WS gives Jin-hyeok another glance and then walks away. They all leave Jin-hyeok there. He gathers a bit of strenght and then walks away, outside. Hye-in heard it all as well.

Jin-hyeok goes outside for fresh air and thinks about what SOo-hyun told him.

VO – When I become friends, I have to seperate from them again. At some point I thought everything was not important. I learned how to think that way.

VO – what you are doing now is struggling

VO – Hey Kim Jin-hyeok you don’t know anything about me, how can you say that?….I am good at suppressing myself, but I came here. ….Where you suprised looking at that report? It happens to me all the time….

Hye-in goes outside to talk to Jin-hyeok.

HI – Are you okay?

JH – Oh…what is it?

HI – I saw everything…do you want to take a little break? I will support you for the banquet.

JH – Living like this…it is my first time hearing these kinds of things. But she has had to endure all this nonsense…how long has she had to suffer that.

Hye-in starts to tear up a bit as Jin-hyeok keeps looking out over the park.


Inside, there is a press conference where VIP’s are sitting and there are also reporters around. Soo-hyun is at the front answering questions on stage. She explains why she chose the name of the hotel and the location.

Q – When will Cuba be done?

SH – Our plan is for it to be finished by the next years New Years Day party.

MC – The last word will be from the CEO

SH – Thank you for coming this long distance, please enjoy your time here.

Reporter – I have one more question Cha SOo-hyun, I saw that you are dating someone. Who is that person? You did not publically say who it is or if it is true.

SH – I don’t think that is appropruate for this time.

Reporter – I am not quitting! I heard that it is one sided stalking by the other guy, is that true?

She sees Jin-hyeok in the crowd, he smiles at her and says it is okay.

Reporter – What kind of relationship do you have?

Jin-hyeok kind of starts to leave.

Soo-hyun thinks about when jin-hyeok asked her what kind of relationship they have. SOo-hyun sits in front of the microphone.

SH – We are in “some.”

Everyone is all like WHAAAAAAAAT?

Jin-hyeok turns around, surprised. he looks at her and smiles. She smiles at him as well.

CUt to scenes of Jin-hyeok and SOo-hyun together and all the people that have a stake in the two of them. Nam and her father are happy. The company employees are all like, wow, daebak. An the rich people are all upset.

Illustration: The waves die down and a lot of flying fishes talke their place, the clouds also go away and the sun shines on them.

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Love that Soo-hyun basically made the same kind of statement that did for her in the previous episode. The stakes were the same only changed to address each of their status. For him, approaching her amidst all his company people was a hug deal but it was also his level. For her, confirming their relationship amidst all the reporters at this huge event, was a big deal for her and it was also her level. 

One hilarious thing about this show is that Soo-hyun and jin-hyeok would have kept their relationship quietly in the shadows and not interfeared with anyone had it not been for all these conniving peoples pressure break up and tell them to stay int he shadows, lol. All that pressure is what made them have to come out as dating. I love that Jin-hyeoks and Soo-hyun’s relationship is actually giving other people around them the strength to stand up against the big bad in their own lives. At least that is what kind of appears to be happening.


JH – I was planning on running to Hang Gam river. I thought I would forget about the feeling of missing you.

Nam – Ah, I am not okay, I will be back!

VO – Because of you, Cha Soo-hyun’s position as CEO is threatened, you naive guy.

SH – I lived thinking that what I want to do is a luxury for me. For the first time, I will be the owner of my life. Not becuase of others

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  1. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 9:24 am

    Oh no….huge wave…i dont like the sound of that….

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 10:41 am

      The wave was huge and the episode showed it!

      • Rose
        December 13, 2018 / 11:36 am

        Yup! It was huge…but the counter wave was bigger 😄😄

  2. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 9:51 am

    Wow! Her mother is worst than the mother from Something In The Rain! She really dont care about her daughter, all she cares about are her ambitions and her plans, makes me wonder if SH is really her daughter…like wow! 😯

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 10:42 am

      Oh, my goodness, this mama is HORRIBLE.

      • Rose
        December 13, 2018 / 11:03 am

        Yup, she made the mother from Something In The Rain look like an angel 😂

        • Anonymous
          December 13, 2018 / 11:25 am

          Did anyone notice if the tea shop ajumma is the mom from something in the rain?

          • Rose
            December 13, 2018 / 11:33 am

            I thought about that too yesterday but im not sure if it was her because she looked different. Its kinda funny the people that made my blood boil are in one drama 😂😂😂

          • V
            December 13, 2018 / 2:09 pm

            Oh my gosh, I just wrote this! I should have read this comment first! 😉

        • V
          December 13, 2018 / 2:09 pm

          Funny story, I think the mother from “Something in the Rain” plays the tea ajumma in this drama.

          • Anonymous
            December 13, 2018 / 10:04 pm

            Ha! Great minds 🙂

  3. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 10:37 am

    Oh my god! I literally screamed at the end of this episode…..i screamed so loud my dog started barking at me…..hahahahah!!! Omg! Omg! Omg!!! 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😄😄😄

    My heart….be still…. 😍😍😍😍

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 10:44 am

      I was so happy that she confirmed their relationship amidst all those people and reporters. Normally I don’t like it when I have to sit through public declarations like that. But in this case it felt right. She had to tell everyone in public so that her private life can remain private.

      • Rose
        December 13, 2018 / 10:55 am

        And also to save JH from that reporter for humiliating him like he’s saying that JH is some sort of a stalker…..god! My heart! JH is really a good influence for her on how to stand-up against all kinds of odds and not just endure it. That is not living your life, thats just surviving your life. And if you dont know how to enjoy your life, might as well not breath, and thats what her life has been, she cant breath, and JH gave her that breathing place so she can be happy. 😁

        This is a 2nd public declaration in a span of 6 episodes…..wow! 😍😍😍

        • V
          December 13, 2018 / 2:08 pm

          In the span of 2 episodes!

          • Rose
            December 13, 2018 / 2:39 pm

            Oh yah! In a span of 2 episodes 😅

    • J. Chin
      December 13, 2018 / 7:12 pm

      Haha, at least you are at home, I just finished work right before the start of the show, my colleagues was like ‘arghh, what happened?’

  4. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 10:58 am

    SH – I lived thinking that what I want to do is a luxury for me. For the first time, I will be the owner of my life. Not becuase of others

    You go girl!! Get your life back!! 😁

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 2:08 pm

      That is what I am saying!

  5. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 11:30 am

    Theres a scene that really showed me what kind of a man JH is, was when he was confronted by the EMILFH (ex mother in law from hell), she basically insulted him and degraded him. After that, instead of mopping around and feeling sorry for himself, he thought about how SH endured that kind of treatment all her life…..if thats not love, i dont know what the heck you can call that! 😄

    • Ca
      December 14, 2018 / 12:15 am

      I agree. I was impressed that his takeaway was only concern was for her, and he understood her better as a result of his encounter with her ex-mother-in-law. It was never about his humiliation or his intention being doubted instead it was about SH.

  6. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 11:55 am

    Now i remember what movie reminded me of the last scene (press conference, she declaring their relationship to the press), its Notting Hill 😍

    Btw V, thanks for the recap! Didnt mean to flood comments here 😅….just got too excited with how beautiful this episode was. If there is one flaw (but really tiny flaw) with this drama so far was the cheating husband of JH boss. Cant seem to see how it fits to this drama. Maybe it will show soon how it was related to this story. But so far its not really a big deal to ruin the flow of the story since that they only show that once in a while. 😊

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 2:11 pm

      O tells me that people in Korea really love the movie Notting Hill so it makes sense that this scene reminded you of that! Maybe it is in homage to that movie.

      • Rose
        December 13, 2018 / 2:43 pm

        Its one of my all time favorite movie! Thats why the end scene of this episode looks so familiar 😍😍😍😍

    • Myaji
      December 25, 2018 / 9:54 pm

      I agree. I was reminded of that too.

  7. Jana
    December 13, 2018 / 12:22 pm

    I am still laughing at the image of your dog barking at you…..You must have startled him/her badly.

    I am so happy SH is standing up for herself instead of being a noble idiot.

    I like the husband so I am really torn. I hope the ex wife and husband ends up becoming good friends.
    I am not a big PBG fan….his boyish looks are not helping. He looks 18 instead of 29. Maybe they should start dressing SH is less formal office wear and her hair in softer waves. I think she will start smiling more and relaxing now that she has declared her ‘independence’. …that should help making the OTP look compatible. I thinking PBG smiling less would help….which will probably happen because of pressure of being bf of the CEO.

    • Rose
      December 13, 2018 / 1:05 pm

      Hahahaha! Yup, i scared her pretty good 😂…she must have thought something bad happened to me thats why she keeps barking at me after i screamed 😂😂😂

      Like you, im not a fan of that actor, i mean i can survive not watching him on his other dramas, but i think he’s doing pretty well with this one. And SH, you’re right, she could look more younger if she’s not to formal, and maybe we can see somw changes from her appearance since he declared their relationship now, she can breath much better.

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 2:13 pm

      His boyish looks definitely look very young next to her stern attire. It did not help when she helped him with his tie. That was a pretty cute scene, but it did give off big sister – little brother vibes.

      • Camille
        December 14, 2018 / 7:08 pm

        I agree, the tie scene was screaming AGE GAP to me. However, at least for me that is what makes this show interesting. It looks like the writers are trying to break the mold of the stereotypical ideal chemistry and compatibility of the leads in order to elaborate a different perspective. Like it is intended that their age gap is somehow highlighted with the way they dress, etc.

        I think they want to appeal that not every 18 yo looking guy or 29 yo guy you would see these days is as young and immature as one would assume for he can be like JH who is actually matured in example by how he takes his relationship seriously. And that your hero is not always a knight in shining armor but a woman in her mid 30’s who persevered her way up to success.

        —PBG related, you can skip. lol—
        I think PBG was a good choice and he is doing a great job portraying a young, very innocent, positive-thinking guy to bring someone like SH out of loneliness. I admit I wasn’t a fan of PBG. My friends were egging me to watch his dramas since like 2 years ago but I only started with Encounter. After 2 episodes, I got curious. I finished Moonlight in no time then his guesting at Hyori’s and now his Africa tour. Being the noona that I am, I find myself not (forgive the term) lusting for his characters unlike I do watching Gong Yoo or Lee Dong Woo because PBG looks tooooo young. I feel more like I want to be his noona. Come here, I’ll love you and shield you from all that’s hurtful in this world. haha
        — if you’ve read this far and you’re a PBG fan, please let’s find a way to chat some more 😀 —

        • V
          December 19, 2018 / 4:59 am

          I get you about PBG, I just want to take care of him. Check him out in Answer Me 1988. You will want to feed him all the food.

          • Camille
            December 22, 2018 / 4:43 am

            I’m on 1988 ep 15 now LOL. Yes, Taek needs a lot of food. Good thing the real PBG is a big eater hahahaha

            • V
              December 22, 2018 / 5:40 am

              Right! My goodness I could not believe he could eat so much in those two reality shows he did.

  8. Camille
    December 13, 2018 / 2:35 pm

    That press con scene and when their eyes met. He smiled at her and kind of told her “it’s okay”… I WAS CRYING MY EYES OUT… my heart ached so bad because of the stalker accusation!

    I agree with you, Rose! Something In the Rain omma is an angel compared to MO. I am also starting to be torn about the ex husband. He really made it a point to size up JH by barging into the office and talking to JH up close annnnd confirming the neck tie.

    Loving how this is not your usual knight in shining armor comes to rescue poor damsel in distress. It is interesting the way they really display how SH and JH’s lives are different and what the pros N cons are of each life. I agree that money cant buy you time and happiness. Id rather live humbly like JH than live rich but alone and lonely. I totally relate somehow with SH being caught up with climbing the top (success-wise) and forget what meaningful joy is/can be.

    thank you so much for the recap. im watching it with english subs because i do not know the korean language. though ive already understood the big picture of the episode after watching, i make it a point to come here and read up for some of the translations are different from the subs. this is my first time posting a comment for i want to say i sincerely appreciate your efforts and site!

    • Rose
      December 13, 2018 / 2:54 pm

      Yup. It is not your typical knight-in-shining-armor kind of love story, he saved her from that director by basically declaring to everyone in that lobby that he’s the ramen guy so that she wont be humiliated. This time she saved him from an a$$hole reporter thats humiliating him infront of a lot of vips and reporters.


      • Camille
        December 14, 2018 / 6:01 pm

        Hi, Rose. Totally appreciated this insight. She did stand up for him at her level in return of him coming up for her at the office lobby. Just shows again how their lives pale in comparison to each other. Him who is essentially a nobody dared to walk within the same pace of a persona too big and her who’s basically on top of a mountain had decided to forget the fame she has to maintain for someone who’s way down below. I’m excited and very interested to see how they’d balance each other out and maintain their relationship knowing boulders of hardship are coming their way.

        after watching this scene for like the nth time now in just a span of two days (daymmn i got it bad for this drama, i am obsessed) I feel like SH came out and announced it firstly because she felt she needed to protect JH from the stalker accusation. Somehow I think her being older and more accustomed to the prying eyes of the press, her noona instincts kicked in a bit when she saw JH walking away looking defeated. The “freedom” she did not know she was missing out on only came second in her thoughts when she made the split second decision to sit back down and announce it.. sorry, i was just pondering on the thought what I’d think and do had I been in her shoes at that moment (if it was PBG i have to protect, noona instincts would really kick in no doubt lol. and yes, I am in fact a noona if we use PBG’s real age as benchmark ^_^;)

        Love the EMILFH acronym. I commend the actress for she is very effective in making me hate her character.

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 6:02 pm

      So happy to have you here and I love this comment! I also am torn with the ex-husband. Perhaps he does just want what is best for Soo-hyun? he seemed to protect Jin-hyeok from his own mama at the hotel opening and defended Soo-hyun for not greeting her. But does he still have a competitive nature in winning Soo-hyun’s heart? It seems that way. or does he just want to size up Jin-hyeok to see if he is worthy of Soo-hyun? It also seems that way. I am so torn!

      • Cara
        December 14, 2018 / 12:28 am

        I think it’s all of the above. Her ex is proving to be a complex individual. He knows he screwed up with her. He still loves her and wants the best for her, but he also wants her back but not by using his mother’s tactics. I think he’s trying to figure things out himself. The problem is he’s too late.

        I do wonder if his divorce from her really was because he wanted out of the marriage or was it his way of protecting her from his mother and sparing her more trauma? We are told in the beginning that his infidelity was the reason and maybe it was, but I wonder if there was more to it. Did he feel that she didn’t love him as much as he loved her and instead of trying to work for her love he had an affair out of pettiness and immaturity? Or was his mother the main factor? Regardless he didn’t fight hard enough to be with her unlike JH. Still I like the fact that so far he isn’t the straight-up jerk.

        • Rose
          December 14, 2018 / 4:47 am

          I also do have a feeling that the divorce is more like protecting SH from his mother and the infidelity was just an excuse, like he used the other woman to make a valid case that they need to get a divorce. Coz if he really love the other woman they should have been married a long time ago. Even though his mom is a contolling freak, i think when it comes to her son, she kinda loosen-up a little.

          My only worry about him is that when his way wont work to get SH back, he might get persuaded by his mom to do her way instead. I hope he is man enough to admit defeat and just let SH be happy.

        • V
          December 19, 2018 / 4:53 am

          I think there is more to it! Especially since it seems like he is contract dating someone and pretending to buy a lot of clothing for women but in the end he secretly gave all those clothes to the saleslady and bought one item for Soo-hyun.

      • elaine
        December 14, 2018 / 12:34 am

        On a more superficial level, am I the only one that thinks the ex-husband is gooorgeous?!! the way he talks or maybe it’s his voice just draws you in too. It’s soft and calm but somehow still commands your attention. Or maybe it’s just his looks haha. 🙂

        • Rose
          December 14, 2018 / 4:40 am

          And he also looks young. He was supposed to be same age or older than SH. 😊

        • Deena
          December 16, 2018 / 10:01 am

          Hi Elaine! You can see more of the ex-husband’s acting in “Familiar Wife” drama, it was aired during summer this year. He was great in that drama too, and the main leads Ji Sung and Han Ji Min were fantastic.

          I felt torn for the ex-husband too, i hope his character stays kind and I wouldnt mind to know more backstory on their marriage.

        • V
          December 19, 2018 / 4:54 am

          He is handsome, check him out in Familiar Wife 🙂

      • Camille
        December 14, 2018 / 6:22 pm

        Hello, V. Thank you so much for noticing. My apologies if my comment came out a bit too long, I’ve not much friends to discuss this with hence I’m really loving the interactions here.

        I agree with you, Rose and Cara! The bit about the cheating and divorce is looking highly likely of a possibility now was for WS to protect SH from EMILFH. What I dont get though is if so, why did it even come to a divorce? couldnt he have proctected her while they were still married? (thankfully it wasnt the case coz we then wouldnt have this story, would we? ^_^) and yes, so far he is not a total jerk, i sure wish he don’t be. we have enough negativity from EMILFH.

        it leads me to think then that their marriage really was just a plain contract for mutual benefit but WS only came to appreciate how amazing SH is after the separation. Partly, I also feel that given his stature and name, he wouldnt chase SH back like a hopeless romantic.. like out of pride he wants to show SH ‘hey I can be a man in my own terms and Im still a big name so I wont chase you, wont do stuff like this lowlife kid and let you come to me…’ yet he is somehow intimidated by the idea JH got SH’s eyes hence went out of his way to size JH up…

        • V
          December 19, 2018 / 4:57 am

          I hope he doesn’t turn evil, also. I want him to stay just like he is right now. It’s a bit more intriguing that way to me 🙂

  9. J. Chin
    December 13, 2018 / 7:20 pm

    I also feel like if weren’t for all interfering parties, their relationship will not be as now. Kinda Star Wars poped into my mind-how not to create a rebellion.

  10. Rose
    December 13, 2018 / 8:54 pm

    Atlast! I watched the english sub. The more i see her mother, the more i want to punch her face 😤😤😤

    And speaking of that. When inwas watching SH and her mothers interaction the more i think that SH isnt really her daughter. And the way she boss SHs dad around, its weird that he follows her even though we know that the dad is always on SH side….its just weird.

    Heres my theory, i think SH is not her daughter but the congressmans daughter from someone when he was just a news anchor. The EMILFH knows that. Maybe the reason she helped the congressman because he’s popular with people and he has a big chance to become the president, and she can benifit a lot from it businesswise and powerwise as the benefactor of the congressman, thats why even though shes already an ex mother in law, she doesnt want to let go of SH because she can gain a lot if the congressman becomes the president.

    So as for SH mom, since shes an ambitious bit€h wants to be a first lady, she doesnt want people to know that SH is an illegitimate child coz it might ruin the congressmans chancea to become president, and ruin her plan to become the first lady.

    Thats just my theory. 😁

    • Cara
      December 14, 2018 / 12:10 am

      I think SH and her mom are bio-related. Her mother reminds me of an extreme stage mom with her husband and daughter tools for to her to utilize for her own personal gain.

      • Rose
        December 14, 2018 / 4:39 am

        Hahaha! I love that term “bio-related”, related only by blood and nothing else 😅

        • Camille
          December 14, 2018 / 6:29 pm

          New term acquired. Bio related. :)) Rose’s theory is plausible. I don’t think a mother could really be that harsh with her child unless not hers.

          Then again, Something in the Rain momma was also mean to her 35 yo adult daughter, right?

          Can we tag her EMFH too? lol

      • V
        December 19, 2018 / 4:52 am

        She might think, “I gave birth to you so you need to do everything I want for your entire life.”

    • V
      December 19, 2018 / 4:49 am

      That theory sounds great! So it would kind of be like Sojin in The Last Empress kind of thing. 🙂

  11. JAMMM
    December 14, 2018 / 8:39 am

    I just want to ADD that I love all comments on this show! So many obsessed followers are coming out and it makes this even more exciting.

    Thanks V and O for creating this site~

    • V
      December 14, 2018 / 12:17 pm

      True Words!

      So happy to have this space and to have people come out and enjoy it together!

  12. Tin
    December 15, 2018 / 7:24 pm

    does anybody know the name of the second music “after they eat their cake scene”


  13. Hannah
    December 16, 2018 / 7:05 am

    Please tell me the english soundtrack of this drama. I realyy want to know, beside the one that saltnpaperpart, there’s another english song that i wanna know, please everyone 😭

    • mizzy
      December 21, 2018 / 10:09 am

      I’ve also been looking for that song! it’s in the latest episode 8 as well. Is it a yet to release song of theirs?

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