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Encounter: Episode 5 Live Recap

Boyfriend Recap episode 5 Beige jackets

It looks like the relationship that hasn’t had a chance to get started is already out in the open, at least within the company. I’m interested in seeing where this is going. The opening illustration might give us a clue. 

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We open where the wanna be CEO is telling Soo-hyun that she cannot just ignore the rumors. Their image is being affected.

But then Jin-hyeok calls the CEO’s name and walks to her. Everyone looks at him. He asks her if she is going home now and tells her that he has some money. Today I will buy so would you like to eat ramen with me?

Eveyrone wonders, what is going on? Is that guy the ramen guy? Is that Jin-hyeok?

Jin-hyeok tells SOo-hyun that the rest stop is trafficky so eat cup noodles with me at the corner store. Soo-hyun smiles and says that she will buy it.

They leave. Someone asks the director if this is really happening? He just  seethes.

Illustration: The boy is slowly leading the girl away amidst a slew of hanging mirrors.

In the car, driver Nam is amazingly happy as he looks at Jin-hyeok. He asks if they want to go to the convenience store? Mijin mutters that they should just drop Jin-hyeok off at a quiet place.. Nam thinks It might be weird if we go all together though. Maybe we shuold drop off Mijin?

Mijin is all like, this is not a joke. SOo-hyun also mentions that she can be dropped off. Nam pulls over and gets out happily. Soo-hyun gets in the driver side. JH gets out and smiles at Nam then gets back in. Mijin thinks this is all reckless. But Nam is happy. 

Soo-hyun and Jiin-hyeok drive off.

Mijin tells Nam, what are you doing now, ajusshi? Nam says it has been 25 years since I saw a cool guy like that. I was like that 25 years ago. Mijin asys that she is going crazy. Nam asks if she has a cool guy like that? Mijin just rolls her eyes and tries to catch a taxi. But Nam tells her that they shuold go to a convenience store and skips off sillily to follow her.

In the car, Jin-hyeok tells Soo-hyun that they shouldn’t eat ramen at this time of day or they will poop a lot. they should go to a good tea place. He knows of a good one to go to when your heart is racing like this. Turn right over there.

He smiles when he sees her put her turning signal on.

They get to a building covered in vines. A woman comes out and gives Jin-hyeok a big hug. he calls her sonsangnim (teacher) and they happily mile. Cut to inside. The woman asks how Cuba was as they all sit around a table. There is a very old map of western Europe over their table and a lot of other rustic things aroung.

Ajumma tells them that whoever likes tea is welcome in her place. She is happy that Jin-hyeok is there so maybe they should serve her special tea. She gets up.

JH – I told you about her in Cuba, she is my fathers friend who used to have a photo studio.

SH – The one who gave you a camera?

JH – Yes, she is his wife. She used to be a teacher but travels around now after her husband died.

SH – This looks like a church.

JH – Yes, she bought this empty church because it was cheap. She is an interesting person, right? Wait a second, I will go and help her.

he leaves to go help her int he back. In the back ajumma asks if SH is his girlfriend? Did you come here to show her to me? He says it is not like that.

JH – I have to calm down a bit.

SH – Why, did you confess to her?

JH – Do you think she will accept it?

SH – Lets see….today you are ugly so next time.

JH – I get handsomer every day, maybe your eye sight is getting worse…..let me see your face! *he playfully tries to look at her face*

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They go back out to drink the tea. Ajumma asks Soo-hyun how it was. She says that it was smooth and nice. Ajumma tells her that they have a lot of teas, taste all of them. She gets up to leave and says that the tea shop owner has given them tea so her job is done. I will be right back, I need to give a massage to a halmoni. Jin-hyeok, I have a nice tea that came in, taste it later.

Jin-hyeok smiles and tells her goodbye. 

JH – Are you calm now?

SH – Because of you, I am surprised and i am calm

JH – Sorry to surprise you, no regrets

SH – You will have a hard time in the company now, they will make up other rumors.

JH – CEO, I decided, that is why I stepped out

SH – What kind of decision? You decided to be in trouble with all the gossip

JH – Don’t get angry with this good tea

SH – I am not joking

JH – You say what I want to say, I am not just joking around. I want to be a meaningful person to you, that is my decision.

SH – Let’s go.

JH – No, we have to stay here because she is not back yet and there are a lot of expensive teas here. Plus the second round of tea tastes the best.

they continue sitting and drinking from their super tiny tea cups. They don’t talk much but look comfortable with each other.

Elsewhere, Hye-jin sits alone in a cafe thinking about Jin-hyeok asking Soo-hyun to eat with him We see a flashback to Hye-in’s highschool like. It looks like graduation. She is with to of her friends who ask her to go somewhere with them, but HI says that she has to stay and wait for her parents, see you later.

They leave and she sits alone. But Jin-hyeok shows up and gives her a bouquet of flowers. He congratulates her for graduating and says that he came to a girls school because of her. They talk about how her father is busy and her mother is in the hospital. He tells her that she has to take pictures since it is graduation. So he takes photos of her and also takes photos with her. She looks like she has a bit of a crush on him back then as well.

In the present, she wonders what she should do.


Mijin ended up going to the snail bar. She does not look happy to be here. She asks the owner if he can ask Jin-hyeok to stop by that place. If she does it then he will not. Dae-chan asks her if she is a loan shark? But Jin-hyeok wouldn’t do that. MJ annoyingly smiles and asks how she can be mistaken for a loan shork. He says people think that he is a professor or something. MJ is all like, um, I don’t think so. He etells her to send her own text so she stands up and yells for him to send the text!

Everyone stares at her.

He tells her not to yell at him to do something for her, people will think ou have old woman histeria. She annoying;s laughs and asks if she looks like an old unmarried lady? He claps back with his own words. They continue arguing about this. But then they sit. DC asks if he has to send it today? MJ says that he has to send the text today. So he sends it.

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Hwa-ja finds out about what happened at the company with Jin-hyeok. She asks what he is going to do? I am trusting you Director, don’t disappoint me.

Her son overhears her so the mother says that Soo-hyun is crazy with this boy, it is embarrassing to everyone in the company. how can she live like that. The son wants to know what this can mean.

His mother thinks they need to fire Soo-hyun with a board meeting. The son calls his secretary to find out what happened in the hotel.

Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun drive away. he asks her if she got that painting she wanted. She says that she did. He talks about seeing painting in his neighborhood that he likes and makes him feel good so she asks if he has a gallery? he talks about a neighborhood gallery that has some old paintings. But Soo-hyun mentions that she knows all the galleries in the city, what is this gallery, it sounds like you are lying.

He says that *a lot of titles* Jin-hyeok confirms it. She asks how many titles he has? he laughs and tells her that he will explain all the paintings to her if she stops. Then he tells her to drop him off at the subway station.

Soo-hyun tells him that from tomorrow at the company….

JH – It already happened, it will become really awkward if we are awkward with each other From tomorrow we should be closer.

SH – Companies aren’t casual places like that

JH –  I wont call you noona like a little boy

She smiles

JH – is the word noona so funny?

SH – Yes, it is funny

She pulls up to his place.

JH – If you want to go to that art gallery, let me know. DId you erase my picture? I will take a picture of it one more time

SH – *recites the number*….when you wrote it on your palm, I already memorized it. 

JH – Daebak. You are really special, so why aren’t you sending me any texts.

SH – znothing to send you

JH – You got my number, why don’t you give me your number

SH – I did not get your number, Jin-hyeok shi wrote it down and gave it to me.

JH – Ah, when you call me Jin-hyeok shi, it looks like we are closer. (She used to say Kim Jin-hyeok shi but now she is just saying Jin-hyeok shi; it is a rule in companies to call the full name)

SH – She tells him he can leave.

JH – I will stop fooling around, I just did it to comfort you because of today.

SH – I am not timid, I have experience.

JH – See, when you smile it is nothing….Depunim, you are CEo of DongHwha hotel and senator Cha Jong-hyun’s daughter. And you used to be Taekyung Group daughter in law, you are that kind of person so I should be formal with you.

SH – You don’t have to be.

JH – Right, lets not do that.

SH – You said we again. I told you not to do that.

JH – I think we shouldn’t do that. Bye bye….If you grow timid then you lose, if you worry too much then it is not good for your skin. Goodnight.

He hops out and watches her leave then he goes into the subway. She smiles a bit as she drives off and sighs.

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Jin-hyeok goes to the snail bar and asks here his brother is. DC says that his brother went home to game (but he says it sarcastically as if the brother is the owner of the restaurant). Then Jin-hyeok goes to sit with Mijin.

MJ – You cause big trouble today.

Jh – I just said the truth. As you know, the CEO didn’t do anythig wrong to hear those harsh words.

MJ – I was a little moved, it should not have been easy to step out like that. I am the secretary so I think about my boss first and worry about what will happen tomorrow. Can you just ignore things as if you never new. Actuall, you were strangers before.

JH – If you are serious like this then the matter will be a little more awkward, so we will be more casual.

MJ – We? We? You said CEO Cha and Kim Jin-hyeok shi is “We”?

Jh – Yes, including me, we, that is right.

MJ – *headache* Excuse me, one soju please.

JH – The side dish is golbaengi, order that it is really good here.

MJ – *what in the world place is this*

Later on, the taxi arrives to drive Mijin home. The two fellas walk him out and the taxi drives off. DC asks who she is and what kind of relationship they have. JH explains that she works at his company. DC thinks she should drink modestly and work. he goes back inside.

Jin-hyeok goes to his playground and thinks about his conversation with Mijin while she was drinking.

MJ – I am her only friend. She is super rich but never dated anyone and her mother sold her for her marriage. She can’t take care of a young person like you. Do you think Taekyung group is so easy? Her fathers politics, without Taekyung she won’t be there. That is why it is a forever leash. They called their ex-daughter-in-law for her mother-in-laws birthday, they are that kind of family. But this woman never cries even though her heart is all destroyed.

JH – what kind of life is that CEO? *kind of teary*

In her place, Soo-hyun looks at the messages at the company. But she tells herself that it is nothing and settles in to sleep. But she thinks about Jin-hyeok approaching her and telling her that he is not fooling around, he decided to be a meaningful person to her, he already did this so they should be closer to each other from tomorrow, I won’t call you noona like a little boy.

She smiles as she thinks about this and goes to sleep.

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Soo-hyun arrives to work normally, everyone talks about her in front of her. They whisper and avoid her elevator up. 

Meanwhile, Woo-seok finds out what happened and wants to know everything about Jin-hyeok.

JH gets to work and recieves the same treatment that Soo-hyun recieved but maybe a bit worse since they can point at him.

In his offices, Sun-joo looks at a photo of a man and a woman happily smiling together in a park. Maybe it is her husband and his mistress? 

HG mentions that there is a big scandal in this company, the biggest scandal. Hye-in wonders what he means, but HG says it is daebak, both of them are daebak.

Jin-hyeok takes a deep breath before going into the office and then goes in and greets everyone. HG says that the guy with the strong line has showed up. But he tells JH that he was talking to himself, never mind. But he also asks him what kind of relationship he has with the CEO. JH tells him that he knew her before a little and then found out that she was the CEO here. HG does not believe that because she is entertainer level. SJ tells HG to just work.

In her office, SOo-hyun tells Mijin that she drank too much. Mijin actually looks horrible. SH asks her how much she drank? MJ says that she was so drunk that she left her wallet at that bar, that has never happened before. Soo-hyun smiles then asks Mijin if she knows of an art gallery in Hongjaedong

MJ – *sighs*…..ah, Hongjae Dong, whenever I hear that word it grosses me out and makes me nauseos. And you two became uri “we”. 

SH – What are you talking about?

MJ – He said you will be casual, uri

SH – Did you meet, Jin-hyeok shi?

MJ – Jin-hyeok…..ugh….my stomach

SH – Get some hangover soup

MJ – my insides is all burned black so I will just drink black coffee.

SH – One for me please.

MJ – No, you make your own coffee!

She leaves. So-hyun smiles a little bit.

Back at the Snail bar, DC sings a song as he polishes items in his store. JM tells him to sign up on an app for dating. DC does not want to do it but JM tells him to instal it. DC puts in his password which is so simple. JM tells him that he should take a profile picture without his face but JM tells him thta he needs his face in the profile picture. They keep talking about the profile picture. JM tells him to cover his beard a little.

At work, MJ has her head on her desk and complains about a headache. She gets a ding on her phone from the date site (lol). She wonders if it is someone that will remove her headache. But then she sees that it is Lee Dae-chan, 26. His face is all covered. She puts the phone down and rolls her eyes. But then she thinks that he looks familiar, does he work here? She reads his profile and sees that he owns a family restaurant. 

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Cha Jong-hyun tells on of his people not to talk about the merger anymore with the other party. They all know that Taekyung will push him. Jong does not think that the company shuold push them. They are very different politically, they should go their own way. (It looks like he thinks they should break from the company).

At work, Hye-in asks Jin-hyeok if he would like to eat lunch with her outside. But he says it is okay, lets eat in the cafeteria. Then he asks her if she was surprised.

HI – a little bit. the comments on our website…

But HG comes up and asks them to eat. So HI says that they will tell them later.

they go to the cafeteria and everyone talks about Jin-hyeok. it is super uncomfortable. Jin-hyeok tells them that he is sorry but he doesn’t feel that great. HG tells him it is better to rest so Jin-hyeok leaves. ALl the people comments about how he is handsome and he should be handsome.

So Jin-hyeok goes to a coffee shop alone. he sits there looking depressed. Nam drives by and sees him, he wonders if he is eating alone today? Soo-hyun is there and looks at Jin-hyeok. But they drive off.

Soo-hyun keeps looking behind her and then pulls out her phone to text him.

VO – You said if I laugh about it then it is nothing? (she might have been typing this and then erased it)

JH gets the text message. He is shocked to see it.

SH: Did you instal the radio app? Did you install the radio app? If you are bored then listen to the radio. You can add music from your favorite DJ.

JH: It is a nice day so I was about to run away. I am not brave alone so I am just daydreaming.

SH: It is not good to hear as your boss.

JH: Then I think it is safe if I take time off with the CEO.

JH: Would you like to go to Hongjaedong art gallery? We can take half a day off, it is a really nice day.

SH: (I have a lot of important appointments so I can’t make time…erased) Okay, lets take time off together with the CEO to be safe.

JH: I recommend for you to wear a sweat suit, not elegant clothing.

SH – Strange guy (her driver smiles)

In the office, Jin-hyeok tells Sun-joo that he does not feel good today. he is okay, it is not like that Sun-joo tells him to be honest with her. He says he is really not sick. She smiles and says that they don’t have anything urgent so you can go home early.

HG thinks wow, he has a super strong line. (basically he means he can take time off because he knows powerful people in the company).

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In the car, Soo-yun tells Nam that she has another appointment so she can drive. Nam tells her that is fine, he has to visit her father. She thinks that he might have figured thing out, right ajusshi? He changes his words to banmal and tells Soo-hyun that she did not do anything wrong. But Soo-hyun thinks that her mother will call her.

Her phone rings.

SH – See?….Yes.

Mom – Where are you?

SH – Business trip.

Mom – WHere?

SH – Busan.

Mom – Will you come back tonight?

SH – I need to check my schedule

Mom – Are you really going to do this?

SH – I am in a meeting, talk to you later.

Nam asks if he has to do something in busan? Soo-hyun tells her that they can tell her father that she went to Busan, lets make it thta way. Soo-hyun smiles. Nam tells Soo-hyun that no one can stop the Spring flowers. Even if the flower does not want to blossom, it still blossoms. 

Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok runs into his home like a tornado and starts changing his clothing. His mother is all like what just happened. Jin-hyeok tells her that he has an appointment. he changes and then runs out.

Cut to the CEo and Soo-hyun walking along a promenade by a highway. JH tells her that he told her that she should wear nice clothing. He wants to give her his coat but she says she is fine and asks why they are there. he tells her that they are there to see the exibition. She says she is leaving but he turns her around and says that he is not lying.

All along the highway are paintings displayed on thepillars.

SH – Did you say that this is an art gallery?

JH – Yes, we have paintings and we have Cha Soo-hyun who likes paintings (first time he did not call her CEO) and Kim Jin-hyeok is also here who likes Soo-hyun who likes paintings. You know, an art gallery is nothing.

She looks at his hand on her shoulder.

SH – Your hand.

He removes it quickly.

JH -We have nice paintings all the way over there.

SH – You tricked me

JH – Do you want to take a walk and listen to *long title* Jin-hyeoks explanations.

They start to walk and Jin-hyeok explains all the paintings.

At home, his mother wonders if youngest son cleans his room and then sees a woman’s shoes in Jin-hyeoks room. She asks JM if he knows about this?

At the promenade, Jin-hyeok says that he likes this painting the best. I always look at it when I work out. At first I wondered what it was with all those squares, but when I see it more I am into it more. Because all those squares are created after so much effort.

SH – I like his paintings, I like his early paintings also

JH – The titles are also nice, “where do we meet again as…” the title is based on the poem “Evening” …All those many stars….One star is looking at you….So many stars byt you are looking at one star…

SH – This lovely you and me, when and where and as what do we meet again?

JH – Wow, you know this poem?

SH – I did not know the poem itself, but I knew this because the painting was good.

JH – We met each other in Cuba as broke people, in the company we met as boss and employee, we are kind of funny right?

SH- It sounds familiar, “uri” the first person pronoun (we).

JH – What do you think we will meet each other as again?

SH – Nothing will change.

JH – Well, it is almost sundown and we saw the paintings, so lets eat something delicious. 

SH – No, I am leaving, thank you for the paintings.

JH – You are busy right *pouts*

SH – If you say that with that facial expression, what should I say?

JH – Would you like to just eat dinner? *he changes facial expression to upbeat*

They both smirk.

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Meanwhile, Her father and Nam meet in a private room to drink. they look like old friends. Nam calls Jong-Hyun “senator” but Cha tell shim to just not call him senator so Nam calls him Hyung-nim with a smile.

They start to talk about Soo-hyun and that guy. Nam tells him that this guy is a new employee, but he is actually pretty good. Someone posted a bad rumor and cause a lot of trouble, this guy stepped out in front of a lot of people and said that he was that guy and she did not do anything wrong, I was so happy, he was a good guy. 

Cha – What did Soo-hyun say?

Nam – She did not say anything but she was appreciateve.

Cha – Do you think he will cause trouble?

Nam – He does not look like that kind of guy, but we’ll see.


MIJIN shows up to the snail bar and tells DC that she left her wallet. He points to a hanging area where it is hanging. She runs to it and tells him that he should not pinch her wallet with a clothes pin! It is so expensive!

he tells her that he was worried that it would get stained with gochujang, should I put it a bit more preciously? They start to argue about that and her getting drunk and leaving her wallet there.

Then Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun walk in.

MJ – Why are you two together!

JH – We saw an exhibit and I just brought her here to a good place.

MJ – just woke up and want to drink again.

DC – Can you remove this object/person?

MJ – I am not an object, are you talk or spitting s**t?

DC – Did you just talk to me in banmal? that is cheap.

JH – lets eat snail together, secretary Jang.

MJ – I am not eating

DC – Are you jin heyoeks sunbae as well?

SH – Um…yes, I am

DC – Lets eat together.

They all sit to eat but Mijin crosses her eyes at Soo-hyun. Soo-hyun laughs

DC sits and says that all the hubaes are nice looking. Mijin is all like, hubae? DC tells Mijin that this person looks more like a hubae than her.

MJ – How come!

DC – Because they are friends.

DC says he will go to the kitchen. Mijin comments that this is a bad place, everything is bad! Soo-hyun puts food in her mouth so she says she will keep quiet. Jin-hyeok tries not to laugh. 

But then Hye-in comes and sees all of them eating. She does not go fully in and just watches them happily about to start eating. She decides to leave.

She ends up walking around to nowhere in particular, she just roams. She has a flashback to going to a local boutique shop and looking around. She checks out the notebooks and runs into Jin-hyeok. He says he is buying ballpint pens what about you? She says it is almost the new year so she wants to pick a new diary. he picks out one fore her. She tells him that she also looked at that one, we connected. he tells her that he thinks that one is the best. In the present, Jin-hyeok looks through the window at her memory.

Jae-min ends up going to the Snail Cafe and sees Soo-hyun, he immediately recognizes her as the ramen lady. But DC does not k now what is going on. Mijin thinks this is so dramatic. 

The two ladies leave. Jin-hyeok and his brother send them off and then JM tells JH to tell him! They go back inside. DC tells him that he should have told him about this super customer! I didn’t know that you were the ramen guy! But JH tells him that it is a secret, his mtoher will worry about it. The two guys start to tease him about it, what kind of relationship! What KIND of relationship! They chase him to the back.

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Elsewhere, Woo-seok meets with his secretary. The secrtary tells him that Jin-hyeok is nothing special, he comes from a regular family. WS looks through JH’s resume in a frustrated way. Then he looks at Soo-hyun’s photo.

We are sent into a first meeting with them? 

WS – This is awkward right?

SH – yes…..I think I have to make you like me but I am not good at those things. Just tell me comfortably what kind of woman you like. I will try to be like that.

WS – I don’t have a particular style. Because I have my ideal type today.

SH – Can you tell me easily? I am not stupid but I am not good at this. 

WS – I like this style woman, your style.

Soo-hyun looks a bit angry.

In the present, Woo-seok looks at pictures of Jin-hyeok.

meanwhile, MJ and SH drive away.

MJ – Soo-hyun, you can’t take care of him until the end. You know starting love now will make things worse.

SH – I know that also. that is why I am running away but I am still at the same point. I feel like I am in a maze.

MJ – they are all enemies, even your mother is an enemy. I hope you quit now. 

SH – Mijin, it makes me so mad.

MJ – Your enemies?

SH – Timing.

MJ – What are you talking about?

SH – This heart, how happy would I be if it came when I was younger? But this time at my age…and I am a divored woman that all the world knows about. The timing is so bad, so it makes me mad.

MJ – Do you really like him?

SH – I don’t know, I am just curious about him.

MJ – Bad bad timing. (F-timing)

SH – thank you for saying that.

MJ -Are you going to move forward?

SH – You know my life is not like that. I am good at enduring.

MJ – You will have a dozen salie (the balls that show up when you burn a monk after they die. So she is saying that SH endures a lot, like a monk.)

SH – it is my life, I am good at enduring things.

Phone Call – You are not in Busan! How dare you lie! I called your secretary office, there are no plans for travel.

SH – Talk to you tomorrow. CLICK.

SH – I can’t live as Cha Soo-hyun even for one day. After enduring, time passes.

Soo-hyun gets home and sees her mother waiting for her, so she drives off.

Jin-hyeok is happy going home. he smiles and rests in his room. But then he sits up and looks at his photos he developed on his wall.

VO – I don’t know if Seokcho has nice bread and coffee.

SH – I think it was good because we were in Cuba.

Jin-hyeok thinks about that.

VO – We spent one day together, that was fun. But it is still difficult to be separated again. that is why I am trying to quit.

Soo-hyun drives away thinking about something.

VO – Cha Soo-hyun, you are in the entertaining tabloids with this young guy.

SH – Did I ever do anything wrong? I never even yawned comfortably after father started politics. After being sold to that company, yawning, I can’t even breath.

JH – It is not like childish curiosity. I think it is meaningful to put another person in your heart.

Soo-hyun is still thinking.

JH – CEO, I decided, that is why I stepped out.

SH – I am not joking.

JH – You say what I needed to say, I decided to be a meaningful person to you.

JH – See, when you smile it is nothing.

People – What if she is the one in the tabloids? She likes young boys…

Jin-hyeok is thinking in his room and Soo-hyun is thinking in her car.

VO – I decided to be a meaningful person to you.

SOo-hyun tears up as she is driving. She tries to keep it together.

Jin-hyeok grabs his coat and runs out.

Soo-hyun goes to the painting on the promenade. She stares at the one where JH and her recited teh poem together. Then we see a light in the distance. Someone is coming up to her. It is Jin-hyeok on his bike. He looks at her in happy amazement. She also looks at him, though she is a bit more stunned.

JH – Can you see this painting when it is this dark?

SH – Kim Jin-hyeok shi?

JH – We meet under this highway again. What do we say what do we become and meet again?

SH – You got it this late here, I am good at enduring but I am here now.

JH – I read it in the book. “Some” is a fight between assurance that I have feeling sof liking someone and doubt. It is like the place where assurance and doubt coexist like an in and out tide. When the doubt fades away and there is only assurance, that is where love starts.

SH – I see.

He looks at her.


She looks at him.

JH – Why don’t we leave assurance and doubt alone to find out about this “like” feeling (he said this in a poetic way). Why dont’ we?

She looks at the artwork again but he pulls her back to look at him.

JH – You know, we, here, why don’t we meet here as people with “some”.

Soo-hyun thinks about this. Jin-hyeok holds her arm tightly.

SH – Okay, lets take it as we meet each other as people with “some”.

They smile as they keep looking at each other and the camera scrolls up to the art work to show all the tiny “some” moments that they have had up until now. We see a hew shots that we have not seen before from different angles. They go all the way to Cuba, but they also go a bit farther back into the past. They show Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok walking past each other when he still had his long hair in Korea. It looks like they might have met at Namsan Library but they did not actually meet.

Then the camera shows the two of them looking at each other again in front of the painting.

Fade Out

Illustration: the boy and girl keep walking through the mirrors, but it looks like the mirrors are actually paintings? In one of the paintings we see a boy and girl looking at each other with a moon and sun, clouds, and shooting stars all around.


Soo-hyun drives alone and is crying as she thinks about her life. But she has no gas. She stops on the side of the street and is still crying. But she does not  know where she is.

SH – Where am i know?

A tow truck comes.

SH – I am good at enduring, I am good at enduring.

But she starts to cry again. However she wipes all her tears away when the toy truck man knocks on her window. He asks if she is just refilling right? She nods. he walks back to get some gasoline to fill up her car and she closes her window.

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I don’t know what it is but this show keeps pulling me in! I don’t even feel the actual pairing of Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum, but I love their characters individually and I want them to make it work in the drama. So yeah, it’s weird but I am really enjoying this love story.


Calendar – Some *December 11th*

JH – To be romantic, I will give you a romantic bicycle ride.

SH – It is my first time, so I dont’ know what to do.

JH – We can share, you and me.

SH – You are untied.

SH – We are mom and daughter

HJ – Was my Soo-hyun lonely?

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  1. Rose
    December 12, 2018 / 10:29 am

    Here we go….. 😁

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 10:39 am

      How did you like this episode? I loved it as I have all the other ones.

      • Rose
        December 12, 2018 / 11:01 am

        V, my reply to this is down there….hahaha! I must have typed slow thats why it didnt post here. 😂

  2. Shayri
    December 12, 2018 / 10:44 am

    Jin Hyeok is a lot more smooth than I imagined he’d be. I wonder how the ex conversation will go about him 😏😂
    *Pouts* awww.

    • Rose
      December 12, 2018 / 1:26 pm

      Hahaha! If he decides to be a playboy….he’ll succeed without any problems 😂

  3. Rose
    December 12, 2018 / 10:59 am

    I LOVE IT! I cant believe they walked out together….like omg! I thought that she’ll be like an ice princess and leave him hanging there with the wolves….but she didnt. I guess she realized that a guy like him is willing to face the wolves AND snakes around them, why cant she who was more powerful than him. I love how easy going was Super Nam (i’ll call him super nam now instead of manager nam 😅) after that incident, you can see that he’s happy how JH stood-up for SH and he knows what really can make SH happy. Just hope that Mijin one day join the club and just be happy for SH and JH, although i know shes just worried for SH thats why shes against JH, she’ll realize that as a friend, SH needs to be happy, and so far JH is making SH happy. 😍😍😍😍😍

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 12:59 pm

      Yes, I love that they walked out together too and that driver Nam was all for it, lol. the part where they basically all kicked out Mijin was hilarious.

      • Rose
        December 12, 2018 / 1:24 pm

        Yup. That scene was funny. Mijin thought that they are going to drop off JH, which turns out she’s the one getting dropped-off….and after all this, it seems super nam is the happiest, hopping and skipping while Mijin covering her ears while walking away from super nam 😂😂

        • V
          December 12, 2018 / 6:52 pm

          That skip was so adorable!

          • Rose
            December 12, 2018 / 9:48 pm

            V, Speaking of Super Nam….was he Gunner Jang in Mr. Sunshine? I keep on thinking that he looks familiar. Then i remember Gunner Jang, its him isnt?

            • V
              December 13, 2018 / 5:25 am

              I think that is a different guy, though they have a similar aura! I think the teacher in Mr. Sunshine is this person: Choi Moo-sung?

  4. Rose
    December 12, 2018 / 11:12 am

    The way JH talked about life, he seems like older than his age. I think thats what pulled SH to him, on how he sees life unlike men his age.

    So….does this mean that its DAY 1 for them?! Gad! My heart just skipped and jumped out of my chest, went back inside me then jumped-out again! 😂😂😂

    Btw, i seen the preview, the evil ex mom-in-law from hell was talking to JH….and that look from JH face…omg, its like he’s going to a war or something, he looked so pissed-off with her. I wonder what she said to him…

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 12:58 pm

      Oh, maybe it is day one!

  5. Rose
    December 12, 2018 / 11:19 am

    Btw V, thanks for the recap! Cant wait for the episode tomorrow. 😊

  6. Emily
    December 12, 2018 / 2:32 pm

    This show keeps pulling me in too. I love the entire atmosphere and the pace of their relationship, plus I really enjoy each character on their own as you said.

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 6:46 pm

      The atmosphere is really nice!

  7. Rose
    December 12, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    I finally watched the english sub (seriously…i need to learn korean language)…..ssooo….they are in PRE-RELATIONSHIP? well thats new 😂. I know:
    -in a relationship
    -mutual understanding
    -platonic relationship

    …..now we have PRE-RELATIONSHIP (well thats what the sub said unless the sub translated it wrong 😄)…is it like testing-the-water-lets-see-where-it-leads-us kind of relationship is PRE-RELATIONSHIP? 😅 ….oh well….lets all see where their relationship leads them. He took the leap of fate last week, and then she decided to join the leap. Lets just get ready for the brewing troubles and annoying people ahead.

    Btw…i also enjoyed Mijin and DC interaction together, they add light and funny moments to this drama. Looking forward for more interaction with these two. 😁

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 5:23 am

      I think “some” is a very Korean thing that just got started in the modern era. Possibly in the last few years? They basically gave a name to dating (when you aren’t exclusive).

  8. Damien
    December 13, 2018 / 12:20 am

    Does anyone knows where is the location of the promenade that has all the paintings? Thanks in Advance…

  9. Miranda
    December 13, 2018 / 8:22 am

    That Soo Hyun has centered her personality around enduring is completely understandable and completely heartbreaking! And well-foreshadowed too, it explains her coldness because she’s constantly preparing for when she’ll have to endure loss or disappointment. And she’s been subjected to this since childhood!

    Seriously, poor Soo Hyun. This entire thing is going to be scary and dangerous for her, and she’s probably going to lash out at some point when she’s well outside her comfort zone, but man. She is putting herself out there in a way that’s subtle, but given her background, pretty brave.

    And I loved Jin Hyuk’s smile at the end – not that sunny innocent beaming smile we usually see from Park Bo Gum, but a deeper more textured smile. He did a really good job in that last scene of showing why Jin Hyuk is even a possibility: he’s much more mature than first glance would tell, and he’s confident in what he’s saying, but not overpowering. That’s the type of guy you would take this chance for, so good for him embodying that.

    • V
      December 13, 2018 / 10:41 am

      Bo-gum is showing a nice level of texture in his acting. His small glances and gestures show a lot for his character. Song Hye-kyo is the same in her performance.

      I love what you said about Soo-hyun and centering her personality around enduring. This entire enterprise is the scariest for her because she is not letting go of someone she cares about in order to not feel the pain of leaving them later. This is the first time she is going to hold on and see what happens.

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