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Encounter: Episode 4 Live Recap

Encounter Live Recap Episode 4 starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum
I love easy flowing this love story is so far. The director has also dialed it back a bit with the camera tricks as well so we can really sink into the actual storyline. I loved finding out the stakes in the last episode for our lead which is, if she gets caught in a scandal, then the hotel reverts back to the chaebol family. Her ex mother-in-law is actively trying to get her involved in a scandal as well, so our couple is not safe.

But, they were able to have a fun and impromptu evening together on the coast thanks to two ajusshi’s machinations to make it work. Jin-hyeok turned that fun evening into a fun morning as he borrowed his friends car to drive all the way back to have breakfast with Soo-hyun where he earnestly told her that he liked her.

We are starting this one a bit early because we have a meeting to get to; we might have to run off before finishing today’s episode. Hopefully we can finish it though.

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We fade in on Ddah-roh which refers to the type of food they are eating but also to something being separate but it should be together (explained in the bottom of the last recap). they are sitting and facing each other at the table.

SH – Kim Ji-hyeok…us…is kind of
Jh – I came here because I missed you, I came here because I miss you

Fairytale cartoon of a girl and boy holding hands but they are looking away from each other. There are snakes heads going up around them

Soo-hyun retracts a little bit and bites her lip. She tells him that someone missing you is a good thing. But it is also a very dangerous thing. I will just take it as not hearing it. But JH tells her that the earth is big, they met on this earth in this country and met as boss and employee. We spent one normal day together. This is huge fate.

Soo-hyun thinks that his words are bothersome. They spent one normal day together, that is it. He says that they did not spend that day separately, they spent it together right? Soo-hyun changes the subject and tells him that they should eat gukbap. They start eating and he gives her a piece of kimchi on her spoon (which is like saying you like someone). She looks at the little kimchi in her spoon and then looks at him.

Later on, they leave the restaurant and go somewhere in Seokcho, she tries to allude that he should go back. But he tells her that they should at least drink coffee together, he knows of a good coffee place. It is really good, let’s go. He motions for her to follow him.

Cut to her sitting on a bench on the beach and Jin-hyeok walking to her with his coffee. They look like they are framed in a painting. He gives her his huge jacket and they sit. They are quiet for a moment, Soo-hyun is about to tell him something but she sees that he is sleeping. He is super sleeping, so she lets him rest his head on hr shoulder and they sleep.

it is the reverse of how she slept on him in Cuba. She starts talking.

SH – When I was little, I did not have any friends, I wanted to play with other kids but my mother did not want it. When I became friends with other kids, I would have to separate from them. So one day I learned that everything wasn’t good. Because it is a very difficult thing to separate from good friends. I forgot it a little bit. It was fun to spend one regular day (with you) but separating and becoming nothing again, is still a difficult thing. So, I will quit here.

A phone starts ringing, it looks like it is Jin-hyeok’s so it wakes him up. He apologizes for falling asleep, he was really sleepy. then he checks his phone, it is a spam call. She smiles and tells him that his head is heavier than it looks. He playfully fixes his jacket on her shoulder and they keep sitting there.

Woo-seok is still at the counter of the hotel and searches on his phone what he can write on a note when leaving a present. He happily looks for it and then leaves. But while getting into his car in the parking garage, he sees Soo-hyun drive up with Jin-hyeok. His face falls.

Soo-hyun gets out and Jin-hyeok does as well to give her something.

JH – CEO!….I got this to give it to you. Potato dduk
SH – Thank you.
JH – It is still good right? Not alone but eating breakfast with a friend is good right?
SH – Drive safely.

She heads intot he hotel right away. Jin-hyeok watches her go inside. Woo-seok watches them both.

Inside, Soo-hyun sits in the middle of her couch and looks at the note Woo-seok gave to her.

Note: I just picked it up

She is upset with that note, but happy with Jin-hyeok’s potato dduk gift.
Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok heads back in the truck. His friend calls him and says that he had to buy all these groceries and take them on the subway, everyone was mad at him with the smell! Jin-hyeok laughs. His friend tells him to hurry back with his truck.

In the city, Woo-seok follows Soo-hyun around. She went to the painter and tells the assistant to let her know when he comes back, she is waiting. Woo-seok sees that so he gives someone a call and asks to talk to her. Maybe she is a curator?

He goes to a gallery to meet the curator and the painter is with her. The painter is a woman. So Woo-seok tells the painter that he is sorry that he had to threaten the curator to meet with her and jokes as he asks why she is hiding, don’t be too angry. The painter says that she is sorry, he knows his mother is her supporter. He knows this and knows that SH is a big fan of hers, he just wanted to tell her about the love SH has for her painting.

WS – I got a huge point from heer when we first got married. We went to Spain together, she wanted to go to Portugal with a car and did not want the secretary to drive so she asked me to drive. So I rented a car. I remember driving West forever. It was super hot because we were facing the sun. Even with the AC on. We drove for 6 hours. I did not know why we were driving this way. Cha wanted to drive following you journey to the west paitning to see if it had a sunflower field and if it ws really hotter driving while facing the sun and the end of the continent, can she really smell violets. Everything you did in your painting, she wanted to follow. She loves your paitnings so much and Seokcho is your hometown so that is why she wanted to put your painting there more.

Cut to Soo-hyun getting a call from the painter. She tells her that she can pick up the painting, it is free This is a service to the fan who took a journey to the west.

At his home, Woo-seok is talking to his mother about Soo-hyun. he does not think that she should treat Soo-hyun this way, especially with hr not being apart of their family. His mtoher says that she will be nice to her when she is in the family. But WS wants her to leave SH alone. Don’t focus on her and just focus ont he business, she is not a material. If I get back with her then I will decide to. Otherwise I will live my own life. (What is you life?). I will at least not live like a Taekyung person.

Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok finally gets back to the city and plops right on the couch of his friends place to sleep. His friend thinks he is suspicious. Jin-hyeok thinks about what Soo-hyun told him while he was “sleeping” but we see that he was awake. he smiles as he thinks about it and then curls up to go to sleep.

JH – Cha Soo-hyun, I know everything now.

he goes to sleep.

Hye-in shows up at Dae-chan’s restaurant to eat and hang out. Jin-myung is there. DC tells HI that Jin-hyeok took his car and his brother showed up to work late. he flicks water on the brother. HI wants to know why HI came early this morning? DC thinks he had the car early for his parents or for a woman. JM says there parents are fine, so it must have been a woman. HI asks where Jin-hyeok is now so DC tells her he is sleeping inside.

She peeks in on him and sees him sleeping. he’s knocked out. HI sighs.

HI – What is going on with you, Jin-hyeok.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun sits somewhere with hr package that Woo-seok gave to her. She thinks about it for a moment and then asks Mijin for a request. Cut to Mijin meeting with Woo-seok, she gives the gift back. it was too much for the ex to give her a gift. He tells her to give Soo-hyun advice. She should be more careful with rumors and gossip.

Mijin tells this to Soohyun and asks what he means? Did you meet that guy again? I am not a noble so I don’t know your world, but that is a warning. You know what kind of people they are. Soo-hyun just smiles and asks if she thinks they will treat her well, she knows what kind of people they are.

Elsewhere in the company, Jin-hyeok runs up and surprises Hyein. They talk about him sleeping int he company and then joke, she asks if he is happy working with her? he says no. They playfully go to their ofices.

In the offices, someone says that it is the CEO’s birthday, perhaps they should say something in their internal magazine? But Sun-joo says that the CEO does not like those kinds of things. She also does not need an expensive brand because she is an expensive brand. So stop talking about nonsense.

Park Han-gil puts his head back into his work. But then he talks to Jin-hyeok later about Sun-joo. She is a begining member of the hotel, the CEo picked her herself. JH asks if there will be a birthday party for the CEO? And how do you know ehr birthday? Han Gil says it is the same birthday as me! Don’t prepare a present! Then he gives Jin-hyeok a tea (the same tea from earlier) to drink to make his body light (product placement). Jin-hyeok tells him that his body feels light.

Han-gil leaves but tells Jin-hyeok that he does not use man’s cosmetics, he uses his mothers because his skin is sensitive. I have dry skin. Jin-hyeok nods.


Meanwhile, Mijin approaches driver nam about what happened in Seokcho. Driver Nam has to come clean and say that Jin-hyeok went with him to Seokcho. Mijin starts to complain to Myung-sik and says that this causes problems! But Nam says that he was with them the entire time. People might think that he is my son (or Minjin thinks that people will think that he is his son?). But Nam likes what he did , it is the first time that he has seen Soo-hyun smile since middle school. She is a statue all the time. Mijin tells him that she needs a guy that is big as Taekyung group, this guy cant even make a living. Ajusshi!

Cut to Soo-hyun meeting with the painter in a gallery. Soo-hyun tells her that she wants that painting so much and thanks her for it. The painter tells her that she will not win over those people, it will only make her tired. Soo-hyun thanks her for her advice.

At home, there is a hot issue on the news. JH and his family sit to watch the news. It is all about Soo-hyun dating someone. JM notices that hyung’s cardigan and the guy in the photos cardigan are the same. Umma is all like, yeah, I picked it. I am much better than just selling fruit. Appa asks if JH ever saw the CEO? he says yes. JM asks if she is pretty? He says yes. JM is all like, wow, this is the first time you have said someone is pretty. But Umma thinks that being pretty does not matter in her life, her life is so tiring. Ability and beauty do not matter with that life.

JM rests his head on JH’s shoulder and tells his mother that worrying about entertainers and chaebols is unnecessary, then he says he wants to date them. he wants to meet someone like her. Umma tells him that she does not like smart women or someone with a lot of history. JM thinks that guy on the news looks familiar.

Appa keeps looking at the news, it looks like he might know something about them. JM says that this guy looks like Dae-chan. Appa says YES. Umma is all like, you know how to answer questions? you never answer me.

Cut to driver Nam and Sun-joo walking together away from the company building. Maybe to her home? They talk about her husband and how he picked this neighborhood, maybe to make it easier to have an affair. Nam wonders if she has news and how she can say he is cheating already. SJ stats to talk about when they were kids and she asked Nam to find her brother for her. If he is cheating then I will kill him, but what will I be if my brother is gone and my husband is gone? She keeps walking back. Nam catches up with her.

Hwa-jin looks at even more pictures of Jin-hyeok at the company. It looks like they have a 24 hour photographer taking photos of him. She asks who this woman is with Jin-hyeok. The person says that she is just a childhood friend (Hye-in).

At work, Jin-hyeok gives han-gil his birthday present. he is so happy to recieve it and says that he should have given it to himin the morning. Jin-hyeok smiles. han-gil asks, how did you know it was my birthday and how did you know about my sensitive skin! Everyone smiles and Jin-hyeok heads out.

Jin-hyeok and Hye-in sit outside at the bus stop. They playfully talk about Han-gil being a funny guy and the mood maker of the office. But then Hye-in gets a call from someone who asks her to meet with him to talk about Jin-hyeok.

The bus comes, Hye-in says that she will take the subway instead and heads off because she has to stop by somewhere. The bus leaves. Jin-hyeok is still sitting on the bus which is when Soo-hyun sees him. She rubber necks her head around to look at him but has to slam on her breaks when she almost hits a car in front of her.

The car behind her screeches in his breaks too but ends up hitting her car in a fender bender. This causes enough of a commotion for Jin-hyeok to run up and try and settle this. it looks like it is this mans fault for hitting her car because he did not keep his distance, but Jin-hyeok says that they will take care of everything so the man is happy and keeps it quiet.

he tells Soo-hyun that they should go to the hospital but she says that she is okay. He asks where Nam is but she says she is alone today. he wants to take her home but she yells that She is okay! he tells her that she is resisting today. She yells at him that he does not know her so why is he doing this? he just says he will do one more annoying thing and puts her in the passenger side. it is too dangerous for her to drive like this so he does not like it. he hops in the drivers side and says that she can yell at him later.

he unzips his necktie and takes it off right away which makes her laugh, she tells him that necktie is really super convenient. he is still pretty serious but also looks confused and says that it is happy that she laughed so it is a good thing.

A bad guy asks Hye-in to post gossip between Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok on the internal network? We will give you a raise if you do. She tells him that she does not want to do that and she will not do that. he is her friend so she will not. The man pulls out pictures from Seokcho and tells her that friendship or man and woman feeling, this is not a good combination. Hyei in looks at the photos and then at the man. She tells him that they are very rude, don’t’ mess with someones life. This is not a fact yet.

Jin-hyeok drops Soo-hyun off. She tells him that he should leave there because there are still reporters and contact her if the man contacts you. But Jin-hyeok is waiting for something. The clock ticks to midnight so he tells her Happy Birthday. Then he pulls out his birthday gift to her. She is stunned. he tells her that he heard chaebols get a lot of expensive things. I am a new employee so I can’t really prepare an expensive thing. But I saw a model with this lipstick so I bought it because it is better suited to you.

SH – Thank you, but I wont take your present, just your heart.
JH – is it too small?
SH – that isn’t it, honestly, I don’t want to be involved with you anymore. It is a foreign thing to me and it is a little bit too much pressure for me. I am not familiar with it.

He holds his gift a little tighter and tells her okay, goodbye. he gets out and opens her door for her to get into the drivers side then says his goodbyes and walks away. She looks at him in his rearview and thinks. Then she honks her horn and rolls down the window. She puts her hand out.

He happily runs back.

SH – Give it to me.

He pulls out the lipstick and hands it to her like a precious gift. She tells him that she just did not want to ignore his effort. He wishes her a happy birthday again.

At home, she looks at the gift and thinks that this happened again. her friend Mijin is with her so they eat dinnre together. She asks how she even meets him. She tells her that she had a little car accident today. Mijin looks like she has a headache. Whah!! But Soo-hyun says that he was there on accident and gave the business guy his card.

Mijin asks if he is a stalker, how did he know her birthday?

In the bus, Jin-hyok hopes that SH does not think that he is a stalker.

In the house, Mijin tells Soo-hyun that Nam is the one that brought Jin-hyeok to Seokcho for her. Ajusshi only cares about your fun. Soo-hyun smiles. Mijin says that she looks back to the time before she helped her fathers campaign. happy crazy Soo-hyun.

Soo-hyun says she is not crazy. Mijin tells her that she is 4th dimension. She starts to talk about how SH saves Mijin when she skipped school to go to a concert. Don’t you remember? The #1 student, you, also went to that concert so the teachers just quietly let me get away with it also. Soo-hyun wonders, was I like that?

Mijinlooks concerned and tells Soo-hyun that she should stop. SH says that she has been thinking about it since Cuba, but we kind of connect somehow.

MJ – Should I give this lipstick back? Just like I returned Woo-soeks? Lets return it.

Soo-hyun thinks about it. Then she takes it back and walks to her room.

MJ – Soo-hyun, this is not a joke….*sigh*

Hwa-jin meets with Mi-ok again and says that she talked to Soo-hyun. You should also talk to your husband. I heard that he is refusing to merge the political parties, I hope everything goes smoothly. You know that you husbands political party does not have enough heads to goto the blue house. If we merge then he will be the head and will be the only one for the primary. Mi-ok thanks Hwa-jin chairman. hwa-jin tells her that they should call each other in-laws. Mi-ok is so flattered and says, of course, of course.

But Hwa-jin looks like she is playing chess with Mi-ok.

At home, Soo-hyun gets ready to go out as Mijin sits on her bed. It looks like it is morning. SH tells her that not calling her is her mother gift to her on her birthday, but she is going to see them. Do you want to come? Mijin says that she is not ready to see her mother.

So Soo-hyun goes to eat with her parents. Cut to the morning meal. Mi-ok brings up Hwa-jin right away. Appa gets up and leaves the frame then comes back and tells his wief to stop talking about htat stuff. he gives his gift to Soo-hyunwhich is the same book that Jin-hyeok gave her (i see you like a flower by Na Tae-joo).

Elsewhre, Mijin calls Jin-hyeok to meet with him. She hopes his place is a quiet place. Jin-hyeok is all like, a quiet place? Cut to Mijin staring at the friends restaurant. She wonders what this place is but she goes inside. Inside she mutters that it is quiet at least.

DC comes out and asks if she needs something? She asks for something (coffee?) but he says that it is not a cafe. It is a snail restaurant. She is all like, that is what I am talking about, why does he want to meet me somewhere like this? DC is all like, somehwhere like this? he is offended and mutters thta he has a bad first customer. He points somewhere and says that that place has coffee, go there.

But then Jin-hyeok shows up so she quickly says that he called her! They get things straight for a moment as JH says his families place is busy at the moment and DC gives her a pass because he is JH’s person. She also tries to get the situation more comfortable. (this scene is pretty cute).

DC walks away. JH tells MJ that they don’t have to worry about DC. then they start to talk about him cutting his ties to Soo-hyun. In the CEO’s world, two people meeting as friends is different. She shows him the instagram of a photo where the man that had the fender bender took a photo of SH and JH together. He took JH ask the secretary and says that he could not get her number becuase the secretary was there. She was so pretty.

Mijin tells JH that he was mistaken as the secretary this time. This can be a little bit of fun for you but the other can have a real blemish in the future. Please do not mistake me for going this far. She leaves. DC sits at the table and asks Jh who that woman is, she was so cranky. But JH just runs out. He tells Mijin that he is not having funin this world, he is just amazed everyday. It is a really different world and is so amazing. So I won’t make any more trouble with my interest, but it is not just childish curiosity for me. A person puts another person in their heart. Even though it is only for a short period of time, that is a meaningful thing. Drive safely.

he bows and heads back inside. Mijin looks at him go back in and then gets in here car to leave. In the background, we see Hye-in watching. She might have heard everything as well. She goes to the playground and thinks.
Suddenly, there are a lot of rumors around about Cha Soo-hyun. Lots of people are passing this around.

Internal Website: I heard that the guy on the tabloid is a contract worker that works for our hotel. I want our CEO Cha to stop harassing him to fulfill her own desire. Does she think about how difficult it will be for him to not refuse her request as a contract worker? using this weak employee with her power is inappropriate as an emplyee of the hotel.

Hye-in read the internal message in a voice over, but then she asks, who wrote it? So it looks like she did not read it. But during the voice over, we also saw everyone at the company reading it as well as Soo-hyun.

Soo-hyun sits in her office taking all this in. Mijin comes in and says that Executive director Chae wants to meet her. Tabloids are fine, but this is too big of an issue.

SH – He should enjoy this. The one that wants to talk is not me, it should be my ex-mother-in-law. Tell him that I have nothing to talk to him about.

Mijin leaves to do that. Soo-hyun grabs her arm as she thinks about this.

In the offices, Hye-in looks at all the replies and comments. Actually everyone in the office looks at all the replies.

I knew this would happen……The rumor that she visits gigalos is proven like this….that guy should be in trouble if he refuses….who wrote this?….this is a big big F to her…..don’t talk about rumors, you know what type of person she is so don’t talk about it……but we never know how someone really is….

The team all talks about this as they read the comments. EJ thinks people are jealous of someone who is that good. But she says that she cant be jealous of her since she is still younger. But is she really visiting a gigalo? Are political people really like this behind the scenes?

Sun-joo steps in and tells them that it is a dangerous thing to guess these stories. Don’t do that. Everyone stops talking about it. But then we see another employee, LJH, look up. he looks nervous.

Flashback to a meeting with him and several other men. They were able to get him to do it.
In the present, he kind of smiles as if he is amazed he did it and got away with it.

In her office, the mother in law tells the Executive director that he will be CEO soon. My son will be upset to see this anonymous report. But he should know what is going on at least. The executive director goes to Woo-seok to meet with him. WS wants this guy to find a hacker to shut down the server, he will pay any money to do it. Do it quickly.

In the company, several of the employees talk about this rumor while eating. A group of ladies says that this will ruin the reputation of their hotel. Maybe she loves young boys. He won’t turn himself in, as soon as they do, everyone will talk about him as well. Jin-hyeok listens to what they are saying. Han-gil asks why he is not eating so he says that he lost his appetite, Han-gil says that he did as well, lets leave.

Jin-hyeok goes outside and reads all the comments.

Inside, Soo-hyun keeps working. Mijin tells her that she should go home. Maybe she should avoid everything. But Soo-hyun says that she is okay, it is more embarrassing to hide.

In the offices, Hye-in tells Jin-hyeok that they should go home.

In the entrance, the guy thta wants Soo-hyun’s job runs into here and says that she wanted to talk to her but maybe she is embarrassed. SH tells him that she has nothing to talk about. But this guy tells her that everyone is interested in her explanation. SH tells him that seh has nothing to explain. She walks away.

But he tells her that she has to explain this. Is he a company worker or a host? I hope he is your cousin or something….

Soohyun tells him that she will not answer him. But this guy says that she is ruining their company values, so tell me. Jin-hyeok looks on, angry, he is holding his temper back. His fists are clenched.

A huge crowd of employees has formed. They all start to mutter that it is real, the rumors must be real.

Nam goes to get Soo-hyun to leave. She keeps standing there.

But then Jin-hyeok yells, CEO.

Jin-hyeok – CEO! Cha Soo-hyun CEO!

Nam looks in his direction

Mi-jin looks like, NOOOOO.

Soo-hyun turns around.

Jin-hyeok smiles.

He starts to walk up to her. Everyone looks at them.

JH – Are you going home?
SH – (Just live your life over there, don’t come near me from there)
JH – (I made my choice. The world where you are alone, step out into the world)
SH – I have some money today, I will buy. Would you like to eat ramen with me.

What, that guy is Jin-hyeok? It was that guy?

Nam smiles.

JH – The rest stop has too much traffic, so lets go to the convenience store and eat cup noodles there.

VO – Don’t ask me what emotions I have right now, I don’t know it myself yet. But I don’t want to leave you lonely anymore, that is it.

Soo-hyun looks at him as if she does not know what to do, but then she smiles.

Flashback to them meeting in Cuba….The sandals….They both smile and we cut to them smiling in the present and in Cuba.

Fairytale where the girl and boy are holding hands and looking away from each other. They are surrounded by snakes looking hostel toward them. But then the snakes all drop away.
Another simple yet big ending with the stakes raised once again! I also loved how their jackets matched when he walked up to her at the end, which makes it look like they belong together among the sea of other people.

I take it back with what I said about Park bo-gum being the princess in this one. He is the prince from a foreign land rescuing a princess from an evil Kingdom imprisoning her. So the story might be a bit more like Don Quixote in that regard (which I read someone mention). I love it! It also makes me want to brush up on my Don Quixote stories.

Also, we were able to finish the recap early! Yay! Okay, running off now!


JH – Do you want to take a walk?
JH – We met in Cuba with no money. then we met again as boss and employee. It is kind of a funny relationship.
SH – Your hand.
SH – I was smiling without noticing.
JH – Love started at that moment.
WS – Find out everything about that employee.
JH – Do you think we will meet each other again?

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  6. Jleigh
    December 6, 2018 / 11:13 am

    This was a good episode with all of the suggested hints about how not just how they are a future couple and such, but that they are meant to be together.
    SH clearly needs him in her life, she is so lonely and has become so beaten down. It shocked me that Nam mentioned that he had not seen her smile since middle school!!! MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! If she is currently in her mid 30’s, that is a long time to have not smiled and not be genuinely happy.

    • Rose
      December 6, 2018 / 11:37 am

      I know right? That is sad if you’re never really happy for that long. I guess thats why it seems Nam likes JH around SH coz he knows he can give that smile back to her face. And it showed when she smiled back at him after he offered her to go out and eat ramen. But i have a feeling that it will just be for a few seconds, then she’ll retract back to her usual ice princess status and its either she’ll reject him or take a rain check. Coz there was a scene (i think its thenlast scene) from the preview that JH looks bummed (i think he’s sitting in a resto or something) whilr SH was outside in her car looking at him then she’ll chenge her mind then ask him if they can go out and eat ramen. Thats just my theory. I mean its good that she smiled after he offered her to eat ramen in front of everyone, but rome wasnt built overnight, so is her attitude towards interacting with people, it will take time coz shes used to control her emotions. Shes a CEO, she cant run a company just by emotions, let alone she grew-up with people telling her what to do.

      • V
        December 6, 2018 / 6:54 pm

        I have a theory about the smile that I kind of shared on Twitter but I didn’t have enough characters so I’ll share it here!

        Okay, it looks like the men in SH’s life are very selfish even though they care about her. I’m talking mostly about her father and ex-husband. They both love SH and want what is best for her but will not sacrifice themselves, their ambitions, or their family for her. For her father it is his political ambitions. For her ex it is his family and his mother. Those two men are literally the reason she does not smile anymore because they has to do what they want due to the mens ambitions/greediness. So I think her lack of smile is tied to her dislike of greed in one form of another.

        She initially liked JH because he did not want money for his camera because it held a higher meaning to him. She continued liking him when he spent time with her and appeared genuine. that only grew when she found out that he was actually genuine with her when she read his resume & job application.

        He is the most selfless person she has met and the first person she openly smiles around without even realizing it.

        In that last scene from today’s episode she was isolated and encountering (haha) a very selfish man. But then JH called her and smiled at her and gave up everything in that moment to stand by her. Seriously, he gave up his anonymity, possibly his job, maybe his reputation (since they think that guy is a gigalo), basically everything so that she won’t be standing there alone.

        It was a very selfless act. She smiled at that moment of realization that he is on her side, not his own side or anyone elses side.

        This is pretty long but that basically wraps up my current theory of “SH’s smile” 😍

        • Rose
          December 6, 2018 / 8:32 pm

          Yup, i agree with everything you said. Basically she grew-up smiling but not because for her own happiness but for others (a fake smile). Doing that all your life makes you forget that sometimes you have to smile because you are happy, and JH is genuinely making her happy without pretense. Thats why that end scene in this episode, for me was a big deal, that smile was a big deal. It maybe subtle gesture, but its has a huge impact for the future of whatever relationship they are heading. Its goin to be bumpy for sure, but with his personality and her realizing shes no longer alone standing-up, i think they can figure out how to deal with all the problems heading their way. 😊

          Now…if only they can do something with the witches of eastwick (the mothers from hell! ), that will be awesome! 😂

    • V
      December 6, 2018 / 6:38 pm

      Right! That is forever ago.

  7. Cara
    December 6, 2018 / 10:34 pm

    Anyone else surprised by how quickly this is moving? I thought this would progress more slowly at least in the beginning. I’m pleased that it’s moving right along. Hopefully, there won’t be any lags in the middle or end.

    • Rose
      December 7, 2018 / 4:12 am

      Yup. I love how fast the phasing is. We are only in episode 4 and a lot has happened. It may look slow for some (mainly because of the music and how the characters interact), but story-wise, its actually fast.

    • V
      December 7, 2018 / 2:47 pm

      Me me me! So surprised at the speed of this show, but also happy with how things are progressing.

  8. Antoniette Navarro
    December 8, 2018 / 7:16 am

    I’m addicted to this drama to the extend that I’m watching the Episodes again and again and it’s taking my night sleep.. 😂

    • V
      December 8, 2018 / 4:57 pm

      That is a lovely level of addiction!

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